Girl From The Street, Part 1

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Published: 4-Feb-2012

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Remember: I don't practice, participate in or encourage sex with children, I don't rape and never have, used drugs nor have I murdered anyone. I don't encourage anyone to do any of the things my characters do and none of the situations are real either. These are just stories that have taboo themes in them and NOT wishful thinking. I just want to tell stories and hope no one takes my tales as anything but strokable fun.

Ten year old Leslie Channing walked out of the gate of number 15 Parsons Avenue, licking her plump wet lips.

She always got good money from old Mr Reed, especially when she was very nice to him and drank his "milk" for him.

She giggled and skipped as she went off to school, money in her pocket and her warm spermy snack in her round tummy.

She was almost at the end of her street when she saw the black man directing the removal men, taking his furniture into the house that had once been empty and where she had liked to hide away sometimes from her cruel step-father.

She didn't like the fat man, grunting and gasping as he fucked her very tight little pussy, squirting his 'stuff' up into her belly.

He always wanted a kiss afterwards and she would shove him away, demanding the money he had promised her.

"You're shaping up to be a real whore!" he would tell her as he counted off the bills and placed it in her small hand.

"And whose fault is that?" she retorted.

"Don't get fresh with me, young lady!" he would snap.

"You could talk to me like that if you weren't fucking me every night while Mum lies drunk in your bedroom." she sneered, pushing the man out of her room.

But sometimes he too was drunk and liked to hit her with his broad belt before fucking her very hard and then making her suck his cock until he squirted.

It was when he was like this that she would run to the old house, climbing in through the broken window to sleep in the empty upstairs bedroom.

She had to stop doing that when the black man came and started rebuilding the house, taking the 'For Sale' sign down and making the place look really nice.

She had stood at the recently painted fence and looked in on him working, smiling at him when he turned and saw her standing there.

He had stopped working and smiled back at her, coming out and asking if she wanted something.

"No, I just wanted to see what you were doing," she grinned, "I used to come and sleep here when my step-father got drunk and wanted to beat me."

"Beat you?" he asked in surprise.

"Yeah, he usually beats me with his broad belt and then makes me do stuff for him. I used to hide in the front bedroom until morning and he's sober." she told him.

The handsome black man had a troubled look on his face.

"What does he make you do?" he asked softly.

She chuckled to herself, wondering if he was a 'teller' or a 'toucher'.

"He makes me take his 'thing' up my bum and in my little pussy," she said, "Then he squirts his 'stuff' in my mouth and makes me drink it all."

The nice black man swallowed and looked about, then turned back to her.

"Why didn't you tell the police or your teacher?" he asked nervously.

She grinned up at him, amused.

"No, then my Mummy and me wouldn't have anyone to look after us!" she told him, then she looked at him very seriously. "Are you going to tell?"

The black man looked at her, then looked around again, still nervous.

"No, not if you don't want me to." he said with a shrug.

"Good, cause I wouldn't like you very much if you did." she told him, "I would have to go the a care home and my Mummy would have no place to live."

"Oh, I see!" he said to her and sighed, "But you should do something about your stepfather doing stuff to you."

"Nah! All I really need is a place to sleep overnight until he calms down, then he's fine." she said.

She liked this man, he wasn't a 'teller' so he must be a 'toucher', she hoped so because she wanted him to touch her bum-bum with those nice big hands.

"If you let me come and stay at your house when he's drunk I would be ever so grateful!" she told him, batting her big blue eyes up at him.

"Don't you have relative? Family?" he asked looking very nervously around him, "No one who could keep you when he's drunk?"

She shook her head and kept smiling up at him with her pretty eyes until he folded.

He looked around again, nervous and restless. Then he sighed again, nodding.

"OK, I'll let you stay at my house when he gets nasty." he said.

"Cool!" she grinned.

He gave her a wary smile and she skipped off.

"See you when you move in then!" she said as she went.

Now he was actually moving in and turned to smile at the sexy little girl as the removal men finished taking his things into the house.

"Hi!" she said.

"Hi!" he replied.

"I'm gonna come over later to see what your place looks like now!" she told him as she passed by.

"OK!" he said, going into the house.

As she passed the workmen she heard one of then speak.

"Shit! That little girl looks like Jailbait!" one man said.

"Yeah, she is a bit too sexy for a little kid with no breasts." the other man said, "Definitely 'Jailbait'!"


Orson Gordon had not been treated well by life. His wife of thirteen years left him for a white, rich stock broker who had also left his wife.

She had told him that he was a great lover and a kind man, but just too poor for her.

The man's wife had sued HIM, losing the case and costing him thousands of pounds in costs, making him have to sell up his big house in the country and buy this smaller, two bedroom place instead.

He had paid off his debts, but now he was not left with much money and had to do overtime to try to make the shortfall.

At least he still had that and the promotion he nearly missed had helped him earn a few extra 'bob'.

When he saw the little white girl standing at his fence, he came out to see what she had wanted.

She was gorgeous, prettier than any female he had ever seen, her large blue eyes framed by her dark, short hair and that wide mouth that opened so wide, so expressive and... Sexy?

That thought still disturbed him.

The girl was indeed sexy for one so very young, her smile held a naughty promise and her expressive mouth looked as though it belonged wrapped around a thick, hard cock.

Even her slightly plump young body was ever so sexual

When she turned to leave he saw that meaty rear she carried around behind her, her chunky bottom looked as though it had entertained many wayward hands.

Her thick lower torso a sign of her possible depth.

He didn't doubt for a moment that her stepfather had not been visiting her every night for her surprisingly arousing body.

The girl was precocious and vivacious, a real little sex-kitten.

Orson shook himself.

He knew that he shouldn't have those kinds of thoughts, but the little girl stirred things in him that he had long forgotten.

He remembered Nikki Halls, the pretty white girl who had lived next door to his parents not too far from here where he grew up.

He had come home early from school after getting into trouble with a teacher and found his father between the thirteen year old's plump white thighs.

The girl clung to him, coaxing him on, begging him to fuck her harder with his 'big black cock'.

The young Orson stood at the bedroom door, watching his father's naked buttocks clenching and relaxing as he thrust savagely into the pre-teen, the white girl's plump legs curled around his hips.

He gasped as he saw his father's thick black cock sliding in and out of the girl's pink wet pussy, slick with her juices.

They both nearly died when they heard him, his father jumping up off the girl, his long cock sliding out endlessly from her clinging pussy, still gooey from her juices.

"Oh, Shit!" he gasped in surprise and a little fear, "ORSON!"

The man didn't know what to do, standing there with his cock sticking up in the air.

But the girl got out of bed and walked naked over to Orson, pulling him into the room and leading the stunned boy over to the bed.

"If you're good, I'll let you have some too!" she smiled, kissing him and then pulling him onto the bed, opening his school trousers and freeing his young cock.

"Oooh!" she cooed in delight, "He's gonna have a big one too!"

He still remembered laying naked under the sexy, lusty brunette, his young virgin cock being sucked slowly up into her tight young pussy as his father knelt behind her and squeezed up into her arse.

"Go slow, Mr Gordon!" she gasped, "You're cock is much bigger than my Daddy's."

After that he not only kept their secret, but the girl fucked him many times, teaching all manner of ways to make her feel good, including 'eating' her juicy pussy while she suckled on his cock, drinking up his young sperm.

Nikki moved away when he turned fifteen, the slightly older girl hadn't wanted to go, but her father got a job in a different part of London and he needed to be close by.

After that his mother and father sort of split up, his mother moving back to Guyana and his father staying at his job until Orson turned seventeen and went off to college.

He was now married to a rather heavily built, very sexy white woman who bore a strange resemblance to Nikki but much too old to be her.

He had never known her mother, the woman had left long before he knew the girl.

He and his father rarely talked now though and he didn't really see him that often.

The woman who was essentially his stepmother had met him once and he kind of liked her.

She had hugged him to her large breasts, planting a big, sloppy kiss on his mouth and whispering how mush she'd like to squeeze his sperm out of his balls into belly.

He got a bit scared and didn't go back since, to her disappointment.

She was always sending messages to him to come and visit.

Now he was moving into his new home, the little girl from somewhere up the leafy street had just gone past, telling him she would be coming to see him later.

He wondered if he would end up like his father, regularly fucking an under-aged white girl in his bed.


Nicola Channing sat with another bottle of vodka, ready to pour another full glass.

She felt abandoned, useless and demeaned. She drank to kill the pain, to free herself from the knowledge that she was now a useless piece of meat that no man wanted any more.

Even her husband ignored her, preferring to visit his stepdaughter's bed every night and relieve himself in her tight young body that touch her.

She had lain in her bed at night, pretending to be drunk, listening the the creaking of the girl's mattress as the fat, balding man who had once been so handsome, humped into her, relieving himself in her young body.

Nicola had seen the leaking sperm oozing out of her daughter's bottom and vagina when she later went to wake her for school.

She knew where it had come from and who had put it there, but she knew if she made a fuss she would be out on the street and her daughter would end up in some home somewhere, probably never seeing her again.

So she let him use her, let the man fuck and bugger her ten year old child so that they had a roof overhead and food to eat.

She didn't drink anywhere as much as they both thought she did, but she did drink enough to get legless and sleep through the noise and the pain.

Now Tom had started beating her, strapping her big, chunky bottom with his thick leather belt until she was covered in broad welts.

He would usually look for her daughter then for her share, but the girl was usually gone.

He would return to her and beat her until she perform oral sex for him, something she would have done for him willingly, but the man seemed to enjoy her pain.

Nicola had seen the big removals truck come down her street, knowing that number 10 had been sold and that a black man had moved in there.

He had done the place up really nice and she figured that he was now living there.

She still had a 'thing' for black guys, ever since she was young.

She would have loved to feel her very first lover's big black cock stirring her belly again, stroking her pussy and making her cum.

It was her own father who had impregnated her, using her tight young body day and night until she bred a daughter for him.

The man had plans to 'train' her too, starting her off with his spermy load after making Nicola suck his cock, beating her when she protested.

He would squirt his thick seed into the child's mouth and laugh as she made a face, slurping the stuff down and then smiling up at him.

She was five when he was taken away by illness, the man who had been his boss taking her into his bed and then marrying her.

Now she was 'Mrs Channing' and he had never let her forget it.

Then he too had begun 'touching' her daughter, his hand always under her dress, fondling her bum.

Then the 'feeding' began again, the man caught many times with his cock between the child's lips and his sperm running down her chin.

She tried to complain but he just beat her and shut her up, making her sit and watch as he 'fed' her daughter each time, showing the woman how much the child liked it.

Nicola began to despair when he stopped paying any attention to her, slipping into her daughter's bed every night.

Now she 'played' drunk, emptying most of the vodka into the sink when they weren't looking, filling the bottle with water and sitting for ages, sipping her glass full of 'Vodka' as they watched her.

She wondered if that black man at the front of her street would be interested in a 'fat' white woman.

She had heard that they did like their women with a little 'beef' on their bones.

She knew she had a nice arse, quite a few black men had commented on it while she was shopping with her husband, earning a sharp look from the man.

She didn't understand why he was annoyed, he never touched her any more anyway.

Maybe she would wander down to the end of the road when he was moving about his front garden, try to make conversation.


Leslie smiled at the big black man as she walked up to his gate and stood looking up at him.

"I've come to see your house now!" she grinned.

The man looked a bit nervous, but he opened his front gate and let the ten year old white child in.

"What's your name?" she asked.

"Orson!" he said, "What's yours?"

"Leslie!" she told him.

"That's a pretty name!" he told her as she came closer.

"I like yours too!" she grinned.

The pretty, plump-bottomed girl walked up to his open front door and went inside, the man following close behind.

She was amazed at how nice the place looked, so clean and there was carpets all over the floors.

She stood and shed her black shoes near the door, feeling the thick carpet under her feet.

"Oooooooh! That feels nice!" she sighed.

She walked into the living room, looking at the huge, flat-screen TV and the wonderful stereo system. It all looked so wonderful and she longed to have one like it in her own home.

"That's so nice!" she said to the man, "Can I come over and watch Movies on it?"

She watched the torment on his face, smiling sweetly up at him and batting her pretty blue eyes.

He sighed and nodded, causing the girl to cheer and leap up onto him.

She clung to his neck and planted a big wet kiss on his mouth before he could react, smiling into his stunned face.

"I like you!" she grinned, "You're not a 'teller', and you're not a 'feeler' either. That means that I can play with you and you won't hurt me like the others do!"

He looked quizzically.

"What others?" he asked.

"Oh, just the others!" she said, not telling him any more.

"I see!" he say, clearly not understanding at all.

She thought that was so cute and gave the man another wet kiss on his mouth again, not getting much resistance this time.

"Mmmmmm!" she chuckled as her lips remained glued to his.

She dropped down to the soft carpeted floor and took his large hand, pulling him along.

"Show me the rest of the house!" she squealed as she led him to the stairs, intent on seeing the room she always slept in before.


Orson found the girl knew the house very well, showing him where she used to sleep in what was not his bedroom.

There was a spot under the front window that she used to curl up, on a pile of old carpets he had thrown into the 'skip' outside the house when he was cleaning up.

The girl danced about the room happily, going around the bed and then climbing up onto it, smiling invitingly up at him.

"Would you like to play with my bum-bum?" she asked in a tone that could only be described as very sexy.

"Err... That wouldn't be a good idea." he said, shaking his head.

"Why not?" she asked, laying on her stomach, and kicking her feet in the air, making her school uniform ride up to show that she had no panties on at all.

He swallowed and licked his lips, not trusting himself to come any closer.

"Well, it's just wrong, that's all!" he told her.

"It's only wrong if the girl doesn't want it." she smiled, the meaty pink domes of her bottom on view, "And I want it!"

She grinned at him and sighed, her bottom clenching a couple of times, making his cock stir in his trousers.

"Wouldn't you like to touch it, to squeeze it and make me feel nice?" she asked, "I would really like that, I would really like to feel your big hand playing with my bum-bum for ages and ages."

Orson's cock throbbed and hurt now, twisted in an odd angle in his underwear.

He felt his body moving towards the bed before he could stop himself, the little white girl giggling with excitement as he came and sat down next to her.

"Quick, touch it," she sighed, "Squeeze my bum-bum for me and make it feel nice!"

Orson felt the meaty flesh under his hand, realising that he had done as she had asked.

The firm, doughy pink buttock felt really nice under his hand, his fingers kneading the tight, smooth flesh.

"Oooooooh! That's nice!" she sighed, resting the side of her face on the bed and closing her eyes, "Don't stop, squeeze the other one as well!"

Orson reached over and grasped the other meaty buttock, squeezing and fondling them both in his hands and finding their touch amazing.

She cocked her hips, raising her buttocks higher, allowing his better access to her bum, letting him fondle her better and bringing moaning sighs to her wide lips.

Then he pulled his hands away, almost cumming in his pants.

She rolled onto her side and smiled at him.

"I knew you'd be nice!" she grinned, "It's something about the way you look at me. I think you're a 'nice toucher' and I think I'll come and play with you all the time from now on."

She turned around on the bed, crawling over to him and laying across his crotch.

He felt her hands on his cock, opening his trousers and freeing it, the man doing nothing to stop her.

"Ooh!" she squealed excitedly, "It's so big!"

She was stoking it with both her hands, unable to get her fingers around it.

She raised up, smiling into his eyes as she opened that wide mouth and sucked the fat head of his cock into it, suckling hard and working her mouth on and off the sensitive domed head.

"Gahh!" he gasped at her touch, the feeling of her young mouth fantastic.

"UMmmmUMmmmUmmm...." she moaned as she sucked him, sliding her mouth and rubbing her lively tongue as she suckled him, stroking his thick shaft and getting the excited man close to his orgasm.

He cried out, his balls clenching and his cock throbbing and jumping as it spat its gooey sauce into the white child's eagerly sucking mouth.

He felt her sucking harder, hearing her gulp as his sperm coated her throat. She squeezed his shaft, working the rest of the thick, sperm out into her waiting mouth, swallowing it all and then licking his cock as he sat gasping.

"Mmmmmm!" she grinned as she raised up, still holding his shaft, "Yummy! Your stuff' tastes really nice and thick."

He gasped, trying to catch his breath.

"Leslie, do you like to drink men's sperm?" he asked her.

"Oh yes!" she grinned in delight, "I love to suck it from their 'things' and hear them screaming, feeling their 'stuff' squirting into my mouth and swallowing it all down."

Orson couldn't believe this little girl, she was so fucking sexy and amazing.

She got up and straightened her dress.

"When I come back we can play again," she smiled, "You've got a really nice 'thing' and I want to feel it up my bum-bum soon. OK?"

He nodded, in a daze.

This little white girl was just something else.

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Philip Spencer

This must be the first installment of a longer story, because I kept waiting for something to happen yet nothing did. The racial elements in the story seem totally unnecessary.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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