Doing Everything

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Published: 19-Jul-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author, Phil Phantom; it is no longer otherwise available online and has been edited and posted by Nicholas_Fellheimer.All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Big brothers usually look out for a kid sister. Jerry looked in through peepholes, and one fine Saturday watched a wetdream of a kid sister get raped good by a very horny step-father. Daddy rip-stripped that little girl naked and really laid into her with a belt. Jerry knew why, but baby Ashley had no idea: the pretty preteen was sleeping in, had her covers stripped away, then had her nightie ripped totally off, then a big leather belt quickly whipping her into submission.

In all of the peeping he had done on Ashley, Jerry never saw anything like that. She wasn't fighting. She was trying to do as he was yelling for her to do, hoping that might get her step-daddy to stop lashing out with leather and begin lashing out with words that made sense -- as in, what the hell did she do wrong?

The words, instead, were simply barked commands: give me an ass, gimme tits, gimme leg, gimme a whore beaver, gimme belly, gimme cunt, let me see an asshole whore, let me see a slut in need, let me see a bitch in heat.

Ashley had to offer whatever was demanded for the whipping. Jerry was mesmerized by his eleven-year-old sister getting into her idea of an asshole whore, then the slut in need, then bitch in heat -- that last one got her bitch pussy busted bad, shouldn't have put that out there quite so much like a bitch in heat. Then again, that was what the man ordered.

Looked more like an audition for a staring role in a porn film than rape, after a while. She was certainly cooperating with a rapist, at first simply to give him no reason to go from a crime of passion to a crime of violence. That, of course, was the sage advice Jerry knew his sister had been given by a mother who knew of which she spoke -- being the most raped cheerleader Escondido High School ever graduated, a woman who could turn a crime of passion into a marriage proposal, not once, twice, or thrice, but four times. She only accepted one, but that one was now raping the product of another one -- a drop-dead gorgeous preteen one with chestnut hair, big green eyes, and a woman's figure on a little girl's frame.

That was a slick pussy begging for leather, and Buddy let her have it -- not that he spared any other offerings, but he really did a number on her bitch pussy. Her hot, slippery baby cunt was obviously his favorite, too, because he kept coming back to bitch in heat, and he fucked bitch in heat doggie style, really fucked hell out of that sexy little bitch, virgin till he did that, came in her pussy and everything, not a quickie. Little bitch in heat came three times, almost four -- and was begging for more of Daddy's cock, wanted that fourth cum, by the end. He just fucked her and fucked her and fucked her, just kept right on fucking that bucking baby girl thinking they were alone in the house.

Jerry should have let Buddy know otherwise right from the start. Jerry could have gone in with a baseball bat. He could have dialed 911. There was so much he could have done, but when his dick got hard, all he could do was watch and stroke his dick. He shot his wad when Buddy did -- because in Jerry's mind, he was fucking her through the wall, total empathy with the fucker of Ashley's hot little bitch-in-heat pussy.

Had Buddy pulled out and explained his anger, his loss of control, his aching lust for her, Jerry would have simply slipped away -- but Buddy didn't. After pulling out, he picked up the belt and said, "Just so you know, I ain't a bit sorry for doing this. And I will be doing this every time your cheating slut mother hurts me -- and so you know, I'm still hurting. Daddy is in need of venting, and he will vent on her fucking daughter -- so get on your fucking back and make me a spread eagle, BITCH!"

Jerry couldn't believe this shit. Whip a raped girl?!

Ashley was a little girl already very whipped AND very raped. She was sobbing, cum leaking from a fresh-fucked cunt, but got into the spread eagle Daddy requested. Her fucked pussy got another whipping, roughly thirty hard lashes, then he started in on the drill again: Give me an ass, gimme tits, let me see a bitch in heat, gimme leg, gimme a whore beaver, let me see a bitch in heat again, gimme back, gimme belly, gimme cunt, let me see an asshole whore, let me see a bitch in heat again, let me see a slut in need, let me see a bitch in heat one more time you little whore.

Unfucking real. Then big step-Daddy had her do her asshole whore and hold still -- and he fucked her in that tight ass like an asshole with a whore. Jerry got hard again and again came with Buddy while the old man shot a load up a grasping baby shitter. This time, Buddy warned her to keep her fucking mouth shut about this, and not to ever give him any shit about getting anything off her fucking whore ass.

"For as long as your whore mother has a lover she won't stop fucking," he said, "I have a whore daughter that I won't stop fucking."

Daddy asked if she understood. She did, then got three hard lashes across her ass.

Ashley collapsed face down in a pillow, looking very raped indeed. Jerry ogled two raped fuck holes. That was a sight he never saw between Ashley's sexy legs, and rarely got to see her all the way naked. Her beavers were still the stuff of fantasy, or at least they were. He saw more full spread beavers than any sixteen-year-old big half-brother has a right to see and say nothing.

Jerry knew his mother wasn't likely to report this, based on her mocking words to Buddy when she left. She had popped in to pick up a few things on her way to visit a big-dicked boyfriend. Not a short visit, either -- a full week. Buddy gave her hell and warned that he'd take it out on Ashley. He said it clear as day: as long as she had a lover she wouldn't stop fucking, he had a daughter he wouldn't stop fucking.

Her words were, "If think you have the balls to do it ... well, knock yourself out, stud. That girl needs broken-in. Once you're getting all of that good baby-girl pussy you want, I expect much kinder treatment when I come and go. Jackson should be able to come in and wait."

To that, Buddy said, "You got a lotta fucking nerve, Jessica."

"You and Jackson have so much in common. You have the same taste in pussy -- and way of getting it. Maybe you two could work out a swap, possibly a foursome. I'm game ... damn sexy girl, my little Ashley. If she's your girl and I can see she is, we could talk threesome. I think the odds are mighty slim, but you'll have a full week to try. If you want good advice, turn to Jerry. He knows her well, and I think he could give you good advice. I dare say you have his sympathies. You just don't have mine."

At the time, Jerry assumed she meant 'seduce'. Buddy obviously was thinking something much heavier. Both assumed he wasn't even in the house and knew Ashley was still sound asleep. Jerry heard bedroom talk at the front door, then decided to stick around to see what Buddy might do. Twenty minutes later, he found out for one hour and thirty very intense, exciting, thrilling, heart-wrenching minutes -- but when Buddy did leave and left the house, he also left her bedroom door wide open. Jerry couldn't slip past that without the risk of being seen by her.

Jerry ended up in that doorway seeing there was no risk, seeing the most pitiful sight. He couldn't leave that. He slowly made his way over and passed the foot of the bed to stand and stare at two sloppy fuck holes, seeing an awesomely gorgeous little female even in that condition. She still wasn't aware, but he eventually got his fill and moved on around to her right side as she lay face down. He thought she was sobbing -- but she was just lying there, thinking puzzling thoughts he had answers to.

Jerry eased himself onto her bed and rested a loving hand on her lower back, noting that she didn't startle, but did stop breathing for just a moment as he began lightly stroking her back. They were close, but his compulsion to spy had severely strained their relationship. Now he had to tell her he was still spying, spied all of it, and did nothing but jack off twice.

She finally turned her head to make sure that was him. When she did, he said, "You have a witness to the whole thing, and I know what brought this on. In my opinion, Mom is more at fault than Buddy."

"You were spying?"

"Yes. I never stopped. Ashley, I know you are my sister, my kid sister, but I can't help what I like in female body. Maybe some guys can, but I think big brothers who can don't have Ashleys for kid sisters. I don't think most guys jerk-off to thoughts of -- or the sight of -- a baby sister. Most guys just can't see them as a sexual being. I don't have that problem. I have a much bigger problem: little-sister infatuation that is making you hate me. You have every right to hate my guts, now."

She smiled. "What was your role in this?"

"I had no role, unless spy is a role. Buddy thought he was home alone with you. Ashley, I could have knocked on your door before the first lash landed. I was too busy blindly getting my stiff dick out."

Jerry's hand had gradually wandered down to her firey-red ass, and that uncalled for action caused a pregnant pause. Since he was touching reverently, she ignored it and said, "You know ... you could have done something, Jerry."

"I did something I'm very ashamed of ... twice."

Ashley laughed. "Something other that that, dork."

"Something I'm not ashamed of is coming to you and telling you what a jerk I am, but I had to -- so you'd know what you need to know about this, then offer my eye witness testimony if you decide to call in the proper authorities."

She considered. "Is there any reason I should?"

"Good reason! There's no good reason to do this to a girl like you. Do you suppose I could rub some lotion into you? If I can't keep my hands off you, may as well be doing something useful."

That made her smile, then say, "Your hands or your eyes. Use the pink lotion on my vanity, and don't get horny with me, and don't touch anything that got penetrated."

As he was returning with the lotion, he said, "Those two places already have plenty of lotion. I'd feel queer touching that lotion ... but for you, I'd lick it all up while wearing your panties ... not like I've never been caught wearing your panties as a ski mask with big eye holes. This time, I would wear them where they should be worn, by a girlie-boy fuck-sucker. I mean, if you want ... if that would make you feel better. I would do anything to make you feel better, Ashley. I swear, anything, even fuck you if I absolutely had to."

She gave him a wry look, grinning, and said, "I'm so glad you weren't traumatized by what you saw for two hours ... ohhh, that does feel good."

"You have no idea how often I have wanted to run my hands all over your bare ass and hear you say that."

That got a laugh followed by, "Damnit, Jerry, don't make me laugh."

"Screw you, Ashley ... excuse me, very poor word choice caused by what I'm looking at, but I think you've done enough crying."

"Didn't mean to be such a cry baby. I was just surprised, I think."

"Ashley, serious as a whipping-rape, you impressed the hell out of your big brother. I have always been infatuated. Now I'm in awe. I could never take two of those lashes. After the first, I'd be three blocks from here, screaming like a little girl. You never screamed, hardly cried, and took it like some kind of commando bitch who refused to talk no matter what. Your bitch-in-heat puts real bitches in heat to shame, looked like you were trying out for the leading role in Preteen Cheer Bitches in Heat Gone Wild."

Ashley laughed. "Well, I came a few times, too."

"I noticed that," Jerry said. He went on, "I think Aunt Beth would have whipped the holy piss outta that pussy, then knelt and ate it after shoving the damn mutt out of her fucking way."

She giggled. "I'm glad you're impressed, but I couldn't do much but cooperate. Like Mom says, screaming does absolutely no good, crying does even less good, and a female's pain threshold is a lot higher than a male's. The man seemed to need to vent something. Since the damage was done and he needed more, seemed more cooperation was in order. I think she'd say I did everything by her book -- and I'm pretty sure the only reason I didn't get a marriage proposal was because he's already married. I did get a proposal, but it's one she isn't going to like."

"You are a great cooperator ..."

She smiled, biting her lip and lowering her eyes. "What are you saying, Jerry? That I like a good hard whipping, love my sex rough, ache to feel the power of a real man having his sexual way with me? Is that what you are saying? Or are you going to say I was asking for it ... got what I asked for, and thanked my Daddy very much through great cooperation? I want to know exactly what you meant by that, Gerald Hayden Walker."

"You cut me off or you'd know, Ashley Jean Honeycut. Now, wait till I say I'm finished: You are a great cooperator, so could you cooperate and roll onto my favorite side, with your legs a little wider? That would be great. I'm finished."

"I'm embarrassed ... favorite side, huh?"

He ran a hand across her back, lovingly. "There's no boobies back here. I looked and felt all over. I think they're all up front."

While getting onto her back, Ashley said, "All ten. Isn't that what a bitch has?"

"I never counted before, but it looks like that fucking bastard whipped eight of them off, if you have ... little wider, please."

Ashley laughed. In response to his command for 'wider,' she made him a good bent-legged beaver, saying, "That make you happy?"

"I know, I should lie to you and say how awfully sad I am right now. You know better. 'Oh, I'm so sorry this happened. I am awfully sad right now, Ashley.' That's a fucking lie. Jesus Christ ... LOOK AT YOU!"

"Think I look sexy like this?"

While lotioning-up the much abused tits, and not very gently, Jerry said, "You are asking a boy who thinks you look sexy in my clothes or hopping around in a sleeping bag. This is fucking-A wetdream sexy. Fuck me in the ass and ship me off to a Nazi military academy, but I think this is the sexiest I have ever seen the sexiest girl I have ever seen."

She grinned, making her beaver wider. "I'm this sexy thanks, in large part, to your heroic effort to protect my virginity."

"Please don't hate me, Ashley. Do anything to me but hate me, because I nothing but love and adore you ... in any condition, evidently. Thought I was going to love you to death, but did that make me spring into commando action with a ball bat? Fuck no ... your big brother was too busy jacking off like a horny coward. Fuck, Ashley ... you're on your own, kid. Been a great life spying on you and being there for your sex-stinky panties like some sort of panty-hamper happy camper."

"Jerry, can I tell you something and have it just be between me and you?"

Now doing the inner thighs and getting cum on his fingers, "Sure. You know me. I'm like a steel vault."

Ashley smiled. "Steel vault with the back missing, maybe."

"It's still a steel vault from the front ... the home front. Only my closest friends out back think it's a drop box with no door. Go ahead. Put it in there. Don't forget to lock it."

"I will trust you to lock it and see that it gets a steel back on it. I have to put serious real life shit in there, now. We can't play childish drop box games. We can, but when I need a real steel vault, I need one I can trust."

"I'm trying to be cute, Ashley. You say steel vault, you have a steel vault. In exchange, I want some mother/daughter-day drop box shit that'll drop jaws in shock and awe."

The little preteen smiled. "Lies accepted as gospel?"

"As always. If it makes our dicks hard, it is has to be true. Why would you lie about a thing like that? That was confession. Girls bust if they can't confess really nasty shit. They'll say it's fantasy, just to sneak in a confession on us. We know all about girls, Ashley. You just confess your little ass off. I'll see it gets in the drop box."

"Here is your first drop box confession, then: Mom is trying like hell to spend a year sucking your fuck outta my pussy. This whipping and rape is the act of a desperate woman, who is sick and tired of seeing me fight my number one fantasy -- which is to be your whore. Your little baby whore, who serves your Ashley fan-club, and that one year of Mommy rewarding me every time I serve you will hook me solid like a sex junkie. After that year, she stops sucking the cum out -- and I'm pregnant with your bastard by my thirteenth birthday."

Jerry laughed. "FUCK! That is a damn good shock 'n awe mother/daughter motherfucker. How do you come up with great shit like that right off the top of your head when you need one?"

"It's a gift. Now, this is for the vault. I think I look sexy like this, too."

"Ya do?"

"Yes, I do. You know what else I think?"

"My queer fingers are too close to your cummy vaginal penetration point?"

She smiled. "No, the lips could use pink lotion ... ohhh yeah ... that feels great. You massage whipped pussy lips even better than whipped nipples."

"Hmm. Most preteen whip-rape victims say I do nipples better than pussy lips."

Ashley laughed hard, then said, "Maybe so, but I disagree. Maybe I'm special, but I think you really like doing my whipped pussy lips a lot more than nipples. You're really putting a lot more into those thoroughly whipped lips, totally ignoring any pain and discomfort that might cause. That's impressive to me."

"Impressive. I'll tell you what's impressive, all this pink meat inside your pussy lips. If I'm hurting you, at least you know I am impressing myself."

"You're doing great, Jerry. I'm not a delicate little flower, and that isn't a baby girl's pussy."

"Yes it is."

She smiled, grinding down on her big brother's fingers. "No, this kind of pussy is ... hmm. What was it Buddy kept calling it when he wanted a good hot cunt to whip?"

"Bitch pussy, the ole bitch-in-heat position, really puts a dripping baby pussy out there -- at least the way you do it. Sorta begs for leather."

"Sorta begs for a man's cock, too, don't it?"

"It did appear to do that. And then suck on it, I noticed. Looked like a good way to suck a marriage proposal out of a guy who hates very sexy females ... anybody I know teach you a neat trick like that?"

Ashley grinned, using both hand on her inner thighs to make bitch-pussy spread. "I know you like to think so, but did it ever occur to you that I am my mother's daughter? That her unique sexual abilities might have been passed on to me, possibly enhanced by an alpha male with rapist mentality? You ever think that all we really do on mother/daughter day is prick tease and talk effective rape strategy, dernit ... at least so far?"

"Yeah, well she's thinking about jumping all over your sexy bones, and I'm thinking she got Buddy to do the foreplay she can't bring herself to do, dernit. I still think she meant for him to seduce, not whip rape the little bitch -- otherwise, she wouldn't have suggested he come to me for how-to advice. He ignored that immediately, probably thinking he don't need no panty-sniffing, jerk-off, peeping punk helping him whip rape no little bitch. I still can't believe that dumb fuck did this."

Ashley giggled. "So you're saying that Mom didn't say 'don't you dare fuck my daughter like you fuck me'?"

"No, guess not. She then went on to sorta say, if you can fuck her, more power to you, and suggested he get my advice on seducing attempts -- attempts, I'm sad to say, that do nothing but fail. At least he'd know what don't work ... unless she thinks I'm getting some great pussy off my sister like everybody else thinks, but I don't brag or lie to her. What I'm sweating is him telling her that this was my advice. One reason I got brave enough to come in here and play with your whipped bitch pussy and admire how sexy he made you is so you'll know without a doubt that I had NOTHING to do with this. Oh, fuck -- I'm dead meat, ain't I?"

She laughed and said, "You're not the brightest big brother a girl could have, but you are the cutest, the best, and no way will I ever let you be dead meat. I know you had nothing to do with this, Jerry, and I know Mom meant seduce -- but she also meant seduce with non-consensual force, if necessary. That's how she likes it. I'm pretty sure she didn't mean whip-rape the little bitch, but she should know she can't leave a girl like me alone with a big, strong whip-rapist."

"Ashley, that's exactly why I say it's more Mom's fault than Buddy's. If I'm not sure what the fuck she meant, what the hell chance did he have? I know that dick with feet heard one thing: if you want her, go for it. You have a week to make her your bitch; if you manage, we'll share. That dumb fuck got right on it."

"What do you expect? You bring a stray pit bull home, tame him, kiss him, teach him to love and protect the little children, make a nice home for him for years -- then, one day, you feel the need to get some other man's cock. So you torture him week after week, then he fucks your terribly sexy virgin daughter. Is that a bad doggie or is that a bad mommy?"

"I agree, Ashley, but you can't blame the horny mom - she just doesn't think straight when she gets mega horny like she is now, plus she was in a mega hurry with a mega hunk waiting in the car."

Ashley laughed, squirming under the two-hole assault. "You'll defend a mega horny mom to the death. It's an innocent kid sister you won't lift a finger for, except to put it up her raped virgin asshole, along with half a hand in her raped virgin pussy."

"A little more can't hurt."

"No, it can't -- you've done nothing but hurt me since I got on the side you like."

Jerry smiled. "I like every side, just the front side best. And I'm trying hard to impress you, ever since finding out the only thing I ever did that does."

"I am very impressed. I like it when you impress me, Jerry."

"Stop saying shit like that, because I want to believe you. If you like that, how about this: your Daddy will keep whip-fucking you, and he will make you his bitch. I will bear witness, and play with your pussy until Mom slaps me and yells, 'YOU FUCKING IDIOT! Why didn't you do something?'"

She giggled. "What will you tell her?"

"I was too busy jacking off, and then playing with my baby sister's very sore cock-suckin pussy, to impress her ... that's probably not the answer she'll want to hear."

"Jerry, I think I'm going to let him do this to me as much as he wants to. Vent his sexual frustration and anger at Mom, take that out on me, at least while she's out cheating all the time. It seems like a good enough reason to do a girl like me like he did; as long as I get off, and get lotion like this afterward, I'm fine with it. Seems a girl like me, who likes the pain, should lend herself to that type of use and abuse. I want to just let mom deal with any consequences -- or not, just leave that up to her. What do you think I should do, Jerry?"

"Did you hear them talking, too?"

"No, he woke me up," Ashley smiled, reaching down to run fingers across her very slick clit. "He impressed me."

"The challenge was to make you his GIRL, not his little bitch. She emphasized HIS GIRL. He still heard HIS little bitch."

"Then you need to know my secret. He might still ask your advice. He may realize that this is not the best way to do this."

"What's your secret?"

"That this is the only way, and he is perfectly safe doing it this way, but you should both do me and share me if I have to convincingly be his girl in such a short time. I need to be thoroughly cock whipped as well as belt whipped. Mom needs to see I'm the girl of two men. Or more. If she sees that, she'll drag you into her bed along with me. Don't tell me you don't want to fuck your mommy."

"I think I got up, tripped, and fell into a fantasy black hole. That's no secret, that's my wetdream ... only, in my wetdream, this is a cock like a horse has and you beg like a bitch does. But after that pony cock you got, I know you'll never beg for my itty bitty weeny."

She laughed and took his face in her hands, pulling him on top while saying, "You sexy fucker. Your mother and her daughter both get thigh sweats over you, and we both wish you'd just throw us down and fuck us instead of poking holes in our walls. If you think we think you have an itty bitty weeny between your sexy legs, you are so dead wrong. You are our little stud pony, and we have a bet who will get you as a mount first. Whoever wins gets to watch a loser eat stud pony fuck for a whole year. I know my mommy wants me to win when I feel I'm ready to be a winner. I ... AM ... READY! Your mother is tired of waiting, and she knows the secret. Now FUCK ME!"

That little stud pony got right on it. All anyone ever had to do with that stud was do everything, but once everything got done, he fucked em.

Buddy and Jessica stood in the open doorway, both thinking, "Finally!"

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