Uno Girl, Part 1

[ Mg(mult), rom, 1st, cons, pedo, unc/niece, bi, orgy, oral, pett, squirt, food, ws, creampie ]

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Published: 23-Nov-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

It was four wonderful months after my step-niece, Ally, had first spent the night at my place. That weekend when she had introduced me to her simplest yet most exciting variation to the game Uno was among my happiest memories. It had taken me a month to fully recover from that episode, but I wouldn't have traded it for the world.

Since then we had spent the night together at least once a week, usually at her house. The first of those nights it was to "break-in" the new queen-sized bed I had bought for her. Our lovemaking had just gotten too wild for her old twin to contain. The noise we made that night had sent her mother and step-father into a frenzy... of sex. It's just a good thing that we were too busy to go down stairs that night: nether of us wanted to see that. Well, I guess it wouldn't have been to bad for me, but Ally would not have enjoyed it.

Her parents. Now there is a secret that had been kept from me for God only knows how long. Ally is the daughter of my sister's husband Tom and her best friend Helen, who he had been married to at the time of Ally's birth. Now, usually when a marriage breaks up and one spouse starts dating the other's best friend, that friendship ends also. Not in this case. Of course, it helped that Helen and Tom both just decided that they where not in love with each other. It also helped that they had married each other's best friends, so they each knew where the other was coming from. They had even had a joint wedding.

All of that I had already known. The secret, however, was that the two of them hadn't stopped sleeping together. Not that they where cheating on their new spouses, but only because those spouses where always present. Unbeknownst to me my sister is bi, and so is Helen. I don't know when they had started sleeping together (and I most emphatically don't want to), but I do realize that that was what all those "sleep overs" where really all about when they where in high school. Tom and Ben had also known each other most of their lives, but I was once again happy to not know when they had become sexually involved. As far as I know, they still aren't, and that is the way I want to think of it. However, I do know that they had formed a foursome before the divorce. In fact, we're not even sure that Ally is Tom's daughter, she could be Ben's. Ally is satisfied with the situation however, and would refuse a "fraternity test" (as she mistakenly calls it) to find ou t the truth.

I found out about all of this four months ago, on the Monday after that wonderful, exhausting, weekend with Ally. I hadn't know it that weekend, but they had set me up. All four of them had known that Ally had had the hots for me, and had decided to give her the chance to do something about it. Add in the fact that they had noticed my preference for petit, child-like (at least in appearance) women (a fact that I hadn't noticed) and they all thought that we just might end up in bed together. It had happened faster than any of them had expected, but only because Ally had stacked the deck, literally as it turns out.

I had been asked to watch her because the four of them were going out of town, needed a replacement sitter, and couldn't find one. Or so they told me; in reality, they had arranged ahead of time for me to have to watch her. They had even arranged for her grandparents to be out of town. Not that I'm complaining. Like I said, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Ally's favorite game (well, second favorite; her first is sex games) is the card game Uno. She loves Uno, she also loves to make up new and interesting rules for it. The latest of these (as far as I know) she calls "The Fuck-O Variation." Basically, it is strip-Uno. This is how she asked me to have sex with her. She even stacked the deck to be sure that I would win. How? I don't know, not with the size of her hands. Though I have noticed that she can do some pretty amazing things with those hands.

When I found out this little fact, I asked her why she let me win. Her answer was simple, "Because you had more experience than me." Which was an understatement, seeing as she had been a virgin. Though, considering that her parents had given her a pretty through sex-ed course, it wasn't all that much of one.

The really surprising thing about that weekend wasn't that they were setting me up with their daughter (as all four of them consider her), a lot of parents arrange dates for their children. Though I suppose, probably not for the express purposes of sex. No, the thing that surprises me is that at thirty-three I was three times Ally's age! I was amazed that anyone would do that for their eleven-year-old child, even if it were just for a normal date.

But that was the last story. This one takes place four months later, at Ally's twelfth birthday party. She was having a slumber party, and unbeknownst to me I wasn't her only guest.

Ally's birthday is December 22nd, close enough to Christmas that most children of Christian households wouldn't get separate birthday presents. The only good thing to be said about such a birth-date is that a child rarely has school that day. But luckily for Ally, Tom's birthday is the 24th and the lack of gifts was his major (even only) complaint growing up. Since he is her legal father (despite the uncertainty) he decreed that it would be different for her. That year the 22nd happened to fall on a Monday, so the party goers would gather at her house after school on Friday (the last day of school before "Winter Vacation") and not go home until just before dinner on Monday. By her request, there where to be no parents at this party until noon on Monday, but the other guest's parents naturally assumed that that didn't include Ally's parents. I knew the truth, that I would be the only adult there. I'm not a parent you see, and therefore didn't count.

What I didn't know was that two girls from her school were coming home with her. She had picked her friends well: in the last couple months she had started experimenting with both of them, and already knew she could trust them and that they wouldn't mind my joining in the fun.

All I had known about the start of that party was that I was to meet her at the end of her long driveway (Helen, Ben and Ally live in the country) when the bus dropped her off after school, and that she would have a surprise for me.

I had timed it pretty good, I got there only five minutes before the school bus pulled up. However, I was very surprised to see the two other little girls get off with her. At the time I hadn't even known that she had been having sex with other girls. For some reason, I had just assumed that she wasn't interested in girls despite her parents' habits. As they got nearer it was apparent that although Ally was the shortest of the three, she was also the oldest.

It's not too cold in December in our part of the country, so none of the girls were wearing real coats, though they did have long sleeves and leggings or pants. Ally, of course, was wearing her normal outfit: A white button up shirt and dark loose skirt, this one knee length which was long for her. Under that she wore a pair of stockings that came half-way up her thighs. I knew this the same way I knew that that was all she had on under it; I had watched her get dressed that morning.

The first new girl was wearing a good fitting green sweat shirt with a Lake Tahoe based resort's logo on it, and tight blue jeans. The second girl was wearing a light blue button-up dress, white leggings and an unzipped wind-breaker. She looked more dressed up then the other two, despite the wind-breaker.

Ally is petit, but well muscled due to her karate training. She has wavy hair that sometimes looked gold, sometimes medium brown, and had just recently been cut shoulder length. Her eyes where a vivid green, her skin was a perfect peaches-and-cream. The first of her friends had long brown hair that hung well below her pert bottom even though it was in a French braid, and bright blue eyes with skin only a couple shades darker than Ally's. The other friend was of obvious Asiatic decent: yellowish skin, black hair and upturned warm brown eyes. Both friends were so cute that I really hoped that I would at least get to see them naked.

Ally made introductions when the three of them joined me on the driveway (the bus had dropped them off on the other side of the street). The Asian girl was Sara and the other was Jenny. They apparently hadn't really met before today either.

Jenny gave me a look composed of two parts; the first made me feel like I was hanging on a rack at a meat market, the second made me want to tell her not to shop hungry. Sara's relatively simple look would have given me an instant hard-on even without Jenny's.

Jackpot! Both girls had apparently come with the intentions of having a four-way orgy with Ally and me. It felt like it was my birthday, Christmas, Easter and Halloween all rolled into one. And this gift was so big that I wouldn't mind not getting any others, ever.

All four of us started to walk up the long forest bordered driveway, but after we got out of sight of the road Ally stopped and set her school bag down. Then, to my surprise, she proceeded to take her clothes off. First, her shirt came off. Then her bra, which fastened in the front. Next she shimmied off her skirt, proving to the other girls that she hadn't been wearing any panties. That wouldn't have surprised me even if I hadn't watched her dress, because she hadn't worn panties since the day I had deflowered her; she knew how much it turned me on. She left the stockings and shoes on and started putting her clothes into her bag.

After a moment she realized that the rest of us were just standing there starring at her. "Come on, what are you waiting for? I told you that I wanted us all naked as soon as possible. Well, it's possible now, so start stripping. You all agreed that I was boss because it's my birthday, so do as I say." When we just continued to stand there, she added in a reasonable tone "It's not that cold out if that's the problem, and we can keep each other warm."

I decided to set a good example, so to speak. When I got down to my shorts, I realized that I wasn't having any... adverse... effects because of the cold so they came of just as quick. Now the other girls were starring at me, but the looks on their faces were a bit more appreciative then when they had looked at Ally. They both also seemed to have their eyes glued to one particular piece of my anatomy.

I just smiled and flexed it without using my hands. Their eyes got bigger. It was apparent that neither of them had ever seen a man naked before.

"Oh come on girls!" Ally said, "If you want him to have sex with you, he's going to have to see you naked some time."

With that, Jenny shrugged and started to take her clothes off. As each piece came off, I was rewarded with a view of flesh every bit as good as Ally's had been four months ago. Jenny's breasts where a little smaller than Ally's, but only because Ally's had grown a little in the last four months. Her cunt had only a light dusting of pubic hair, though there was more than Ally had had that first day. Ally's pussy was now bald of course; she shaved it every day because I liked it that way. When she was as naked as Ally (or more so, seeing as her socks where shorter) Jenny stood with some obvious embarrassment, but despite flushed cheeks (and other parts) she valiantly refrained from covering herself up.

Sara still hadn't moved. She just stood there looking like she was enjoying the show. When Ally gestured to her to hurry up and begin (or should that be begin and hurry up?) she just smiled and said "I don't want to take my clothes off. But I wouldn't mind if your Uncle Mike wants to take them off for me."

As I walked to Sara to start my task (YES!), I saw that Jenny was wearing an "why didn't I think of that" expression. Sara removed her jacket and tossed it on top of her bag where it sat a few feet away, while I started to oh, so slowly, unbutton her dress one button at a time.

It was soon obvious that Sara wasn't wearing a bra. When I got the dress completely unbuttoned, I realized that the girl was even younger than I had thought; she couldn't have been older than ten. Her hard little nipples where surrounded by mounds of soft flesh to small to be called breasts, but would soon qualify.

The dress fell from her little shoulders and lay, forgotten, on the ground. Next, I surprised her by removing her thick pantyhose with a quick jerk. I then removed her panties as slowly and even more caressingly than I had removed her dress. When they where around her shapely ankles, I started to play with her hairless pussy and asked "I thought you went to Ally's school?"

The district where Ally's school was located had three schools: elementary, middle, and high. Elementary was grades K through five, middle was six, seven and eight, and high was nine through twelve. Normally, a ten-year-old would be in fifth grade, and so Sara would still be in grade school.

Stepping out of her underwear and spreading her legs a bit she replied in a sweet little voice "I am. I skipped a grade." Then, as if she had read my thoughts, she said "This is the first time I have been naked in front of anyone, besides Ally, since I was a baby." (Sixth graders didn't change in locker rooms.)

At that point Ally, who might have been getting cold, said "I think we will continue this inside. Come on, get your things. Uncle Mike, you can put your clothes in my bag."

As it turned out, only my shirt went into Ally's bag. It was too full for the pants, so they went into Jenny's bag. "Don't get them mixed up with yours," I told her jokingly.

With her blush deepening a little she replied "I won't."

My under shorts however, they went into Sara's bag. She grabbed them and shoved them into her bag with a look that said that she wouldn't take no for an answer, and which also said that she intended them to still be in there when she left. This was my kind of girl.

"You can have those," I told her, "if I can have yours." She smiled and nodded, handing me her little panties which were a blue about three shades lighter than her dress.

At which time, Jenny said "You can have mine too, if you want." as she colored even more. I liked it, she blushed prettily. "You don't even have to give me anything in return."

I took her up on her offer, but seeing as I didn't have any pockets and I wanted to keep my hands free so that I could help the girls keep warm, I ended up putting her white panties on my head like a hat. Then I added Sara's on top. This made all three girls giggle, but I didn't mind: giggling sent the most pleasing ripples through their young, naked, flesh.

As we walked to the house there was a lot of petting between the four of us. There was hardly a second when I didn't have a little girl holding onto my cock, and although they were all too short for me to reach their cunts without bending over (which made it to hard to walk), I was always touching at least one of them in a manner that I'm sure would have had Jenny and Sara's parents out for my blood. It was all I could do to keep from blowing my load; walking with someone else holding your dick is too much like a hand job.

Nor was all the touching between the girls and me, just because I couldn't reach their pussies doesn't mean that they couldn't reach each other's. And they could certainly reach each other's tits. Once, about halfway to the house, Ally stopped and pulled Jenny (who just happened to be the closest girl) into a hug which pressed every inch of their beautiful little bodies together. As they held tight, they kissed on the lips and squeezed each other's asses. It wasn't just any kiss either; it was a full on, passionate, tongues-down-each-other's-throats French kiss. Watching that kiss got me even harder. When they where done, I noticed that Jenny's blush was gone and that she had a slightly dreamy look on her face.

I missed her blush, so in an attempt to bring it back I said "just wait until I kiss you that way." It worked.

A couple minutes latter, Ally did the same thing to Sara. Just as the house came into view, Sara grabbed Jenny the same way Ally had. By then I was harder than I had ever been in my life, so hard it was painful. I just couldn't wait to fuck one of these girls.

As it turned out, I wasn't going to have to. Just as we reached the front porch, Ally turned to the rest of us (Jenny and Sara where both holding my cock) and asked the other girls "Do either of you have an idea where and how you would like to be deflowered?" Since I knew her so well, I could tell that she thought she already knew the answers to both questions from both girls.

Sara spoke up first. "Well, I've always wanted to lose it outside. Right here would do nicely." Then she gave my dick an extra squeeze.

Jenny just shrugged and said "I've always wanted to do it in a hot tub."

"Fine," replied Ally with a shrug. "Sara, we're here, so you're first. Just wait for me to get my camera. Take your shoes and socks off while you wait."

This time I knew something that Ally didn't, so I spoke up. "Actually Ally, I think your mother would like you to open your birthday present first. She left it on the table just inside the door." Ally's parents hadn't been invited to this party, and so all four of them had gone on a trip were they would most likely have their own weekend long orgy. They had a family party scheduled for Monday, and I thought then that Jenny and Sara's parents might just show up too.

Ally reached trough the door and brought out a wrapped box. Not wasting any time, she ripped off the surprisingly risqu paper (it had pictures of half naked people all over it) and opened the box to reveal a brand new DVD camcorder with digital camera capabilities. The box also included no fewer than six fully charged camera batteries, and a hundred-disk spool of dual-layer DVD-R's. I had suggested it to Helen; Ally's old camera with the 2-Gig memory just wasn't adequate anymore. And this way we wouldn't have to keep on burning new disks to keep her computer's hard drive from getting full.

One of the batteries and a disk were already in the camera, so Ally just turned it on and said, "Do her like you did me Uncle Mike. Sara, get on your hands and knees." She knew I had always regretted not being able to get her deflowering on video, and was determined not to let that happen again. "Give me those panties Uncle Mike, I'll place them on the table in there. That way you won't look silly on film."

As we moved to comply I saw that Sara's pussy was very wet with anticipation. So wet in fact that I would be surprised if it wasn't easy to slide my cock into. By this time the only one of us to still be wearing anything was Ally; she still had her stockings on.

At ten, Sara was the youngest girl I had ever fucked, and I wasn't prepared for just how tight her naturally bald pussy was. As I entered her slowly in an attempt to keep her level of pain as low as possible, I was surprised to see that both Ally and Jenny were masturbating. Although Jenny was just rubbing her clit, Ally had two fingers inside herself.

When I was finally all the way into Sara, I was amazed that I hadn't cum yet. Two pumps and that was no longer true. Which was unfortunate, because I could tell that Sara wasn't even close, though she was already enjoying it more than Ally had at the same point.

Luckily, knowing me better than I had ever before given her credit for, Ally had a plan. "Jenny," she asked, "why don't you quit playing with yourself and let Sara lick your pussy?" Smart girl, the thought alone gave me instant re-ball.

Jenny and Sara both must have thought it a good idea, because the next thing I knew Jenny was laying on her back with Sara's tongue caressing her cute little virgin cunt.

I resumed pumping, forgetting that I was inside a girl who just a moment ago had been a virgin. The extra pain just seemed to make Sara happier though, so I continued at full speed.

When I finally felt orgasm quake through Sara's little ten-year-old body, I wasn't far from it again myself. I couldn't tell if a girl that young could cum, there was too much of my own dripping from her. And then suddenly there was even more.

I noticed that Jenny was close to orgasm herself, and since Sara was being thoughtful by continuing to lick her cunt, I decided to stay where I was too and slowly pumped Sara's sopping, bloody cunt.

When Jenny came I got another surprise: our little Jenny was a gusher. Now I was doubly glad that Ally was filming this. Jenny's gush was so large that Sara was almost drowning in it even though she was on top. I hadn't know until four months ago that an eleven-year-old girl could even cum; if you had told me that this was going to happen I would have said that you were crazy. In fact, I was seeing it and I still couldn't believe it. The cum didn't seem like it was going to stop, but when it did Sara had some up her nose and it had sprayed as far down as her little nipples. Ally kept filming because sweet little Jenny started to clean her own cum off of the other very surprised girl... using nothing but her tongue.

I backed away so that I could see better. It was delightful, seeing one little girl licking another. I was getting hard again.

When she had finished cleaning her own cum off, Jenny started to clean mine off (and out of) Sara's little pussy. Jenny ended up on her back again, but this time with Sara sitting on her face. I was having a lot of fun just watching, and was as hard as I had been before I ever entered Sara. Eventually, Sara shuddered with orgasm once more. I was surprised and delighted to see that a prepubescent girl could cum. This was surprising because although I had been able to have orgasms as long as I could remember, I never actually came until puberty.

As the girls separated, Sara turned to me and said "Oh, by the way. I'm not on the pill like Ally is." At my look of panic she laughed and added "Don't worry silly, I can't get pregnant yet; I'm too young. I just wanted to see you squirm."

Ally finally shut the camera off. Then she gestured for all of us to follow her, and went into the house. She led us to the kitchen where she pulled a large pitcher of something out of the fridge. "This is a restorative drink that my step-father found the recipe to somewhere," she stated. "Each of you should have a glass, it works better than sports drinks and has stuff to help restore your cum reserves. While you're doing that, there's something I need from my bedroom." She placed three glasses on the counter and left the room.

The restorative drink wasn't the best tasting thing I had ever had, but it was surprisingly good for something of its nature. Jenny and Sara didn't seem impressed however.

I looked down and noticed that my cock was still covered by juices left over from fucking Sara, including a liberal streaking of blood. I was about to clean myself off when Jenny stopped me.

"Don't you dare," she said. "I want all of that to still be on it when you put it in me." I had been starting to get soft, this statement fixed that though I'm not sure why. Maybe it was just the reminder that I was going to get to fuck her. She was blushing hotter than ever, but I don't know if it was because of her statement or my reaction to it.

When Ally came back she had lost her socks somewhere and was carrying a long object that I had seen in her closet a number of times, but had never investigated. I was excited until I realized that if it had been something sexual in nature I would know all about it by now. Whatever it was, it was just about as long as Ally was tall, and covered by a bag like the ones tents come in. I knew that it wasn't a tent however, it was to hard for that.

"Could you carry this for me?" she asked me. "I can't handle both it and the camera." I took it from her, and she retrieved her new camera from the counter where she had left it. "Follow me," she told us.

She led us through the house and out the back door, then headed off in the direction of the only other building on the property. From the house it looked like a barn, but I knew that that was deceptive. First of all, half of the "barn door" was fake; it was just hung on the wall beside the other half which was the real door. Second, the buildings position and orientation where calculated to offer the illusion that it was smaller than it really was. That also "happened" to hide the full length windows that filled the sides of the building from view of the house.

As we entered the building I watched the two new girl's faces. I had been in this building many times in the last four months, so I knew what to expect. From the girls expressions however, I guessed that Ally had never told them about this place.

Now I know what you are probably thinking, but you're wrong. The only things in the building that was not perfectly normal where some soft leather straps with buckles that where hanging on some exercise equipment along one wall. Well, I guess that the rest of the single room in the building wasn't quite "perfectly normal."

The room was dominated by an Olympic sized (but not shaped) swimming pool, and there was a hot tub beside and above it. The reason that they weren't "perfectly normal" was that both of them where artistically done up to look like they where a natural hot spring and pool that had already been there when the building was built around them. Add to that all of the plants, hung and otherwise (some of them in planters flush with the floor), and you had a quite exotic little scene. There was even a natural looking water slide connecting the raised hot tub from the pool bellow. But the only reasons it would have raised any eyebrows were appreciation, and the thought of how much it must have cost. This was the only place where Ally's step-father Ben let his true wealth show.

"Could you set that up for me over here Uncle Mike?" Ally asked me. After a second (I'm not usually that slow, but I was still marveling at the looks on the other girl's faces, not to mention the effect their bodies were still having on me) I realized that she meant the object I was holding.

The pieces fell into place and I thought that I knew what the mysterious object was. I was right. It took me a moment to figure out the unfamiliar equipment, but when I did we had a high quality camera tripod setting on the raised deck by the hot tub. Then Ally attached the new camera to its top and I knew that she had planed to film the four of us doing something. That was when I realized that the only one that hadn't had sex yet was the nymphomaniac birthday girl. This was very unusual, I just hadn't noticed because I had been distracted by Sara and Jenny. That was also why she hadn't needed any of the restorative drink.

"Uncle Mike," Ally addressed me, "you're about to deflower Jenny in the hot tub like I promised her, but that leaves Sara and me to do something together. I don't care what we do as long as it's some kind of sex, so what would you like to see us do?"

I thought for a moment, and then remembered how I had felt when she had kissed the others on the walk to the house. "I would like to see those bald pussies of yours rubbing together," I replied.

"Okay, you sit here," she pointed to a spot on the edge of the hot tub, "and Sara and I will be over here." I noticed that the positions she had chosen left our proposed escapades visible to both each other and the camera. She was a good director.

The edge of the hot tub was made to look like a misshapen ring of hard, rough, uneven natural rock about a foot wide. This was deceiving of course; it was actually some sort of waterproof padding. It was comfortable enough that I had actually fallen asleep on it once, but only because Ally had worn me out so much. I sat were she indicated without a qualm.

"Wait, I think we should all get wet first," Ally said. I thought that she already looked pretty wet, or at least one part of her was. "Everyone, get in the tub."

"Uh, Ally?" I asked. "Jenny made a request that I not wash my dick off until after it was inside her. Is that okay with you?"

Ally looked puzzle (especially after she looked at my cock), but didn't complain. She just shrugged and said "Whatever."

The three girls climbed into the hot tub, and Ally dunked her head under the surface. After a moment the others did the same, but I noticed that Jenny's braid floated. When they all came back up, Ally told Jenny with a naughty little smile "Time for you to get fucked." Then gesturing at Sara she added "join me over here."

Ally swam over to the edge (she was short enough that she could do so in the relatively shallow tub), and climbed out to lay on her back on top of it. Seeing her glistening wet body made me harder than I'd been a moment before. Sara followed Ally, and Jenny climbed up beside me. Watching the water sluicing off the three beautiful pre-teen bodies almost made me cum without any physical aid. Jenny apparently wanted to watch Ally start to hump Sara, so I just reached over and placed my hand on her cunt. This was the first time that I had ever touched her there and she jumped a little when I did, but she just spread her shapely little legs to give me better access. Her crisp pubic hair was softer than any I had ever felt before, and her pussy was wetter than the quick dip could account for.

As we watched Ally and Sara humping with enthusiastic enjoyment, I slowly slid my little finger around Jenny's tight eleven-year-old cunt. After a while she couldn't take it any longer. She swung one leg over me, put her hands on my shoulders, and lowered herself onto my dick while I positioned it for her. She took it into all the way into herself, moving way too fast. At the look of pain on her face, I decided to let her sit there for a while and started kissing her. She soon realized that I hadn't been kidding when I previously told to wait until I kissed her. After a couple minutes she was so horny that the pain no longer mattered to her.

"Do you think you could lower both of us into the tub without... dislodging yourself?" she asked me.

It was challenging, but I managed it. When I had settled onto one of the seats "sculpted" into the tub the water just reached the bottoms of her beautiful little tits. Immediately she started moving up and down on me, so I started pumping her.

Wincing with pain she said "No, just sit there and let me do all the work. And don't worry, unlike Sara I am on the pill." Contraceptives were being handed out like candy at schools even in those days, so I wasn't surprised (this time). However, the admission made Jenny blush again. It surprised me to be able to feel her pussy blush.

Whether it was sex or work, I had never just sat back and let my partner do everything before. It was a new experience, and oddly stimulating. But what would you call it? A cunt job? It sure wasn't normal sex, but it was fun. It was also very hard for me to keep still, humping is instinctual after all.

The hot tub wasn't round, more of a lopsided bow-tie shape, so if we looked to the side all we would have seen were the other girl's pussies slapping together since the two pair of us where at different sides of the narrow part. I did look, but Jenny didn't. She had her eyes closed, chasing orgasm with simpleminded enthusiasm. I wanted to help, it was so hard not to, but I contented myself with caressing her everywhere I could reach. Which because of our positions was everywhere except her pussy. I figure that the water was both helping and hindering: she was buoyant so going up was easier, but moving fast was impossible. Of course, from the occasional wince on her little face, I guessed that that may not be such a bad thing.

When she came it was with another gush. I grabbed her hips for fear that she would fly off me, and I wasn't done yet. Luckily for me, she realized that and kept pumping even after her orgasm had ended. After I finally peeked, she just leaned against me and sat there. I could feel her hard little nipples pressed against my chest, and her cheek rested on my shoulder as she watched Ally and Sara who where still going at it. I watched them too, stroking Jenny's smooth back and ass.

Once again Ally showed her seemingly innate ability to hold off orgasm (hers and her partner's) until they could both share in it. A double spurt of cum (tinny things compared to Jenny's) splashed onto the "rocks" around the small pool.

After a moment of stillness, Ally silently asked Sara to get off of her. Sara just rolled off into the water and more or less floated to a seat, obviously completely spent. She just leaned back in one of the two cradle like seats (as opposed to the bench-like seat I was in) and promptly went to sleep. Luckily the seat she had chosen was designed to allow sleeping without the danger of drowning.

Getting into the water and swimming over to Jenny and I, Ally stated "Now that there are no virgins here, It's my turn. Jenny, could you go make sure Sara doesn't drown?"

When Jenny hesitated I told her "Go ahead, I'm sure that we'll get another chance to fuck this weekend."

At Ally's smile and nod she got up and moved a little stiffly to where Sara slept. Pulling her long braid into her lap, she sat down in the seat by Sara's head and looped her arm around the other girl's chest. Sara's only reaction was to wrap her arms around Jenny's as if she was holding a teddy bear. It was cute, but since they where both completely naked and showed signs of recent sex, it was also a turn on. Jenny started tenderly stroking Sara's hair.

Climbing on top of me Ally whispered in my ear "I think those two might just become a couple. Oh well, lets fuck."

I had just stayed where I was when Jenny was done with me, and Ally hadn't asked me to move, so I had a good spot to compare the two girl's styles. I knew that I couldn't base Jenny's sexual habits on her first time, but from what I had seen of her personality I was willing to bet that she would be a slow, gentle lover. Ally however, she was a minx; wild and passionate. She didn't want me to just sit there like Jenny had, and I knew her well enough to know she wouldn't have even if she had been a virgin. Ally was also a lot louder the Jenny had been, though maybe Jenny was just used to being quiet.

I had never fucked Ally in water before. In the pool house yes, but the only thing we had done in ether pool was petting. I noticed that the water was slowing her down as it had Jenny. It was a nice change; I decided to make sure to do it here more often.

We came together as we usually do, our mingled cum sliding down my cock slower than usual because of the water. I had never noticed before that cum is heavier than water. Between Ally's, Jenny's and my own, I was sitting in quite a pool of it, under the water.

After her normal two or three minutes of rest, Ally got off me and stood roughly in the middle of the large hot tub. "Okay, Uncle Mike has now had sex with all three of his partners, and Sara has as well." At Sara's sound of complaint, Ally added "Yes, I know you only had oral sex with Jenny, but for now it counts. The point is that the only two of us that haven't had sex are Jenny and I. I mean to fix that right now. Jenny, if you could take my former position on the side please?"

Both other girls got up. Jenny climbed onto the padded side, pausing for a moment to lick up the drying cum that Ally and Sara had left there. I realized that she must like the taste of it. Sara however came over to me and sat in my lap.

"Now Sara," Ally admonished, "it's not time for you to have sex again yet."

"That's okay," she replied. "I just want to feel his warmth." With that she leaned back against me with my erect penis pressed under her little ass, spread her legs a bit and started gently masturbating. After I moment I moved to help, and she stopped to let me have full access. My other hand started caressing her mostly flat chest, playing with her hard little nipples.

Ally frowned at us, but all she said was "Neither of you cum." Then she climbed on top of Jenny and proceeded to hump her. It was a position you rarely see in porn, but I hear that it is used much more often in true lesbian sex. Apparently it's not considered good enough for the movies, but I think the producers might just change their minds if they saw the way Ally did it. The sight made me so hard that Sara's weight on my dick started to become painful.

Noticing the change, Sara started sliding forward and back playing with my hard cock using nothing but her ass cheeks. Oddly enough, it helped.

Ally and Jenny humped for what seemed like half an hour before they where done. By that time Sara had reached orgasm again, but I hadn't shot cum and so didn't disobey Ally's order. Luckily for Sara, Ally didn't notice her orgasm.

Once again, Ally came at almost the same moment as her partner. As both little girls quaked with orgasm, Ally shouted but Jenny just let out a low sharp gasp. Cum shot from both little pussies, some of it even landing in the tub. I noticed that the amount was a little low for Jenny; maybe her amazing reserves where finally running out.

When their shuddering subsided, Ally told Jenny not to move. Then Ally got up, and reversed position to sixty-nine Jenny. "We are just going to clean each other," she announced. I couldn't see Jenny's face from my angle, but she made a sound of disappointment. Replying to the sound Ally said "Don't worry Jenny, we can sixty-nine it latter. I promise."

After they had licked all of the cum off of and out of each other, Ally rolled off Jenny to land splashingly in the tub. "Let's all go for a swim," she called as she came up.

Sara immediately got up from my lap and slid down the slide connecting the tub to the pool. From her "Weee!" she had probably been wanting to do that since she first saw it. Ally got out of the tub and shut the camera off, but I didn't notice. I did notice her use the diving board to enter the pool, but only because her beautifully naked young body arched so gracefully through the air. Meanwhile, Jenny got up and started to clean up the mess she and Ally had left. I realized that although she might like the taste, she might really be doing it to get it back inside her; you know, some sort of psychological thing.

As I stood up, I noticed that the pool of cum I was sitting in wanted to keep me there. I looked at Jenny and said "There's more over here, but I don't know if you can lick it up."

"That's okay," she replied. "I'll just drink it instead." And putting her head bellow water and sucking at the seat like a catfish she proceeded to do just that. She stayed down for so long that I was afraid that she might drown, but when she came up the seat was as clean as she could get it. "I'm afraid that this tub is going to have to be emptied and scrubbed," she complained.

"Don't worry," I told her. "Nobody here is going to mind sitting in your cum." This made her blush again, but she smiled as well. Man, but did she ever blush beautifully. Though it helped that she was naked so that I could see all of her blush, not just her face. We slid down the slide together.

The swimming was kinda anticlimactic. All we did was grab choice pieces of each other's flesh as we swam by. It was fun, except when the angle and/or enthusiasm of the grabs brought momentary pain. After my dick got pulled the wrong way three times I had had enough.

Luckily, Ally noticed. "Okay, this is getting to rough, somebody's going to get hurt. Why don't we go back to the house and relax for a moment?"

We all agreed, although Sara was obviously reluctant. Then we noticed a problem: we were wet, had no clothes or towels, and it was cold outside. How could we have been so stupid?

"Well, we'll just have to run for it," I said.

That's just what we did. Ally grabbed her camera and handed me the tripod, and we all ran for the house. I noticed immediately that it was a lot colder outside when you where wet. I stayed behind the girls so that they wouldn't see the effect the cold air had on my dick, and so that I could watch them run. Watching pretty girls run was fun at any time, but it is much better when they are naked. Their rippling muscles (and bouncing other parts) where enticing.

After we all made it back to the house we had a group cuddle, our hands caressing every bit of flesh that was not our own. When we where all warm (maybe that should be hot), Ally announced that it was time for dinner and a movie. I looked at my watch (it was water-resistant luckily) and saw that she was right. I hadn't realized, I guess time really dose fly when you're having... fun.

Ally went to the fridge to get the dinner her mother had prepared and put it in the oven. I hadn't realized before, but even ordinary chores can be erotic when done by a naked (almost) twelve-year-old girl. While we waited for dinner to warm up (luckily it was already cooked), she decided that we might as well start the movie.

I had expected her to go and pick one from the rather extensive collection of porn that she and her parents had, but instead she took the disk from her new camera and placed that in the machine in the family room.

This was the first time that I had ever watched myself having sex, but as I deflowered Sara on the screen I was surprised to find it a turn on. Maybe because my memories allowed me to still feel her little cunt wrapped around my cock. I was amazed at the quality of the recording; you could almost count Jenny's pubic hair in the scene where Sara was sitting on her face.

Then Jenny looked at me and said, "I almost licked you clean then too, but that's when I decided that I wanted some of Sara's virgin blood inside me." Looking at Sara she added, "I guess that that could make us blood sisters, but the thought of having sex with a sibling can be kinda gross."

To which Sara replied, "Oh, I don't know about that. I have an older sister, she's twelve in fact, and I would love to have sex with her. Besides, blood sisters are really just close friends, not siblings."

"I would like to see you have sex with your sister, if she's as cute as you are," I said. Ally and Jenny both nodded to that, making clear that they wholeheartedly agreed.

Sara's reply was a simple "I'll see if I can arrange it then, even if it's only on video."

I had forgotten that the camera was running sometime during my first session with Jenny. As we got to the right part of the film though, I noticed that Ally's calls of passion had woken Sara up. All she did was turn to where we were fucking, smile, and move Jenny's hand to her own pussy. Jenny smiled at her and started playing with her cunt... and Sara's. Of course, seeing as they where both up to their shoulders in warm water it was a little hard to see anything on the screen. Though it was easy to see them right then sitting side-by-side on a love-seat stroking each other's cunts.

Seeing it also, Ally said "Well, why don't we all just give each other hand jobs as we watch?" Since she was sitting beside me on the other love-seat she suited words to actions and started stroking my cock. I returned the favor by fingering her pussy.

It was a good thing that Helen's oven had an auto timer on it, because we all clean forgot about dinner. It was also a good thing that the matching love-seats where upholstered in water-proofed leather because they sure got wet, especially under Jenny.

When we were all done, Jenny offered to clean up after us all. We accepted, but since she couldn't lick the cum off of her own ass or cunt, Sara did that for her.

I decided that I had to know, so I asked Jenny "Do you like the taste of that or something?"

"I love it," she replied. "I would give any boy a blow job just so I could drink his cum. I have loved it ever since I first tasted my own. I wish it were possible to drink only cum, but my one attempt at storing my own didn't work out so well."

"How long ago did you first taste your own cum?" I asked her.

"Oh, it's only been two or three months, but I've been masturbating since I was six."

I didn't know what to say to this, though it turned me on instead of disgusting me like I thought it should. I realized that I would actually like to see a six-year-old girl pleasuring herself; I was sicker than I thought. Partially to save me from responding and partially because she was hungry, Ally announced that we should eat.

"And I don't mean each other!" she told the rest of us sternly. Sara and Jenny just pouted, in jest I thought. I smiled and wiggled my eyebrows at her because she knows me so well; I had just been about to suggest the very thing. We adjourned to the dining room.

Dinner was home-made lasagna (amazingly it was still hot), with more of "Ben's Magic Brew" (as Ally called it) to wash it down. Sara offered to be my plate, and Ally said that I should take her up on the offer. So I did.

When the hot lasagna was placed on her pussy, Sara began to moan in pleasure. I realized that it was burning her slightly; our little Sara was a bit of a masochist. I put my head between her legs and started to eat dinner... and proceed to desert. Ally and Jenny just sat to eat and mostly ignored us, except that Jenny kept on trying to feed Sara. After a while, Jenny gave up. Apparently you can't eat and moan in pleasure at the same time. When I tried to get my tongue inside her, I discovered that she was still to tight for it to work. She seemed to appreciate the effort though.

After my first helping was gone (and I had cleaned Sara until she came), I told her she better eat something herself and got a real plate for my second helping. I have the feeling that she almost chose to eat someone's fresh cum, but she ate lasagna instead.

When dinner was over, Ally turned to Jenny and said "Since we are both gonna miss karate practice tomorrow, why don't we get it out of the way now?" When Jenny agreed, they went to get their things. I hadn't even known that Jenny knew karate, but I should have guessed from her muscles

I probably should have mentioned it earlier, but the floor of the family room was covered with what was essentially a wall-to-wall athletic mat. I had always wondered about that, but had never had the courage to ask. Now as Ally rolled up the rug in the center and we pushed the furniture back, I realized the rather simple answer: it was a karate mat so that Ally could practice at home. Of course, knowing her parents, it had other purposes also.

Jenny pulled what I at first took as a white robe out of her bag, but Ally motioned her to stop. "No, no, no. You don't need your gi here, just put on your belt and headband." Jenny put the gi back and pulled out a blue belt identical to the one around Ally's waist and put it on. Then they both put on headbands amazingly similar to the one Ralph Macchio wore in "The Karate Kid," and Jenny wound her long, damp braid around her head and secured it with what appeared to be chopsticks. This was all that they wore.

Ally then set the camera up. When done, they faced off in the center of the mat and proceeded to give me a show. I was sure that some of the moves were spur-of-the-moment improvisations that where not taught in any dojo. I mean, who has ever heard of a sensei teaching his students to bite each other's pussies, no matter how playfully it was done?

As we watched Ally and Jenny spar, Sara and I settled on a relocated love-seat. For a while we just sat there, but when it was obvious that Ally at least meant this as another bizarre sex act we started fondling each other. We didn't even look at each other, she just grabbed my dick at the same moment I grabbed her cunt.

After a while of idle stroking I asked "So what color is your belt?" I figured that if both Ally and Jenny where blue-belts in karate that Sara was probably taking it to. The fact of her genetic heritage hadn't even crossed my mind.

Without missing a beat she said "Pink." At my startled expression she added "What? Just because I'm Asian you think that I have to be a student of the martial arts?"

She had stopped stroking me and was wearing a frown. Since that was the only thing she was wearing and she was only ten-years-old , it failed to instill any fear in me. But since I was still hoping to have more sex with her I explained what I had really thought.

"Oh that," she replied resuming her gentile stroking. "Well, my father has tried to enroll me at every dojo in the area, but I'm just not interested." Then, nodding at the two girls who where making out more than fighting by this time she added "But if that's what they teach at their dojo, I think that I will try karate." I couldn't blame her.

A couple minutes later she surprised me with "Oh, whet the hell." It was the first time I heard any of the girls swear except for "fuck," which didn't count because of the way they always used it. "If you turn sideways, we will still be able to watch them as we fuck." (See what I mean?) "And please, go as fast as you can. I like it when my pussy hurts a little." I had noticed.

I was too tall to lay comfortably on a love-seat, but I made do. When I was settled, Sara climbed on top of me and we immediately started pumping as fast and hard as we could. Although Sara was too young to truly have tits, what she did have still rippled wonderfully. We soon lost track of what the other two where doing; the only reason we didn't forget about them completely was the noise they were making.

Ally was doing most of that of course, but you could still clearly hear Jenny's own moans of pleasure.

Even though they had started first, all four of us seemed to reach orgasm at the same moment. The noise we made just about brought the house down; you could clearly have heard Jenny alone from anywhere in the house, and she was still the quietest of us all.

For an unknown number of minutes we just lay there in two piles, spent. Dazedly, I watched as sweat and cum dripped from the three beautifully naked pre-teen bodies, not realizing that I was dripping too, or that one of those bodies was dripping on me. What's more, I doubt that I would have cared.

When my brain started working again, I noticed that Ally had ended up under Jenny, and they both had their heads between each other's legs. It looked like Ally had made good of her promise that she and Jenny would sixty-nine it sometime. They both had cum on their faces, but Ally had by far the most; I could hardly recognize her it was so thick. Somehow, Jenny's long braid had come lose from its coil and was firmly wedged into her but crack, the end of it soggy with her cum and resting on Ally 's left cheek. Face cheek that is. One of the chopsticks was missing, but the other looked like it might be stuck in Jenny's ass. Since it was still in the braid, this might explain how that had ended up where it had.

After a while, Ally licked the cum off her lips and wiped it out of her eyes. When she could see again, she said "I think that we could all use a shower right now, but with our parents coming on Monday I don't want to leave a mess all over the house. So, I think that we should all let Jenny lick the cum off of us first, starting with my face. Don't worry Jenny, the floor is clean enough." Then she looked around and added "Or at least it was."

With this Jenny started blushing again, but when Sara said "I'll clean Jenny off," her deepening blush was joined by a sweet smile.

Jenny sat up and let Sara suck Ally's cum off of her face, seeming like she would like nothing better at that moment than to make out with the other girl. But with just one relatively quick kiss, she turned and started washing Ally's face. She didn't even jump when Sara started licking the cum off her nether regions. Sara was even able to suck most of the cum out of her braid, though Jenny had been quite capable of doing that herself. The chopstick had been in her ass; I was going to have to watch that recording.

When Ally's face was clean Jenny started working her way down her body, kissing as she went. She kissed and licked Ally's cute little nipples until they stood as hard as my cock. Then she continued kissing her way down until she was licking the cum out of the pussy she had had her face buried in a little while ago.

I noticed that Sara, who had finished cleaning Jenny's braid while the other girl licked Ally's tits, had a really jealous look on her face. I couldn't tell if it was because of the attention itself, or because that attention came from Jenny and wasn't being directed at her.

However, once she was done cleaning Ally off Jenny gave the same treatment to Sara. Starting at her face even tough it had no cum on it at all, Jenny kissed her good enough to make her forget her jealousy. She then worked her way down like she had on Ally, but lingered longer over both Sara's nipples and her twat. She didn't stop licking and sucking until Ally cleared her throat to remind her that she still had a job to do.

Reluctantly, she pulled herself away from her new girlfriend's pussy (for, I realized, that was exactly how she had come to feel about Sara) and came over to lick my rock hard cock. When she was finished with me, she turned to the couch and licked it clean. Finally, she licked the floor clean, including what Sara had dripped walking over to her.

When all the cum had gone down Jenny's throat, Ally lead us upstairs to the master bathroom. I had never been there and I knew that Ally had a perfectly good shower in her bathroom, so I didn't know what we were doing there. That is, until I saw The Shower.

Ally's shower was a normal tub/shower arraignment, this one was not. First of all, it was big enough for six adults to fit in comfortably. Second, it had four shower heads. And third, it had two layers of additional water jets running all the way around the "stall" except for where the door was. She hadn't been kidding when she said that we were going to take "a" shower, the four of us could all fit easily. There was no bath tub in the bathroom at all, The Shower was just to big to squeeze one in.

Ally motioned us to enter, then waved the other girls over and they all began whispering to each other. I didn't know what was going on, but knowing Ally I knew it would probably be pleasant. When they broke up their little whisper circle, I half expected them to break like football player from a huddle, but they didn't.

"Uncle Mike," Ally asked, "could you lay on the floor please?"

Now I was truly puzzled, but I just laid down on my back. Man, but those tiles where cold! The girls stood in a circle around me... and started to pee on me.

Now, I had always found the thought of golden showers to be slightly disgusting, and not at all interesting. But when it was given by three pre-teen girls...

I almost came when Ally peed on my face.

Eventually, their bladders where empty. Ally motioned me to stand up, and then all three girls kneeled in front of me. "Now it's our turn," Ally said. "You can pee anywhere you want, even our faces."

That sounded good, so that is just what I did. Ally even opened her mouth a little to taste my piss. Sara and Jenny just waited for me to finish, then licked their lips.

Then Ally got up and turned a knob and pressed some buttons that where just inside the shower. Water started spraying from every jet and nozzle. Everything was tame enough after that for awhile despite the fact that nobody was washing themselves, but when Jenny started washing my dick (by hand, using soap this time) the memory of her performance while cleaning Ally and Sara popped back into my head and I lost control. I lifted the little girl up by her waist, put her back against the shower wall, and entered her heedless of the soap that was still on me. I regained control soon enough to keep from entering her too fast, but only just barely. Jenny responded by wrapping her legs around me. As I pumped her, Ally and Sara continued to wash us as best they could. It was an incredible feeling, fucking one girl while another was running her hands all over me. The water spraying us from all over was just adding to the erotic event, and I could see that Jenny was enjoying it as much as I was. For a wonder, Sara didn't look the least bit jealous as she stood there trying to wash Jenny's tits.

Jenny came almost a minute before I did, but she was still enjoying it as I shot my load into her.

After that, the shower went back to being tame. Sara and Jenny obviously wanted to concentrate on each other, and Sara had her hands full unbraiding and washing Jenny's long hair. (I was amazed to see that her hair really went past her knees.) That left Ally and I to make sure that we both got clean.

When we were all clean, we left for Ally's bedroom. On the way, Sara asked in a small voice "Do we have to put clothes on now?" I noticed that she and Jenny were walking hand-in-hand.

"Heck no," was Ally's reply. It was funny hearing her say "heck" since she was nude. "We're all going to stay naked until just before the party on Monday."

In Ally's bedroom, we all found places to sit. Jenny and Sara chose to lay side by side in the big bed (the new queen size I had bought), I got the room's only chair and Ally climbed up on her dresser so that her cunt was at my eye level. As always, it was a nice view. So I leaned over and kissed it.

"Okay," Ally said, "we're going tell each other what ever they want, the more personal the better. And then we will answer our own questions. As the birthday girl, I'll go first. What I want to know is this... What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you? You're first, Uncle Mike."

"Oh, that's easy." I replied. "Being caught fucking my first girlfriend... by my sister."

"Why was your sister in your room?" asked Sara.

"She wasn't. We were on the living room couch."

"Then you deserved to be caught," said Jenny.

"Your right, I did," I replied. "But that doesn't mean that it wasn't embarrassing."

"Okay," Ally said. "Jenny, your turn."

Without missing a beat, Jenny said "That time my shirt fell off in P.E."

"Bull!. You did that on purpose," Ally accused. "I was there, remember?"

"Woe, how did she do that?" I just had to know.

"She pulled her shirt most of the way out of her shorts, and did a somersault ending in a head-stand," Ally replied. "When the shirt fell, she waited just a moment to long to convince me, even if I hadn't seen her untuck her shirt. She wasn't even wearing a bra.

"Of course, that was when I decided that I just had to have sex with her. It had been so artfully done."

I snorted. "You and every boy in the class. And probably none to few of the other girls come to think of it."

Jenny blushed deeper than I had ever seen her, even her cunt colored. "It was still embarrassing." The look on her face said otherwise; the blush was from pleasure, not embarrassment.

"Not good enough, Jenny," Ally insisted. "I'm still waiting for your answer."

"Okay, okay. Like I told uh... Mike. Sorry, forgot your name for a moment." And this after I had fucked her twice, what a turn on! "Anyway, like I told Mike earlier, I love the taste of cum." She blushed again at the chorus of "we've noticed." "Well, I like it enough that I once attempted to make it my only drink. It took me several days, but I finally filled up an old milk carton and hid it back in the bottom of the fridge. By the way, it doesn't taste as good cold. Anyway, one morning I had just come into the kitchen to find that my father had found my cum. He had the bottle open, had filled a glass and was about to drink it."

"Wait a minute, cum is thicker than milk. He would have noticed," Ally complained.

"Except that he was reading the morning paper and only half watching what he was doing," Jenny explained. "Anyway, he was standing there with a paper in one hand, and a glass of my cum in the other. I was about to die."

"Well, what happened?" asked Sara.

"Apparently he smelled it because the moment the glass touched his lips, he suddenly held it arms length and called to my mom 'Honey, that milk you found must have been back there too long. It reeks.'"

"I bet he knew what it was," Ally mocked. "He must have. And he probably knew it wasn't his or your mother's, so that leaves you." I knew that she was just teasing, but Jenny might not have.

The look on her face was something to see. It consisted of surprise, revulsion, despair, and just a little lust. It was fun, and not. I decided to do something about it.

"I think that's highly unlikely," I said. "I know that cum has its own odor that doesn't smell remotely like milk, but your talking about cold cum. Things smell different when they're cold, so I doubt that he was able to recognize it by smell. Besides, who would see that much cum in one place and be able to believe what it was even if someone told them? No, I think that it's even more unlikely that he identified it by sight than by smell, just because the human mind doesn't work that way." I wasn't as sure of that as I sounded, but heck, I was just trying to put the girl at ease. "Also, what father would ever think that his little girl would do something like that? Except for Ben and Tom of course, and that's only because they know Ally so well."

After listening to my impromptu speech, Jenny relaxed. "You're right, and even if you weren't he might have thought that it was my sister's, or even my brother's. Oh well, the point is that I haven't had the courage to try again."

That gave me an idea. "Wait here, I've got to get something from my truck. Don't continue without me."

Went they promised that they wouldn't, I left the room, headed down stairs and out the front door. It had gotten colder outside as the sun had set, and I had forgotten to put anything on. I was shivering by the time that I got to my truck, but what I wanted wouldn't take long. I grabbed three items I no longer had a use for from the back of the cab and hurried back into the warm house.

When I got back to Ally's room I found that they had decided to amuse themselves while I was gone. Ally was still where I had left her, but now she was filming Sara and Jenny as they played with each other. "Just like kids," I teased, "always playing with their new toys." Even I didn't know if I meant the two on the bed or Ally more. Jenny blushed at that and they stopped, to Ally's apparent disappointment.

I handed the objects to Jenny and told her "These are things that I had for an old security job I had years ago, when I had to sit in my truck all night long. The big one is a small refrigerator that will just barely hold a gallon of milk, the next is a heater designed to heat up cold coffee and then keep it warm, and the last is an adaptor that I bought later thinking that I might use these in my house. Both the fridge and cup-heater plug into a car's cigarette lighter, but the adaptor plugs into the wall and has three outlets to power car equipment. These should solve your problem."

"Thank you," she replied as she smiled and blushed again.

"You're welcome," I said, then I patted her... on her little pussy. I just couldn't resist, but she didn't seem to mind. "Just let me watch you drink a cup of your own cum sometime," I told her. My hand came away from her cunt wet, so I licked it clean as I resumed my seat. It tasted pretty good; I decided that I wanted to lick her soon.

"Well, now that that's over," Ally began, "Sara, it's your turn. What is the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you?"

Sara blushed. It was the first time I had seen her color. It looked almost as good on her as it did on Jenny, who's hair she was braiding. "Asking Mike to undress me," was her reply. "But I guess now it's having to say so," she added in a small voice, her blush deepening.

I got up and went over to her. I placed a tender kiss (no tongue) on her lips, but I kinda spoiled it by caressing her ten-year-old ass. I then went back to my seat.

Ally just raised an eyebrow at me, then shrugged in just the manner that I like; making her little tits bounce. "Well, I guess that it's my turn," she stated. "The most embarrassing thing to happen to me was... getting caught by my mother while watching a porno."

"Why would that be embarrassing?" I asked. "I know for a fact that you have watched plenty of them with all of your parents in the room. After all, I was there a couple times myself."

"Yes, but that's now. The time I'm talking about happened when I was nine, before I knew anything about the orgies that my parents had. Also, it was her video and I hadn't asked permission to barrow it, and I was naked... masturbating." It was Ally's turn to blush as she remembered how she had felt that day.

"Well, what happened?" This time it was Jenny who asked.

"Well, I thought that she would get upset, but not my mother. She just tossed my robe to me so I could cover myself up, sat down on the side of my bed, and proceeded to give me 'The Talk.' It was a rather complete version as well, I was so embarrassed that I was sure I was about to burst into flames. The fact that she had left the video running only made things worse." After a pause, she added "But as she was leaving she told me that I had permission to barrow any of her videos any time I wanted, and that if I wanted any 'special' toys or clothes that I should just ask."

"Wait, wait," Jenny said in disbelief. "You mean that your mother knows what you're doing... what we're doing... and doesn't mind?"

"Not just my mom, but all of my parents and step-parents know precisely... well, pretty much what is going on here right now. That's why they aren't here. They may not mind, but that doesn't mean that they want to watch."

When Jenny looked at me for conformation, I nodded and said "She's right, in fact they're probably having an orgy of their own right now. As far as I know there isn't anyone like then in the whole world."

While Jenny just sat there looking stunned, Ally continued "The second most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me was asking her for this..."

She leaned over and opened a drawer of the dresser she was perched on top of. I knew what was in that drawer without looking: underwear. There where five or six sets of matching panties and bras that didn't look out of place in the bedroom of the sweet little eleven-year-old girl Ally pretended to be, but the rest would have raised eyebrows anywhere except a whore house. Or this house, actually. She had everything in size from a teddy on down to a two piece set that resembled an eye-patch and two bottle caps with straps made of dental floss, but which was all made of cloth. But that's not the whole story either: they also ranged in opacity from "might as well wear plastic wrap" to metal studded leather. And she claimed to have worn every bit of it to school. When I hadn't believed her because the other girls would have seen it in the locker room and she would have gotten in trouble, she just smiled and told me "Like I care what they think, unless they like it. Besides, we don't have P.E. every day at my school." Although I'm still not quite sure that I believer her about wearing it at school, I do know that she has worn every bit of it, and I have the pictures to prove it.

That had all happened previous to this event, but it still went through my mind when she opened the drawer. Seeing the suitably impressed looks on the other girl's faces, I decided to help her impress them more. "Have you really worn all of this to school?" I asked.

"Yep," was her simple reply.

Jenny pointed at the underwear and said "I don't recognize any of that and we have been in the same P.E. class all year. Trust me, I've been looking."

"Well, I haven't worn panties at all in the last four months, unless you count the times I was modeling it for Uncle Mike and then it was all I was wearing. Besides, I only wore it on days that I didn't have P.E." Since this satisfied Jenny, I decided that it was probably true.

"But I wasn't talking about the underwear," Ally continued. "I was talking about... this!" Reaching to the very back and bottom of the drawer, she produced an item that I had never seen before: an extremely realistic looking dildo. It was probably molded from some porn star's genitals, and looked so real that I half expected to see blood dripping from the "severed" end. But that end had some kind of knob on it. When Ally demonstrated the knob, I was surprised to see the dildo get limp and then hard again. I had never seen anything like it.

"About a month after I was caught masturbating to that movie, I finally figured out what mom had meant by 'special toys' and decided that I wanted one. It took me a week to get the courage to ask, but all she had to say was 'what kind do you want?' Well, I didn't know that there where different kinds, so I just asked for the best. This is what she brought me the next day."

"Wait," I interrupted this time. "If you have had this for more than three years, how come your cherry was still un-popped four months ago?"

"Because I only used it to practice blow jobs, it has never been in anything but my mouth. Which brings me to my fourth most embarrassing moment: when my mother asked me almost the same question."

The question was on all of our minds, but Sara asked it first. "Well if that was your fourth, what was your third?"

"My third most embarrassing moment," Ally replied, "was last week when a high school junior asked me to have sex with him. I was embarrassed because I have vowed that the only dick to go inside me will be Uncle Mike's, unless he gives me the express permission to have sex with another boy." This was news to me. "I couldn't tell him that though, that's why it was embarrassing. All I said was 'maybe some other time'."

"You never made any such vow to me," I said. "Not that I mind, but usually when someone makes a vow like that they expect their partner to stick to it also. How do you expect me to, when I don't even know about it?" I glanced at the girls on her bed.

Seeing the glance she just smiled. "It's not cheating if I ask you to do it," she insisted. "As for when I'm not there, you never asked me to be faithful. Anyway, how can I expect you to be faithful to a little girl? It's not like we could have a permanent relationship, right? And besides, it all depends on your definition of permission. Breaking it off with me would qualify as permission in my book, and I really don't see you cheating on anyone."

Well, she had me there, but there was just one more point I didn't understand. "Okay, I can see that," I told her. "But you have been having sex with both Jenny and Sara without my knowledge, that usually qualifies as cheating."

"That's different." When that wasn't enough for me she continued. "I'm bi, that means that I am both strait and a lesbian, right?" At my nod (which said "I guess" more than yes) she finished with "Well, the straight half of me is loyal but the lesbian half is a total slut." Then she smiled at me.

"Okay, I've asked my questions," she said, changing the subject. "It's your turn Uncle Mike."

"I pass, I have enough to think on as it is," I refused. "But Ally, I'm not really your uncle, you don't have to call me that. Besides, it feels a little strange since we're sleeping with each other."

"I call your sister 'mom,' that makes you 'Uncle Mike.' Besides, the fake incest turns me on. I'm sorry, but your just going to have to live with it for now."

Well, I had tried. I just shrugged and nodded.

"Well then," she said, "I guess that it's your turn Jenny."

"I have two questions," Jenny replied. "And I don't know which one I want to know more. I don't know what to ask."

"Well, tell me your first one and I'll ask it for you," I told her.

She got up and walked over to whisper it in my ear. From the nature of the question I figure her real reason for coming to me was to fondle my cock, because she started that even before she started talking. Which was okay, I was fingering her about as quick.

After it was obvious that she was done (with the question at least), I whispered back "I think you should go back to your girlfriend over there before she becomes jealous." I had been kidding, but from the look on her face and the speed she used to get back to the bed she took it very seriously. This just strengthened my suspicions.

Pushing those thoughts aside, I asked "How many siblings do you have, what sex are they, and how old are they." From the way Jenny had said it, I thought that it just might lead into her next question.

I thought that Ally was going to get off with a simple "none," but she surprised me again. "I have one half-brother, we share the same father." She read my question on my face and answered, "My father, that's Tom to you Uncle Mike, got his girlfriend pregnant when they were both sixteen. That would make my brother twenty-one now, and I've never met him. I don't even know if he knows I exist." There was a longing in her voice that I vowed right then to fulfill, but that's another story. One you will not hear in detail as there is no sex in it at all.

I realized that Ally was finished. Since I had asked the question, I looked to Jenny even though it had really been hers.

"I have one brother and one sister," she said. "My brother is fifteen, almost sixteen. My sister is eleven, exactly six minuets younger than me."

"You have a twin?" I asked. "Do you two look like each other?"

"Julie has shorter hair, it's cut off just below her shoulder blades. She also has a strawberry birthmark right about here." Jenny touched herself on the left side of her pussy, right beside the lips. "Otherwise we are identical. In fact, that's why she cut her hair: she was tired of our parents getting us mixed up, and I wouldn't cut mine."

"Why didn't you both just walk around naked?" asked Ally teasingly. Jenny blushed, but didn't rise to the bait.

I turned to Ally and demanded "You had to know she had a twin, why didn't you invite her too?"

Ally shrugged, and with an apologetic expression "She doesn't go to my school and would have had to get a ride, who would probably have insisted on driving her to the house. I wanted to walk here naked. And besides, I don't know her that well. I don't know what she would have done if I had asked."

I nodded acceptance, after all I wasn't really mad; I didn't know if I could have handled more partners.

"I don't know either," Jenny volunteered, "but I can find out. Don't worry, I'll be careful not to give anything away. I think it's your turn Sara."

Sara's answer was simple, as usual. "I have one sister who, as I said earlier, is twelve."

I realized that she was done and that it was my turn. "My only sister is thirty-five, and I have no brothers. By the way, I'm thirty-three in case you where wondering."

Ally turned to Jenny and prompted "Okay Jenny, ask your other question."

Jenny started to blush, and with the blush getting worse with every word she asked "Besides those present, what family member would you most like to have sex with and why?"

Ally went first and answered "Besides Uncle Mike? That would have to be my cousin Amy. She's a cute little nine-year-old, and I have reason to think that she would be willing. She didn't know I was there, but I saw her masturbating while looking at a magazine. Watching turned me on so much that I couldn't help but to play with myself while I stood there. After we had both made ourselves cum, she left. I came out of the closet... I had been hiding because I was seeing if my leather underwear still fit when she walked in. So anyway, I came out of the closet and looked to see which of my mags she had chosen. It was a hard-core group sex number."

"When and where was this?" I asked.

"About a month ago, right there on that bed. Your turn to answer, Uncle Mike."

Letting the matter rest for the moment I answered "The only family I have left are my sister and my parents, and I don't want to have sex with any of them." Then as a afterthought, "Sorry if that disappoints you."

Jenny just nudged Sara. "Your turn," she said.

"I already answered the first part: my sister," Sara stated. "As for why, I have no clue, I just do. Sometimes it's all I can do to keep from climbing into bed with her, but it's been a little easier since I met Ally." I figured that it might be even easier now that she had met Jenny.

"Okay," Jenny said. "To answer my own question, my sister - my twin. I know, it's cheesy, but it's the truth. Of course..." Now she blushed so bad that she was lobster red from her hairline to her toes, it was quite alarming. She continued in a rush "My father and brother are tied for second place." I think that she just needed to get that into the open, else why ask the question?

"On that note..." Ally said after a stunned moment. "Sara, what's your question?"

Sara frowned and asked "Do I have to ask the same question to everyone?"

Ally thought a moment. "I guess not, but you have to answer an additional question from each of us because you won't be able to answer your own."

"Good," Sara smiled. "My first question is for you Ally: Are you in love with your Uncle Mike?"

It was Ally's turn to blush alarmingly. "Yes," was all she said.

I was truly flabbergasted, there just are no words for how stunned I was. Sara didn't give me any respite, however.

"So Mike, are you in love with your niece?"

My mind was still trying to work again, so I couldn't have thought if I wanted to. "I don't know," I replied finally. I looked at Ally and said "The thought of loosing you makes me want to die, If that's love than I guess I am."

She slid off the dresser into my lap, and we... cuddled. It was the first time we had just held each other. It was kind of nice.

But Sara wasn't done yet. "Jenny, what I want to know from you is..." She had to catch her breath before she continued, but finally "do you love me?"

Jenny didn't say anything, she just leaned over and gave Sara the most passionate kiss I had ever seen.

What had happened? Did we all come for sex just to find love instead? Did this mean that the party was over? I hoped not, it had just begun. Besides, there was a pussy in the room that I hadn't licked yet and I love doing that.

I turned to Ally and asked "Do you really love me?"

She gave me the most tender kiss I had ever gotten, then said "Yes, that's why I asked Jenny and Sara to join us." At my blank look she added "I didn't want you to get bored with me, so I thought that if I introduced some excitement you would stay."

"I'll never tire of you," I assured her. "You're a firecracker, and I never get bored with those." Then I asked my next question, "Dose this mean that I can't have sex with them anymore?" I pointed at her bed, where Sara and Jenny where trying to suck each others faces off.

"Well, I think that that's up to them, don't you? But I still intend to have sex with them if I can, and I believe in sharing. In fact, you can always have sex with anyone I do as long as I can watch. In return, I'll never have sex with anyone without you again."

"Are you sure? I mean, about us. Relationships based on sex rarely work out."

"My love isn't based on sex. I do love that, and if you try to stop I'll just die. But I fell in love with you before we ever had sex, the tenderness of your love making only made me more sure."

"Well, in that case I'm yours and only yours for as long as you want me."

I couldn't believe it. Here I was with a naked not-quite-twelve-year-old in my lap proclaiming her love for me (and I for her) while we watched an eleven-year-old girl make out with... I mean have sex with... a ten-year-old girl, and I was actually awake!

Ally noticed the change in the other girls' action about the same time I had. I was getting hard, and now I felt a small wet spot on my leg where Ally's cunt touched it.

The next thing I knew, I was laying on Ally's bed on my back with her ridding me. I noticed that Sara was beside me with Jenny on top of her. They must have rolled over to make room for us, because we wouldn't have fit otherwise. That fit, because Jenny had been on bottom last I saw. I reached over and gave her little ass a squeeze before I remembered that I may no longer be welcome, but the two of them just smiled at me and continued humping.

I had thought that my first "party" with Ally had been the best sex of my life, and I had been right. Had been, this was better.

After we where all stated, we just lay there. Jenny didn't even try to clean up her cum, just let it soak into Ally's sheets. I reached out and turned the light off. We all fell asleep that way, still tangled in our lovers' arms.

None of us even realized that we had never asked Sara any questions.

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