A Gaggle of Wee Daughters

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Published: 2-Jan-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

1. Nonfiction...

I am a father to two grown daughters. First they were babies, then they were little girls, then big ones.

What do little girls need? There's the obvious: food, shelter, clothing. They need exercise, other children and adults to relate to, stories, play-time, music. Hugs and snuggles when they want them. Above all they need respect: the recognition that their ideas and feelings are important. If they're furious because it's time to go to bed, that's a valid feeling that should be respected. They still have to go to bed, though. No one's a bad girl for wanting the candy in the check-out aisle -- though that doesn't mean she can have it.

Young girls need love, including physical touch, but they don't need any sexual advances from adults. They can play doctor with their peers if they want, and very occasionally a real doctor needs to investigate to diagnose a problem. But otherwise, they need nothing in that regard. But is adult attention harmful? It's a near certainty, even with touch that is loving and gentle. That dwarfs any benefit to the adult -- mere temporary gratification of sexual desire.

So what do you do if you feel sexual desire for children?

Here's an analogy. Suppose an ordinary guy meets a really hot woman. She's gorgeous and the sex is fantastic, but after a while she dumps him. He gets over his sadness and accepts the situation -- he doesn't have a stalker's bone in his body. Is he morally obligated never to fantasize about her? I think most of us would say he isn't. He can masturbate to fantasies of her, even looking at pictures of her he kept. Whether dwelling on such fantasies gets in the way of forming new relationships is a question, but it's between him and his therapist, perhaps -- it isn't a matter of morality.

So if you feel sexual desire for children, why not fantasize if you find it rewarding? Why not look at legal pictures of cute kids and read erotic stories? You have to leave the real kids alone, and to be safe should betray the attraction by no word or deed. But there is no harm to children in what you do by yourself in your own bedroom. And why not take pride in your own attraction, your own expression of the joy of sexual desire --firmly tied to your confidence you will never act on it with real children?

This story is about a creature that does not exist: the little girl who adores sex, and whose body is built for it. You're getting sleepy... But as soon as you wake up from this story, you will know again that such creatures do not actually exist. Meanwhile, you're getting sleepy, very sleepy...

2. Fiction...

Three little girls sat around me on the bed, all in pastel-colored dresses, ages 5, 4, and 3 -- Molly, Grace and Laurie. I could see stains on two of the dresses, one in front and one in back, where my sperm had leaked out. I had ejaculated sperm into the third, too, but it was probably just oozing onto her leg and hadn't sullied any of the silky fabric quite yet.

A fourth girl, much smaller, also had on a silky dress.

"You want to do Callie now?" said the oldest, Molly.

"Callie? She's, what -- 20 months!"

"I don't know, but she's ready, I can tell. Her cunny hole is stretched, and it's nice and wet and goopy."

There was one other eligible vagina that I hadn't injected with sperm lately. In the other room their mother Wendy was occupied with the two babies: our one-month-old Suzy and our one-year-old Nancy. But her fertile tummy was eager for new life, and only I could put it there. It was very tempting to insinuate my pulsing organ into her pussy and do the deed. Wendy and I both wanted that.

But the little girls were more alluring, somehow, and when one was available and I hadn't given her a deep dose of sperm lately I had a strong desire to give in to her entreaties and do it again. The other three all had recent doses. But there was Callie, my adorable cute little 2-year-old. She still had some baby fat, but she was looking more like a girl than a baby. I had licked her girly parts many times, seeing her tiny clit get engorged and giving her little orgasms now and then. I'd dreamed of the day I could invade her tender cunt for the first time. Due to some combination of instinct and imitation of her big sisters, she often lay back with legs spread wide for the taking, but she hadn't had the real thing yet. Of course once she felt my prick driving into her, the luscious tug and pull of tissues and my daddy body covering her, all that -- when she felt that once, she'd want it again and again. She'd get it pretty often, but I'd have to look into her soulful deep brown eyes sometimes and tell her I just was all fucked out. And with a fourth girl along with their mother, I'd be fucked out more often.

"I don't know," I said. "Your mother's fertile. We want to make another girl for her tummy."

"No!" whined Molly. "You've already got enough daughters. Nancy and even Suzy are gonna grow up and they'll both want to get your big fat thingie up their cunny holes too, and then there'll be six of us! So we'll get so sad waiting our turn!"

I had heard like everyone else that little girls didn't want sex, that they found it yucky and their little vaginas weren't big enough until they were much older. I supposed they were right, at least about most girls. But what I knew from direct experience was my own daughters, and knew what they liked and what their bodies were capable of. They adored getting stuffed by their daddy's cock. Their vaginas were supple and stretchy, hot and wet, and never got sore. The more their pussies got fucked, the more they engorged with hot little girl blood and oozed with lubricant and glowed with health. The wee lasses complained if I didn't penetrate deeply enough, if they didn't feel my tip compressing their internal organs and my pubic bone against theirs.

Things with Molly had started slowly. Wendy had noticed her humping her hips during diaper changes and had experimented with stroking her a little. Molly had loved it. Wendy had encouraged me to start using my fingers and said it turned her on to watch. She had urged me to start probing inside the little girl's vagina. Girls in our family are born without hymens, so that was no obstacle. Molly obviously loved it. As the months went by, an inch of penetration by a little finger gave way to two probing in two inches. The more digits I stuffed in and the deeper, the happier the little girl was and the more her mother wriggled too. Wendy was always eager to take me up her pussy after she'd watched me fingering and probing her daughter. She started coming as I penetrated her and begged for a deep load of sperm, quick. The natural next step for the little girl was a cock, after I'd probed her with fingers as far as they would reach. My cock could reach a lot farther. So when she was two and a half I screwed her properly. The first time I worked it into the little thing she had a little girl's orgasm -- which is a big one. If she had to choose, Wendy wanted my load of sperm up in her daughter instead of herself, though there was time, erection, and sperm enough for both. Grace and Laurie had already come along by the time I did Molly the first time. The littler ones were just as eager as their big sister for sexual stimulation from the time they were born. We found we had waited longer than we had to with Molly, so the two younger ones lost their virginity to my adult organ just as they turned two.

I turned my attention back to my eldest's question. "Oh, you'll get a turn all right. The more luscious little girls, the more sperm my body makes, and my thingie gets harder faster and stays hard longer to make up for the higher demand." That was the theory, but there were limits, I knew.

Little 3-year-old Laurie squatted in front of me so I could see right up between her legs. She began sticking her finger in her cunny. I knew what she was going to do. "No, wait, Laurie! Do it down on the cloth." When girls felt gobs of sperm flowing out of them, sometimes they smeared it up with their fingers and wiped them on the sperm cloth.

"Yeah," said Molly. "Don't make the bed wetter than it is!"

I didn't really like the idea of Laurie pulling my sperm out of her cunny. I had shot it up there lovingly not too many minutes before, and if I didn't want it in her I wouldn't have splatted it up there to begin with. But like any parent, I picked my battles.

Laurie squatted on the sperm cloth, still giving me a direct view up between her thighs to her ever-alluring girl hole, and with her little finger dove up inside again and again, pulling out dollops of my seed.

"Now see, daddy? My cunny is empty again. Can you fill it for me?" she asked plaintively. It was tempting, but I resisted. However much she may have pulled out, there was lots more up inside, my sperm wriggling all over her upper vagina.

"Callie, eh?" I said. A loving leer crept across my face, and the little one smiled back at me.

"Yeah, do Callie!" said Grace, my 4-year-old. "Or me," she said, standing and leaning over me as I sat, undulating her pelvis against my arm as she nibbled my ear and giggled. I could feel the damp spot on her dress where my sperm was now starting to leak through.

I turned to face the gorgeous little Grace and gave her a significant, loving kiss on the lips. "You have a lot of sperm in you already," I said softly. "And you know we have to take turns."

"I know, daddy. Am I a bad girl for wanting penis pokes again even if my cunny is dripping with your stuff?"

"No, dear heart," I said, stroking her face. "It's perfectly natural. But we have to wait our turn, right? And it feels good to watch me doing it to your sisters, too, right?"

Grace nodded and smiled.

"I'll be ready soon, Gracie" I said. "I'll have my weewee up between your legs and into your body in no time, OK?"

Grace glowed with anticipation.

"But for now, it's Callie."

"Oh, goody! Oh, Callie, you're one lucky girl!" said Molly.

The little one looked up at her and smiled. Molly was precocious enough to want to limit the size of the family, but she loved her sisters dearly and wanted the best for them. And of course that meant real, full-scale deep fucking for little Callie too.

Laurie said, "Hey, mommy, daddy's going to stick it up in Callie and wet her inside for the first time! You want to watch?"

"No!" hissed Molly. "If daddy sees mommy, he'll think about making a baby up in her big cunt, and we don't want him to get distracted!"

"Oh," called Laurie, chastened. "Never mind, mommy!"

"Oh, I'd love to see that," called Wendy. "But I'm nursing the little girls right now. Can you come in here?"

"Sure," I said. The three big girls sighed.

I picked up Callie under the arms and swung her high in the air, so high her dress billowed out and I saw those luscious little girl lips underneath. Standing up, I raised my leg and set her down so she straddled my thigh momentarily. Then I reached to slide my left hand under her crotch, and lifted her again that way, taking her weight on my hand, squishing her girly lips against my palm. With my right I balanced her, arm around her shoulders, and she leaned against me with a contented sigh.

We all traipsed into the other room where Wendy lay, a tiny baby girl on one breast, a somewhat bigger one on the other, both sucking away eagerly.

She looked at me with love and lust, and spread her legs apart a little with a "Come hither" smile.

"No, mommy!" said Molly sternly. "You put those legs together again. Don't tempt daddy!"

"Oh, silly girl," said Wendy lovingly. "I know you're jealous, it's natural. But it's our job to make new little girls. If he hadn't fucked me full of sperm constantly, we'd never have made the other ones. You wouldn't want Gracie and Laurie and Callie and Nancy and Suzy not to exist, would you?"

"No..." said Molly, looking down sadly. "But he wants to do Callie, right?" she said, realizing she might put off the conception of another sister for a little while longer, at least.

"Yes, I do!" I leered, laying the little one on her back and slowly sliding her dress up to reveal her tender girl parts.

"Man is it big!" said Grace, noting my bulging organ. "Shouldn't it be littler for little girls and bigger for big ones?"

"It doesn't work that way," I laughed. "And by the time any daughter of mine gets to be two, she's got a very stretch cunny hole, plenty big to take my weewee, however big!" My cock really was quite large and impressive, I reflected. I wondered if it had been getting bigger as the months went by. The thicker it was, the more it would tug on the girls' tissues to give them pleasure, and the longer it was, the more it would give them that feeling of being deeply stuffed that they liked so much. Its very shape, I reflected, just cried out its primitive, joyous desire: to poke the female between her legs, down low and centered, and surge deep within and spit its load.

I reached down to kiss the lovely Callie, who kissed me back eagerly, smiling. Then I lowered my face to the beautiful slit between her legs, kissing and licking, getting my tongue inside the crack. Callie cooed, then humped her hips against my face gently before kicking her legs.

"Aww, don't tease her, daddy!" said Molly. "She's ready for it now."

I rose back up to see to the business of aligning my organ with the tender virginal twat down below. I slowly peeled back her little lips with my fingers to reveal the hole.

All three of the big girls looked on breathlessly as my tip kissed the opening, and I pressed firmly. Her labia knew their role, and they sensually spread apart under the intrusion, allowing my member full access to the vaginal orifice.

"Oh!" said Callie brightly, peering down to see what was happening between her legs.

"Just lie still," said Molly. "Daddy's gonna make you so happy you won't believe it."

Callie looked at her and smiled before returning her attention to the large prong of flesh poised between her legs.

I didn't stop my intrusion, which was slow but relentless.

"So big!" said Callie. "Daddy peepee! In Callie cunny!"

"That's right!" said Grace. "You're getting so good with words!"

I took a break from my inward advance to slide back, taking advantage of the shallow penetration I got to feel the slightly different pleasure of her cunny tube sliding against my purple tip in the other direction too. But I needed to get inside her deeper.

"Oh, I wish it was me being you!" said Laurie. "I 'member my first time. That big thing, that part of my daddy pressing up inside of ME!"

Everyone laughed.

"Yeah, you're not daddy's youngest cunny any more."

"Yeah," said Laurie a little sadly.

I enjoyed the commentary from my darling daughters, but I was focused on getting into my little Callie, and I was progressing, forcing her pussy tube to open for the first time. Her tender vagina seemed surprised and maybe a little scared to be stretched so much -- but fundamentally happy to open up. She was such a little girl, and I had such a big cock, but her pussy was big enough. I was poking pretty deep into her body cavity, but she was built for it.

"Good, happy, good, happy!" said Callie as I bottomed out. I thrust slowly with big strokes at first, then sped up to a more primal rhythm of copulation. I bumped against her clit when I was in all the way. My mating act was giving her that mysterious pattern of tugging and pushing that maximized her pleasure. Her body was designed to get the best feelings by being fucked with a long stiff cock. "Oh, oh, oh, oh, OH!" she squealed in orgasm within a minute of my first full-length penetration.

"Oh, wow!" said Molly. "She got happy so fast!"

The speed of the little one's orgasm took me by surprise too. I sped up my strokes, faster and faster, reaming and stuffing my little girl with my full length. "Here goes!" I whispered as reflexes took over. I felt the special ecstasy of taking a virgin, doubled by her being such a sweet young thing, just barely ripe -- and flesh of my flesh, dearest heart. And my balls, glands and ducts responded by splatting her innards strongly with several pulses, deep inside the little thing.

"Oh, oh, OH!" squealed Callie again, having a second orgasm! That was a first -- two orgasms her first time.

All the girls were excited to see sex, and squirmed and rubbed themselves to various degrees. Wendy came just from watching and gasped in pleasure. Both baby girls sputtered a little as her climax sent milk gushing out of both breasts, but the little ones responded by slurping down the surge of life-giving fluid eagerly.

"Wow, she's a hot little sexy one!" said Molly of her little sister.

Fully satisfied, I slid out of young Callie.

"Oh, Sterling!" said Wendy plaintively. "I need to get pregnant right now! Just give me some of the stuff that's leaking out of Callie!"

"Huh?" asked Molly.

"Sure, honey," I said. A girl deserved a full dose of sperm tucked in her twat for her first time, but I had shot her so full in my excitement that some was leaking out. I took a big blob of the goop on my middle finger and reached up between Wendy's legs.

"No!" moaned Molly, but then fell silent with a resigned sigh.

With one hand I worked the fertile woman's labial folds apart, inner as well as outer, then plunged my middle finger into her cunt.

She looked on with reverence, then closed her eyes briefly.

"There!" she said. "I can feel it swimming. Another baby girl, coming up in nine months!" she said.

I would have happily fucked Wendy properly, but the truth was that I loved poking and humping and shooting in the little ones better, and she came from just watching. I still did her at least a couple times a week though. She had her conjugal rights, and I my duties.

And speaking of the little ones, I hadn't done Molly in over an hour. Laurie had less sperm inside, probably, but I didn't want to reward her behavior of pulling it out of herself. As I pondered, I slid my finger up inside baby Nancy's dry diaper to idly caress her tender little lips.

"Molly," I said softly. "This one's for you," I said, indicating my erection pulsing strongly back to life.

She looked at me with heart-warming adoration and said, "Oooo, me, really? Oh, daddy, I love you so much! How? How do you want it, how, how, how?"

"How about you choose, honey?"

She gave me an adoring look, then paused to think only a second. "Like a doggy, OK?" And with all her sisters and mothers around her, she presented her rear end just like an adorable female dog would. "Right up here, OK?" she said, pulling her dress up over her back and pointing right to her vagina. "Right in my pussy hole!"

"OK, sweetie," I said, moving up behind her.

"Here, let me hold her open!" said Laurie, and I smiled at her approvingly. Loving fingers arranged my oldest daughter's tissues and guided my cock, so all I had to do was follow my body's urge to push in, in, in! And I was sliding into Molly's luscious hole.

"You know," Grace said to her mother. "Even if it didn't feel fantastic, I'd still want to do it because daddy looks so very, very happy when he's inside one of us."

"Yes, he does, honey," answered my wife. "And you're a very sweet girl," she added, managing to kiss her despite a baby on each breast.

Although Molly was my eldest, she was still a little girl, with a little girl's butt. But she too had the family pussy: supple, flexible enough to take my entire length and width, hot, wet, and just a little grainy. It plaintively urged, "Ejaculate me full of sperm, now!" The family clitoris was also a sensitive one that would rapidly bring its owner to an orgasm. Father and little girl could gaze into each other's eyes and see the ecstasy daddy gave to daughter and daughter gave to daddy. But not this time --Molly had presented her butt and had her eyes closed to concentrate fully on the feelings from her sense of touch: the stuffing she loved so much, the clitoral and vaginal tugging and pressing.

"Oh, daddy, daddy," murmured Molly. "It feels so, so good! Do your business in me! Pee daddy cream up in there, OK? Oh, daddy, don't make me wait, it's so hard!"

"Coming, sweety," I said, ramming deeper, ecstasy upon me, cock twitching, and the bond of love between daddy and daughter strengthened once more. "Oh, aahhhh, mmmm, arrrgggghh, UNNNHHHH!" I groaned.

"Oh, daddy, daddy!" squeaked Molly, and I felt her pussy squeeze me as she felt her own ecstasy.

As I pulled out, Callie lay on her back with legs spread wide expectantly.

"Oh, Callie, honey!" said Grace, reaching down to rub noses with her little sister. "I guess you really liked it, didn't you!"

Callie nodded.

"But you have to wait your turn, you know. Though daddy decides, of course."

"I love you all so much!" I said to the six girls and one woman around me on the bed.

"And we love you too!" they echoed. "Even if you didn't have a big fat penis we'd love you so much," panted Molly.

"Can I put it in my mouth?" asked Laurie with lust.

"Sure," I said. Her enthusiasm and exquisite tongue work were raising her chances of getting it next before sweet Grace. Decisions, decisions! But order was a detail. They'd both be getting it again, very soon.

I lost track of how many times I'd come in the past hour, but my cock twitched a little in Laurie's mouth as I considered the collection of little girls I loved so much. And each of them had a set of pussy lips right where girls do, each set hiding a cunny hole that was always hungry for another intimate visit from my cock, to revel in the long, deep strokes I gave and the next dollop of warm sperm.

Molly didn't want Wendy to have another baby, but partly she was just jealous. Her mommy could grow babies and she couldn't! She kept asking when she'd be old enough so she could starting having my babies too. Soon enough, my sweet, soon enough.

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I hope he does good vitamins and drinks lots of juice. Does he work or just fuck?

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