Bizarre Folks

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Published: 15-Jun-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author, Phil Phantom; because it is no longer available elsewhere online, it has been edited and posted by Nicholas_Fellheimer.

All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

We have these friends of the family we call our 'bizarre friends'. They very much are - bizarre, that is - but we very much enjoy their company, often several times a week. We like playing penny nickle poker, but it often becomes a bit strip and bit of a dare game as anything can be put up as a wager if the value is generally accepted.

The kids get quite a kick out of our games, and we now include their oldest and our oldest as a third couple. Their oldest is a sixteen-year-old boy. Ours is a ten-year-old girl; she is nearing eleven and was badly gang raped at the age of seven, so she is aged years beyond peers -- most unfortunate, but it is a fact of life we simply had to accept.

My Shauna and their Jerry are not boyfriend/girlfriend, but they both like to be considered adults, and both are sexually active, mostly with each other. The other five are four younger boys -- ages nine to thirteen, two of theirs, two of ours -- and Bob & Betty's little daughter, Tammy, eight years old. All of them are too immature for our games and our game conversation, usually quite colorful and spiced with nasty vignettes of the bizarre Haggerty home life -- but the kids may view from a distance of a few feet back from the table on bar-stools if they are ghosts. They are ghosts that jack-off; three of the four boys can squirt semen on a lady. They can all piss. The fucking wet and sticky ghosts especially like to get behind me.

Big Bob Haggerty is big, loud, crude, very hung so he is also cocky and prick-proud. He can drench a lady in semen from across a table. If he fucks my tits, he can drown me. He tends to pick on Shauna, and they are quite an item. More on that later.

His wife Betty is bizarre, quite sexy -- beautiful, really -- but she doesn't think so. She has the tits for fucking and the face for cumming in; Tammy gets her gorgeous looks from her. Bob calls them both fuck-face. Very low self image and Bob likes it that way. He is mostly responsible and freely admits that. He mates his wife to dogs to keep her in her place, to her own boys, to men Bob wants or needs fucked. He often prostitutes her, and likes watching her get it on with the women he fucks. He has a harem of trashy women -- some quite gorgeous -- attracted to his horse cock. I am a small, frail lady or I might be. It is a tempting organ, but so are stallions.

I do like to think about horses and Bob. I do like to think about Betty, too. Also threesomes with Betty and Bob, also what they mostly want, foursomes with me and my Bill, me and Jerry, me and Shauna, me and any hung male dog. They very much want me in any kind of foursome, but they have me in a poker foursome going on two years, now a sixsome going on six months. Eleven if we count the ghosts.

More and more, we have to and want to. The nasty ghosts and the lady they love to humiliate and grossly insult with piss and semen has always been hugely popular since the concept came about and I came to accept with heavy pressure from nine angles I had to buckle to. I understand why they all absolutely love it. If they didn't all absolutely love me so much, I would absolutely hate what they all do to me.

I simply can't hate any of it. None of it is done with any kind of meanness or malice, and they are only that way when it is appropriate and allowed under the liberal rules of our game play -- which does nothing but get more loose and liberal as I do. 'Permit to be' is the pattern of our lives, at least for the past two years, with the past six months being a headlong slide into decadence where the game will be twenty-four seven and we all share our roof. We are fairly well off. The Haggerty's are not. They live well and eat well as our guests. Their kids pretty much live with us. I'm pretty much okay with that.

My Bill has enjoyed quite a bit of Betty, as have all three of my kids. I am the one who hasn't yet had the pleasure. Everyone has rave reviews about their experience with Betty. I am getting some in the games, and lots of Bob's horse cock, sucking while fucked between my tits, or jacked off with the head of it lodged in my pussy or ass at first, but I got to where I could take him fully in the ass, and Bob would rather fuck the ass of me than anything else he could do with his dick, mostly young teen Jerry's pony dick sucking and fucked between my tits and in my ass, mostly my pussy in a make-love fucking on the poker table. That young man is after me and everyone is tickled by it. I am both thrilled and terrified.

He has been after me for two years and been quite a challenge to fend off with no help. Now sixteen, he is near impossible, and at the very least, I face three more years because he is a year behind in school. He won't graduate until he is nineteen. After he has me fucking him outside of the context of game play, he swears he will fuck me where he finds me and share me with his high school buddies. I know he will, and him being in the game is advancing his cause by leaps and bounds.

Everybody is helping him, but he would get nowhere with me and I wouldn't be playing that god damn addictive game so damn much were it not for one major key factor. I am absolutely insanely sexually attracted to that sexy young man and I want him to have me and do with me as he damn well pleases. From the first time we made love on that table in full view of all, my fate was sealed. The only safe way I can make love to Jerry is in the safety net of that damn game. If we ever stopped for a week, I know I'd go to him and beg on my knees. I am that hopelessly in-love and hooked solid. Everybody knows that and could fuck me bad if they decided to.

My saving grace is that he loves me and says he wouldn't dream of destroying such a fine little lady. I do want to believe that -- but love me or destroy me, he will have me very soon. I am writing this story as setup for how this turns out. I write on it when I can, keep adding on, fleshing out. By the time I get it all down, I should know what Jerry does with me. Right now, he is scaring me, because he is acting like his dad does with his mom. That is the worst case scenario, to live the life of Betty -- not a problem for her, but it would kill me.

I should use the term destroy. It will kill the remnants of the fragile and very decent lady I used to be, pretty much half destroyed by playing strip dare ghost poker with bizarre people. By the time Jerry wins me, I may not have far to fall. I often think his choice will be let me fall the bit more or lift me back up to half destroyed. As I am right now is perfect, but I always say that. A month ago I said that. Three months ago I said that. I said that six months ago when our poker games had no kids, no ghosts, and the strip was light with no dares. We now have full strip with a dare that can be anything sexual. Everyone is involved, and the games go on and on, interrupted only by work and school.

So, what happened six months ago? We really need to go back to what happened four years ago, because that brought Bob Haggerty into our life, mostly Shauna's life. She was seven; abducted, raped, tortured, and abused for three horrible days and left for dead, in hospital recovery for five weeks with a fear that those who did that might try to get to her and finish the witness they thought they had killed.

Bob read the story and came to guard her at her most vulnerable times, the graveyard shift. He never slept and was like a human pit bull who sang to her, read from books, put life and funny into the characters with his many voices, made her laugh in that bed and he fixed her head in that bed. They knew they could repair the body, but the mind was thought to be a lost cause. They didn't know she'd get a Bob Haggerty. Her mind was all better way before her body.

He saved my baby and gave us back our child. They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger; that's true, if you keep your mind. She came back to us much much stronger, brimming with confidence, full of piss and sexual energy, a lust and zest for life, a philosophy and a new religion as rock solid foundation. She was now a nasty little giggle bitch and practical joker who loved seeing me blush.

Those blushes healed my wounded spirit, and my tortured mother mind, and dashed faith abandoned by a worthless god who did not answer my prayers -- or if he did, the answer was 'fuck your little bitch.'

My daughter helped me come up with a great come back: "Fuck you, and your son got what he had coming."

And she had her mentor and best friend, a very bizarre man with a bizarre family. Bob Haggerty can do no wrong in our eyes. My new religion is Bob Haggerty, and I understand it as well as my former Christian Bible -- that is to say, not one fucking bit, so I go on blind faith. At least Bob answers my prayers, especially if I write them down and wrap cash with it. Jesus Christ never held me and kissed me then told me not to worry, he will fix it.

I didn't have to give him money, and never had to add any to church collection baskets either. I gave a hell of a lot more to my god who answers prayers and calms my fears while assuring me he stands between me and any god damn thing that could hurt me or any of my children, even the old god. My new god didn't fear anything, not even Satan and all of his demons from hell. That just impressed the fuck outta me, because they came up and got my baby girl. Bob took her back, then made her a tiger bitch that kicks demon ass and spits in the devil's face, and flips God off every time she passes a church. She isn't afraid of anything, either.

Me and Bill love to judge everybody; we're rich, young and beautiful. We won't even try to judge Bob. He is so far over our heads, we get nose bleeds trying to get our heads up to his level -- where Shauna is quite comfortable. We could never begin to comprehend their relationship, but six months ago we are very comfortable with it, and Bob and Betty's, their bizarre kids mixing with our regular kids.

Oh the fun we had playing poker, so silly and childishly sexual, high schoolish -- but it was so much fun wagering my breasts, then losing and having to show my shy titties. I can't believe what a huge thrill that was for me back then, and I did it with a weak hand hoping to show Jerry my lady titties. They had to stay out until another full hand was played, and I knew they'd call a break if my tits came out. Stuck topless for three hours and fifty minutes I was. He wasn't in the game but was watching the game, behind me massaging my shoulders, soon massaging my naked titties through a ten minute smoke, pee, beer break, but then something happened.

Shauna was with the boys, and boys were being boys. They -- and Tammy -- did something to piss her off again, but this was her seventh interruption caused by the same bullshit. She had no business wearing a dress when the Haggerty kids came over on card night. A dress begs trouble, and she wasn't wearing a bra either. I put a stop to her bad habit of not wearing panties, but she dresses to get their attention, gets it, then uses that assault to get our attention, too. She wants all attention, but that is just typical ten-year-old girl bullshit.

This one can't have babies and fucks whoever she wants to fuck. She fucks Bob, but usually Jerry. She also fucks her daddy. There isn't a fucking thing he could do to stop her if he wanted to. I am nothing but fascinated by it. She just needs to flex her sexual muscle sometimes, and we just don't know how to deal with that, so we don't -- never have.

This wasn't sexual muscle flexing which we think is very therapeutic for her, like a medicine she has to have from time to time. This was just being a little bitch which she is from time to time like going on the rag. We can deal with that, but it wasn't working at all this night. When we can't handle Shauna, if Bob is present, he can and he will jerk a knot in her tiger bitch tail. We have seen him wail her little bitch ass. He can get away with that. We wouldn't dare try.

I can't. She can whip my ass, and Bill could never raise a hand to that girl. He just can't. We know Bob blames us for the way she is, and we accept blame, but we still can't deal with her like he can. He makes it look effortless and keeps telling us it is and she won't kill her daddy or hurt me. I'd love to believe that but she scares the hell out of me. She can hurt me real bad, and I can't take pain. I admit, I am a big baby and a bigger coward. I kiss her ass and bow to her so she won't hurt me and will hurt anybody who tries to hurt me.

This night, she really pissed him off. This game was going great. My tits are out for the first time. Jerry has them naked for the first time, but this isn't the first time his hands have held my intimate flesh. He can come up behind me, envelope me, then sweetly and softly tell me how much he loves me and his latest fantasy of us on a date with the basketball team or the cheerleaders, me with cum running out of me on hands and knees, the tears on my face being washed away with streams of piss, then get his hands all over and all wet and sticky in intimate flesh. For that boy, I'm pretty much intimate flesh trying to stand up in sensible shoes.

Shauna's bullshit wasn't appreciated by any of us. Bob gets up, grabs her by the arm, and marches her to the living room calling us all in there. This never happened; I'm thinking it is happening because my tits are out and Bob found a way to extend this ten-minute break.

By our rules, I'm fucked till we play another hand. I am kinda thrilled by it, because my naked tits are in Jerry's hands where they will stay. He has them and he will not let them go. If I have to pee, we go pee, and I am needing to pretty bad. My plan was to get through the break, get through another hand, get my tits back in my blouse, then excuse myself for a personal break. I often have to leave a game to go masturbate, and they are used to that. They would expect I would need two or three nuts after doing that with Jerry. That is foreplay I MUST go do something about. I fuck myself with Betty's toys which she keeps in the lady's bathroom where I keep a case of D-cell batteries.

This fucked that plan, and if this thing dragged on for more than ten minutes, I was in deep trouble, but pretty excited by it, too. Peeing with Jerry watching me pee, seeing my pussy peeing. I could imagine what he'd do. Get his hand in it and fingers in me, and in my shy virgin butt-hole. I'd be so vulnerable sitting on a toilet with Jerry there, and I know he won't let me shut the door, and all the kids would pile in to see that. I would die if a toy got involved; if his cock found it's way into my mouth while I pissed. There are some toys made just for the butthole. He would probably use one, and my butthole doesn't really like toys; I always come in shrieking waves when it's prodded, sucking in fingers. That is sodomy, still a very big deal for me. Bob was killing me. This was fucking me real bad.

When we got to the living room, Jerry pulled me onto his lap and he sat beside Bill. We three were on the love seat, very cozy. Bill thinks this is funny as hell. The kids are all on the floor at our feet, and Betty takes a seat on the arm of the love seat right beside me. We are all bunched up with Bob and Shauna standing before us, and Bob is drawing his belt out of his belt loops. I know Bill and I are thinking he can't possibly be thinking about hitting her with a belt. She'll kill us all.

Bob tells her to take the dress off. When she doesn't, he lashes out at her legs three times, and he hit hard and left red marks on the bare legs of a tiger bitch. He again told her to take the dress off and she takes that dress off like he is a dead man. Now, she is standing there wearing only panties and her sneakers, and he begins whipping her tortured body with that wide limber belt, legs, belly, back, even her tits. I can't believe what I'm seeing, forgot all about peeing.

I guess he hit her thirty times, then tells her to take the panties off. She follows orders now and takes the panties off; now she is naked, and the Tammy and the boys are loving that. Bob starts whipping her ass and lower belly, her mound, and getting some pussy. I am amazed, but he tells her to step out and he comes up between her legs to intentionally hit her pussy. I am stunned, but he hits it ten times, then has her step wider, then wider, then very wide, giving her crotch ten each time.

He than makes her stand with her back to us, feet wide in the splits, and bend way over. Christ, what a view that presented of her whipped up pussy, then he whips it where we can see the belt landing in and on pussy, whipping asshole and pussy. I am so turned on I can't believe it, in part because I have my tits being played with by Jerry and Betty. Jerry's right hand is up under my dress and playing with my pussy inside my panties.

That explained it, and my legs were already outside of Jerry's. When the kids took notice, they could turn around and look right at it. Bill and Betty noticed and they each took a little lady leg over their laps. Jerry ripped away my panties, and I am in a major beaver being played with.

It's all out there. Tits, ass, pussy, and they are opening up my pussy to show my womb and ovaries, and I gotta pee so bad I don't care what I'm showing or seeing, and God is now whipping her beaver as she lies on her back close to me, the kids having to part to make room for her. If a leg were free, I could use it to toe her in the pussy were I that type of mother. Betty was and she was toeing her in the pussy until the belt began wailing on it again.

Some Haggerty brat -- maybe Tammy? --shoved three fingers up my virgin ass and piss shot out of my pussy all over Shauna, beaver to face, looked like some kind of statement that was totally unlike me. Bob was shocked that I would do that. Bill said, "Why did you piss on Shauna?"

I said, "Because she was lying where I was pissing after some sodomizing body put a hand up my virgin behind when I had to pee so bad I thought I'd pass out. That's why I peed on Shauna. Why ... do you think I have a death wish?"

Bob grinned. He said, "Thought you were making a statement."

Jerry and Betty together are very effectively masturbating me and driving me fast toward orgasm, so I am far from being able to get this under control, and very much turned on by it and wanting it to go on forever. I am at least giving Shauna a break. She is up on her stiff arms watching, and I can see she is amused by it. Everybody was. I was. We all know how I am about sodomy. She was damn lucky I didn't shit all over her.

I said, "I am ... gotta pee."

He goes, "Gotta get some panties on, too. You are drawing attention away from Shauna, and she is earning her attention."

"She is welcome to all of mine. I won't say I didn't want some, but I didn't wager this much on a pair of sevens."

He said, "If we had to put a value on this, I'd say you lost a hundred-dollar pot on a pair of sevens."

My tits were valued at five bucks. Betty's were a buck a tit, so that was quite a compliment, and I climaxed heavily on it. Bob decided to end Shauna's discipline on that note, but they didn't restore my decency or stop playing with my pussy. I didn't want them to, because I was still way up there in a high state of arousal. My first cums are tough to get, but after I get my first, the rest come easy, and I can ride a high between cums real easy. They were giving me a really nice, high ride.

Betty is really good with pussy, and she had three fingers inside me with the thumb doing my clit while Jerry held my pussy lips way open, so thrilling the way they were doing me. We were no longer stealing the show, just a sideshow. My hubby Bill took my left shoe off and begins giving me a nice footrub, nice for those who want my crotch wide open.

The main show has Shauna on her knees with her hands behind her back looking very submissive, whipped, and humbled. Bob is off to the side getting his belt threaded through the loops while saying to me and Bill, "I know you two don't understand this, but I was hoping this would teach you something about your daughter. You still don't know her or come close to understanding her. She does want you to and I know you both envy me for the relationship I have with Shauna. That relationship is indestructible."

Bill said, "You seem pretty sure about that."

"I am trying to prove that, and have always been trying to convince you that the parent-child relationship you have with her is, too. You just refuse to believe that, but I know this girl, and I know either of you could have done what I just did with the same result. You don't dare because you think she will hate you, fight you, or despise you, or love you less, or stop loving you at all, and lose all respect for you. Please observe and be aware. I have never taken a belt to her, never done anything like this, but I knew I could ... Shauna, do you hate me?"


"Do you still respect me?"


"Do you think less of me or love me less now?"

"No, I couldn't respect or love you any less."

"Real cute. Am I a mean cruel evil bastard, now?"


"Did you think I had to have a good reason to put you in lewd poses for whipping pussy, and you just went on blind faith that I must have a good reason?"


Bob grinned. "Are you saying it didn't matter why I did that?"

"Not to get me to cooperate, but I do want to know why. There better be a good reason."

"What you are saying is, certain people in your life have the right to demand your cooperation and they have the right to apply any necessary force without fear you will fight them."


"Can you name those people?"


"Well, who are they?"

"You, my mom, and my dad."

"Why just those three?"

"They have my unconditional love and respect for all eternity."

"So, your frail little mother could whip your tiger bitch ass with a belt and you won't hurt her. Do you expect us to believe that?"

She looked at me with a warm, wet smile and said, "My beautiful mother could piss all over me while I am being unjustly whipped between the legs for no good reason and get away with it. That's how bad she is."

Everyone busted up laughing. When the laughs died down, I said, "And let that be a lesson to you."

That wasted them, and four were wasting me. Buster Haggerty, that little asshole bastard was doing my asshole with four fingers going in to the palm, but I am now loving that and thinking he is a cute little fucker. My legs were now behind Betty and Bill to bring my asshole up. Jerry still had my cunt lips pulled open, and Betty was really working my cunt over good.

I am thinking of my lady pussy as a cunt now. Looks like a cunt to me, and we are the main show again. I am about to cum real good again. I'm sure that was pretty obvious and all were watching and waiting to see that. I do cum real good -- very not like a lady, much like a cheap slut. They don't get much cheaper than Betty, but I was looking a little cheaper at that moment, then I came and came and came which made her look like a fine lady. Shauna came up and ate it.

I don't know if Bob ordered her to do that or she just did that, but I watched it, fascinated by it. She never did that to me before, never seen her do that before. I did know she did that, but I never got to see her do it. She did that very well and seemed to like it a lot. I loved it a whole lot, and that was a very popular show for that crowd.

Me wanting it and petting and stroking her head while she did that was popular, and she was also doing my messy very violated asshole, which was simply amazing to me and made me think my shit really don't stink and must not taste bad, either. When she made love to my very clean asshole, my asshole sucked on her froggie tongue like my cunt does, my cunt and my asshole trying to compete with each other for her love and affection. Those two whores never shared anything before.

Jerry was back on my tits and that felt great, and we were making out during a lot of that which was really great. Me and Jerry became lovers that night. Our love affair really got off to it's start that night.

That was the most loving thing she ever did for me or to me, and it was not a short demo. I came three times while she was eating my pussy, five altogether. She may have been doing that for a full hour, but when she had enough, she kissed her way up to my mouth and really kissed me passionately, kicked that love affair off, too.

We also become lovers that night. When she flexes her sexual muscle, she usually climbs into bed with her parents and fucks us both. We don't bitch about that. There is no one going to bitch about Shauna getting into their bed, and she is going to get into somebody's bed if she doesn't go bed to bed. She doesn't sleep alone and her bed always has a Haggerty in it, usually Jerry. Four beds, four bedrooms, two in each bed usually. When Bob and Betty sleep over, the sofa pulls out to give them a bed.

She then held my face to say, "There are three, but you are so very special to me. If you think I could ever hurt you, then you just don't know me or know how special you are. I can fight Bob and I can hurt Bob -- do all the time. Same with Daddy. I can't fight or hurt you. If they were smart, and they aren't, they'd get you to do their dirty work. If any of the boys want some of my good pussy, or my shitter, you could get em some. They'd be real smart to come to you, cuz Bob and Daddy together can't get Jerry any without a fight if I don't wanna fuck."

I said, "When don't you wanna fuck Jerry?"

"Rare I don't want to give Jerry some pussy, but you could tell me to go give Buster some asshole. Yes, I may pout and whine, possibly bitch, but you pick up a belt and hit me between my legs, what can I do but go give Buster some asshole? Can't fight you, can't hurt you, but you can keep on whipping my pussy. You are that special, Mom. I always wished you knew. I hope Bob's stupid demo got through, cuz if it didn't, I am going to kick his fuckin bitch whippin ass so high up he'll have an asshole between his shoulder blades."

Bob said, "Tell her it got through, cuz I just spent a small fortune on all new underwear. Ain't none of it gonna fit if she does that."

God that was funny, but Bob is -- and I was getting to be as funny as Bob. Between us, we kept that house filled with laughter, the very best medicine. I love to laugh at the absurdities of life, sexual absurdities especially. Bob was so good at helping me see them that way. Sex had always been such a serious matter, and modesty such a critical matter. More than anything, Bob's stupid demo fixed me and freed me. Now, we could play some fucking poker, include Jerry and Shauna, and let Tammy and those sexy boys sit in ,if they just watch like ghosts.

When the game resumed, it was strip dare ghost poker. I won fifty bucks that night in cash and dare value. And I learned how to bluff. Just takes the balls to be called. The dumb fucks didn't think I had the balls to bluff. My daughter put a huge pair on me, but she was also the bitch who called me and revealed me to be a big bluffer. I had to strip naked, get down on my all fours like a bitch mutt, and suck her ass and pussy, a dare valued at twenty bucks, top value for any dare, but that value was only good because it was me and my first of that type, called a virgin dare. We had to keep our game affordable for Haggertys and the two kids, so dares were five, ten, fifteen, and twenty.

The chips were nickle, dime, quarter, dollar. We could get a hundred-dollar pot, but ten was the norm. If you ran out of chips, you had to sell a dare or all of your clothes to buy the chips needed to get back in the game. I couldn't go get my purse of plenty. Bill couldn't pull out his fat wallet. The weak players were the naked players. I was strong for a few games, but they found out I could bluff. I went back to being the weakest who must keep on selling her clothes to get back into the game.

You must sell all and all is valued at ten bucks. You can't get them back until you can buy them back. You could do a ten-dollar dare, but that is worse than playing and living naked.

Ten in chips is a lot of chips. A buyback was usually five and five. A fiver dare was oral sex. Whoever you sold your clothes to gets head and five bucks worth of chips. All that gets you is your clothes back. Once you sell your clothes, it's hard to get them back and stay in the game with enough chips to play with some muscle, which was Bob's secret to being the best. He had all the chips and all of my clothes, usually Shauna's, too. When the game ended, I could go put on something else, but when we resumed, I had to sit down naked and in most cases do a ten-dollar dare so I'd have the chips to play with some power.

A tener is a fucking in the ass, which I would gladly get from Jerry if he had it, then Bill -- but he never had it. If he did, he wouldn't sell to me. Very often Jerry wouldn't, which forces me to deal with Bob, always willing to sell me a fucking in the ass or a tit-fuck, but a tit-fuck was a fiver as was a pussy fuck. A tener was all the dare I could do, and the butt-fuck was the only tener, so I became Bob's ass whore and pretty much played poker naked and lived naked when games were in recess. I got dressed to leave the house, but when I get home, may as well get naked and let Bob fuck me in the ass.

At least when the game resumed, I was set to play. They preferred I get set to play because the long delay while I took my butt-fucking got old after a few weeks. Wasn't getting old for me, but I could see where it was for them.

Actually, it was much better doing it outside the game, because Bob was very gentle with me and took his time. I did so want to give him that treasured pleasure fully. I was very willing to be his ass whore, and my ass did turn out to be a whore for a big cock. I could take him in my ass a lot easier than in the pussy, but I had to have a few enemas. A douche didn't help my little pussy, but getting all the shit of my ass did make all the room he needed to fully enjoy my body, which he had always most coveted.

I think his full-figured wife has a better one, and Shauna's is a cuter one, and Tammy's is known for elasticity, but it doesn't matter what I think. Two males very much disagreed. Bob and Jerry. To them, I was the ultimate, a very fine lady no matter what I did, would always be. It absolutely thrilled them to see me naked and be able to fuck me in the ass especially. To a lesser degree they were all like that, the exception being my Hubby Bill: he put Shauna at the top, then Betty, then several women he worked with or worked under him. As a last resort, he'd fuck me, but he wouldn't look up from picking his toes to see me naked.

He'd stop giving Shauna a pelvic exam if I were masturbating, and he'd get out from between her legs to get between my legs if I were fucking myself with something big and horsie. That was a twenty-dollar dare everybody wanted me to wager, that and making love to Jerry on the table, two virgin dares good for twenty, but they were teners after that.

For three months those dares went begging while I stuck to doing the tener I could do, so that did get old, still didn't for me and Bob, or me and Jerry, got to be a fun and easy ten bucks.

I really got to be a whore about it, and was selling my ass just to sell it, need the chips or not, and I still wasn't buying my clothes back. Nobody wanted to see me wearing anything, and I got to liking living naked. It was a great excuse, and seeing me naked made Bob and Jerry horny to fuck my ass during the longer recesses and in bed at night where a ten-dollar butt-fuck could be made to last all night.

Bill would usually go beg pussy off Shauna, or Tammy, or get in bed with Betty if Bob was my customer. Betty and Bob usually had to leave by ten as getting to work from our place was a traffic bitch for Bob. Betty had dogs that needed care and sex, plus Bob wanted the whore available when he had a customer who wanted to use her in some perverted way, always gave us plenty to talk about while playing poker. I always did love the way he talked about his wife right in front of her and her children, loved the way he used her, too. Can't say I always did, but my the time we started playing poker I did.

By then, I knew she didn't care and had no pride, and didn't want any, gets in the way and hurts. Bob helped her lose it, then got everybody to help. I was the last to pitch in, but then found that to be a lot of fun. She never takes offense and thinks of it as help. How could a lady not like that? We love to put down whores and sluts. We wish we could do it to their face right in front of their children and our own. We don't because they frighten us, but I lost my fear. I knew Bob would protect me, and he liked whipping her. He wanted me to whip her for being such a whore and a slut.

I could never do that until I saw it done to Shauna. After that, one easy fiver for me was whip Betty or Shauna. That and ass whoring kept me in a big pile of chips and out of any dares I couldn't handle, could have had me playing with clothes on. I was selling chips for head from Betty and Shauna. They were sucking me to get the five I got for whipping them. I, in effect, whipped them and got great oral sex in return. Poker was addictive as hell, and they didn't resent me at all. They honestly didn't.

They both would love to do that for me for free, and loved doing it for chips. Neither of them mind getting a whipping from me just like the one Bob gave Shauna. The guys absolutely love watching me whip gymnastic beavers. I really give it to that whore's bald cunt, but it didn't bother me to hit Shauna's tortured hairless pussy, not after seeing what she could take and believing she meant what she said. The boys were all sucking up to me to get what they want off her.

That sure is nice, especially when I know they really want to lick and love me there and it is more an excuse to look at and lick at my pussy and sexy asshole than any need to go through me to get sex off a very easy girl to get sex from. She became impossible so they had to go through me to get anything. God bless her for making Jerry come to me to get her. I loved her for that.

She wanted me to have Jerry without Jerry having me, sorta have my cake and eat it, too. She came up with the idea of ass that takes all night to get. I got to make rectal love to my lover in my marital bed lying right beside my jacking off husband who cheats. I am earning chips. That is not cheating, not by our way of thinking. He didn't care, anyway, but would rather see me serving Bob.

Bob fucked me in the ass all night long when he stayed all night. Jerry made face-to-face love to me with his dick in my asshole. Bill could get bored watching that. If he'd go fuck somebody, we could cheat. Shauna helped out there, too. She'd let him watch for a while, then come get him so we could cheat.

Everyone knew we were cheating but had no proof, not that it really mattered. That didn't win me. When I gave myself over to Jerry to do with as he pleased, that won me. I wasn't willing to do that or cheat out where all could see. They all wanted to see that, so the big deal dare was to make love on the poker table for all to see and enjoy. Eventually, I could do that dare. I took it and we did that about twenty times before I could do the other biggy, fuck myself on the table with a horsie cock dildo.

Both became my preferred ten-dollar dares that kept me in chips being a power player, but still not a very good one. I lost a lot, but getting it back was not a problem, and I was still Bob's ass whore. Jerry was more into fucking my pussy, trying to get me pregnant, and preferred doing that in front of everyone.

When I began writing about this at the six-month, half destroyed point, I liked making love, but he liked fucking me like a slut and treating me like a slut, and using me like a whore. He began selling me to his brothers and to my sons. I didn't like that, but he could do that because I let him do that, a limited surrender for real cash he could spend. Those boys didn't have much, so I was sold cheap, a couple of bucks to fuck me ass or pussy. A buck for a blowjob, and my asshole husband giving them money to buy plenty. At those prices Jerry was making damn good money off my whore ass, but doing it kept me from slipping further, so I made it through another month.

I'm now in the eighth month, still holding at what I would say was three-quarters destroyed, but I can now say I would like to return to half. Jerry won't let me. I won't let him get me any lower. The challenge now is to win back lost ground. Should be easy, but it isn't. I have a very bad sexual addiction that isn't so much Jerry centered. It is more Bob and Betty, also Shauna and Betty, or Tammy and Betty, or Bob and Shauna and Tammy. I am very heavy into those threesomes, now, but I am telling Jerry to go fuck himself and I quit being his whore.

I got free of Jerry, but can't say I gained any ground, can't say I lost any, either. I'm officially pregnant, although I have no clue who the father might be; I can't say I am no longer a whore or have never had sex with any animal, not since they moved completely in and brought all the fucking dogs. At least Bob charges what I'm worth. I make a lot more than Betty does for doing a lot less; almost as much as Tammy. I live in Bob's whorehouse. Bill doesn't. Bill had enough and moved in with his very personal secretary. Divorce pending. I'll get the house and the kids, but no support. I need the money and a good pimp.

Bob tells me I need to go the rest of the way and to do that, I need to lose the pride, just gets in the way of business and causes me to get hurt. He is willing to help; the kids are all eager to help, and the most eager is Betty. She wants to be a big help, very eager to help. The biggest help is breeding me to dogs in front of my children who all think I make a very sexy bitch.

Fortunately, so do the best paying customers. I am in full agreement, and I never feel sexier than when a horny mutt thinks I am, and I can see he wants me real bad. When that happens, I get like a bitch in heat and quickly lose all pride whether there is a paying customer or not. The trick is to keep me away from them, locked in my kennel, until we have one or more -- dogs or paying customers. Whichever. That way, I can keep some pride and just lose it when I need to.

Now, I can hold at ninety percent destroyed, and cling to that ten percent which I can hold over Betty and Tammy. Of course, the real lady of the house is Shauna. She is the one with the whip. Betty gets it worse than I do; Tammy lives for it. Shauna still thinks I'm special, and still likes me best. I'm still a big suck-up -- but not a coward, and I can take a lot of pain, it turns out. We have whore cunts. She has pussy. I'm the bitch, but Betty is a sleazy slut; Tammy a mere fuck-socket. The dogs all much prefer me. I like to do dogs over Betty, keeps her in her place, licking the place I'm getting fucked.

Poker? Who has time for playing games?

This is a place of business, not a god damn casino. I finally figured out who abducted Shauna, but they still haven't caught them. It was the Haggertys. Bob isn't afraid of Satan. He IS Satan. I worship Satan. Who would have thought he'd have a great sense of humor?

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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