The Poker Game

[ ff, Ff, bd/sm, ds ]

by Roman


Published: 3-Mar-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Chapter 1

"Hey Janice!" came a voice from across the classroom.

"Yes," I shouted back.

"I'm coming, do you have my note?" she nodded and then the teacher called the class to order. It was a long and boring class because it was Friday and I was looking forward to going to Christy's house for the weekend. In fact there were generally ten of us who were all going to her house for the weekend.

Usually we rotated the game. Last week I hosted it. This week it was Christy's turn. Our poker game was rather unusual. When we first started to play we were in Kate's barn in the hayloft. Now we try to go to places where we know our parents won't be.

The bell. Amid the shouts and yells of the rest of my classmates I managed to get next to the voice. It was Angel. She handed me my note and said to make sure I got on the right bus as there was no way that anyone could come and get me if I made a mistake. I glanced at the note. It gave me permission to ride bus seventeen after school.

"Angel, where does seventeen stop?"

"It is normally right outside the door next to the gym." she answered and scurried off to her next class. My next class was gym. I hurried to my locker, grabbed my book bag, my gym bag and began to rush down the hall. We had only three minutes between classes and my locker was far from the gym.

I got to the gym's locker room right when the bell rang. I found an empty one and began to shed my clothes. As I took off my bra a pair of hands covered my eyes.

"Guess who." I felt her press against my back. She pulled my head back and I smelled her very familiar perfume.


"Yes, how did you know?"

"You always smell so good."

"Hurry or we will be late." Darla and I finished undressing and dressing in our gym clothes. It was the last two periods of the day so we would not have to change to go home.

We got out on to the gym floor just in time to hear the coach say, "Line up!" We got into a fairly straight line along the length of the gym. "We are going to play some basketball. There will be four teams, two to each of the two courts."

I turned to Darla, "Try and get me on your team. I have a score to settle with Mandy. I want to be on the opposing team to her."

"What you going to do?" I just glanced at Darla and she nodded.

Earlier that week Mandy had cornered me in the cafeteria. She managed to dump her tray of food all over me. She said that is all lesbians are good for. Garbage. I was furious. But I could do nothing. Now I had my chance. Mandy is a half year below me. She is, I think, twelve maybe thirteen. I have just turned fourteen. My friends and I are, its true, lesbians. Mandy did not have do do what she did just because she didn't like me. Now I was going to get her back.

Teams were chosen and it turned out the way I wanted it. Play began. Twice I bumped her and knocked her to the floor. On both occasions, she just got up and came at me harder. We were getting really angry with each other and the girls knew it.

"Janice!" I stopped and turned. The coach had seen me try to trip Mandy. "To the bench. Now!" I stopped and with my head down went over and sat down on the bench. A moment later Mandy was beside me. We glared at each other.

"Well, Lezzie, you've done it. Now we will both have detention." Detention! I thought. I would miss the bus and if I had to take the detention bus I would have to go to my own home.

"What is the problem with the two of you?" It was the coach. "Mandy I saw you pour your tray of food all over her the other day, and you Janice, I see your retaliating." He blew the whistle and told everyone to sit down. Then he pointed to two girls and ordered them to get the mats from the wall.

Once they were on the floor, he turned to us.

"Mandy, Janice, you will each go to a corner of the mat. On my whistle you will go to the center of it and begin to fight. No rules. You are going to settle what's ever between you here and now." Fight! I have never fought anyone. Mandy turned to me. She looked into my eyes with a sort of puppy dog look that said, OH OH.

We got up, went to the center of the mat and faced each other. I decided the best way to take her was to take a swing at her jaw as soon as the whistle blew. I didn't have to wait long. I hit her square in the mouth. She sort of shook her head but came right back at me. Instead of swinging though she got her arms around me and threw me to the ground. I was a bit stunned but I grabbed her hair and pulled. She let loose with a scream. I got a foot right into her gut. She dropped and I jumped on her covering her body with mine. Then I sat up and pounded her as best I could. She took my beating for a moment or two and then she kicked me off balance. She grabbed my shorts and pulled them down. Then she ripped my tee shirt off. No one stopped us.

I had to win. I had to take this bitch! I waded into her. I pummeled her as hard as I could. I finally knocked her down. Then I peeled her shorts and her shirt off her. She got up, I guess she realized she was semi nude and began to cry. I went to her, landed one on her face knocking her to the mat once more. She put her hand up and I stopped. The coach came over. He knelt down, made sure she was okay and then turned to me, "If I hear or see you doing anything to provoke anyone again anywhere, you will have a detention to end all detentions." He pulled Mandy to her feet, "If I hear or see you doing anything to provoke..." and told her what he told me. Then he dismissed us all. "You are all to get showers!" was his last command.

Mandy and I walked slowly to the locker room. Behind us were our friends. Once we were away from the gym and where coach couldn't come, we thought, I turned to her.

"Had enough?"

"From a dyke like you. HAH!" and she swung at me again. This time I ducked. In doing so I pulled her panties down exposing her cunt. She began to swing at me wildly. Again I ducked and stepped between her legs bringing my knee as hard as I could right into her pathetic little slit. She screamed and fell to the ground. Coach barreled through the door and picked us both up by our arms. He shook us till we were ready to come apart. At least I was.

"I see you two did not learn. I know you have to be on the buses tonight as there is none for detention. So I am going to let you go home. But Monday you will both have detention in here with me." We knew we were in big trouble. Detention with coach usually involved repeating whatever the offense was for the entire detention. I was sure Mandy and I would have to fight each other until the entire period was up Monday.

He left and we embarrassed by his being in the locker room sat and cried for a time. Finally, I decided the way to stop Mandy was to really make her pay for this. I invited her to the poker game.

"Mandy," I said, as gently as I could, "Why don't you join us for our game tonight. I can get you a note so you can get on the bus with me."

"I would like to, it would be nice", she got up and got her cell phone. "Yes Mom. I have been invited to spend the night with some of the girls at Christy's house." She must have gotten a positive reply because she nodded and said she would come home sometime Saturday.

"Thank you for inviting me. It was really very kind of you, after what I did to you." I nodded. While I was showering, Darla came up to me. We sort of played for a few minutes then she asked me why I was inviting the worst bitch she could think of to the game.

"If I win I get to do with her as I please." She laughed. We dried off and dressed. Then we went out the door and got on the bus. Darla, Angel, I, Mandy, Christy and Cheryl all got on the seventeen bus and went to Christy's house. Her parents were going to my house to play poker there and would be gone for most of the weekend. So it was going to be a long game.

I whispered to Darla that I invited Mandy because I was sure she wanted friends as well as to be accepted. I added that I was sure she would lose and would have to do as I said. One of the rules of our game. We all chatted away and had a good time sitting in the long bench seat at the back of the bus. At last our stop and we gave the driver our notes as we got off. He questioned us as the notes were all written in the same hand. We assured him it was Christy's mom who wrote all the notes. He accepted them, what else could he do, and we got off.

We laughed as the bus pulled away leaving us at the lane to Christy's. We started to walk up and then we laid out the rules for the game. First rule, bet chips, white, blue, red. The maximum chip value was fifty cents. Red one. Blue was a dime, white a nickel. If you had no money you could bet clothes. If you lost you lost whatever you bet. Once you were nude you could continue to play if you agreed to do whatever the winner wanted. Mandy looked at me very strangely.

"What kind of game is this?" she asked with some surprise in her voice.

"Its pure sex." answered Cheryl. "Then I guess I will have to make sure I win." she added.

We entered the house. It was quiet. There was no one at home.

"That's strange." said Christy as she walked into the kitchen. "Mom has to be here somewhere. Stay here while I go search the place."

"No, we are coming with you." We walked slowly through the house but saw and heard nothing. We went upstairs, downstairs to the cellar and out to the garage. The car was there but no one appeared to be home. Then we heard a moan coming from the barn. Christy ran across the yard and opened the door and went in. We followed her and when she stopped we just walked into her. She stood in sheer shock for a moment and then just broke down. There in a pile of hay lay her Mom. Her hands were tied behind her back and she looked as though she had been roughed up. We untied her, pulled her to her feet and then we were all talking at once. Mandy had the presence of mind to call the police.

It took awhile and we all waited in the kitchen until the cops came. Christy's Mom was too shaken to tell us what happened. When the police arrived, it was one of her friends and so she told her story.

"They just came into the house. There were two of them. They took me out to the barn, tied me up, and dumped me in the hay pile. They didn't take anything that I know of. They had masks over their faces and they had gloves on their hands. They said nothing to me, except to say they could do this anytime they wanted." Christy held her mother in her arms as she finally broke down and cried. A few minutes later Christy's father arrived. The police meanwhile had been looking around the barn and found some tire tracks, foot prints, and some other things.

Mrs. Green told her husband all that had happened. He looked very concerned but there was something that was just not quite right. He told her it was all right, that he was there now, he would get her a gun so she would have some protection.

"No I don't want a gun."

"Neither do I." said Christy. I think I would rather have a dog. One of the cops said he knew of just the thing. A big bull mastiff.

We laughed. But Mrs. Green agreed right away. "You may bring him over at your convenience."

"Okay. I will be right back." said the cop with a big smile. We all looked at Mrs. Green. She had been scared. Scared shitless, I think, is the appropriate term.

A few minutes later a detective came in. He looked at her husband.

"I think you had better plan on coming with us."

"Will I be back tonight?"

"No probably be with us all weekend, you see, I've a warrant for your arrest."

"What's going on?"

"No more questions! Your truck tires are an exact match for the ones at the barn. In the right place and the right time. Hook him up! Deputy."

We all watched in horror as Mr. Green was handcuffed and taken out the door. Then as he was leaving we all knew what he had done.

"Bitch, this ain't over! Your a dead woman! That was only the beginning!" he said as he was led away.

We all sat down and looked at Mrs. Green and her daughter, our friend, Christy.

"Mom are you okay?" she said with a very concerned look on her face, her voice cracking.

"Yes I'll be fine. Its not the first time, Christy. You see he has done things like this before. He has whipped me, beat me, forced me to have sex with another man, and all sorts of things that your too young to know about."

Just then Mandy spoke up.

"Mrs. Green, I understand. I too have been abused. I guess that's why I am the way I am. I don't trust anyone." She turned around and pulled up her shirt. There right under her bra strap were several scars. "My dad did that with cigarettes. He put them out on my back. Turning she pulled her bra up. There were more scars on her boobs. She pointed to them then went over and hugged Mrs. Green.

"Its the hardest thing you will ever have to do. You have to tell the court what he did to you. Its the only way." Then taking her hand she held it out to Mrs. Green. When Irma took it, she pulled her close and gave her a hug. "Please, Mandy, can you tell me how you felt when he finally was stopped."

"Its hard Mrs. Green."

"Irma, please dear."

"All right. Irma. Its hard for me to say this but I shot my dad and killed him." We all gasped.

"I can't imagine your pain. What happened?"

"I have never told anyone this. Not even the police. I was 11. I knew where he kept his pistol. He had threatened to blow me away many times if I did not do exactly as I was told. One afternoon, after school, he came in to my room. I have just one thing to say to you. Tonight I am taking you to a man. You are to do exactly as you are told. You will do everything he asks. He paid good money for you and you are going to deliver." I had no idea what he was talking about.

After dinner, he put me in the car and drove me to a hotel. We got out and went into a room. There was a man there.

"Your right. She is cute and she is pretty. Your sure she is virgin?"

"Yeah, I haven't fucked her. She knows what to do. I made sure of that. If she is good I think I can get you twenty or thirty thousand for her."

I couldn't believe it. My own father was going to sell me. Not only that but he was selling me to a man who was making it clear to me that he wanted me for sex.

"She'll make a good girl for you." I heard my dad say as he went out the door. I knew if I was to survive this I had to do what I was told. I did. I stripped, I sucked and I tried to fuck. I just couldn't get aroused. In the end I wound up with his cock in my mouth and I bit it. I bit it as hard as I could and I screamed. He tried to stop me. By that time others had called the cops and they arrested the guy. Turned out they had been looking for him for other crimes. My dad took me home.

He tied me to a pole in our basement. He blindfolded me. Then he cut my clothes off. He put something in my mouth. When I tried to complain he slapped me. He slapped me so hard he knocked some teeth loose. Then he lit a cigar. I knew from the smell it was a cigar. He touched my pubic hairs, then the hair on my head, then my arm pits, then he put it inside me. At least I think he did. Then he went upstairs. I managed to push the cigar out of my pussy. But it still burnt me. It got my labia and almost burned through. He didn't care. I couldn't scream.

When he came back down some hours later, he untied me, and took me to the bathroom. He made me do both while he watched. Then he put me in the shower. He ran only the cold water. When I was clean to his satisfaction, he turned off the water and walked me to my room. He threw me on the bed, took off his pants and said he was going to take my cherry. As he came down on top of me, I reached under the pillow grabbed the gun and put it against his head. Then I pulled the trigger. Mom called the cops and said I killed her husband.

The cops started to take a statement from me. They realized I had been abused and beaten. When they stood me up and looked at my back, they almost puked. Someone looked down at my slit. She is burned there too. I heard a cop say. Right away the arrested Mom and told her she was charged with felony child abuse. Someone said they were calling the shooting self defense and I was free to go.

I ran. I ran fast and that's how I came here. I am no living, existing, on my own. I have no real place to call home. I get on and off the school buses at various places. I enrolled myself in school. No one not even the principal knows I am alone."

Mrs. Green, and all of us, looked hard at Mandy. She must have realized we weren't ready to believe her. Then she stripped. Once she was nude she turned around. Her back was a mass of scars, Her tits were pierced with rings and there was a chain between them. Her labia were also pierced. In addition they were disfigured. She pulled them apart and there were holes in them just as she described. She was hairless there as well. Seeing all this we, hugged her. Then she turned to me.

"Janice, I know I have been mean to you. I was fighting you because of your popularity and your good looks. I am sorry. I hope you have forgiven me."

"I, hadn't Mandy. I think I understand more now." I dropped my hands and wrapped them around her. I pulled her close. "Mandy," I whispered in her ear, "If I lose the game and you win you get to do anything you want with me. I would be your true friend if you picked me as your slave for the night." I don't know why I said that. It wasn't what I wanted. What I wanted was to win. What I wanted was to be able to beat her. To finger her, to humiliate her. That's what I wanted.

Mrs. Green spoke up. "Girls, what do you do on Fridays when we are gone and doing our thing?" We looked at her. Christy said, "We play poker. First for money, then for clothing, then for each other." Mrs. Green got a twinkle in her eye. "Since I was supposed to go out with Mr. Green, and he is somewhere else, do you think I could join you for your game. It sounds divine." We looked at each other. Not only were we surprised but I think we were all a bit stunned. Mandy was the first to say she could. Then we all agreed.

We told Mandy to put on her clothes. We went downstairs to the game room and got out the chips and the cards. We agreed on a game and then we began. Ante was set at a quarter, bets were limited to ten cents and raises to fifteen cents. Most of us had two or three dollars in change. Mandy had nothing so I lent her a dollar and a half.

Mrs. Green spoke up, "I think we should all limit ourselves to a dollar and a half. That way the playing field is equal. Further I think we should consider raises to be only a nickel. That way we can keep the game going awhile."

We all agreed. The game started. Everyone anted up. Then the hand was dealt. Mandy's face lit up. We were sure she had a great hand. No one even bet against her. She took the first pot. It went that way for a few minutes. Then we all figured out that was her poker face so to speak. Next hand, Mrs. Green dealt.

"Let's make this interesting. Instead of betting money, we bet our clothes." We all looked at her. "What you think because I am married I don't play or like to look at little girls." Our jaws must have been on the floor.

"One moment," said Darla. "If we are going to do this, I think I should get our bags from upstairs." We all agreed. In a moment she returned with the bags. "Each of these bags has certain items in them. The winner can make the loser do anything she wants including using any item in the bag. With one exception. There is a paddle in one of them. No one is to ask or order Mandy to take a spanking."

We looked at Mandy. "Thank you." Then she added, "I am not an invalid here. I can take a spanking. I can take anything from you girls or Mrs. Green. I just can't take being locked in an enclosed space. Please whatever you ask don't lock me or blindfold me. I am terrified of small spaces and blindfolds."

Mrs. Green spoke up. "Do we all agree?"

"Yes we replied.

The game started. We all had the same number of pieces on. Two shoes, two socks, one short, one panty, one shirt one bra.

Mrs. Green demanded to be the dealer.

We all agreed and the game started. Christy lost first. She took off a shoe. I lost and did the same. Darla too followed and lost a shoe. At last, Kate was the first to be completely nude. Mrs. Green told her to go to the first bag and get out the first thing her hand touched. She was not to look in the bag. She did and brought out a small anal plug.

"Mandy," began Mrs. Green, "Would you please make Kate bend over and then insert that plug where it belongs. You will find some grease in the bathroom. Make sure she is properly prepared." Mandy went to the bathroom and brought back some petroleum jelly. She put some on her fingers and then greased the plug.

"That's right, dear. Now its properly greased. You can shove it into Kate. Kate bend over." Kate did and spread her cheeks. Mandy shoved a finger into her anus and then when she pulled it out she pushed in the plug.

"Opmphhh!" grunted Kate.

"Kate you will keep that inside until you win. Then you can pass it on to whomever you desire." said Mrs. Green.

I thought this game could get really interesting. This was like no game we had played before. We all did things but they didn't accumulate. In this case one girl could end up with all kinds of things being done to her. Oh Wow!

The next hand saw Kate win. She turned to me and said, "I want Janice to have this in her butt." I turned purple. I was still in my panties though I had lost my other pieces over the course of the game.

Mrs. Green spoke up. "Janice you may keep your panties. But you are going to have to take the plug from Kate." I sighed and let Kate pull my panties aside revealing my pink hole to all in the room.

She made Kate wash the plug and sterilize it with some alcohol. Then she told her to put some grease on it and to grease me up. Kate got some jelly and put her finger in me. God it felt so good. I got wet and gooy when she fingered me. I wanted her inside both holes. I begged her to fuck me.

"Kate, fuck me. Finger my ass. Fuck my pussy. Please FUCK ME!" But it did no good. Kate withdrew her finger and rammed the plug into me and replaced my panties.

The game resumed. I got wetter and wetter. I turned to Mandy.

"Please Mandy, Please fuck me. Make me cum." But Mandy stayed stone faced and played the game.

Unable to concentrate I naturally lost again. This time I was nude. Mandy turned to me.

"Janice, I know you lost. Its not for me to say what you are going to do. I want you to know your gorgeous and I would like nothing more than to eat you alive.

Mrs. Green piped up, "You may all stop here and watch these two or Kate as you won, you may make Janice do anything you want her to."

"Janice, go to the green bag, don't look in it, just get something out of it. When you have shown it to us, I will do with it what is appropriate."

Now this was going to be a problem. The green bag was Darla's. Darla was the kinky one of us. She had done, anal, oral, bdsm, and many other things. I knew her bag had whips, paddles, handcuffs, and many other things in it.

"Do I have to?"

"Yes, you do." said Kate. I went over to the bag, reached in and got something. It was round. A good sign I thought. I pulled it out. It was a riding crop. It was long, thin, and supple. I knew I was going to get a good hard whipping now. Further I was sure the butt plug would torment me as well.

"Mandy, since, Janice whipped you at school today, wouldn't you like to get back at her?"

Oh God. Mandy will beat the tar out of me. She and I have detention Monday. She wanted revenge now she was getting the opportunity and I could do nothing about it.

"Yes!" exclaimed Mandy. She grabbed the crop from me and said, "Get on the sofa and bend over the back of it. Stick your ass out, way out."

Mrs. Green made sure I was positioned correctly.

"Mandy," she said, "You may not bring any blood. Other than that, she is all yours."

Mandy swung the crop two or three times. I heard the swishing and clinched my ass. I closed my eyes waiting for the sting. It didn't come. I relaxed. I folded into the sofa. The crop landed right square and wow! It smarted. Before I could think about it, she swung again. I was told to count. I counted to fifteen, then twenty, then thirty. My ass was on fire. I was sure I was cut open. I was sure I was bleeding. I was also wet, horny and waiting for a cum. It would be a while before I would get satisfaction though. Mandy stopped and the game resumed.

Mrs. Green won the next hand. I was so horny that I wasn't paying any attention and I lost again.

"Janice, come here. Put your face right here. Now make me cum!" I began to eat her out. I licked and sucked and tongued her as best I could. I wanted her. I wanted to taste her. I sucked and nibbled her clit. Finally, she came. It was a hard cum. She shook all over and her juices covered my face.

Again the game resumed. Again I lost. This time Darla won.

"Janice go to the red bag. Reach in and grab something." Again I went over, opened the bag and grabbed something. This time it was a razor. I groaned. I knew what Darla liked. She liked bare pussy and ass. I was going to be laid out and shaved while the girls watched.

"Janice, on your back on the floor, legs spread, wider, wider. Good. Now hold still." She grabbed the razor from me and began to use it. Mandy spoke up. "Dry shaving is not the best thing to do. Why don't you use some shaving cream?"

"She didn't when she shaved me." said, Angel.

I moaned a bit and Darla continued. When she had my pussy bare, she rolled me over, spread my ass cheeks and shaved off all the hair there. Now I was totally bald.

"That is the hottest thing I have ever seen a girl do." said Irma.

"I think I need someone to suck me and eat me again. Mandy got up and went over to her. She lay down and let Mrs. Green squat on top of her. She licked her and ate her to orgasm. When she came up she was covered with pussy juice. She came to me.

"Lick it off girl. Wash my face!" I did as I was told. Now I was getting wet again.

The game resumed.

Again I lost. Again I had to go to a bag. I brought out a big thick dildo. It was jambed up my pussy. Now there was no way I was going to be able to recover. Here I am with my body full of sex toys and nothing I can do to change it or take advantage of it.

Another hand. I am squirming and carrying on in my chair. I had Mandy put down a towel so I wouldn't get my pussy juice on the newly covered chair.

Irma was dealing and in between cards she was playing with my titties and my nipples. Mandy on the other side of me was playing with my clit. I was getting hotter and hotter.

The hand ended again I lost.

"Mandy, dear, our victim is having a hot flash. Why don't you go into my bedroom and bring back the box under the bed." Mandy left in a flash. In seconds she was back with the box.

"Janice reach in and bring out whatever you touch." I did. I brought out a pair of handcuffs." Mrs. Green put my hands behind my back and fastened the cuffs. Then she began to really massage my tits. The others began to play with me, also. In moments I was a quivering mass of jelly begging to be allowed to cum. Finally, as Christy was rubbing my clit I came. It was one of those earth shattering ones. I shook so hard that I pissed myself. Thank god for the towel.

The girls laughed. Mandy cleaned me up and the game began. Not a poker game. This time. I game with me being it. I had to do exactly as I was told. I was prodded, fingered, eaten, and I ate too, and then we all broke into a daisy chain. Even Mrs. Green joined in.

She ate me, while I ate Mandy, who in turn ate Darla, who ate Kate, who ate Christy. When we all had a good cum she turned to me.

"Janice, you must do exactly as you are told for the rest of the night. You will not have the use of your hands, you will not be able to do anything without asking. You will not even go to the bathroom alone. Now we are all going to shower. You are going to shower last and Darla will get to wash you. Mandy will dry you and I will then put you to bed."

Oh, Oh. This was not going to be good at all. The girls all went into the bathroom and washed. Then they came and got me. I was escorted in and then bent over. The toys were removed. I was put into the shower. Darla washed me. Then she turned on the cold water. When I was clean, by her determination, I was taken out and towel dried. My hair was dried, and I was taken to Christy's bedroom. There was my place made up for me on the floor. I was given, no made to put on a collar. Then Christy fastened a lead to it and tied the lead to the bed post. Since I was still cuffed, this was more humiliation. I lay down.

"No you don't. You have to kneel. You will not get to sleep tonight she said as she put her pussy in my face. We get to do anything we want with you. You agreed." I nodded.

She grabbed my hair and pulled my face to her pussy. I had to lick her and eat her till she came. She and Mandy then went to bed.

Irma looked carefully at Mandy's back. "I believe I know how to make some of those scars disappear." Mandy looked up at her. "I will do anything if only they would." Mandy said.

Irma went somewhere and came back with a tool I had never seen before. "This is a tattoo pencil. I used to do tattooing and I think I can erase many of those scars for you." Mandy reached up and kissed her. It was a hard deep kiss. In turn I saw Irma's hands gently enter Mandy's sex. In seconds she was fingering her. She quickly brought her to an orgasm. Then she began again.

"Mandy, dear, please lie on your tummy and hold very still. I am going to try to find the least scared first and see if I can erase it. Then if that works I will go on to the others. If you can't hold still, I am sure the others will be happy to hold you down."

"Don't worry, Irma. I will stay very still." Mandy replied. She lay on her tummy and put her hands under her head. Then she stuck a finger in her mouth.

Mrs. Green plugged in her pencil and turned it on. She started to have a go at one of the scars. It must have hurt because I saw Mandy bite down on her finger. Apparently Irma did too.

"I think we need something else. Christy get my bit out of my box." she commanded her daughter. "Bite on this. It won't hurt you." She put the thing in Mandy's mouth and went back to work. In a few minutes she stopped.

"Go look in the mirror." Mandy went and looked. One of the scars was gone. She went back to Irma and kissed her again. This time her hands went into Irma's pussy. In seconds she came. Her pussy dripped juice all over Mandy's wrist. Mandy simply licked it up and said, "UMMMM GOOD."

She lay back down on the bed. We all watched as Irma ran that pencil all over Mandy's back. It was sometime before she was finished. When she did stop, Mandy got up and looked in the mirror. The scars were almost all invisible.

She was very pleased. "Thank you. Thank you!" she said excitedly. "I can't believe they are so invisible now."

"Time will tell." said Irma. Now we can all go in the living room, or we can get some sleep. That is all but Janice. Janice will be available to anyone for the rest of the night.

"Mandy you are going to stay with me in my room."

"No please. I would really like to have Janice with me for the night.

"Are you sure?" said Irma. "Yes I am sure. I want that bitch to eat me, and make me cum all night. Everyone else has a partner. Please Irma! Can't I have Janice?"

"Girls what do you all want? What's your pleasure. My friends agreed that Mandy could have me for the night, they also agreed I was not to be untied or allowed to cum. I could however, be on a bed and in a room instead of chained to the bed and on the floor kneeling.

Mandy took me by my leash to the room that was designated hers. Once inside she grabbed me and hugged me.

"Your the very best friend a girl could have. You care about me when no one else does. Janice I don't want to fight you, to be anything except your lover. Tonight you will do as I say. I will make sure you cum but not too hard. We don't want anyone knowing that you did."

I was grateful for that. I knew Mandy would be insufferable now. She would be my lover, protector, and my very demanding domme. Here I am just thirteen and I have an eleven year old mistress. How humiliating.

Mandy hugged me and took out the plug and the dildo. She began by caressing me. Then she fingered me and I did the same to her. We went all night. By the time morning came we had cum several times but neither of us had any sleep.

Chapter 2: Saturday

Mandy got me up. She put the handcuffs back on and the plug in and the dildo in me. Then she tied me to the bottom of the bed forcing me to kneel.

Christy awoke first. She came into the room and saw me kneeling with my head in my hands. "Are you ready for a new day?" she asked, knowing that my ordeal had just begun. She was sure, I suppose her mother would find new and interesting things for me to do. After she got up, the others were quick to rise. It was only sunrise. Irma got Mandy up. She started by telling all of us that the three losers from the poker game were going to be trained to be pony girls.

"Janice, Mandy, and Christy. You are the three who lost the most. Today you are all going to learn to be pony girls. Darla, I, Kate and Angel are going to be the trainers. Now we are going to have breakfast. Mandy you will feed our slave."

This was new. What was going to happen, Irma."

"All right, Irma what do you mean, slave." said Christy.

"Just that dear. You are slaves for the day. You lost the game, did you not?"

"Yes," I said hesitantly.

"Well then today you are a slave. You will do as you are told by anyone of us. Mandy is going to feed you breakfast and keep you on your leash. You will respond to all commands. Understood!" we nodded.

We all went into the kitchen. Pretty soon there was the smell of coffee, bacon, eggs, and other goodies wafting through the room. Then when all was ready we sat down at the table to eat.

"You three slaves have to kneel and wait for the others to feed you. Mandy you and Janice come to me. Janice behind Mandy. Mandy, I will give you morsels that you can feed Janice. You need to make sure she doesn't choke. That's right, dear. Good."

Mandy fed me till I was full. Since I was not allowed to speak, I simply turned my head when I wanted something else. At last we all finished. Mandy I and Christy were left to clean the kitchen. When we finished we were taken outside sans clothing.

The Greens live in the country so there was no fear that anyone else would see us.

"Janice, Mandy and Christy to your places." We looked at Irma. "Your places are in front of us. Head up, chest out, hands behind your backs. Janice has it right. You two in line!" she commanded.

Mandy and Christy stood up and fell in beside me. In a moment they too were cuffed. Then Irma brought out some chains, hooks, presses, and bits.

"Put these around their hips, girls. Like this."

She put a chain around me and snugged it. It went right around my hips just above my butt and not too far above my mons. Then she took a hook and greased it up. The blunt end she stuck in my ass.

The others following her lead did the same to Mandy and Christy. Next she went to Christy and put a press on her chest. It compressed her tits and made them look flat. But the nipples really stuck out. To the nipples she fastened a clip. One for each. To the clip she fastened a chain. She let it dangle. Then she went to each of us in turn making sure the girls had done the presses and the clamps properly.

Then returning to me she got another chain and fastened it to each of the chains dangling from my breasts. Then she took that long chain which now formed a Y and put it right through my labia effectively splitting my pussy in the middle. She made sure the chain rubbed against my clit.

She then checked the others to make sure they were done in exactly the same way. When she was satisfied that they were she took Mandy and turned her around.

"The chain is go between the cheeks like this. Make sure its taught, it has to come across the clit between the labia, through the crotch and between the cheeks. It is then fastened to the chain going around the hips. Like so."

I looked at my friends. We were all trussed the same way.

"Two more things to go." said Irma as she got out three tails and three bits. She placed the bits in our mouths. Then she fastened reins to them. Next she put a tail in Mandy and Christy's ass. Of course, I had a hook in mine so she couldn't add a tail.

"Now ponies," she said as she finished with the tails.

I interrupted her. "Mrs. Green, this hook is really hurting me. Please take it out."

"Darling, stand up straight. That's better. See when you are standing tall then the hook doesn't hurt does it?"

I had to agree. As long as I was not bent over there was no pain. Just a feeling of being full. I found out rather quickly if I bent the other way then my twat started to hurt as well. As long as I stood straight and tall with shoulders back I was a little uncomfortable but not in pain. I noticed the other girls were standing the same way.

"Now ponies, I expect you to pull the wagons, as you see them. You will take a turn around the ring, then you will find your driver and you will take two turns around the ring with her in the wagon holding the reins. Drivers I expect you to treat your ponies with respect, they are after all your friends. I hope you bear that in mind. Disobedience will not be tolerated and you may use a whip or crop as you see fit. Ponies get to your wagons.

We sauntered over to the wagons and were hitched: each to a wagon. Then Irma took the reins and made us walk in a circle around her. Once we had done that, we stopped and got our drivers. By now we were all drooling and drawing flies. Since our hands were tied, all we could do was stamp our feet and shake our heads. I prayed for rain to stop this game but it was a nice bright sunny day. So here we were the three ponies getting fly bites and being annoyed by other pests and having to pull wagons full of dressed girls in a circle.

We all must have done well though. Once around the field. Then Irma announced the race. Christy your driver is Angel. Mandy your driver is Darla. Janice your driver is Kate. She lined us up and said, "Once around the entire field. Drivers have their reins and their whips. Ponies are to step high and look like ponies. If you do not or if you fail to hurry you will feel the whip. Drivers if you feel your pony is not doing her best you may remind her. Winners will get to torment losers for the rest of the day. Ready! Set! Go!

We started out stepping smartly, knees to our chests almost. Then as we got into the race, we began to go faster and forget posture. When we did, the hooks or the chains reminded us to stay tall and high step. Kate kept up the pressure by flicking me with the whip almost incessantly. Mandy was first, Christy was second and I lost. Irma took off the bridles and bits, took off the harness, and let us go in the house.

"Janice, you will keep the chains and the hooks in place."

"Yes, Irma." I said and wearily returned to her home. Once inside I begged my friends to take the hooks out of me. They all said I had to wait for Irma.

"Janice, what did you call me?" shouted Irma from the backyard. "Mrs. Green."

"Janice, you know better. Its Irma, REMEMBER!" she placed emphasis on the remember.

"Girls, bring Janice to me. I want her running, understand."

Apparently, one girl did. I didn't see who it was but she chased me out the door and all the way across the yard hitting my ass with a crop or a small whip every time I tried to slow down. Its hard running when you have a hook in one hole and a chain attached to that and then another chain in your pussy and that one attached to your nipples.

Anyway I got there, out of breath, and stood at attention waiting for Mrs. Green, errr I mean Irma to turn me around, take the hook out and then tie me to a fence.

Now I was really miserable. I was nude, tied to a fence post, spread for all to see, and unable to scratch any itches. She ordered Kate to go get water for me. Kate brought me a bottle and made sure I got to drink as much as I wanted. Then she poured the rest over me. Some relief at last.

Irma took the press off my breasts, ouch! And I felt more natural after that. Sometime later I was released and I and Darla returned to the house.

"Janice, since you lost the race you are our slave for the rest of the day. There will be other things to do to determine who will join you. Girls, any of you may order Janice to do anything you want as long as its reasonable and leaves no lasting scars. Janice may not refuse. If she does, do not take matters into your own hands. Come tell me and I will correct her. Janice if you have to be corrected it will be very hard on you. Understand?"

"Yes." I said and resigned myself to more torment and humiliation.

Oh! GOD! I would have to fulfill this if I wanted to keep the friendship with these girls. I guessed it wouldn't be too bad. I nodded in agreement and waited in the pantry for any commands coming my way. I didn't have to wait long.

"Janice, come here!" I recognized the voice. I went immediately. "Get down on your knees and put your tongue where it will do the most good." I did as I was told and soon I was eating a very shaved pussy. It belonged to my dear friend Kate. She soon came and passed me off to Darla and then to Irma and then to Mandy.

Mandy's pussy was very hard to get into. Her scaring had left the labia a bit hard and unmoving. She was tight, extra tight not in her love passage but getting to it. When I did get my tongue in her she climaxed right away. Then she grabbed my hair, pulled me into her again, and begged for another. I gave that to her willingly.

Irma got a toy for me. "Insert it in her passage and while you are eating her clit, push it in and out. For added effect turn it on." she said.

I did and sent Mandy into the throes of ecstasy. When she came down she collapsed on the sofa and went right to sleep. Her finger got buried in her twat as she slept.

"Your very good." said Kate as she ordered me to eat her. Then the others lined up one behind the other waiting for me to eat them as well. I got more pussy that afternoon than I had all weekend. I was in heaven. I was able to eat all of the girls and Irma and then after they all came, I wanted someone to do me but alas there was no one. I went back into the pantry and sat down feeling a bit sad until I realized someone else would soon be in my place.

Late afternoon. I was called to the bathroom to bathe the girls. I had to wash them, dry them and gently make sure they were pristine. After that we ate and then the game began.

Just before we were to begin Irma took a call. It was Angel's mom. She was coming to get Angel and Darla. We quickly dressed and were waiting for her when she came to the door. Angel and Darla said good bye and left.

Now since the entire table was not there, we all decided not to play poker but to play another game. Irma brought out twister.

"I have improved upon the game some. You will see in addition to the usual colored dots on the spinner there are other actions one must do."

We looked and laughed. If legs were spread or there was an opening to a pussy something was to be put in it. It depended on what was closest.

Mandy, I, Irma, and the others began to play. But someone noticed that it was getting late and I too knew that Mom would soon be here to pick me up. We dressed and waited in a few moments Mom arrived and took me and Kate home. Mandy was going to be staying with Christy as far as I knew.

Chapter 3: Redemption

Monday a new school week. A day of detention. I and Mandy were supposed to serve detention with Coach. I was sure Mandy would take me for revenge.

We were at lunch. Mandy was sitting next to me.

"Your my friend, Janice. I have no intention of fighting you this afternoon. I know coach is going to try to make us fight and really beat on each other but I don't want to."

"I know, Mandy. I believe you. I think the only way we can stop him is to make a believer out of him."

"How do you propose to do that?"

"I think, we should simply take our books and homework and do them in the gym. He will get mad and begin to yell. When he does, we can get him madder by asking him if he likes lezzies and then when he is red faced, you know how he gets, we can scream for assistance. I don't think he will bother us again if we can get this to work."

We laughed and went to our classes. After school we went to the gym for detention. Coach was not there but we sat in the bleachers doing our homework. He came in several minutes later.

"You two are to go get into your gym clothes," he ordered.

We explained we didn't bring gym clothes today as it wasn't on the schedule. Besides, we told him, we were now friends and we had no intention of fighting each other. Then Mandy added we really liked each other. He understood that and began to bellow. Something about Lezzies in his gym and how he did not approve. He got redder and redder.

His face was so red we really got scared. We called and called for help. Mandy ran out the door and down the hall and found a teacher. He came back with her. It was a good thing because coach had collapsed on the floor.

More people came, an ambulance and paramedics too. They took coach away. It was the last anyone saw of him.

We shook hands, smiled to each other and got on the bus to go home. Several boys were on it and word had gotten around Coach was sick.

"How did you do it? How did you get the Som' Bitch to fold up. We have been trying for years to get him to go away!" they said.

"We just know how. Women's intuition." We all laughed together. When the bus stopped at my stop Mandy asked me to go to Irma's with her. I called Mom she gave permission and I went on with Mandy to the Green's.

Christy was there to meet us. We all went in the house together. She asked what happened and we told her. She too roared with laughter. "Good one!" she said with glee. "We will never have that bastard for class again."

Christy leaned into me and kissed me deeply. It was long deep kiss her tongue and mine danced and played together. Her hands began to fly over my body. She found my tits and began to rub them. Feeling me up. Mandy too began to touch me. I bucked some and spread my legs and lay down on Christy's bed. They undid my blouse, took off my, lets face it the stripped me. Then they played and ate me. Oh God! It was good. Mandy had her tongue in me, her fingers and whatever else.

"Look out! She squirts!" said Christy as I humped up and began to cum. Mandy got out of the way just in time. I lost it. I lost control and came. I squirted a stream that went across the bed. It went on the floor, on the wall." When I came down I collapsed and went to sleep.

I awoke to find Mandy and Christy cleaning me up and dressing me. I finished dressing.

"Your mom's downstairs. We told her you were sleeping. Man! Janice you cum hard!"

With that I went downstairs said hi to mom and we took our leave and went home. Tomorrow would be another day.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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