Two Little Girls

[ pedo ]

by Macky

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Published: 7-Dec-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Before we start please note I am not a writer, I just like to share my fantasies. So please no comments on grammar or story lines. Thank you.

So once again I was at my girlfriends house with her daughter Clair who was seven and Clair's friend Holly who was five. I sat on the sofa with my girlfriend with her cuddling me and using her left leg to hide the fact that she was rubbing and squeezing my cock through my shorts.

My cock was getting hard, not just because my girlfriend was playing with it but because I was looking at her seven year old daughter Clair who had allowed me to have sex with her a few weeks earlier. Holly was real cute with curly blonde shoulder length hair, blue eyes and a cheeky grin that turned me on.

My girlfriend slipped her left hand inside my shorts and grabbed hold of my hard cock wanking me hard.

As she wanked me I looked at Clair sitting on the other sofa and remembered how sweet her little pussy tasted and how tight her little bum hole was. Little Holly kept glancing towards us as though she knew we were doing something, and as she always did when I was there she sat with her legs apart just enough to allow me to get a glimpse of her panties. Looking at these two little cuties made my cock rock hard as my girlfriend wanked me until I shot my load inside my shorts making her smile as she pulled her come covered hand out.

She went upstairs to wash her hands and I was left kind of nervous with the two girls. Clair was wearing a pink top that was tied in a knot just beneath her firm little tits and a tiny denim skirt with pink knee high leggings.

Holly was wearing a pretty little blue short sleeved dress with white lace on the sleeves and hem. She looked liked a life size doll, so pretty and fragile.

My girlfriend came back down saying she was going to visit her sister for a coulple of hours and asked Clair and Holly if they wanted to go with her.

The girls said they wanted to stay and watch TV so that meant lucky old me got to stay and look after them.

Minutes after she had left the house the teasing started. Clair walked over to the TV and got down on her hands and knees pretending to look for a DVD. Knowing I would be looking at her she parted her legs and pushed her arse in the air as she arched her back. This allowed me to see her firm young thighs leading to her pink silky panties and the bulge that was her gorgeous little pussy inside them.

It's a good job my girlfriend had relieved me earlier as I would have shot my load looking at Clair in that pose.

I glanced over at Holly who was also looking at Clair. She was sat facing towards me with her knees up and both feet on the sofa, her little legs with white frilly ankle socks and shiny black shoes were apart letting me see her white cotton panties.

Clair decided that she couldn't find the DVD she had pretended to look for and asked holly to go upstairs and help her look for it.

I don't know what they were up to but was hoping it involved me. I knew Clair was a horny little slut but the thought of Holly being the same really got my cock twitching.

After a while the girls came down and sat next to each other on the sofa, Clair sitting to Holly's right. I just stared at the two little cute girls as they looked at each other and giggled. No doubt they had being scheming something whilst upstairs but I had no idea what. Then to my delight Clair began to kiss Holly very lightly, just touching her lips with hers and then kissing her a little harder and then poking her tongue into Holly's little mouth. Holly didn't seem to know how to kiss her back but responded by parting her legs allowing Clair to place her hand on her inside right thigh.

This was more than I could have ever dreamed of as Holly stared straight at me as Clair kissed her and slowly moved her hand up her inner thigh.

Holly parted her legs wide as Clair reached her panties and began to rub and squeeze her little pussy. As Holly dropped her head back and closed her eyes, Clair turned and looked at me as if to invite me to join in.I didn't need asking twice as I walked to the sofa and got on my knees placing a hand on each of Holly's knees, slowly parting her legs wider. Clair moved her hand away from Holly's pussy allowing me to lick and bite Holly's little pussy filled panties, sucking her little girl juices through her pants.

Clair then knelt beside me and watched as I sucked Holly's cunt juice. She then stopped me and pulled Holly's panties to one side, revealing her llittle bald wet pussy.

It was almost as if Clair was teaching me as to what little sluts wanted from men. I was more than willing to let the dirty little kid show me what they wanted. I continued licking and sucking on Holly's little pussy and felt Clair slip her right hand inside the back of my shorts, feeling around until her little fingers found my bum hole.

This felt amazing as she poked at my hole trying to get her finger inside me. I didn't know if this dirty little girl had learned this sort of thing from watching porn? Or maybe she was trying to do what I did to her the first time we had sex but I wasn't about to stop her, it felt too good.

Clair wasn't having much luck getting inside my bum hole so she pulled my shorts down and I lifted one knee at a time letting her remove them.

As I spread my legs Clair began licking and kissing my bum hole, pulling my cheeks apart so she could poke her cute little tongue inside me as I pushed my arse back into her face. My cock was rock hard as I got hold of Holly's legs and pulled her towards me so she was laying on her back. I unzipped her little blue dress all the way down at the front and gently opened it like I was unwrapping a present. I leaned forward and began to kiss her very gently on her lips, slowly working my tongue inside her sexy little mouth. Claire had now managed to get her finger inside my arse and it felt amazing as she poked it about inside me. I took my tongue out of Holl'ys wet little mouth and began to lick and gently suck on her tiny nipples as I used my right thumb to rub her juicy five year old cunt.

Clair had removed her finger from my arse and replaced it with her tongue, licking me from the inside. I should have been giving her more attention but I hadn't done with Holly for the moment. I slowly removed her little white panties and placed my hands behind her knees, lifting her legs in the air and spreading them wide so her her tiny tight bum hole was in front of my face. It tasted so sweet as I licked away at her sexy little hole, licking the cunt juice from it that had dribbled down earlier when I had been rubbing her little cunt.

After about five minutes of eating away at her little bum hole I used my left arm to hold her legs in the air, this left my right hand free to gently poke her little wet bum hole slowly working my forefinger inside her. As my finger my finger slipped into her she let out a little moan as if she liked the feel of it probing the inside of her arse. As I finger fucked her bum hole I could see drops of her little girl cunt juice on her pussy, I licked it off her and poked my tongue inside her hot wet little cunt as I poked about deep inside her arse. She trembled slightly as she let out another moan of pleasure as I slowly removed my finger from inside her. I kissed her little bum hole and lowered her little legs, leaving her laying on the sofa with a cute smile on her face.

I turned and looked at Clair, she looked awesome with her hair all messed up and her mum's lipstick smudged on her pretty face. We knelt facing each other as i slowly untied the knot that was keeping her top fastened. I untied the knot and opened her top, letting me see her small firm tits and hard nipples.

She stood up in front of me so her sexy belly was at eye level with me, I caressed the back of her legs and slid my hands up under her tiny skirt gently feeling her bum cheeks through her panties. I pulled her panties down and then unzipped her skirt letting them drop to the floor as she stepped out of them.

I cupped her wet little pussy in my right hand squeezing it rather hard before slipping two fingers deep inside her. I fingered her little cunt as she put her hands on my shoulders to brace herself, her cunt juices running over my hand. I slipped my fingers out of her and got to my feet, my rock hard cock was pointing at her little slutty mouth. She opened her mouth and as I gently grabbed her hair she allowed me to pull her towards me, taking my cock into her. I fucked her little slut mouth for several minutes, pulling my cock out now and again just before I thought I was about to come.

Clair then started looking at Holly, lying on the sofa with her dress open and showing her little juicy cunt. She dashed off upstairs and came back with a bottle of baby oil, handing it to me with a cheeky look on her face. Clair pulled Holly by her legs, positioning her so as she knelt down she could lick and suck on Holly's lttle cunt. Clair knelt in front of Holly and began eating away at her as she spread her legs and pushed her firm little bum in the air. I had now figured out what the baby oil was for, I opened the cap of the plastic bottle and gently worked it inside Clair's little bum hole. Once the cap of the bottle was in her I squeezed it hard, filling her with about 70 percent of the bottle of oil. As I pulled it out of her little bum hole the baby oil run down onto her little cunt and on to her thighs, letting me rub the oil into skin and allowing me to use what was left to lubricate my hard cock.

I stared at Clair's sexy little arse as she ate Holly's little cunt and then placed my left palm on her back and used my right hand to guide my hard cock towards her oily little cunt. As soon as my cock touched her little pussy she thrust back making my cock ram her little cunt. I pounded away at her making her tongue stab Holly's little cunt harder. I pulled out of Clair's cunt as I felt myself about to come but managed to prevent it.

I pushed the baby oil bottle into her bum and emptied it inside her. Clair knew what was coming as she opened her legs to the max. I slowly slid my cock into her small lubricated arse hole and fucked the dirty seven year old slut until she could take no more. I pulled my cock out of her and pointed it towards Holly who was still as I had left her, laying on the sofa with her dress open.

I stood astride Holly, one foot on the floor and one foot on the sofa as I wanked my cock hard. Holly had a chheky little grin on her face as I pointed my cock towards her and shot my load of hot cum all over her chest. Clair pounced on Holly and licked every drop of my cum from her.

We all got dressed before my girlfriend got home, stinking of sex and hoping she didn't notice.

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Wow!!! good story, i got lost and thought i was in it...hard on all the way


Thanks mikey


great hot story,got me really hard..could not keep my hand of my cock,hope for more


Um, is there a reason this chapter and the one prior are identical save for the last line?

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