The Birthday Party

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Published: 19-Feb-2012

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All these stories are a work of fiction and care was taken - no letters were hurt when they were placed on the page.

Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of my imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Every story I write contains sexual situations between adult females and kids. These stories should not be read by anyone who is either not old enough to do so or who would be offended if they did. Most if not all of the stories I write contain explicit pornographic material; it is not for minors under the age of 18 or close-minded people.

Any characters, places, businesses and/or circumstances etc. described herein are entirely fictional and are a product of my imagination. None of the following is based on real organisms or organizations, and any semblance to anyone or anything real, living, deceased or imaginary, is purely coincidental. There is no place called Cherish Valley in the United States that I am aware of.

I write stories for my own enjoyment. I write stories in which women are degraded and humiliated, but I don't believe that I am a bad person, just a bad writer, but you are free to form your own opinion.

Author's advisory: All these stories that I write about are for adults only. If you're under-aged or of a closed mind and you read my stories, your teeth will rot and all your hair will fall out! This stuff is too mature and sophisticated for you.

Anyone who is an adult or age of majority, of course, is welcome to continue.

Marti Spencer pulled up in front Julie's house for her daughter, Brenda's birthday party. Brenda was turning nine today. Marti's little girl, Amy who was also nine was very excited. Marti had just barely parked when Amy opened the car door and bounded up to the front door. There were other cars parked along the street and Marti could hear kids dance music and laughter coming from Julie's house.

"Hi, Mrs. Powers!" Amy said as she brushed past Julie Powers standing in the front doorway.

"Hi, Amy,"

Julie saw Marti closing the front door of her car, "Hi Marti" greeted Julie as she opened the door. "Glad you could make it."

Marti walked up to the front with the birthday gift, "Well Amy has been excited all week, said that Brenda was going to have a special birthday party"

Inside five girls were running around the house, laughing and dancing, "Wow it seems the girls are all wound up" smiled Marti.

"Hi Mrs Spencer" yelled nine year old Angie Benton as she ran by waving a riding crop in her hand.

"Ok, girls go with Mrs. Benton, she is taking you to the Young Girl Club for an hour or so," yelled out Julie.

The Young Girl Club was an exclusive all female club located in Climax, the county seat of Cherish Valley. Adult women over eighteen danced for young girls under eighteen. The young girls could purchase the adult female for sex. It was another way for women to earn extra cash. The laws of Cherish Valley forbid prostitution so the purchase of an adult female for sex was classified as a business transaction. Within the club there were various rooms where different types of fetishes that could be played out by the girls. For more extra-curricular activities, there was the Hairy Lemon motel just down the street from the Young Girl, or the woman could meet the girl at a soda shop called the The Kiddies Hangout which was about a half a block in the other direction. The Kiddies Hangout though was more for the young male than the girl. Young male boys could dance and have sex with adult women at the soda shop.

"Who is on stage today?" asked nine year old Zoe Adams as she ran for the front door.

"The Female Attorney's Club I think is on stage this afternoon, come on girls, let's go, we'll miss the good parts" urged Mrs. Stacey Benton as stood by the front door.

"Yay! They have the coolest outfits," laughed nine year old Megan Peterson as she ran out the door.

Three of the girls ran outside to the mini-van, "I will be back in an hour so," smiled Stacey to Marti and Julie.

Amy said to Brenda, the birthday girl, as she walked by the mother's, "I always wanted to molest an attorney, this is the coolest birthday party"

"Thanks," laughed Brenda. "My mom's the best!"

"Have fun, everything should ready by the time you get back," waved Julie.

Marti followed Julie into the kitchen Mrs. Jane Adams and Mrs. Kathy Peterson were sitting at the kitchen table, "Hi Jane" waved Marti, "Hi Kathy, I like your show, 'Cooking with Pee' what great ideas you have," said Marti and she and Julie walked into the kitchen.

"Thanks," smiled Kathy.

"Here have a cup of coffee, Marti. The party clowns should be here anytime" Julie said handing a cup to Marti.

"Watch out Marti," laughed Jane, "Kathy here lased the coffee with some of her daughters pee."

"And a little bit of Valley Vodka, puts a bite into it," laughed Kathy.

Marti took a sip and smiled, "It's delicious. I just have to work at getting Amy to pee in the pitcher more."

All four ladies laughed.

"Brenda's been excited all week about her party," said Julie. "She's had a hard time concentrating at school and sleeping."

"I think all the girls have been," laughed Kathy.

"Where's Jim today?" asked Jane.

"Brenda asked him if he could leave the house for the day," replied Julie.

"On her birthday?" asked Marti as she sipped her coffee.

"Yep, later this evening when he returns we will have her birthday cake that he brought yesterday and her presents from us and her grand-parents."

"Well, this Party Clowns outfit has been a big hit" stated Jane as she sipped her coffee.

"Yeah, only in business for six months and they are booked solid every weekend until next year," said Kathy.

"Rumor has it that they are hiring for more women because they are so busy," offered Marti.

Julie laughed, "Can you see the four of us as party clowns?"

The other three women joined in the laughter. But they looked at each other, the wheels turning in their minds.

Just then a bright pink van pulled into the driveway, "Oh good, the party clowns are here, now the fun can begin" Julie said as she walked out the kitchen door. The pink van had the words "Party Clowns" along on the side and different pictures of clowns laughing with little girls and pre-teen girls standing around the clowns.

As Julie, Kathy, Jane and Marti walked out front door the van doors opened and out came four clowns dressed in form fitting clown uniforms, the clowns all hid behind painted faces and different color nylon wigs. Large smiles were painted on their faces and clown size shoes on their feet. In their hands were bouquets of colorful balloons that had pictures of nude women in various positions.

From the front of the van came a woman dressed in a dark business suit, the skirt of the business suit was short, her business jacket hemline came down just below her waist and she had a white blouse that looked two sizes too short and had two buttons buttoned, both buttons were straining to hold her breasts in, she wore pink five inch heels with white leggings that came above her knees. Her face was made up in clown make-up, also with a large smile painted on her face and she had pink fuzzy clown wig on her head.

One of the clowns from the back of the van walked up to the lady rolling a large heavy suitcase to the business woman.

"Julie?" asked the women in the sexy business suit as she turned to the four women.


"Please to meet you, I am the head clown, we spoke on the phone," smiled the woman.

Kathy, Jane, Marti and Julie started giggling at the woman, they couldn't tell if she was smiling or not because her mouth and lips were heavily made up with clown make-up.

"Thank you for coming, my little Brenda has been looking forward to this all week," laughed Julie as she stared at the woman before her.

"Well we don't disappoint our little girls" smiled the head clown as she ignored the laughing women, "As I said on the phone you all can watch but not participate but you can give encouragement to the girls. Are the little angels out of the house?"

"Yes, they are at the strip club," smiled Julie.

"Oh, which one?

"The Young Girl," replied Julie.

"I have some friends dancing there today, Ok good we will get started setting up," the head clown stated.

"You have the names I gave you?" asked Julie.

"Yes, we have the names, Clown 2 you have the party gift bags with you?" smiled the woman.

"Yes, right here," replied clown 2.

She turned around to the other three clowns and said, "Ok, clowns, ready? Have all the bags of party stuff?"

The four other clowns smiled and giggled, "Yes"

"Let's show these little angels a good time, let's get set up," and the four clowns and the sexy business woman walked in the front door.

"I wonder who that woman is in the business suit?" asked Kathy.

"Don't know for sure but I think she might be an attorney, but won't know for sure until I can a closer look at her anus," replied Julie.

"What do you mean?" asked Jane.

"If she is who I think she is, then she and I put on a naughty Christmas show for the families of the law office she works at."

"How the hell did that happen?" asked Marti as the mother's watched the clowns disappear into the house.

"Um, it seems that the she paid Brenda five dollars a couple of days before Christmas when Brenda and I were shopping at the mall to have me at the party. So Christmas Eve Brenda wanted to go the mall one last time. I thought Brenda and I were going last minute shopping but she had me drive to the attorney's office next to the mall and when we walked inside, I was immediately mobbed by the kids and the next thing I know was being stripped naked by those dirty kids."

"Oh, well did you at least have fun?" asked Marti.

"Did Amy get into trouble for doing that to you?" Jane asked.

"Not really, it was fun, but I did get upset at her for only pimping me out for five dollars!" Julie laughed and so did the other women. "Anyway, ladies, I understand that the party clowns use numbers to identify themselves instead of their first names," said Julie.

"It's the best way to keep the woman's true identity hidden, makes it more fun that way for the girls," giggled Jane.

"I hear that Stephanie Hurst, the ministers wife? Is a party clown at least that's what Mabel says," replied Marti.

The four women walked back into the house. The sexy business woman had the luggage piece open and had set up a ten by ten platform that was five feet high and was busy attaching a pole in the center.

"Oh, look the girls are going to be entertained with a strip show and pole dancing," smiled Jane. "Amy really loves doing the strip shows with me at the family club, says she wants to be stripper when she gets older."

The family strip club was a dance club exclusively for families. Mothers and daughters danced for the male members of the family. And by law only women over eighteen could have sex with a male in the club, any age male in the club. But girls under sixteen were forbidden to have in the sex, so they would really sexy while their mother either sucked cock or was fucked by the male.

"Don't you get jealous of the mother and daughters dancing for Mike and Brian?" asked Kathy.

Mike and Brian were Jane's husband and sixteen year old son. "Only when they're getting their cocks sucked by some mother's while their daughters are dancing for them."

"Brenda's been pushing me to work at the whorehouse," Julie said as she watched the head clown set up the stage in her living room.

"I hear the money's good at the whorehouse," Kathy smiled. Kathy was married with one child, her daughter Megan. Kathy didn't get into the other activities like her friends because her TV show kept her busy.

The whorehouse was located about a block from the Climax elementary school. It really wasn't a house but more like a three story building. One side of the building women catered to the male clientele, boys ages five and older and the other side women could cater to the female clientele, girls ages five to sixteen. During the week days stay at home moms could work at the whorehouse whoring themselves out to young boys and girls for extra cash. While in the evenings and weekends would find female teachers and office professionals working at the whorehouse. The elementary school girls would arrive at the whorehouse after school carrying their backpacks which always contained their strap-on.

"I know the PTA meets there a couple times a week!" Marti giggled.

"I wonder if they get any work done," Julie replied as the other three women laughed.

"Mabel says that Stephanie Hurst wants to have the women's church auxiliary start meeting at the whorehouse. She says it is another way for the church to spread the word of the Redeemer to the younger generation." Marti said with her arms folded in front of her.

Jane laughed, "More likely it is so that bitch can get sandwiched between two seven year olds with their strap-ons!" the other mothers laughed also.

The other four clowns were setting up party plates and cups on the dining room table. A large pink cloth was laid on the table, the cloth had multiple pictures of a woman's anus's on it arrange in a pattern. The paper cups had an imprint of a pussy on it. The party balloons had nude women on them in various positions.

After the table was set up the clowns rolled out plastic coverings and covered the couch and chairs and the living room floor, one never knew what kind of liquid might be expelled.

Then the clowns opened up bags and took out handcuffs, ball gags, butt plugs, a bamboo cane and several metal rulers. They placed the items around the living room putting the butt plugs on end tables and the coffee table, the handcuffs were draped over the back of the sofa. One of the lady clowns put together four metal tubes on a stand.

"What is that used for?" asked Kathy as she walked over the clown.

"It's a spanking and whipping bar. The girl handcuffs the woman's wrists to the side which forces her to bend over thus exposing her rear end to delightful punishment."

"Oh, very ingenious" smiled the TV host. The other three mothers nodded their head in agreement.

The business suit clown came over to the three mothers, "As I mentioned on the phone mothers aren't allowed to play during party time, but if you stay we require you to be handcuffed to a pole," stated the woman.

"Ah, I don't have any poles in the house," Julie said looking concerned.

"Not a problem Mrs. Powers. Clown 4 get four poles from the van," ordered the business woman.

Clown 4 hurried out the door and soon returned with four kits. Two of the other clowns assisted number 4 in setting up the poles.

"You better get another pole for the fifth mother will be bringing the girls back," stated Julie as she watched the busy clowns.

Soon there were five poles set up in the corner of the living room, "Ok ladies it is best to handcuff you now before the girls get here," smiled the business woman.

Kathy, Julie, Marti, and Jane each stood in front of pole. One of the clowns pulled out handcuffs and attached each mother to a pole. Then she pulled out ankle cuffs and secured the mother's ankles to each pole.

Five minutes later the minivan pulled up in the driveway and five girls came rushing out of van.

"Ok clowns, the angels are here, be ready for anything," stated the business woman clown.

Five nine year old girls came tearing in the front door, "Wow, neat, awesome, cool" were heard from the girls as they came into the living room.. As the girls came into the living room one of the clowns was handing out one dollar bills to the girls.

"Where is the birthday girl, Brenda?" asked the clown who had handed out the money.

"Here I am," Brenda shouted, waving her hand.

The clown walked over to the little girl, "Happy Birthday Brenda, do you know what a pimp is?"

"Yes I do."

"Well, your going to be her pimp for the party" the clown said pointing at the head clown lady.

"Yesss!" squealed the birthday girl.

"After her strip show, your friends will pay you the money I gave them so they can fuck her," smiled the clown. "That makes you her pimp!"

"Yippeee!" shouted the girl.

"And as part of our birthday present to you, you keep the money."

"Thank you, my birthday wishes are coming true," smiled Brenda. Then she ran over to where her mother was handcuffed to the pole.

"Mommy, Mommy, I get to be a pimp for my birthday party," laughed Brenda.

"That's because this is your special day sweetie," smiled Julie from her handcuff position at the pole.

"Thanks mom, you're the best" yelled Brenda as she ran off with her friends.

"I find it sexy that a young girl gets excited about pimping out an adult woman," giggled Kathy who was handcuffed to the pole beside her.

Stacey Benton, the mother who drove the kids to the strip club was being secured to her pole with handcuffs and ankle cuffs.

"The things we do for our daughters" replied Jane as she watched the clown secure Stacey.

The five women stood handcuffed to their poles at the entrance to the living room which was slowly turning into an orgy. Four of the clowns had their Velcro covers pulled from their breasts, crotch and rear-end. It seemed all the girls knew that pulling the Velcro covers off the women's clown outfits gave them better access to the women.

One of the clowns was bent over with her hands on her knees in front of Amy who was kneeling behind the clown with her two index fingers poking in and out of the woman's anus, "Look mom, this so neat," Amy laughed as she pooled spit in her mouth and then spit it on the clowns anus.

"Finger Fuck the bitch!" laughed Marti Spencer as she and the other four mothers watched. Nine year old Amy stuck her tongue out the side of her mouth in concentration as she worked her index fingers in and out of the clown.

Megan Peterson was fondling another clowns nipples as the clown stood in the center of the living room with her hands behind her head. "This clowns nipples must be at least a half inch long!" she giggled.

Angie was testing the metal ruler by slapping the palm of her hand then she started spanking the woman's exposed rear end. [Thwack], [thwack], [thwack] went the metal ruler on the clowns soft ass cheeks. Angie laughed with each whack of the ruler. Each time Angie smacked the ass cheeks of the clown Megan pulled on the clowns nipples. Both girls were laughing.

The third clown was laying across the lap of Zoe as she was sitting on the sofa. Zoe was slapping away at the clowns ass cheeks, laughing and giggling as the woman's ass cheeks wiggled with each slap.

Jane Adams, the mother of Zoe, yelled out, "If your wet your fingers, sweetie, then slapped her ass it will sting her more."

The fourth clown was on her hands and knees with a Brenda on her back riding her like a horse. Brenda's would kick the clowns exposed breasts with her shoes. She leaned back and slapped the clown's ass urging her on around the room.

"Ride the stupid bitch, Brenda!" yelled Julie. The five mothers laughed at the developing orgy before them. Their pussies were very moist. The five girls were laughing as they sexually abused the four clowns.

The head clown was standing over by the dining room table, "Ok, girls, over here, we need you to strip down so we can get your strap-on's secured to your waist," yelled out the head clown.

All girls stopped what they were doing and went over to the dining room table, removing their clothes. The mouths of the five mother's mouths watered when they saw all the pre-teen sexiness. Flat chests and bald pussies, an adult woman's dream come true. Two of the clowns started to rub themselves as they watch youngsters undress.

After a couple of minutes the clowns knelt down in front of each girl and secured a strap-on to the waist and crotch of each nine year old. Megan had a look of lust on her face as she tried to poke her strap-on in the face of the clown kneeling before her. Zoe, played with the clown wig of the woman in front of her. Angie, slap the side of the face of the clown before her. Amy played with the ears of the clown before her, giggling each time she squeezed the woman's ear lobes. Brenda, the birthday girl watched her friends as the clowns fastened the strap-ons around their slim waists.

After the clowns were finished securing the harnesses, the four girls had their strap-on's waving in front them. The youngsters were giggling and "sword" fighting with each other as the four clowns looked on. Brenda was laughing at the silliness of her friends.

The head clown walked over to Brenda and knelt in front of her. She put the box she was carrying on the floor next to the girl. The clown opened a box, it was the new model strap-on called the "Woman Tamer 2000".

"Look, look, I got a "Woman Tamer" for my birthday!!" screamed Brenda to her friends as she jumped up and down clapping her hands, "Look mommy, I got the "Woman Tamer", just what I was hoping for!"

The "Woman Tamer" was marketed by Female Impediment Solutions (FIS) to pre-teen girls. The TV commercial went something like this, "Girls do you have a sexually frustrated mother at home?" The commercial showed an adult woman, presumably the girl's mother, in her daughter's bedroom on the bed totally nude. The camera panned to show a nude pre-teen blonde girl from behind. The youngster turned slowly to her left revealing the Woman Tamer strap-on at her waist. The commercial laws of Cherish Valley prohibited the camera from showing the face of the youngster so the camera shot was of the girl's neck on down to her waist. The female announcer came on and said, "Show the woman in your life how much you care for her, use the Woman Tamer to show her your love!" There were the sounds of a young girl giggling then the camera showed the woman on the bed laughing and stroking the strap-on. The next scene on the commercial was about the produce, the dimensions and where to purchas e it. The closing scene of the commercial showed the pre-teen girl behind the woman who was on her hands and knees. The youngster was pushing the Woman Tamer back and forth in the woman's pussy. The camera zoomed in on the face of the woman was screaming, "Yes! Yes!"

The four girls stood around Brenda admiring the "Woman Tamer". The head clown attached the "Woman Tamer" to Brenda's waist.

"Your gonna be the envy of the neighborhood, Brenda," cooed the head clown as she secured one of the straps. "Your mother is gonna be jealous of you when other mothers show up at your front door1"

"And I'm gonna fuck them all," giggled the birthday girl.

"Make your mother watch you fucking them!" Megan Peterson urged.

"Yeah, have the bitch hold those women down as you fuck them!" hissed Zoe Adams as she touched the strap-on.

The 2000 model was eleven inches long and three inches in diameter, 4 AA batteries included, it was ribbed, very flexible and was flesh colored and very realistic to the touch. For the pre-teen girl who wore it, the leather triangle on the front that held the dildo had a little clit massager and when the strap-on was turned on, the dildo moved back and forth and up and down so the girl didn't have to "pump" the woman with her hips as she fucked her.

The head clown leaned forward and kissed Brenda on the forehead. She got up and sauntered over to the makeshift stage.

"Oh my" giggled Julie, "Brenda is going to be unbearable to live with now."

"At least we don't have to hear you whine that Jim doesn't fuck you enough, now Brenda can tame you!" laughed Marti along with the other three mothers. They were all envious of Julie though. What adult woman wouldn't want a pre-teen girl fucking her with a top of the line strap-on?

Then the strip dance music started and all the girls ran over to the stage that the sexy business clown woman was standing on. As the music built in tempo the lady started swaying her body to the music, swinging on the pole and shaking her ass in front of the girls. The girls were yelling, laughing and shouting at the head clown to "take it off". Five naked pre-teen bodies were gathered around the make shift stage yelling encouragement.

The head clown walked slowly around the stage running her hands up and down her body then she unbuttoned her business coat and slowly slide it off her shoulders. The young girls started whooping and clapping urging her on. The lady flung her business coat into the group of girls who fought over it, one of the sleeves was torn from the coat but the clown didn't seem to mind or didn't notice as she squatted down in front of Brenda and pinched her nipples that were poking thru her blouse. The nine year old girl reached out with both hands and squeezed the woman's breasts, the woman sexily licked her lips and thru her head back. The girls laughed at the woman because her tongue looked so small as it poked out of her mouth because her painted on clown smile was so large.

As the first song finished the lady clown stood up and the second song played. She grabbed the pole again and swung herself around it and then rubbed one leg up and down pole, the girls all cheered and clapped. Then she slowly walked around the stage again swaying her ass back and forth as she did. Then she ripped apart her blouse causing the two buttons holding her breasts in fly out. With her tits exposed she turned to Brenda again, bent over and shook her titties in the nine year olds face.

Brenda and the girls standing around her all reached up and started grabbing the woman's tits, the woman quickly stood back, teasing the young girls as she shook her tits again, then the woman grabbed her nipples and pulled her tits straight out and girls yelled and cheered as the woman slowly turned around, then she sauntered back to the pole and started rubbing herself up and down the pole.

"Damn that has to hurt," winced Kathy as the woman kept pulling her tits straight out.

"Tell me, Zoe likes it when I do that so that she can slap the underside of my breasts with a flexible ruler," smiled Jane.

The head clown looked over at the birthday girl and licked her lips again, then stuck out her tongue and wagged it back and forth in a lewd way as she swung herself around the pole. Brenda was laughing and giggling, she knew what she wanted.

The five handcuffed mother's were watching the strip show in the living room. Kathy looked over at the dining room table where the four other clowns were and motioned with her head for her friends to look.

The five Birthday party gift bags were lined up on the dining room table and each bag had a girl's name written on it. In front of each bag was a riding crop, a metal ruler and a butt plug. The four clowns were busy writing on the metal rulers and the butt plugs.

"What are they writing on the rulers and plugs?" asked Stacey as she studied the clowns at work on the items.

"Our names," replied Julie.

"Our names? Why our names?" asked Kathy.

"So the girls can use those implements on us after the party is over," smiled Julie.

Meanwhile the third song had started and the woman slowly pulled down her very short skirt that was probably ten inches wide all the way around. The girls started yelling "take it off bitch" as they laughed, clapped and swayed to the music, the strap-on's of the girls were swaying back and forth. The head clown shimmied the skirt down her white stocking legs and with a flick of her high heeled foot tossed the cloth in the air and grabbed it.

The girls started screaming their encouragement and laughing at the woman. She had on a pink thong. The woman squeezed her tits together with both arms and then put the skirt in her cleavage and leaned over to Brenda who grabbed the skirt out of the woman's cleavage and waved it over her head.

The woman stood up and hooked her thumbs under the thong strap and slowly pulled down as she wiggled her ass at the group of girls. The girls were getting rowdy by now, leaning over the stage and trying to grab at the woman, this is probably what this attorney woman wanted to happen because by now Julie had recognized the shape of the woman's ass from last year's office Christmas party.

Julie remembered the face dildo she was wearing, the attorney was on her hands and knees and she was on her hands and knees behind her plunging the dildo into her pussy as the tip of her nose rubbed against the woman's brownie. As she was doing that there was an eleven year old girl sitting on her back controlling her head movements as she fucked the woman with the dildo.

The attorney bent over and pulled the pink thong down to her knees then let go of it, the thong fell to the stage floor on its own. The nude attorney woman was wearing her pink five inch heels with the white knee high stockings, her clown make-up and clown wig. She slowly bent over, putting her ass in the face of the birthday girl, the nine year old reached up with hands and started slapping the ass cheeks of the naked woman and then a couple of quick pokes into the woman's anus. The attorney picked up the discarded thong. She stretched the thong over her fuzzy wig and put the crotch of the thong over her nose. She stood straight up and put her hands on her hips and swayed to the music. The girls were laughing and pointing at the attorney.

The attorney woman stepped back to the pole and leaned up against it, putting the pole between her tits and pussy lips and started rubbing herself up and down it. The girls were still yelling and screaming and laughing at the woman, yelling more encouragement.

As the music was winding down, the attorney started to slowly walk around the stage with her pussy lips pulled apart showing the tweenie girls how wet she was. Then the music stopped and girls ran around the stage to Brenda yelling "me first, me first" and waving their money at her. They all wanted to be the first one that Brenda pimped the woman out too.

The business woman clown jumped down from the stage into the group of rowdy nine year olds, "Ok, who is the first to fuck me?" she laughed, "I am hot and ready for you girls!"

"I'm gonna fuck her first!" Brenda yelled out as she grabbed the woman's hand and pulled her across the living room. Brenda sat down on the couch and pulled the head clown to her lap. The woman positioned herself above the "Woman Tamer" strap-on as Brenda turned it on. The dildo slowly rotated around. Clown 3 walked up to the head clown with a tube of gel. She squeezed some onto her hand and fingers. The clown then put her fingers between the head clowns crotch and smeared the gel into the woman's anus and pussy.

"Thanks clown 3," smiled the head clown as she looked down at the lubed up strap-on.

Everybody watched as the head clown lowered her pussy onto the rotating strap-on. The head clown had to take hold of the strap-on and push it gently into her pussy. Then she let go and slowly lowered herself the rest of the way onto the huge strap-on.

The clowns and girls clapped and cheered when the head clown finally had all the strap-on in her cunt. The woman leaned back a little showing the crowd of party girls and clowns her abdomen, the strap-on making an outline around her abdomen as it rotated. The clown had tears in her eyes as she bit her lip leaning back on the Brenda's lap.

"Fuck that has to hurt!" Marti said in amazement as she stared at the head clown.

"Talk about having a ruined pussy", Stacey grimaced.

That was one drawback of the Woman Tamer. It stretched a woman's pussy out of shape for several days. A man's cock would easily fit into a pussy of woman who had been fucked with the Woman Tamer. The warning on the box said not to have sex with a male for several days after being pumped by the Woman Tamer. The woman wouldn't have any sensation of being fucked until her pussy was back to normal.

"Whoa!" the girls said in excitement as they watched the woman tamer move the head clown back and forth on Brenda's lap. The youngsters were mesmerized by the outline created by the strap-on on the clown's abdomen. "That's it fuck that stupid pussy!" Angie Spencer yelled as she pointed at the woman clown.

Brenda leaned back on the couch and let the Tamer fuck the woman for her. The little clit massager tickled Brenda. She squirmed back and forth as the head clown bounced up on down on her lap.

"Aaaggghhh!" moaned the birthday girl as she started to cum. Her hips bucked up and down and the head clown giggled as she rotated her hips on the woman tamer.

"Ahhh fuuckk!" screamed Brenda as her orgasm over took her. The girls clapped and cheered. Birthday rules in Cherish Valley stated that the birthday girl had to cum first. Julie, Brenda's mother, was whistling as was Jane. Kathy, Marti and Stacey were laughing and cheering also.

The head clown slowly stood up, releasing the strap-on from her pussy. She wiped the tears from her eyes and looked down at her pussy. There was gaping hole between her legs.

Zoe and Angie, quickly pressed their dollar bills into Brenda's hand, grabbed the woman's arms and pulled her from the couch. The two girls pushed the head clown to the floor, the clown landed on her hands and knees The woman was laughing as Zoe and Angie fought over who would fuck her anus.

Zoe pushed Angie aside, spit on the clown's asshole and then spit on her strap-on, grabbed the clown's hips and plunged her strap-on into the woman's ass.

"Ah, fuck, that's good" yelled the head clown lifted her head and bit her lip.

"Fuck the whore, Zoe" yelled Jane Adams as she watched her daughter line up behind the clown.

Zoe started fucking her strap-on in and out of the woman, slapping her ass cheeks. Angie, in frustration at watching Zoe, walked around to the front of the head clown, pulled her strap-on to the side, bent her knees, pulled the woman's head forward and urinated on the woman's face. The clown make-up did not run when wet. It was special make-up that could only be removed with a special cream.

"That's my girl!" yelled Stacey Benton as she watched her daughter move her hips back and forth peeing on the head clown. The head clown was gagging on the youngsters pee, trying to keep up with the flow.

Zoe leaned down on the woman's back and reached under and grabbed the woman's tits, pulling and squeezing. She pushed her hips back and forth plunging the strap-on in and out while playing with the head clown's nipples.

Megan grabbed clown 2 and pulled her over to the couch, she sat down on the couch and pulled the clown onto her strap-on. The woman willingly climbed on the strap-on, gripped the back of the couch and started bouncing up and down on the strap-on.

"Slap her tits, Meg" urged her mother Kathy as she watched her daughter look up at the clown's breasts bouncing in front of her face.

Megan reached up and started slapping the woman's tits as she bounced up and down on the nine year olds' strap-on. The woman was laughing and giggling as she took the whole strap-on into her pussy.

Amy grabbed clown 1by the arm and pulled her to the center of the living room, "suck me bitch" she hissed as the clown went to her knees and opened her mouth. Amy grabbed the woman's ears and pulled her head onto the strap-on, "Yeah, bitch, that's it" she cooed as the clit massager tickled her little clitty.

"That's my girl, make the bitch deep throat it," yelled Marti as she watched her daughter rotate her hips as the clown sucked her strap-on.

Angie had finished peeing on the face of the head clown and walked over grabbed clown 3 and had her kneel next to the head clown. Angie positioned herself behind the woman. She slapped the woman's anus several times and the pushed her strap-on into the woman's asshole. Clown 3 screamed but it soon turned to moans of pleasure as the young girl started to pump her.

"Fuck her, fuck her, Angie" yelled her mother Stacey.

Zoe was close to cumming with the clit teaser on her strap-on. She was groaning and moaning, the head clown was pushing back on the strap-on in her ass, licking her lips and cooing each time Zoe slapped her tits from underneath. The head clown's right shoulder, arm and hip were bouncing off of clown 3's left shoulder, arm and hip. Both women were being pumped by the youngsters.

Brenda got a leash from the table and attached it and the dog collar to the neck of clown 4. Brenda squatted in front of the clown, "Bark for me bitch!" she hissed as she stared into the eyes of the woman.

"Bark, bark!" the clown 4 replied.

Brenda stood up and and yelled, "Heel!" The clown quickly lined up her shoulder with the nine year olds right knee. As Brenda led clown 4 around the living room on her hands and knees, Julie took in the orgy before her.

Her daughter had the clown following her around like a dog, encouraging the woman to bark like a dog. Zoe Adams was busy fucking the anus of head clown and was about to cum. Angie Benton had another clown on her hands and knees next to the head clown and was fucking the woman from behind. Amy Spencer who had the clown sucking her was now getting her anus licked by the clown. And Megan Peterson was laughing as the clown was bouncing up and down on her strap-on.

Brenda saw the Amy was having her ass licked by her clown so Brenda put her ass in the woman's face, shaking it back and forth, telling the clown to lick her like a doggie. Clown 4, smiling, stuck her tongue out and lapped up and down on the Birthday girl's brownie. Brenda giggled and laughed as the tongue worked her sphincter muscle.

Zoe was coming. She was pumping widely back and forth in the head clown's ass. When she finished, Zoe fell backward in exhaustion, pulling the strap-on rudely out of the woman's anus. Angie seeing that her friend was done, pushed clown 3 out of the way, yanking the strap-on out of her asshole, threw her money at Brenda who was still getting her ass licked and quickly lined up behind the head clown.

"Take this you bitch" Angie said and plunged her strap-on into the head clown. The head clown screamed but Angie leaned forward slapped the back of the clown's head, "Shut up, whore, and take it like a woman!" she hissed as she grabbed the woman's hips.

Brenda stood straight up and said, "Girls, let's line up the clowns side by side and all fuck them at the same time."

Zoe lined up behind clown 3, Brenda pulled the leash on clown 4 and lined her up next to the head clown, Amy brought over clown 1 and Megan pulled clown 2 by the arm and pushed down next to clown 1. Now all five clowns where lined up shoulder to hip on their hand and knees. Each of the girls lined up behind their "woman" and pushed their strap-on's into their asses.

Clown 4 screamed as the "Woman Tamer" entered her asshole. Brenda laughed as she turned the strap-on on, watching it as it moved up and down and side to side. The clown had tears in her eyes and whimpered as she looked over her shoulder at the birthday girl who was laughing at her.

Julie yelled at her daughter, "That's it sweetie, ruin that bitches cunt!" The mothers were yelling encouragement to their daughters as they girls fucked the clowns from behind. For the next half hour the girls shifted places behind each clown.

Brenda would yell, "Switch!" and the girls move to the next clown. They would also give Brenda their money when it was their turn to fuck the head clown. The girls were laughing and giggling, slapping each woman on the ass and making rude comments about the clowns.

The five mothers were squirming against their restraints. Each was impressed with their daughter as each girl 'raped' each clown in turn. Kathy Peterson and Jane Adams were whimpering as their young daughters plunged their strap-ons into the clowns.

Finally, the girls announced they were hungry for birthday cake and drinks. The girls got up and stretched their legs and the clowns helped each other up. Their anus and pussies were sore as they too stretched. The five clowns served each girl a piece of cake and a cup of coke. Brenda got the idea to have each clown eat cake. She had each clown climb up on the table on her hands and knees in a circle on the table. Each girl smeared the ass crack of the clown with cake and frosting and then each clown was encouraged to it off the ass crack of the clown in front of them. For drinks, the girls peed into a cup and had each clown drink it.

Zoe laughed as she poured her cup of pee into the mouth of clown 2, "This is the best birthday party ever!"

The Head clown asked the girls what they wanted to do next. Amy came up with the idea of putting a dog collar on each clown and then getting leashes. Each girl had a doggie clown for her own. Brenda had the head clown. The five girls had the five clowns in a circle on their hands and knees. The girls instructed the women to bark. For about a minute the clowns and girls were laughing between barks and Arfs.

The girls walked the clowns out to the back yard. The youngster's were nude and still wearing their strap-ons. The girls had great time when they had the clowns shit and pee in the back yard like real dogs.

The mothers who were secured to the poles in the living room couldn't see out back very good. But they heard laughing and giggling both girl and adult woman laughing and giggling.

"Angie always wanted her own puppy," Mrs Benton said a matter of factly as she strained to see what was going on in the backyard. "I hear that the scouts have adult escorts trained as puppies. You can rent a puppy girl for the day or weekend," Marti replied as she tried to look out the door.

Marti and Kathy were squirming trying to rub their crotches with their thighs.

Just then Brenda ran in to the living room said, "Hi mom" and ran out the other side of the living room and into the garage. She came running out of the garage and through the living room again and said, "Bye mom!" All the while the Woman Tamer strap-on was bouncing up and down and side to side as she ran by. Brenda had a tennis ball so the girls could play fetch with the clowns. The clowns put on a good show of fighting over the tennis ball when it was thrown. The five clowns would scamper to the end of the yard trying to pick up the green tennis ball, fighting over it before one of them would pick it up with her teeth and scamper back to Brenda.

Brenda went back into the house and got a large doggie chew bone tossing it to the Head clown. The woman picked it up with her mouth but clown 4 grabbed the other end of the chew bone and pulled. Both women were pulling on the chew bone growling at each other. By this time Megan, Amy, and Zoe were back to fucking three of the clowns from behind. They had the three clowns in a circle, their heads bumping into each other as the girls fucked them.

"Ok, girls, it's hanging time!" laughed the Head clown as she stood up holding the chew bone.

Megan turned to Brenda, "I bet your mom paid extra for this, your party rocks!" smiled Megan.

For the final piece of the birthday party, the clowns came back into the house. Clown 1 went to the make shift stage and attached a bar to the pole. The bar had five ring holes on it. Then clown 2 pulled out five nooses, climbed the platform and attached the nooses. The make shift stage or platform was designed to carry the weight of ten women, so hanging five women would not be a problem.

As the clowns got up on the stage and put the nooses around their necks, the girls went wild with anticipation. Yelling comments and encouragement to the women the five girls climb up on stage also. Amy put five folding stools on the stage from the rolling suitcase so the clowns could stand on them.

The girls had taken the butt plugs that were around the living room and inserted them into each clown's anus, then the clowns were handcuffed behind their backs. The five women stepped up on the stools and young girls, with big smiles on their faces, proceeded to kick the stools out from under the women.

As the five women gently swung back and forth the girls started to pinch their breasts, poke them in the stomach, slap their asses. Then Brenda pushed the head clown into the woman next to her. Then the other girls started pushing the clowns into each other. The five women clowns were banging into each other. The girls were laughing and giggling.

Megan pulled clown 3 out to the edge of the stage and let go and the clown swung out to the front of the stage then back again. Megan laughed as the woman swung back her way, then she pushed the woman out again. The other girls soon had their clown swinging back and forth like clown 3. The nine year old girls laughed and giggled each time they pinched the ass cheek of the clown as she swung back towards them.

The timer went off and the girls put the stools back under each clown so they could stand.

The party was over now, the girls undid the handcuffs so the women could remove the nooses. The clowns started taking the stage apart and putting it back into the rolling suitcase. The girls had left the living room and were in Brenda's bedroom laughing and giggling. The clowns picked up the other implements and stored them in the container.

The head clown undid the restraints on the mothers and put the poles away. Clown 2 and 3 had packed everything away and Clown 1 and 4 had rolled everything out the front door.

"Fuck me that was something" whispered Kathy as she rubbed her crotch.

"Damn right!" Julie said."Worth every fucking penny."

"Problem is ladies, I am horny as hell" giggled Stacey as she watched the clowns walk out the front door.

"Thank you ladies for using Party Clowns, we appreciate your business" smiled the head clown as she shut the front door.

The five nine year olds stood at the entrance of the living room, looking at their mother's. Their nude pre-teen bodies with strap-on's waving in front of them looked menacing.

"Well, if your all hot and horny, we're still hot and horny, mom" Brenda said to her mother Julie. The girl stood there with her hands on her hips.

The five mothers turned around looking at their daughters. The five women smiled together.

"We are are hot and horny too. From watching you girls fuck those silly clowns" smiled Julie.

The five nine year olds spread out in a line in the living room their strap-on's waving obscenely. They had decided in the bedroom that if they fucked their mother's then the mother's had to choose between them.

The five youngsters were smiling at their mother's. "If you want to be fucked, chose now, but you can't fuck your own daughter" smiled Megan as she folded her arms in front of her.

Brenda stood in the living room stroking her Woman Tamer, "You decide which one of us fucks you."

Kathy, Julie, Marti, Jane and Stacey looked at each. They were giggling. Julie said, "Well, our little angels certainly have thought about this, haven't they?" The mother's all nodded their heads. The mother's had all been fucked by their daughters at one time or another but not all together, in one sitting. It was a personal thing between mothers and daughters but this was going to be fun.

Mrs. Spencer walked over and stood in front Angie Benton, a big smile on her face. She folded her hands in front of her and kind of looked at the floor saying, "I want you".

Nine year old Angie smiled and said, "I always wanted to fuck you Mrs. Spencer," and ran her hand up and down Marti's face then gave her face a couple of slaps. "Kneel down beside me, Mrs. Spencer."

Mrs. Benton looked around and decided on Megan Peterson. She walked over to the couch and stood in front of the nine year old "Fuck me" was all she said.

"Kneel in front of me Mrs. Benton," Megan said catching her breath as the woman did as she was told.

As Mrs. Benton knelt on the floor next to the youngster, Angie giggled, saying, "She likes to be slapped around Meg." Stacey gave her daughter a dirty look.

Mrs. Adams stepped forward, looked around and walked up to Brenda Powers, the birthday girl. Excitement on her face, she glanced at the "Woman Tamer" around Brenda's waist, "Tame me Brenda" she giggled as she reached her hand out and stroked the strap-on.

"Can't wait to catch a ride on the "Woman Tamer" Mrs Adams?" giggled Brenda.

Mrs. Adams leaned forward and kissed Brenda on the lips. She had wrapped her right hand round the monster strap-on, pumping it slowly.

"That's my girl," laughed Brenda as Mrs. Adams blushed.

Mrs. Peterson walked over to Zoe Adams who was standing next to her daughter, Megan.

"Kneel before me Mrs, Peterson," whispered Zoe. She smiled as Mrs. Peterson knelt before her, "I am going to have fun with your body, Mrs. Peterson."

Kathy, the TV host, just nodded her head in agreement, "I am yours today."

That left Mrs. Powers. She walked over to Amy Spencer and stood in front of her.

"Mrs. Powers, my former babysitter and now my plaything" smiled the nine year old.

"Fuck me, please" smiled Julie as she grabbed the nine year olds strap-on.

Amy smiled at the woman before her, "Kneel beside me."

"Ok girls," announced Brenda as she looked at her friends, "How do we want our women? With clothes on or clothes off?"

It was decided that the mother's would perform for the girls with their clothes off. Amy said there would be more humiliation for their mother's and more excitement for them if they left their clothes on. Mrs. Benton and Mrs. Adams tried to give their opinion but the youngsters told them to shut up.

Brenda had her friend's line up and had the mother's kneel in front of each girl they had chosen. Megan thought it would be cool to put the dog collars and leashes on the mother's. So Brenda had each mother attach the dog collar and the leash and hand the leash to their girl.

The mother's were instructed to suck of the strap-on on their girl. So there were five mother's with their heads bobbing back and forth and the nine year olds laughing and giggling. Angie took to slapping Mrs. Benton on the side of her head. Mrs. Powers tried to rub her crotch but Amy kicked her hand away. Mrs. Adams was having a hard time wrapping her mouth around Brenda's "Woman Tamer" strap-on. Zoe had Mrs. Peterson's hair pulled all the way forward and was playing with it against her belly. Mrs. Spencer was able to deep throat Angie's strap-on but the nine year old kept running her hands around her hair, jerking her head back and forth.

Mrs. Benton managed to pull her mouth off of Megan's strap-on and said, "You know girls, we haven't had any cake yet, maybe, um, we could eat some cake off of your lovely bodies?"

Brenda clapped her hands, "That's an excellent idea, girls, let's get on our hands and knees with our asses in the air, and our mother's scoop up some cake and put it on our assholes, then lick it off," All the girls laughed as they changed position.

The mother's each walked back with a spoon full of cake and frosting and proceeded to stuff the mixture on top of the little anus's of each girl. Then they each got down on their knees and put tongue to anus.

The nine year old girls were moaning and groaning as the mother's licked their anus's. The mother's started giggling as each one had frosting on the end of their noses and around their mouths. Mrs. Powers pushed some frosting into Amy's anus then used her tongue to scoop it out again. Amy was giggling the whole time.

Megan instructed Mrs. Benton to push some cake into her anus then lay under her. Megan would push the cake out of her anus into Mrs. Benton's mouth.

"Oh, damn, Brenda, you mom gives a better ass licking than some of mother's at the Young Girl," cooed Amy.

"I'm glad you like it" soothed Mrs. Powers as she stuck out her tongue again and licked Amy's little puckered sphincter. Zoe looked over her shoulder at Mrs. Peterson and asked, "Why didn't we do this sooner?"

Megan was squatting on top of Mrs. Benton's face as she pushed out little pieces of cake into her mouth. When Megan couldn't push anymore Mrs. Benton raised her head and licked the rest of the cake out of the youngsters anus.

The young girls started to move their asses back and forth against the tongue action of the mother's.

Brenda was the first to stand up, "I know something they can do," as Mrs. Adams pouted.

"What?" asked Angie.

"Yeah" said the other girls as they looked over their shoulders at Brenda.

"I want to see our mother's dance" Brenda smiled.

"Cool" exclaimed Amy, "Zoe put on some kids dance music"

Zoe went over the stereo system and looked thru the CD's.

"I haven't danced in years" laughed Mrs. Benton and Mrs. Powers.

When the music came on the nine year olds sat down on the couch, "Ok, moms dance for us," they all smiled.

The mother's looked at each and shrugged. They started shuffling their arms and legs in tune to the music.

'Oh, come, you can all do better than that" laughed Brenda as she stroked her Woman Tamer.

"Yea, show us what you got" yelled Zoe.

"Yeah, bitches, show us what you got!" Angie urged her mom.

"Dance like the whores at the Young Girl!" laughed Megan.

The nine year olds starting chanting, "'Dance like whores! Dance like whores!"

The mother's started moving vigorously, their breast bouncing up and down, the leashes swinging back and forth. The girls were laughing at their mother's making fun of the bouncing titties. Then Mrs. Powers and Mrs. Benton were dancing in front of each other, teasing each other with their dance moves. Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Adams were dancing facing each other, Marti reached out and pinched Jane's left breast and pinched Kathy's right breast.

Brenda and Angie got up from the couch and walked over to their mother's both girls said, "Kiss, kiss"

Julie and Stacey looked at the girls and then each other. Both women leaned forward and gave each other a peck on the lips.

"No, sillies," laughed Brenda as she swatted her mother's ass cheek, "a real kiss, a deep kiss, a French kiss. I've never seen a French kiss up close before" she said excitedly.

Julie and Stacey looked at each other, put their hands around each other's waists and kissed, a long French kiss, their bodies swaying to the children's music.

Brenda and Megan moved in close, "Damn, I've never seen that before" smiled Brenda, "me either" gasped Megan. Both nine year old girls were mesmerized by the kissing scene before them.

Both mothers broke the kiss after a minute. Brenda and Megan looked over at the other three mothers. Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Adams had their heads together, their tongues flicking out, touching each other. They had their arms around each other's waist and were swaying to the music.

Julie came over to the three women watching with her daughter, "have you ever seen women eat each other out before?"

The nine year olds shook their heads. They were watching the three mothers suck each other's tongues. "We always have the women eat us out. We've never seen women eat each other out before!" Brenda exclaimed.

"Ok, mother's on the floor" urged Julie.

The mother's laid on the floor in a circle, head to crotch, then each mother lifted her leg giving access to their pussy. Julie started licking Marti, Marti started licking Kathy, Kathy started licking Jane, Jane started licking Stacey and Stacey started licking Julie.

The nine year olds stood over the women, laughing, giggling and pointing at their mothers.

"Damn our moms are pussy hounds," laughed Angie as she put her left on the hip of Mrs. Spencer.

Zoe and Megan kneeled down and looked at their mother's sucking the cunt in front of them.

"That's the way my mom sucks my cunt," exclaimed Zoe she let a little spit drop from her mouth onto Mrs. Benson's cunt. Zoe's mom quickly licked it up.

"Mine too," laughed Megan as she watched her licking Mrs. Powers.

"Dirty cunt suckers" hissed Brenda as she put her left foot on the hip of Mrs Adams, she put her hands on her hips and declared, "This is our mom's proper place," she laughed. The other four girls laughed also and put their foot on the hip of the woman on the floor.

The five mothers were moaning and groaning and moving their hips back and forth.

"Looks like the bitches are about to cum," laughed Amy as she looked down at Mrs. Powers.

"They can't cum yet, Brenda, we still have to have our fun," said Megan.

"Your right," said Brenda as she pulled Mrs. Adams up from the floor and walked with her over to corner of the living room. The lights were down low now as slow dance music came over the speakers. Mrs. Adams was giggling as Brenda pushed her to the floor.

Zoe pulled up Mrs. Peterson and Angie pulled up Mrs. Spencer. "Show us how to dance," both nine year olds said to the women.

Kathy and Marti both giggled as they took the girls into their arms and taught them how to slow dance. Mrs. Spencer looked down at Angie, put her hand behind the youngster's head and her left arm around the girl's waist and pulled her close. She leaned over and starting kissing Angie. Angie's strap-on was tucked between her and Mrs. Spencer's stomach. Both woman and girl swayed back and forth to the slow music. Mrs. Peterson adjusted Zoe's strap-on straight up then put her arm around the nine year and put her left arm around the girl's neck. She pulled the youngster close. Mrs. Peterson and Zoe rocked slowly back and forth to the music. Mrs. Peterson leaned down and kissed Zoe on the lips.

Amy was sitting on the couch as Mrs. Powers crawled over to the sitting girl. Julie looked over at her shoulder when she heard whimpering and sobbing coming from the corner of the living room. Mrs. Adams was on her hands and knees with the Brenda's Woman Tamer birthday strap-on firmly embedded in her anus. The nine year old birthday girl was leaning over on Mrs. Adams back whispering in her ear, "Shhh, be quiet now, Mrs. Adams. No crying now. Just be a good little girl and take the pain." Julie could see Mrs. Adams nodding her head and biting her lip.

Julie looked back at Amy on the couch who pointed to her strap-on and smiled at her.

Kathy Peterson had little Zoe wrapped in her arms as they slow danced. Kathy said loud enough over the music to the girl, "Please pee on me! Pee on me like a dog would mark its territory."

Zoe giggled, "Your funny, Mrs. Peterson!" Mrs. Peterson and Zoe went back to kissing.

Nine year old Meagan had grabbed hold of Mrs. Benton's hair and pulled her along the floor. The youngster like her sex rough ever since she had learned at a young age what she could get away with.

Julie Powers was sitting on Amy's strap-on as she looked over her shoulder at the other mothers. Mrs. Adams was still crying as the Woman Tamer was pushing in and out of her anus but little Brenda was ignoring her as she laid on Jane's back with her hands under her pinching and pulling Jane's nipples. Brenda was whimpering as the little clit tickler was working her little clitty.

Zoe had Mrs. Peterson on her knees in front of her as she had a handful of Kathy's hair. She was peeing on Mrs. Peterson and using her hair to wipe her pussy after each controlled splash of urine. Mrs. Peterson smiled up at the youngster after each splash of urine.

Mrs. Spencer was laying on her back on the living room floor with little Angie on top of her fucking her missionary style with her strap-on. Both Marti and Angie were French kissing as the youngster humped the strap-on in and out of Mrs. Spencer. Angie and Mrs. Spencer would moan together each time Angie pumped her with the strap-on.

Meagan was laying on the floor in the dining room with Mrs. Benton straddling her strap-on. As Stacey bounced up and down on the girl's strap-on Meagan would use the flexible metal ruler on Mrs. Benton's bouncing tits. The nine year old would laugh each time she struck Mrs. Benton's breasts. But the girl and woman were close to cumming.

Amy reached up and pinched Mrs. Powers left nipple.

"Ouch!" smiled Julie as she looked down at the youngster. "What was that for?"

"You're not paying attention to me!" pouted the nine year old.

"Oh but I am, sweetie, I am looking at the all the pleasure that is going on here," Julie smiled as she leaned down kissed the girl on the lips, then moved her hips back and forth on Amy's strap-on.

Amy reached up with hands and pinched Julie's nipples. Julie put her hands on the back of the couch, leaned down and kissed the girl. Her leash was still attached to her dog collar. In fact, all the mothers still had their leashes and collars on. Amy was starting to moan as the clit tickler was tickling her.

Mrs. Adams was the first to cum as Brenda pushed the Woman Tamer deep into her anus and diddled with her clit. Jane withered on her hands and knees as the birthday girl made her cum. The woman was crying and moaning at the same time.

Mrs. Benton who was straddling Megan was screaming as the youngster pushed her hips up in the air thus pushing her strap-on deeper into woman. Megan was groaning with each bounce on her strap-on. Mrs. Benton's breasts were red from the slapping of the flexible metal ruler that Megan had used on her. Mrs. Benton fell forward, stretching out her arms so that she didn't fall on Megan. Both woman and girl were catching their breath.

Julie had collapsed into the arms of little Amy who was leaning back on the couch. Julie's pussy was red and sore from the pounding the youngster had given it. Amy looked into Mrs. Powers eyes, she smiled knowing the warm afterglow that showed on the woman's face. Mrs. Powers rotated her hips a couple times. That stimulated the clit tickler on Amy's strap-on the girl suddenly screamed with joy. Julie thought the youngster was close to cumming but needed just a little push over the edge of bliss.

Zoe had finished up fucking Mrs. Peterson on the living room floor. Kathy's hair was damp from Zoe's urine. The nine year old rolled off Mrs. Peterson and squatted next to her head. Zoe grabbed Mrs. Peterson's hair and used it to wipe her strap-on clean.

"Good and clean for the next woman," Zoe giggled as she walked away.

Mrs. Spencer had her legs wrapped around Angie as the youngster made her cum. The Missionary position wasn't Marti's favorite but with Angie wearing her twelve inch strap-on the fucking she had received from the youngster was heavenly.

"Party's over girls," Mrs. Powers said as she lifted her pussy from Amy's strap-on. "Time for everybody to go home!"

"Oh! Do we have too? I was hoping for a sleepover tonight," Brenda pouted to her mother.

Kathy Peterson stepped forward removing her dog collar and leash, "We would really love to Brenda but Megan and I have my peeing show to put on tomorrow."

Zoe put her arms around her friend, "My mom and me are dancing at the Family Strip club tonight. My daddy is going to be there. I wish I could stay for a sleepover!"

"Besides, honey," Julie said to her daughter, "Daddy will be home this evening and you have more presents to open."

Brenda was walking around the living room talking to her friends as they got dressed.

The mother's kissed each other good bye as they walked out the door exhausted.

Julie walked over to the dining room table to clean up but she heard the familiar click and buzz of the Woman Tamer. She looked over her shoulder and saw her birthday girl smiling at her.

The end


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