Cute Little Stephey, Part 1

[ M/g, 1st, pedo ]

by Speedy


Published: 1-Jun-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

This story was edited by Carroll Lewis

My name is Brad, and this is the story of an experience I had on a recent business trip to New York city. Unlike many business travellers, I often choose a hotel in the Times Square area. Most of my business is taken care of by 5pm, so I might as well have something to do in the evening. On this trip, I was staying at the Westin Times Square. I enjoyed staying there due to the fact that there was always something going on, and it was handy to the theatre district and the subway.

On this trip there was a high school student group that appeared to be from Italy. I don't speak Italian, but that is what it sounded like they were speaking. Each day they all wore T-shirts of matching colours. They were all well behaved and made for nice viewing in the lobby, which was why I was spending time there now looking at my Ipad. The scenery was about more than I could stand, and a trip to the jack shacks across the street on 8th Avenue were just not what I had in mind. So I was carefully looking at the ads on back-page to see what I could find for the evenings entertainment.

A few days earlier, I had noticed an ad for an in-call in queens that caught my attention. The young lady claimed to be 19 and "new in town". I knew what that often meant, so I headed back up to my room to make the call. "Darla" answered on the third ring, and said she was not busy, giving me directions from the subway stop, two blocks from her location. She explained that she had a 1 hour special at $125, but recommended that I bring more, in case any of her friends were there.

As I headed down the long escalator from the lobby, I consulted the subway app on my Iphone. With any luck, I could get there and do a 1 hour session and be out before dark.

Fate was smiling on me and I made good time, finding her place without trouble. It was a somewhat lower income area, but seemed safe enough. I walked around to a side door as Darla had instructed, and knocked. She opened the door with a smile and let me in, offering me a drink which I accepted. Darla was attractive and petite, but maybe a little heavier than I normally liked.

She was friendly, but seemed like there was more she wanted to tell me as we were talking business. I got the idea she was new at this, as she seemed a bit uncertain about the normal back and forth discussion.

"So what do you like Brad?" she asked.

I grinned and explained that I like teen girls.

"How young?" she asked.

I wasn't sure what to say when she told me for an extra $100, I could have what I found in the room at top of the steps, as she gestured toward them.

I looked at her with what I am sure was a puzzled look as I handed her the extra money. She just smiled and told me to have fun. My heart was beating a little harder than usual as I made my way up the flight of steps. There were stickers on the door, and in the middle was a larger one that said "Stephey".

I wasn't sure what was happening, but I knocked lightly. From the other side of the door a faint little voice said come in.

I wasn't prepared for what happened next. When I opened the door, I was greeted by lots of white and pink. All the furniture was white with gold trim, and there were pink walls and lots of stuffed animals. The walls were adorned with Justin Bieber posters. I was astounded, Stephey was sitting at a desk with homework scattered all over the place. She was wearing white pyjamas and was barefoot, her toes resting on the bottom of her chair. Her pyjamas were oversized, so it was hard to tell much about her body, but she was tiny, maybe 4'6". She walked towards me and invited me to have a seat on the bed. She was very cute with kind of a round face, which was a contrast to her very slim body. Her long dark hair was in braids, and she had bangs. Her two front teeth might have been a little large, and I decided she reminded me of a cute little chipmunk.

She seemed shy, but she did walk right up to me and shook my hand which seemed strange. After looking at her closely and hearing her voice, I decided she must be about 11 or possibly 12. When I asked her if she knew why I was there, she looked down at the floor for a brief time. She slowly looked up while biting a finger nail and swaying back and forth.

"You want to fuck me, right?" she said in a small sweet voice.

I almost passed out as she began to unbutton her top. Before I could say anything, her top was off and she was standing right in front of me. Her little tits were just starting to develop, and when I reached up to touch them, she seemed to stiffen up a bit.

I was starting to feel a bit guilty, so I told her she did not have to do anything she didn't not want to do.

"No, we need the money, so it will be okay. Do you want to see my pussy?"

I was starting to get hard, and was afraid I was going to unload on the spot if she kept talking. She removed the pyjama bottoms, and was now wearing nothing but a little pear of white panties with yellow trim.

"Would you like to take off my panties?" she asked.

Wow, this can't be happening, I thought as I slowly removed her panties to reveal her tiny hairless cunt.

Then she pushed a bench from the end of the bed out in front of me and laid down on her back.

"Would you like me to play with my pussy now?"

She was very sweet, and seemed willing to please, but it was as if she really didn't realize what she was doing. She rubbed her fingers around, and then spread the lips wide to show me some pink.

"Darla says guys like to lick it... and I just had a bath, so its okay!"

She didn't have to ask me twice, so I got down on my knees and started to lick her soft little thighs.

"Okay sweetie, let's bring your legs back a bit..."

She cooperated when I gently pushed her legs back, and raised her little butt up in the air till I could see her ass hole. I started to gently press my middle finger against her butt hole as I started to lick deeper in her little puss. I don't think she expected the attention her butt hole was getting, but she didn't say anything. I was as gentle as I could be, and after a few minutes of this, she seemed to be responding.

As if to tell me it was time to move on, she jumped up and crawled to the middle of the bed. She then reached over to the night stand and picked up what was laying there.

"Darla said you would know what to do with these..." she said as she handed me a condom and some lube.

It was hard to understand how she seemed to be accepting what was happening to her.

"Oh, and this too..." she said as she double folded a towel and spread it on the bed before she laid down on the towel. "Now whenever you are ready, you can fuck me!"

By now I was only wearing my t-shirt, and was fumbling around trying to put on the condom. I was fairly sure she was not old enough to get pregnant, but I did as she asked.

As I started to apply the lube to her pussy, I asked, "By the way Stephey, how old are you?"

"I'll be 10 next month..." she said as if this were totally normal.

I asked if she had had a period yet.

"What is that?" was her reply.

So here I am, hovering over a 9 year old who doesn't even know what a period is, and I'm getting ready to stick my dick inside of her. This can't be happening, I thought to myself again, as I started rubbing around the opening of her cunt.

For the first time she seemed concerned.

"Will this hurt?" she asked.

"Maybe a little,' I answered. "If it is too much I will stop, okay?"

There were a few tears in the corner of her eyes as I started to push, but she seemed to be doing okay. I was going slow because I didn't want to hurt her, and I wanted it to last. I'm not very big, but by the time I was about half way in, I felt something give and she jumped a bit, letting out a little squeal. I looked down and there was a little bit of blood, which I was worried would freak her out. I never did get all the way in, but towards the end, she started to rock her hips a bit as I continued to thrust gently. I didn't expect her to cum, but I made up for it with the best orgasm I ever had. She was so tight. I wanted to fuck her ass, but I knew that was out of the question.

After I got off her, she looked down and saw the blood, then she started to cry. I picked her up, and carried her to the bathroom that was attached to her room. There she stood in the middle of the tub naked, with blood running down her leg. Her eyes were red from crying, and the little bit of make-up that I didn't even notice before, was smeared. I got a wash cloth and helped her clean up. After we were both dressed, I thanked her and explained to her that next time, it would be better. I gave her a kiss on the cheek realizing I had not yet kissed her.

We said our good byes and I was on the subway back to Manhattan. On my next trip to New York, I promised her a trip to see the Lion King, and then a sleepover at my hotel. Darla would be in charge of getting her there.

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Philip Spencer

This is a good, simple story. The author doesn't try to make himself into an adonis, nor does he make his little friend a slut.

Tanya Writer

Good story, nice idea they are new to the business and don't know what to expect and he lucks into something special.


This was very nice. I hope that the author will continue with several more chapters is a similar style.


a very good and gentle story, liked it very much; will there be a seqell

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