Week With My Sister, Day 1

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Published: 24-May-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I was in the shower when my 15 year old sister came barging in on me.

"I'm really sorry to barge in on you, but I really need to pee," she said to me through the shower curtain.

I couldn't help myself but to look through the gap in the curtain as she lifted her night shirt and pulled her panties to her ankles. I'm not a lesbian or anything; I'm only 11 after all. I haven't even touched myself, or had any kind of sexual thoughts. I thought she peed really weird, because when she sat on the toilet, she opened her legs really wide. She was looking down at herself, and from where I was I could see all the hair on her pussy. I didn't want to get caught looking at my sister, so I went back to my shower, and my sister finished up and left without another word to me.

Mom called for me about 10 minutes later and told me to hurry up and get downstairs. When I got there, Mom & Dad were in the entry way, and my sister Cassy was on the couch in the living room.

"Now we are going to back gone for the week," Mom said to us. "Cassy is in charge, so you be good and listen to her Lucy."

"There is food, some money, and emergency numbers in the kitchen," Dad added, "and you may have friends over, but no boys... Got it?"

"Yes Dad," Cassy said, rolling her eyes like she had been told that a hundred times before.

"Ok Daddy," I replied happily.

We all said are goodbyes. Hugs, kisses, rules, and all the normal family things.

Day 1

After Mom & Dad left, my sister and I went about our normal summer routine. I went over to one of my friends' houses, and her Mom brought us to the mall and such. I wanted to stay the night at my friend's house, but her family was going out of town early in the morning.

When I got home my sister was sitting on the couch, so I went over and joined her. "What are you watching?" I asked.

"Nothing special, you can change it if you want."

As I sat down on the other side of the couch from my sister, I noticed that she had one foot on the floor, and the other on the couch. Her legs were far enough apart that her skirt was opened enough that I could see her pink panties, but not far enough that I would think she was doing it on purpose.

As she sat there, she scooted forward a bit, lifting her skirt (accidently) in the process, her eyes never left the TV show she was watching. My eyes, however, couldn't be pulled off the pink covering between her legs. I didn't know why I was so interested in that spot, but I was, I was just hoping that my sister wouldn't notice me taking longer and longer glances, but 20 minutes later it happened.

"If you're so interested in what's between my legs, why don't you just come over and take a closer look?" She said without taking her eyes off her show.

'OH NO,' I thought as I gasped, stiffened, and shot my wide eyes to the TV.

I was so embarrassed at being caught; I got up and ran to my bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed and started crying at being humiliated like that.

My sister came to check on me 10 minutes later. Of course, she didn't knock. She walked right up in front of me and said, "Lucy, stop crying. I know you were looking at me peeing this morning too."

"I...I...I was not," I stammered out. "I'm not gay or anything, I...I just..." I trailed off not knowing what to say, still not looking at my sister.

She put her left hand on my shoulder, then grabbed my right hand and brought it up under her skirt. My eyes shot open, and I looked into her face that was now inches from mine. Her panties were gone! I had my fingers on my own sister's pussy hair... and it was wet!

"You may not be gay YET... but after this week is over, you'll be eating pussy like your life depended on it, and so much more." She whispered in my ear.

"W...WHAT!?" I shrieked. "Why would you say something like that?"

"Because I want a little pussy licking slave girl, and you're going to be it for this entire week." she said smiling at me.

I started sobbing. "Why are you doing this to me? You're my sister."

"Why? You want to ask me why?" she taunted. "Ok, I'll tell you. You're a little tattle tale, that's why. You have been telling on me for every little thing I do wrong, getting me in trouble every chance you got. I'm tired of it, and this week, I'm going to punish you for it."

She let go of my hand and I quickly jerked it away from her pussy. Before I could react anymore, she grabbed me by my long, almost black hair pulling me off my bed, sending me falling to my knees on the floor.

"OW...OW...OWWWWIIIEEEE!! STOP IT, LET ME GO!!!" I screamed.

She lifted her skirt, and I found myself starring through my tears at her thick black triangular shaped pussy hair inches from my face. She then pull my face into her, I could feel her wetness on my lips as she began to rub herself against me.

"Lick me," she said.

I couldn't bring myself to open my mouth, and after a couple minutes of rubbing my face against her crotch, she realized that I wasn't licking her, and pulled my head back by my hair.

"Please Cassy," I cried, "We're sisters, we can't do stuff like this, its wrong! I'm sorry I tattled on you, I won't do it again....I promise!"

"You're right...You WON'T tattle on me anymore, I will be sure of that by the end of the week." She said sternly. "Now are you going to be a good girl and lick me, or are you going to make things harder for yourself?"

"NO!!!" I cried out. "I'm not doing that...It's gross, and wrong!"

"GROSS!" she shouted, "Fine... The hard way then," she said.

Still holding my hair in her left hand, she dragged me across the hall to the bathroom, "Gross, huh... I'll so you something gross," she said as she took her skirt off with her right hand. She tossed her skirt aside, put her left foot on the toilet seat, and pissed right in my face. It soaked my hair, face, shirt, all the way down over my shorts and thighs. She let go of my hair and I just slumped over crying feeling degraded, and disgusted.

"Now clean up this mess, and take a shower, you look filthy," she said, throwing a towel at me. "I'll be in the living room, I expect you there in half an hour, any later and you won't like what happens."

I was scared of her at that moment; I have never seen my sister act like this before.

Cassy sat there and waited as I cleaned up her pee and took off my clothes. She grabbed all the dirty towels and my pee soaked clothes as I climbed naked and humiliated into the tube. I sat there for as long as I thought I could, crying and scrubbing myself. When I got out, I dried off, and went up to my room to put on some clean clothes.

My room was locked! Why was my room locked?

"You better hurry up; you've got about 2 minutes to get your ass in here." Cassy yelled to me.

"But my room is locked," I yelled down the stairs. "How am I supposed to get dressed?"

"You're not supposed to get dressed, and be sure to throw the towel you dried off with in the laundry before you come here." She said, then adding "60 seconds."

I ran down the stairs as fast as I could throwing the towel in the laundry basket in the bathroom, before running into the living room, completely naked. I didn't want to be here like this, but I certainly didn't want to be peed on again.

"You're 5 seconds early, and I'm getting a little tired, so I won't have you lick me tonight, but you will be later, so you should get the idea of it in your little head. The sooner you realize this, the better things are going to be for you."

Cassy stood up, she was still wearing her t-shirt, but she put her panties back on, and she was holding something in her hand. She walked up to me and quickly buckled a heavy thick leather dog collar around my neck and secured it with a tiny padlock.

"What is this? Why did you put this on me?" I asked, still confused as to what my sister was doing and why.

"Well Lucy...This THING is a dog collar, and you are going to act like a good puppy till I tell you otherwise." she laughed when I gasped at that.

"I'm not a dog!"

"You are now, and till I say so, and if you are going to complain anymore, I will spank your butt with Daddy's belt, then we'll go to sleep tonight with your face tied to my pussy!"

I could see the anger in Cassy's eyes and new I had no choice. I let out another sob and got down on my hands and knees.

"Good girl," my sister said patting me on the head. "Now speak."

"What do you....?" was all I could get out before Cassy smacked me hard on my butt. "AAAOOOOOWWWW!"

"Dogs don't ask questions, they bark!"

Sniveling, and completely embarrassed, I managed a small "ARF."

"That's better," she said. "Now come, puppy. Heal."

She led the way up to her bedroom, with me following on my hands and knees. In her bedroom, she led me over to the corner where she had made a 'doggy bed' out of a couple large pillows covered with a blanket.

"This is your new bed puppy; I made it just for you. When you learn behave like a good puppy, maybe I will let you start sleeping on the end of the bed," she laughed at me.

I knew not to speak, so I just stared at the floor. Cassy grabbed the end of a leash that was tied to her dresser, and clipped it to my collar. Then she took my hands and tied them behind my back. I started protesting, as my sister finished up, sat on the edge of her bed, and started rubbing herself through her panties.

"Well, I can see that you still can't control that mouth of yours, so I guess I'll have to take care of that if I want to get any sleep tonight."

With that, she pulled off her now soaking panties, and shoved them into my mouth, giving me my first taste of my sister's pussy juices... Of anyone's pussy juices.

She tied it off with a little more rope, then patted my head saying, 'goodnight puppy', turned off the light, and went to bed.

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