For Me It's Three

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Published: 29-Dec-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

For me it's three. The age I like my children. I know that may be a little young for some of you, but it's the age I like my little sex toys. Why three? Several reasons:

First, their size. They are the perfect size. I stand about 6' 2" and your typical three year old is between 33 and 36 inches so they tend to be at just about mouth level when standing in front of me. Easier to slip my dick into their hot little mouths. Except for poor little Liza. And I do mean little. Liza is kinda short, even for a three year old. Just last week she was in my bathroom, sucking me off. I like to use the bathroom because it has mirrors over the sink, on the door, and on the opposite wall. This gives me four views (looking down, back of her head, both sides) of a kiddy blowjob. So, there she was, standing on her very tippy toes to get to my cock, sucking my cock with great vigor. Her hands were on my hips to help her get high enough to suck me. It was only a minute or two before I shot my load in her mouth.

It's not just the height, either. Most three year olds are the perfect weight as well. Some of them still have a little baby fat on them but, for the most part, by the time they're three, three and a half, they've toned down some, averaging around 30-35 pounds. At this weight, it's easy to pick them up and walk around with them, like the day before yesterday. I was in my kitchen and looked over to see my neighbor Karen in her kitchen.

As I expected, my phone rang not ten seconds later. I answered using my blue-tooth. It was Karen. She would never cheat on her husband, but she liked to phone me up and have phone sex. She told me that her husband and daughter (Caitlyn, who was about 3 1/2) were out for a few hours and wanted to do it. I played along, I told her how beautiful her body was and how I enjoyed having my cock inside of her. I kept telling her how hot and tight her pussy was and how I was going to fill it with my cum. I must have done OK as I could she had two fingers up her cunt and the other was frantically rubbing her clit. I could hear her cumming on the phone. I told her I was cumming too. And I was...into her daughter Caitlyn. Her father had brought her over for me to use so while I was pretending to have sex with Karen, I was really having it with Caitlyn...and I don't figure her mom even knew. Dad did, though, and he got so turned on by watching me fuck and cum into his little girl...and have phone sex with his wife...that I had no sooner finished cumming into little Caitlyn that he pulled her off my dick and put her on his own. He too fucked her until she came, which got me hard again, so I turned her over and took her hot little ass. Her father then did the same. Over the next four hours, that little girl got fucked orally, vaginally, and anally at least a dozen times. I watched as she walked away with her father. She definitely had a "just fucked" look to her. Her mother never even noticed.

Anohter reason I like three year olds is their talk...they love to talk...and learn new words. And just as easy as it is for them to learn words like cat, dog, and duck, you can teach them words like cock, cunt, and fuck as well. Then you get them working on simple sentences. I did this with my little girl when she was three. But, like a lot of three year olds, she had a little bit of a speech impediment. She had troubles with L's and R's, which pronounced like W's and the end south TH, she pronounced like an F. So she said things like "Wick my Cwitty" and Fiww my pushy (she had a trouble with double S as well) wif your cum" and others. There's nothing like dirty talk coming out of the mouth of a three year old...or someone pretending to be one. My little Rachel is 24 now, but she still does the "Little Girl Voice" when I fuck her.

In addition, I like three year olds because they are potty trained...most of the time. Littler ones who are in diapers almost always use them to go in whereas kids in regular undies work harder to not soil them. So they tend to have better control of both their bladder and bowel movements. At least that's what I thought, before my episode with little Cindy yesterday. I had her in the tub with me. I was fucking her hot little cunt when she started to have a little orgasm (yes, girls of that age can 'cum'). She arched back and, when she did so, slid off my dick. I went to put my cock back into her but missed and ended up shoving up it up her ass. It took her quite by surprise and I think it literally scared the piss out of her as she let out a stream of golden piss that arched up out of her urethra and splashed up onto my chest. I immediately sat up and tried to catch as much of it in my mouth as I could. I got quite a bit and enjoyed every drop. After she got done pissing, I found I was still buried in her ass but my cock had softened a bit and, I found I too had to pee.

Not wanting to leave the fun, I relaxed and let my urine flow. It splashed up into her bowels. I reached underneath her and held her butt cheeks open so her hole got a little bigger so my piss would have someplace to go, mainly onto my crotch. I finished pissing in her and stroked a few times to get my cock hard so I could resume her ass fucking. I had been stroking my cock into her for less than a minute when she told me she felt like she had to "go poopy". I figured she had that feeling as she had just went pee herself (little ones often do "number 1" and "number 2" together), that she had just had a piss enema, and the fact that she currently had six and a half inches of cock up her butt, so I just kept fucking away at her ass. I came in a matter of minutes. She said she still felt like she had to "go poopy" but I didn't believe that to be the case. I lifted her ass off of my cock to let my cum flow out of her. I was wrong. Immediately after my semen oozed out of her ass, she made a slight grunt which was followed by a sploosh of hot, wet, diarrhea that covered my cock and balls. I guess she really did have to "go poopy". I probably should have been disgusted but the truth is, it turned me on so much that I took my shit covered cock and shoved it back into her ass and fucked her again. This time, when I pulled out, the only thing that came out was my cum.

So that, in a nutshell, is why I like three year olds. In fact, as I write this, there is a naked little three year old blonde lying next to me. She is facing away from me and lying on her stomach, her sexy little ass up in the air. I can see the remnants of my ass fucking oozing out of her ass. It runs down her and over her pussy, which is leaking the remains of the fucking I had given it before I did her ass. Both streams work their way down until there is a pool of my cum on the bed. I look down and brush her hair away from her face. She is sucking on her thumb. The sucking noise gets my dick hard. I wake her. It's time for her to suck on something else.

R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s


that was ,like ,the ONLY time any sort of scat was sexy in my opinion .I normally think that scat coming from girls asses is fucked up and disgusting , seeing as the ONLY think I EVER want to see come out of a girls ass is cocks and cum. I don't usually like 'toddler-con' or preschool aged kids (my interpretation of Lolita is 3rd grade to high school. ) but sometimes little girls are OK .I was kinda skeptical of this story when I read '3 year old ' but it was short and I felt like something totally fucked up . It turned out to be a decent story and well written , I would give it an 8 out of 10 .


Magster...Excellent writing. Made me so hard because that is an awesome description of a really nice fuck age. Nice!

Crymorphine nailed this one on the head! Nice writing!!


totally awesome. ran the gamit and made me shoot my load more than once. More More


Oh man! I got as hard as a nail reading this one - I'm still out of breath.

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