Dads New Dirt Slave, Part 1

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Published: 25-Dec-2011

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This is an adult story intended for adults. If you are underage, if sexually explicit material offends you, or if it is illegal to view adult material where you live, please leave now. This is a fantasy, so I remind you that I have done away with the requirements of safe sex. All events are ficticous. And contain many fetishes that some may find offensive. Please email me if you have any suggestions or comments. I love to hear readers' reactions to my writing.

Dave watched from outside the kitchen window as his father locked the cellar door behind him. Looking around trying to make sure he wasn't seen. Daves father Richard hid the key inside the kitchen clock.

Dave had been hoping to find the hiding place for this key for a long while, his curiosity of what was and happened in that room had been driving the eleven year old crazy. All he had to do now was wait for his father to leave him so he could investigate.

The next day his prayers were answered. Just after breakfast his father announced that he had to go into the office for a few hours. Daves excitement grew as he watched his dad pull out of the drive. He gave it ten minutes just to make sure his dad didn't return for something he may have forgotten. Agonizingly he watched the hands of the clock turn and then bolted for the key.

Hands shaking he put the key in the lock. The first thing that struck him as he stepped through the door was the strong smell of leather. He found a light switch and flicked it on. Revealing a strange looking room. First of all he spotted a large bed with black shiny sheets on it, on the wall opposite was a large tv and dvd system. as he neared the bed he noticed that there were shackles on each corner. Dave wondered who was tied to this bed and why?

As he walked around the room he saw alot of equipment he didn't know the uses of, things made of rubber and stainless steel. ropes and bits of leather were also visible. As was a bench like the vaulting horse he had at school and something hanging from the ceiling.

In the corner of the room he found a large wardrobe when he opened it he found many leather garments hanging up as well as underwear at the bottom. Beneath the leather underwear he found a pile of magazines and a few dvds. He picked out a magazine at random and sat on the bed.

He soon found that the magazine was called "boys in leather". As he opened it he found the first picture to be of two young boys around his own age one had some sort of harness on him, both had leather shorts on. On the next page one of the boys had placed his hand on top of the others bulge. Was his father gay he wondered? He guessed he must be to have pictures like this, certainly Dave hadn't seen his father with a woman since his mother had left a few years before.

The next page showed one boy on his knees infront of the other pulling down the boys shorts exposing the hard cock held in place by a metal ring surrounding the boys swollen testicles the ring was connected to the rest of the harness. Next the one boy was kissing the red balls as he held up the stiff cock of his friend.

As he flicked through the pages of the magazine Dave felt his own cock begin to stir. Could he be gay he wondered, he hadn't even had a girlfriend yet or seriously considered any of the girls at school. As he looked at the magazine he decided that it didn't matter, all he knew was that what he was looking at was having a pleasant affect on him, and who cared what the future may bring for his own sexuality.

Dave put the magazine back but knew he would want to look at a magazine again before his dad left him alone long enough to visit the room again he looked for the magazine at the bottom of the pile, hoping it would be one his father wasn't in the habit of looking at often. He looked around hoping he hadn't disturbed anything, locked the door and put the key back before rushing back to his room.

He now looked at the magazine this one was called "boys in bondage", just as he was about to open it he heard his fathers car pulling into the drive. Dave quickly hid the magazine under his mattress.

He had to wait until he went to bed before he dared to pull it back out and take a look, it looked like the same two boys this time both of them had the leather harness on and the tight leather shorts. One was tied to the bed and another nearby was chained to the wall. An older man entered the room. He stroked the groins of both of the boys before putting a dog collar and lead on the boy on the wall and unchaining him. The boy was pulled to a bench which he was bent over and leg and wrist cuffed to.

The guy picked up a paddle and struck the boy hard on his ass, after a few swipes his shorts were pulled down and the paddling continued. The pictures showed a riding crop and then a cane being used on this boy also. After this a butt plug was placed in the boys ass and he was tied back to the cross on the wall.

The boy on the bed was tied to the bench and the paddle was used on him the same way before the guy moved infront of him. He removed his own leather thong exposing a long very hard cock. Precum glistened on the end as he fed the cock into the still restrained boys mouth.

This boy was then retied back to the bed and the other boy made to suck his cock as the man fucked him there were a few more pics like this and Daves head swam with the ideas and visions infront of him.

Dave hardly slept that night, the images swam in front of his eyes as did the thought that his dad was gay and maybe into boys his age. If that was the case did his dad want to abuse him the same way he wondered?

Dave didn't know how he felt about that, but he did know that the images and action in the magazine had made his little cock hard. As he went down for breakfast he had many questions in his mind but did know he needed to get into the cellar again. Maybe in there he would find the inspiration or sign to know what was what.

His father came into the kitchen in his dressing gown to fix his own breakfast as he turned from the fridge towards the table the folds parted and Dave was treated to the sight of his dads cock. It had been a long time since Dave had seen his dad naked but was now quite impressed by the length and thickness of his dads cock.

His father told him that he was going to play golf that morning and hoped that Dave would be ok on his own. As soon as his father left the table to shower Dave followed at a discreet distance. Though the open door Dave could see his father soaping himself all over. As the steam rose Daves dad turned exposing his cock again to his son. For the first time Dave saw his dads cock hard and stiff against his stomach. Dave was impressed and a little turned on by the sight.

He returned to his room to dress but only slipping on his tshirt and jeans he didn't think he'd need his socks and underwear when he got into the cellar again. Dave could feel a tingling in his cock as he began to get turned on by the thought of being back in the cellar.

Soon his father called goodbye and Dave watched his fathers car pull out of the drive. He practically ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. Dave retrieved the key from the clock and opened the door. He went straight to the cupboard and put the magazine back and decided to look at one of the dvds. He put the disk in the player and took his clothes off and sat on the bed.

This dvd was called fathers day. He pressed play and lay back to watch. The scene opened with three men in various leather outfits in a room similar to the one Dave was sitting in. They were all drinking beer and smoking cigars. All were stroking impressive looking cocks.

A door opened and another man entered dressed like the others he walked in, pulling a dog lead to which a young boy was attached and crawling behind, on all fours. The boy had a leather dog collar on to which the lead was attached. He also wore a blindfold and a leather cock ring,his ass held a butt plug.

The man introduced his son to the group, and all the men stood and began to touch and grope the boy exploring every inch of the boys body as if they were buying an animal. One of the men bent the boy over his lap and gave him a good spanking. When that was over another of the men pressed his large cock up against the boys mouth,which he opened to admit entry. The boy began to suck on it as one of the other men pulled out the butt plug and inserted three fingers into the boys ass. He started to piston these fingers roughly in and out stretching the hole and lubricating it as he did so.

The boys father produced a leather parachute ball stretcher and placed it tightly around his sons balls. A grimace appeared on the boys face as it was attached and weights were added and it began to swing in time with the ass fingering he was receiving. The boys cock began to enlarge with the restriction in blood flow.

The boys father went to the remaining guy and they both went off to prepare a sling which was hanging from the ceiling. They came back and lifted the boy into the sling attaching his ankles and wrists to the chains hanging down.

The weights were removed from the parachute and the last guy lined his cock up against the boys hole. With one thrust he impaled the boy on his cock. The boys father slid his cock past his sons lips and began to fuck his mouth. As the boy sucked on his dads cock one of the guys pissed all over the boys face and hair.

Dave was stroking his cock as he watched the action, he was wondering what it would be like to be that boy. Athough he had never thought about another boy or man in a sexual way he couldn't keep his eyes off the hard strong cocks on screen. He wanted to feel one in his hands maybe even kiss it,stroke it.

Suddenly he was broken out of his masturbatory fun by the phone ringing. He dared not answer it in case it was his father. Still naked he walked into the kitchen and picked up the receiver. Indeed it was his father. "Dave I'am just calling to let you know there is a parcel on my bed for you why don't you go and open it now before I come home, I will see you soon".

Dave ran up the stairs and into his dads room, on the bed was a large box wrapped in paper. On the top was an envelope, Dave opened it and his heart fell and he felt faint as he began to read it.

"Dear Dave

Don't worry but I know you have been in my cellar despite my explicit wishes that you did not enter. However you have and I note that far from being put off from what you have found you have continued to go in there and borrow some of the magazines. I deduce from this that you have developed an interest in the scenes depicted and maybe would like to explore these.

If I'am right then you may open the parcel, but note once it is opened you will have to go through with everything that happens after. If however I'am wrong you will leave the parcel unopened, lock the cellar and nothing will be said of the matter again."

Dave was stunned he didn't know what he wanted. In one way he was very curious and tempted to find out what it would feel like to be the boys in the pictures and the dvd. But he was also scared that he may not be able to take the pain and would not find it pleasurable.

Finally he decided that this maybe his only chance to find out what it was all about, to experience what he had seen. Slowly and carefully he opened the parcel. Dave could see various items in the box but on the top was a letter. He opened it it was a set of instructions he was to follow with some of the contents of the box.

First he was to take a few of the bits into the bathroom. In there he was told to open the tube of lubricant and to smear it around his bottom working it inside. Next he had to lubricate a small dildo and to slowly work this into his bottom. Dave liked the feel of this thing invading his hole despite the pain. It made him feel good and some how like at last he belonged.

Once the dildo was fully in he had been told to keep it in place for five minutes, as he waited he was to prepare the shower hose. Dave unscrewed the shower head and replaced it with a slim metal nozzle. Dave ran the water to body temperature and climbed into the shower.

When the time was up he pulled the dildo from his bottom and replaced it straight away with the nozzle. His ass soon filled with the water which he was told to hold in as long as he could then expel. Dave had to do this until the water ran clean and clear from him.

The next task was to lubricate himself again and then to slide a small butt plug into his rectum. Dave found the feeling of his young hole being stretched as he walked around clearing up the bathroom, painful but exciting and his small cock hardened.

He returned to his dads bedroom and took out the next few bits he needed the first thing and what he wanted as soon as he saw it was his own pair of tight black leather shorts. He picked the shorts up and felt the soft leather and inhaled the smell of new leather. His hands were trembling as he began to slide them up his legs. The shorts fitted very snuggly against his cock and ass, which helped hold his butt plug in.

The shorts had an in built belt with an attachment that allowed the shorts to be padlocked, Dave was instructed to attach a small padlock to lock him in the shorts. It took him a few minutes to realise that there was no key and that the reason for being locked in the shorts was to stop him touching himself or to remove the butt plug.

Dave walked back down to the cellar with the remaining few bits his father wanted him to take. He had been told to put his ankles in the cuffs at the bottom of the bed, making sure they were held tightly. Next he was to put on the blindfold and put his hands in the wrist cuffs. As soon as they were secure Dave heard an electric motor and the chains connected to the cuffs began to move pulling his arms and legs into an X shape before he was pulled to tightly the motor stopped. Dave would later find that from his laptop Daves father could control most things in the cellar.

The room sounded very quiet to Dave as he waited, the time seemed to stretch. Daves nerves were beginning to go he knew that if had not been tied to the bed he would have run from the room by now. Although he was scared he was also excited his cock was trying to expand inside his tight shorts. The confinement of his cock in the tight shorts began to make his balls ache. He longed for things to start,he needed relief from his bonds and the excitement he was feeling.

Suddenly Daves senses told him someone was in the room, the feeling you get when you think someone is looking at you, and then the faint smell of his dads after shave. A hand grazed over his nipples which were hardening in the coolness of the room.

Daves pulse quickened whatever was going to happen to him was going to start right now. He hoped he could take the pain and make his father proud, but he was also hoping that it would end up something that he would enjoy too, that it would be as exciting as the pictures and dvd's looked.

A sudden pain flashed across his chest as his nipples were pinched. Daves bottom involuntary lifted off the bed,and his breath quickened. His fathers hand rested over Daves cock rubbing it softly through the leather shorts. Daves cock hardened at the erotic touch and his fathers fingers moulded around Daves young shaft.

His father leant over and kissed him on the lips, pushing with his tongue until Dave open his mouth and shared his first ever french kiss with his own father. Just as he thought he would cum from the kiss and stroking from his dad, his father stopped. Dave felt the restraints being removed from his wrists and ankles.

Dave was pulled up and bent over his dads lap, Dave guessed what was to happen next.

"Well boy I'am glad you decided to go through with this and I cannot wait to train you into the submissive slave that I know you can be. But you came in here and went through my things without my consent so you must be punished"

Dave felt the air move before his fathers hand landed on his ass with a loud slap. Dave fought against the urge to yell out and tried to brace himself for the next hit. It eventually came, the time seeming to stretch out for Dave. After around ten Swipes Dave couldn't control himself and shouted out in pain, he was angry with himself for not being able to take his punishment as good as the boy in the dvd.

Daves father reacted by forcing a ball gag into Daves mouth fastening the strap behind his head. He was then lead over to the whipping bench, his ankles were fixed to the legs of the bench, and his wrists tied to the legs at the far side.

His blindfold was then removed. But tied as he was he couldn't see much more than the floor. His father stood in front of him holding what he was told was a tawse which Dave saw was basically a strap of thickish leather about 16 inches long with a wooden handle. He also noticed that this one had a split up it and knew this implement was really going to hurt. However the thought far from just making him scared also excited him. He wanted to please his father and felt this would be one last test before he would get a sexual release.

Just before his father moved back behind him Dave saw that his father also had tight leather shorts on and what looked like a body harness on. His fathers large cock could be seen pressing hard against the leather.

The tawse was held against Daves bottom to gauge the distance. And Dave braced himself for the first blow. The pain was like nothing he had felt before and he didn't think he would be able to take much more, but he did enjoy how the butt plug had moved inside him as it too was struck.

"Your doing well boy for your first time. I know this is new to you that is why I am spanking you through your shorts, we will soon have you taking the same sort of punishment as the boys in those dvd's and magazines. My friends are very impressed with you some of them are watching now over the internet and sending some nice comments".

Dave hadn't even thought that his dad shared this kind of thing with other people let alone that those friends could be watching now. Wild thoughts crashed through his head as the tawse continued to warm his ass hotter than it had ever been. The pain was still unbearable but his mind was on other things. Would his father bring other men into their relationship like the dvd's? And what other kinks did his dad have in store for them both?

Dave was unfastened from the bench and turned around to face his father. The padlock was removed and Daves shorts were pulled off. His boyish cock was at the fullest length that Dave had ever seen or felt it and it sprang towards his dads face.

Daves father took hold of the stiff cock and lead Dave back to the bed. He sat and pulling Dave down by his cock he forced his son back over his lap. He pulled Daves hard cock and balls between his knees.

"You have done very well but I think you deserve a couple of marks on your ass that you can look at and feel over the next few days too"

The tawse came down on Daves steaming butt cheeks and Dave felt the split in the Tawse bite into his skin. He panted with the pain and his eyes started to stream with tears. Again he was struck with the tawse and Daves first punishment was over.

Dave was allowed to walk around and look at his ass in the mirror. He was able to see two raised red lines on top of the redness from his spanking. He touched his cock, he felt different he felt more grown up and that he was now a sexual being. He felt an inner power and that he had found himself.

His father called him over, unzipping his shorts as Dave walked towards him. Richards cock was hard and thick as he stroked it. He ordered his son to kneel in front of him and to part his lips. dave felt his dads cock head slip past his lips and slide over his tongue. Dave sealed his lips around the large cock, and his father began to pull his cock in and out of Daves mouth.

Richard instructed Dave on how to suck a cock properly to use his tongue and hands whilst sucking. Dave liked the smell of leather and sweat on his dads cock, and the taste of the sweat mixed with the leaking precum. His father told Dave to start to finger his dads ass as he sucked. Dave licked his fingers before putting the tasty cock back in his mouth. He then probed around his dads greasy sweaty anus, he pushed a little harder and his finger went into his dads ass. His father gave a grunt and pushed his cock abit deeper into Daves mouth making him gag.

"Thats it boy finger your dads hole get as many fingers in there as you can into my dirty stinking hole"

Dave added another finger and another and felt his dads cock grow even longer and harder. He was really enjoying giving his father so much pleasure, and was proud of himself and glad he had chosen to enter into this new relationship.

"Your doing good boy for a first time and Iam about to blow my load. You are not to spill a drop, and after you have had a good taste of it you may swallow"

Richard increased the speed of the fucking of his sons mouth, holding onto Daves head as he plowed into the mouth of his willing son. Dave gagged at times not being used to being mouth raped, but couldn't wait to taste his dads cum. Richard thrust his hips towards his sons face and stayed still, his cock the deepest it had been in his sons mouth. He pulled his cock back a little so that his cock head was in the middle of his sons mouth. His hips started jerking as he finally let go with his jets of cum.

Dave struggled to keep all of the cum in his mouth as soon as he could swallow one jet of cum his father squirted another jet. He felt his cheeks bulge with the force of the cum. At last the jets of cum slowed and Dave had a chance to take a good taste of his first mouthful of cum. At first he wasn't keen on the texture but he did like the taste of the cum and knew he wanted to taste it again and again.

After he had swallowed all of the remaining load his father pulled out his cock and Dave began to lick the last of the cum and juices off his dads cock. Once he felt his dads cock was clean Dave leaned back and licked his lips. His father smiled down showing how pleased he was.

Richard led Dave over to the shower area and had him kneel again. "You have pleased me very well for your first session, and I am very proud of you. Just a couple more things and we will end for now. You had your fingers up my ass son and you must lick them clean as a slave you must treasure anything your master gives you of himself. After that I will piss all over you and you must drink what you can".

Dave raised his fingers up and looked at the coating of brown slime on his fingers. He thought there was no way he could clean that off his fingers. However he was so horny and wanted to please his master. Tentatively he brought his fingers up towards his mouth and pushed out his tongue towards the brown greasy stuff on his fingers. He looked up at his fathers face willing him on. Surely it couldn't be that bad he had seen photos of other boys licking mens anuses. He took his first lick and found it very bitter, He thought to himself that he could get this over quickly so began to lick quicker and found that as he did the taste was not so bad as he had thought.

His Father smiled down and pulling his foreskin back began to piss over Daves face and hair, over his body. Dave opened his mouth tasting the hot bitter liquid he felt some of the piss pooling in his lap over his own stiffening cock. The smell and taste turning him on. All too soon his dads stream came to a stop and the first session was over.

Dave was told to clean up in the shower as his father went to shower in his own room. Dave felt the sting of hot water on his tender skin as he washed. He looked back at the recent events and found that he had enjoyed it a great deal and couldn't wait to do more things with his hot father. And wouldn't be long before he got his wish.

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