My Daughter's Gift, Her Daughter's Virginity, Part 3

[ MFg(6), grandfath/dau/granddau, inc, pedo, cons ]

by pudman

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Published: 22-Jul-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

"Ahhh," Bev sighed as she tossed her bra aside, "that feels so much better." She reached up with both hands to cup and mold her breasts, her thumbs rubbing over her hard nipples.

My eyes feasted on her tits. Her 34A orbs were firm and sat proudly on her chest with not the slightest bit of sag. Her nipples were already hardened and looked like they were begging to be suckled, " wide nubs jutting out about " and surrounded by her deep pink bumpy areolas.

Bev turned on the side of the bed to face me, her left leg hanging off the mattress and her right leg bent with her foot under her left thigh.

"Like my tits Dad?" she noticed me ogling them. "Here," she pulled my hand from her daughters head and placed it on her tit, "have a feel."

Her nipple poked into my palm as I lightly cupped and flexed my fingers around the base of her breast, it was so wonderfully soft and firm. A long dreamed of fantasy now a reality, I reached my free hand up to pull her head to mine for a kiss. Both of us had our mouths open as our lips met and our tongues instantly circled and danced. She leaned into me as we kissed, bending a bit around Karen's body, so I dropped my hand from her head and back on to Karen's little ass.

I was beside myself with amazement, kissing and playing with my daughter's tits as my dick was still inside her daughter's tight pussy as I fondled her ass. The thought of me having sexual relations with the next two generations of my family, at the same time none the less, was beyond anything I could ever had imagined and my cock began to respond and harden inside Karen.

"Grampa," Karen squealed excitedly, "I can feel your dick getting big inside my pussy. You gonna fuck me again?"

"Mmph," Bev mumbled against my mouth then pushed herself into a sitting position. "Don't worry honey," she smiled at the child, "Grampa will certainly fuck you again, but do you think I can play too?"

"Okay Mommy," she was instantly agreeable and started to move off me.

"Wait!" Bev put her hand on Karen's' back. "Stay like that for now, then sit up slowly so his dick doesn't come out, I want get a good look at my Dad's cock inside my baby. Do you like the feeling of Grampa's dick in your little pussy?" I could see her look up at Karen. "Did you feel him squirt his cum inside you?""

"Uh huh," Karen nodded with a big grin.

She helped Karen sit up on my pelvis, one of her hands on Karen's back with her other hand on her chest, playing with the little girl's nipples. When her daughter was upright and my entire length inside the child she laid her head on my crotch, about six inches away from mine and Karen's joined genitals.

"Bounce on Grampa, honey," she told Karen, "I want to see my Daddy's dick fucking my baby's pussy."

"Fuck me, Grampa," Karen didn't need any encouragement, braced her hands on Bev's shoulders and started fucking me.

"Yeah, fuck her, Dad," she croaked. "God, that is so fucking hot!" She reached her hand into her shorts to play with herself.

Fucking Karen again was just as good as it was only shortly before but as soon as we had started to get going Bev stopped us.

"Okay, honey, that's enough," Bev had watched us mate for a few strokes then put her hand on Karen's shoulder to stop her bouncing. "Let's see how much of his cum is still inside your pussy. Rise up really slowly until you feel his dick start to slip out then stop. Okay?"

Karen nodded again and slowly pushed herself up. I watched as the length of my shaft emerged from between her pussy lips, the feeling of the warm ridges of her tube caressing and sliding along me causing me to shiver slightly. As I felt my dick head about to slip out Bev stopped Karen again and slid her right hand, palm up, alongside my dick and below the girls vulva. When my glans slipped from Karen's pussy Bev reached up her free left hand to hold Karen still and cupped her right hand beneath her to catch the cum that trickled from her pussy. When she was apparently satisfied she had caught all she could she pulled her hand back and patted the mattress next to her, indicating Karen sit beside her.

"See this, baby," she held her cupped hand with its' pool of creamy white jism in front of her daughters face, "this is your Grampa's cum. There's a bit of your cum mixed into it too, but it's mostly his. And someday when he squirts his cum into you when you're bigger he might make a baby. Would you like that?

"Oh yes, Mommy. I want Grampa to fuck me forever and fill me full of babies."

"I'll second that," I spoke up quickly, smiling at both of them, as Karen nodded.

"And when he squirts it up into Mommy he might make you a brother or sister. Would you like that too?"

Karen nodded again, and as I voiced my agreement Bev looked at me and smiled.

"Mommy," Karen piped up," does Grampa's cum taste creamy like it looks?"

"I don't know," she was pseudo-serious with Karen but turned and gave me a wink, "why don't we both find out," she dipped a finger into the pool and held it out for her daughter, who eagerly licked it off, then took another finger full and stuck it in her own mouth. She looked me in the eyes and slowly sucked and moved the finger in and out of her mouth, whispering "Soon" when she withdrew it.

"Well?" she looked at Karen, "It's good isn't it?"

"I like it," Karen nodded enthusiastically. "I want some more."

I watched as the two of them dipped their fingers in to the pool of jism and licked them clean until it was gone. Bev then held out her hand for Karen to hold and lick clean like she would hold and lick a sucker. When her hand was cleaned she leaned over to whisper into Karen's ear. They both smiled conspiratorially and nodded to each other, then swiftly separated to both sides of my crotch and lowered their heads to lick my erection.

Oh shit! I thought to myself, as I felt their tongues licking me. Bev's larger and obviously experienced one taking long swipes up my length and around my crown and Karen's little mouth and tongue giving me inexperienced sucker-like licks, kisses and dabs. I closed my eyes and relished in the feeling of the two tongues licking my dick. They stopped after a few minutes then moved up to lie on each side of me, resting their heads on my chest.

"Think we got all of it?" Bev smiled to Karen.

"Yeah, but I can't wait until Grampa makes more so I can lick it again."

"Don't worry, honey, Grampa will make lots more cum for us, won't you, Dad?" she looked at me. "And maybe he'll squirt it right into your mouth."

"You mean he'd put his cock in my mouth and fuck it like he did my pussy," little Karen looked puzzled.

"Kind of like that, honey," Bev reached over and tousled her daughter's hair. "But what you do is fuck your mouth on his dick while he stays still. You take his dick in your mouth and then you suck on it and move your head up and down until he cums."

"Ohhh," a look of understanding came across her face. "I think I'd like that. Will you show me how, Mommy," she was eager.

"I sure will, but first I want to get naked just like you two."

She rolled off the bed, removed her shorts and hitched her thumbs in the side of her panties, but then took them out and moved to the side of the bed.

"Hey, Dad," she said seductively, "how'd you like to take off your little girls' panties."

"Thought you wouldn't ask," I gently moved Karen's head from my chest and sat on the edge of the bed, my face even with Bev's groin. She was wearing a pair of pale yellow high cut brief panties with lavender flowers, her dark bush clearly visible as it pushed against the mesh front panel with a few hairs peeking from her leg bands, the high sides making her legs seem longer than they naturally were.

I caught a faint whiff of her aroma as I reached out and grasped the top of the waistband in my fingers and slowly started drawing down her panties, I didn't want to rush something I had dreamed of for so many years. The material folded over itself, inside out, as I drew it down, revealing the curls of her pubic hair as it tapered to form the triangle of a full deep bush between her thighs. The fleshy folds of her pussy lips protruded from the slit between the pink puffs of her outer labia as the hair grew sparser toward the bottom of her crotch.

I had to lean forward somewhat to push her panties to the floor and with my face bent near her pussy her scent filled my senses as she raised her legs, one after the other, to step out of her panties.

"Well, Dad," she spread her legs and stood in front of me with her pussy parted and dropped her hands to my shoulders, "is this what you've been dreaming about?"

"Yeaahh," I exhaled a long sigh and I reached my hands around her to grasp and mold her buttocks. "Why the hell did we waste so much time?"

I couldn't help but give in to the temptation and pulled her forward, forcing her pussy in to my face and swiping my tongue through her wet pussy lips. She moved her hands from my shoulders to my head and pulled me into her as my tongue separated and trailed through her pussy lips and up across her clit.

"Yerrggh!" she growled lowly and humped herself on my face. "Eat me, Dad. Lick my pussy."

"Mommy, Grampa," we were interrupted by Karen, she had crawled over and knelt on her haunches by my side. "I wanna play too!" she whined.

"All right, honey," Bev released my head and stroked her cheek, then stepped back. She looked into my eyes as I pulled my face from between her legs and reached down to squeeze my hand, "We're not done with this yet. I want you to finish what you started but we can't leave out Karen."

I winked at Bev then turned to look at Karen. "So, little girl, you want to play too, huh?" I cupped my left hand over her mound and squirreled my fuck finger through her slit and around her pussy hole. "Is that better?"

"Uh huh," she wiggled and pressed herself against my finger, "but I want more than just your finger inside of my pussy."

She squirreled over onto my lap to sit facing me with her legs spread and wrapped around my waist, my erection rising between us. Dropping my left hand to her butt I scooted her forward so my cock nestled between her pussy lips, then glided my right hand to her chest and squeezed her tittie meat and rolled her hard nipples between my fingers.

She immediately started rubbing herself on my shaft as she wrapped her arms around my neck to hold on and bent her head to kiss me. As our tongues brushed together she moved her right hand from my head down into our laps, grabbed my dick and pulled it down as she lifted her pelvis and tried to slide it into her pussy.

"You want my cock inside you again, don't you baby?" I pulled my lips from hers and looked at her, she was becoming a bit flushed.

"Uh huh," she uttered. "I feel like I'm getting hot and horny again."

"Let's see" I reached my hand down and slipped it past hers and in between us to palm her mound. Her pussy was wet but I wasn't sure if it was a new wetness or just the juices left over from our recent fuck.

"I think so too, but this time I want to use my mouth and tongue."

"Oh yeah," her eyes seemed to twinkle a mite, "eat my pussy, Grampa. I'd like that lots."

Bev certainly had been busy with her little girl. I looked at her over Karen's shoulder, she was standing with her legs parted rubbing her pussy with one hand and her tits with the other, she opened her mouth wide, stuck out her tongue and wiggled it at me. I smiled at her, licked my lips, blew her a silent kiss and then turned my attention back to her daughter.

Grasping Karen's buttocks I let myself fall backward onto the mattress, leaving my legs hanging over the side of the bed, and started pulling her toward my face. She had bent her legs and scooted along on her knees as I urged her forward, her wet slit gliding easily along my stomach and chest.

My senses were fully stimulated as her pussy drew near. My eyes feasted on the puffy pinkness of her bare childish pussy lips, her thighs spread wide to pull her slit apart and reveal the deeper pink inner lips surrounding the dark opening of her fuck hole, my nose drinking in the unmistakable scent of her arousal. I could almost feel myself drooling knowing that within seconds my tongue would be wiping the glistening moisture of her 6 year old vagina, enjoying my first taste of a little girl.

When her slit was over my face Karen stretched her arms down next to my head to brace herself and steered her pussy to my mouth. I held her butt cheeks tightly in my hands as I swabbed my tongue the length of her slit, pausing at the top to tickle her clit. I felt her tense just a bit and hump her pelvis against me.

"Yesss, Grampaaa," she hissed, "eat me." She moved her hands to grasp the sides of my head and pull it further into her groin.

Feeling that she was balanced and not going to topple over I reached my right hand from her butt to grab a pillow a pull it beneath my head to nestle my face firmly between her slender thighs, then reached up to squeeze her tittie meat and nipple buds. I opened my mouth wide and placed it over as much of her pussy as I could then lapped and fucked my tongue at and over her hole, relishing the taste of the emissions seeping from her.

Tilting my head back a notch and pressing against her butt with my left hand, I dabbed my tongue to the top of her gash and played it in a few circles around her clit before trapping the little nubbin between my lips. She tensed again and started humping her hips and fucking my face as I suckled her clit and gave it tiny nips with my teeth.

"Nghh!...Nghh!" she grunted. "Eat me, Grampa! Eat my fucking pussy."

"Yeah, Dad, eat her little pussy," I heard Bev urge me. "Eat her little pussy while I suck your dick."

I felt her push my legs apart and move forward between and above them, her tits dragging along the inside of my thighs. She cupped and gently molded my balls with her left hand, wrapped her right hand around my shaft and gave it a couple of squeezes then started stoking it up and down.

"Oh, Dad," she said softly, "your dick feels so good."

Bev jacked me a few more times with her closed hand then opened her bottom two fingers and lifted them away and stroked my shaft a few times with her circled thumb and two remaining fingers. When her hand was at the base of my dick she bent her head in and slowly licked the underside of my cock and up and over the head. I shivered slightly at the sensation as well as in anticipation and moaned into Karen's pussy, creating some unplanned sensations for the little girl as well.

After flicking her tongue over my piss slit she parted her lips and mouthed them down the side of my shaft to my sac and sucked my testicle inside, sucking on it as she rolled it with her tongue. She released it with a pop then moved her head to repeat the same on my other testicle and mouth her lips up the other side of my shaft.

"How's that, Dad?" she asked with a teasing tone.

"It's fucking great," as delicious as Karen was I had to pull my head back from her pussy to urge Bev on, I didn't want to be teased I needed to be sucked. "Suck me, baby," I almost pleaded, "suck your Daddy's dick."

"If you insist," she said jokingly, held my shaft up and kissed the top of my glans, then let her lips slide slowly down over my dick head until she had the crown in her mouth. She started a light sucking while flicking and rolling her tongue around it.

I let out a long sigh, dropped my hand from Karen's titties and rested my head back on the pillow, not only enjoying the feeling of having my dick sucked but enjoying even more the idea that the mouth on my dick was my daughters. But Karen wouldn't have any of that, she reached her hands behind my head to pull in back into her crotch as she slid her pelvis forward.

"Don't stop, Grampa," she whined and fucked my face, "eat my pussy and make me cum."

I would have been quite satisfied to simply lie there to enjoy Bev's blow job but I was by no means going to ignore the little 6 year old pussy being rubbed on my face. I placed both of my hands back on Karen's ass to pull the top of her slit to my mouth and dug my tongue into the little jacket of flesh surrounding her clittie, then savagely attacked her sensitive little nub with flicks and swirls.

"Meehhh!'" she squeaked and ground her cunt against my mouth.

Bev had played her tongue and lips around my dick head for a few seconds then slowly slid her lips down my cock until I felt my tip slide into her throat as she buried her face in my pubic hair. She worked her throat muscles on me a few times then slowly pulled her head back to my glans and then slid back down to take me into her throat again.

"Aw fuck!" my mind raced. It had been so long since I had had a blow job and now that spell had been broken by my daughter deep throating me, while her little girl sat on my face and ground her pussy on my mouth. This was beyond my wildest dreams!

Bev milked my dick head a couple of more times with her throat then settled in to a long, slow up and down head bob, jacking her fingers behind her sliding lips as she gently squeezed and rolled my balls with her other hand. Occasionally she would pull her mouth off of my shaft to run her tongue up and down its length and circle it just below my mushroom, then plunge her face back to tease my glans with her throat before resuming her head bobs.

I surrendered my dick to Bev's loving attention and concentrated on eating Karen's little pussy. I licked long and deep within her warm pink folds, sometimes flicking my tongue over her now completely exposed clit and at times stopping to flick it in little stabs at her fuck hole as I lapped at the leaking essence of her girlhood. She was bent forward a little to hold on to the side of my head and was fucking her slit in swipes up and down my face, almost in time with my licks, pressing her hips forward to drive as much of my extended tongue into her as she could.

"Fuck me, Grampa," she was beginning to pant, " pussy...with your tongue."

Sensing she might be verge on an orgasm I rolled my tongue into a tube and fucked her with it like a miniature cock, and reached my hands up to play with her tittie meat and nipples.

"Nghh...nghh...nghh" she grunted, mashing herself against my face.

Knowing that I was soon going to be receiving the release of her juices fully in my mouth and with Bev sucking and licking my dick and playing with my balls I felt my own orgasm building. I dropped my right hand from Karen's titties and reached down to find Bev's head as I fucked my cock into her mouth.

"Grampa," Karen's voice was a high squeak, "make me cum!"

Here we go, I thought, and pushed my pelvis up, trying to drive my dick into Bev's throat to squirt my load straight into her belly. But Bev suddenly stopped sucking me, pulled her mouth off of my dick and squeezed her finger and thumb tightly around the base of my shaft to prevent my orgasm.

I was surprised and confused but didn't stop tongue fucking Karen. With only about six or seven more stiff stabs I felt her rise backwards a little bit and sit flush down on my face, spreading her entire vulva wide open around my nose and cheeks. I fastened my mouth over her hole, flattened my tongue and swabbed it across her opening, and drank down her juices as she climaxed and released the trickle of her cum with a scream. I could feel the ripples of her orgasm coursing through her as she pushed her tiny quivering body atop my face.

She fell forward after a few moments and I had to lift her pussy off of my face for a deep breath of air. I slid her backwards along my chest until her head rested on my chest then held her close.

Bev was still kneeling between my thighs with my dick in her hand and I looked down over Karen's back at her, wondering why she hadn't let me cum.

"Bev?" I started, but she cut me off.

"Don't worry, Daddy," she gave me a wicked smile, "we're not done with you yet. Karen?" she shook her daughters' leg.

"Yes, Mommy?" she raised her head and looked at her.

"Did you like how Grampa ate your pussy?"

"Oh, yessss," she turned her head to look at me with a big smile, "it was the awesomest!" She leaned her face forward to give me a kiss on my cheek, "Thank you Grampa."

"Good, girl" she started gently stroking my still hard cock. "Now don't you think it's time for you to return the favor?"

"Huh?" she looked puzzled but the look was quickly replaced by understanding.

"Come down next to me, honey," she moved a bit to the side to make room for Karen next to her between my legs, "and I'll teach you something about your Grampa's dick, especially how to suck it. That okay with you, Dad?" she gave me a big smile and a wink.

I didn't say a word, I simply raised and lowered my eyebrows and returned her smile as Karen turned and squirreled down next to her mother. I grabbed the other pillow to stuff it behind my head so I could enjoy watching a Mother teach her daughter how to suck dick - my dick!

"Okay, baby, wrap your hand around Grampa's dick and start moving it up and down like this," she placed Karen's hand on my cock with hers over it and started stroking me. "Don't squeeze too hard, just enough to feel him and hold him. Now you're jacking his dick, or beating his meat. Okay," she dropped her hand away from Karen's, "now do it yourself."

"Mommy," Karen grinned broadly and looked at Bev, "Grampa's cock feels really neat. Are these bumps and things what made it feel so good in my pussy?"

"That's part of it, just jack him off and don't worry about it." She looked up at me, "Is she doing all right?"

God, what a sensation! I knew Bev was playing with me, using Karen to tease me, but how could I complain. I simply could not believe the feeling of her soft little hand circling my dick, her fingers barely able to encircle my shaft as she gently pumped me.

I nodded to her, mouthing the word "Bitch" with a smile.

"That's good, honey," she kissed Karen's cheek. "Now let me show you a little more."

She gave Karen a crash course in how to please me with her hands and mouth, just about everything the girl would need to know short of sucking my dick. Naturally, through all of the stroking and Bev's prior denial of my orgasm, a bead of precum oozed from my slit causing a squeal of delight from Karen.

"Mommy, look! I'm making Grampa cum!"

"Well, not quite yet, that's his precum," the term drew a puzzled look from Karen. "It just means he's starting to get ready, I'll explain it all later. But I think it's time to show you how to suck his dick," she looked up at me and nodded, "watch Mommy."

She leaned in to my crotch and licked my underside as she had before, and when her lips caressed my glans she opened her mouth and took me inside, sucking and rolling her tongue around my meat as she bobbed her head and stroked her fingers on my shaft.

"Suck me, Bev," I moaned and fucked my hips at her face. "Suck my fucking dick and let me cum." I reached my hands down to her head, only to have Bev brush them away and raise her mouth from my cock. She scooted back and had Karen move between my legs.

"Okay, honey," she placed her hand on her daughters head and guided it to my groin. "Suck Grampa's dick and let him cum in your mouth." She squatted back on her haunches to watch her little girl get started sucking her first cock.

Karen reached out and circled her fingers around the base of my shaft and licked up the underside and over my knob, exactly as she had seen her Mommy do. The sensation was the same but it was so much more arousing feeling her tiny little tongue gliding along my flesh. She moved her hand to wrap her fingers around my dick then raised herself on her knees so her face was over my cock, opened her mouth to wedge my dick head between her lips then started circling her tongue around the sensitive end.

I couldn't help but arch my hips to try to push myself inside her mouth but Karen had her own plan for what she was doing, she held my shaft tight in her hand and as my glans pushed against her lips she let her head move backward with my motion. As my hips fell back to the bed she lowered her mouth further to let her lips slide past my crown and took as much of my shaft as she could into her mouth and on to her tongue then started sucking on me. She kept her lips steady on my pole as she sucked, drawing my dick over her lips and in to her mouth then pushing it out with her tongue, massaging my underside with her tongue as she made my dick fuck her mouth instead of instead of bobbing her head up and down.

The feeling of my dick fucking over her lips was glorious but I wanted to feel her lips sliding along my cock, to have my shaft inside her warm little mouth. I reached my hands to grasp the side of her head and started bobbing it up and down. She followed my lead and continued bobbing her head as I released my hands and laid back to watch her soft lips sliding along and massaging my meat.

Karen bobbed her head a few more times, sliding her circled thumb and fingers below her mouth and when her fingers were at the bottom of my shaft pulled me from her mouth. She kissed my dick head then bent her head down into my crotch, extended her tongue and started drawing it up from my sac and along the underside of my dick in long swipes, while reaching her left hand in to cup and fondle my balls. I flinched a bit, exhaled a long sigh and laid my head back on the pillow.

Karen obviously took that as a compliment on her cock sucking efforts. She stopped and looked up at me. It was a sight I will never forget, her little face peering around my erection with a smile of satisfaction, her thumb and fingers circling my shaft.

"Am I doing good, Grampa," she gave my shaft another long swipe. "Do you like the way I suck your dick?"

I smiled back at her and nodded. Apparently satisfied with my silent approval she licked me a couple more times them moved her head up to take my dick back into her mouth.

As I watched Karen sucking my dick Bev leaned forward and kissed the top of her head, then crawled up along my right side, her legs pulled on to the mattress and bent at the knees. She pulled my left hand to her tits, raised her right knee in the air and pulled my other hand into her pussy and poised her face above mine.

"I really need to cum, Dad," she breathed hotly on to my face. "Play with me and make me cum while Karen sucks your dick," she pressed her open mouth onto mine and swirled her tongue inside.

Her pussy hair was soggy to my touch as I extended my fingers and flattened my palm over her mound, and when I curled my fuck finger along her pussy lips it easily slid all the way in her fuck hole. Bev moaned against my mouth and rotated her pelvis, circling herself to impale as much of her pussy tube as possible on my finger as I fucked it in and out of her hole.

Her nipples poked into my palm as I molded her breasts under my left hand and she mashed her mouth hard against mine when I rolled her nubs between my finger and thumb. Her tits were so firm and squishy that I had to have them in my mouth. I slid my hand from her chest to cup the bottom of her butt and pushed upward. She protested slightly against my mouth but as I lowered my head along her chest she caught on and slid forward, cupping her hand at the bottom of her tit and guiding it to my mouth.

"Yeah, Dad," she mewed lowly, "suck my tits."

I opened my mouth to take in as much of her little breast as I could and mouthed my lips around her meat as I flicked my tongue over her nipple. She let out a low grunt and pushed her chest against my face. With her body bent as it was it was a little awkward trying to finger fuck her with my right hand so I quickly shifted my hands, moving my left hand to her crotch and my right hand to her tits. I don't think Bev really cared, as long as she had something hard playing inside her pussy, but I could now flex my thumb as I finger fucked her and I glided it deep inside her slit and up to diddle her clit.

"Oh, God," she grunted, "I wanna cum!"

Karen was now totally involved with my cock and balls. Sliding her mouth up and down with long strokes, jacking me with her right hand and playing with my balls, stopping and starting, licking and sucking on my balls, evidently doing whatever her inexperienced mind thought would give me pleasure. And she was giving me immense pleasure.

Bev was grunting and hunching her pelvis against me. I started moving my fucking finger and thumb in unison, pinching them together as my finger drew from her tube toward the opening of her hole and my thumb flipped down over her clit. Squeezing and releasing, pinching and diddling, making her squirm all that much more.

"Finger me!" she panted and pushed against my hand. "Suck my tits! Make me cum!" she sounded desperate.

I knew she was ready to climax and I wanted to bring her off as much as she wanted me to. I circled my thumb and forefinger beneath her right breast and squeezed her flesh while pinching her nipple in my teeth and rapidly flicking it with my tongue. When I bit at her nipple I also jammed my finger hard into her pussy two or three times, pulled it out and up to my thumb to firmly squeeze and roll her clit, then jammed it back into her pussy.

"Aw fuck!" she screamed, hunched her pelvis onto my hand and rode my finger to orgasm. She tensed for a moment as her pussy released its' juice over my hand, and then rolled over on to her side to lie next to me with her head on my shoulder.

When Karen heard her Mother scream she stopped sucking me and looked up, her mouth still closed around the head of my dick and her fingers wrapped the base of my shaft. When she saw Bev resting against me she flicked her eyes to mine and plunged her mouth back down my dick, keeping them there as she sucked and jacked me.

I had been fighting to deny myself my own orgasm while I had been bringing Bev off, not wanting anything to detract from the experience of being sucked to climax and squirting my cum into little Karen's mouth. With Bev now satisfied I rolled my head on the pillow, returned her gaze and gave myself totally over to her mouth and hands.

"That's great honey," I said lowly and pressed my hips up lightly, "you're gonna make me cum soon."

She smiled at me around my dick, never missing a stroke, and lowered her eyes from mine and back to my crotch. I still just couldn't get over how the mouth on my dick was that of a little 6 year old girl and at how quickly and eagerly she had developed her own skills in the art of sucking cock, almost as if she had a natural talent.

She pulled my dick down as straight as she could get it, then holding it straight in her open mouth moved her face forward to take in as much as she could, extended her tongue along the underside and slurped it along my length as she pulled her face back. When my dick head was close to falling from her mouth she closed her lips just behind the shoulder and sucked on my glans, stabbing her tongue at my slit. Her left hand didn't seem to leave my balls, cupping and softly molding my sac or so very lightly rolling my testicles between her fingers - enough to give me cringing sensations but not enough to cause me any discomfort.

She suddenly started bobbing her head in long full lengths again while sliding her fingers along my shaft, and when I thought I felt my orgasm beginning to stir she pulled her mouth off, looked up into my eyes and seductively swiped her tongue over any drops of precum that might be escaping. It was uncanny, almost as if she was able to read my body.

"Oh, Karen," I groaned and humped my pelvis, trying to push my dick deep into her mouth, "don't stop. I need to cum."

"Yeah, honey, suck your Grampa's dick and let him cum in your mouth." I hadn't known Bev was watching. She kissed my cheek and moved back down to the floor next to Karen. She draped her right arm around the girl's shoulder and pressed her forward so her face was directly over my crotch and my dick was sticking straight up into her mouth.

"Suck him, baby. Suck as much of his dick as far into you mouth as you can."

With Bev's urging and guidance Karen was giving me long deep steady sucks, letting my cock almost slip from her mouth before dropping her head back down. Up and down, up and down her head rose and fell, her spittle leaking from her mouth and slathering my shaft, making a slurping sound as she sucked me and her lips glided over my shaft.

"Ohhh, yessss," I exhaled, "that's so nice." I could feel my orgasm beginning to build and humped my pelvis up get as much of my dick into her mouth as possible.

"Ready to cum, Dad? Huh?" It wasn't a tease, Bev just needed to know so Karen would be forewarned for her first mouthful of cum.

"Uh huh, uh huh," I could only pant.

"Get ready, baby," she told her little girl. "Grampa's going to squirt soon. Swallow as much as you can."

This seemed to encourage Karen. She shifted a bit to get over my crotch as much as possible, held my shaft firmly with her circled thumb and finger and bobbed her head with an unrelenting rhythm, circling her tongue around my dick head as much as she could.

That was all I could take. I felt my cock become super sensitive and throb, a shiver and tingle running through my body as it was seized by my orgasm and my cum surged down my cock. I could feel Karen swallowing as my jism spurted into her mouth but my load was more than she could handle and after just the first two blasts she backed her mouth off my cock, but Bev's mouth quickly replaced Karen's. She plunged her mouth down my shaft, taking my dick head into her throat and milking me, taking the rest of my cum straight down in to her belly.

I screamed and put my hands on Bev's head to hold her face in my groin. I hadn't had such an orgasm in years, her muscles seemed to milk my load directly from my balls and I reflexively fucked myself into her mouth as I was wracked with the waves of my orgasm.

When my spurts stopped Bev moved her head back to pull my dick from her throat and lightly sucked me. She rolled her tongue around my dick head a couple of times, backed her mouth off me completely, then placed her hand on the back of her daughters' head and guided her mouth back on to my cock.

"Suck him gently, Karen," she told her softly, "there still might be a little cum left for you."

Karen sucked me gently just as she had been told, again jacking me with her circled thumb and finger as if trying to squeeze the last drops from my dick and into her mouth. I simply laid back, still a bit drained, and let her play with me as she wished. "Wow," I exhaled when I felt myself begin to soften. I gently pushed Karen's head from my crotch, raised myself to lean on my elbows and looked down to Bev and Karen.

Bev looked at Karen, wiped her finger at the corner of Karen's mouth and stuck it between her lips. "You missed a little," she said with a smile.

'Mmm," she sucked on her Mother's finger until Bev pulled it out. "That was good," she beamed, "I really like the way Grampa's cum tastes. And how it just squirted from his dick and into my mouth. And how..."

"Shhh," Bev placed her finger against Karen's lips. "I know, we'll talk later. Okay?" She flashed me a grin.

We both knew that Karen had just had a new experience that she thoroughly enjoyed, and as children have a habit of doing was eager to share it with all of us. It was so cute watching this naked little 6 year old's eagerness in wanting to explain the thrills of giving her first blow job, but Bev and I knew we would all be sharing this three generation incestuous experience many times over.

We all smiled at each other, no one saying anything but all of us grinning form ear to ear.

"Come on up here with me, you two," I turned my body to lie fully on the bed, tossed the pillows to the top of the mattress and scooted backward rest against the headboard.

"Okay," Bev replied, "but us girls gotta go do something first. C'mon, honey," she grasped Karen's hand and pulled her from the bed as she also rose and then started toward the bedroom door.

"Hey," I protested as my girls were suddenly heading away, "where..."

"Don't worry, Dad," Bev spoke over her shoulder, a light tone in her voice, "we'll be right back."

I laid there puzzled, trying to figure out what she had in mind but before I could even begin to figure it out they came strolling back into the bedroom still holding hands.

"We're baaaaack," Bev mimicked the line from The Poltergeist movie as they headed toward the bed.

For a brief second I was kind of glad they had left, as it gave me a chance to admire them as they walked towards me. My beautiful daughter, my little girl, a fully mature beautiful young woman. And right beside her my little granddaughter, in my biased opinion probably the cutest little 6 year old in the world.

Both as alluring and sexually desirable as anyone could imagine, and the contrast seeming to make them both just that much more desirable. Bev, her trim body with her smallish yet firm breasts jutting out in front of her and a full bush of hair centered between her thighs, and little Karen, still relatively unshaped with her tiny nipples almost flat on her chest and her bare pussy not much more than a dark slit that split her thighs and disappeared beneath her.

My girls crawled on the bed, positioning themselves on their sides and sandwiching me between them. I put my arms around their shoulders and drew them close to my chest, bending down to kiss each of them on the forehead.

"What was that all about?" I queried.

"Nothing. Don't worry about it," she shrugged it off. "So, tell me Dad," Bev smiled, "what do you about your little granddaughter, huh?"

"Well..." I drawled out, gave Bev a wink then turned to Karen. She looked up at me with expectant eyes. "I think she's cute, I know she's smart and learns quick, and...mmm," I clenched my bottom lip between my teeth as if I was trying to think of something else. "Oh, and she's a good fuck and a wonderful cocksucker," I said rapidly and dug my finger into her ribs to make her giggle.

I pulled them both close to me again and we all had a little laugh.

"Thank you Grampa, I'm glad you liked it," Karen squirreled up to kiss my cheek then settled back against me.

"So, kiddo," I gave Bev's butt a slight tap. "What's this all about anyway?"

"Well, Dad," she raised up with her elbow on the bed and resting her cheek against her palm, "it's Saturday so I kinda figured you'd be spending the afternoon or evening watching your kiddie porn movies and beating off. Right?" she smiled knowingly.

"Well..yeah..." I slowly agreed. I mean, how could I really deny something she already knew.

"And like I told you this morning, I wanted Karen to learn about the male body and to finally get fucked for real so I figured what the heck why not just do it today. I really didn't think you'd have any objections," she smiled wickedly and gave me a quick nudge in the ribs, "Hmmm? And I knew Karen wouldn't have any objections," she looked over at her daughter, "did you honey?"

"Nuh uh, Mommy," she had a big shit eating grin on her face, "I really, really liked finding out about Grampa's dick and how neat it feels inside me, especially when he shoots his cum in me."

"So, considering what's coming up I couldn't think of anything better to give you nor find any reason not to let you two realize both of your desires. I asked Karen if she wanted to learn about a man's body with you and be your a special gift and she was all for it. So, here we are. I hope you liked your early gift."

"Gift?" I was perplexed. "What the heck are you talking about?"

"Daaadd," she drug out with an exasperated sigh and a crooked smile. "Duh, it's the beginning of June. You know, June. What special day is there in June?"

"Uh," I kind of stammered.

"Hey, Karen," Bev didn't answer me, she just looked over at her daughter.

I saw them exchange an almost conspiratorial smile and nod, then they both squirmed up and kissed my face, leaned back to put their arms around each other and pull themselves together on top of me. They gave each other another knowing smile and Bev suddenly brought her hand up from her side and slapped a red adhesive bow on her Karen's forehead.

"Happy Fathers Day!!" they chimed in unison, turned to peck each other's lips and fell on my chest giggling.

I laughed loud and long. What else could I do? And I certainly couldn't think of a better gift from my daughter than her daughter's virginity. We hugged, laughed and relaxed, all knowing of the fun we would have from then on.

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You just have to keep this story going, It's fantastic!


A glorious dream comes true! More please!

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You should have the next chapter be about mom and daughter finding out they are pregnant together

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