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Published: 24-Jan-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

#1. Katie Gets Molested (Mg, mast, molest). The first in a series of short stories Involving four year old Katie's sexual experiences.

#2. Katie Sucks (Mg, ped, oral, pee). Four year old Katie meets the father of a preschool classmate. Second of a series.

#3. Katie Gets Eaten (Mg, oral, ped). Katie's neighbor babysits her, plays with her, and introduces her to cunnilingus.

#4. Katie Loses Her Cherry (Mg, 1st, ped, oral). Katie visits her neighbor while her mommy is at the mall.

#5. Katie Visits The Library (Mg, ped, oral, cum). Katie makes a new friend at the library while her mommy is busy.

#6. Katie Does Anal (Mgg, anal). Katie goes to Suzie's house for a sleepover, where Suzie's daddy shows her something new.

#7. Katie At The Movies (Mg, ped). Four year old Katie Larson gets molested and more at the movie theater.

#8. Katie Goes Skating (MMg). Four year old Katie goes to a birthday party and meets a couple of new guys.

#9. Katie And Suzie (gg, oral, voy, mast). Katie's friend Suzie comes for a play date.

#10. Katie At The Glory Hole (M g, ped, oral, cum, mast, exhib). Four year old Katie discovers what that hole in the restroom wall is for.

#11. Katie And The Work Men (MMMg, anal, oral, ped). Katie spends quality time with the contractors working at her house.

#12. Katie goes Trick or Treating (MMMMgg, group, oral, anal, cum swap). Katie and Suzie stop at the neighbor's house on Halloween for a special treat.

#13. Katie And Mommy (Fg, oral). A tender, passionate tale of love-making between a mother and her child.

#14. Katie And The Babysitter (Mfg, teen, ped). Tina comes to babysit and invites her boyfriend along for some 3-way fun.

#15. Katie and Mommy with the Lesters (MFgg, ped, incest). Katie's mommy and Suzie's daddy talk, then get together with the girls.

#16. Katie Visits Santa (Mg, oral, ped). I wrote this in response to reader suggestions. It could take place either before Katie and her mom start their sexual relationship or after: Katie goes to the mall to give Santa a special present.

#17. Katie, Mommy And The Babysitter (Ffg, ped, teen). Katie's mommy confronts Tina, the babysitter, with fascinating results.

#18. Katie, Mommy and Daddy (MFg, oral, ped, incest). Katie sucks her daddy's cock, with mixed results.

#19. Katie's Mommy Sets Things Straight (MFg, MF, oral) After a morning tryst with the neighbor, Lucy goes home to straighten things out with her husband.

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Thank you very much :)


An index or a chronology yes, but please, it is not a glossary (which contains definitions of unfamiliar words used in a story.)


Thanks for the chronological listing. Katie is a big favorite of mine. Your writing about and her mother is especially good.


Your Katie series is one of the best that I have read, we'll written and very enjoyable! My question is this, have you closed out (finished) with this series or as I'm sure many of us hope, more stories may be coming soon? If so, could I suggest Katie, the babysitter and her boyfriend or Katie, mommy, the babysitter and her boyfriend. Thanks...


To add to the last review, how about a story about Katie, her mommy, the babysitter and Mr. Lester or Katie, Suzie, Kyle and the babysitter? Keep up the good work and thanks!


A visit from grandma and grandpa would be a nice addition to the Katie series. Also some fun playtime with the little boys and girls at her preschool. Maybe a pool party when our star Katie turns 5!

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