Getting Into Emma

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Published: 27-Jul-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

For a few months now I have been working for a community center in my town. The center is located in a beautiful, historic school building that was purchased by a successful doctor in town. The building needs a lot of work so volunteers come out regularly to help renovate the building, including the doctor and his family. They are not your typical rich folks. They are extremely generous and kind. They give a lot of their money away to good causes. Because I had been working for the community center in the building they own, the family had taken an interested in me. I had also taken an interest in them. Well, specifically their 8 year old daughter, Emma.

I see Emma a lot at the work days, helping out in any way she can. She is short and petite with shoulder length blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She is flat chested but has a perfectly plump little butt. A few times she has caught me staring and I quickly look away, although she does not seem to notice exactly what I am starting at. She often wears the same dark grey yoga pants to the work days. They hug her thighs and butt so nicely and I can always see the lines for her panties while she walks. It is a beautiful sight and nearly impossible for me to resist. Many times I have fantasized about making love to her. My cock is throbbing hard right now just writing about it.

Alright, enough of the day dreaming and back story. Let's get to the good stuff. So, the family invited me over for dinner one week night in July. They had been meaning to invite me for quite some time and finally got around to it. The family has a large, beautiful home with a pool in the back. The backside of the pool is completely tree covered and hidden. They told me to come over early for swimming and drinks before dinner. Rick, the doctor, was working late and would not be home until right when dinner was ready. Mary, his wife, and Emma were awaiting my arrival when I pulled into the driveway. Mary grabbed me a cold beer and I changed into my swimming trunks. Little Emma was already in the pool and was keeping to herself while playing with her diving toys. Mary was inside preparing dinner.

I sat in the pool, enjoying my beer and watching Emma out of the corner of my eye. Eventually, Mary came outside and chatted with me for several minutes. After going back inside she rushed out and said that she had forgotten a few items for dinner and had to run to the store. She said it would take her about 45 minutes because they live so far out from town. I assured her that I had no problem staying with Emma while she rushed out. The night just kept getting better.

At this point Emma was laying stomach-first on the edge of the diving board, allowing her head and arms to hang into the water while she looked around with her goggles. She was wearing a tight, pink one piece swimsuit. The way she way laying gave me the perfect view of her tight, preteen ass. I could have stared at that all day. My penis grew hard as I sat watching her. I got up and walked over to the diving board, taking a seat toward the middle of the board. I reached out and started to rub the back of Emma's right leg. Frightened, she pulled herself out of the water and turned to look behind her. She smiled and let out a sigh of relief.

"I thought you were an animal or something!" She exclaimed.

"Sorry, I was just trying to get your attention." I explained.

"That's ok, do you like our pool?" She asked innocently.

"I do, It's great. But not as great as you!" I said, trying to make her smile again.

She smiled shyly and asked, "What do you mean? Why am I so great?"

"Emma, come on! You are always kind, you work hard at the center with your mom and dad, and you are beautiful!" I said.

"You think I'm beautiful?" She said as she began to blush slightly.

"I do. In fact, I have noticed how beautiful you are for a while now. That reminds me, I've been meaning to ask you something..." I noted.

"What?" She said inquisitively.

"Well," as I looked down at my hands nervously, "I would really like to kiss you."

"Kiss me! But I'm only 8! I'm way too young to kiss you! How old are you anyways?" She said excitedly.

"I'm 26. Hey, you know what, we are actually the same age apart as your mom and dad." Yes, it's true, the 38 year old doctor landed a 19 year old college student nearly 15 years ago.

"I guess you're right she said. I've never been kissed before and... you are kinda cute..." She said sheepishly.

"Kinda cute? Come on, I tell you that you're beautiful and I'm just 'kinda cute'" I said playfully.

"Ok, well you know what I mean. You're very handsome!" She said with a smile.

"That's better" I said, "now how about that kiss? If you don't like it, we can stop and pretend like it never happened. But, if you like it, keep kissing me back, ok?"

"Ok" She said closing her eyes, awaiting her first summer kiss.

I moved in a little closer to Emma, and moved my right hand up to her left cheek, gently caressing her soft skin. I turned her head toward mine and leaned in, softly kissing her lips. At first I could tell she was nervous but after a couple of soft pecks, she began to kiss me back. The kisses were slow and gentle, our lips separating and coming back together after each long connection. I moved my hand from her cheek to her neck where I moved my fingertips along her spine. This clearly made her excited because she began to kiss a little harder and her pulse quickened as I could feel her heart beat in her neck.

I responded by slowly sliding my tongue into her mouth. Surprisingly, she did not resist and placed her tongue upon mine. After a few seconds of this I pulled my head away and open my eyes. Emma sat with her little mouth hanging open, eyes still closed as if in a daze. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled when they met mine.

"Wow...that was awesome. Can we do it again?" She said.

"Of course, I would love that!" I exclaimed.

As we began to kiss again, I moved my right hand down to her right thigh. I started off by placing my hand just above her knee to get her used to the touch on her skin. Then I slid my hand up her thigh and let it rest for several seconds at the crease between her thigh and her vagina. She seemed oblivious to what I was doing with my hand, clearly caught up in her first make out session. So, in a step of bravery and/or stupidity, I placed my middle finger over her pussy mound on the outside of her swimsuit and started to rub her clit softly. Emma gasped and pushed my hand away.

"What are you doing?" She yelled.

"Just taking the next step" I said casually.

"That's my private area. I don't know if I am ready for someone to touch me there." She said embarrassed.

"Emma, I like you a lot. By the way you are kissing me, I know you like me too. I will make the same deal with you as before. If you don't like it, then I will stop and we can go back to just kissing. I think you're gonna like it though." I explained.

"Alright. I guess we can try." She said.

I leaned in eagerly and started to kiss Emma's 8 year old lips once again. They were soft and warm. She was already a great kisser. After a few seconds of getting warmed back up I moved my hand back to her virgin pussy and started to rub her clit gently with my middle finger. After just a few seconds I felt her abdomen tighten and goose bumps came up all over her body. She stopped kissing me and leaned her forehead against mine.

"That feels really good." She whispered with pleasure in her voice.

"See, I told you that you'd like it. Should I keep going" I asked.

"Yes" she said emphatically.

As I continued to rub her clit a little harder, I moved my lips to her ear lobes and began to nibble gently on her ears. She giggled with pleasure and then I kissed her neck and collarbone softly, again goose bumps covered her body. I kept rubbing her little vagina and I could feel it getting hotter and moister.

"Mmmmm..." She moaned, "I've never felt anything like this. Keep going! Keep going!"

Emma's muscles tightened and her breathing got heavier and heavier. She wrapped both of her little arms around my neck and buried her face between my neck and shoulder. She panted heavily and her little pussy throbbed in my hand. My nose was buried in her shiny blonde hair that smelled like a mixture of strawberries and chlorine. I couldn't believe that I was sitting with this beautiful little girl, taking her to her first orgasm. She was so beautiful and innocent. All of this was new for her and I got to be her first. I felt like the luckiest man alive.

After another minute of stroking her clit with the tip of my finger, Emma moaned with her first climax. She clasped herself around me and she even grunted a little. It was such a sexy sound to hear this little girl cum. As she came down from her orgasm, her body went limp and she just lay against me.

"How was it?" I asked.

"That was the best thing ever. Can you come over every day?" She asked playfully.

"I would love to come over every day. But ya know, there is still one more step after this. Do you know about sex?" I asked hopefully.

"My mom and dad said that is what married people do. My friends talk about it sometimes but none of us really know much about it." She said.

"Well, we are not married but I would love to be the first man to show you what sex is like. Would you want to give it a try? It will hurt a little because you've never done it before, but I promise it gets better as you go."

"I don't know. It seems pretty important. I'm scared..." She sat thinking. After a minute of silence, "Ok, Sure, let's try it. But what if my mom comes home and catches us? She would be really mad!"

"Well, she shouldn't be home for another 25 minutes. So, if we hurry, we can be done before she gets home. You go grab a dark colored towel and meet me in your parent's room, okay?"

"Ok" She said excitedly.

I had noticed when I went inside to change earlier in the evening that Rick and Mary's room was on the main floor of the house. It had a door leading outside to the pool and I thought it would be the best location for an easy get away if Mary came home earlier than expected. There were several candles on the night stands so I reached into the drawer and found a lighter to light the candles. This was Emma's first time, she deserved a special moment.

I stood next to the bed waiting as I saw Emma running across the kitchen toward her parent's bedroom. Her wet blonde hair waved back and forth and she was gripping a dark brown towel with both arms. When she arrived at the room, she stopped at the doorway and looked toward the bed. She saw the candles burning and started to smile. I love her smile. She slowly walked toward me, handing me the towel. I layed the towel out over top of the comforter and turned back toward Emma. She stood with her hands linked across the front of her body and looked up at me nervously. I reach and picked her up, she straddled my waist with her legs as I placed one arm under her bottom and another around her back. I started to kiss her passionately and she returned the favor.

I turned her little body toward the bed and gently climbed up as she clung to me with both hands on the backside of my neck. I placed her down on the towel which was longer than she was. I sat there over top of her, looking down into her blue eyes, taking in the moment. Without breaking eye contact I started to pull down the straps of her bathing suit over her shoulders. Next, I slide the pink suit down her chest, revealing her hard nipples and firm stomach. As I continued to pull, it was becoming more difficult to remove the swimsuit from it still being damp against her skin. So, I began to roll the swimsuit down her petite frame and as I rolled it down past her hips I saw the most beautiful little slit that I could have imagined. It was perfectly bald and smooth. Not a single blemish. Her lips were tight and lightly pink. I pulled the swimsuit all the way off of her body and spread her legs open to reveal her still-wet virgin hole.

I scooted myself backwards and began to kiss the insides of her thighs. As I moved to her left thigh, I made my way down to her tight little mound. I kissed every inch of flesh surrounding her lips and then began to tounge her clit firmly. She gripped the sheets with her tiny hands and moaned lightly. I moved my stiff tongue up and down her little slit, tasting her creamy preteen cum from her previous orgasm just minutes before. I covered her pussy with my whole mouth and began to suck on her clit. She moaned and sighed.

"Oooohhh. That's good. That's good. Huh huh huh..." She panted.

After about a minute of sucking her clit, I slid my tongue down her slit and positioned it at the opening of her virgin hole. I slowly moved it into her, just about half an inch or so. Emma squirmed and grabbed the back of my head, pushing my face further into her sex. I pushed my tongue in a little more and started to move it in and out of her incredibly tight cunt. I could smell her pussy warming up and sweet scent of her preteen juices. She tasted incredible. I could have spent hours lapping up her cum. However, knowing that time was sensitive, I pulled my tongue away and hopped off the bed. I quickly pulled off my trunks, revealing my 7 inch manhood to Emma. Her eyes widened.

"Is that going inside of me? I haven't seen one of those before?"

"This is my penis and it goes inside that hole I was just licking that you loved so much." I explained.

"MMmmm...I did love it. That was even better than what we did on the diving board. I think I'm ready for sex though."

That was all that I needed to hear. I grabbed a pillow and placed it under Emma's hips. I told her to spread her legs wide and wrap them around my waist once I got into position. I climbed back on the bed and got on my knees in front of Emma's wet and ready pussy. I sat my butt back onto my heels and pulled Emma's body as close as I could as she wrapped her skinny legs around my waist. I looked Emma in the eyes and said,

"Don't be afraid, beautiful. It's just gonna hurt for a minute. I'm right here with you."

Emma nodded her head in understanding. I dropped some spit into my hand and rubbed all over my stick dick. After making sure I was lubed and ready, I positioned my penis against her tiny hole and told Emma to take a deep breath and then breathe out slowly. As she did, I pushed my cock into her preteen hole. I went in only a couple of inches and could feel it when I broke through her hymen.

"OOOuuch!" Emma screamed while wincing and gritting her teeth together.

She took fast, short breaths to attempt to bear with the pain. Her pussy was so tight and warm around the tip of my cock. I couldn't believe that I was truly making love to a little girl as beautiful as Emma. My fantasy was coming true. After about 30 seconds of waiting and allowing the initial pain to subside, I began to slowly slide my rock hard penis in and out of Emma wet hole. I looked down and could see the spotty blood mixed with the cream from her horny preteen cunt.

"It doesn't hurt as bad now." Emma said. "It still stings though. Keep going slow like that."

I took her orders and also moved my left hand down to her clit and started to gently rub it with my thumb. Emma put her head back and opened her mouth wide, letting out a huge sigh.

"I love it when you touch me there!" She panted.

I started to move my cock in and out of her wet hole a little faster, each time putting a little more in until I was able to fit about 4 inches into her tight pussy. Emma was so tight that she was practically milking the cum out of my cock without even trying.

"Go harder. It feels really good when you rub me and go in and out of me." She said.

I loved hearing this little 8 year old beauty trying to describe sex. She was so innocent about it all. I started to move in and out, faster and harder, also increasing the intensity of my thumb against her clit.

"ooooohhhhhh....ooooh...oooh!" She moaned loudly. That's sooo good! Keep going, keep going, keep going...." She panted out of breath.

Her pussy was slippery wet and hungry to take every inch of my cock. Leaving my left hand to work her clit, I moved my right to her waist, wrapping my fingers under the small of her back to get more leverage and thrust. My hips were pounding into the bottom of her thighs as my dick went deeper into her little womb. It was so hard not to cum as I went deeper and harder into my little 8 year old fuck mate. Her moans and sighs filled the room and were enough to make me want to explode.

As I was pounding away, she suddenly turned her head to the side and practically ripped the sheets off the bed as she gripped them. She pursed her lips closed as if she was holding her breathe and all of a sudden her pussy clinched around my dick and Emma let out a huge cry.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh Mark. Oh Mark. It's. (pause) sooo. (pause) g..g..good." She whimpered, barely able to get the words out of her quivering lips.

Emma's entire body tightened and quivered as the orgasm swept through her. The tightening of her pussy around me and the way she said my name made me go over the edge. I thrust into her, filling her womb with a huge load of cum.

"Ooohhh God! Yesss baby. Yes. I love to fill you with my cum Emma. You feel so good!" I said loudly.

After every drop of semen was out of my dick, I pulled out and leaned over Emma. She was practically passed out from her orgasm and laid there, nearly lifeless. I pulled her head forward and kissed her passionately. She softly kissed me back and wrapped her arms around me.

"I think I might be in love with you." She said innocently.

"Well, it might be too soon to know, Emma. But you are the only girl I want. I am looking forward to spending a lot more time with you." I said.

"Me too!" She said excitedly.

"Why don't you go shower before your mom gets home." I suggested.

"Ok!" She replied.

Emma slowly got down from the bed and as she stood, my hot cum started to drip out of her no longer virgin hole down the inside of her thigh.

"Next time you'll have to taste that stuff" I said, "might not taste so good mixed with blood though."

She smiled and I handed her the pink swimsuit which I so enjoyed removing from her wet body. Then she turned to walk toward the shower, giving me the first glimpse of her round, plump little ass. It was gorgeous and flawless.

"I can't wait to get a taste of that next time" I thought to myself.

As Emma closed the bathroom door behind her I heard the sound her mom's car pulling into the driveway. I quickly pulled on my trunks, blew out the candles, placed the lighter back into the drawer and wrapped the towel from the bed around my shoulders, pretending I had used it to dry off. I made my way outside next to the pull where I sat as Mary walked through the gate.

"Well, I'm back." She exclaimed. "I hope Emma wasn't too much trouble for you."

"She was perfect, absolutely perfect. I would love to watch her any time you need." I said, while thinking about how my penis just invaded her little Emma's preteen vagina.

"Great," Mary replied, "I'll have to keep that in mind."

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Child lover

This needs to continue but Emma should find out she is pregnant in the next one


All what I can say: MOOOOOOORE EMMA please!!!!!!!


This was the best stroke story I have read in quite some time. I can hardly wait for the next chapter and the others that follow. Truly a great story.


Really horny story of a 8 yr old lttlegirl perfect age, i could allmost smell emma myself, read it twice cum twice carnt wait for the next story of young emma.


I enjoyed this story! Hope you continue.

Philip Spencer

The concept is good, and little Emma sounds really nice. The sex scene is well-done. Unfortunately, the seduction comes across as phoney.


Great writing man! Excellent layout!


Great story. Very well done.


Very horny, if unlikely scenario. A grwon man fucking an 8 year old. I don't think so. Love the idea though. Thanks for writing it.


Thanks for all of the reviews. This is the first story I've ever written like this. Will definitely be continuing this series. Philip: I appreciate the honesty. After re-reading it a couple of times it could have been developed better. Want to give you all the best material I can.


Fuck, my pussy is soaking. Write more! Would've been nice if the mum found them together though


Loved it.wanked to the thought of licking emmas cunt

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