Sonya, The Story Continues

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Published: 25-Apr-2012

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No persons were harmed in the writing of this story.

To anyone who knew Sonya, she was still the perfect daughter, perfect little Catholic schoolgirl, perfect student. No one would suspect, by looking at the 12 year old girl that she had already starred in several porn films. No one would suspect that young, petite Sonya had taken on several men, a dog, and even an ape. That was exactly the appearance she wanted to project.

Grandpa had remained true to his word, and had invested a large amount of the revenue generated from her movies. She now had a sizable next egg for college. They had already discussed it, and when the time came, she would be the "recipient of a major scholarship" to the college of her choice.

During her time away from Grandpa, Sonya still had an itch, but she had promised him she would not be active with anyone around her home. That included boys (or men) from school or the neighborhood. After the last weekend spent with him, she was really developing a major "itch" and would love to have access to several nice, hard cocks!

As if he could read her mind, she had a message waiting from him when she logged on after school on Thursday. It read:

Hi there beautiful! You were a hit, just like I said you would be. Can you arrange to meet me for another weekend? Lauren is welcome if she wants to come back as well. Let me know. Love you!


She had no idea what he had in mind for her, or for her best friend, but she knew she had to set something up. She replied quickly and told him she would meet him at the zoo Friday afternoon at 4. She would let him know about Lauren.

After she sent the message, she checked once more to ensure her mom had not come home early, then stripped out of her school girl uniform. Taking one of the 12" dildos Grandpa had given her, she lay back on her bed, with a pillow under her hips, and stretched her firm thighs. She had been wet all day, and needed no lube now. Her plump, shaved mound was sopping wet with her girl juices as the tip of the artificial cock spread her nether lips.

Slowly, she worked the rubber cock into her waiting body. She was still surprised that she had taken any cocks, let alone one the size of the dildo she was using now. One of the last men she had been with had been that big, and she thought he would split her in half! It was after him, that Grandpa presented her with this gift.

Now, her eyes were closed in pleasure, as her hands worked the cock into her body. Her toes were curled already in anticipation of the orgasm she knew was close. She was bucking her hips up to meet her own thrusts with the cock, her pussy juices flowing more freely now, lubricating the invader.

She was moaning, and groaning in pleasure. Her right hand worked the dildo, her left pulled on her eraser-sized nipples that topped her "A" cup breasts. The nipples were erect in the cool air of her bedroom, even more erect with the sexual stimulation.

Her first orgasm hit, and she plunged the phallus deeper into her young body. Abandoning her nipple, she rubbed her clit hard and fast as she worked her body against the artificial cock. Her moans grew louder, and should her mom have been home, no doubt Sonya would have been more than embarrassed!

Finally, after four successive orgasms, she withdrew the rubber gift, and lay gasping on her bed. Her juices had soaked the sheets of her bed, "Hannah Montana's" face clearly covered in her girl cum. On shaky legs, Sonya changed her sheets, replacing them with Taylor Swift. Dropping her soiled sheets in the washing machine, the nude, sexy girl made her way to the shower. By the time her parents arrived home, she was once again the model of innocence.

After discussing the upcoming weekend with her best friend, she sent Grandpa another message to let him know it was confirmed: she would be there, but Lauren could not make it. Lauren had been apologetic, but her parents had already made plans for the family. The usual cover of Sonya spending the weekend was arranged.

On Friday, Sonya was waiting at the zoo. She had left a bag at Lauren's and was wearing the denim shorts and belly shirt Grandpa had bought her. On her feet were her favorite flip-flops. Her toenails were painted her favorite shade of red. Grandpa had mentioned he thought she looked really sexy in this outfit, and she wore it just for him.

When he drove up, she was bouncing with excitement. He never shut off the engine in his car, but jumped out to bear-hug his "granddaughter." To any bystander, this was just another little girl happy to see her grandpa.

Once in the car and driving away, she asked about the plans for the weekend.

Rubbing her bare thigh, he explained: "Well little girl, first let me tell you that the other movies have sold like crazy! Let's just say you can go to any college that accepts you." Her smile grew even more. She still was amazed that people wanted to buy movies and pictures of her body, and of her having sex!

"As for the weekend, I bought you some different outfits, but as usual, you won't need much!" They both laughed at that. "The bags are already at the hotel. It'll take us about an hour or so to get there. We can grab a quick bite and eat on the way."

"Are we going back to your lake house, Grandpa?" she asked sweetly. She was toying with her ponytail and spreading her legs wider, hoping for the touch in her special place. Grandpa was teasing his 12 year old sex star. His fingers were tracing circles just below the hem of the denim.

"No, sweetie. This weekend, we'll be somewhere else. You and I will have a little fun, if you want to that is," he paused and she playfully swatted his hand. "After that, is the surprise."

They pulled through one of the many fast-food restaurants, and started towards the city. Sonya paid little attention to the route, as she trusted Grandpa completely. She continued to tease him by pretending to suck on a French fry. The show was not lost on him. She could see that familiar bulge growing in his khaki pants.

She briefly thought back to all the role-plays they had been through on-line, their first meeting, and all she had done since then. He had been with her every step of the way, and never let any real danger come to her. He had even taken her best friend's virginity as a favor to her.

Sonya reached across and rubbed the bulge, giving it a loving squeeze. "Do you want me to take care of that now, Grandpa? Or do you want to save it for later?"

"We'll be at the hotel pretty soon. I think I can wait that long," he laughed as he swatted her hand away this time.

He was right. Within just a few moments, he was parking at an upscale hotel. She gathered the trash and threw it into a nearby can, while he gave the keys to the valet, who eyed Sonya with obvious lust. Grandpa took Sonya's hand to lead her to her next adventure. Upon entering the suite, Grandpa stopped and turned Sonya towards him. They had both been wanting this, and she stood on her tip-toes to reach his lips. Her arms were around his neck, and his hands were cupping her ass, lifting her as their lips parted. Tongues met, and both moaned as they were reunited. His fingers found the buttons on her shorts and quickly had them open, pushing the denim down her legs.

She had worn nothing under her shorts or top, and now stood half-nude, having kicked the denim free of her legs. She went to work on her lover's clothes. Her fingers worked as quickly as his had with her shorts. His belt was unbuckled, the pants open, and his cock freed. Grandpa had gone "commando" today and was wearing nothing under his clothes!

Her slender fingers wrapped around the shaft, gently stroking it. Her pussy was sopping wet again (she was surprised there hadn't been a wet spot in the crotch of her shorts!). Grandpa was ready for her and without breaking the kiss, she jumped, wrapping her legs around his waist.

He was still cupping her ass, and lowered her body to his waiting member. More moans as they both received what they had wanted since their last weekend together. For Grandpa, Sonya was better than any vitamins. She had given life to his former dull existence, a reason to look forward to another morning.

He slowly walked to the arm of the sofa, letting her lay back fully onto the sofa, her hips resting on the arm. He ran his hands down her legs, lifting them, his cock still deep inside her. He wasn't as big as the 12" dildo, but he filled his young lover enough to satisfy them both. Every time they were together, he marveled at her beauty, the tightness of her pussy, her willingness to please. Slowly, he thrust in and out of her body. She wrapped her legs around his upper body, loving the fullness he gave her. Her eyes closed, her fingers teasing and pulling on her little nipples as her older lover stretched her once more.

Grandpa varied his rhythm from slow to fast, deep to shallow strokes. As he plunged in and out, he rotated his hips, the tip of his cock bumping her newly found "g" spot inside the opening of her pre-teen pussy. Every time he touched it, she moaned, feeling the first of what she knew would be many, orgasms begin to build.

As the first one washed over her, her pussy contracted, squeezing Grandpa's shaft. He had known she would probably cum quickly, and he was trying to hold off on his own orgasm. Her toes curled as she came, her hips arching up to meet his thrusts, bringing his cock even deeper into her petite body.

"AAHHHHHH, YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!" she cried out as it came over her.

Grandpa leaned forward, taking her legs with him as he did, effectively bending her double. She knew he would get even deeper this way, and her cervix would be penetrated. She wanted it! She wanted to feel his heavy balls slapping against her ass. He wanted the same things, and now began to savagely fuck his young partner.

After only a few strokes, they felt as the cervix opened, and Grandpa's cock was as deep as he could possibly be. His balls, heavy with the cum she craved slapped against her firm ass as he pounded her body.

"YES BABY! TAKE MY COCK! GET READY FOR MY CUM! YOU LITTLE SLUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!" he screamed out as he plunged fully into her.

"YESSSS!! GIVE ME YOUR JUICE GRANDPA! I'M YOUR LITTLE FUCK TOY!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" she yelled out as his cock twitched, pulsed, and sprayed the thick ropes of his cum directly into her womb.

Just as the orgasms washed over them, Grandpa leaned a little more and took one of her little nipples between his teeth, biting into it. Sonya screamed louder as the pain mixed with pleasure, intensifying her cum.

Breathing heavily, he released her legs and collapsed onto the sofa next to her, his cock sliding out with a slick "pop." Panting, she turned and quickly took his cock (her cock) into her mouth, cleaning the combined juices from it, just as he had taught her. Her job completed, she lay her head on his leg, stroking his hairy thigh as he toyed with her small breasts.

"Thank you baby, I've been missing you this week. And by the way, I guess we can take our shirts off now!" he added as they both laughed. Hers was bunched over the top of her breasts, his was half-open. They removed the last piece of clothing, and cuddled on the sofa for a few minutes. She knew there would definitely be a wet spot on this cushion!

Later, after a welcome shower, he showed her what he had for her to wear for their night out. Although he would have been content to spend the weekend with just her, he knew she craved attention and multiple cocks. She was a sex addict, and he knew it. For her, Grandpa would always be her first, and true lover. Anyone (or anything!) else she was with, was just for sex.

He had given her a different type of outfit tonight. There was a black bra made of leather. At least that's the best name she could give it. There were openings for her nipples. A black leather skirt was to be worn over crotchless panties. Completing the outfit was over-the-knee leather boots with 4" heels. He showed her a mask that he would put on her when they reached their destination.

"But Grandpa, you really want me to wear this in public?" she asked as she started to dress.

"I have a jacket for you to wear over it, sweetie," he answered with a laugh. He was dressing in dark pants and a simple shirt, neither of which came close to matching what she was putting on.

She had learned to trust him, so she asked no more questions. They made idle chat as they completed their preparations. She was to wear her hair loose, pinned only with a comb on each side to keep the hair from her eyes.

Sonya donned the jacket (which fell shortly below her hips), and the lovers made their way back downstairs. The valet's eyes popped out when he saw her. She smiled sweetly at him, then flashed her bare pussy at him as he held the door for him. Grandpa promised her a spanking for being a tease.

The drive was short. The building non-descript. It looked like any of a dozen warehouse buildings. There were a few cars in the gravel lot. Grandpa took her hand and led her to a closed door. When it was opened, they walked through and into a hallway. He continued to lead her through more doors until they reached a large room with a stage and several bright lights. A small group of men greeted them.

"So, our star is here!" one of the men shouted. Sonya felt that familiar rush of nervous anticipation as she surveyed the group, wondering how many she would service tonight. As she looked around the stage, she noticed a cross-bar between two upright beams, some type of bench, something else that looked like a sawhorse she had used in gymnastics, and a table. She wouldn't have to wait long to find out her role.

"Sonya," Grandpa began, "your role in this movie is simple. I will put the mask on you and you will start out being strapped to the prayer bench." She looked over at the padded bench he pointed to. He removed the mask and held it up for her. She stepped in front of him to allow access.

He continued: "You won't know who is around you. The scene is simple. You are a submissive, meant only to serve the needs of your master." She giggled, knowing that was really the truth. "I will be waiting for you. As usual, you won't be harmed, beyond a little soreness." They both laughed at that.

As he secured the mask, he simply asked if she was ready. She nodded and he removed her jacket. The men whistled as her costume and bare skin came into view. Although she couldn't see any longer, she blushed, knowing the whistles were for her.

Grandpa walked her to the bench and positioned her. She could feel the cool air on her damp pussy slit and exposed nipples. He secured her wrists and knees with Velcro straps, leaving her to wait for her first partner.

She heard someone call for quiet, and more lights came on. She could feel their heat as the butterflies in her stomach grew larger wings. Her wait was brief, as she discovered someone touch the inside of her thighs before flipping her skirt over her back.

Rough fingers caressed her exposed flesh, dipping into her pussy. She moaned with pleasure, pushing back against the digits. Another hand ran through her long, dark hair before pulling her head up. As she felt the familiar sensation of a cock head pressed against her lips, she also felt another one spread her nether lips, pushing inside the tight tunnel her Grandpa had filled a short time ago.

"Our wench is ready for us tonight," a voice said. Laughter came from a different man. The one at her mouth had positioned himself so that she needed only to bob her head. His cock was slender and not very long, but she could feel the veins on it as she greedily sucked.

The man in her pussy was holding her hips as he began to pump faster. Conversation was limited and she knew there would be voice overs later by someone else. After all, no one bought the movies for the dialogue!

She felt her first orgasm build as the man in her pussy sprayed his seed inside her. The man she was sucking soon followed. She licked her lips, savoring the taste as he stepped away. Two more men took their place. After only a few strokes inside her pussy, she felt him withdraw, then push against her rose. She moaned against the cock in her mouth as she relaxed her sphincter, pushing against him. She had learned to love cocks in every hole, including her ass.

Adjusting to the fullness, she continued to suck, hoping she pleased both men, not only for the movie, but also for real. She was submissive, and she knew it. She had suspected that during her role plays with Grandpa, but learned it for real the first weekend they had spent together.

Obviously, both were pleased, as she was rewarded with a load of cum sprayed down her throat, followed soon after by a load deep into her bowels. Once they finished, she was released and helped to stand before being led to the table. She felt hands grab her body and lift her. She whimpered slightly as they pinched and pulled on her exposed nipples, but inwardly delighted at the touch.

When they lowered her, she realized there was another man on the table already. His hard shaft penetrated her still open sphincter. He was thicker than the last one, and she groaned as it filled her bowels. He pulled her against him, his fingers pulling and twisting her small breasts.

Her legs were spread over his, and another man moved into position between them. His cock stretched her pussy as he started to pump. Sonya groaned in discomfort. Both men were larger than the others, and although she had taken multiple men and multiple sizes of cocks, she was still petite and the men stretched her young body.

Hands turned her head. She opened her mouth instinctively as she knew there would be a cock waiting. She was right! The tip pushed against her lips and slid over her tongue, the hands of the owner holding her head as he began to face-fuck her.

The cameras caught it all: the bulge of the cock sliding into her throat, her petite body stretched with two cocks, one obvious bulge pushing upwards from her pussy. More hands were toying with her breasts, and she felt clamps being applied. The teeth bit into her sensitive flesh, which only served to intensify the feelings of pleasure.

Somewhere in the depths of her mind, she knew she shouldn't be feeling the pain. She knew she shouldn't be enjoying the fact that she had already caused five men to cum tonight (counting Grandpa, and six if the valet had masturbated thinking about her), and three more were close to orgasm now. As the thoughts raced, she fought them back with a simple "fuck it" and let her orgasm wash over her as three more loads of cum filled her.

She was allowed to rest and clean up before being secured to the uprights. The 4" heels helped her from straining as her arms were lifted over her head. Her skirt had been removed and she now stood with her most private of places fully exposed to the cameras. The clips were still in place, and now a third was applied: to her clit. She screamed as the teeth bit into her most sensitive spot. The men laughed at her discomfort.

Tears rolled from under her mask, and she heard Grandpa's soothing voice whisper in her ear: "Do you want me to take those off?" He had known the answer, but she loved him for asking. With a shake of her head, she told him "no" and he was gone.

Hands were playing over her exposed pussy and a man whispered in her ear to expect something different. She whimpered, wondering what it could possibly be. She heard the "whoosh" of something flying through the air before it struck her nether lips.

She yelped, and jumped as far as the restraints would allow, more from surprise than pain. The feathered ends of the whip left red streaks on her bald mound. Two, three, then she lost count of the number of times the whip came across her.

In spite of the slight pain, this was new to her and she could feel another orgasm building. She was to be denied that one for now. Before she could climax, she was released from the beam and placed over what she realized was the saw horse. The clamps were removed before she was secured into position.

Once more, she was totally exposed. Once more, she felt her pussy juices flowing as she waited on her next partner. That wait was short. She felt hot breath on her back, and warm fur against her skin. She was about to be mounted by a dog!

Grandpa would tell her later that this one was a golden retriever. He lunged only once, before the tip of his cock found the opening. Just the initial contact was enough to give her the orgasm she desired. The men on the set laughed and joked about their "little fuck toy" that got her pleasure from fucking dogs.

Her canine partner was working on his own climax. She felt the knot pushing against her stretched pussy lips, then push past. She yelped as her body accommodated the bulge. This was the part she craved, the part where she was as full as she could possibly be!

Soon after the knot tied them together, she felt jets of hot doggy cum fill her pre-teen womb. Sonya went over the top once more with her own orgasm.

Once the knot relaxed, the dog dropped off and Sonya was helped up. The mask was removed and a very concerned Grandpa was helping his lover off the stage. She blinked with the brightness of the lights, and realized there were only a few men still there.

"Are you ok, sweetie?" he asked tenderly. How she loved this man!

She gave him a kiss on the cheek and nod. "Yes sir. I'm sore, just like you said I would be, but I'm ok. Thank you for being concerned." She leaned against him as he helped her into a bath room. He gently undressed her, and helped her into the shower.

As she washed the remnants of the night's activity from her body, Grandpa waited with a towel. Once finished, she stepped out and into his waiting arms. He dried her tired and used body, kissing her gently as he did.

"I love you, Grandpa," she whispered. "I love you, too sweetie," he answered as he helped her into her jacket and boots. She was nude underneath. This should thrill the valet, she thought, as the lovers walked back to the car.

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Great continuation I hope more will follow I really enjoy this series. I want to see more of what slutty Sonya will do.

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