Young Girls on the Farm

[ beast, ff, les, inc, scat, fist ]

by M.C.


Published: 24-Apr-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

The big black horse looked up as the girl approached from across the field.

Abby smiled. 'Hello, big boy. Feeling horny this morning? Well, you soon will be.'

She kissed the animal's nose, patted his rump, then reached between his legs for the object of her desire.

Abby was fifteen, though her delicately sculpted and strikingly beautiful baby face made her look closer to thirteen. Her slender body was filled out in all the right places and her straight, ash blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail. All she wore on this warm summer morning were her sandals and a short, thin white cotton dress.

The horse's cock swelled in her hands. She knelt and watched it grow as long and thick as one of her arms, in a matter of seconds. It was a sight that never failed to amaze the young girl. Gripping the throbbing animal cock in both hands, she leaned forward to kiss its damp, fist-sized crown. Her dress rode up around her hips and the warm breeze caressed her exposed cunt. She had no reason to fear the horse. After a week on the farm, she knew he liked it when she visited the field for a taste of that humungous cock. She opened her mouth as wide as possible and struggled to stuff the huge cock crown into it. Practice was making her better at this, but her mouth would never be large enough to comfortably accommodate such an enormous thing.

She stuffed herself until she could barely breathe. The horse shook his head and snorted loudly. It was a sound Abby had decided meant he was enjoying himself. Her mouth full of horse-meat, she began working on the stiff shaft with both hands. The animal's heavy balls swung between his legs. Abby could not take even one of those in her mouth, though she had tried on several occasions. All I need now, she thought, is a cock between my legs. A big, hard horse cock, fucking my guts to jelly! She became even more excited and pumped faster on the cock in her hands. This morning, she was in no mood for a long-drawn-out love scene with her favourite animal. She needed his cum, and fast. She squeezed his balls a few times, then resumed jerking him off. He snorted louder and more urgently, telling Abby he was close to climax.

Moments later, the first burst of hot cream shot straight back her throat and down into her belly. She quickly withdrew the spurting tool from her mouth and aimed it over her face. Horse cum drenched her like creamy rain, blast after blast exploding against her flushed face. It splashed onto her outstretched tongue, into her eyes and hair, ran down her neck and chin and dripped onto the bare upper half of her breasts. She thought the thick deluge would never end. When it finally did, she licked the last of the cum from the animal's cock, then released him.

Abby scooped a handful of cum from her face with her right hand and rubbed it over the throbbing mound between her thighs. It felt so good, it made her gasp. She covered her lightly thatched cunt and milk white ass cheeks in cum, then rammed three fingers of her right hand into her soaking cunt. Lying back on the grass, legs wide apart, she licked horse semen from her lips as she finger fucked herself to a breathtaking climax. The cum in her cunt formed a sticky cocktail with her own juices. Basking in the afterglow, her dress bunched up around her chest, she sucked her fingers clean, the sun warm on her young body.

From an upstairs window of the nearby farmhouse, Abby's twin sister watched. Janet was her mirror image and only their family and closest friends could tell them apart. The naked, red-haired teenager who had just woken up on the double bed slid to the floor and joined the blonde twin, who was also naked. Vikki was both girls' best friend. She was fourteen, sexy and pleasingly plump and loved them both with an equal passion.

'My sister is hotter for that horse than she is for us,' Janet complained.

Vikki smiled and cupped her girlfriend's firm round breasts from behind. The dark brown nipples stiffened against her palms.

'I wonder what she'd say if she knew we were watching her,' said Vikki.

'It would turn her on,' Janet replied. 'I think she knows already.'

She turned around and her mouth met Vikki's. Their mouths opened and their tongues danced a French tango. Vikki's tits were much larger than those of the twins. She rubbed her erect nipples against Janet's. Belly rubbed against belly, cunt against cunt. Both girls were hungry for one another. The more they made love, the more they needed to keep doing it. When they were together, there was no controlling their passion.

Janet leaned against the window and watched her sister smear her cunt with horse cum. Kneeling behind her, Vikki plunged her tongue into the sweaty cleft between her buttocks. She rimmed her anus for a moment, before diving into the hot, wet gash of her cunt. Janet moaned softly, feeling the eager tongue lash at her clitoris and the soft hands knead her ass cheeks. Her sister was finger fucking herself like she were possessed. The horse was obviously an incredible turn-on for her. Janet found herself wondering what it would be like to suck that huge animal cock. She decided she would ask Abby. It was time to stop pretending she knew nothing of her "secret" perversion. After all, they were more than just sisters. If Abby got off on horse cock, Janet thought she might also like it.

The thought of sharing that monster cock with her sister brought her to a violent climax. Vikki murmured with pleasure as she lapped at her sweet cunt honey.

Afterwards, the two girls showered together. As they soaped each other's breasts, they pissed together, watching the water wash their golden rain down the drain. Janet was slipping two fingers into Vikki's cunt, when Abby walked into the bathroom. Smiling, she kicked off her sandals and pulled her dress off over her head. Janet could not help noticing the sticky horse cum on her thighs, cunt, face and hair. Unlike after her previous bestiality escapades, she had made no effort to clean up afterwards.

'What is that stuff?' Janet demanded as her sister shook her hair loose and joined them beneath the warm jets of water.

'You know what it is,' Abby replied. 'You should have come down, instead of spying on me. My horse had enough in his balls for the two of us. For the three of us, even. Were you jealous?'

'Of a horse!' laughed Janet. 'Don't be stupid. I had Vikki's tongue in my cunt, while you were covering yourself in that stuff. Sis, I think you're really sick.'

Abby smiled and slid her right hand between her sister's thighs. She knew what she was really thinking.

'Why do you like doing it with that horse?' Vikki asked, over breakfast.

All three teenagers were naked and, as they would have the farm to themselves for the rest of the day, had decided they would remain that way.

'Because I'm sick,' Abby jokingly replied. 'But it's not just the horse's cock I like. I sucked of four dog when I was only eleven and I've been doing it regularly ever since.'

'Floyd!' Janet exclaimed, dropping her fork.

Abby giggled. 'My secret is out. I love fucking with animals almost as I love it with you two. And they love it with me. They seem to sense what I want before I even touch them.

'That's....' Janet struggled to find the right word.

'Exciting?' Abby suggested. 'You two should try it. There's more to life than just cunt.'

Later, the three naked girls walked through the fields, holding hands. They reached a herd of cattle, in the center of which stood an enormous brown bull. Abby leaned on the wooden gate as she studied the animal.

'I saw him fucking a cow yesterday,' she said. 'I wished it had been me. His cock is huge. Look, you can see it from here.'

The girls saw a long, thick black shaft, with an enormous dark red head. Abby scaled the gate and strolled confidently towards the huge beast, signaling for Janet and Vikki to follow. After some hesitation, they did. The bull looked dangerous and glared at Abby as she approached. But the girl had a way with animals and quickly soothed him by stroking him, kissing his nose and talking softly. She had one eye on his cock, which she noticed was already stiffening.

'He looks dangerous,' Vikki whispered nervously.

'He looks horny,' said Abby. 'His cock is so beautiful! I've been dreaming about it for days.'

She crawled fearlessly between the bull's legs and ran her tongue over his sweaty, coconut sized balls. His cock continued to swell, the fat round head emerging fully from its sheath of leathery black skin. Watching her sister stroke the animal's huge cock and lick his balls, Janet was seized by an urge to do the same. Dropping to her knees, she crawled towards the bull cock. With trembling hands, she reached for it. The organ was hot and throbbing with raw power. Janet felt a wetness between her thighs and suddenly understood her sister's perverse feelings towards animals.

Vikki watched, nervously stroking the animal's head as the twins began licking his arm sized cock. The redhead was both repulsed and fascinated by what they were doing. They were so engrossed in licking his cock and massaging his balls that neither girl noticed him raise his tail.

Without warning, enough hot, greenish brown shit to fill a bucket splattered over Abby's chest and belly. She cried out in surprise, but did not interrupt her cock feast. Janet tried to stuff the massive cock into her mouth, but it was too much. She had to be satisfied with kissing and licking it.

It took them ten minutes to bring the bull to climax. His cock spasmed in their hands, then his thick cum spat onto their faces and into their open mouths in huge, powerful bursts. It was hot and thick and tasted surprisingly good as they gulped it down. After they had milked out every last drop, Abby lay back on the grass, licking her lips. Janet kissed her, then rolled on top of her, squashing the hot, sticky animal shit between their bodies. No words were necessary. The force of Janet's kiss said it all. She was a new convert to Abby's second favourite pleasure. Vikki lay down beside the passionately kissing pair, wrinkling her nose in distaste at the strong smell of excrement. The bull resumed grazing as his cock lost its hardness.

Janet wrapped an arm around Vikki's shoulders and she found herself sandwiched between both girls, their bodies covering her in shit. She struggled and screamed and was finally silenced by Abby's tongue sliding into her mouth. The girl tasted strongly of bull cum and her face was sticky with the stuff. Janet slid a finger up Vikki's ass and another up her twin's. As she fingered both girls' rear holes, she fantasized about being fucked by the enormous bull cock.

The girls bathed in the nearby river to cool down and wash the mess from their bodies. Afterwards, they lay on the riverbank, the sun drying their skin.

'I can't believe what we did!' Vikki said, yet again. 'Neither can I,' said Janet. 'And I can't believe it was so much fun. Now you want to try it, Vikki. Right?'

'Here's your chance,' Abby cried, sitting up suddenly.

A huge black Alsatian had squeezed through the gate and was watching the three girls from a few yards away.

Abby called out to him. 'Come here, boy.' The dog trotted obediently towards her. 'Another of my farmyard friends,' she said, hugging the Alsatian.

Her right hand slid between his legs and found his cock, which quickly became stiff.

'This beautiful baby needs a good fuck,' she purred. 'Just like you, Vikki. How would you like some dog meat in your cunt?'

'Well, I... uh, don't know,' the redhead stammered.

'Go on,' urged Janet. 'We know you want to. Bend over like a real bitch and offer him your cunt.'

Vikki hesitated a moment longer, before doing as instructed. She felt she had to give it a try and not just because she was feeling incredibly horny. If the twins liked to fuck with animals, then so would she. Abby primed the dog for pussy by wrapping her lips around his cock and sucking it. She would have loved to swallow his cum, but that would be unfair to Vikki, who was on all fours, her ass in the air, her puckering, shaven cunt ready for the animal. Janet probed her hot, wet gash with her tongue and she moaned ecstatically.

Abby led the dog to his human bitch in heat. His red cock was wet with her saliva and throbbing excitedly. Vikki looked back between her thighs as the dog mounted her. Her heart was pounding and she was breathless with a mixture of anticipation and fear. Abby guided the dog cock to her cunt. Vikki felt and saw the drooling tip slide past her wet lips. Abby tickled the animal's balls as he slid the full length of his boner into her friend. From then on, he needed no further guidance, as nature took over. He panted and growled excitedly, his sharp claws gouging Vikki's shoulders and back as he fucked her. The cock stabbing her hot cunt was like nothing she had ever felt. The pain of the claws raking her back only heightened her pleasure. She buried her face in the soft grass and moaned loudly.

Janet slipped her left hand between her sister's thighs and her right between her own. Both girls were incredibly turned on by the sight of the big dog fucking their friend. Their cunts were overflowing with love honey. Abby used one hand to play with Janet's nipples, the other to play with her own. They licked each other's lips and teeth, then kissed deeply. All the while, they kept their eyes on the bestial fuck scene. Vikki thought she would pass out from the intensity of her pleasure. She climaxed twice, before she felt the dog's hot cum spurting into the depths of her cunt. As it flooded her cervix, she cried out at the top of her voice.

Afterwards, she rolled onto her back, a slimy mess of dog cum and love juices oozing from her pink slash. The dog sniffed, then began lapping up the foam. His warm, wet tongue on her cunt made her shudder in ecstasy. The twins climaxed together, then sucked each other's cunny cream from Janet's fingers.

'I want some cunt too!' Vikki pleaded breathlessly.

Her friends did not disappoint. While the Alsatian lapped at her cunt, Abby sat on her face and Janet sucked her nipples. Vikki buried her tongue in Abby's juicy cunt and pushed her nose against her asshole. She could barely breathe, but could not think of a more beautiful way to suffocate.

By the time he was tired of licking teenage cunt, the dog was sporting a fresh boner. Abby called him to her, raised him onto his hind legs and took the full length of the hard red cock in her mouth. Vikki reached out blindly, cupped the animal's balls and squeezed them. Janet's cunt was on fire again. She needed something big inside it and Vikki's other hand was available. Guiding it between her thighs, she pushed her fist shut, then stuffed the entire hand and several inches of Vikki's arm into her hungry cunt. Abby sucked greedily on the dog's cock, while Vikki pigged on her cunt. All three young girls were in a state of sexual excitement that was unlike anything they had ever known. Now that they had abandoned themselves to their most bizarre cravings, they felt totally liberated.

Later that day, they walked slowly back towards the house, with the taste of dog cum in their mouths and the stuff seeping from their tender cunts. They had sucked and fucked the horny animal dry, before finally leaving him asleep in the field. They were on an erotic high, their bodies drained from countless orgasms. But Abby had one more kinky pleasure in mind. The one thing she had been dreaming about from the moment they arrived at the farm.

She led the other two girls to the field where the horse was grazing. The animal looked up as they approached. Vikki patted his head, but Abby went straight for his cock. Janet joined her and they both licked and stroked the monster organ to full stiffness.

'My god, Abby, it's enormous!' Janet gasped.

'And I want it in my cunt,' her sister added. 'I can do it, if you two help me.'

'It's too big,' Janet protested. 'There's no way you could take such a thing.'

But Abby was determined to fulfil her fantasy, so Vikki and Janet finally agreed to help her. One girl stood to either side of the huge animal. Vikki gripped Abby's left ankle, Janet her right. She was lying beneath the horse. They raised her by the ankles, until her puffy cunt lips were brushing the head of his cock. Grunting from the effort, Abby raised herself and gripped the shaft in both hands. The girls raised her higher. The horse snorted and shook his head, but did not move out of position. Abby squealed in pain as the huge cock head penetrated her cunt, forcing her so wide open, she thought she was splitting in two.

Hot pain, coupled with mind numbing pleasure rocked her body and made her blue eyes water. Janet and Vicky held her ankles tightly, watching in open-mouthed disbelief as her cunt swallowed the fist sized cock head, along with several inches of the thick veined shaft. Teeth gritted, sweat streaming down her brow, the girl gripped the horse cock tightly and began pumping it with both hands.

Her grotesquely stretched cunt held it like a fleshy glove, until she felt the thick animal semen gush into her belly. Horse cum seeped from her hole, dribbled down her belly and into the crack of her ass. She was right. This beast did have enough in his balls for three. And the three hot teenage girls would enjoy every drop.

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Every girl's dream cum true in this delicious all of us who have done farm work can tell you. M.C. has a unique understanding of barnyard sex..and this story was AWESOME...Many thanks!!! xoxo


Fan-fucking-tastic. Please write some more.


Meggy, I don't think MC has the slightest idea about barnyard sex. Most girls would never get the flangehead of a grown horse cock in their mouth, especially when it cums as it gets huge. I have never seen a bull with its cock exposed in the field apart from seconds before it enters a cow. Dogs grip their mates, animal or human round the wasit and hips, not the shoulders. Apart from that it's a nice stroke story thanks.

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