Katie And The School Bus, Part 2

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Published: 23-Jun-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Although she had a miserable day at school Katie still didn't want to hear the bell for the end of her last class.

She had arrived late for her first lesson after being kept behind by the school bus driver and as a punishment had to stand in front of the class for the whole lesson.

Thinking back Katie decided that it was just as well she had to stand, as her bottom was very sore from the two spankings she had received and by the time her next lesson started she was able to gingerly lower herself onto her seat.

At break and lunch times the mean boys were always nearby and no one was willing to talk to her for fear of upsetting them, so she sat alone dreading the journey home. Several times during the day she made mistakes in class and by the end of the day she had earned a number of demerit points.

"Katie, see me after class," she heard her form tutor call as the 'end of school' bell finally rang.

Katie waited as the other pupils filed out then went and stood in front of her teacher's desk waiting till he finally looked up.

"Not very good," he said. "Not very good at all. Firstly you are late for class, then your mind is elsewhere all day, you don't seem to be able to make friends with anyone and finally you can't answer even the easiest questions. Just what am I going to do with you?"

"I'm sorry..." Katie started to say only to be cut off by her teacher.

"Sorry doesn't cut it," he told her. "Just make sure you are better tomorrow or I'll make sure you get a lesson you won't forget."

"Yes sir," Katie said and hurried to the door. She had decided to hide until the bus had gone and then walk home but the delay had allowed the boys time to get there and as she stepped out of the classroom, they surrounded her, leading her off towards the waiting bus.

As they passed by some trees the leader of the boys bent and whispered in her ear. At first Katie shook her head but when the boys twisted her arms up behind her back, she agreed and looking around to make sure that no one was watching she quickly lifted her skirt and pulled her white panties down and off her legs. Holding them out to the boy she saw him shake his head and listened while he told her what she must do with them.

As they boarded the bus two of the boys went ahead of her and two followed her on. When she was level with the bus driver she told him, "I'm sorry sir for my bad behaviour this morning." With that she handed over her still warm panties before following the boys down to the back of the bus where they took up their usual positions.

Katie had decided that the only thing she could do was to go along with whatever the boys wanted and get it over with as soon as possible. It was only a short journey home after all, so she was surprised when after making her take her shoes and socks off, the boys didn't ask her to do anything else.

As they approached her stop Katie asked for her socks so that she could get dressed, only to be told that she wasn't going anywhere, as she had a detention to serve. Knowing that her Mother wasn't home for another two hours anyway the little preteen realised that there was nothing she could do about it as the bus pulled away from her stop.

Slowly the bus emptied out until the final children got off leaving her alone with the mean boys and the bus driver.

As the bus drove on the boys on either side of her held her arms tightly, as one of the boys in front undid her dress all the way down the front.

The little girl squirmed and struggled but it did no good. Soon the whole of her front was naked and exposed to the boys. Her puffy nipples grew harder in the cool air and she struggled to keep her legs closed tightly together as the boy's hands rubbed across her soft skin.

"I want you to undo my zip and take my cock out," the boy's leader announced and Katie shook her head no, making her hair bounce about her face in a way that aroused the boys even more.

"Hold her tight," he told the others and once they did he reached out and pinched her nipple between his finger and thumb. Squeezing tightly her pulled and twisted the young girl's nipple as she screamed in pain.

"Are you going to do as I told you?" He asked.

"Yes. Yes, please don't hurt me," Katie begged.

The boy let go and waited till the little girl reached out and tentatively lowered the zip on his trousers. As she looked up he nodded for her to continue and almost as if she expected to be bitten Katie carefully reached inside and pulled out the boy's hard cock.

"Now rub it," he ordered and the helpless girl began to inexpertly rub it back and forth. Taking her hand in his the boy showed her how to do it and then let go, making her rub him on her own. His cock looked big in her hand and Katie was amazed by how hard it had become. Her eyes were glued on the end of his cock as it pointed directly at her and she wasn't even aware that the bus had stopped until a flash of light made her look up and she saw the bus driver taking pictures of her as she rubbed the boys cock up and down.

"Keep rubbing bitch," he told her as she stopped in shock. "Rub it harder and smile like you are enjoying it or I'll start on your other tit," he threatened, reaching out to pinch her other nipple.

Scared of what they would do if she disobeyed, Katie smiled when she was told to and looked into the camera as the bus driver took picture after picture of her as she sat there with her dress wide open, rubbing the boy's cock up and down. Suddenly the boy yelled at her to rub it as hard as she could and as Katie obeyed him she felt his cock swell up and then white sticky stuff shot out of the end hitting her right in the face.

Freezing for a second in shock Katie felt someone shove a cloth into her hands, which she used to wipe the sticky mess from her face. Looking down she saw that it was her own panties that she was wiping herself with and realised that the bus driver was still taking picture after picture of her as she did it. By now the panties were soaked and were just spreading the cum over her face and down her front but Katie kept trying to wipe it off.

"My turn," said a voice and as the young girl looked up she found another of the boys standing in front of her waiting for her to rub his cock. This one had already dropped his trousers and his cock was hard and long, with precum leaking from the end.

Reaching out the blonde preteen began rubbing it as she had the last one, blinking in the flash as the driver continued to take pictures of her doing it. When ordered she again rubbed harder but wasn't surprised when this one shot its load of cum all over her face.

The cloth was useless now as her face was coated in a layer of cum which dripped from her chin down across her puffy nipples and her flat stomach into the vee between her legs.

Some had found its way inside her mouth and Katie now got her first salty taste of cum as the next boy stood waiting for her attention. This time as she rubbed him off the boy's hands trailed across her skin and squeezed at her puffy breasts in a way that Katie began to like.

"She's getting good at this," the boy declared just before he added his cum to that already coating the little girl's face and stepped back to allow the last boy a turn.

"Don't forget to keep smiling," the bus driver told her as she looked towards him through cum covered eyes.

Forcing a smile back to her face the little preteen started to rub at the last boy's cock. Her hand was all slippery and coated in cum and the boy who was already aroused by watching the others didn't last long but quickly shot his load into her face.

The bus driver, looking through the viewfinder on the camera caught pictures of the cum, as it splattered into her face with a force that had her jerking back in shock. The cum trailed through her hair and added to the mess coating the young girl's face and body, which glistened as it slowly dried.

Taking her finger, the bus driver wiped it in some cum, collecting a big dollop on it and held it up to her mouth. Snapping off another photo, he ordered her to suck it clean, threatening to make her do each of the boys again if she didn't. As he shot picture after picture Katie put the finger into her mouth and sucked it clean tasting the cold salty cum as it slipped down her throat.

"Ok, you can dress now," the bus driver, told her picking up her sopping wet panties and handing them to her.

The Little blonde sat there staring at the soaked and dirty cloth before bending and putting it on, grimacing as she pulled the wet garment up to her crotch. By the time she had buttoned up her dress and found her socks and shoes the bus was well on its way back to drop her off and when it arrived back at her stop the man joined in the laughter as she walked uncomfortably off of the bus and down towards her home, cum dripping down her legs as she went.

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Nice story. It would have been even better if the bus driver had his cock rubbed by her and cum over her face as well.

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