Katie Gets Eaten

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Published: 26-Jul-2012

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All characters and events in the following story are fictitious.

Katie's mom had to run out go pick up her daddy at work; something about his car not working right. She didn't know how long it was going to take to get the car taken care of, so she asked the neighbor across the street, Mr. Findlay, if he could watch Katie for her for an hour or two.

"Now you listen to Mr. Findlay and do what he says, okay, sweetie?" Mommy told her.

"Okay, Mommy," Katie said. She and Mr. Findlay waved goodbye standing next to each other in Katie's driveway.

Katie had known Mr. Findlay her whole life. He had been living across the street since way before she had been even born. He was a nice man, at least as old as Katie's grampa. Mom and Daddy said he was 'tired, but he didn't look sleepy. He just looked down at the pretty little blonde girl and smiled.

"So what do you want to do, Katie?" he asked, still smiling. Katie just shrugged her shoulders. It was another hot day, and Katie had on a pair of really short shorts and a tight pink tank top with spaghetti straps. The shirt kept riding up and showing her belly. The little girl had pulled it down a few times, but grew frustrated and just let her tummy show.

"You have a pool in your back yard, don't you?" Mr. Findlay asked, and Katie nodded. It was one of those little plastic pools that you filled with the hose and splashed around in. Kinda small, but good to cool off in if you couldn't swim, which Katie couldn't.

"Sure!" the little girl chirped, leading the way to the back yard.

"Do you have a bathing suit to wear?" Mr. Findlay asked. Katie said she had one in her room, and the helpful neighbor went upstairs with her to get it.

"I can put it on by myself," Katie announced. She had been getting dressed by herself for a long time now, and was quite proud of that fact.

"I'm sure you can, Katie," Mr. Findlay said, "but your mommy asked me to watch you, and I don't want to take my eyes off you for a second!" He smiled at her again, and Katie thought that the way he looked at her was just like the way Suzie's daddy had looked at her in preschool, or the way the man at the park had. But Mommy had said to do what Mr. Findlay said, and besides, other baby-sitters had helped her change into her jammies and stuff - when she had been littler.

With a shrug, she went to her dresser and pulled a two-piece bathing suit from a drawer. It was the only clean one she had left - it had been hot lately, so she went in the pool a lot - and it was from last year. She could only wear it because it was two pieces, otherwise she would have been too big now.

She started to pull her t-shirt off over her head, and Mr. Findlay grabbed it to help her. He got on the floor on his knees in front of her as she pulled her shorts and panties off and stood in front of him naked. She turned for her suit, but saw that Mr. Findlay was holding it in his hands, staring at her. His eyes traveled up and down her naked body, pausing at her chest and continuing on to her pouty pink vagina lips. She reached for the bottom of her suit, and Mr. Findlay seemed to snap out of whatever was bothering him, and he held the lower half of the suit for her to step into.

She put a small hand on Mr. Findlay's forearm to steady herself, and she looked up to see him staring between her legs as she stepped into the leg opening. When she lifted her knee, her legs came apart, giving the man a great view of her vagina. The fat lips on the outside opened a little when she stepped, and the neighbor could see a little of her darker pink interior through the gap. She pretended to struggle to get her foot through the hole so Mr. Findlay could get a good long look between her legs. She liked it when men watched her and appreciated how she looked.

She did the same thing with the other foot, and by the time she had the bikini bottom pulled up to her hips, she could see that Mr. Findlay was kind of sweaty. His hands shook a little as he adjusted the suit around her hips. It was too small now to reach her waist, and it was getting tight, since it was from last year. The front of the suit made a wrinkle between her legs as it slipped into the gap between her labia. In back, her round butt cheeks stuck out of the bottoms, and the middle slid into the deep crack in her butt, disappearing completely between her legs.

Mr. Findlay's hands roamed over her bare butt cheeks while he smoothed the bikini bottoms over her rear end. He even dug his fingers under the back to try to pull it from her butt crack, but it didn't help. He seemed to get his finger stuck under the suit, and Katie could feel it wiggling around in the deep cleft between her cheeks as he tried to pull it back out.

"Well, I guess that's gonna have to do, Sweetheart,"" he said. He didn't sound disappointed though, and his smile looked happy. He held the top over her head and slipped it down while she held her arms up. The top was a thin band of faded yellow fabric that went around Katie's chest, held up by two thin strings over her shoulders. But the material wasn't very stretchy, and it kept slipping up Katie's chest when she moved - or breathed. Mr. Findlay tried repeatedly to pull it down. His fingers rubbed against her little nipples so much that they got real hard and poked against the thin fabric of the bikini top. She could see them right through the material, and she thought it looked neat!

When the suit was on the best it could be, they went outside and Katie climbed into the pool with her toys while Mr. Findlay fetched the hose to top off the water. She giggled as the cold water dribbled into the pool, splashing her as it gurgled around next to her. She squealed and laughed when the kindly old neighbor waved the end of the hose toward her, bringing the icy stream within an inch of her leg. She stood and screamed her high-pitched, happy-little-girl scream, and Mr. Findlay laughed as she jumped and splashed.

"You're getting yourself wetter by splashing around than I was with the hose!" he said, laughing.

She looked down and saw that he was right. Drops of water glistened on the bare skin of her belly and chest. Her bathing suit bottoms were wet from sitting in the water, and her top was getting wet from splashing. She noticed that the material of the bikini bottom was almost see-through now, sticking to her body like a wet skin. And the top had slipped up when she was jumping, exposing her nipples again. She looked up at Mr. Findlay with an exasperated expression, and saw him staring at her, the hose dribbling forgotten in his hand.

Katie's near-naked body sparkled in the sun, and the air cooled the water there, raising goose bumps, making her pale pink nipples even harder. Katie recognized that look, and glanced at Mr. Findlay's lap to see a growing bulge that she knew had to be his "cock". She had learned that word at preschool from Suzie's daddy. She wondered if Mr. Findlay called his thing a "cock" too, or if that was just what Suzie's daddy called his.

"I don't think that top's gonna work, sweetie," Mr. Findlay said after getting a grip on himself, "Maybe you should just leave it off." That sounded good to Katie. It was uncomfortable having the thing up under her armpits all the time, so she held her arms up so the neighbor could pull it over her head. Mr. Findlay let it drop to the grass while he continued to stare at her chest. Smiling mischievously, he flipped the hose at her, hitting her in the chest with a stream of cold water.

She squealed and jumped out of the pool, running away. Mr. Findlay laughed and sprayed the hose at her as she ran through the grass. She ran and jumped and turned around to avoid the water, giggling and screaming happily.

Finally, she fell on the grass, laughing and gasping. Mr. Findlay knelt next to her, holding his hands over her nearly-naked body with his fingers hooked like claws.

"Tickle time!" he yelled, and gripped Katie's sides, digging his fingers gently into her rib cage. The little girl dissolved into a fit of laughter, thrashing around on the grass with tears streaming from her eyes. The retired neighbor could feel the child's soft skin under his fingertips, cool from having been in the water. He felt the hard ridges of her ribs under her skin, and his thumbs pressed gently against her nipples. Uncurling his fingers, Mr. Findlay laid his hands on the four year-old's chest, her hard nipples tickling his palms. He slid his hands up and down the child's body, feeling her sides, chest and belly. He looked at Katie and saw her staring up at him. He smiled, and she smiled back with a look of trust on her beautiful face.

"Raspberry!" he cried suddenly, and bent forward to press his lips against her damp belly and blow. She screamed happily at the tickly sensation and the funny noise. She bent at the waist, pressing her thighs against the side of Mr. Findlay's head. He looked at her and smiled, moving around so that he leaned over her head and blew against her belly from above. She curled up in a ball again, her thighs pressing against the top of his head.

Katie's body relaxed as the raspberries turned to long kisses. She liked the feel of Mr. Findlay's warm lips on the cool skin of her belly, and his kisses started moving lower, until his upper lip touched the top of her bikini bottoms. He didn't say anything, but the little girl felt his fingers grip the sides of her swim suit and pull down. Katie lifted her butt from the grass to let him slip her suit off and left her legs spread apart, lying on the ground. She heard the older neighbor moan as he bent forward to kiss her on her vagina, and she moaned too. It felt funny, but really good to have his lips between her legs like that, kind of like when Suzie's daddy and the man in the park had touched her there, but better.

Mr. Findlay hooked his hands under Katie's legs and pulled them toward his head until her thighs were pressed against his ears and her vagina was turned up toward his face. She gasped and gripped the grass in her little fists when she felt his wet tongue part her labia and lick at her insides. Her whole body shuddered. The four year-old had never felt anything this good, and she didn't want it to stop.

"Oh, Baby," Mr. Findlay groaned, "your pussy tastes so good!" His breathe felt hot against her....

My pussy? He must mean my vagina, she thought. So his thing was a cock and her vagina was a pussy. She thought she could remember that.

Mr. Findlay's arm appeared next to her face as he reached for his zipper, loosening it to expose his hard cock. Katie stared up at the man's crotch to see the long reddish tube hanging down toward her face. She had seen cocks before - twice - but had never touched one. She was curious, so she reached up and touched the shaft with her fingertips. The cock jerked, and Mr. Findlay groaned. She moved her hand back quickly.

"No, no!" the old man gasped, "That's okay. You can touch it, Sweetie!" His tongue went back to her little pussy while she took his cock in her small fist, rubbing it back and forth like she had seen the other two men do to themselves. She was surprised at how soft the skin was. She could feel hard ridges sliding under the surface as she stroked it, and she thought it was really neat. It was funny-looking but really interesting at the same time.

Mr. Findlay arched his back and lowered his hips so that his cock was right over her face, so Katie opened her mouth and bent her head back to take it between her pouty pink lips. His cock tasted a lot like Suzie's daddy's cock - not much of anything - but it was a little thicker. She felt Mr. Findlay's tongue press harder into her pussy and she pressed her crotch against his face 'cause it felt so good.

Then Mr. Findlay's cock started drooling into her mouth. She still had her hand on the shaft, and when Mr. Findlay pulled his cock out of her mouth she kept pulling on it, and she felt warm splashes as the white goo dribbled onto her forehead, cheeks, nose and lips.

Then Mr. Findlay put a finger between Katie's pussy lips and pushed it inside. It hurt a little, but it felt good combined with the licking. He didn't push very far, but she really liked the feeling, and her body trembled again.

Mr. Findlay rolled over and lay on the grass, stroking the little girl's naked body with one hand, returning frequently to her puffy little pussy. Then he got up and told Katie to wait until he got back. She watched his cock dangling between his legs as he stood. It was shorter, and not as hard as before. Katie had noticed that with the other men too. Maybe after they squirted the white stuff, their cocks had to shrink. Well, she liked how they looked either way, and she was really getting to like the feel of the stuff on her face, and especially the smell.

She wondered if there was a way to make more of the stuff come out at a time.

When he got back, Mr. Findlay had his cell phone. Like the other two men, Mr. Findlay wanted to take her picture, which Katie liked just fine.

The other times, the men had been in more of a hurry, so they had just snapped a few pictures and left. Mr. Findlay seemed to have more time, since her mommy was supposed to be gone for a while. He took tons of pictures of the naked little girl, giving her instructions on how to pose for him. She loved that part, being told how to position her body to get the best pictures.

She started out lying flat on her back with her feet on the grass and her legs bent. Mr. Findlay took pictures from in front, aiming the camera between her legs. He focused on her smiling face with the slime on it, then on her pussy, which was all wet from Mr. Findlay licking it. He told her to sit up with her legs spread apart, and he took pictures as the goo dripped off her face onto her chest. He also took a lot more shots of her pussy as she held her legs apart. This gave her a really neat fluttery feeling in her tummy. Men seemed to like looking at her body a lot, and that made her feel so special.

The last pictures were of the grinning little naked four year-old on her hands and knees. Some were from the front, with the white goo drying to her cheeks, but most from the rear, with her little pink butt hole winking between her pale round cheeks. She grinned over her shoulder at the nice neighbor, her golden hair gleaming in the sunlight as he snapped pictures and told her how beautiful she was.

By the time Katie's mommy and daddy got home, she and the neighbor were both dressed again. They had gone back inside the house where the nice man had cleaned her face for her, and Mr. Findlay made Katie a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk.

They also did something new Katie liked: Mr. Findlay kissed her. Not like mommy and daddy kissed her, but more like how they kissed each other. The friendly neighbor put his warm lips on hers, which felt good, but then they opened their mouths, like Mr. Findlay had told her to, and that was really neat. Then she felt Mr. Findlay's tongue on her lips. She wasn't sure about that at first, but when the tip of his tongue touched hers, she sighed, liking the way the wet points of their tongues felt against each other. Soon she had Mr. Findlay's whole tongue in her mouth, and she was sucking on it eagerly.

Mr. Findlay told her to never tell anyone about what they did, and she nodded agreement. She already knew how to keep secrets. She hadn't told about the first two times someone touched her - not details, anyway - so she knew she wouldn't tell about Mr. Findlay. She was a little disappointed when he told her she couldn't kiss Mommy or Daddy like they had kissed. She thought that would be neat, especially with Mommy, but she agreed.

When Mommy asked her if she had had a good time, Katie told her yes. When Mommy asked if she would like Mr. Findlay to babysit again some time, she broke into a huge grin and said, "Yes!" clapping and smiling. Mommy smiled at Daddy and said that would be great, because sometimes she had to run out and didn't want to cart Katie along. Frank Findlay had offered to watch Katie on short notice if she needed him to, since he was home most of the time anyway.

Katie thought that would be great too, and looked forward to spending time alone with Mr. Findlay soon.

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Why not Mommy?


This story is absolutely beautiful! Great work!


Very good hoping she gets penetrated by so other guy thou

Sex writer

You did it again, great story.Katie's such a good girl, is'nt she.


Good story. On their next encounter her cherry should get in the way.


Great work! Poor little Katie or lucky I should say, surrounded by so many caring men


Like how she has progressed to seducing her neighbors. Suzie's dad should have another go and include Suzie.

She could maybe find a virgin preteen or teenage boy in the neighborhood to introduce the pedo life to.

Please keep this 4 year old slut busy!


Katie's gets sodomized next?

Miss. UK Chicken-Hawk

Lovely story! Keep it up!!! :D

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