Tatum's Audition, Part 5

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Published: 7-Sep-2011

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An act of fiction and fantasy.

Donna Sue had entertained two men at the same time the youngsters were having fun. When the bell rang, all the men came out and drew numbers before going back to another partner. The house staff untied the "victims" and let them stretch a little before readying them for round 2.

The next round was pretty similar to the first one, except they experienced different partners. When the bell rang to signal the end of the round, the men returned to the living room, visibly drained. In a few moments, the rest of the group joined them. No one had bothered to dress. Tatum moved toward Edward, Naomi sat with Owen, Tony was with Richard and Donna Sue sat between Max and his dad.

"Well, I hope you are all satisfied so far," Edward said. "Naomi, do you think anyone will want to participate in the final show?"

She looked over at Tatum and giggled. "Something tells me Tatum will be up for it. What do you say girl, you up for something else new?"

Tatum looked at Edward, then at his daughter. She wasn't really sure what to say, but she had been pleased so far. "Sure, why not?"

The maid approached Tatum first with a blindfold. The pretty blonde pre-teen sat still and allowed her to tie it in place. She was a little nervous. Naomi was next to be blindfolded. Edward led Tatum to the center of the room, and Owen led Naomi. The girls were placed on all fours and told to wait.

Tatum noticed a breeze blowing across her exposed bottom and tender pussy as she heard a door open and close. Soon after, a rough tongue licked her sex.

"Ooh! That's, OOOOHHH!" she pushed back as the German Shepherd lapped at the juices dripping from her. Naomi's moans could be heard, echoing those of her friend as a Lab gave her attention.

This was definitely another new experience for the young girl, but she felt her body respond. For a few fleeting seconds, she realized that until just a few short days ago, the most she had done sexually was giving her brother a hand or blow-job. Now, she had taken on multiple partners, all her holes had been filled, and a dog was licking her bald pussy. What's more, she was loving it! She hoped secretly he wasn't very big, but didn't care as she felt herself becoming wet once more and wishing for a cock inside her.

Duke didn't let her wonder. He had been trained (as had Prince) to mount human females. Sometimes, the human bitches would suck his long, thick cock. Maybe this little one would later. For now, he was ready to mount.

He moved into position behind her, and grasping her hips with his front legs, he thrust forward, his cock sliding home into the wetness he longed for. Many former sluts had taught him exactly how and when to penetrate. This little bitch was tight and hot on his fuck-tool.

Tatum felt her little body respond to the thrusts of the big dog. Vaguely, she could hear Naomi's moans as Prince was getting his rhythm down inside her. What Tatum didn't know, was that Naomi had been with both dogs several times. This was just more pleasure for her new friend. Tatum felt her orgasm building once more. She had lost count of the number of times she had cum since arriving at Edward's tonight. Suddenly, there was a new feeling as Duke's knot began to stretch her little cunny.

"OWWWW!!!" she cried out as she felt her body stretch to accommodate him. Accommodate him, she did. She lowered her head to the floor and was diddling her own clit as the feelings of pleasure swept over her. The pain was forgotten as the pleasure washed over her. She shuddered and broke out in sweat as the most powerful orgasm ever hit her young pre-teen body.


She collapsed onto the floor, still tied to the massive shepherd. Duke had been trained well enough to stay in position until his knot reduced enough to withdraw. She was so weak, and so satisfied, she didn't even realize he had pulled out until she felt the cool air replace where his furry body had been.

His doggie cum flowed freely from her gaping cunt, and he promptly lapped the residue. She was too weak to move, and let him clean her petite body.

Naomi had experienced similar sensations with Prince. She had learned to love cock, from anything or anyone. Now, she lay on the floor next to her new friend as Prince lapped her pussy clean as well.

This performance had all the men hard once more. Edward stepped to the girls and removed their blindfolds, then motioned to Tony to join them in the floor. For a brief moment, the boy wondered if he would be expected to let one of the dogs mount him. Maybe that wouldn't be so bad, he decided.

The girls turned onto their sides, facing each other, a big smile on their faces. Edward positioned the three youngsters with their heads touching and their bodies at an angle, forming a 3-point star.

"You did great girls. As you can tell," he motioned to the men who had all stood, stroking their erections, "that made us all horny again. After this, you can get cleaned up and some sleep."

Naomi opened her mouth, and the others realizing what was about to happen, did the same. The men stood over them and jacked their cocks until stream after stream of cum covered the three kids. Most went into hungry mouths, but of course, some landed on naked teen and pre-teen bodies. Donna waited until the men finished, then dropped down and began to lick the kids bodies.

Edward ordered the cameras turned off and the men began to dress. Donna helped the kids off the floor and led them down the hall. As she walked away, she turned to Max and his dad giving them both winks. She had felt badly in the beginning about pimping out her daughter. That was just in the beginning. Now, she had decided it was completely worth it. After all, even she had managed to get laid as well.

Tatum groggily walked down the hall to the bathroom. She reflected over the last few days. She couldn't help but wonder what she would have to do before her records would be played on the radio!

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Mmmm, doggys! If I could sing this would be like my biography except my uncld and my Daddy would need to be there.

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