The Little Girl Next Door

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Published: 28-May-2012

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This is fiction, intended for entertainment purposes only.

I'd been keeping an eye on her for almost a year. I noticed her right away, the very day I'd moved in, while I was carrying stuff into the apartment; she was playing with a few friends in the parking lot, picking up rocks and throwing them at a tree. An unbelievably beautiful little girl, long fine blonde hair, babyish face, gemlike blue eyes. Small and thin, but not gawky. Her name, I learned, was Brittany, and she was eight years old. She was perfect.

In the beginning, though, I didn't have any real plans of doing anything to her. The most I had in mind was to get a picture of her so I could scan it and put it on my computer. I did manage to do this, several times in fact; I ended up with a small gallery of pics, most of them surreptitious shots of her playing or walking around the apartment complex, two of them of her in her bathing suit running around the pool, and two of her actually posing for the camera. Those had been taken when there was no mommy around.

I was careful to be friendly with her, but not too friendly; I didn't want to arouse any suspicions, hers or anyone else's, even though I wasn't planning anything. But that changed one summer morning, just eleven months after I'd moved in. I'd been observing her, of course, her and her mom, and I was able to figure a few things out: one, Brittany was outgoing, headstrong, precocious, and even a little bit flirtatious (she apparently learned this from her mom, Janet, who was all of these things in spades); two, she liked to play house, which most little girls do; and three, she liked to be held and cuddled by adults, even men. Maybe especially men. Janet's brother, who occasionally visited, and her numerously successive boyfriends got the benefits of this particular trait, whatever those benefits might include (and they included a lot in my fantasies), although I had never dared to find out if her lonely adult male neighbors might also be allowed to enjoy them. All of the se things worked in my favor, but still I didn't have the courage to act on any of my desires until the aforementioned summer day when everything changed. Or, to be more accurate, I discovered how different things were from what I thought they were.

It began the previous evening. Janet had been out with some guy, leaving Brittany with a very cute young babysitter, and she'd arrived home around eleven. There'd been a lot of noise, music and laughter (mostly Janet giggling), and I noticed her date didn't leave until a little after eight the next morning. This development by itself was enough to intrigue me, but I was also very aware of the fact that, whatever they did together in bed the night before, Brittany probably knew something about it. I figured that might give us a topic to discuss.

The problem was, how to bring up the subject with an eight year old girl? So, Brittany, did you see mommy getting laid last night? Not the best approach. I knew I'd have to start off talking about her mom, bring the subject around to the guy who stayed over, but I decided not to think too much about it; I'd come up with the right idea when I needed it. So the objective was to wait until she was outside, playing by herself, and strike up a conversation with her.

I didn't have to wait long. By nine Brittany was out in the parking lot, picking up rocks and throwing them at a tree. She was wearing a pink teeshirt and blue shorts and I watched her for about ten minutes, letting my eyes wander over her slim girlish legs, her tiny little ass, her beautiful face, her little blonde ponytail flopping around as she played. I couldn't imagine anything better than getting into this little girl's pants, and my heart began to beat heavily; I wasn't sure I could resist just grabbing her and dragging her into the house and having my way with her. I wasn't a rapist, but Jesus, she was so gorgeous. What if I couldn't control myself? It was difficult to say whether or not she'd be worth prison, and besides, I didn't want to hurt her.

At ten after nine I made my move. I went out to my truck, parked near the back of my apartment, and lifted the hood. Brittany noticed me as soon as I came out and kept a curious eye on me as I got into the cab, brought out a quart of oil and a funnel, and began pouring it into the engine. When I was done with the oil I tossed it in the trash bin, then went to the back of the truck and opened up the camper. I climbed inside, pretending to be busy moving things around, knowing that Brittany would soon appear in the doorway; kids can't resist things like campers.

I had a shelf nailed to one of the cabinets, designed to hold paperback books so I could have something to read while I was on vacations. It was stocked mostly with porn paperbacks, lurid photos or drawings of naked girls on the covers, and I started to rearrange them. I'd just picked up Young Hot and Ready when my little next door neighbor showed up, a curious look on her face as she peered into the dimness of the camper.

"Hi there," I said.

"Hello," she said, cautious and curious at the same time. She had her hands clasped together, right in front of her denim clad cunt. She had a sweet looking crotch. "Are you going somewhere?"

"Planning a trip up to the mountains," I said. "Gonna go camping for the weekend."

"Wow. That sounds like fun. Are you gonna fish in the lake?"

"I don't fish," I said, looking at the cover of Young Hot and Ready. A cute blonde girl, naked, fingering her cunt and licking on a lollipop. "But I like to camp. And go hiking in the mountains."

"That sounds fun," Brittany said, putting one foot up on the bumper. I could tell she wanted to come in, but I wasn't going to invite her yet. I wanted to see if she would be bold enough to come in on her own.

"Your mom ever take you camping?" I asked. I put Young Hot and Ready in the little bookshelf and took out Clarissa Takes It All. A picture of another blonde girl, this one looking about fourteen, naked and sucking on a cock. That would work. Too bad Clarissa didn't look more like Brittany.

"Nope," Brittany said. She stood up on the bumper on one foot, then dropped back down to the ground. Her ponytail flopped around behind her lovely head. "She doesn't like to go anywhere but the bar."

"Yeah, she likes that place, doesn't she?"

"She gets her boyfriends there."

I laughed and said, "You make it sound like she goes shopping for them."

"She does, I guess,: Brittany said. She stepped up onto the bumper again, but stayed there this time, wobbling to keep her balance. "She always says she's gonna go look for a man to bring home. She always hopes they have money to spend."

I put Clarissa Takes It All back in the bookshelf and climbed up into the sleeping compartment, sat on the edge with my legs dangling. Above the bookshelf was a poster I'd taken out of a magazine, an eight by eleven picture of a naked girl sucking on a cock. I wondered if little Brittany was going to get a chance to see it.

"What do you think your mom does with those men when she brings them home?" I asked. Taking a chance, of course. The first true step.

Brittany shrugged nonchalantly as she looked at my tiny camping stove and said, "She has sex with them."

Okay, that was good. Unexpected, but good.

"She has sex with them?" I asked.

"Yeah. Sex sex sex. My mom is always having sex."

"Wow. What do you think of that, Brittany?"

Brittany shrugged her shoulders and looked around at the rest of the camper, careful, it seemed, not to look at me directly.

"She's a big person, so I guess it's okay." She took a step inside the camper, touched the tiny refrigerator.

"That's my fridge," I told her. "I have soda pops in there. Do you want one?"

Brittany looked at me and nodded.

"Go ahead and grab one, then."

She smiled and thanked me, stepped inside the camper and opened the refrigerator. She looked over her choices before deciding on a seven up.

"Go ahead and have a seat if you want," I told her, motioning to the benches on either side of the small table in the center of the camper. Brittany obediently sat down, set her soda on the table. She only let it stay there for two seconds before she picked it up and drank a little more. She was so beautiful, with her round little face and big eyes, her tiny upturned nose and pouty lips, her long fine golden hair. She was going to be a heartbreaker when she got older. Then again, she could be a heartbreaker any minute now, if I had my way.

"So, your mom is always having sex, huh?" I said. "How do you know that?"

"She talks about it all the time," Brittany replied. "She always says how much she likes it, and stuff. Plus I can hear her doing it. You know, making noises and stuff."

"You've never seen her doing it?"

"Yeah, I've seen her a couple times." Brittany took another swallow of her soda, amazingly casual.

"What did you see?" I asked, my cock starting to get hard.

Brittany shrugged and said, "Just her boyfriends on top of her, doing it to her. That was a couple times. And once I saw her giving one of her boyfriends head."

"Giving him head?" I repeated, surprised. "You know what giving head means?"

"Yeah. That's where you put his dick in your mouth and suck on it till he comes."

"Wow, Brittany," I said. The little girl knew way more than your average eight year old knew, and the question now wasn't where to go with the conversation but how fast to go. I considered just asking her, How about giving me head? but I figured that might be just a bit too fast. "You sure know a lot for such a little girl. How do you know all that?"

"I told you, my mom talks about it all the time," she said, then took another drink of her soda. She seemed defensive all of a sudden, as if she was aware that she knew more than she should. There was something she wasn't telling me, and I immediately suspected that one of her mom's "boyfriends" had gotten to her.

I climbed down from the bunk and sat on the bench across from her. Brittany was just about done with her soda and I told her she could have another one if she wanted, but she declined. I looked closely at her.

"You know, Brittany," I said, my voice low and confidential, "I like you. You're a very nice girl. I kind of like to think that maybe we're friends, you know?"

Brittany shrugged and said, "Yeah, we're friends."

"Well, since we're friends, I figure you could probably tell me if there was, you know, something wrong. Maybe with one of your mom's boyfriends?"

"Well," Brittany said, mimicking my posture at the table by resting her elbows on it and leaning toward me, "there's nothing really wrong with them, I guess. They seem okay most of the time, except sometimes they hit my mom or call her names. But most of them are nice to her, and to me."

"What about the ones who aren't nice, Brittany? Do they ever hurt you?"

Do they ever put their dicks in your mouth and make you suck on it until they come?

"No, they don't hurt me," Brittany replied. Damn. "Sometimes they don't like me very much, because I'm a kid, but most of the time they like me. And some of them even wanna do the same things."

"The same things?" I asked. Did I just hit paydirt?

"Yeah. You know, the sex things."

Yes, I did hit paydirt.

"What kind of sex things?" I asked gently.

"Well," Brittany said, looking down at her nearly empty soda, "they don't get on top of me like with my mom. Except one of them, I don't remember his name, he tried it but I was too small. It hurt. But they touch me, and put their fingers in me, which doesn't hurt, and they ask me to give them head."

Wow. Maybe I should have asked her that question.

"How many of these men have asked you to do that?"

"Well, just about all of them ask," Brittany said. She took a swallow of her soda, then looked at me. "But I tell most of them no. Like that guy who tried to put it in me. I only say yes if I like them."

"But you have said yes, Brittany? You've given head to some of your mom's boyfriends?"

"Yeah. A couple of them. I liked Steve, and Darrell, and Paul. And the other Paul too. He would give me head too, which I liked. I gave head to another guy, named Mark, but only cause he made me. Mom told him never to come back."

Uh oh. A mom who knows that her daughter has been molested could be dangerous.

"What happened? Did she catch him hurting you?"

Brittany finished her soda before she answered.

"Yeah," she said, "but she didn't kick him out because of that. She kicked him out because I told him no and he wouldn't stop. Plus he hit her, and Mom thinks he probably took money out of her purse."

"You mean," I asked, "your mom knows about what her boyfriends do to you?"

"Sure she does," Brittany said, shrugging her shoulders like this was just an everyday conversation. And who knew? Maybe for her it was. "She says it's okay as long as I don't mind doing it, which I don't if it's a guy I like."

"Wow," I said, barely able to contain my amazement. My cock was hard as a rock now, and straining against my jeans. "You mean you like giving your mom's boyfriends head?"

"Yeah," Brittany said, and now her lovely face was graced with an embarrassed smile. "It's kinda fun, I guess. And I got used to the taste, which I didn't like at first."

"You don't think it's wrong to do that kind of thing, Brittany?" I asked.

"No, but everybody else does," she replied, her smile disappearing and her voice resuming that defensive tone I'd heard earlier. "They tell us at school that it's wrong and everything, and I guess it is. Lots of girls don't wanna do it and Mom says if you don't want to then nobody should make you. But I kinda like it. That's why I have to keep it a secret, cause if they found out I liked it then they would put my mom and me in jail. And the guys I do it with too."

"That's a good idea," I said, "keeping it a secret. But Brittany, you told me. You're not afraid that I'll tell on you?"

"No. Cause you're a friend and I like you. Plus I figure that probably you wanna do it with me, and you don't wanna go to jail, do you?"

"Absolutely not," I said, convinced now that this was just a dream I was having, an astoundingly vivid dream derived from my fondest fantasies. Either that or God was giving me special dispensation.

Brittany shrugged and said, "So, I guess we can do it, then."

"Okay," I said. I didn't have to be told twice. Hell, telling me once was pretty much unnecessary.

I got up from the table and closed the door to the camper, then turned to face Brittany. She was sitting there with her hands in her sweet little lap, looking back at me.

"Do you wanna give me head too?" she asked.

"Sure," I said.

"Goody," she said, smiling. "I like it when boys do that."

Brittany took off her top, revealing her sexless eight year old chest, then stood up and undid the fly on her shorts. I couldn't do anything but watch as she pulled the zipper down, then slid her shorts down her thin smooth legs. She was wearing white cotton panties with tiny pink flowers on them, which came off right after the shorts did. She stood there, a darling little nymphette naked, and looked around the camper.

"Where am I gonna lay down?" she asked, then noticed the bunk above the cab. "Oh."

She climbed up onto the bed and laid down on her back and looked down at me.

"Okay," she said.

Wow, this little thing was definitely ready. If the jury that was quite possibly in my future could see her eagerness, they'd acquit me in a heartbeat.

I tried to do everything slowly, to stay calm and not screw up this incredible opportunity. I started by taking off my shoes and socks, then my shirt. I tossed them on the floor, then carefully climbed up onto the bunk and laid down next to the beautiful naked eight year old in my bed. She was looking up at me, a kind of blank expression on her face. I touched her round, smooth cheek, kissed her lightly on the lips. Brittany didn't move.

"Are you okay?" I asked, thinking she might have gotten suddenly afraid.

"Yeah," she said. "I'm just waiting for you to give me head."

She wasn't just eager, she was getting insistent.

"Don't worry," I said, laughing a little, "I'll get to that."

I kissed her again, and let my fingers glide down her neck, over her shoulder and collarbone, then over her chest. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that one of her hands had found its way to her little cunt, and she was slowly rubbing a finger back and forth over it. I wondered if she masturbated, if she was able to achieve orgasm while doing it, and if someone had taught her how to do that or if she'd just figured it out on her own, but I didn't ask any of these questions; I was with her, let's get this show on the road.

I began kissing her body, following the path my hand had taken, down her neck and over her shoulder and collarbone, down her chest. I kissed and licked her stomach and heard her sigh. As I kissed her my hand traveled further down, sliding over her hip and down her thigh. When I did this, Brittany opened her legs, apparently ready for me to get to the real business. Signaling to me to stop wasting her time. I decided I wouldn't disappoint her.

I moved down between her legs until my face was right above her little cunt. It was the most beautiful cunt I'd ever seen, two smooth bare lips of flesh, pinkish and slightly swollen, a deep cleft between them. Immediately, the image of my cock sliding into that tight young crevice entered my mind and I had to push it away; she wasn't ready for that, at least not yet. First things first, I told myself.

I licked her, tracing my tongue along the sweet line of her cunt, from bottom to top. Brittany didn't display any reaction at first, but the more I did it the more she began to enjoy it. I licked her just like I would lick an adult cunt, sliding my tongue all over, digging in between the hairless lips, nudging her little clit out of its hiding place. This really got Brittany's attention, and as I licked and sucked on it she began to moan and move her hips. I increased my efforts, savoring the taste of her young cunt, appreciating her excited response. I was a little surprised, not thinking that such a young girl could enjoy sex so much, but obviously she was liking it a lot. She liked it even more when I took her little nubbin between my lips and nibbled on it while I slid my finger inside of her. It slipped in much easier than I'd expected, and I realized that I hadn't been the first one to fingerfuck this little girl. Most likely one of the Pauls she'd mentioned ear lier. It didn't matter; I was the one doing it now, and she was gasping and squirming beneath me, her little hips moving up and down, her baby cunt getting all warm and moist.

I thought again about fucking her, knew I could just climb on top of her and hold her down while I forced it in, but once again I resisted the idea; she'd been so sweet and trusting, told me I was her friend, had practically offered me a blowjob. That was far more than I ever could have reasonably expected, so I had to count myself lucky for everything I was getting. Besides, once her mother found out I'd raped her daughter I could start looking forward to new prison buddies. So I just continued to lick her as I slid my finger in and out of her darling preteen cunt, and eventually Brittany's moans and gasps reached their peak, her limbs got stiff and her little body trembled as she pushed her cunt up to meet my mouth and, holding her breath for several seconds, she came. I kept licking her until she was done, then kissed her cunt.

"Wow, that was cool," Brittany said, a little bit out of breath. "You want me to do you, now?"

"Sure," I said.

I tried not to hurry as I climbed down from the bunk. Brittany followed me, and I had her sit down on one of the benches. The table in the center was collapsible, and I took it down so I would have room to stand in front of her. I reached for the fly on my jeans but Brittany beat me to it, deftly unfastening the button and pulling the zipper down. My cock, hard as titanium, popped out at her. She took it in her small soft hands and began caressing it and I felt my knees get weak. This little girl really did know what she was doing.. She fondled my cock with the expertise of a girl three times her age, sliding her fingers all over the shaft and balls, then stroking me from one end to the other and back. She kept her lovely blue eyes glued to the tip of my cock, as if she were watching out for any spontaneous eruptions, which was a real possibility; she'd only been stroking me for about ten seconds and already I felt close to coming. As I watched her I hoped I'd be abl e to last for at least a minute, at least long enough for her to get it in her mouth; I was probably being greedy, but like any other guy I preferred a blowjob to a handjob.

Brittany might have been reading my mind, or, more likely, she'd just had enough experience to know better, because she didn't waste too much time. She stroked me for only a few more seconds, then closed her eyes, leaned forward a little, and brought her mouth down over the end of my cock.

The sensation was excruciatingly wonderful, and it only got better. Her little mouth was warm and wet, her hand soft and gentle as she held the head of my cock with her lips and stroked me. I touched the top of her head, my fingertips caressing her lovely blonde hair as she worked on me. She was so beautiful, so perfect, this sweet little eight year old girl with her babydoll face and tiny nose, my adult cock in her mouth and her young hand moving steadily up and down over the length of it. Then she moved her lips forward and I felt them, along with her tongue, sliding down the shaft. She got about a fourth of the way down before the tip of my cock touched the back of her little girl's throat, then she backed up until her lips were once again ringed around the head, then she moved back down. She literally sucked on my cock as she slowly bobbed up and down, moving her mouth in tandem with her hand. I played with her little ponytail, resisting the urge to just hold her h ead and fuck her mouth.

Brittany continued to suck and stroke me for another minute or so, until finally I couldn't hold on anymore, the sight of her gorgeous little face receiving my cock and the sensation of her hand and mouth on me, her sweet ponytail bouncing and bobbing on the back of her head were too much. The pressure had swelled in my balls and suddenly my cock was throbbing and pumping and I came. Brittany was still stroking me but she'd stopped sucking and was now actively swallowing my come as it poured into her young mouth. I groaned, unable to believe how good it felt; this was without a doubt the best blowjob I'd ever gotten, probably would ever get.

As soon as I was done, Brittany took my cock out of her mouth, put it back inside my jeans, and zipped me up. She cleared her throat and looked up at me.

"Was that okay?" she asked. There was a tiny drop of come on her the corner of her mouth and she absently wiped it off.

"That was amazing, Brittany," I told her, my voice sounding husky and strange. "You did a great job."

Brittany smiled a little and stood up.

"I better get dressed now," she said.

She stood up and started looking around for her clothes. I helped her get dressed, neither of us saying anything until I was almost finished tying her shoes.

"You know," I said, "we could probably do this again if you want." I looked up at her. "Maybe even on a regular basis, like once a week or something."

"Okay," Brittany said. "But I should probably ask my mom about it. She doesn't like it when I sneak around. She says if guys are gonna do me she wants to know about it."

That didn't sound good to me, but what choice did I have? At least her mom was in on it. And who knew? Maybe we could even get a threesome going, me and mom and the little girl. Now, that would be sweet.

I finished tying Brittany's shoes, then we both stood up and went to the door of the camper. I opened it and helped her climb down into the bright afternoon sunshine, then watched as she ran off, her little legs kicking and her ponytail jumping around. She ran back toward her apartment, and just as she reached the door I saw Janet looking out at me through her living room window. She smiled and waved at me and I returned her greeting, looking forward to the long sweet summer ahead.

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Dave Miyagi

Wow, what a story MD, -Thank You.

Just love the sex wise, take charge, little girl character. Especially when its not a family member. -Hot!



Mandy's dad, I found your tale enjoyable, and would like too read more if you got it.
How about, having him take mom and daughter camping, mom wants to watch him with daughter, mom gets hot do so, and wants to be fucked, in every hole. he give her what she is looking for, but he in good at fucking and with the help of viagra ,he does mom too good, she tells him to fuck her baby, and make her a woman.

britney wants it too, but is affrad it may hurt. but he knows what too do. he starts with small vibator, and works up to a bigger one, and bigger yet again. after some three hours working on britney's pussy, and ass, he is fucking three fingers into her. she wants the real deal, but he is bigger then either mom every had, at eleven inches. soon he works the head into her and gets about four inches in. she cums hard, and becomes hooked on him, so does mom.
Mom has a submissive side, since she was young. when her daddy fucked her, then her brothers, uncles, so on. she likes to be abused as a slut, but he has other ideas on how to handle her needs. she begs him too become her master, and contorl her needs, and she offers her daughter. he agrees to becoming friends with the family.
he is soon moving in with her and britney.
he uses vazalean to smooth britney's new enjoyments. mom get to suck his cum from daughters pussy, and ass. daughter get to clean mom's cunt after he fucks hers.

they have a great time, then mom has her sister, and her daughters come to visit. he is soon fucking them too.
her twenty two year old sister, and her seven year old twins, enjoy their time. before long there are even more females of the family that want to join/ enjoy his tool.
he in fact becomes the familes head cocksmen. the other males just can't keep it up. then he starts to knock up the women, and young teens. he hits the lotto, and wins the bigest winner ever. then buy a big estate, on the lake. and truns it into a nudest camp, for the family. while that should work out fine for now. I hope to be hearing from you, soon. thanks again for the reading...


wow very hot story and the way you describe britney got me so hard, a very well written story i came before i reached the end

Pedolf Hittler

Great story. Love it!




Love it, my kinda story

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