Step Sibling Lust, Part 2

[ f14, m16, rom, oral, fant, humor ]


Published: 2-Nov-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive."
Sir Walter Scott.


With Brad and Alyssa's parents home, from their long weekend away. They cant express the passionate feelings for each other, they've kept hidden with petty step sibling squabbling for the passed two years, since Alyssa's mother married Brad's father. Its night time now, just a few hours since Jack and Grace came home. Now both step siblings lay awake in their own beds. They lay thinking of all the taboo games they played with each other, during their long weekend home alone.

The passed few hours have been completely agonizing for fourteen year old Alyssa. When her mother left her alone with her experienced sixteen year old step brother, she was a virgin. Before their steamy weekend together, she never even kissed a boy. Now she cant seem to get enough of her handsome brown eyed dark haired step brother. She's became addicted to his touch, to the way he kisses. And most of all, she's addicted to the way his stiff cock feels when its being thrust deep within her sex.

Chapter 5: A Hot October Night, Somewhere In Florida

Alyssa's doing her best to sleep tonight, she looks at her bedside clock seeing its 11:45 she has school tomorrow. The last time she remembers getting a good nights rest, was when she and Brad had sex in their parents bed; before her mother and step father returned from their weekend wedding anniversary getaway . She remembers how satisfied she was that night. And how safe and secure she felt, as she fell off to sleep with her step brothers arm draped over her nude body, with his strong hand caressing her breast. With these taboo thoughts in her head, she tosses and turns.

She sat up quickly, tossing her legs over the edge of her pink and white canopy bed. "Dammit!" she whispered. "I cant take it any longer. I'm going to Brad's room. I don't give a fuck if I get caught."

She stood quickly, her white cotton nightie hiked up exposing her bare sex. Her panties are laying somewhere under the covers of her bed. She slipped them off just after she went to bed, feeling the need to masturbate, hoping to satisfy herself and forget Brad's touch. Before she leaves her room, she quickly stacks some extra pillows under her blankets. Just in case someone peaks in, they'll think she's still in bed.

Her heartbeats almost painfully against her chest, as she opens her bedroom door. Poking her head into the hallway she listens for any sign of her mother or step father. Not hearing anything downstairs, where their bedroom is she crept out. Fear of being caught sneaking to her step brothers room both excites and terrifies her. Her hand shakes as she touches the doorknob to Brad's room. Turning the knob slowly, she took one quick look towards the stairway then slipped inside.

In the darkness its quiet, the only sound she hears is her heartbeat. She lurches suddenly when the silence is broken. "I see you cant sleep either." Brad said in a loud whisper. The sudden sound of his voice frightened her, her body shook. Not speaking she slowly tiptoes to his bed. She sees him in the autumn moonlight, he's laying on his side, with his head propped on his hand. He pulls the covers back.

"Climb on in babe, I've been laying here wishing you were here." He says in a charming tone.

She wasted no time climbing in bed. He pulls her to him, they kiss passionately. He inhales the floral scent of her long chestnut brown hair, his voice trembled. "Alyssa I need bad!"

Her voice trembled. "This is driving me crazy," She kissed him. "I wish my mom and Jack were still gone," "Lets make love." She begged.

He gently held her head in his hands. "We need to be quiet. Their bedrooms right below mine."

Alyssa slid from his embrace, she began tugging on his orange and blue Florida gators sweatpants.

She hissed. "Help me take your sweats off."

Chuckling softly Brad lifted his butt, allowing his step sister to remove the only clothing he's wearing. Once completely nude, he tugged on her white cotton nightie. "Take it off. I'm naked, you should be too."

He lay back watching her remove the nightie. The autumn moonlight shines upon her showing off her perfect teen body, small round firm breast, a thin patch of dark pubic hair; just above her cleft. Her green eyes seem to glow in the moonlight as she looks into his eyes.

He pulled her down, whispering. "You look so fucking sexy in the moonlight."

A sly smile appears upon her lips, she doesn't speak. She kisses him on the lips then began kissing her way down his chest. Playing with his cock with her free hand. Finally after teasing her step brother, planting soft kisses down his body, she kisses and licks the head of his stiff cock. He moans softly thrusting his hips upward. She licks her tongue around its circumcised tip.

"Mmm. I've been craving a midnight snack." She said seductively.

"Well go ahead sis have a snack." He stroked her hair. "While your sucking me, I'll eat your sweet pussy."

He doesn't need to tell her what to do, she quickly swung her leg over his chest. Placing her cunt just inches from his face. He inhales her scent, its clean and fresh, just slightly musky. He spread her wide with his fingertips, then began tonguing her sensitive little clit. Her body shivered with pleasure. 'Mmm' She moaned, then began rocking her hips gently over his mouth.

She keeps working her lips and tongue over his cock shaft, while immensely enjoying the way her step brothers tongue feels as it laps its way inside the folds of her sex. Now every time she gives him oral pleasure, just the taste of his cock flesh turns her on sexually. He cums a little, she swallows his seed.

Brad began fingering her faster, shoving one then two long fingers deep inside licking and sucking her clit at the same time. An orgasm rushes through her young body, she shook violently. She stopped sucking his cock, laying her head on his thigh trying to catch her breath.

"Come on babe," He begged. "Don't stop." Once she regained control of her body she sucked his cock back in. After sucking his cock for a good while, almost making him cum she stopped then moved her body around laying her head next to his. "Why're you stopping," He whined. "You almost made me cum."

She whispered. "Lets make love," She spoke seductively, letting her lips caress his ear. Her voice trembled passionately. "I wanna fuck you sooo bad." She looked into his dark eyes, waiting for an answer.

"I don't think we should babe. I came inside you a bunch of times this weekend," He paused. "I don't wanna get you pregnant." He noticed a sly smile on her seductive lips.

"Oh come on. Please...I need your cock inside me," She kissed him. "I'll lay on bottom. That way you can pull out when you cum." She kissed him again, this time with more passion. Pulling away she pleaded. "Please fuck meee!!" He gave in. "Okay...okay..I'll fuck you." She rolled on to her back.

Kissing her passionately he lay over her body, guiding his cock between her legs. Feeling the head of his cock pressing against the folds of her sex she spread wide for him. Feeling his warm cock slip inside she moaned. "Mmmm...It feeels sooo good," She gasped in his ear. "Fuck meee."

Brad placed his lips over hers. Not just to kiss her, but to quiet her. Thoughts of being caught suddenly come to mind, as he shoves deeper inside the wet folds of his step siblings sex. Placing his lips to her ear he spoke. "Try to be quiet baby. Okay?" She giggled nervously. Her laughter causes the hair on the back of neck to stand up. "Okay!" she said softly.

"Keep kissing me...and Dammit, stop laughing." He thrust in deeper, her body shook with pleasure. She placed her lips over his, letting out a loud moan.

Feeling her body tense and shake, plus catching her moans in his mouth, cause small orgasms to roll down his spine. She wrapped her slender legs around him, softly gasping. "Fuck me." Placing his lips securly over hers, he began thrusting into her. She's tight, he loves how tight she is. He feels the warmth of her inner walls as he goes deep then pulls back. Speeding up his thrust, their mouths catch each others moans of pleasure. Small orgasms rush over their young body's with each thrust.

Alyssa's body naturally begins thrusting back against his thrust. When they began making love, the room was cool. Now it feels as if someone turned the AC off, their bodies begin to sweat. She tastes his sweat as it rolls down his cheek into her mouth as they kiss. In return he taste her sweat. The taste of her sweat, the smell of sex in the air spurs him on to thrust harder. He feels cum rising in his groin, but he doesn't stop fucking her. The feeling of Alyssa's tight cunt wrapped around his cock is way too exciting to stop now.

Alyssa's thrusting back against his thrust. She feels a major climax rushing from the inner walls of her sex. Her legs tighten around his backside. He hisses out. "I'm...cumming.. unwrap your legs."

She's lost in passion, she doesn't hear him. Not wanting to cum inside her he pushed upward, forcing her strong legs from his backside. He lay over her panting as if he just ran a 10k marathon. She feels warm sticky semen leaking over her belly.

She hugged him tight, speaking softly. "That was fantastic," giggle. "Lets do it again."

He joked. "Shit. I've turned you into fucking nympho." He rolled over on his back, sweat rolled down his temple. She rolled over, laying her head on his shoulder.

She spoke softly. "This was such a thrill. Doing it right above mom and dads bedroom, with them home."

Brad kissed the back of her head. "Yeah you really surprised me coming in here tonight. I thought once your mom and my dad came home, our little affair would be over."

She became serious. "Brad," she paused. "Yeah what babe." Alyssa raised her head, looking into his eyes. "Are we lovers...Or just friends with benefits?" He took a breath, thinking of her question.

"Well being as I, just happen to be the first boy you've kissed...And had sex with. Lets take it slow." He paused, hoping he's saying the right thing. "I love you Alyssa, but lets just be fwb's for now. Remember sweetheart. This whole thing started after you asked me, to teach you, how to kiss," He took a deep breath, to Alyssa it sounded more like a sigh. "Maybe now you won't feel like that ugly duckling you thought you were. Maybe you'll find a guy, that isn't your step brother."

"Yeah," she said reluctantly. "I guess your right. You're the first guy I've been with," sigh. "Maybe I should try someone else...You know just to see if what happened this weekend, and tonight, was just a fling."

She kissed him. The kiss was supposed to be, just a peck on the lips before she got out of his bed to go back to her room. Suddenly, just a simple kiss goodnight becomes one long passionate entanglement. He placed his hand to the back of her head, she did the same to him. Their tongues touched deep within each others mouths. Alyssa lay her soft warm body over his, he feels her thin patch of pubic hair on his skin. He became hard once more. Before the weekend alone with Alyssa, he's never had this much stamina. She feels his hardness laying against the inside of her leg. She spoke seductively, reaching back stroking his cock.

"Hmmm...Big brother. Looks like I'll need to fuck you once more, before I go back to my room."

Chapter 6: Six A.M. Time To Panic

Knock..knock. "Alyssa. Wake up baby, you've got school today."

Brad heard Grace, his step mother knocking on Alyssa's door, directly across the hall from his. He looked to his right seeing Alyssa waking up beside him. She's still completely nude, she never went back to her room after they had sex one more time last night. He nudged her, whispering.

"Slide down on the floor, hide beside my bed." Alyssa quickly slide from his bed, quietly doing as he told her. Their both sure they're about to be caught. Grace kept knocking on Alyssa's door.

Brad leaped out of bed, stepping on Alyssa's white cotton nightie. He threw the garment over the bed to Alyssa, then walked to his door completely naked. He quickly opened the door, hoping to catch his step mothers attention, before she enters Alyssa's room, finding she's not there. He stood in his doorway, just in time to see his attractive step mom clutching her daughters doorknob.

Grace is dressed in a short royal blue silk nightgown this morning. Every time he sees Grace, he cant help but compare her to Alyssa. The forty-two year old stands, just a hair taller then her fourteen year old daughter. Grace wears her chestnut brown hair cut pageboy style, just below her ears. Her eyes are the same hypnotizing green as her daughters. They both have the same high cheekbone, and full kissable lips. Family and friends, have often comment, that Grace could easily be mistaken for Alyssa's older sister. Her youthful looks are a bit deceiving to some. Brad pulled himself together, stopping Grace from opening her daughters door.

He spoke loudly. "Good morning Grace. How're you doing this fine morning." Startling her, she quickly let loose of the doorknob. She turned around, seeing her stepson standing in his doorway nude. Her green eyes roamed over his body. Raising her eyebrows she grinned as she spoke, he notices she blushes just like Alyssa when she's nervous or turned on. "Well good morning, Brad." Her eyes traced their way down his body. "I didn't know you slept in the buff." Her eyes remained on his half erect cock. Her full lips rolled into an alluring smile. He quickly covered himself with his hands.

She smirked. " do take after your father, don't you." He stood speechless for a second, then spoke. "Oops..ha...This is awkward isn't it Grace." She laughed turning her eyes away. "Yes it is," she said. "Do you always run around the house without your pants on, young man."

He laughed nervously. "Oh uh, no mam. Sorry I wasn't thinking, I just stepped out to say I heard Alyssa walk down the hall to our bathroom, up here." He laughed nervously. "I've been waiting for her to come out." He smiled nervously. "Ha. You know how she always hogs the bathroom."

Grace glanced once more at Brad's nude body, she smiled as if she liked what she sees.

"Yeah I know that's something you two always fight about," She smirked. "Brad, honey. Please put some pants on." As she walked away she told him. "Your dad and I are making breakfast, hurry and get dressed. It'll be nice to spend some time with you two, before you both head off to school."


Brad closed his door, then leaned against it feeling completely worn-out. His knees shook, his heartbeat rapidly against his ribcage. Alyssa stood in front of his bed, slipping into her nightgown.

"Whew, that was exciting, wasn't it," Alyssa said with a smile, she stepped to him grinning. "I cant believe you stood in front of my mom, totally nude." She hugged him, looking up at him. "She sounded kind'a turned on, from what I heard." She kissed and sucked one of his nipples, sending tingling sensations to his cock, arousing it to an erection. "Oh, and yes. I am going to hog the bathroom. I smell like sperm." She quickly pushed him aside, then ran down the hall to the upstairs bathroom. He leaned against his doorframe watching her, thinking how beautiful she is when she runs.

Chapter 7

Breakfast with their mother and father, is a bit uncomfortable. Brad felt awkward enough, with the memory of Grace seeing him in the nude. Not to mention, almost getting caught laying naked in bed with his chestnut haired green eyed step sister. Grace must've told his dad about seeing her step son in the buff, his father patted him on the back as he sat down at the dining room table.

"Son. Grace tells me, you and I have a unique family resemblance." Jack joked proudly. "I guess being well hung does run in the Wilson family." He then scolded his son. "Bradley. Please don't show up in front of your mom, in your birthday suit again. Okay."

Brad laughed nervously. "Sorry dad." He looked at Grace. "I'm so sorry Grace. It'll never happen again."

Grace scolded her husband, as she forked a couple pancakes on Brad's plate.

"Jack. He didn't show himself to me intentionally. Now stop, you're embarrassing your son."

She forked some pancakes on Alyssa's plate. "Are you ready for school baby." She spoke in a motherly tone, babying her daughter like she does way to often. "I'm so proud of you Alyssa. You did so well last year. Now you've jumped ahead to tenth grade this year."

"That's right." Alyssa said proudly. "And this year, If everything goes right. I'll leap ahead to twelfth," She winked at Brad. "That way I can graduate with you next year," She smiled sweetly. "Wouldn't that be cool Bradley." She teased Brad using his full name, of which he hates.

"Yeah, that would be cool. That is if you can handle the twelfth grade teachers. Some of them can be real pricks." He patted Alyssa's hand. "But you're pretty good at handling pricks. Aren't you sis."

Alyssa was taking a sip of milk. She choked suddenly understanding the jest of his innuendo. Grace patted her on the back, babying her. Alyssa off handedly scolded her mother, something she would never do before she spent the weekend with Brad.

"Mom...stop treating me like a little girl. Jeez mom. I'm fourteen and a half, not four and half!"

Grace spoke like the mother she is. "Alyssa. No mater if you're fourteen and a half, or forty and a half. You'll always be my little girl." Brad held back laughter, seeing Alyssa blush with annoyance.

"Mom stop, okay." She threw her hands up. "I'm tired of you treating me like a baby. You were just saying how proud you are of me, for getting good grades. And advancing to tenth grade. That means I'm not a little girl anymore."

Grace started crying, Alyssa stood up to hug her. "Oh don't cry mom. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry." Jack handed Grace a Kleenex, then hugged her along with his step daughter.

Grace sniffled. "I don't mean to baby you Alyssa. Its just that you're growing up so fast."

Alyssa kissed her cheek. "Oh mom. I love you."

Brad looked at the clock, being a little annoyed at Grace's motherly weeping. He decided to do something he's never done, but he's always wanted to.

"Alyssa. Look at the time, it's getting late. Come on, I'll give you a lift to school in my car."

Jack spoke. "That's nice of you son. It's good to see you and Alyssa, being civil with each other for once."

Alyssa gave Brad a hug, after draping her backpack over one shoulder. "Jack. Me and Brad are good friends now," She giggled. "You might say we found a unique way of bonding, during our long weekend together." She took Brad's hand. "Come on big bro, lets go learn something."

Jack asked, curiously. "A unique way of bonding! What the heck did you kids do this weekend?"

"Bye Mom, bye dad." They said, quickly walking out the door to the carport, not answering his question.


As they drove away in Brad's black and gold 95 Mustang. Alyssa spoke satirically

"Well I guess fucking you has it's rewards. This is the first time, you've ever given me a ride to school."

Brad reached over placing his hand on her leg. She's wearing a knee length red and black plaid skirt today. He Caressed her leg just above the knee, enjoying the softness of her skin.

"You sound as surprised as my dad," He said. "Alyssa ,after what happened this weekend, I don't just see you as my little step sister anymore." He pushed her skirt back a little more, caressing the inside of her leg. She spread her wider for him. His hand ended up, just inches from her crotch. She cant seem to resist his touch. He saw a drugstore after crossing an intersection, not to far from home. He quickly turned in.

"Why are you stopping here." she asked.

"To buy condoms," He leaned over giving here a kiss. "Baby I'm really enjoying the sex we've been having," He chuckled. "Especially last night. Wow that was great!" His voice became serious. "But one of the bad things about sex is. A girl can get pregnant." He shrugged nervously. "And that's the last thing you and I need, if we're going to keep our friends with benefits relationship a secret."

He noticed her mood change, the smile on her face turned to a frown. Her voice trembled. "You're right," she said, tears rolled down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry Alyssa. I didn't mean to make you cry." His voice trembled with concern. He stroked her shoulder, holding her. She sniffled, wiping tears from her eyes.

"Shit, I'm becoming as emotional as my mom," She attempted a smiled, looking into his eyes. "Brad...I'm becoming addicted to you ." She paused. "Last night, when I snuck into your room. It was like, you were some kind of magnet pulling me to you. I tried to stop myself from going to your room. But I just couldn't."

He wanted to say he feels the same, but he cant. Instead he told her his own philosophy on romance.

"Like I said last night. We need to go slow," He stroked her hair. "It's the way any new relationship should be. I believe a couple should be friends, before they become lovers."

"Ok friend!" She said sarcastically. "Go get the rubbers. And hurry, I don't wanna be late for class."

Chapter 8: Day Dreams, And Wet Dreams

Just a few moments after Mrs. Jenkins, Alyssa's history teacher started a lecture on the industrial revolution. She fell asleep and began to dream. In the dream she's kneeling completely nude on Brad's bed. He's kneeling behind her, recklessly slamming into her like a wild animal. Its such a realistic dream, she can feel his cock driving deep inside her, then pulling back. Brad's talking dirty to her as he fucks her, she's looking back at him, smiling seductively. "You little slut. You like it doggy style, don't you." he exclaims.

In reality, she's completely sound asleep. She doesn't realize Mrs. Jenkins is standing next to her, watching her sleep. Alyssa's sitting upright with her elbows on the desk, leaning her chin on her hands. Mrs. Jenkins notices a very satisfied grin on her lips. She began mumbling in her sleep, the teacher leaned over trying to understand what she's saying. In the dream she's saying. "Harder...fuck me harder."

Mrs. Jenkins understands some of what she's saying. Mrs. Jenkins just happens to be a very conservative Sunday school teacher, on weekends. She cant believe such a nice, smart young girl like Alyssa can speak such vulgar language. Mrs. Jenkins began shaking her by the shoulder to wake her.

"Alyssa wake up, wake up." In the dream, Alyssa sees her mother rushing into Brad's bedroom. She's caught them in the act of passionate step sibling lust, Grace's beautiful face is snarled in anger, as she rushes in. Alyssa hears Mrs. Jenkins speaking, but she thinks its her mothers voice. She abruptly wakes up, exclaiming loudly. "Mom go away, leave us alone. I love him!"

Suddenly she's not seeing her mothers angry face. Instead she's finds herself looking into Mrs. Jenkins coke bottle thick eyes glasses. The older woman's light blue eyes, seem unnaturally large as they stare at her through the thick lenses.

"Alyssa. I'm not your mother," The older teacher said, sounding a bit surprised. "Now wake up and pay attention young lady." The entire class broke out laughing, Alyssa's never been so embarrassed in her entire young life. Mrs. Jenkins reminds her groggy young student. "There will be a test, after my lecture. So I hope you're ready."

Later on during class, Alyssa takes the test, based on facts from the teachers lecture. She's deep in thought, but she's not thinking about the test. She's thinking about Brad and the strange wet dream she had, in the middle of class. In her mind she thinks: Mom will kill us both, if she finds out, but I don't care. Shit this is crazy. All I can think of right now, is going home and letting him fuck me senseless!

She's relieved when the bell rings, sounding the end of school for the day. She feels a little depressed as she walks from class. Half the questions she answered on the test, were wrong. It's the first F she's received on a test in years. Now she'll have to do a make up test. Making matters worse, being as she jumped ahead a grade; from ninth to tenth. She's the youngest girl in class, and an honor student. Some of the older students resent her for jumping ahead in grades. Some girls don't like her, just because, she's an attractive girl for what they call a geek. Mary Jones is one of those girls, she's a sixteen year old Goth girl with dyed jet black hair and deathly white skin. Mary nudges Alyssa as she walks by, her words are filled with hateful sarcasm.

"I heard what you said, when the old bitch woke you up." Marry hissed sarcastically. "I've never seen you with a boy before geek. Who the fuck, are you in love with?" Alyssa ignored the female bully, like she's done so many times since she's moved up a grade. One of Mary's look-alike friends mockingly joked.

"I bet she was having a wet dream about Justin Bieber," The girl smirked. "Don't you know Mary. All little girls like her, love that commercial no talent." Mary and her friend walked away giggling.

Alyssa barely heard a word they said anyway, she saw Brad standing by his locker. Seeing her tall dark haired brown eyed secret lover, her heartbeat quickens, her knees feel weak. Mary and her friends sarcastic bullying fell on deaf ears. Alyssa's daydreaming with her eyes wide open. She imagines herself, running to her step brother, throwing her arms around him, kissing him passionately. But all too suddenly reality sits in, knowing she cant show any public affection for him. Her wide awake daydream ends, depression returns.

Brad sees her coming, he's been thinking of his chestnut haired green eyed step sister all day. They haven't spoken since he gave her a ride to school. All day long, they've walked passed each other, going from one class to another. Every time he saw her, thoughts of what they did last night, and over the weekend flashed before his eyes. Just like Alyssa, he couldn't concentrate on his schoolwork either. As she comes closer he notices sorrow in her usually bright green eyes, she's frowning. She turns away, crossing over to her locker.

He thinks she's ignoring him when she turns away. He cant stand it any longer, he grabs his Florida Gators jacket and his backpack then quickly steps across the hall. Coming closer he sees she's crying, hiding her face, bowing her head behind her locker door. He hugs her, not caring what anyone thinks.

"What's wrong sis. Why are you crying." he asked in a concerned voice.

She sobbed. "Just take me home please," sniffle. "I had the most embarrassing thing happen, during Mrs. Jenkins history class." He held her massaging her back. "What happened?" Sniffle. "I'll tell you in the car."


As they drive off campus, she told him about the dream. She told him, in the dream her mother caught them in the act. She explained, she's embarrassed that Mrs. Jenkins woke her in the middle of class. And she failed a test, which is something she never does.

"Wow little sister. That was one hell of a wet dream," He joked. "Too bad Grace caught me, doing you doggy style," he smirked. "That does sound like fun, doesn't it," he chuckled. "The sex part sounds fun. But not the getting busted part." He made her laugh. She was pouting when she told him about the embarrassing moment, he loves hearing her laugh.

"You should've seen the look on Mrs. Jenkins face, when I woke from the dream saying. 'Mom go away, I love him." Brad heard the. 'I love him' remark. "I hope you didn't say my name, when you said that." She placed her hand in his lap, pressing it against his crotch.

"Maybe I did," giggle. "And maybe I didn't." She teased him, rubbing her hand against his cock. "Don't worry big brother. I didn't say your name," She paused. "I know we're just fwb's right!" giggle. "The way your dicks getting hard, when rub it. I think you want a little fwb sex." She squeezed his cock, through his blue jeans. "Don't you big brother?" He pushed her hand away.

"Alyssa. Don't do that when I'm driving," His mood turned playful. "Yeah. Sex would be nice wouldn't it." As he spoke, Alyssa's cell phone beeped. "It's a text from mom," said Alyssa. She read the text.

"It looks like we'll have some time. Mom says, your dads working late today. And she's stopping in to visit her friend after that, she's stopping at the grocery store." Alyssa placed her hand between Brad's legs, smiling seductively. "Step on it baby. We've got time for a quickie, before they get home."

Chapter 9: The Thrill Of Being Caught

Brad wasted no time getting home. Once he parked in the driveway, they both raced inside. As he closed and locked the door behind him, Alyssa became the aggressor, pressing him back against the door. They kissed passionately. Brad unbuttoned her white cotton blouse, pushing her white lace bra up away from her small firm breast, rolling her pert tan nipples between his fingers. Alyssa unbuckled his belt, then dropped to her knees, unzipping his fly.

She yanked his pants and underwear down exclaiming. "I've been thinking of doing this, all day!" She took him into her mouth. He leaned against the door looking down at her. Her warm lips and wet tongue, send immediate sensations of pleasure through his body, starting at the tip of his cock, to his earlobes, to the tips of his toes. She knows she's doing it right, he's breathing harder, he's thrusting gently into her mouth. His cock becomes completely stiff as she sucks it. Just feeling its warm girth swell between her lips, causes small orgasms to trickle over her wet cunt lips.

She strokes his groin, while rubbing the tip of her middle finger against his asshole. He moaned. "Oh baby, you've never done that before." his voice trembling as he spoke. She stopped and looked up, her green eyes showing, she's just as excited as he is. "Do you like it?" Her voice sounded childish and sweet. He moaned. "Yes...I like it. Keep doing it." She worked her lips and tongue along the length of his shaft, gently working the tip of her finger over his anus.

Brad sees the family's plush blue velvet sofa, in the living room. Although he's enjoying her lips service, he knows they don't have much time before Grace comes home. "Lets move to the couch." he said. Thoughts of their long weekend home alone, and how they screwed on the family sofa while watching Jersey shores together, comes to mind. It's one of his fondest memories, he's been hoping for a replay. She stood quickly and began pulling him towards the sofa. Memories of her high school wet dream, are on her mind, she wants him to fuck her senseless. He tries to follow his energetic step sibling, but trips due to his pants and underwear being wrapped around his ankles.

"Alyssa slow down girl. Are you trying to break my neck or something!" he said with a chuckle.

Quickly pulling his pants up enough to walk without tripping, he met her by the couch. Dropping to his knees, pushing her scotch plaid school dress up. She held the skirt up, looking down at him. He slowly removed her soft sky blue cotton panties. She sat down laughing playfully. He wasted no time diving his face between her legs, inhaling her intoxicating scent, lapping his tongue deep within the folds of her perfectly pink sex.

Alyssa bucked her hips and ass wildly, moaning watching one of his finger slip deep inside. "Mmm...I love it when you finger me." Pulling his mouth away, he inserted two fingers and began fingering her vigorously. Looking lustfully into her eyes, he hissed with a cunning grin.

"You little really like that don't you." She gasped. "Mmm...ugh. Oh yes I do like it!"

Before their affair, if anyone called her a slut, she'd be angry. But when she's with Brad, it's such a turn on. Her voice trembles. "I want you to fuck me like a dog," She reached down, grabbing a handful of his thick dark brown hair, pulling his face from her wet cunt. "Fuck me Bradley...Fuck me like a bitch in heat." He fumbles out of his pants, taking time to retrieve a condom from his pocket. Within less then a second, he rolled the thin ribbed for her pleasure Trojan over his stiff cock.

She scowled. "That thing makes your dick look, so ugly."

"Oh stop complaining girl. Get on your hands and knees, it's time to fuck!"

She quickly moved her body for him, she's been thinking of doing this since history class. Now its time to stop dreaming and start doing. Alyssa shook her ass, teasing him. "Well...come on big boy," giggle. "Fuck me. Fuck me like a dog!" She watched him kneel behind her, she felt the warmth of his cock forcing the lips of her wet cunt. She pushed back gasping. "Fuck meee!!" He replied provocatively. "Damn! You really want it, don't you girl. Okay. Here it comes!"

He began ramming into her so hard, his hips smacked against her ass cheeks, causing red marks to appear. She pushed back into his thrust. Her body trembles, as small orgasms rush over her. Her daydream fantasy has suddenly became reality, and it's much better than expected. She screamed. "Fuck...fuck Me!" He thrust in deep, suddenly stopping he teased her, gyrating his hips, moving his cock inside her, causing her first major orgasm of the day.

Her body shook, her legs gave out. He held her up by the hips, and began ramming into her once more. "I love fucking you like this," he gasped. "It makes your little pussy so fucking tight." She teased him, clinching her cunt tightly around his cock. She spoke mischievously. "You like it nice and tight. Don't you big brother." Thinking of Brad as her brother, not her step brother, is such an arousing taboo thought. Just thinking of this causes her toes to curl, orgasms flow over her body, in prickly electrical shock waves.

Brad feels an orgasm churning deep within. He holds back, thrusting harder, his hips smacking against her ass. He's griping her hips so tight, he feels her body trembling. He hears her moans of pleasure, he cant hold back any longer. He cums, gasping and moaning, sweat rolls down his forehead. Alyssa feels his cock pulsating against the walls of her sex, another intense orgasm rushes over her body. She gasps and moanes, her body shakes.

He stopped thrusting into her, and leaned against the back of the couch, trying to catch his breath. His cocks still pulsating inside Alyssa's sopping wet cunt. They don't speak, they're both too exhausted to move. Suddenly, from of the corner of his eye, he sees a flash of light. There's a picture window at the far side of the living room, its where the flash came from. In his sexually induced stupor, the flash of light has his attention, but its not computing in his mind, what it might be. Next he hears a clunking sound, he realizes suddenly, its a car door slamming shut. He quickly pulled his deflating cock from Alyssa. The condom he wore fell off, dropping on the sofa cushion. Neither of them notice it laying there.

"Alyssa. Get up, your moms home!!" he said in a panicked tone.

They both stood abruptly, Alyssa looked out the window, watching her mother. "Hurry, she's opening her trunk for groceries," she said. Fluffing her dress back in place, looking at Brad she exclaimed in panic. "Pull your pants up, come on hurry." Looking at herself in a full length mirror across the room. "Oh god. I look like I've been having sex." She quickly ran upstairs, leaving Brad standing alone. "Hey wait. Where're you going." he said in a panic. "To our bathroom to freshen up." She quickly disappeared, leaving him alone to deal with her mother.

He heard Grace's keys jingling, she's unlocking the door. He quickly pulled his pants and underwear up, just as Grace opens the door, she stepped in. "Good to see you honey," she said cheerfully. "I was hoping someone would be close by." She smiled sweetly, almost seductively, like she often does to Brad when she wants his help. "Come out and help me bring the groceries in, we need to hurry and get things inside."

"Oh uh, yeah sure mom. I'll give you a hand." His voice trembled nervously. "Is something wrong," she said, looking into his eyes. "No I'm fine, just tired that's all," he flashed a charming smile. "The first day back to school, after the long weekend was pretty hectic." She looked around the room. "Where's Alyssa?" He shrugged. "She's upstairs. Hogging the bathroom again."

"Yell up to her. Tell her she needs to help too," She paused, pointing to Brad's lower half smiling. "Your barn doors open," she smirked. "This is the second time today, you've exposed yourself to me. Huh. At least your penis isn't hanging out this time!" His fingers shook, reaching down to his fly. "Oops, sorry. Guess I forgot to zip up, after using the bathroom." She turned and walked out the door, exclaiming. "Hurry up son, we need to get these groceries out of the heat."

He sees Alyssa's panties laying on the floor. Stooping to pick them up, he notices the cum filled condom laying on the sofa. Grace yelled for help once more, setting his nerves on edge. He quickly wads the panties around the Trojan, then shoved everything in his pocket. "Bradley what are you doing!" Startled, he looks up, seeing Grace standing in the living room, her hands full of supermarket grocery bags.

"What are you doing down there," she whined. "Come on, get the groceries, before this heat thaws everything out." She scoffed walking to the kitchen. "You've been acting a little weird lately. I hope you're not addicted to prescription drugs or something." He replied sarcastically. "No Grace. I'm not on drugs." He joked mischievously to himself, walking outside. 'But I am, addicted to your daughter!'

Chapter 10: Later That Night

Brad's father Jack returned from work a couple hours after Grace, almost caught them in the act of passionate step sibling sex. The rest of the evening went pretty normal. The family ate dinner together, they all talked about their day. Of course Brad and Alyssa, left out one major detail of their day; being, they had a quick after school fuck, on the family sofa. Later on, they all retire to the living room, to watch American Idol.

Brad notices a white crusty stain on the cushion of the sofa, where his used condom lay just a few hours before. The sofa's Grace's pride and joy, he knows she'll make a fuss if she sees a stain. He watched slightly amused as Grace sat on the stain, to his delight, she didn't see it. His father cuddled next to Grace, on the sofa. Alyssa sat next to Brad on a love seat adjacent to the sofa. She wants to cuddle with her secret lover, just like her mother and step father are doing. Instead she controls her needs for now, and settles in close to him, enjoying the warmth of his body.

After American Idol ends, Jack kissed Grace goodnight. He's a construction engineer at the local shipyard, his company's working on a major project for the Navy. He announced he'll be leaving the house earlier then usual. Seeing Jack kissing her mother goodnight, Alyssa wishes Brad could show her the same affection.

As their parents kiss with their back to them, Alyssa ran her fingertips up Brad's leg. She winked, mouthing her words silently. 'Lets go to bed' He knows what she means, she's not talking about sleeping alone. He likes her idea. Stretching his arms above his head, he faked a yawn. "Its been a long day, I'm going to bed too." Alyssa followed suit. "I should get some sleep. I don't wanna fall asleep in history class again."

Grace kissed Alyssa goodnight, she hugged and kissed Brad too. "Ok guess I'll stay up a while longer. My favorite show starts in a few minutes. I'm going to have a glass of wine while I watch it." Grace went to the kitchen for a glass of wine, Brad and Alyssa chased each-other upstairs.


Once they're alone in the upstairs hallway, Brad boldly pulls Alyssa into his arms, kissing her with unbridled passion. Alyssa feels wet between the legs, she's so completely aroused by his lust for her. They continue kissing, walking at the same time, down the hall to Brad's bedroom. Alyssa turned the door knob and pulled Brad in.

"Mmm Baby," said Brad, letting his lips caress hers. "Your just as horny as I'm, aren't you."

She whispered, letting her lips touch his. "Sitting next to you on the couch tonight!" kiss. "My pussy got so wet." He chuckled softly, backing her to his bed in the darkness. "Hmm. Guess I'll need to take care of that wet little pussy of yours then, won't I little girl." Reaching down with both hands, he lifts the hem of her nightie up. She lifted her arms, letting him remove the thin cotton garment from her body.

"Lay down," he said softly. "Spread your legs." Knowing what's about to happen, she obeys his request. Not speaking he undresses, looking down at his lover as she lay waiting with her legs draped over the bed. Gently dropping to his knees, he reaches up tugging her white cotton panties down slowly, teasing her to the point of lustful insanity. Her voice trembled. "Stop teasing me." he replied gruffly. "Spreadem for me."

Spreading wide, she feels his fingertips touching the sensitive lips of her vulva. When he traces one finger, then his tongue over her clit. She cups a hand over her mouth, quelling her moans. Her body trembles, she thrust her hips upwards, forcing his tongue to go deep. Ugh...mmm. Her moans are muffled, but he knows he's pleasing her. Touching her, he finds. She wasn't lying about her pussy being wet tonight, during family TV time. Her cunt lips were soaking wet, way before he started licking her.

Just tasting her juices and inhaling her sweet musky scent, excites him. His cock is so hard, it almost hurts. He stops eating her and fumbles through his sock drawer for the box of condoms, he bought this morning at the drug store. She whispers playfully. "Why'd you stop. What you were doing down there, felt so good." She doesn't know, he's rolling a fresh condom over his stiff cock. He raised up, laying over her whispering.

"I wrapped a present for you," he kissed her. "A present ?" she enquired, quelling giggles with her hand. He whispered caressing his lips over her earlobe. "Yes I have a present for you, I think you'll like it. Its really long, and really hard," kiss. "But, you cant unwrap it with your hands. You'll have to unwrap it with your tight little pussy."

She whispered seductively. "Okay...big boy. Put that big long hard present in me." She reached down, stroking his cock. "I'll unwrap it, real good!" They kiss, moving to the center of the bed. He reached back, guiding the head of his member to her cunt. She spread wide for him, just like she did last night. As he enters her, they kiss, their moans of pleasure mingle together.

She wrapped her legs around him, he began lovingly thrusting into her. He moans softly, enjoying the feeling of her vaginal walls gripping his cock so tight. As they make love, they hear the family television downstairs, Grace is still awake. They both block the noise out, once again they're in a sexual high together. Nothing maters to either of them. She whispers mischievously. "Do me doggy style."

He chuckles. "You're such a naughty girl." He pulls out, whispering humorously. "Up on your hands and knees, you cute little doggy." Alyssa wasted no time, its one of her favorite positions.

She whispers childishly. "Go ahead. Fuck me, big dog."

He warned her. " quiet. Put your face in my pillow, try and control yourself."

With that said, he shoved in quickly, she muffled her moans in his pillow. He started thrusting slow, trying not to make the bedsprings creak. Hearing Grace's TV program downstairs, thinking its making enough noise to drowned out their lustful nighttime play time. He begins thrusting faster, the bed squeaks and creaks, but he doesn't care. They're both in their own private fantasy world, nothing maters right now. Except their own sexual satisfaction.


Downstairs Grace is relaxing, sipping her wine enjoying a segment of House wives of New Jersey. As an advertisement comes on, she glances down noticing a white stain on her sofa. "What, did someone spill on my sofa," she says softly. Out of curiosity, she scratches the stain with her long red fingernails. 'What is it?' she thinks to herself. Raising a fingertip to her nose, she sniffed it.

"It smells like!," sniff. "Oh my god...Its smells like. Sperm!" she pauses. "How did sperm get on my sofa?" She thinks a minute, suddenly Brad's strange erratic behavior comes to mind. She thinks back to breakfast with the kids this morning, and what Alyssa told Jack. 'We found a unique way of bonding, this weekend' Was what her little girl said. Grace mumbled under her breath.

"Oh no they better not be.... I'll kill Bradley if he..." She laughs to herself, thinking. I'm over reacting. Brad would never do something like that. This cant be what it seems, one the kids must've had a snack on the couch. Its probably mayonnaise or something. "Ha, silly me."

She drank the last of her wine deciding, it's time to go to bed. As she stands, she hears noises. At first she thinks, the light creaking sound might be a mouse, scratching around in the ceiling. She listens a little longer, all to quickly she realizes. Its not a mouse in the ceiling, its bed springs creaking. A chill runs down her spine, her green eyes open wide, suddenly changing from soft green to an angry bright green.

She slowly began walking upstairs. She wants to turn back, but mothers intuition moves her forward, up the stairs to where her only child Alyssa sleeps in the room, just across from her step sons room. Slowly she sneaks down the hall between the rooms, Brad's rooms on the right, Alyssa's on left. She hears that eerie creaking sound in Brad's room, but decides to check her daughters room first. Without knocking she slowly opens the door. Seeing Alyssa's not sleeping in her pink and white canopy bed, Grace's heartbeat quickens, she feels faint. Pulling herself together, the once faint feeling turns to anger.

Stepping from Alyssa's room, she stands in front of Brad's door, questioning herself. 'No this isn't what it seems.' She tells herself. 'Alyssa's probably down the hall, using the bathroom.' She placed an ear close to the door. The creaking sounds getting louder, she hears muffled moaning sounds. It sounds like Alyssa, but she doesn't want it to be. It sounds like she's saying ' me harder'


Inside the room sweat drips down Brad's face, he's thrusting into his step sibling lovers cunt with unadulterated lust. Closing his eyes, he feels cum rising from his grion. His legs are shaking, he's cumming, and he's cumming hard. Alyssa pushes back against his thrust, needing to feel his cock deep inside.

Grace stands inside the doorway, watching in complete shock. Seeing Brad and her only child, grunting and moaning like wild animals in heat. Her hands on the light switch, but she cant get herself to flip the switch. She stands watching, for what seems like an eternity. She's never experienced the high of voyeurism before. She doesn't want to admit it, but watching her stepson fuck her daughter is actually arousing her. She feels wetness saturating the crotch of her blue silk panties. Suddenly she obtains a grip on reality. 'Enough, is enough.' she thinks to herself. Click! The lights came on.

Even after the lights come on, Brad kept thrusting into Alyssa, his hips smacked loudly against her daughters ass. He came Grace heard him moan, she yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Get away from my daughter. You filthy fucking rapist!" Hearing Grace's angry voice, both Brad and Alyssa turn their attention towards the doorway. Seeing the completely surprised looks on their young faces, would've been hilarious to Grace, if she weren't so completely angry at them. Grace rushed in directing all of her anger at Brad.

He's in complete shock, his cocks still shoved deep inside Alyssa. Their bodies are on the highs of an orgasm, they cant seem to move. Brad sees Grace rushing at him, her normally kind loving green eyes, have turned to a demonic bright green. He's hypnotized by the look in her eyes, and the angry scowl on her normally pretty face. Grace balled her petite right hand, into a clinched fist and swung hard. SMACK!

She landed a hard right hook, connecting with Brad's nose. The punch from the angry woman, sent him flying backwards off the bed. His body hit the floor with a loud thump, landing on his back. He lay on the floor completely dazed, his nose throbbing in sever pain, looking up at his angry step mother. His ears rang, blood spewed from his; most likely broken nose. Alyssa watched her mother advancing towards Brad, she's going to attack him again if doesn't stop her now, she screamed out.

"Mom. Please stop, don't hurt him. I love him." Grace stopped moving towards Brad, she looked at her daughter in dismay, her pretty face scowled in ugly anger. "You love him?" Grace snarled. "He's your god dammed step brother. You cant be in love with him." Alyssa hasn't seen her mother this angry, in years. Her mothers once beautiful green eyes, are now a fiendish bright green. Grace pointed towards the door.

"Alyssa go to your room. Now!" She yelled at the top of her lungs, Alyssa knew she meant business, she started to leave. Her mother yelled out. "Girl, put your nightgown back on, before you leave. My god Alyssa, don't go walking around my house nude, like some kind of slut." Her mothers words burned into her sole, like a hot dagger through the heart. She quickly slipped her nightgown over her nude body. They heard a groggy voice, coming from Brad's bedroom doorway.

"What the hells going on, up here Grace." said Jack. His tired looking bloodshot brown eyes looked about the room. He's dressed in a pair of Miami Dolphins pajama's, his thick brown hairs a mess. Alyssa looked at his right hand, she began to shake, seeing he's holding a 44magnum revolver. When he heard Grace scream out, he must've thought she was being attacked. He came upstairs heavily armed, ready to defend his wife and children. "Grace, tell me what's happening here." he said, confused.

Grace's voice trembled with anger. "I caught your son," she paused. "Raping my little girl. That's what's happening here!" Jack peered down at his son in disbelief. Brad's laying on the floor, leaning on his left elbow, holding his bloody nose with his right hand. He notices black and blue rings beginning to form around his sons eyes.

"Brad...what the hell, have you done," He paused, not wanting to say it. "Did you rape Alyssa?"

Alyssa quickly came to Brad's defense. "No Jack...He didn't rape me," She paused, taking a deep breath. "We've been having consensual sex, since you and mom went away last weekend." she wiped tears from her eyes. Sniffle "I came in here tonight, on my own free will." Jack looked down at Brad, his weathered working mans brow scowled at him. "What the hell happened to your nose son?"

Brad sat up, speaking in a nasally tone . "Grace punched me." He looked at Grace, then back to his father. "I deserved it."

Jack took charge, knowing he's the only one who can hopefully control his angry wife at this awkward moment. "Grace please take Alyssa to her room," he shrugged. "I need to speak with my son." Grace huffed. "I ought a call the cops on him." Jack took Grace gently by the shoulders, looking into her eyes. "Calm down sweetheart. You go talk with Alyssa, find out what's been going on. I'll handle things in here."

Grace took Alyssa by the hand. "Come on, lets go have a talk." Her voice sounds just a bit calmer, as she walks away. Jack turned his attention back to Brad, pointing his 44 magnum at the bed. Seeing his father brandishing the Smith &Wesson, certainly isn't easing Brad's nerves at this uncomfortable moment.

"Take a seat on the bed son. I'll go get some paper towel, to wipe your face with and stop the bleeding. And a bag of ice to try and keep the swelling down," Jack smirked. "Looks like Grace walloped you pretty good," his voice changed to anger. "If she wouldn't have hit you son. I would've, so count yourself lucky tonight kid."

Chapter 11: Vanished

By the end of the night, Jack made a deal with his wife. Brad was to go stay with his grandparents, in Saint Petersburg. He spoke with Brad that night in private, telling him. "I'm not the least bit happy with what you've done," he patted him on the back lovingly. "But I know why it happened. You recently broke up with your ex-girlfriend Molly. I had a good idea, you and Molly were having sex. I should've known better, then to leave you alone with Alyssa," Jack leaned over speaking softly. "Heck, Alyssa's a pretty girl. You couldn't help but relieve your needs with her," Jack suddenly grasped Brad by the back of his neck.

"She's your goddam step sister Bradley. What the hell were you thinking," Brad twisted away and stood up. "I'm in love with her dad," tears ran down his face. "Maybe I shouldn't love her, but I do."

Jack scolded him. "Your letting your little head, do the thinking for the big head," Jack stood, taking his son by the shoulders. "Son, I love you, but I also love Grace. Your little affair with Alyssa, it's jeopardizing our marriage. I'll be dammed if I loose Grace, because you cant keep your dick in your pants," Jack glared at Brad. "Now pack your bags. Then get some sleep, you'll be driving your car to Saint Pete in the morning."


In the next room, Alyssa's upset, she's pacing back and forth in front of her mother. Grace is sitting on Alyssa's bed. "I cant believe your sending him away," said Alyssa. "This isn't all his fault. If I wouldn't have asked him to teach me how to kiss last weekend, it would've never happened."

"You asked him, to teach you how to kiss?" Grace raised her hands, in a display of disbelief. "Girl he took advantage of you. He kissed you, just to get you revved up, then one thing lead to another, didn't it."

Alyssa thought about the events of last weekend, and came to her own conclusion. "Yes kissing did lead, from one thing to another. But mom, I wanted the other to happen," Alyssa smiled down at her mother. "Mom I have a confession to make." Grace smirked. "A confession. Honey, do I look like a priest to you."

Alyssa joked. "No mom, but you'll do for now." She paused, seeing her mother didn't find her joke, one bit funny. "Okay, I see your not in the mood for jokes, so I'll just tell you. I've had a crush on Brad, since before you and Jack got married," she smiled, thinking of Brad. "To cover up my feelings for him. I did everything I could to annoy the guy."

She sat down next her mother, on the bed. "This weekend, when you and Jack went away. Brad and I discovered, we feel the same way about each other. He fought with me over things like, hogging the bathroom. I yelled at him for using my hairbrush, things like that." She leaned back, smiling mischievously. "All that fighting we did. Was just covering our true feelings for each other."

Grace stood abruptly, glaring down at her daughter with angry green eyes. "Alyssa, I've heard enough of your childish bullshit for now, its time for bed," she paused. "No way," she said in a huff. "I'm not letting you sleep to close to him. Come downstairs, you'll be sleeping with me tonight."

Chapter 12

Its been about a month since Brad was vanished across Tampa bay, to his grandparents home in Saint Petersburg. Its the weekend, he's outside mowing the lawn for his grandfather, using an old push lawn mower. As he makes a turn pushing the mower, he looks up seeing Grace's tan Chevy Impala pulling in the driveway. Looking inside her car he sees, she's alone. He hasn't spoken with her or Alyssa since, Grace caught him screwing her daughter, and broke his nose in a fit of rage. He stopped pushing the mower, and leaned over to shut it down. Grace came over to him, her friendly smile surprises him.

His attractive forty-two year step mother dressed casually today. She's wearing her chestnut brown hair pulled back with a pink and white scrunchie. As always, she's wearing just enough makeup to expose her high cheek bones, light red lip gloss on her full lips. She wore a simple snug fitting white tank top, he's seen her in the white top before, it hugs the shape of her firm breast, and thin waistline perfectly. A pair of light blue denim shorts, complete her casual Florida attire. The shorts cause her slender legs, to appear longer then they really are.

"Hi Brad," she said, smiling sweetly. "How are you doing today."

Seeing her in such a good mood, compared to the way she acted a month ago, is a bit unnerving. He's fearful it might be a trick, to catch him off guard. Maybe she'll sucker punch him. Or worse, maybe she's carying his fathers 44 magnum Smith& Wesson in her purse. She might just draw it out, like a western gunslinger and blow him away, right here in grandpas front yard. He took a deep breath, cracking a charming smile before speaking. "I'm doing okay...I guess!"

Grace looked her shirtless teenage stepsons body over, he's wearing cutoff jeans and Nike tennis shoes. Her enchanting emerald green eyes, seem to be admiring what they see.

"I've come to make peace," she said, showing a pleasant smile. "Your dads working out of town this week, leaving me and Alyssa all alone," she looked him over. "Go put your shirt on sweetie. Are you hungry?" She said, with another unnerving sweet smile. Her sudden show of friendliness is a bit scary. "Yeah..I guess." he said.

"Good because I'm taking you out for a burger. Now hurry and get dressed, because I'm famished."

The way she looked him over, as she spoke sets his nerves on edge. After Brad quickly washed up, and put on a clean shirt, he climbed in her car and she drove away. Grace spoke as she drove towards town. "Alyssa's been missing you, something awful Brad. Her grades have gone down," She placed a hand on his bare leg, just above the knee. "I really do believe, she's in love with you." She stopped at a traffic light, gently stroking his knee.

She smirked. "Shit, I have to admit son. I've missed, having you around too." The traffic light turned green, she moved her hand away. He's glad she did, he hasn't had sex in a while, her soft touch aroused him, in the wrong way. She pulled into a center turning lane, he looked around for the restaurant she's supposed to be driving to, the only thing he sees is a Red Roof Inn hotel. She pressed on the accelerator, crossing the street. At first he thought she was making a u turn, but she went straight into the hotel parking lot.

"Why are you pulling in here," he said confused. "There's a restaurant, back that way."

Grace snickered. "I rented us a nice room, in this hotel. When we get to the room, I'll order us some take out." Brad looked into her eyes. "Grace...what the hell are you up to?" she giggled. "Oh you'll see," she caressed his leg, pulling to a stop. "Come on sweetie. I got us a nice room, It's a honeymoon suite. It has a Jacuzzi, and everything we'll need for the weekend." He shrugged nervously. "The weekend? Why did you rent the honeymoon suite?" he asked nervously. She smiled alluringly.

"You and I need to talk, and I thought getting away from everyone out here by the beach, would be a great place to talk, right?" He started to reply, she talked over him. "You've been stuck in Saint Pete, with your boring old grandparents for too long, it'll be nice to get away for a while." She flashed a quick smile. "Now come on, its getting late and I'm so hungry, aren't you!" Not knowing what to say, he kept quiet.

His heartbeat rapidly against his chest. The idea of spending the weekend, in a honeymoon suite, with his step mother, doesn't seem right at all. Although, every since he met this beautiful older woman, a little over three years ago, before his father married her. He's had so many erotic fantasies about, both her and Alyssa. Of whom he's been missing something awful since he moved across the bay. They stopped at the hotel door, as Grace fumbles through her purse for the card key, he spoke reluctantly.

" we shouldn't be doing this," his voice trembled. "Your married to my dad, for christ sakes."

She flung the door open. "Oh hush, you fool," said Grace. As the door came open, Alyssa ran out throwing her arms around him, yelling. "Surprise!" She's dressed in nothing more, then a black lace baby doll nightie. He wrapped his arms around her, hugging her tight. Kissing her, not caring that her mothers standing nearby. Grace broke them up, joking. "Hey you two. Get a room!"

Alyssa took his hand pulling him inside. Once inside, she began passionately kissing him once more. As they kiss, for what seems like an eternity. Brad feels Grace hugging him from behind, she spoke seductively. "Alyssa says, she'll share you with me." She kissed the back of his neck, slipping one hand down to the snap holding his shorts up.

Alyssa's caressed her lips across his lips, as she spoke. "Doesn't that sound fun baby!"

Hearing his sexy stepsisters voice say its okay, feeling both her and Grace's fingers slipping down his pants. Not to mention, being sandwiched between, Grace and her lovely green eyed daughter. How could he ever refuse, he stuttered. "Um...yes...this certainly sounds like fun." Alyssa knelt before him, as she's done so many times since their affair began. Grace knelt behind him, helping her daughter pull his shorts down. Alyssa began sucking his half erect cock. Grace moved next to Alyssa, she began kissing his navel and stroking his gentiles.

Grace's voice trembled breathlessly. " are hung like your father," she teased Alyssa. "Let me taste your boyfriends cock." Alyssa giggled, tilting his cock to Grace's lips.

"Let mommy teach you the proper way to give head, little girl." she said to her daughter, Alyssa joked. "Okay big girl. Show me how its done." Brad looked down in disbelief, thinking. Damn, last month this beautiful woman broke my nose. Now she wants to suck my cock.

"Oh my god. I cant believe, this is actually happening," he said out loud.

'Ahh' Brad grunted. "Grace baby. Now I know why dad married you." Grace gave his cock to Alyssa, stroking his nuts she smiled up at him. "Giving you a good BJ, is the best way for me to apologize, for punching you last month." She kissed his belly button. "Am I forgiven baby." Brad chuckled. "Oh are, so forgiven." They sucked his cock, kneeling on the floor, for a good long time.

Grace began furiously sucking him, bobbing her head back and forth in lightning quick motion. Brad feels cum churning. "Grace....I'm cumming, stop." But she doesn't stop, she keeps sucking his cock. Alyssa played with his nuts, watching her mother suck her lovers cock. Brad let himself cum in her mouth. He thought of the night she punched him, it's his little twist on sweet revenge. He came hard, Grace swallowed every drop.

Alyssa exclaimed astonished. "Mom...You ate his stuff. I never thought, you'd do something like that."

Grace removed her lips from Brad's cock. "Huh. Look who's talking. Little miss, I never sucked a cock before his. But when he came, I swallowed all his stuff." Grace looked at Brad. "She told me everything you two did, last month, while your dad and I were gone." She laughed alluringly. "Her little story, got me so hot. I just had to try you out. She says you really know how to eat a girls pussy." Grace stood taking his hand. "Lets see how good you are," she said pulling him to the bed. "Me first mom!" Alyssa said childishly.

"Don't worry girls," said Brad, his voice beamed cheerfully. "I'll do you both. Lay down beside each other, that way I can compare, who taste better."

He enjoyed his chance to help Grace undress, seeing the older version of Alyssa nude, caused his limp cock to rise, almost as firm as before. His hard cock will have to wait, he's just promised his beautiful step mother, and her pretty young daughter, he'll eat both of them. Brad's a somewhat experienced boy, but he's never been with two girls at the same time. As he removes Grace's black lace panties.

Seeing her well trimmed black bush, waxed perfectly smooth between her legs. He hopes he can complete the feat he's promised to take on. He's kneeling on the floor, the only thing he's wearing is a black Metallica T-shirt, his shorts underwear and shoes have been dropped at the door. Alyssa's standing next to him, dressed in a sexy black lace baby doll nightie she borrowed from her mother, along with matching black panties. Brad lifted the nightie, he's about to pull her panties down, but he's suddenly overcame with shame. Grace is watching him, that's the problem.

" you mind, if I take her panties off?" he said, feeling the need to ask permission. Both Grace and Alyssa broke out laughing. Grace pulled herself together. "Well darlin, she cant have any fun with them on. Take them off, for gods sake." Alyssa agreed. "Takem off baby, I need your tongue between my legs."

Before long Grace and Alyssa are laying beside each other, sideways on the king-size hotel bed, with their legs tangling over the edge. As promised Brad began eating Alyssa's pussy first. He licked her clit, her young body shook from the pleasure. It's been a month, since Brad performed cunnalingus on her sensitive cunt. The pleasure he's giving her, is so much better then the constant masturbating she's been doing with herself, since he left home.


Grace lay watching her stepson lick and suck her daughters sex. As she watches, she vigorously strokes her pussy. In part, she cant believe she actually came up with this harebrained scheme. Since Brad was sent away, she and Alyssa have been at extreme odds with each other. Friday night, after Jack left on his business trip, she decided to call a truce with her one and only beloved daughter. She offered Alyssa; what was supposed to be, one glass of wine, in the end they both had more then one glass.

Being drunk and maybe, just a little too curious. Grace asked Alyssa why, she's so addicted to her handsome sixteen year old step son. Before to long into Alyssa graphic description of his teenage virility. Grace found herself telling her daughter, she's had fantasies of having sex with him too. This morning, Grace devised a plan to get Alyssa back with Brad and, in return satisfy her sexual curiosities as well.


Now Grace lay watching her sweet young daughter, enjoying the feeling of her step brothers tongue, lips and fingers. Grace feels jealousy rearing its ugly head although, she is deeply in love with Brad's father. She wants to experience what her little girl is experiencing. Seeing Alyssa cum hard, when Brad vigorously fingers her cunt, licking and sucking her clit at the same time, Grace exclaims her need to be satisfied.

"Now eat me Bradley....Oh please eat meee now!" Brad hears her pleas. "Alyssa. It sounds like your mom needs a little oral attention," he kissed Alyssa's wet cunt. She moaned. "Yes eat her baby. Show mommy, why I love you so much." With Alyssa's strange show of permission, Brad shifted his attention to Grace. His step mother laughs nervously, as he pries her long legs apart by the knees. Brad quickly overcame any shame he has, about having sex with the woman his father loves.

Brad was a little over thirteen, when he first met Grace. He's had sexual fantasies about the attractive older woman, now his fantasies are coming to life. He lowered his face between the her legs, inhaling the scent of her sex. He finds himself comparing the mothers fragrance, to her sweet young daughters scent. In doing so, he discovers why his father loves this woman so deeply. Every thing about Grace is perfect. Tasting her cunt lips, she begins to buck her ass up and down moaning. Telling him without speaking, she's enjoying what he's doing.

Her sweet musky flavor, is slightly stronger then Alyssa's. Not overpowering strong, but it's the only way he can describe the difference between mother and daughter. Alyssa reached down, gently pressing his lips and tongue to her mothers sex. "Do it Brad," giggle. "Lick mommies pussy, real good. I told her how good you are," giggle. "Don't let me down baby."

What she said egged him on, to do even better. He began vigorously fingering the woman's already soaking wet snatch. Grace trembled and shook, she came so hard, she squirted over Brad's face and chin. He's heard of female ejaculation, but he's never experienced it before. He happily swallowed her tangy juices.

Grace exclaimed her pleasure. "Wow...that was fucking incredible," her voice trembled sensually. "I do believe, Bradley Wilson," she joked. "You've inherited your cunnalingus skills from your daddy."

Grace was born and raised in Georgia, when she spoke, her southern accent sounded out. She's an educated woman, she took four years of collage in a northern university, she lost her southern accent, until now.

Brad kissed her wet pussy, looking up from between her spread legs. "Grace, you tasted so good. Now I know why my dad fell in love with you." Alyssa kissed her exhausted mothers cheek.

"I told you, he was good," Alyssa smirked. "Didn't I." Grace replied breathlessly. "You were right, sweetie. He's good at it," Thinking of her true love, she added. "He's almost, as good as his father."

Brad's cock has grown hard once more. Now all he can think of is, completing his fantasies, doing both Grace and Alyssa, as they kneel on the bed, before him. He asked politely, being as he's played roll of the good stepson for so long. "Um...Grace. Can I, um. Have sex with you, and the same time?"

He hated the fact, he just stuttered like a fool. He wanted to rewind his mind, and say it again. Grace, sat up on the bed, smiling seductively, but holding back laughter.

"Why by all means big boy," she exclaimed. "How do you wanna do us," she smiled sensually. "On our back, with our legs spread wide for you." Alyssa cheerfully requested. "Do us doggy style," she explained. "It'll be easier that way. Mom and me, will get side by side. You get behind us on the bed."

Brad leaned over giving her a kiss. "Great idea baby. You and I think, so much alike." Suddenly, his fear of impregnating Alyssa came to mind, not mention possibility of impregnating Grace as well.

"Did either of you bring any condoms?" He asked, sounding like a careful school boy.

Grace chuckled. "Oh don't worry about it Bradley, Alyssa took one of my birth control pills this morning," she paused, trying to get comfortable with what Alyssa told her. "My daughter told me. She likes the way your cock feels inside her, when you fuck her bareback," She shrugged. "Hell, I like it bareback too." Grace leaned over stroking Brad's hard cock, she sucked it while playing with his testicles. Removing her lips, she told him.

"Come on daddies boy. Fuck me, I know you wanna. I've seen the way you look at me."

With that said, both mother and daughter assumed their positions, side by side on the big bed. Brad knelt behind Alyssa first. Truthfully, its a hard decision to make, about which one he wants to do first. For three years of his young life, he's sat back admiring the curves of both woman. When he first met Alyssa, she had just begun to fill out. But Grace, being a full grown woman, his eyes often followed the way she walked, with just the right jiggle across a room. The way her firm breast exposed, just the right amount of cleavage, in various garments she wore. But he hasn't been with Alyssa, the true girl of dreams, for an entire month. His decisions final, sweet little Alyssa gets his cock first.

Alyssa's body shook, like she had a sever fever. When she feels his cock being pushed deep within the wet folds of her fourteen and a half year old sex. "Oh Brad, your cock feels sooo good." He began shoveing inside her faster, his warm cock causes immediate shockwaves of intense pleasure with each thrust he gives her. Grace raised her body up, kneeling beside him. She reaches behind him stroking her soft hand down his ass, reaching between his legs, she strokes his nuts. Looking down at his cock, being shoved deep inside her daughters cunt. She breathed out her words seductively.

"Does my little girls pussy feel good, wrapped around your big cock?" She kissed him passionately, caressing her right hand over his bare hairless chest. Grace's sudden show of passionate non-motherly attention makes it difficult to fuck Alyssa, but he keeps slowly thrusting into his lover, while at the same time, enjoying the way Grace's soft warm lips feel on his lips. Letting her lips caress his she whispers. "Fuck me....please fuck me." Alyssa heard her mothers request too, she spoke sounding out of breath.

"Fuck her Brad....fuck her real good." Brad pulled out, looking down he watches Alyssa's pussy squirt. Her juices shot out, at least twelve inches, then splattered on the bedspread below. Grace knelt back on her hands and knees. Alyssa, raised her body up, her knees are weak she almost fell. Brad caught her, pulling her to him. He kissed her with all his passion. "I love you baby." he said breathlessly. Grace, broke them up.

"Hey buddy," she laughed seductively. "Its my turn," she joked. "You better fuck me good. If you don't," she smiled back at him. "I'll take your car keys, and ground you for a week." Brad smacked her on the ass. "Ouch!" "Hey you shouldn't hit your mother like that" Brad replied gruffly "Yeah right." He shoved inside her. "I shouldn't be fucking you either." He began ramming into her hard. He's thought of fucking Grace hard like this for years, now she's in a uncompromising position; so to speak. He's not stopping now.


Alyssa watches curiously, as she watches her young mind flashes back to Friday night. She and Grace ended up having a little too much red wine together. Wanting to teach Alyssa, how to swing, although Grace and Jack aren't really swingers. Grace brought out her husbands, large collection of porn movies. It turns out, Jack's into everything from barely legal teen porn, to classic nineteen eighties porn. Alyssa and her mother sat down for hours watching porn stars and starlets, do everything from anal sex to oral sex. She watched orgies and so many other, nasty movies. Now watching Brad screw her mother like a porn stud, in real life. She finds herself, completely turned on every time Brad thrust his cock deep within her mothers cunt.

Alyssa thought of the lesbian scenes, she watched last night. Placing her hand under her mothers midsection, then caressing her way between moms legs. She began stroking Grace's clit. Her mother came, her body shook violently. Alyssa, feels her juices flow between her finger tips. Once Grace came down from the orgasm, she scolded Alyssa, sounding a bit turned on by what her little girl did.

"Alyssa, don't do that again....It felt really good baby. But, you're my daughter, not one of those porn stars we watched last night!" Alyssa chuckled. "Sorry mom...I couldn't help myself."

Brad kept ramming into Grace, he thought of what Grace just told Alyssa. "Porn stars," he grunted.

Alyssa began kissing him, rubbing her soft hand over his ass. "Yep porn stars," she flirted. "Your daddy has a bunch of DVD's filled with all kinds of kinky crap on them," She laughed smiling looking in his eyes.

"I liked watching the girls do things with other girls. They licked each others pussies." Giggle. "I went to bed last night, thinking of all the nasty things I saw in those movie," Alyssa stroked her own pussy, laughing seductively. "I played with my pussy, pretending I was with you and another girl." She looked at her mother being fucked hard by Brad. "Now here we are," chuckle. "I didn't think the other girl would be mom. But you know what...I'm glad she's here."

Brad pulled his cock from Grace's pussy, she squirted like before. "Damn you girls, are soaking the blanket," he exclaimed. Alyssa leaned down, she began sucking his cock, she pulled away. " taste good on you."

"Get on your back Alyssa. Its time I fuck you, the way you need to be fucked." Brad said, before pulling his lover in for a deep hot kiss. Grace rolled over gasping for breath. "Whew," she gasped. "Bradley. Now I know why, Alyssa's so addicted to you. Wow." she gasped, rubbing her well fucked pussy.

Alyssa quickly laid on her back, she begged. "Come on big boy. Fuck my tight little pussy!" Brad didn't waste time laying over his young lover. "Okay baby...Are you ready." Alyssa whispered seductively.

"Baby...I've been ready for a month," She growled. "Now fuck meee." Grace lay beside them. "You heard my little girl Brad.... Now fuck her good." Brad took Grace's order seriously. He began thrusting hard, Alyssa wrapped her legs around his backside, screaming out. "Fuck"

Grace lay close, letting her full breast caress his arm. She gently messaged his back, the feeling of her breast against his arm, her hand on his back. And also, the feeling of Alyssa's tight cunt, flexing around his hard cock, is almost to much to bare. He holds back cum, ramming into Alyssa's tight sex. Suddenly he feels cum rising in his groin. "I'm....cumming...Oh shit I'm cumming Alyssa." She gaspes. " mee cum in me!!" Grace gets in on the act too, she began rubbing her pussy against Brad's leging, whispering. "Cum inside her baby. Cum inside my daughters pussy." Its all to much for his young mind, he grunts and moans ramming his cock deep within Alyssa, sopping wet cunt.

Grace keeps dry humping his legs, she reaches between his legs stroking his nuts, she feels them pumping jets of hot cum inside her daughters cunt. Alyssa feels cum pumping deep inside, she cums hard, wrapping her strong legs around him, never wanting to let him go again. Brad cant move she's holding him so tight. Finally he stops thrusting, he lay his head on her shoulder gasping for breath. Grace came too, after dry hummping Brad's leg. She rolled over, sweat ran down her high cheeks bones.

"My god....I don't believe we just did that kids," Grace said, sounding astonished about what she's just done. Not to mention, she's just done one of the nastiest, and hottest sex encounters she's ever done. Laying right next to her daughter, and her stepson as they fucked like wild animals in heat.

After Grace came down from her sexual high, she climbed out of bed and walked to a small refrigerator located in the corner of the room. "I need a drink," she exclaimed out of breath. "How-bout you two love birds, would you like some cold red wine. I brought two bottles from the house," she laughed. "Hell, you're both to young to drink. But the way you yungins fuck. You deserve a drink."


A few moments later they're all leaning their back against the wall using hotel pillows for cushions. Alyssa's on Brad's right, he's in the middle, Grace's sits topless to his left. They're all sipping wine from clear plastic hotel cups. Basking in the after glow of great sex, finally Grace breaks the silence. She speaks with a serious tone to her voice.

"Okay you two...Now that the fun part, of our little get together is over, at least for me," she nudged Brad. "And I suppose your dicks pretty much spent," she paused. "Anyway...its time for me to set down some ground rules," Alyssa enquired softly. "Ground rules?" Grace looked at her daughter, who's sitting topless to her right. "Yes honey, let me explain. Brad, your dad and I, have already discussed it. We're letting you move back in," she nudged him gently. "And we think its okay, for you and Alyssa to carry on your budding relationship. But I'm telling you both, right now," she took a sip of wine. "No sex on school nights. Alyssa, you keep taking your birth control. And Brad, you make sure she takes her pills. If she runs out, put a damned rubber on. And remember, birth control pills aren't exactly 100% affective. So be fucking careful."

She held Brad's hand, looking him in the eye. "I really enjoyed letting you fuck me tonight," she paused. "But young man, it's the last time you'll get a chance to fuck me," she squeezed his hand, and spoke sternly. "Believe it or not. I'm deeply in love with your father, I've never been with anyone else beside Jack, and Alyssa's real father. God rest Jimmy's soul." She said, thinking of her first husband. An army officer, who died four years ago fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. She sipped her wine holding back tears.

"Any way," she said. "Bradley I fulfilled a deep dark fantasy tonight. And it was fun. You're pretty good in bed. 'But' your daddies better, so don't go put'n any moves on me. Okay?"

Brad lifted her hand, giving it a kiss. "Okay. I won't be put'n any moves on you 'mom" He laughed. "That doesn't sound right, after what we just did. But you know what," he paused, looking into her eyes. "I think mom, sounds better then step mom anyway." Alyssa chimed in. "Awe...that's so sweet Brad."

Grace stood up and began to dress. Alyssa asked. "Why are you dressing mom." Grace quickly replied. "I'm leaving for the night, I belong at home," she looked around the room. "Beside that. This is a honeymoon suite. Its for two lovers, not three." Grace finished dressing, then told Brad, she'll come back tomorrow and pick him up, so he can get his car from his grandparents home. She kissed them both goodbye, and left them alone. Brad leaned over and gave Alyssa a quick passionate kiss.

"Well Baby," he cracked a charming smile. "It looks like we're alone once more. What do you wanna do?" Alyssa caressed her hand over his cheek, her green eyes changed to a soft green.

"Can you teach me how to kiss. I've heard you're a real good kisser." Brad pulled his lover to him, planting a long hot passionate kiss on her lips, as they broke away Alyssa exclaimed.

"Your kisses, feel so good on my lips. Do that I again," She smiled happily. "I like how it feels."

The End


I hope everyone enjoyed the story. I've never had a step sister, or any step siblings at all for that mater. But through the years, I've met a few guys who have such hot looking step sisters. I've always thought, if I had a step sister like he has, I'd surly try and get between the sheets with her. Although in reality, this type of taboo relationship most likely never sets very well with any parents. As I've tried to show in this story. That's all for now, please feel free to comment on the story.

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