Katie And The Work Men

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Published: 3-Sep-2012

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This story is a fantasy. Neither the author nor the website administrators condone the sexual abuse of children.

Katie's mommy and daddy were getting a new bathroom, with a big bath tub with jets and a separate shower. Katie liked to watch the men working on the bathroom because they were handsome and well built, with broad shoulders and narrow waists and lots of muscles on their arms and chests and tummies.

She could see all those muscles because they took their shirts off a lot to work because it was hot. Today there were three men working: Steve, Allan and Jake. Steve and Allen were white guys. Jake was a black man, and Katie thought he was most handsome of all. He was shorter than the other 2 guys, but his muscles were bigger, especially on his chest and his tummy. His dark skin shined in the harsh work lights from his sweat. When Katie got close to watch them, she could smell their sweat, and a kind of smell underneath that she liked.

The little girl felt her nipples harden under her thin tank top as she watched the men working. She wore a pair of really short yellow shorts and a pink tank top. She had rolled the bottom of the shirt up to show off her flat belly, and she wasn't wearing any underwear. She had pulled her long blonde hair back into a ponytail and used a pink scrunchie to hold it in place.

Katie didn't know the word "seduction", but she knew how to practice it. The pretty little slut took every opportunity to make her presence known to the installers, and she knew that they noticed her.

Unfortunately for Katie, her mommy thought the men were handsome, too. Right now, the little 4 year old was watching around the corner while her mommy stood in the bathroom with the 3 workers crowded around her, laughing and smiling at them. Katie's mommy wore a pair of super-short cut-off jeans, so short that the white pockets hung down past the frayed hem in front. Her curvy butt cheeks peaked out from behind, too. Katie kind of liked that view, except that her mommy was in her way.

Katie's mommy leaned against one of the men - Allan - and put a hand on his upper arm. He was looking at her smiling face, but his gaze kept slipping to her hard nipples where they poked against her cut off t-shirt. Katie's mommy's shirt was even shorter than Katie's, and her small firm breasts threatened to spill out of the bottom.

Finally, her mommy's phone rang, and she left the room to take the call. Katie was pleased, because she knew from the ring tone that it was her friend Suzie's daddy. Katie's mommy talked to Suzie's daddy a lot, and their phone calls were always long. Katie ducked around the corner as her mommy went by, chatting already, and her mommy didn't see her.

Katie slipped quickly into the bathroom when her mommy went downstairs. The men all turned to look at the half-naked little girl, who smiled at them sweetly. She sauntered into the room under their interested stares and asked if she could watch. The men agreed, and they chatted with the little girl, showing her their tools and explaining the functions as she leaned forward eagerly, brushing against the men and touching their arms and shoulders and chests whenever she could. She noticed happily that they all had growing bulges in their pants.

She went to the new toilet and lifted the lid to see water inside.

"Is this new one working?" she asked innocently.

"Yes," said Steve. "We connected it this morning."

"Oh goody!" the little girl said, "Cause I really hafta go!" She shocked the men by pushing her shorts down and off, climbing onto the toilet and starting to pee.

- - - - -

Allan started to turn away, but stopped when he noticed his coworkers staring. He turned to see the little girl sitting on the toilet with her legs spread wide, a stream of urine flowing from between her fat pink labia. He was both fascinated and terrified. The little blonde girl was beautiful, and sexy as hell in her crop top and pink flip-flops, but the thought that her mother might happen upon the four of them was scary. He felt heat prickling on his upper arms at the thought of what Lucy, the child's mother, would say.

The pretty little blonde stood up from the toilet and turned to flush it, and the workers got a fine view of her round ass cheeks as she bent over to reach the handle. She spread her feet apart as she pulled the lever, and the men could see her fat pussy lips between her soft thighs. She turned around to face the men and looked at Allan. She let her gaze slide down his chest to his crotch, and pointed at the thick bulge in his jeans.

"Wow," the little girl said, "Your cock is really big!" The men all exchanged looks. They were stunned at that word coming from an innocent child's mouth. Allan, Steve and Jake stared at each other in disbelief, slow smiles spreading across their faces. Jake nodded at Allan to answer the girl, moving slowly toward the bathroom door to watch for the kid's mother.

"Why yes," Allan said to the child, bending down to address her, "It is. How do you know that word?" he asked.

"You mean 'cock'?" little Katie asked innocently.

"Yeah, that one."

"I'm not supposed to say," Katie replied. She had always been told not to tell when men had sex with her, and she had learned that lesson well. But she had also learned that she could tell others that she had had sex before, just not where or with whom.

Allan looked up at Steve, who shrugged.

"So you've seen a cock before?" he asked.

"Oh sure" Katie replied, "Lots of them."

"You wanna see mine?" Allan asked. The pretty girl nodded eagerly, her long blonde pony tail bobbing behind her head and her pretty blue eyes flashing. Allan unzipped his pants and lowered them to his knees, pushing his underwear down with them.

- - - - -

Katie smiled. Allan's cock was bigger than most of the ones she had seen. It was long and straight, tapering toward the front. The head was kind of pointy, so his cock looked like a thick arrow. She reached out with both hands and lifted it, seeing his big balls hanging underneath. She stared at the cock in her hands. She had never seen one like it. It had no hair on it. Katie had never seen a cock or balls without hair. She stared, fascinated, her hands gliding up and down the smooth shaft. She looked up at the man with her big blue eyes, a smile on her pretty face, and Alan almost came right then. Looking into those wide, innocent eyes, in a pretty 4 year old face right next to his cock was almost too much. He was glad when she looked back down.

"Where's the hair?" she asked, and he felt her warm breath tickling the head of his hard prick.

"I shaved it off." He told her.


Then he felt her mouth on his cock as she took it between her sweet pink lips.

Katie heard the man groan when she sucked his big cock into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head and her hands slid up and down the shaft. She reached between Allan's legs with her right hand while pumping the thick shaft slowly with the left. She felt his soft nut sac, and the weight of his big balls in her palm. The skin felt even softer without hair. She moaned around the big cock as she tipped her head back and forth, her blonde hair waving with the motion.

Steve sat on the plywood tub deck behind the girl, looking down at her bare ass and legs as she sucked his friend's cock. Her short slender thighs curved gracefully from her knobby knees to her round bubble butt. He put his hands on her narrow hips and let them slide over her ass, resting his thumbs in the crack of her butt, in the warm crevasse between her ass cheeks. He pried the girl's butt cheeks apart and looked at her tiny pink anus, moving his thumbs closer to the wrinkled opening and pulling them apart to see the dark pink interior of her anus.

He heard her moan, and knew he wasn't hurting her. Steve was an ass freak. He loved anal sex. He also loved little girls; but had never combined the 2 passions before. He hoped this was his chance.

Fortunately, the bathroom was still being used during the remodel, so Lucy's lotions and body oils were all gathered on the counter by the sink. Steve grabbed a bottle of scented oil and squeezed some onto his finger tips. Setting the bottle aside, Steve placed his oily fingertip against the child's anus and rubbed it back and forth. Katie moved her hips from side to side encouragingly, and Steve pressed harder, feeling the tight sphincter part slowly and close over his finger tip. The ring of muscle felt rubbery and warm. Steve pulled out and added more oil to his finger, returning it to Katie's tight asshole, repeating the process until he finally had his whole finger deep in the pretty little girl's rectum. It felt soft and warm inside, and Steve felt the girl's muscles ripple over his finger as he slid it in and out.

- - - - -

Katie took her mouth off the cock she was sucking and held it in her fist, resting her head against Allan's hip. Her cheek was pressed against the long thick shaft of Allan's cock. She gasped and moaned as Steve fingered her butt.

She had never had her asshole played with without her pussy having been touched first. It was an interesting feeling, and she liked it a lot. She hoped Steve would fuck her ass. She had only been fucked there once before, by her friend Suzie's daddy. It wasn't her favorite thing, but she liked it enough that time.

A line of drool ran from the corner of the 4 year old's mouth down Allan's thigh. She looked over her shoulder at the man whose finger was in her butt.

"Are you gonna fuck my asshole, Mister Steve?" she gasped. Steve loved how she called the men "Mister", followed by their first names, and that particular invitation, coming from the mouth of a pretty 4 year old girl, made his cock twitch in his pants.

"Oh, yeah, Baby," Steve said, "I really wanna fuck your sexy ass." Allan moved around to sit on the edge of the unfinished tub deck so Katie could stand and suck his cock while Steve knelt next to the toilet behind her. His six inch cock was rock hard, and he rubbed the head against the little girl's rough, wrinkled hole. His vision blurred and Steve became a little light headed, anticipating sliding his cock into this beautiful preschooler's asshole. He put a hand on each of her firm round ass cheeks and used his thumbs to pull her anus apart. Her heart shaped ass spread in front of him, and he gazed at the dark red interior of her anus with lust.

"Are you ready, Honey?' he said, huskily.

"Mmm-hmmm," she said. With Allan's cock in her mouth, it was all she could say.

Steve looked at Jake, who was watching through the door for the child's mother. He glanced at Steve and nodded, signaling that the coast was clear.

Steve took the oil bottle and poured a thick stream onto the little girl's asshole, watching the amber fluid run between her labia and drip on the floor between her feet. He set the bottle down and took his cock in his free hand, guiding it toward his target.

Katie felt the blunt tip of Steve's cock poking against her asshole and pushed her head forward to take Allan's cock deeper in her mouth as the other man pressed forward. Katie moaned around the cock in her mouth as the cock in her ass pushed past her sphincter. Katie tried to relax and let the man's cock penetrate her.

There was a flash of pain, and then the fat cock head was in. Steve held still when he felt Katie flinch and heard her whine, to let her get used to his cock in her ass.

The child's breathing slowed and she wiggled her hips while sucking Allan's cock, letting Steve know it was OK for him to continue. He pushed forward slowly, stopping after another inch of his cock entered her anus, then he pulled back out.

Steve continued to saw his cock in and out of the little girl's asshole until half his cock was embedded in her rectum.

The sensation was indescribable. The 4 year old's asshole was so tight it almost hurt his cock. He couldn't stay still for long or the tight ring of her sphincter became uncomfortable. The interior of her rectum gripped his cock head like a warm, soft glove, and her twitching anus squeezed his cock head. He wanted the feeling to last forever, but knew it would only be a few minutes - or seconds - before he blew his load.

Steve held the girl steady with his hands on her slim waist, staring at her asshole and his cock slipping in and out of it. Her pigtails swayed as her body moved forward and back with the motion of his thrusts. He could hear the little girl grunting as he fucked her. The man was pleased when he felt her pushing back against his cock, forcing it deeper into her asshole. It was rewarding to know that she was enjoying herself as much as he was, as it was less likely that she would tell her mother.

As he expected, Steve didn't last long at all with his cock in the hot confines of the child's rectum. He gasped and groaned as his cock started twitching, shooting streams of sperm into Katie's ass.

Katie felt Steve's cock swell, then she felt hot jets of cum spraying the inside of her asshole. Her pretty blue eyes opened wide and she gasped, letting Allan's hard wet cock slip from her lips, leaving a trail of spit and pre-cum across her chin. Katie had never felt anyone cum inside her before, and she really liked it. There was a creamy warmth spreading through her butt, and it felt strange and really neat.

There was a quick feeling of needing to poop when Mr. Steve's cock slid from her anus, and a warm trickle on the inside of her thigh when some of his cum seeped out of her asshole. The sperm tickled her leg, but her resilient anus closed up quickly, keeping most of the man's sperm inside her ass.

Katie felt Allan's hands on her pigtails guiding her head to his lap, and she resumed sucking his long cock while he pushed upward with his hips. Having seen his friend fuck the little girl in the ass had turned the man on even more, and he soon dumped a load of cum in her mouth.

Katie let him finish cumming before swallowing so she could pull back and open her mouth to show Allan his sperm on her tongue before swallowing.

"Wow," he said. What a slut, ran though his mind, but remained unspoken. Katie smiled at him, wiping a dribble of cum from her chin with the back of her hand. Allan looked at Jake, and the black man came over as Allan took his position as door lookout.

The muscular contractor dropped his pants and sat on the edge of the tub deck where Allan had just been sitting. Katie took his cock in her hand eagerly. It was not as big as Allan's, and not nearly as big as the black cock she had seen at the park through the Glory Hole, but she thought it looked nice. She bent forward and sucked it into her mouth, reaching between Jake's thighs to cup his wrinkled ball sac in her small hand. Jake's hands held her blonde head steady as he fucked his cock into her mouth.

After a few minutes, Jake lifted her head away from his crotch and looked into her pretty, flush-cheeked face. He leaned forward and kissed Katie, his warm lips soft and gentle on hers. His long pink tongue probed her mouth, and she sucked on it eagerly as she pulled at his cock. His hands went around her waist and settled on her ass cheeks, squeezing and kneading the warm flesh of her butt.

He lifted the little girl by the waist and settled her on his lap with her thin legs spread to either side of his waist. Holding her slender body still with one hand, he reached between her legs with the other to take his cock in his hand and aim it at Katie's pussy. With her legs spread so wide, Jake had no trouble pushing his cock head into her slick hole. Katie moaned and leaned against Jake's muscular chest as his cock plowed into her tight pussy.

Katie bounced slowly up and down on Jake's hard cock with his hands on her hips. She tipped her head back and he bent forward to kiss her again. His hands slid back to her ass and squeezed hard, his fingertips between her butt cheeks. Jake's index finger tickled Katie's anus, and Steve's semen lubricate his finger as it entered her ass.

Katie put her arms around the black man's neck and hugged him close, pressing her body against his. He fucked her faster, and she reveled in the feeling of his thick cock in her pussy and his finger deep in her asshole. Being penetrated in both holes was a new and wonderful experience. It was easier than sucking a cock while being fucked because she didn't have to do anything. Jake just used her body as he wanted to.

The little girl abandoned her free will to the feelings she was receiving from the relative stranger. She started panting when she felt her orgasm building. The finger massaging the inside of her rectum pushed her over the edge quickly, and she whined and moaned as she came.

Jake felt the little girl's pussy gushing and squeezing his cock, and this brought on his own orgasm. He held the little girl tight as his cock exploded, spraying her preteen womb with his semen.

Katie squealed when she felt his cock spurting inside her. This was another first for the girl. No one had ever cum on her pussy before either, and it felt almost as good as when Steve came in her ass.

Jake held her in his lap as his cock wilted, then lifted her up and set her on unsteady legs. Semen ran down her inner thighs, leaking from her pussy.

"Here," Steve said helpfully, setting the 4 year old on the toilet. Katie smiled when the sperm squirted from her asshole and pussy, plopping into the water. It sounded like a big wet fart, and farts area always funny. She wiped herself and got down, disappointed that she couldn't swallow all that cum, though she wouldn't have wanted to after it had been in her asshole.

Maybe from her pussy, though....

- - - - -

Katie had gone to her room by the time Lucy got back from her phone call. The men were much less talkative than they had been, and she received very little attention upon her return. Disappointed, she left them to finish their work.

She wondered what had happened...

R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s

Captain Caveman

this is an incredible series. please keep it up.


Lovely story. Little Katies mummy will have a job keeping up with such competition. Thank you!


Please continue on with this. It has great possibilities.


Great story! Little Katie FINALLY gets a good load of cum in both her little ass and pussy! Wonderful job Simon! Thank you!




wow ....very very hot

Captain Caveman

great series so far please dont stop. perfect age and can be progressed.

just wanted to throw a few ideas for Katie. have her babysitter bring over the boyfriend and all 3 go at it.
katie at preschool enjoying all the little boys and the janitor who catches her.
Katie And Suzie and her Dad go trick or treating and get some cock treats in a guys made up haunted house


Very nice story. Can't wait for more.


wow .... katie sounds gorgeous, a very hot story


Nice. Love reading about Katie.Don't stop with the series. How about the next time she gets with two or three guys at once, she has sex in her ass. and virgina at the same time. Just a little food for thought.


Nice work! Left no hole untouched. I liked how you made a little girl sound very sexy and experienced. Nice placements for cum!


Lovely series, can't see what adventures little Katie gets into next.... Please keep it going


This is so hot...

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