The Beginning, Part 7

[ M/F, rom, mast, dirty talk, pedo, porn ]

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Published: 7-Aug-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

The Morning After #2

So intense was my orgasm, so thoroughly satisfying and body wracking, it took me several minutes to come back down to earth.

When I did finally open my eyes John was sitting in exactly the same place. He'd released his cock from the python like grip around its base and now sat stroking it ever so gently and lightly, not slowing or halting his pleasures when I turned to look at him. The mere fact that he continued to masturbate so openly in front of me gave me a delicious twinge of return arousal and then I realised I too still stirred slowly with fingers in my slit, my hips still giving a slight spasm, my body still tingling with the delight of after orgasm sensitivity. We smiled at one another, like children sharing a wicked secret.

"That looked pretty amazing." He said slowly and quietly.

"It was. It was mind blowing. Phew!" I replied. "Thank you."

"I didn't do anything." He smiled, teasing.

"Oh yes you did! You know you did!"

Still with his thigh up on the couch he edged close to me once more and bending his head over my upturned face he kissed me long and deep and slow. Taking my hand from between my splayed thighs he lifted it to his mouth and spent long delicious seconds sucking each of my fingers clean in turn. My towelling robe had absorbed excessive secretions and now, as I sat more upright and back into the corner cushions I could feel its warm dampness beneath my thighs. Lifting the hem of it I wiped my cunt gently until at least the outer flesh was dry, then taking his hand in mine I lowered it to my proffered sex and brought my left thigh up onto the couch so as to expose myself openly to his fingers.

"I haven't even let you touch me yet!" I whispered. "How selfish of me. Go on John, feel it, touch it, play with it. Do what you want to it."

His eyes followed his fingers as they moved down to my cunt and began to ever so gently brush over my hairless sex, exploring each bulge and fold as though with reverence. I breathed out in satisfaction, my own arousal returning strongly, then reached my hand down and took his hot and sticky feeling organ into my fingers.

For several minutes we just sat and played with one another, allowing our fingers and palms to become familiar with their new toys, smiling at one another before unashamedly returning our gazes to what our hands were doing.

As he toyed with me I could feel my wetness once more begin to leak and halting for a moment I wiped myself once again. He looked at me quizzically as though asking for explanation. I smiled at him wickedly and slitted my eyes theatrically.

"If its dry it will look and feel more like a little girls for you!" I breathed, delighted when his own eyes slitted with undisguised delight at my suggestion. "Well, isn't that what you like, what you want?" I continued, "a little girls slit to look at and play with?"

"You really are a wonderfully wicked and dirty bitch, you know that, don't you!"

"I have an excellent tutor!" I smiled in return, and once more we kissed, this time passionately, each of us fondling the other's sex organs with renewed enthusiasm and vigour. So long and so passionate was our kissing that during it we even managed to manoeuvre ourselves on the couch until soon we lay pressed together, John on his back with me draped over him.

As we settled into comfort, each of us knowing this night was going to extend itself, wanting it to do so, I thought of the men I'd been with before where in no time at all we'd ended up sucking and licking then fucking with hardly a word spoken between us. It had been good at times, no denying that, but not often, and frequently I found myself wanting, wishing for more.

And now here I was with this man, the second night of sex with him, and our actual physical involvement had played only a minor part in our sex games. Suggestion and sight had been the two greatest turns on and I knew this to be true for both of us.

Wiggling myself down so my thighs straddled one of his and I could grind my cunt against his firm muscles I took his cock in my hand and began to play with him once more, stroking him gently, my head on his chest so I could watch what I was doing to him in the glow from the fire.

His hand stroked my back, teasing each and every vertebrae and making me shudder with delicious pleasure so I stretched against him, all but purring like a cat. There was no pressure, no demanding, no haste or hurriedness. It was so relaxed yet full of anticipation and expectation, of simply knowing. But why rush when you know you're going to get there anyway?

I turned my face up to his and kissed him once more but briefly, then nuzzled into his neck, smelling his cologne and the scent of maleness on him.

"Can't I give you some pleasure now? It always seems to be me having all the fun." I said into his neck, my words only raising a soft chuckle.

"Its not as though I haven't been enjoying it as well. And I love to give you pleasure. The giving of pleasure is a pleasure in itself."

"I know, and thank you. But tell me, please? What would you like to do now. Anything you want John, I do mean that."

"I know you do Stella, and trust I am loving all this as much as I believe you are. It's like a door's been opened and given a sense, a sort of freedom, a freedom I've never had before."

I knew exactly what he meant, exactly, and my heart soared when I heard his words, this confirming that it was the same for him, just as thrilling, just as exciting, just as liberating. I nodded my head against his chest with enthusiasm.

"Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I feel it too."

We kissed once more, again long and deep, again as though confirming some unspoken of bargain and understanding.

"Would you like to talk some more?" he asked when we broke.

"Yes, yes I would, very much so." I breathed, edging myself further up his body so my chin was at his shoulder and I could hear his ever word so much better and whisper my own into his ear, making myself comfortable against him and feeling the sudden return of high arousal which had been simmering quietly in the background as though awaiting this moment with its own anticipation.

"What would you like to talk about?" he asked, his words taking on a wonderfully salacious note that made my toes curl with delight.

His question was superfluous, we both knew that, but the sharing and confessing openly was part of the turn on for both of us, the just being able to say whatever we wanted to one another, the open admission of what turned us on, declaring ourselves without shame, fear or inhibition.

"Something dirty, really dirty I mean. Something nasty and taboo and filthy. I loved it when you described how your cock head would open up a little girls slit ... god that really drove me over the top!"

"Do you like thinking about mature cock heads opening up little girl's slits?"

"Oh yes, very much so. And you? Do you imagine doing it, actually doing it to them, opening up those tight little hairless slits with your big cock head?"

"Yes, I do Stella. Most of all I like to imagine them opening their little slits with their finger tips, holding their little cunts wide open for me while I nudge my cock head into them. Do you like that?"

My nipples, which were hard already, instantly began to ache and I found I was scraping the left one on the hairs of his chest, revelling in the sensations they caused to the sensitive flesh. My cunt moved against him and his words caused me to squeeze his cock hard and give it a nice nasty stroke of appreciation.

"Obviously you do!" he half gasped, his hand gripping my wrist gently and stilling my harsh masturbation of his cock. "Easy, there's only so much a man can take!"

I could hear the amusement in his voice and giggled apologetically.

"Sorry, your cock just feels so good. Sometime, but not tonight, I want to toss you off to orgasm, actually watch as you cum off while I whisper filth in your ear. I want to make you cum with my words and watch as you do it, just like you've done to me."

"Oh fuck yes Stella, I'd love that as well. Have you stroking and fondling my cock as you talked filth to me, total filth. But not tonight, another time. I'm sure there will be many."

That was the first time we'd touched on where this relationship might be going, both of us clearly coming to the conclusion that it was not a one off or a brief flirtation based on sex. My heart soared and I felt my confidence take a huge jump. This was for real, long term, and it had only just begun.

"I know there will." I whispered, and once more we kissed, long and slow and deep. Another bargain sealed.

When we broke he cleared his throat and I cuddled close against him, wondering with growing excitement where we would go now.

"Do you think about adult cock in little girl cunt a lot Stella?" he asked quietly, hand stroking my back as though in encouragement.

"Yes, yes I do." I whispered willingly. "I suppose it features in most of my fantasies in one way or the other. But not always the whole cock. Sometimes for me the best bit is just imagining the helmet inside the sex lips, like you described when I was frigging myself. I think that's what turns me on most. It's the size difference in some ways I suppose, that massive helmet touching a tiny little slit, pushing at it, entering it...."

"Would you like to actually see that happening?" he asked, again his voice quiet, testing, almost hesitant.

My heart fluttered. What was he offering? If anything? Just asking? I ground my cunt against his thigh and slipped my free hand down between us so I could tease my demanding clit once more, stroking him gently with the other hand, squeezing him to gauge the effect my response might have.

"How do you mean ... 'see it'? But yes, yes I would like to see it, see it for real."

His cock twitched and jerked slightly in my fingers and I squeezed it in response.

"I mean pornography. You know, kiddie porn .. or to be more precise pedo porn."

My heart stopped beating for a moment, then hammered back to life so I was sure he must feel it against his chest. He stroked my back, his cock twitching and hips beginning to move so I knew he was as turned on as I was.

"Do you have some? Here?" I asked, breathless with the possibilities.

"Not here, no, I don't. But I can get some, get some for next weekend, if you liked?"

His question hung in the air with guilty delight, tempting me, teasing me. How many times had I frigged off thinking about kiddie porn and the kind of men who liked it, watched it, masturbated over it, made it! My breath whistled from between pursed lips .... 'pheeeeeewww' .. and my hips moved with renewed enthusiasm against his thigh. I could have answered his hanging question with another, could have made him wait, made him sweat perhaps, but I didn't. I wanted this to be open and honest, nothing hidden, and I applauded his audacity, his courage, and wanted to reward it with the truth.

"Yes, oh yes I like!" I breathed, squeezing his cock so his hips lifted with joy to meet my downward stroke. "Is it good stuff? I mean bad? You know what I mean .. is it really explicit stuff, real?"

"Yes!" he breathed and I could feel his relief and his enthusiasm, perhaps his joy in my response. "I can get almost anything you want ..."

"Tell me about it John, tell me what you can get for us .. dirty as you like!"

My hips thrust against him and I had to concentrate not to masturbate him with abandon, controlling my strokes so he's enjoy them without having to fight off orgasm. My own fingers were furiously busy with my clit once more and I could feel my orgasm rising on the horizon, raising its head, demanding to be allowed approach.

"I can get almost anything Stella. There's the Kiddie porn kind of thing that's mostly little girls or boys naked and posing explicitly .. "

"Little cocks and cunts on show?"

"Oh yes, always legs wide open so their hairless little genitals are exposed and openly displayed ...."

"Are the little boys hard? Their little cocks all rigid and stiff and sticking straight up?" I interrupted, loving asking as much as he loved me asking, knowing my question would turn him on as much as his answer turned me on.

"Yes!" he breathed and I could hear the pleasure in his voice, the wicked delight. "In most of the pictures they are .. and your right .. their little cocks do stick almost straight up, little helmets all red and swollen, tight little immature scrotums barely discernable beneath."

"Oh fuck I'd love to see that, I really would! I like little boy cock as much as I like little girl cunt."

His arm around me squeezed, transferring his pleasure and delight at my open confessions.

"And there's the kind of Kiddie porn where it's just little kids together, little boys and girls touching and looking, licking and sucking each others pre-pubescent little sex organs ... even some where they are fucking, the little boys cock stuck right into the little girls cunt ...."

My hips juddered against him, crushing my fingers to my greedy clit, my orgasm towering on the horizon now, rushing forwards like some tsunami, relentless in its approach.

"Oh fuck yes! That's filthy .. so deliciously filthy and sick and perverted! How old are they? How young is the youngest you've seen? Tell me, please tell me."

He squeezed me to his body, all but crushing me with delight, his hips now jerking in time to my stroking, fucking my curled hand with his cock as though he desperately wanted to cum off there and then, as though he were trying to cum off in my fingers.

"I've seen really young ones Stella. I mean the girls only four or five, the boys not much older ..."

"Yes?" I encouraged, now wanting him to cum, knowing I would very soon myself and not caring if his orgasm spelt the end to our evening, just wanting him to enjoy it.

"Best are the ones where the girl is around four, really small and immature, and the boy around nine or ten so he is genuinely aroused and his cock rigid, his enthusiasm real ...."

My mind flipped somersaults as I imagined what he described .. just so filthy, just so wonderfully filthy and perverted and wicked and nasty and disgusting.

"Oh fuck yes!" I enthused, mind reeling, body jerking with delight. "I'd love to see that .. filthy little brutes ... pedophiles in the making! Sometimes I fantasise about being with two or three really filthy minded little brutes like that, little boys who can keep their cocks hard for ages and ages and ages, little boys with really nasty dirty minds and desires .. and just giving myself to them .. sucking and licking and fondling them ..letting them look at me and play and prod and pry and open and stick things into me ... I'm close again John, so close ... keep talking ... keep talking .."

We were both carried away, no doubt about that, lost to lust and lack of inhibition. It was like a dam released and I suddenly understood the delight he had taken in mouthing obscenities to me during his orgasm of the night previous. We both knew we were going to cum and I think he'd surrendered himself to the pleasure, given up any attempt to take me through another alone. His hips bucked and I forced myself to masturbate him hard and fast in time to my own frantic rubbing, his copious pre-cum adding a delicious wet slickness to his cock flesh so my hand slid easily over his rigid shaft, pumping and squeezing, pumping and squeezing.

"Oh fuck that's good and dirty Stella, really good and dirty .. I'd love to see you entertain some really filthy little kids as well .. let them ride you, hump their rigid little immature cocks into your greedy pedo cunt ... oh fuck yes!"

"Tell me about the Pedo porn, tell me all about it, tell me what you can get .. filthy as you like John, really filthy ... make it really filthy for us!"

"I can get anything Stella, anything at all. Mature men with little girls, mature women with little boys, men with boys and women with girls, even little kids with dogs or ponies.... What kind of thing would you like to see .. tell me babe ..."

His words, the thought we might actually enjoy such material together, burst flames in my overworked imagination. Hands slickly busy with his cock and my own cunt, hips jerking in unison, our orgasms so close, so close.

"Mature men with little girls ... rubbing their big filthy cock heads against the little girls hairless slits .. actually sticking their cocks inside the little cunts .. riding them .. really big fat men .. disgusting men .. filthy pedo perverts ...."

"I can get you worse than that, much worse!"

Oh god .... What now .. how much worse could it get? My mind flamed with wild fire ...

"Tell me .. tell me damn you .. god I'm so close John, so close ... just tell me the worst, the very worst .. please ..."

"Gang bangs Stella .... Three, four, five, six men with one little girl, riding her and raping her. Men in black leather masks to protect their identities while they use and abuse helpless little sluts. Little girls and boys bound and gagged or spread out helplessly on beds, tied down so they can't move an inch as pedophiles abuse their little sex organs, use dildos and whips and crops ...."

Too much, too much. My orgasm hit me like a fast moving train. One moment my mind reeled with his words, with the images those words created with such delight in my head ... and the next I was curling and grunting and gasping as my orgasm wracked my body, those men in masks parading through my head, cocks jutting and dripping, evil mouths twisted, eyes slitted and glinting, semen hanging in strings from distended and bloated penis heads ....

I came back to earth fast, mind and body demanding more. Hungry, starving, desperate for more, another orgasm rushing in on me so I hardly had time to catch breath before the next wave forced me under once more. In that brief moment in time I relaxed the vice like grip I now had on John's cock and began to pump at him again, this time determined to give him his pleasure even through my own. His cock had wept copiously and my hand moved like Vaseline on his hot flesh, his hips once more rising and falling in time so he fucked my hand with savage delight.

"Oh yes, yes Stella, that's it, that's it ..." he gasped with delight when he realised my intentions, his fight lost as he gave himself over to the delights I offered with fingers and then words ...

"Oh yes babe, oh fuck yes .. I want to see it all, all of it .. and I want to watch it with you .. I want us to sit and watch that vile filth and wallow in it like the sick perverts we are, masturbating each other, masturbating ourselves .. openly and explicitly .. and I want us to talk as we watch John, talk absolute and utter filth about what we are watching, talk about the little immature cocks and cunts, talk about the big mature pedo cocks about to rape the little whores, talk about the vile abuse those immature little sex organs are about to be subjected too ...."

His hips rose and stayed like that, his back arched, chest heaving and face contorted, cock thrust up for abuse .. and I gave it to him, coming up onto one elbow so I could watch his orgasm in detail, fist pumping slickly up and down on his gorgeous cock, tossing him hard and relentless and fast. I was about to utter more vile filth to him when he himself took over, gasping out his obscenities as his cock erupted ...

"Oh fuck .. fuck ... fuck yes Stella .. .pump my fucking pedo cock .... Toss me off you fucking pedo whore .. god but we can fuck each other while we watch those sick perverts sticking vile objects into little girls whore holes .... I want to wear a mask and rape you just like you're a little girl . fucking rape your hairless fuck hole with my pedo cock ... oh fuck .. fuck .. fuck .. fuck ..."

And with that his semen began to jet from the distended piss slit of his bloated cock. The first jet caught me unready and I found myself blink and almost duck as it spurted towards me to splatter against his upper belly in thick white globs. But each spurt that followed I watched with eyes alight, encouraging him, egging him on for more, delighting in his powerful thrusts and snaking jets of semen, imagining his cock deep inside some little girls cunt as he came off, battering at her and filling her with his mature semen while I milked him of every last drop ....

Another orgasm hit me, but this time it was weak and slow and sly, peaking quickly and dying off gently so I could continue masturbating John as he twitched and shuddered in my hand, my fingers smearing his thick cum all over his still wonderfully swollen helmet, feeling its ridge and contour and size and flare and looking at it, imagining it's hugeness against a little girl's slit .. pushing .. pushing ... pushing ... oh god yes .. pushing hard ....

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Arna Star

Really a cut above the rest,incredibly intensely depraved (what a mind for fantasy) well staged and paced.

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