Champion Breeds

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Published: 8-May-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Dr. Weinerstein withdrew the needle from the big grey husky laying asleep on his exam table. It was getting really easy to get the proteins needed for the proper injections for his test subjects. This one would be for the new mexican girl who had just passed the screening process.

Dr. Weinerstein had been running this project now for a few years, mostly from his own funds. Getting financial backers has hard in the first place. Now it was impossible with the new secret local that he was forced to use when the last country ran him out.

He'd been lucky to get most of his research materials before the fire. Didn't they know how important his work would be in genetic science?

His thoughts became frustrated from the anger at the worlds intolerance. It was time to take a stroll through the hallways.

He put the needle in the lab refrigeration unit and took off his latex gloves, then decided to put them back on again. No telling what he might have to do. It was best to be prepared. Besides, he liked the feel of them.

He walked out into the hall, his hall. Barely more than a kennel actually. Tile floors with straw scattered over them, simply because with no assistants, it took too much time to clean the inevitable fecal droppings from all of the animals.

In most of the old rooms, were the test animals that weren't paired up with their mate yet. Mostly canines of different sorts, but a few farm animals as well. He'd tried to get something from every breed but zoo's wouldn't supply him with anything and other means were priced way out of his dwindling budget. That made it harder to keep them as the canines, all male, fought constantly for the alpha slot. As if they'd have a choice with who they could breed with.

The girls were easier to keep. They all were volunteers and were even willing to sleep in the same beds, at least until they were paired up. He couldn't have any cross contamination once the mating had started. Besides, most of them didn't speak each others language.

Dr. Weinerstein walked through the makeshift sealed door into the breeding labs. Which were just more rooms from the converted school. Most were even missing doors and he'd had to put cyclone fence doors so that he could keep his subjects locked in. They didn't try to escape, mostly, but he'd caught a few of them trading partners with each other. What a mess that ended up being.

In the first room was Anna Chin. She'd been one of his first volunteers. He'd enticed her from her Tiawan home town with the promise of the millions of dollars he knew he'd be getting when his experiment proved him to be the genius he was. She was pretty small for her advanced age, which was going to be thirteen, but was a trooper and she jumped at her assigned mate with vigor.

He'd first paired her with a chocolate lab, but he'd made a few miss calculations then and the dog had had a heart attack while coupling. That was the earlier days, when Dr. Weinerstein thought it would work better to change the make up of the canine sperm for viability. That was stupid, thought Dr. Weinerstein, When he'd thought of all the hard work it took to reformulate the compound for each species.

It was much easier to use young girls because of their ability to adapt to the resequencing of the protein surrounding their eggs to accept the counterpart of the protein surrounding the sperm to the species that they'd be paired up with. Specifically, with girls who had not yet reached puberty. That was when it was best to alter their genetic reproductive mechanations.

He'd remembered the headaches from hitting his forehead at his obvious stupidity.

Well, that was past now and the program was beginning to work. Anna was now with a shetland pony, because she was older and could handle his larger make up. The equine would be to big for the other girls. He looked on at them with pride. Anna was sitting with a dreamy look in her eyes, the pony standing near by with his head down and against her budding chest.

Anna saw him and she reached an arm up to hug the pony's head to her while she smiled contentedly. The pony responded with a lick to her neck and a quick nip at her cheek. She nipped him back on the outside of his mouth.

Dr. Weinerstein felt a flush of jealousy. Why couldn't he ever find such love? Of course he couldn't! He was a genius. He couldn't be bothered with having to sustain some sort of relationship with a demanding female of his own species. No, this work was much more important!

Anna had gotten up and was readying her pony for another coupling. She watched The doctor with a smile as she got on the special table built for just such a purpose and opened herself to her lovers desires. Then the pony entered her and she became lost in her own world.

Dr. Weinerstein found that he was holding his breath. He purposely turned away and walked briskly to the next room.

There was a korean girl that he still couldn't figure out what she called herself, and she was in the middle of a coupling with a goat from a farm. The goat was young and virile and proved free from any form of STD, unlike the sheep he had originally tried. That had been another mess. He even had to let the girl go because the syphilis had reacted poorly with the injections and made her sterile. That had led to more self induced headaches.

The goat finished quickly and his mate waited on the bench for him to breed with her once more. It only took a few minutes and then the scent of her aroused the goat again, which in turn caused him to mount the ten year old once more. She grunted with the full penetration and then reached back to hold the rubber covered hooves and keep them from bruising her too badly.

The girl still had the scare from the one time the rubber cap came off and he gashed her side with his sharp hove. That had been scary, but only twenty stitches and a pint of blood to fix it with. The problem was that he'd had to wait for the goat to finish first. Come to think of it, the girl had been no help either.

The next few rooms had the occupants sleeping, most of them cuddled together. Nothing to really see there, but he admired the way the girls got into their work. Most of them were of asian decent in this part of the hallway. Mostly canines too.

Dr. Weinerstein turned the corner and went through the door to the next hallway. Instantly he heard the sound of Kathy. He walked strait to the larger room, a makeshift stall for Kathy and her chosen mate. Kathy was actually fifteen and had chosen the only animal that Dr. Weinerstein couldn't really use, which was the quarterhorse that came with the farm animals he'd bought.

He'd tried to explain to her, her being american and from the south, that she was most likely too old for the compound to take effect on and her hard work would be waisted. She would hear none of that though, and had even come up with some funding to help his science project. What could he do but to let her try? Besides, who knew what might happen?

She did seem to want her baby with this particular breed too.

As he looked on, Kathy was fully impaled by the larger beast and was even gripping his side with her fingers. He shook his head. That animal was more likely destroying her womb than impregnating it. But he knew that there would be no talking to her about it.

The rest of the rooms had the latin girls. The one in the stall across from Kathy was mixing it up with the pig from the farm. It was a heavy pig and he knew that he'd chosen her because she was chunky too. But he wasn't sure if it was for weight balance or to make the mate more attractive to the pig.

The special frame helped prevent the burdensome animal from crushing Maria, though he could do nothing about the fluids that always ran down over and covering her eleven year old body. She didn't seem to mind it as much now anyway. She would always feel so slippery afterwards too.

Dr. Weinerstein walked down to the following rooms and saw either active mating or both subjects sleeping. He stopped at a room he'd thought was empty.

Dr. Weinerstein did a double take. He yelled out, "Conchita! What the hell are you doing?!" Inside, Conchita was mating with a great dane, her former partner. There was no special bench and she was simply in there with him on all fours as he deeply thrusted into her ten year old, mid term pregnant body. She had locked herself in with the huge canine and had the key in her clutched hand.

"Stop it this instant! You'll cause a miscarriage!" He didn't know why he was telling her this. She didn't speak english and he didn't speak spanish. He tried to kick the lock but the gate wouldn't budge. He looked around for a crowbar or something, or a fire axe. Something every lab shouldn't be without. Nothing.

He rattled the cage. Conchita looked at him slowly with reddened eyes. She had no intention of letting him in to stop her. Besides, they were tied. He couldn't do much more than let them finish at this point.

It was then that the alarm went off. That meant that Olga was in labor.

Dr. Weinerstein ran to the delivery room where Olga was staying. She was pressing the switch for the alarm until he gently took it out of her gripping hand. He petted her head to ease her feelings of worry, but inside he was jumping with joy.

Now would come the fruits of all his hard work. Now the world would see what a true genius could accomplish even without help. He would have a cross breed of a human with... er, what was she paired with?

No matter. He would know as soon as the delivery was complete.

It was very difficult with Olga only being nine years old. He ended up doing a cesarean section on her.

There was the leg, he thought. Now lets see what we have.

Out came a beautiful human baby boy with blue eyes.

He stared. What the hell had gone wrong? Then it hit him.

Dr. Weinerstein started to hit his forehead as he repeated to himself. "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Don't fuck the test subjects!"

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Weird! It is not possible for joinding the specie (or so I am told), but it makes a good story.


Like the novelty factor, well told, thanks

dezurtdawg the un-named British comedy show usually said, 'And now for something different!' Well, I got close to how they said it.

Although Howie is right, that is the jist of the mad doctor's genius; to be able to do the impossible! One would hope it never works with Kathy and the quarter horse as their 'baby' kicking inside of her would tear her apart! I was surprised that Olga was only nine but even that seems to be possible nowadays.

Interesting read.

Isabella Echo

thats hot and kinky shit lol

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