Meeting Christie, Part 1

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Published: 10-Jan-2012

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This is a fictional account of something that happened a few years ago when I met a new neighbor.

I had moved into a house in a small town. It was meant to be an escape from a high pressure job, somewhere I could relax and enjoy life. I had been working as a technical adviser for a medical equipment company, and had accumulated enough savings I was set for a long time.

I had bought the house from a couple who had kids, as was evidenced by the trampoline and swing set still in the yard. I had fully intended to get rid of both, but just hadn't done it yet. That turned out to be how I met two of the prettiest, and friendliest girls ever.

It was a beautiful spring day, and I had opened all the windows to enjoy the fresh air. I heard someone giggling and the squeaking of the springs on the trampoline. When I looked out, there she was. 4' 8" of petite beauty. Dark hair that was in a ponytail and bounced with her movements. When it fell, it was almost to her round, bubbly ass that was enclosed in shorts she must have worn for the last two summers. A tank top completed the clothing. As she jumped, she turned to face me, and I could see the swelling of her still forming labia outlined by the confines of her cotton shorts. She had olive skin and her nails were painted a bright, fluorescent pink.

"Hello, I'm Ricky," I said as I stepped out the back door. She stopped when she saw me and started to jump down.

"I, I'm sorry. I didn't know anyone was home. The Johnson's used to let us play all the time. I'll go home now."

"Wait, you don't have to leave."

She stopped and looked at me. She had the biggest and softest brown eyes. "I'm Christie. I live two houses down. My parents work all the time and I'm bored, so I come down here. I'm sorry. I guess I shoulda asked. I knew the Johnson's moved and saw when you moved in, but I didn't see any kids, so I thought it would be ok. I'm sorry. Please don't be mad." The words all came out in a rush. She stood there shifting her weight from one perfect little bare foot to the other. No way I could be mad at this vision of perfection.

I hadn't been interested in younger girls in a long, long time. My interests were returning with a vengeance, the swelling of my cock under my loose fitting shorts was evidence.

I laughed as I took in the sight of this beautiful girl. "It's ok, really, Christie. I'm pleased to meet you," as I offered my hand to her. She took it and electricity shot through my hand as her warm, slender hand was swallowed up by mine.

We talked for quite a while, sitting on my porch swing. She was the youngest of three girls and 10 years old. She would be 11 in another month. She had an older sister, named Carmen who was 12, almost 13 and Laura was the oldest at 14. She would be 15 the month between her sisters. As usual with youngest siblings, she didn't care anything for either sister, and loved to do whatever she could to stay away from them.

I scored a lot of points with her when I told her I was the youngest in my family and felt the same about my brothers.

She was a lot of fun to talk to, and made me feel more alive than I had in a long time. In addition to relocating to relieve stress, I was also trying to get over the loss of my wife and kids in a tragic auto accident. My daughter had been 11 and was my only child.

I told Christie about my family, and won her heart when she learned about my loss. She said she would be my replacement daughter if I wanted her to. I gave her a hug, which she readily returned. My cock came to attention completely. I don't think she noticed it that first day.

She invited me to come over when her parents came home from work, which I did. They owned a construction business, and business was good. I assured them the girls would be welcome at any time. Laura and Carmen both rolled their eyes. Christie was excited. I told them I would leave the trampoline set up for now. Her parents thanked me for being so generous.

The next day was another beautiful day and my windows were open once more. I was watching some old movie on television when I heard a scream from outside. Running out, I saw Christie with one leg hanging between the springs of the trampoline, blood running down.

Running to her side, I helped her down and carried her into my house. Having been folding towels earlier, I still had some on the counter waiting to be put away. I spread one for her to lay on, then found a smaller towel to press against the wound.

It wasn't major, but was high on her leg, almost to her hip. She had torn the fabric of the cotton shorts she was wearing. These were a different color from the last ones, but still as tight

She spread her firm, slender legs as I tried to control the bleeding. Seeing the minimal injury, my cock directed my brain to "examine" the wounded area more closely. I lifted the torn material to reveal a very sexy little ass cheek. Her red cotton panties were also ripped.

In a very fatherly (yeah, right) way, I leaned over and gave that perfect little ass a soft kiss.

"There now, I kissed it to make it all better. I'll get a bandage to cover this up, Christie, but it's not bad at all."

She turned to look over her shoulder. "Really? It still hurts. Kiss it again, Mr. Rick, please."

With that pleading look, I couldn't help myself. Smiling at her, I leaned over and gave it another, longer kiss. She laid her head back down and smiled, arching her hips to offer them to me again. The tears had stopped.

Still holding the cloth against her wound, I lifted the torn fabric of her shorts and panties more to provide more ass to kiss. My brain was telling me it was wrong, but my cock was telling my brain to "go to hell" and it won out. Gently, I kneaded the soft flesh on the inside of her thigh as I continued to kiss her smooth skin.

Detecting the faint aroma of sweat and little girl musk, combined with a slight fecal smell, I continued to plant soft kisses. Christie continued to offer her bottom to me. I had to give it a shot.

Taking hold of the waist of her shorts, I started to lower them as I whispered: "Christie, if you want me to keep going, let's get these out of the way."

Again, her hips arched up, giving me the freedom to remove the torn garments. As the shorts and panties cleared her ass and slid down her legs, she made no move to cover herself. She tucked her hands under her breasts and closed her eyes. She was the most beautiful, sexiest thing I had seen in a long time.

Dropping her panties and shorts on the floor, I rolled her into my arms and lifted her half-nude body to carry her into my room. She put a slender arm around my neck and laid her head on my shoulder. The only words she said were a whispered: "please don't hurt me, Mr. Ricky."

I kissed her gently on the forehead, then laid her on my bed. The covers were still pulled back from me getting out of bed earlier. The bleeding had stopped completely on her leg, so I dropped the bloody towel, then reached for the bottom of her shirt. She raised up enough for me to lift it over her head.

Her breasts were barely noticeable when she lay back. The nipples were copper colored and the size of a pencil eraser, surrounded by a darker aureola. She drew one knee up, but kept her hands at her sides while she watched me strip out of my clothes.

Her eyes grew wide when she saw my cock. I'm not huge, by any means, but to a petite girl like Christie, it was, and it was standing proud.

I leaned over her, still standing on the floor and kissed her for the first time. She responded tentatively, but within a matter of seconds, her lips parted and her tongue was dancing with mine. I left one hand under her neck, the other moved down her side. My hands were large enough that I was able to surround her side, with a thumb over a small nipple, while my fingers were on her back. I'm not sure who was moaning the loudest.

After what seemed like hours, although I knew it was less than 3 minutes, I pulled back and looked into her soft brown eyes.

"I'll stop whenever you want me to, Christie. I don't want to hurt you, but if we do everything, it will hurt a little at first." She responded with a nod, chewing on her bottom lip.

I could have spent all day sucking on those delicious nipples, but only took a moment to moisten them both before spreading those firm little legs. Still standing on the floor, I pulled her around a little on the bed and put one leg over my shoulder. Leaning down, I completely covered her mound with my mouth, my tongue diving into her slit.

This brought a hiss from my young lover as she drew her breath in sharply. She wasn't complaining by any means, as she put her hands on my head, pulling me tighter to her. As I started to work over her little pussy, I was loving the tastes, and smells, of her. Christie was loving the ministrations of my tongue as she bucked against me.

My hands were exploring her body as my tongue explored her pussy. There was no hymen (she told me later she lost it doing gymnastics when she took a nasty spill). As her wetness increased, I slipped my thumb inside her hole. It was like a vise on my digit as I worked it in and out.

Soon, her little body was shivering and shuddering as she neared her climax. I continued my assault on her pussy, from clit to hole and back, sucking on her clit as I pushed my thumb in and out. When it hit, I sucked her magic button into my mouth and diddled it with my tongue. She exploded with screams and convulsions. I released her and let her drop gently onto the bed, where I pulled her around to lay next to me, snuggled on the pillows.

When she caught her breath, she looked up at me and brushed a stray strand of dark hair from her face.

"I don't know what you did but WOW! I had no idea, I mean, I never, oh WOW!" she finished up with a fit of giggling as she snuggled into my arms.

I gave her little body a squeeze and kissed the top of her head. "I'm glad you liked it, sweetie. I'm glad I made you feel good."

"Oh wow, Mr. Ricky, wow. That was, oh wow!"

That's when she realized we were both nude, and my cock was mere inches away from her hand, as it was gently bobbing on my stomach. She looked at me, then back to my cock when I nodded. Her slender hand encircled my hardness. Now it was my turn to hiss as her warm skin contacted mine.

I wrapped my hand over hers and showed her how to jack the shaft. She needed no further instructions. Sliding down my body, she licked the tip of my cock, which was not freely covered in pre-cum. Later, I would learn she had watched her oldest sister Laura giving a blow-job to a neighbor boy. She and her best friend, Holly were hiding in the closet when Laura and the boy had come in.

Now, Christie wrapped her soft lips around the end, her tongue flicking across the slit. She started to bob her head as she continued to jack me. I was moaning and holding her head as I arched my hips and tried to get more into her mouth.

She took the hint, swallowing half of my 6" before she gagged. She wasn't deterred, as she simply went back to sucking what she could handle, jacking the rest. My load was building, and although I wanted to fuck her in the worst way, I wasn't sure how far I could go with my new neighbor.

"Christie, sweetie, I'm very close. Do you know what it looks like when a guy cums?"

She pulled off and looked at me briefly to answer, before returning to my cock. "Sure, it's white stuff that makes babies. Does it taste yucky?"

"You're about to find out, I'm so close. Baby, here it cumsssSSSSSS!!!!!!" I moaned out as I bucked up and unloaded. She surprised me. She swallowed most of it, with only the last couple of spurts leaking from her mouth, to run down her chin. This, she gathered with her fingers and licked clean.

As she finished cleaning her fingers, she plopped back down next to me. "That was pretty good, Mr. Ricky. I kinda liked that. Did we do sex? I thought we had to do something else, like you stick it inside me."

"Sweetie, we had oral sex. If you want me to put it inside you, that will be full sex, or fucking, as some people refer to it."

That's when she told me about seeing her sister. "I know Laura has sucked a guy, and I'm pretty sure she's done the other stuff too. I didn't see that though, just the sucking."

My mind was spinning as I thought about the older sister I had met the previous night. "Is this the first time you've done it, though?" I asked her.

She ducked her head, but nodded, then whispered: "did I do OK, Mr. Ricky?"

"Christie, you did more than OK, you did great!" I told her as I hugged her again. That seemed to satisfy her as she snuggled against me, her hand moving to my soft cock as I pulled up the sheet. I could lay here with this little angel for a long, long, time.

Soon, she had me rock hard once more. Looking up at me, she said she was ready and it looked like I was too. I pulled her over to straddle my chest, her pussy directly above the tip of my cock. Her hands on my chest, her legs spread across mine, I reached up and covered her small breast mounds with the palms of my hands.

"Christie, as much as I want to do more, are you sure? I mean, we've already done enough now that if anyone found out, I would go to prison for the rest of my life."

She giggled again. I did love her sense of humor and her laugh. "Like I would tell anybody! Can we do it, I mean really do it? What was the word you used? Fuck? Can we really fuck?"

"If you want to, Christie. I would like nothing better than to do it,,,, to fuck you. But, I want you to be completely sure. Have you ever done this before?"

She shook her head "no" before sliding her pussy around on my stomach. I was feeling my own tingles as my cock was returning from it's nap. The closeness of pre-teen pussy to the tip was enough. It was like my cock was a hound dog, and her pussy the scent.

"You say no, but you don't have your cherry. If you did, I couldn't have fingered you like I did."

"I used to be in gymnastics, and one day when I was 9, I fell off the balance beam. On the way down, I hit myself there pretty hard. My folks took me to the emergency room and the doctor said that's why I was bleeding. Does that mean it won't hurt as much?"

"That's exactly what it means. That's where a lot of the pain comes from. Now, it's just a matter of stretching you out. And don't worry," I started to tell her when I saw the look of concern on her face. "it will fit, and you will stretch."

With that, she slid back down my body and took me into her mouth again. I took her at her word about not having experience, but if this was instinct, she was good at it. I was soon hard and she looked at me with a big grin.

"What do we do? Tell me. If I can feel good like you made me feel while ago, I wanna do it lots!"

I pulled her back up to me and explained how she should slide down on my cock. I held it in place for her while she hovered over me. Her pussy was still wet, and my cock was slippery with her saliva. The most exciting, pleasurable feeling in the world happened when Christie stretched her pussy over my cock.

It was like a pure velvet glove in a vise as she lowered herself down. She took about a third before she raised herself up. I held her by the waist and slowly worked my cock in and out until she was ready, then she lowered herself down again. When my 6" hit bottom, she let out the breath she had been holding. A big smile crossed her face, her pearly white teeth gleaming against her olive skin.

Slowly, she rocked up and down, back and forth. I let her set the pace, as she learned how a cock could feel inside her young body. She was finding pleasure spots inside her sheath as my cock bumped never-before discovered places inside her.

Before we finished, I had rolled her over and fucked her missionary, with her legs raised, and doggy. Every time I was close, I would stop and switch positions. She never complained, as she came in every position.

When I finally did cum, it was explosive. She was on her knees, with her head in the pillow, and I pumped her pussy full of hot, man seed. I wasn't sure if I would ever stop cuming, as spurt after spurt filled her. I guess having been alone for so long had built up. She came again as I did.

Collapsing on the bed, I pulled her to me, in a spoon position. As she wiggled her little ass against my now deflated, slimy cock, she said: "Hey, I bet we could do it like this too, huh?"

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very nice start


Great stuff. Interesting to let the little girl be in control of taking her first fuck and letting her be in control of giving away her young pussy. Good story.

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