Children Are the Future

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Published: 26-Dec-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

"Are you like my other baby-sitters?" asked cute little three year old Rachael. "What do you mean, sweetheart? What are they like?" I replied. "They always want to see me naked", said Rachael matter-of-factly. I was stunned. I had agreed to baby-sit Rachael to help out my neighbor Kelly in a pinch, and now her toddler was telling me that all of her other babysitters had wanted to see her naked! Intrigued, I asked "And did you let them see you naked?" "Sure", said the pre-schooler, "I like to be naked. I like to do the other stuff, too." "What kind of other stuff did you do, Rachael?", I asked breathlessly, my cock having begun to twitch at the thought of what the 'other stuff' entailed. "Well, they liked it when they put their cocks in my mouth and I sucked. Sometimes sperm would be in my mouth. I like sperm", she said, bouncing up and down and smiling. "What else, baby?" "I liked it when they would put their cocks in my pussy, then they would move them around, and that felt great. It made my pussy wet, and sometimes I felt kind of funny, like I had to pee". I tried to process this. At least two of Rachael's other caregivers were having regular sex with the toddler. She didn't seem traumatized, it seemed to me that she liked it. I decided to see if I could seduce her, my cock stiffening in anticipation.

"Well, I think you're the cutest little girl I've ever seen, and I would love to see you naked" I said. Without a word, she quickly pulled her sundress over her head, revealing a cute little tummy, pudgy legs, nipples that were the same color as her pink skin. I looked her over, and liked what I saw. Tiny, zaftig and blonde, her blue eyes gleamed with innocence, her curly yellow hair falling in her face. She still wore a pair of plain light blue cotton panties with a bow at the waistband. "Should I take off my panties too?" she asked. "Of course. I'll bet you have a beautiful pussy." Without a moment's hesitation, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband, and pulled her panties down to her knees in one motion. I held my breath. Her pussy was gorgeous, small, clam-shaped and smooth as silk. I could already smell her female juices. I held her up while she pulled her feet out of the panties. I could feel the heat generating from her pre-teen cunt, which shone with moisture. My cock became rigid as I gazed at the full picture: plump belly, sturdy little legs, tiny pre-school nipples, lovely pink cunt.

"What do your baby-sitters do now?", I asked innocently. "Well", she said, "they take their clothes off too." I immediately pulled my t-shirt over my head, and yanked down my gym shorts. My smallish four and one-half inch cock was as hard as cubic zirconia. Rachael squealed with delight and grabbed my cock, which was already leaking pre-cum. "Now we kiss with tongues", the toddler said and plastered her tiny open mouth to mine. I gingerly stuck my tongue in her mouth. She sighed and began to suck on my tongue. I sat down on the couch, with the tiny naked child on my lap, her satiny skin causing my erect penis to throb. We frenched for serveral moments, her saliva flowing freely into my waiting mouth as she swirled her teensy little tongue around mine. The pre-schooler swiveled around on my lap, straddling my waist, and rubbed her upper body against mine. I was in heaven. Although I had fucked lots of pre-teen girls, I had never had one as young as this. Her extreme youth was a real turn-on, as I thought of the other baby-sitters who had fucked her beautiful tiny cunt. She was the most desireable creature I had ever seen naked.

We broke off our kiss, both of us breathing hard. Rachael had broken out into a light sweat, and her cheeks and toddler's pussy were flushed with color. I eased her down onto the couch on her back, and began to lightly stroke and pinch her erect nipples, which made her gasp and then moan. I lowered my head to her chest, and swirled my tongue around the tiny pink dots, and lightly nipped them with my teeth. I kissed and nibbled my way down her pudgy little tummy, stuck my tongue in her navel and spread her legs gently apart, knees up. Her breathing became ragged, and she was unconsciously thrusting her pelvis in the air. I eased my body onto the couch, my head between Rachael's pre-teen thighs. As I spread her legs further, her impossibly tiny cunt popped open, very slightly. I leaned my head in, blew lightly on her three year old pussy, causing it to palpitate. I pulled her legs up over my shoulders and dove in, licking all around the outer lips of her tiny snatch. She groaned and whimpered as I ran my tongue down the middle of her vagina, waggling it at her opening. Rachael pulled my head tighter against her crotch, as I flicked her clitoris and ran my tongue around her hole in a circular motion. Imagine my surprise when she drenched my face with her toddler juices as she climaxed, clenching every muscle in her tiny body. Just as she came down from her orgasmic high, I immediately started eating her cunt again, flattening my fat tongue hard against her pussy, rubbing back and forth. Rachael trembled, shuddered, held her breath and cracked again, harder, her profuse fluids covering my face and the couch, her body covered with goose pimples, her tiny nipples stiff.

"I never felt like that, Walter", said the pre-schooler as her heartrate started to stabilize, and her breathing became normal. "What happened to me?" "You had two orgasms, sweetie. Didn't your other baby-sitters make you come?" I asked. "They made my pussy feel ticklish, but I never peed on them like I did on you. I'm sorry. I didn't know I had to tinkle", she said sadly. "You didn't pee on me, baby girl. That stuff was your come juice. Your pussy got wet because it wants my penis in it". She nodded thoughfully. "Can I show you something, Walter?", asked the multi-orgasmic toddler. "Sure, baby, anything you want", I replied. She sat up, pushed me back onto the couch, and grabbed my cock with both of her tiny hands. The three year old stroked my cock, by now throbbing with the need for release. She scooted down on the couch, straddled my upper thighs, and stuck the head of my stiff cock in her tiny baby mouth. She had to open her little toddler mouth wide to fit my cock head in, but she succeeded, and started to suck, running her tiny tongue around my hyper-sensitive glans. My dick was leaking pre-cum like crazy, as she pulled the head out and ran her tiny pink tongue up my piss slit to taste the seminal fluids. She pursed her lips around my cock head and sucked hard, rotating her head around, trying to make me spurt. She said that she liked sperm, so I guess she wanted a drink. I had other plans.

I pulled her head off of my cock and pulled her onto my upper body for a long wet kiss. I then rolled over, holding Rachael's pre-teen body and laid her on her back. Again I pushed her knees and ankles apart, reached for a couch pillow, and placed it under her tiny ass. "Are you gonna use the slippery stuff, Walter? My other baby-sitters always rub the slippery stuff on my pussy before they fuck me". I rubbed her baby cunt lightly, feeling her natural lube free-flowing from her heavenly toddler pussy. "I don't think you need it, baby. You're very wet already." I knelt between her chubby little legs and swabbed her pre-school cunt with my cock head. Rachael moaned and hunched her pelvis forward, trying to connect with my cock. I grabbed my dick, aimed it at the tiny opening of her pussy, and gently pushed it in. The heat from her wet cunt was extreme. In moments, my entire cock head was in her three year old pussy. She thrashed her legs, neary dislodging me, and her face turned bright red. She clutched my waist with her tiny hands, pulling me in deeper. In almost no time, my rock-hard dick was in her baby cunt up to the womb. About one inch of my cock still lay outside of her tight, wet cunt. We rested briefly, her pussy squeezing and relaxing around my cock, then slowly I began to slide in and out of her toddler pussy. Every time I would pull out, I felt her internal muscles chew at my cock, trying to prevent me from withdrawing. If she hadn't been so wet, it might have been impossible, but her squishy, plentiful pre-teen pussy juice made it easy. After a few strokes, I felt her cunt hold my dick even harder, as her fluids flowed even faster. She began to mew deep in her throat, then to vocalize "Uh, uh, uh" with each pump of my cock. From deep inside, I felt my climax begin, and it came on so quickly that I was not surprised when my cock exploded into three year old Rachael's cunt, blasting heavy, scalding come, thick, viscous strands of man juice in her tiny child's slit. Again and again my discharge bolted into the toddler's pussy as she shook her head from side to side, pumped her legs up and down and emitted a guttural noise, rising in pitch until she was screaming, hooking her heels around my thighs. Her girl come splattered my scrotum and stomach, so hot that I flinched.

As we came down from our lover's high, three year old Rachael snuggled up against my side, her sweat mingling with mine and said "I think you should be my bestest baby-sitter from now on. I'm glad you fucked me. You made my pussy and tummy feel so good." As her juices dried to a glaze on my genitals and belly, I thought "This is an opportunity, isn't it?"

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Wow. Fucking a 3 year old slut is so hot. Instant hard-on material! Loved the details. Nice!

Dick M Young

Hello Mars, My very favorite age for fuck stories; thanks much. Since you are writing about the very young, maybe the next 3 or 4 year old could have an even younger sister. Since this is all fiction anyway, some writers are having sex with girls younger than 1 year old. Since the story hero has a small cock, there shouldn't be any reason for him to stop at 3 years old. I think a slim cock is a great idea for fucking very young girls, but why not make it slim at 6 or 7 inches; it seems even more nasty that way. In any case, now that you have started writing, keep them coming. Thanks, Dick M Young


Fucking sexy story!


Great story Mars!!! Love to read about hot little toddlers getting fucked and loving it. Keep up the great work!


Great story - just love the theme. I was so hard throughout the whole story. Very believable - and well written - good job - and keep em cuming!

Victor L

Good fiction, its so hot to see a toddler enjoy sex.
But the way the girl talked I would say she was 5 or more. A 3yr old does not form sentences so well.

Mars Bonfire

Point taken, Victor.


Oh I was in heaven... how delicious, naughty sexy minx was such a joy.. incredibly sexy and erotic story, a great pleasure to read..thank you


would love to see a part two to this and see her get fucked anally


I disagree with Victor L, I have known 3 year old kids who are more articulate tha many adults of my acquaintance, and conversely, 5 and 6 year olds that still babble baby talk.
It depends on the Individual, their natural intelligence,the rate at which they learn (which is related to who they interact with on a daily basis)etc.
All people learn at different rates.

Le Chat

A good story, however it was just to short.


Great story. I love reading about 1 to 5 year olds. Much,much more please.

mitch female love at its best...soooo fucking hot to read.


Wonderful story.A warm wet eager 3yo pussy is almost too good to imagine. Shame she can't get pregnant and bear a tiny baby lol

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