Babysat By My Perverted Uncle

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Published: 28-May-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

My Uncle Ted had never babysat me before, not that I needed a babysitter as I was 12 Years Old but Mum and Dad didn't want to leave me in the house alone.

Jenny, a teenager who usually sat with me when my parents were away, had phoned them an hour before they were due to go, to say that she couldn't make it after all, as she had an upset tummy.

Mum was furious, as Dad had paid a lot of money for them to go to town to see some show or other and there was a six-month wait for tickets. They were due to stay over at a hotel as he had booked a romantic dinner for them both too.

"What about Ted," my Dad had asked.

"I don't know," Mum replied. "He has a bit of a reputation as a pervert."

I didn't know why she called him a pervert as he was always extremely nice to me and was always willing to play games and stuff whenever he came over. Mum kept spoiling it when I was playing with him though by telling me not to keep bothering Uncle Ted as I was making a nuisance of myself.

I could tell that Uncle Ted didn't think that I was a nuisance though. He loved playing games and would tickle me or turn me upside down all the time.

"Hey Katy is a big girl now," Dad replied. "I will have a word with Ted to tell him to back off. She'll be ok."

Mum reluctantly agreed and half an hour later Ted was at the door complete with an overnight bag.

Dad immediately took him into the study and when they came out Ted looked a bit embarrassed. "I'm sorry Bro," he was saying as they came out. "There was no harm meant. I'll keep my distance from her. I was just playing around."

Just before they left Mum took me to one side and told me not to bother Uncle Ted and to be good for him or he wouldn't be able to look after me again.

Uncle Ted and I waved to Mum and Dad as they left and returned to the lounge to sit and watch some TV but when I tried to sit on his lap Uncle Ted turfed me off and made me sit next to him on the sofa.

I didn't know what I had done wrong. My Uncle was never like this towards me. He was always hugging and kissing me and always let me sit on his lap. I decided that I must have done something to make him cross and decided that I would have to show him what a good girl I could be to make things better.

Getting up I went into the kitchen and without being asked made him a cup of tea. I knew he liked my tea because he often got me to make him one. Uncle Ted never took sugar, he had his own special sweeteners so I went to the hall and found his bag to get some out but when I opened it I had to hunt around a little because the bag had lots of camera equipment in it.

Not finding any in the main part of the bag I tried the outside pocket but found that it just contained lots of photos. I sneaked a look and was surprised to find that they were photos of me, taken over a number of years and all the photos were taken at an angle that showed my knickers.

I now realised that what Mum had said about Uncle Ted being a pervert was true. For years he had been taking pictures of me at every opportunity and now I saw that some of them he had taken deliberately so they showed my underwear.

The thought of him looking at me like that made me shiver but it was a shiver of excitement. Did he really find my skinny body sexy? I wanted to tell him that it was ok. That if he wanted to look at me he could. That I loved him.

Instead I zipped up the pocket and looked again for his sweeteners. I found a white bag with a bottle of medicine but no sweeteners. I didn't know that Uncle Ted was ill so I looked at the bottle to see what it was. 'Temazepam' it said. 'May cause drowsiness'.

Putting the bottle back I zipped the bag up and returned to the kitchen just as Uncle Ted came in.

"What ya doing squirt," he asked.

"Just making you some tea," I told him.

"Oh thank you sweetheart," he said bending to give me a kiss but at the last minute stopping himself and ruffling my hair. Taking his sweeteners out of his pocket he clicked a button and dropped one into his tea.

"Do you fancy a MacDonald's," he asked.

"Oh yes please," I gushed giving him a hug around his waist but instead of hugging me back he just waited till I finished and then stepped back.

"Lets use the drive through," he said, "and bring it back here to eat."

We drove down to the local MacDonald's and back in under ten minutes, me getting a Bacon Burger and Uncle Ted a Big Mac. Uncle Ted insisted on getting a strawberry and a chocolate shake for us too, although I usually have a coke.

After asking which flavour shake I wanted Uncle Ted sent me off to wash my hands in the downstairs cloakroom but when I got there I found there was no towel so returned to the kitchen. As I was about to go in I saw my Uncle with his medicine but after crushing it between two spoons he put it into one of the milk shakes. Looking closely I realised that it was my strawberry milkshake he was putting it in and not his own.

Something about the way that he was acting made me suspicious that this wasn't an accident. He mixed the medicine up with the shake and put the top back on before putting our food onto trays and taking it through to the lounge.

I waited a few minutes and then walked into the lounge and sat down next to him as he placed the tray on my lap. I wasn't sure what was going on but started to eat the food wondering what I should do.

"Drink up your shake," Uncle Ted told me holding it out. I looked up at him holding the drink but couldn't think of how I could get out of the situation without him knowing that I had been spying on him. Taking the drink I started to suck it up the straw and had drunk about a quarter of it when an idea came to me.

I remembered the name on the bottle. 'Temazipam' it had said. I realised that if I could get to my computer I could do a search and it would tell me what Temazepam was. Telling Uncle Ted that I needed the toilet I ran upstairs and googled the word Temazepam.

It soon became obvious what Temazepam was for but why would Uncle Ted want me sedated or even asleep? Then I remembered the pictures and I had a suspicion of what he was up to.

So Uncle Ted was a pervert after all. He was going to drug me and take more pictures of me. I thought about this for a minute getting very excited at the idea. I could feel my cunny getting all tingly and wanted to see what my Uncle would do but I knew that if I drank that shake I wouldn't know anything about it

"Are you alright sweetheart," Uncle Ted called up the stairs.

"Just coming," I answered, switching off the computer and going down the stairs before he got suspicious. As we walked back into the sitting room Uncle Ted picked up my drink and handed it to me.

"Drink up squirt," he told me and I drank some more of the milkshake not knowing what else to do, until about half of it was gone.

Just then the phone rang and I ran to answer it, relieved that I had an excuse not to finish my drink. It was Mum checking that everything was all right. I reassured her that I was fine and called Uncle Ted to talk to her then quickly slipped into the kitchen and washed the rest of the drink down the sink.

By the time Uncle Ted came back into the sitting room I was back on the chair with an empty shake container on my lap. He looked at me and then down at the drink and a smile lit up his face before he plonked himself down next to me to watch TV.

I had read that Temazepam wasn't fast acting so I gave it ten minutes and then leant against him as if I was sleepy, which I was. Had I taken too much of the medicine to keep awake, I worried? I had taken about half of what he had planned to give me so I suppose that it was no surprise that I was tired but was it enough to knock be out?

My mind wandered and I was surprised to find myself lying on the chair with my head on my Uncles lap. It was uncomfortable lying there because he had something hard in his trouser pocket just under my cheek.

I heard Uncle Ted begin to talk to me, although I had trouble understanding what he was saying. It was something about if he couldn't play with me when I was awake then I would have to be asleep while he did it. He shook me to see if I was really out of it and I didn't have any trouble pretending that I was asleep, as I nearly was.

Lifting me gently my Uncle pulled me up his lap till I was laid face up across his legs and shook me again. When I didn't respond one of his hands dropped to gently stroke my hair while the other came to rest on the bare skin of my leg.

As I lay there with my eyes closed, struggling to remain awake, I could feel his hand on my leg stroke gently higher and higher until the fingers were brushing along the edge of my panties. I felt something wet trickle from my little slit before being soaked up be my panties and worried for a moment, that I had wet myself.

The other hand left my hair and I felt it lift the hem of my skirt and knew that Uncle Ted was able to see by panties now. I tried to move but it felt as though I was awake but not able to control my body. Despite willing my body to move it remained helplessly exposed and vulnerable to my perverted Uncle's gaze. Although I knew that I should be frightened I felt completely relaxed and unafraid.

"Lovely," I heard him say. "I love it when you wear your white panties for your uncle. How about we go somewhere where we can be more comfortable?"

Suddenly I was aware that I was being carried. I was snuggled up against my Uncle's chest and one of his hands was touching my bottom as he carried me up the stairs and put me down gently on my bed.

As I lay there with my eyes closed, I felt My Uncle's mouth close over mine and felt his hand cup my small breast. I could feel his tongue as he used it to push open my mouth and then felt it as it explored the inside of my mouth. His tongue licked along mine and pushed it from side to side as his hand gently squeezed at my breast.

Pulling away from me I heard him leave the room and felt empty and lonely after all the attention that he had been giving me.

The next thing I knew, he was lifting my skirt again and I heard the click, click, of photographs being taken. I realised that he had gone to get his camera and was now taking pictures of me laying here with my panties uncovered.

Rolling me onto my front he took several pictures before lifting my skirt and taking some more. Then he spread my hands above my head before pulling my legs wide apart.

"Oh aren't you the brazen one, laying there like that," he asked?" Then I heard click, click, as he continued to take photos and then his hands were on my panties, rubbing at my bottom and slipping down to rub my panty covered pussy, between my legs.

His touch was exciting me and I tried hard to push against his fingers but much as I tried I couldn't move.

"I would love for you to be awake Princess but after that warning from your Dad I am going to have to be a bit more careful," he said.

I felt his hands take hold of the sides of my panties and pull them down my legs. He had to push my legs together to pull them off my feet but having done that he pulled my legs even wider apart than before.

Click, click, I heard as he took some more photos then I felt the bed move as he climbed up onto it between my outstretched legs.

"I have wanted to do this for so long," he told me as his hands ran up my legs and rested on my pussy, squeezing gently.

I wanted to moan and tell him how good it felt but I couldn't make a sound. My breath was coming in little gasps and I could feel my heart beating hard as if it would explode.

His fingers rubbed up and down the hairless bump of my slit and then one dipped inside. After moving it around inside me for several moments I heard him suck noisily on it.

"Hmmm," he said. "You taste even better than I thought you would." Then flipping me over he buried his head into my pussy and lapped at it with his tongue.

Warm feelings spread though me as his tongue lapped from the bottom of my slit up to the very top. Every time he licked the top of my slit I felt as though a bolt of electricity had run through me.

Pulling his head off me he stopped as though thinking. "Well know-one is going to know," he said to himself. "Why not? It's not as if it will hurt her and she will never know anything about it will she?"

It was as if he were trying to persuade himself, which he had apparently, succeeded in doing as he climbed off the bed and stripped off his trousers and pants. Now he climbed back on and straddled my chest.

Pushing several pillows under my head Uncle Ted raised it before moving even higher up my chest. Now I could feel his penis touching my lips. It felt wet as he moved it from side to side coating my mouth with his fluids.

I felt his fingers push open my lips and spread my teeth and then his penis pushed into my mouth. It felt huge and I was frightened that I wouldn't be able to breathe but he stopped once it was resting on my tongue.

"Oh baby," he said as I heard his camera click several times. "You have no idea how sexy you look with my cock in your mouth. Ok baby I am going to fuck your mouth now. You don't mind do you?"

I felt him move my head from side to side as if I had shaken my head to say no and then his cock, as he had called it, started to slide gently in and out of my mouth.

As he moved his cock in my mouth he took my hands and wrapped them around the shaft of it. Covering my hands with his he began moving them up and down the smooth skin of his cock slowly getting faster.

"Oh you little cock sucker," he yelled. "You like that don't you? Go on then, wank my cock till I cum in your mouth, then you can swallow all my cum."

With this he began thrusting into my mouth harder and faster and dragged my hands up and down his cock so fast they must have been a blur, until I felt his cock jump as my mouth filled up with a thick liquid.

I was grateful when my natural reflexes took over and I began swallowing his cum. I couldn't really taste it but I coughed and choked several times as I tried to breathe.

"Go on you little cock sucker," my Uncle cried. "Swallow all my cum down into your lovely tummy." Then I could hear the click, click of more photos being taken.

I felt my uncle lie down beside me on the bed and felt his hands as they massaged my breasts forcefully. I could feel him tugging at my nipples as if he was trying to stretch them out from my chest and then felt him doing the same to the little button at the top of my slit.

Suddenly I was aware of my Uncle turning me onto my tummy again. I felt him lift me as he shoved lots of pillows under me till my bum was stuck way up into the air and then I felt him pull my legs as wide apart as they would go.

Click, click, I heard as he took yet more pictures and I imagined how exposed I must look with my legs spread so wide. Now I could feel his hands as he ran them over my bum and between my legs making my juices flow.

Something cold and slippery was spread over my bottom and I felt My Uncle begin to press his finger into the centre of my rosebud.

It didn't hurt me as my Uncles finger slid inside me, it just felt weird. I could feel that he had added another finger and was pushing them in and out of me hard enough to almost knock me off the pillows.

"You would be screaming your head off by now," my Uncle said. "Thank goodness for sleeping pills. This way you have no pain, I get what I want and your parents will never know what I've done to you."

I could feel him as he knelt on the bed behind me. I felt him as he pulled his fingers from my bottom. I felt him as he pushed his cock up against my rosebud and when he pushed forward and shoved with all his might I felt a pain like I have never felt before.

I couldn't scream and I couldn't move but tears flooded from my eyes, as his hard cock pushed it's way deep inside me. I thought that he was tearing my insides apart as he pulled his cock back before thrusting forward again.

I thought about why I could suddenly feel again but still couldn't move but the horrible pain in my bottom kept getting in the way. This must be my punishment for not drinking what my Uncle had given me. He had said that it would hurt if I hadn't taken the sleeping pills and now he was being proven right.

"God I'm glad that I don't have to be gentle with you," he shouted as he lunged forward burying more of his cock inside me.

I felt as though he was tearing me apart. My stomach felt as if he was punching it from the inside and my bottom felt as though it had been torn open.

I had begun to get more feelings back and could feel his pubic hair against my bottom when he pushed himself deep inside me. One of his hands held my hip tight while the other had crept under me to pinch and squeeze my little button.

As my Uncle began to rape my bottom harder and harder I felt the pain being replaced by a warm feeling. At first I though he had torn something and that it was my blood leaking inside me but it began to feel really nice.

I began to push back against him as he pinched and rubbed my little button even harder and soon I felt as though I was going to pass out. A feeling came over me like nothing I have ever felt before. It was like my whole life centred around my button and what my Uncle was doing to me. I could hear myself gasping and crying and tried to push even harder against his fingers as a bright light filled my world.

When I woke up it was morning. It took several minutes but suddenly everything came flooding back. I sat up in bed and looked around but everything was as it should be. My nightclothes and panties were on and I was alone.

Getting out of bed I felt carefully at my bottom but apart from feeling a little sore there appeared to be no damage.

I went downstairs and found Uncle Ted cooking breakfast. "Hi Squirt," he called. "Did you sleep well?"

Looking up at him as he smiled at me, I realised that I could never tell anyone what had happened. I loved my Uncle Ted and I didn't care if he was a pervert.

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Very nice story about a perverted uncle getting what he wants from a little 12 yo tart. I would have liked the old perv to get his thrills from the little girl's mouth, but hey, you can't always get what you want. Good story, needs more perversity.

Suggestions A'Plenty

I suggest you forget the word 'had' as a part of your verbs. Drop it--don't use it unless you're comparing one date with another, which is what it's supposed to be for. Your opening line should be written as, 'My Uncle Ted never babysat me before...'

Similarly, lose the word 'that.' It isn't just gets in the way of the story you're telling. For instance, '...was surprised to find that they were photos of me...' should be 'was surprised to find they were photos of me....'

And find a good text on proper punctuation....


Suggestions A'Plenty - Good name. Can you point me to one of your stories so I can see how it should be done?


Loved it very hot !


So hot...! I love this age girls.


In part 2 it would be cool if Katy and one of her girl friends turned the tables on Uncle Ted. JUST ENOUGH SLEEPING PILLS TO HAVE HIM WAKE UP JUST AS THE YOUNG LADIES WERE RAVAGING HIS ASSHOLE AS HE DID KATY'S. As an ex-English teacher I could help you with your grammar and punctuation if yoou want. Just let me know.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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