Mind Over Matter

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Published: 3-Nov-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Billy McFarlane didn't have many friends growing up. At 13 he was short, skinny and didn't have much money. For him, getting picked on at school by the guys and ignored by the girls was as regular as bad school food. But on that day in April things went too far.

It was the end of the day and Billy was heading to his locker in the side hall before getting on the bus. Julie Roberts, the hottest girl in school, called him over by the entrance to the girl's gym locker room. He was shocked that she was even speaking to him, but eager to hear what she wanted. He walked over to her, lost in her pretty blue eyes. Then he was grabbed by Jim Dunkle and his friends. Jim, the son of the mayor was a senior who loved to pick on geeks like Billy.

The boys dragged Billy into the girl's locker room where they proceeded to punch him in the stomach. One of the boys pulled out a roll of duct tape stolen from the shop class and taped Billy's hands behind his back. Then they pulled off Billy's pants and underwear and pushed him into a locker. Julie pulled out a dirty pair of panties that she found on the floor and put them over Billy's head. Then they locked him in the locker.

It was 2 hours before a janitor heard Billy crying in the locker and let him out. By then there were no more busses running so Billy had to walk home the 7 miles. Naturally as soon as he was on his way it started to rain. A fierce thunderstorm rolled in and within seconds Billy was soaked. Just when Billy thought his day couldn't possibly get any worse, he was struck by a bolt of lightning.

Billy was in a coma for 2 days and awoke in the hospital. He should have been burned or in some pain, but instead he felt better than he ever had before. But there was something strange. He could hear his parents' thoughts as though they were words. Then he silently wished for a drink of water and his mom presented him with a drink.

Over the next day, as he remained in the hospital for observation, he discovered the most amazing thing. He had telepathic powers. He could read people's minds and even make them follow his commands. To test his theory, he made a hot 24 year old nurse strip down to her underwear and suck his cock. This was Billy's first blow job and he came within seconds.

Having confirmed his new powers, Billy decided to put these powers to good use. First he visited both of his parents at work and made their bosses give them each huge promotions. Then he went to the mall and had the cashiers give him free clothes as well as handfuls of cash.

When he returned to school he decided to extract a little revenge. First he went after Julie. He made her meet him in the boy's bathroom in the back hallway during class. He made her strip down completely and then he fucked her standing up against the sinks. Just before he came, he pulled out of her pussy and rammed his cock into her asshole. He shot his load deep into her bowels as he held her hips for leverage. When he was done, he pulled out his dirty cock and made her suck his cock clean. Then he pulled his cock from between her lips and pissed into her open mouth.

When he finished, he took her lipstick from her purse and wrote on the mirror, "I am a whore. Fuck my cunt and ass and let me drink your cum". Then he made her stay there and service any boy or man who entered the room. She would beg any male for sex. During the rest of the day, Billy monitored what she was up to and loved that she was fucked by 35 boys. One of the boys fucked her in the ass so hard she had to hold onto the sink for balance. Then a male teacher found her and dragged her to the principal. She was suspended and then quit school.

Thanks to some subliminal controls, she became a whore, selling her body for $5 for a blow job, $7 for sex and $10 for anal sex. At 16 she was the hottest whore in town. Then she was arrested and sent to juvenile hall, where the female prison guards took turns raping her pussy with broom sticks.

Billy wasn't going to be so nice to Jim and his friends. First he made them all gay and hungry for cum. Then he made them frequent the horse farm at the end of town and suck off the horses. After a week of that, the boys all moved to Hollywood to get into teen gay porn. They quickly got into drugs as well and by the time they were 22 they all had AIDS. Jim died at age 25, alone in his roach filled apartment with a needle in his arm and horse cum on his face. His father was never reelected again.

During the rest of his stay in high school, he absorbed all the knowledge from all the teachers, so he easily passed every class with straight A's. He also had sex with every single attractive girl in school. And after he had sex with them, he made them all sluts, so they would fuck all the other geeks in school. Billy considered this his own form of public service.

In college it was the same thing, getting great grades and fucking all the girls. He was invited to all the best parties and was the most popular kid in college. And with his body filling out, he didn't even have to mind control every one to be popular.

Billy was involved in his first incest experience when he was 20 and a junior in college. He met twin 18 year old freshmen who went to his school. He brought them both to his room and took turns fucking them both. After shooting his load into one girl's pussy, he moved around in front of her where she sucked his cock till he was hard again. Meanwhile, her sister climbed under her and licked the spunk from her pussy. This made Billy rock hard instantly and he fucked them both again. This time he came in the other girl and allowed the first girl a chance to lick sibling cunt.

Billy graduated Magna Cum Laude and landed a great job right out of school. He got a job in SAES and quickly moved up the ladder. With his mind control powers, he was the top sales person the company had ever seen, making $500,000 a year in commission. At 24 he quit with over $2 million in the bank. And thanks to inside stock tips pulled from the minds of top executives across the country, that money ballooned to $8 million in a year.

By the time Billy was 28 he was one of the richest people in the state and well on his way to being the richest in the country. So now he was looking for something else to capture his interest. He was still meeting women at bars and parties and had more than his share of conquests, but he was getting bored. That is when his life took a new direction.

Billy had work done on his mansion and had a photo studio and a sound stage built. Then he put a special add in the paper. When he received sufficient response, he set off to find his new partner.

Billy was at the mall probing minds when he picked up a stray sexual image from a man in the food court. He was staring at a mother and her 9 year old daughter who were in line getting food. To Billy's surprise, the man was not staring lustily at the mom, but rather at the girl. Billy saw images in his mind of raping the girl on the counter. Billy was surprised how much this turned him on. He probed deeper

Billy was blown away to discover that the man, John Applegate, was a rapist, having raped 27 girls over the last 10 years. All but 3 of them were under 16 years old. With one girl he even put a gun to the mother's head and made the father fuck the daughter in the ass. Then the mother had to lick the cum from her butt as she licked her daddy's cock. John then left them all tied up. He made the daughter suck him off before leaving and took the family minivan. He used the van to pick up another girl who he raped and left tied up in the van which he parked at a mall.

Billy walked over and sat down next to John. "Hi, John," Billy said. John spun his head around, snapped from his lustful thoughts. "Who the fuck are you," demanded John. But as John leaned forward to stand, he discovered he couldn't move. "Don't worry John, my name is Billy". For a moment John thought Billy might be a cop. "No, I'm not a cop," said an amused Billy. "I see you were looking at that girl. She is a cutie, isn't she? Not as cute at that girl you raped 2 weeks ago at the beech, but still nice." John didn't know what to say, so he sat there silently. "Want to meet her," continued Billy.

To John's surprise, the little girl turned around and locked eyes with him. Then she smiled her sweet little smile and walked over. When she got to the table, she slid her hands under her skirt and slipped her panties down her slender legs. She handed the panties to John. "Here, these are nice and juicy." Then she lifted her leg and put her foot on John's chair between his legs. She pulled her skirt up to reveal a thin pink slit with not a trace of hair. She slipped a finger into her tight pussy, sloshed it around, and pulled it out. She slipped her finger into John's mouth to suck dry.

As the young girl held John's attention, Billy continued to talk, "You know, I've seen some of your videos." Of course, John had no way of knowing Billy "saw" the video's through John's own mind. "I loved the video you made last year of that little girl you raped and then had that Doberman rape her. Best of all was you jerking off on her face as the dog violated her. And to finish it off by pissing on her was true showmanship. I loved the look on her face when you scooped out a spoonful of dog cum from her 10 year old cunt and made her eat it. Fucking priceless!"

John listened to Billy but watched the young girl. She leaned over and kissed him passionately on the lips, sliding her tongue into his mouth. When she pulled her mouth from his, she leaned down and gave his cock a squeeze and then off she went back to her mom. John looked around and not a single person was looking at them. "What the hell is going on here," demanded an incredulous John.

Billy smiled and lit a cigarette as he leaned back against a "no smoking" sign. "You have very unique taste in girls. And you are an erotic film affectionado as well. So am I. The big difference is that you have a great network for selling these independent films while I have a unique ability to recruit fresh young talent. As you can tell, I have special powers that allow me to influence what others think and how they act. I can have any girl in the world do anything we want. I can a mother hold her daughter down as you violate her ass. Then have the mom lick your spunk from her baby's widened asshole."

John tilted his head to the side as though thinking. "So how do we get started?" Billy looked at a 17 year old girl who was walking past and the girl spontaneously stopped in front of them and lifted her t-shirt and bra, exposing her perfectly rounded breasts. This time, however, everyone noticed and the girl was shocked by her own behavior. Beat red, she ran out of the food court as everyone followed her with their eyes.

"Well," said Billy, "I have a full studio set up at my house and have put an add in the paper advertising myself as a new talent manager offering free head shots for new models and screen tests for new actresses. I already have 12 appointments set up over the next 2 weeks. So are you in?"

John reached across the table and offered Billy his hand. "Count me in!" The men got up and walked to the door. They passed a dad and his 9 year old daughter. The dad leaned down and started to french kiss his daughter. "Dude," said John, "that is so cool!"

At Billy's mansion, John was amazed by the scope of John's plans. The photo studio was as good as any professional photographer in the country. But the photo studio paled in comparison to his sound stage. The sound stage was set up with 6 different rooms. There was a bed room, a living room, a jail cell, a hospital room, clothing shop with dressing room and an office complete with oak desk. There were 2 television cameras in each room along with sound equipment, lights and everything needed to make a quality production. There was also an editing room next to the studio.

Billy pointed to the cameras, "Best equipment in the business. These DVD's and videos will be the best ever. I also hired the best cameramen and sound engineers and lighting specialists in the country. Of course when they film for us they will have no qualms against kiddie porn. They will only think they are filming wholesome quality entertainment. I can't wait for the first appointment tomorrow. We have a mom bringing in her 11 year old daughter, Terri. Any ideas on a story?"

The two men spent the next 3 hours working out the details of the next day's plans and what they were hoping to get on film. They set up the bedroom scene and decided to start off with an environment that was a little more neutral than the prison or the office.

The next day, little Terri and her mother, Doris, arrived for her "screen test" with a bag filled with costumes. Her mom was 26 years old, blond with sparkling blue eyes. Doris was on her was to a promising career in modeling when she accidentally got pregnant by the neighbor boy who was a year older than her. After a year with her, he disappeared, leaving her to raise Terri alone. Now that Terri is a little older, Dori is living vicariously through her daughter and would do anything to see her baby girl succeed.

Given the situation, Billy changes the plan. He was going to control the minds of both girls so they wouldn't know what was going on. Instead he decided to just tweak the mother's mind a bit, pushing her limits while allowing the mother's natural aggressiveness to shine through. The decided to make a movie about a mom willing to subject her daughter to anything for fame and fortune.

They started off filming the introduction with a hand held camera as Billy and John showed the girls to the photo studio. They said they needed to take some head shots for her resume first. They had a top photographer there as well as a wardrobe/makeup specialist. It was apparent from the moment they arrived that this was a first rate talent agency.

As Dori looked at the elaborate equipment and staff, she knew her daughter was going to be a star. She was filled with more intense feelings than usual and knew that if she wanted her baby to succeed; she needed to get on Billy's and John's good side. With all the talent these two moguls handle, she didn't want Terri to get lost in the shuffle.

The wardrobe/makeup specialist put her daughter in a small sun dress with her hair flowing down around her slender shoulders. She also held a parasol over her shoulder with one hand and a small clutch purse with the other. She looked like she stepped out of a Jane Austin novel. Her mom was so pleased.

While the photographer was taking pictures of Terri, a cameraman was filming the photo session. Billy explained that he thought Terri had the potential to be the next big thing...if promoted correctly, and he wanted to film her earliest days. This way, when she hit big there would be material for a documentary or VH-1 story.

Billy brought over documents for her to sign, permitting them to pass Terri's screen tests and photos along to casting directors or advertising agencies. As she looked over the paper work, she noticed things that said she was granting them permission to sign her daughter up for multi million dollar contracts. Dori was insane with excitement. She could feel her anticipation building, along with the fear of it all slipping away.

Dori was pulled from her thoughts by the sound of her daughter whining behind her. She turned to see her daughter throwing a tantrum with the photographer. "What is going on here, young lady?" she demanded. Terri said, "This creep wants me to take off my dress and pose in just my panties!"

Dori turned to Billy for an explanation. "We don't want to limit her options. Many famous models and actresses started by modeling underwear or swimwear. So her body is very important. Plus, there is the entire overseas market. In Europe, where nudity is not taboo like here, they would expect to see nude shots in any portfolio. But if you are not comfortable, we'll just exclude her from the World market or from modeling anything that would show any of her body. Maybe we could look at something with cargo pants from SEARS."

Dori was quick to raise her hands to stop him, "Oh, no! No, that's fine. I just was curious, that's all. I mean, you know best." Billy wasn't sure if it was his mental "tweaking' or the Mom's genuine need to exploit her daughter, but this was going better than he expected.

"So you are okay with her in full nudity shots?" Dori wasn't expecting the shots to be full nudity, but since she already agreed to topless, she waved it off. "Oh, it's fine. Let the artists paint, I always say." Terri was about to protest but was cut off, "Now you do whatever they tell you, young lady. If you want to be somebody, you better learn to do as you're told."

3 rolls of film into the now completely nude shot, they had Terri posing in provocative poses. She was leaning over a stool or laying back on a bed with her legs spread or bending over backwards with her bald pussy in the air. There was a picture of her sucking on her finger while staring seductively at the camera and a picture of her running her small hands over her flat chest. Finally, the last picture of the 3rd roll was of her lightly touching her bald snatch with her eyes closed and her lower lip wet and shimmering in the light. Her head was tilted back and to the side. She was a pedophile's wet dream.

Dori watched as the pictures progressed and said nothing. Billy used his powers to make her start to get aroused watching the photographer and his assistant position her young naked daughter. As their hands roamed the young girl's uncomfortable body, Dori could feel her panties getting wet. When the male assistant spread the girl's legs and dabbed her pussy with a makeup brush, Dori was mesmerized. Then Billy made his move.

Billy walked over to Dori with the camera behind them. Dori was unaware of the camera or the boom mike hanging over her head picking up her conversation. "You know," said Billy, "she is very beautiful, but this is a very competitive industry. You need to ask yourself what you are willing to do to see her succeed." Dori kept looking at her daughter being touched and rubbed in front of her, "What do you mean? Of course I want her to succeed. I'll do anything."

Billy led her by the arm around the corner to the empty hallway. The camera crew followed them, unseen by Dori. Billy asked again, "Anything?" Dori took the hint, and with very little coaxing from Billy's powers she dropped to her knees. She unzipped his pants and fished out his semi hard cock. She looked up at him as she held it to her lips.

"Anything for my dream," she said and then took his cock in her mouth. She sucked cock like a pro, swiping her tongue along the bottom on his shaft. Judging by her memories, she had a lot of experience sucking off men in order to get her daughter auditions for jobs. Billy took her by the hair and fucked her mouth, "Yeah, bitch, suck my cock. Suck my cock for your baby girl".

The camera got in close and Billy pulled out his prick as he shot spunk all over her face. It shot her in the eye, splashed off her forehead and dripped from her matted hair. Then she licked his cock head clean and tucked it back into his pants. She used her fingers to wipe the cum from her face and licked it from her fingers as she stood up.

Billy smiled, "Very nice. You must really want your daughter to do well. But I am afraid I am not the only one who needs to be impressed." "Dori smiled, "Okay, so who else do I need to suck off or fuck?" Billy laughed as he handed her a tissue. "I don't think you understand. I am not always going to be there when she is interviews with casting directors. Neither will you."

He led her around the corner to where her daughter was being held down on a bed that was being used in the photo shot. Her hands and legs were being tied and she was gagged. She was crying.

"If you want this, you are going to have to get used to the idea of strange men fucking your tiny girl. You'll have to get used to the idea of her sucking off 20 men and drinking their piss if that's what it takes. She'll even be fucked in the ass some days 5 times by a pack of dogs if that's what the casting director likes. So now we have to train her. And you have to help us rape her"

Dori was shocked but strangely she didn't react. As his words penetrated her cunt like a thick cock, she continued to get wet. He was giving her the chance to help rape her daughter. Her daughter, the same cunt who came along unexpectedly and ruined her own career. Dori found herself excited by the idea of raping her daughter with the same heartlessness she currently promoted her acting career with.

There were two more cameras filming her daughter being tied down, but Dori didn't see them. Her daughter did, further distressing her. "Mommy!" Terri called when she saw her mother. Dori walked over to her daughter and kneeled down next to the bed in front of one of the men who tied up Terri.

She unzipped his pants and fished out his cock. She slid it into her mouth and gave it 3 good sucks to make sure it was fully erect. Then she stood up and led the man by his 8 inch cock over to her daughter. As she positioned the man between her daughter's legs, she looked her daughter in the eye and said, "Baby, this man is going to fuck your virgin cunt now. Shhhhh, it's okay. Mommy's here to make it okay."

Terri was crying and yelped as the man slid forward, sinking the head of his cock into her small pussy. She felt her slit stretch to accommodate his girth as he pushed another 2 inches inside her. When he felt resistance, he pulled out an inch and then rammed right through. She started to scream when her mom led another man around to her. She positioned this man by her head, unzipped his pants, and held his cock inches from her daughter's mouth. She leaned down and held the cock to Terri's lips.

"Baby, you have to suck his cock and drink his thick cum. It may make you gag, but you'll learn to love it. If you want to get anywhere in this business, you'll have to suck a few cocks." Dori licked the length of the man's cock and then pushed it into Terri's mouth.

With some coaxing from Billy, Terri opened her mouth and began to give the strange man the greatest blowjob of his life. Dori began sucking her daughter's tits while she was being fucked from both ends. Billy passed some of the pleasure the men were feeling on to the two women. Instantly, the women were acting like possessed sluts hungry for sex. The man fucking Terri's cunt pulled his cock out of her hole and fired his load onto the small slit. The camera was there over his shoulder filming every spurt as it splattered her tiny red pussy. Then the man lifted his cock up and Dori leaned over and licked his cock clean. He said, "That's nice, lady. Now lick her cunt clean".

Dori froze for a second and Billy thought he would have to give her a little motivation, but then she pushed the man out of the way and squatted between her daughter's legs and dove face first into the slimy snatch. John walked up next to the two and took out his cock to stroke.

The man fucking Terri's face started to groan and then slipped his cock out of her mouth. He started to shoot his spunk into her hungry mouth and pinched her nose to make sure she drank it all. He needn't have bothered because she greedily drank all his throbbing member had to offer.

John had the men untie Terri and help her off the bed. He said, "You know, not all of the casting directors are going to be male. We should make sure she gets a little experience munching carpet, too. Dori, hop up on the bed so Terri can eat you out." Dori undressed in a second and climbed onto the bed with her legs spread. Terri stood between her legs and bent over. She smelled the musky odor of her mother's tender gash and took a swipe with her tongue. She paused for a second as she decided if she liked it or not. With Billy's help she loved it.

As Terri began to lick her mom's pussy with reckless abandon, John stepped behind the preteen and lined his cock up with her tight pussy. Thank goodness it was already so well lubricated because John's cock was far thicker than the first man's. He grabbed her hips and began to pound her from behind, driving her face into her mom's cunt with every thrust. It didn't take John long to hit his mark and he pulled out his cock and fired a rope of jizz across the skinny girl's back. Rope after rope shot across her small frame, dripping down and collecting in a puddle in the small of her back.

An assistant handed John a turkey baster which he used to collect as much of the cream as he could. Then he walked around to the front of the mother and squirted the secondhand batter into the mom's inviting mouth. "Here you go, this is the load from the cock that just fucked your baby girl. She loved it, too." Dori smiled and licked her lips as she swallowed the thick load.

Billy took up position behind Terri and pulled out his cock. He rubbed it on the wet cunt but then positioned the head at the entrance to the girl's ass hole. He held her hips and lunged forward. She screamed for a second, but then Billy made her enjoy it. She resumed her task of licking her mom's cunt with enthusiasm as Billy raped her ass. Billy fucked her ass for a full 20 minutes before filling her ass with sperm.

The camera got a close up as he pulled his cock out. His cock was covered with sperm, shit and blood and then he slid a small butt plug into her butt to stop it from leaking. Billy walked around the bed and offered his filthy cock to Terri to clean. Terri was happy to oblige, lifting her wet face from her mom's well trimmed pussy and sucking the dirty cock with equal excitement.

Billy said to Dori, "You and your daughter did great today. When you get home today, I left you a special gift in her ass to eat. So enjoy drinking my load from her ass. And remember that every time you go on interviews, always offer to let the people fuck your daughter. Start by offering to suck them off yourself and gauge their response. Then offer your daughter to them." Dori just nodded, "Oh thank you! You've been such a help."

As the women got dressed, John took out two 16 ounce cups and placed them on the table. The men all pissed into the cups and handed them to the girls. The mom wrote a check for $1,000 and then the girls toasted their cups together and drank them down. John was amazed that they seemed to love the drinks, unaware that Billy made the women think they were drinking apple juice.

Billy walked the mother and daughter to the front door and filled them with a few more mental commands. Neither would remember the specifics of their trip here, outside of their completely normal photo shoot. Both girls will be total sluts, hungry for cock and cunt at all times. They were also going to seduce Terri's dad that night.

That was their first film, and it went on to sell over 50,000 copies at $100 each. Over the next 3 years the two men made hundreds of movies, filming not just at their studio, but also in public. Thanks to Billy's mental masking, no one saw when the father, dressed in a suit, fucked his 12 year old daughter on the steps of Capital Hill as crowds of people walked past, including 3 Congressmen.

No one saw when a mom helped a German Shepherd fuck her 9 year old daughter in the pet store at the local mall. Again, crowds of people were watching through the glass window, but no one saw anything other than a cute puppy playing with a bone.

They also stopped using the jail cell in the studio and instead started filming their juvenile hall series at actual prisons. One of Billy's favorite movies was when they took a bus load of 9th grade girls to a prison to be gang raped by the grown men. The plot of the film was that these were all sexual offenders and that a new way of curing these monsters was being tested. The new theory was that if you let these men rape young girls as much as they want for 5 years they will get it all out of their systems.

One girl, a tiny blond with pig tails was taken into the shower room and raped 15 times against the wall and on the cold tile floor. One scene was of a mom (played by the teacher) and her daughter visiting the dad in jail. In return for letting the dad have a conjugal visit from the mom, the guard was allowed to fuck the daughter in front of them. When the guard was finished, he wiped his dirty cock on the pretty girl's hair.

Another girl, a brunette with unusually large breasts for her age was in a special cell search scene. 2 male guards and a female guard search her cell and find a vibrator. Since this is contraband they tell her she has to do what they want of her sentence will be extended by 3 years. Since she is due to get out in a month she says yes.

The guards rape her over and over, using their night sticks in her ass and making her lick the female guard's juicy cunt. Then they brought in the k-9 unit, a large male Doberman which she lets fuck her from behind as the men piss on her face. After the dog cums in her stretched snatch, she uses her tiny fingers to collect a glob of the watery dog cum and licked it from her hand.

The girls were there all day filming scenes in the yard, the showers, the cells and even the warden's office. The warden, Mr. Jefferson, was even in a scene, fucking a red head in the ass as another girl licked his sweaty balls. The bus load of girls, taken from a field trip to the museum, were returned to their school at the end of the day, with their only memories being of paintings and statues. But all the women, including the teacher Miss Fields, were filled with lust for men and other women.

The film crew also went to schools to film movies. They filmed a 3 film series at an elementary school, filming the same class each of three years. In the first film the teacher teaches the 5th graders about sex and has them fucking each other. The second film was the same students, then 6th graders, but also included other teachers and the principal.

The 3rd film, with the kids then in 7th grade, was a parent teacher conference and showed all of the parents switching kids and fucking them for 3 hours. The kids in this series quickly became quite famous in the kiddie porn world. Billy saw 4 or 5 Yahoo Groups about them in a single week.

Currently, Billy is worth over $1 Billion. He has made over 120 kiddie porn films and has collected an additional 500 from other creators. He and John have a staff of 25 to help with the films and are working on changing the views of Congress about pedophilia. He figures that if he can make everyone in Washington a pedophile it will reduce the restrictions his industry faces. He also has just started to make films that include celebrities.

His first celebrity film, made just last week, stared the 17 year old Olsen Twins. Sure they are just about out of that age group, but with all the requests he's gotten from collectors, he knows this will be a hot ticket. Next on his list is Emma Watson being fucked by robe-clad old men and a broom. It should be magical. He is also planning of fucking Demi More and her daughters. Actually, it could be quite the career boost for Demi.

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This was pretty fucking lame. Besides being boring as all fuck, it made no sense...for example, he hated being picked on; but he picked on people who were weaker than him. Also, if he could get any one to do anything for him...how boring would that be? there would be no challenge and no way for him to ever trust someone...love someone...he would be alone. Forever.

Mark Silvers

Had the potential of being a decent Mind Control story but fell flatter than a flan. Agree, boring...

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