Sandra's "Special Wedding", Part 2

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Published: 11-May-2012

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Pure Fiction

Chapter 5

A knock on the door ensured that all four of them were in a sort of presentable state, although the room was pungent with the scent of hot sweaty sex.

The door opened and in walked Frebe, who was unaware of any one but Sandra was in the room. The men excused themselves, and on leaving the room, Malgine offered a cum drenched finger to Frebe's lips and told her to suck it, which she did with pleasure, as she could smell the cum as well as see the wad in his fat hand. She didn't stop there, she licked his hand clean, while Sandra watched in amazement.

Little prudish Frebe doing that?

"Don't worry Sandra, we won't be staying at your house, we have a room at the local inn... Very cosy it will be I am sure!" The gays giggled like little school girls and out they minced following the grotesque Uncle Malgine.

Sandra's mind was racing, what sort of wedding does he want, why does he want me involved, why come here, why not call for me as he sometimes does?

All week Sandra heard nothing or saw nothing of Malgine, until she got a call on Friday afternoon from the police, saying that they needed to come and see Sandra very urgently before school closed for the weekend.

I agreed and they confirmed that they were to send two plain clothed police women and a plain clothed policeman so as not to cause concern.

Sandra though that this had had to be something to do with Malgine, so she rang the hotel to speak to him, but he nor the gays were there.

The time came and the police were shown in by Frebe, and Sandra was told about an accident that had happened a mile away which involved a black foreign car which killed two women, each of which had sons at the school.

Sandra was told that the mothers were Mrs. Herif and Mrs. Closra.

The boys were Sleve Herif, a 10yo boy with brown hair, slim and about 5' 0", and Wolda Closra a 9yo 4' 8" tall boy with black hair, each being only children.

Sandra didn't know which shocked her most. The fact that two mothers of boys in the school had been killed, or the fact that two boys in her school had not only lost their fathers in the war, but had now lost their mothers or that it was that bastard Malgine's car that had killed the women and had just driven off.

Sandra's week had been very strange indeed, but what should she tell the police.

Apparently they just wanted to tell the boys, and there was no mention of Sandra helping them with their enquiries.

The boys were brought to the office and Sandra held each boy as they were told of the incident, and she caressed their smooth cheeks and faces gently kissing away their tears, all the time the stirring in her knickers was getting strong again.

Here she was holding two young pretty boys, smooth skin, fine hair, frail, vulnerable and virgins. She was allowed by the situation to hold and feel their young bodies and limbs and to put her hands and run her fingers all over them in an effort to comfort the raging anger within.

The taste of their young fresh smooth skin through those tears was like her tasting their nubile cum, and it had the same effect.

She sat down and sat the boys on her knees so that they could squirm on her skirt, and so she could secretly send an exploratory finger or four up their backs and down to their small pert bottoms. All the time she did this there were three members of the police in the room looking at her, but they didn't know what she was doing, or wanted to do.

Then her finger gently and innocently drifted across the front of one of the boy's shorts only to find a bulge, albeit a small bulge but it was there, a sign of response.

Then Sandra stopped realising the situation that the boys had just lost their mother, and that they needed care, but then again the trauma probably masked all sense and doing what she did was probably not realised by the recipient boys.

The question was asked about the boy's families, each of which now had none, no aunts no uncles no grandparents. They were on their own at 9 & 10yo!

Sandra felt her mouth get dry and her knickers wetter as she muttered... "The boys can CUM and stay at my house. I will look after them both"

As she said this the boys looked across at her and with a genuine smile through their tears nodded, smiled and said in unison 'Yes please Miss!"

The police not knowing Sandra's antics closed their books and headed off home.

On leaving the room, the blonde pretty policewoman turned to Sandra and said... " I love the smell in your office. It reminds me of something... but I can not put my 'finger' on it!"

To which Sandra replied... " You can put your finger on it any time you want... how about tomorrow?" With that Sandra obtained the blonde police woman's address and a time was arranged for the following evening.

So that was two pairs of hot wet sticky knickers in one room, and two pairs of little boys underpants that had drops of pre-cum on them

Then Sandra realised, she couldn't meet the girl, as she would have the two boys! Staying I mean!!

Chapter 6

The boys went home with Sandra, and she realised that the boys had only the clothes they had on, and thought she would take them home tomorrow to collect their things, or maybe that would be too soon and too traumatic.

Then she realised, she only has one bed, and nowhere else comfortable for any of them to sleep.

All these scenarios was getting Sandra even more excited, and she suggested that she run a nice hot bath for the boys.

As a teacher, she realised that at that age the boys weren't bothered about stripping off and sharing a bath with each other, so to her surprise the boys both stripped off completely right in front of her and stood there naked waiting for the bath to fill up.

It wasn't only the bath that was filling up, but Sandra's knickers were gushing out as much hot juice as the bath tap!

Two pre-teen boys naked, showing their white smooth skin with no hair at all apart from on their head.

Their penises were small and there was a development of their balls at the base as their cocks gently stood away from their creamy white smooth thighs. Not a blemish, pure white and smooth.

The bath filled and she helped each boy into the water touching them both at every opportunity possible, and then she decided to soap them both.

Rubbing the bar of soap all over their bodies and them she nervously rubbed the soap between their legs, around their little cocks and up the crack of their pert bottoms. She paid more attention to the areas between their legs and rubbed the soap all over their cocks, which were now responding, as she wanted.

Both cocks stood as proud as they could and she lathered the soap in her hands and proceeded to wank each boy at the same time. It was obvious they had never experienced anything like this, but they loved it, and as she stopped to get more lather from the soap, she saw them both take each other penis and continue wanking each other.

Sandra was in ecstasy at what was happening.

Both the boy's faces were showing pleasure and both seemed to know exactly what to do to each other, and Sandra asked how they knew about what they were doing.

Wolda, the younger of the two went on to tell Sandra about a girl in the year below him... " You must know Zeta miss!? She's in the year below me at our school, she showed us what to do when we went to play"

Sandra was amazed... "You mean that little cute Zeta? But she's only 8yo! What did she show you?"

"Promise you won't tell miss?" Sleve piped while he continued sliding his little slender fingers up and down Wolda's pubescent erection..." We went to play with her and she showed us her knickers, and told us to sniff and lick them just like her daddy and mummy do, and we did it, and then she told us to take our cocks out and she started to rub them like we are doing know" continued young Sleve.

"Zeta put Sleve cock into her mouth and then mine and we had to put our fingers into her cunt, which was very hot and wet' then Wolda amazed Sandra when he asked her "Does your cunt get wet and hot like Zetas miss? And do your knickers smell nice, as nice as Zeta's?"

Sandra had no option but to give the boys an opportunity to find out, so she lifted her tight skirt and stood there in front of the naked boys, as they leant forward, their bodies wet and soapy, and each sniffed and licked Sandra's worn knickers.

"Oh miss, you are wet and you smell better than Zeta!" Sleve said and continued his exploration of Sandra's knickers.

The boys lapped at Sandra and she just had to wrap her legs around the boy's neck, which she did and ground her filthy pussy all over his young innocent face until she gushed her juices all over him, which he licked clean.

"Miss?" said Wolda " can I have a go?" and in no time Wolda was treated to Sandra's second orgasm.

She kissed the boys tender clean skin only to smell her cunt on them both, so she just had to continue bathing them.

More soap and more hot water, and the boy's skin started to wrinkle as it does at that age when exposed to water for too long.

The boys stepped out and Sandra spent as much time towelling them down as she did bathing them, and again concentrating on drying them between their legs.

Two little erections sticking out as stiff and as far as they had ever done in their short lives, Sandra just had to take them in her mouth, and as she did, she asked the boys if Zeta did it like this or better.

Sandra won hands down, as the little smooth penises squirted out as much as they could at that age, all of which went into Sandra's mouth and was savoured before she swallowed.

"Miss can we do that again sometime?" was the question, and to which Sandra answered, "YES! Very soon my dears"

Chapter 7

The boys pranced around the house naked, their little limp dicks swinging about their thighs as they ran around.

Sandra could not believe this, and why weren't the boys distraught about their mother's deaths?

"Miss?" the boys said, and Sandra loved it when they said that, it made her feel like a sort of Dominatrix, and this 'sexcited' her, she had acquired two little boys who would do anything and everything she asked.

Sandra was to get the boys ready for bed, but there were no nightclothes for them, so Sandra asked the boys what they would wear to bed, and to her surprise, Sleve spoke up and as he did his cock started stiffening... "Miss, may I go to bed wearing your knickers, the ones you are wearing, please?"

Her knickers were black nylon French knickers, she had worn them all day and they were dirty with woman's juices, she was surprised and a little shocked but she agreed, and took them off and gave them to Sleve to put in.

Before he put them on, he sniffed and licked the dirty gusset exclaiming ho nice they smelt and tasted, which was reflected by the way his cock twitched and stiffened even more.

He bent down and pulled the baggy knickers up his young slim white silky legs and as the knickers touched the end of his bobbing erection he let out a moan. The nylon fabric brushing the end of his little tip excited him, which in turn excited Wolda and Sandra alike.

As he slid the knickers up his bottom, the stiffened member ensured that the loose knickers stayed up and she could see pre-cum seeping out of the aroused tip of the young boys cock.

"Miss I want to wear them as well miss!!" said Wolda in a pathetic little boy voice.

Then Sandra had a thought, and told the boys they could both wear the same pair, as they were big enough.

Each boy stepped into the knickers so that their backs were together and their cocks were able to slip and slide all over the nylon fabric.

This was an exciting image, Sandra had got two little boys into her knickers, and the three of them got into bed, and Sandra hugged and held them both, only find a lot of little fingers starting to explore her pussy lips, which was an invitation to rub the boys cocks through her knickers, and this time she felt them both cum with wads of cum.

All of them came loads that night and they all slept together, huddled together, and in the morning Sandra's knickers had dried out, but were host to two rather larger erections than had been in them the night before!

Chapter 8

That morning, the three of them learnt about 'Morning Glories' and how young boys wake up, and if there is a girl around, how they will get the benefit of this phenomenon.

That day Sandra was to meet her policewoman, and she went round and explained the situation. This didn't seem to be a problem, as Trikela was keen to help out, a little too keen, and they decided to go shopping for the boy's clothes.

While in the nearest big town they both decided to sissify the boys and bought them very frilly girlie clothes. Bearing in mind this was the 50's, before tights (pantyhose) had become fashionable, the girls bought frilly knickers, suspender belts, stockings, frilly underskirts, shoes, little girl skirts and dresses, loads of bows, ribbons, lace and other feminine things as well as make up lipstick, perfume and of course blonde wigs.

Both girls were kinky, perverted sluts and they both liked their 'boys' very young!

They got back to Sandra's and closed the curtains and ordered the boys to strip.

The girls were treated to their little cocks stiffened and thickened, and there were signs of wetness on their tips!

"You disgusting boys, what have you been doing to be like that?" Trikela shouted at them both. The boys cowered and tried covering their erections, which by now where getting harder.

" You two boys are filthy, and rude" Sandra joined in, and preceded to tell them that as a punishment they were to be sissified and treated like naughty little girls.

"Yes Miss" they said in unison, and the afternoon was spent with the two girls making the boys into little sissies.

They wore girlie wigs, lots of make up and lipstick, short dresses, stockings and suspenders, high heels and no knickers, so that their erections stood out under the hems of their skirts, dribbling precum.

The boys were enjoying being sissies, and Trikela and Sandra were keen to play with their new toys.


So, who wants to hear more???

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I want to get more. Really.


I for one want to read more of this tale.


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