At The White House

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Published: 27-Apr-2012

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Copyright 2000, by Larry Mason. All rights reserved.

Chapter 1

Hi. I'm Paul Mason, aged fifteen, and this is the story of my life (so far) and of my adventures with the White family. Even though I've decided to write this down, it's going into a vault where nobody will read it until everyone involved is long gone.


When I was seven, my parents were both killed in a car accident. The other driver was at fault, so his insurance company settled for enough to pay my living expenses until I'm old enough to support myself. The only relative I had left was my uncle Phil, who teaches at a boy's school, so I went to live there as a boarding student.

I got along pretty well at the school, and I made friends with most of the boys. My best friend, almost from the beginning, has been Charles White. He and I ran around together most of the time between classes, and we soon began to confide in each other, but he was very close-mouthed about his family and for a long time I knew very little about them.

Charles is one of the few day students at the school. He lives on a secluded estate at the edge of town that people call the "White House." Everybody in town knows that the family is very wealthy. They attend "open house" events at the school, so I know he has a twin sister named Sandra and another sister named Patty who is five years younger.

Charles usually rides his very classy bicycle to and from school every day, but when the weather is very bad, somebody brings him to school in a car in the morning and picks him up in the afternoon. "He's Jud," Charles told me. "He lives in the gate house and checks people who want to come to our estate, accepts deliveries and all. And he takes care of maintenance for us."

As we approached our teen years, and "family life education" became a part of our curriculum (mainly emphasizing sexual abstinence), Charles and I sometimes discussed sex-related subjects before or after school. Charles knew that I was a "virgin" -- what choice did I have, living full time at a boy's boarding school? -- but he seemed reluctant to discuss his own sex life.


Things changed dramatically two years ago, when Charles and I were thirteen. A while before Christmas he asked me if I'd like to spend the holiday with his family, and I told him I'd gladly join them if my uncle Phil would give his permission. Charles told me that it was very unusual for his family to invite anyone to their estate, but his dad was hoping to have another boy at the house for a while.

Then Charles told me something that really surprised me, although it explained their reclusiveness. He said that their whole family is very active sexually. Most of the time when they are at home, none of them wear any clothes and they all like to touch and stimulate each other. If this bothered me, he told me, I could just forget about it and not visit them, but in any case he begged me not to mention what he had just told me, to my uncle or to anyone else.

"I won't let on," I promised him, "and no, it doesn't bother me. I've been kinda itching to try some sex."

Later, after my uncle had agreed to let me visit them, Charles suddenly seemed eager to tell me more about what to expect at the White house. I started asking him questions, and he answered me frankly.

"How far do you go when you touch each other?" I asked him, "Do all of you do it together, including your little sister? And what about Jud?"

"Well, Jud knows what goes on but he stays at the gate house and minds his own business. Inside our house, we do just about everything. Dad and I fuck Mom and Sandra all the time. Patty enjoys touching and being touched, but Dad says she's still too young to fuck. Age ten is the earliest he'll allow penetration, so Patty has almost two more years to wait. She likes sex as much as any of us, and with three females in the house and only two males, it's beginning to be a problem. With you there, we'll be able to pair off any way we want."

"How long have you been doing all these things?" I wondered.

"Ever since Sandra and I started to notice that we have different 'plumbing'," Charles told me. "From the time we were real little, Mom and Dad have let us watch them suck and fuck each other, and they tickled us and licked us and showed us how to do it to each other -but without any penetration until our tenth birthday. On that day, I watched Dad's huge hard cock slowly stretch Sandra's pussy hole open. Then Mom squeezed her cunt muscles tight so it felt real good when I slid my little-boy penis in and out. And afterward, I fucked Sandra for our first time together."

"While your little sister watched it all?"

"Patty was five then -- she'd been enjoying our games since she was tiny. While Sandra and I fucked, Patty was taking it all in, with her eyes as big as saucers, realizing for the first time, I guess, that fucking isn't just for moms and dads. She sat on Dad's lap with his cock sticking up between her legs, and she kept rubbing his cock with her fingers and pressing it against her tiny clit. She wanted Dad to put his cock inside her the way she had just seen him do it to Sandra, but he explained to her again that she wasn't yet old enough to fuck and she had to wait five more years. I remember how she pouted, 'Five years to wait!' and she's been counting down the days to her tenth birthday, ever since."

"But," I protested, "if you and your dad have been fucking Sandra since before her period started, how come she never got pregnant?"

"Birth control, silly," answered Charles. "Sandra is on 'the pill,' same as Mom."


The last school day before the holiday was a "minimum day," and Charles rode his bike home while I gathered my toothbrush and a few clothes into a small bag and waited for Jud to pick me up in the car.

When we arrived, Jud parked the car at the gate house and let me out so I could walk the rest of the way to the house. He pressed a button at the gate house to unlock the front door of the house for me, and he told me I should just open the door and go in.

As I stepped into the entry hall, I heard sounds coming from the living room. Turning the corner, I saw Charles with eight year old Patty. They were both completely naked. Like Charles, Patty had very dark brown wavy hair and very dark brown eyes. Her hair reached down past her shoulders to her small pointed nipples.

They were lying on a mat on the floor. Patty was on her side with her brother's cock deep in her mouth. He was leaning over her with his face between her legs, licking up and down her hairless slit and voraciously sucking the little button at the top of it. He stopped for a moment and raised his head.

"Hi, Paul. We've been expecting you -- we heard the door being unlocked. Give us a couple minutes to finish up here, while you get naked."

Patty interrupted her activities and looked up at me. "Yeah, I'm almost done sucking my brother off. I'll do you next, if you want." Hearing her offer, I felt my cock hardening.

Charles and Patty went back to work while I set down my bag and stripped off my clothes. I looked around the living room. There was hardly any furniture -- most of the floor was occupied by three large mats similar to the ones that our school uses for gymnastics, except that these were all covered with some kind of expensive looking cloth. There was a pile of towels on a little stand nearby.

Soon I saw Charles tense his cock muscles. His balls tightened as his load shot into Patty's mouth. She swallowed most of it, then sat up, wiped her face with a towel, and turned to me. She motioned for me to lie down on the mat next to her. Charles resumed working on her pussy with his fingers. I said to Patty, "You know, I've never even seen a naked girl before. What's that little button at the top of your slit that your brother keeps licking and rubbing?"

"Oh," she answered, "It's my clitoris -- my 'clit'." Charles opened her outer pussy lips and showed it to me.

"It looks like a little penis," I said.

"Yeah," observed Charles, "and rubbing or licking a girl's clit feels good to her, just like when you rub your cock."

"Yeah, it feels good when I rub it," I said, "but I've never had anyone do it to me."

"I'll gladly give you a demonstration, if you're ready now," Patty said as she took my hard cock in her hand and ran her fingers all around my tip, up and down the length of my cock, around and under my balls. "Yours looks different," she said.

Charles explained. "The only cocks she knows about are mine and Dad's. She's never played with a circumcised cock before."

"I think it's cute," Patty told me. "There's no loose skin for my lips and tongue to run up and down on, so I won't grip your cock so tight. I'll keep it covered with my saliva and your pre-cum, so it will slide in and out of my mouth easier."

Patty started giving me the first blow job of my life. My cock grew bigger and harder by the minute, and I felt an ecstasy far beyond anything that I had ever experienced from masturbation.

Just as we were going strong, the front door opened again and Sandra entered. "Don't let me interrupt what you're doing," she said quickly as she turned and ran upstairs, "I'll join you in just a minute." True to her word, in less than 60 seconds she came back down.

I had thought my cock couldn't get any harder, until the moment when Sandra's naked body came into view. Unlike her dark complexioned sister and brother, Sandra had beautiful platinum blond hair that framed a sweet face with a pair of sparkling blue eyes, a shapely nose, and two delicious pink lips that always seemed to be smiling. My gaze followed her hair down past her shoulders toward the two mounds of her breasts that were crowned by dark pink areolas with large pert nipples emerging from their centers. Below was her cute navel and then her pussy with only a little fine hair around the top. She stood at the bottom of the stairs with her legs parted slightly so I could see her clit peeping out from the groove at the top of her slit, and the soft folds of darker skin below emerging from the outer lips where her cunt hole was hiding.

"Hi, Sandra," I gulped, "I'm Paul Mason -- but you already knew that."

"I've really been looking forward to your visit, Paul," Sandra told me. "It's going to be a lot of fun having another guy in the house." (When she spoke to me, why did I hear a harp playing?) She sat beside Patty on the mat where I was lying, while Patty continued sucking on my cock. Sandra fondled my balls, lifting them and tweaking my sac between her fingers, sending an electric thrill across my sensitive skin that made my cock twitch.

Charles stopped petting Patty's pussy and moved over to another mat. Sandra joined him there and lay on her back, pulling up her knees so her heels almost touched her ass cheeks, and spread her legs wide apart. For about a minute they gently rubbed each other's genitals. "You're ready," Charles told her, "so juicy and hot!"

"I could hardly wait to get home for my afternoon fuck session with my twin brother," Sandra replied. "It's a good thing you didn't shoot everything you have into Patty's mouth."

"I've saved plenty for your cunt," Charles said. "Feel how hard my cock is!" He moved his legs between hers and she used her fingers to insert his cock into her juicy hole. Charles began fucking his sister, slowly at first, then picking up speed as her hips writhed and jerked up against his pelvis. She raised her legs, wrapping them around his waist and locking her ankles together behind his back.

Patty was still sucking my cock and I unloaded it into her mouth just as Charles and Sandra finished their fuck. We all lay back exhausted on our mats.

"What do you think of our little sister's talent?" Sandra asked me. "Isn't she an expert?"

"It was just about the greatest thing I ever felt!" I exclaimed. "Patty's lips are so soft and her fingers were so smooth around my cock!"

"If you liked putting your cock in Patty's mouth, just wait till you put it in my cunt!" Sandra continued.

"Hey, that sounds like a great idea," I replied, "but I've just...right now I'm sorta...incapacitated."

"I didn't mean right this minute," Sandra said. "We'll rest a while first and then go for it. Anyway I'm really glad you'll be here with us for the holiday."

"Yeah," put in Patty, "Now that there's a cock for every pussy, I won't always have to share. That's why I wanted Daddy to let Charles bring one of his friends here."


We all went into the kitchen where Sandra laid out the makings for sandwiches. Charles and Patty sat on a bench on one side of the breakfast table while Sandra and I sat on the opposite bench. In between bites, Charles moved his hand between Patty's legs, stroking up and down her slit and softly massaging her clit. She in turn gently tickled his balls and the skin of his upper thighs.

Awed by my blonde goddess, I hesitated to reach out and touch her, but Sandra knew how to put me at ease. She moved her face close to mine, grinned mischievously, and gave me a messy kiss with her mouth full of sandwich. She placed her fingers gently on my chin and urged my mouth open, then poked her tongue inside. I could taste the bread, meat, cheese, mustard, and mayo on her tongue. "Now you!" she said, opening her mouth wide and suctioning my tongue inside it. We swapped tongues for a while, meanwhile moving our bodies closer together on the bench. I already had one arm around her shoulder and now, as her body turned toward me, I reached my other arm across and rested it on her hip. She took my hand in hers and moved it up to enclose her breast in my palm.

My cock immediately hardened, but not before Sandra had wrapped her fingers around it. Almost a minute passed as we held this pose, neither of us moving a muscle, frozen in time like a Michelangelo statue in marble. Then Sandra began slowly exploring my cock and balls and I started gently feeling her breasts -- first the one my hand was covering, then the other one. (That harp music again?)

"Kiss my nipples!" she begged, moving my hand down to her crotch and then returning to her manipulation of my genitals. I kissed her nipples, rasped them with my tongue, and suckled them deeply between my lips, and her pelvis tensed under my touch. Remembering how Charles had rubbed Patty's clit, I laid two fingers near the top of Sandra's slit on either side of her button and moved them gently up and down. She moaned encouragingly, so I continued masturbating her. "Faster...Please...Don't stop!" Sandra cried as her orgasm approached and I felt her lower cunt muscles going into spasm. "Ooh...that was so good! I want to keep you around forever!" She rubbed my cock rapidly for a long half minute; then she stopped abruptly. "We'd better wait a little for that. I want you to put it in my cunt, as soon as we're done here in the kitchen."


All four of us cleaned up the table and the benches, putting away the remains of the sandwiches and wiping up the juices that had leaked onto the benches from our cocks and pussies. Then we returned to the living room and all four of us lay down on the mats again -- Charles with Patty, and Sandra with me -- and Sandra let me know the time had come for me to lose my "virginity."

"How do you want to do it?" she asked me. "Missionary, me on top, doggy, or what?"

"What you and Charles were doing looked pretty good to me. Which position do you call that?"

"It's Missionary, guy on top," Sandra replied. "Probably the best anyway for your first time. But you always have to remember to make sure your girl is nice and juicy. You feel her cunt first, and if she seems kinda dry, you can lick her clit for a while to arouse her and get her juices flowing, or you can tongue-fuck her to lubricate her cunt hole with your saliva. Of course your cock has to be good and hard -- no problem there -- and you can rub some of your pre-cum around her cunt for more lubrication."

"Are you dry?" I asked.

"You'd better practice -- feel me and see."

"Yeah," I remarked as I moved my finger softly along her slit, "You're as dry as a sponge at high tide! I think you're ready. I wouldn't mind some oral sex, but not because you need it to get you juicy."

"That's me -- always ready. I think it's genetic. Everybody in our family is always ready for sex, any time. And I think we ought to adopt you into our family too. Anyway you can wait a while for the oral stuff -- we've got lots of time for that."

Sandra lay back on the mat just as she had done for Charles, pulling up her knees and spreading her legs. I lay on top of her and she wrapped her long, muscular legs around my waist, her heels pressing against my back. I put my arms around her, my hands cupping her buttocks, lifting them clear off the floor, while her hands pulled downward on my shoulders. My cock slid quickly and smoothly into her juicy cunt, all the way inside the depths of her tight, dark cave, and she squeezed her pussy muscles around my cock as though they were milking it. I watched it slide out until the head was almost exposed and then back in, disappearing into Sandra's body with a smooth pistoning motion accompanied by a soft squishing noise. My thigh muscles twitched with the strain of keeping my moves slow and regular. Sandra's hips were rolling from side to side and back and forth, and the muscles in her flanks writhed visibly.

I took my hands from Sandra's buttocks, pushed up away from her, and looked down at her naked body lying spread on the cloth-covered mat. I kissed her nipples and licked around her areolas, then buried my face between her soft breasts. I leaned down and pressed my chest against hers and we embraced each other warmly, then locked our mouths and tongues in a hot kiss that seemed to last forever.

Finally Sandra broke the embrace and pressed her hips up toward mine. Knowing what she wanted, and wanting it myself, I lifted my upper body away from hers and resumed the thrusting motion with my hips, sliding my cock in and out. Her head rolled from side to side, her face twisted with desire. Her nipples were sharp, hard, dark points on her breast mounds, little peaks of passion.

My gleaming cock slid in and out faster and faster. My excitement increased when I looked down and watched my powerful tool disappearing inside her folds and then reappearing, and I moved my hips back and forth even faster. The sound of my body slapping against Sandra's rang through the quiet room.

Charles and Patty gazed at us from their mat, hardly moving a muscle and keeping their hands on each other's privates. "Awesome!" muttered Charles. "Nobody in our family ever had it that good before!"

"You bet!" sighed Sandra, looking straight into my eyes. "Maybe it's because you're circumcised, Paul. My cunt muscles are good and tight, and my hole is always juicy, so I think it feels better because there's no foreskin to soften the friction between the rim of your cock head and my inner pussy walls."

"Okay, if you say so," I panted. "I don't have anything to compare it with, but for me this is already the top level of heaven."

I pushed my palms down against the mat, then lowered my body until I was again leaning on Sandra's chest. I drew back and hammered my cock forward into her harder and harder. Sandra was cumming, in a series of orgasmic spasms that made her hips jerk and bounce against the mat, as she tightened her legs around my waist.

Then I came too, ramming my cock solidly into Sandra's cunt. I quickly slipped my hands back underneath her buttocks and pressed her up against me. My hips jerked and the muscles at the base of my cock pulsed ecstatically, blasting powerful jets of my jism into Sandra's pussy. I was celebrating my first fuck by pumping an incredible flood of cum into her cunt.

Sandra and I strained desperately against each other for long, agonizing seconds. Then the tension oozed out of our muscles slowly and certainly, as our bodies collapsed in a limp tangle on the mat. We embraced, then reluctantly moved apart, peeling back our legs and our genitals, then our chests, and finally our mouths.

Patty and Charles applauded softly. Patty exclaimed, "That was great!" and Sandra agreed, "It was fabulous!"

My cock shrunk rapidly, gleaming with the mixture of my cum and Sandra's. I sat up casually on the edge of the mat and rested one hand tenderly on her breast, letting her rigid nipple press into my palm. My other hand played idly with my softening prick, stroking it gently as if it were a new toy I had just discovered.

Charles moved over and combed Sandra's wisps of pussy hair with his fingers. I leaned down and kissed her softly on her mouth. We opened our lips and rubbed each other's tongues back and forth. Charles touched her pussy lips, one side at a time, and then brushed upward with his hand over her tummy to her tits and fondled her breast.

Patty moved beside me and lowered her head between my legs, smelling the cum mixture on my cock and around my balls, then licking and tasting it. "Mmm, good!" she declared. She enclosed my cock deeply within her little mouth and ran her tongue all around my cock head to lick it off. Then she moved to Sandra's cunt, spreading her pussy lips, lapping the juice from her outer folds, and then poking her tongue inside as far as it would go to suck out the nectar our ecstasy had generated. "It's always my favorite flavor!" she exclaimed.

When Patty had finished sampling my juices and Sandra's, she climbed over my exhausted body and lay gently on top of me. Her legs straddled mine, with my cock rising limply between her ass cheeks. She began softly licking and sucking my nipples. I wrapped my arms around her narrow shoulders and she returned my embrace, turning her head to one side so one of my nipples was in her ear. "I can hear your heart beating," she said. "I like lying here on top of your body like this."

"You can lie there as long as you want," I responded lazily, brushing her long hair upward with my hand and tickling the back of her neck. "Your body feels so soft and warm on top of mine -- if you stay there for a while I'll probably go to sleep."

Meanwhile, Sandra had rolled over next to Charles and was petting his cock and balls, then tracing her finger downward along the inside of his thigh to his knee, across to his other knee, and back up to his crotch. He kept fondling her tits and then her pussy, and running his fingers through the sparse curls at the top of her slit. It was obvious that they had both learned from months and years of practice how to give each other this kind of gentle pleasure. The rhythmic motion of their hands over each other's bodies was like the rocking of a little boat in the quiet surf off a calm shore.

Chapter 2

The afternoon wore on, and all four naked youngsters lay half asleep on the mats. None of us spoke, but from time to time someone's hand would reach out and gently stroke the skin on somebody else's body. Patty was still lying on top of me and I hardly moved at all, but Sandra and Charles rolled over every half hour or so. Sometimes she would lie on top of him with his cock rising between her legs and her tits pressing against his chest; at the next turn he would lie on top with the crack of her ass gently confining his cock. Or they would lie on their sides, face to face, petting and embracing each other. Most of the time they both had their mouths open and their tongues touching each other at various angles.

Finally Sandra broke the spell. "I hate to be the mother figure, but you know Dad and Mom will be coming home in a while and we need to fix dinner."

Still naked, of course, but with sexual activity temporarily suspended, we all pitched in and under Sandra's supervision we had a fine dinner almost ready at a quarter to six when Mr and Mrs White came in. Charles introduced me and they greeted their children warmly before going upstairs to shower and to undress for dinner.

If you ever want to try something really unusual, I recommend eating dinner in a formal dining room, with fine china, crystal, and lace, a beautiful chandelier glowing overhead, and everybody around the table naked. That's how it was, that evening and every evening in the White house. The table was oval and the chairs were close enough together so each of us could easily touch our neighbors on both sides -- and that's what we did. A lot of pleasant conversation went on, about the late fall flowers in the floodlighted garden that could be seen through the picture window, about what was going on with family friends and relatives.

The family all seemed genuinely interested in me, and I was able to open up a little bit and speak -- more than I had in a long time -of the tragedy of losing both my parents at once, six years before. I had never grown close to my uncle Phil, and in fact this was the first time I had really been part of any kind of family circle since that time. I was seated between Patty and Mrs White, and when I came to some of the more difficult parts of my story, and tears started to rise in my eyes, Patty would lovingly finger the tip of my cock or the side of my balls; or Mrs White would take my hand in hers and move it so I was petting her breast or the top of her pussy bush.

Charles sat on the other side of his mother, and as our conversation went on those two often shared similar caresses, or he would tickle Sandra who was sitting between him and their dad. On around the table, Sandra often touched Charles or her dad, and Mr White in turn fondled Sandra or Patty.

This touching was not electrically sexual or highly arousing, but it was not innocent either. The family members were not nudists in the ordinary sense, who eschew clothing but ignore the appearance of each other's bodies and strive to remain totally asexual. The caresses shared by this family at the dinner table, and in fact almost all the time while they were at home together, seemed to blend into the atmosphere of family camaraderie, as part of the genuine feeling that existed among these parents and children. They all knew sex was an important part of their family atmosphere. As I thought about it later, and with more experience, I recognized these dinner table contacts as most closely resembling pre-sex courting activities or post-sex relaxation.

Sandra told her parents a bit about our afternoon activities: that Charles and Patty had been "playing sixty-nine" when I arrived, and then Patty had worked on me until Sandra came home and had her usual romp with Charles. Then after lunch Sandra had helped me lose my "virginity."

"And then we had a real long rest," added Patty. "I was lying on top of Paul and listening to his heart beat, and I almost went to sleep."

"So the four of you have been getting along well together?" asked Mrs White, closing her fingers around my soft cock and giving it a quick rub up and down.

Patty spoke up again. "You were afraid Charles would bring a friend who wouldn't fit in," she said, looking at her dad. "Well, you needn't have worried. Paul likes it here, and we all like him, and we wish he would never ever leave again. I think it's nice to have equal males and females, so I don't always have to share with Mom or Sandra."

Charles said, "Paul hardly remembers what his 'real' family life was like, and he likes the games we play -- it doesn't bother him, and he won't gab it around."

"And he has a really great body, too," said Sandra. "He's never had sex with a girl before today, but he made me feel better than Charles ever did, or even you, Dad."

Mr White spoke up. "You've been awfully quiet, Paul. What do you think?"

"They're right, Mr White. I do like it here, and I like the games. And sex with Sandra felt super-heavenly, but Patty was awfully nice too, and I wouldn't mind staying here as long as you'll have me."

"Well you're here for a couple of weeks anyway, and then we'll see," Mr White said.

Chapter 3

We all helped clear away dinner and put the dishes in the dishwasher, and then we all went into the living room and reclined on the mats. "I just got a new porn video," Mr White said, "from our usual source in Uzbekistan. There's nothing on it that will surprise you. Just little kids and older kids and their parents running around naked and fucking and sucking each other, all ages mixed together, like in our house."

"I like these videos," said Patty. "It's fun to look at strangers having sex. When Dad and Charles watch, their cocks always get real hard, and I'll bet Paul's will too. And Mom and Sandra leak all over the place, so they have to sit on a thick towel."

The video lasted more than an hour, while we all took turns doing a lot of the same things that were happening on the screen.


For the first act, Mrs White invited me onto a mat with her, and Mr White and Sandra were looking forward to having a little pleasure together. Charles and Patty were lying on the third mat, deciding among several ways of entertaining each other.

Mrs White spoke softly, telling me that she and her husband were in their early thirties, having been married as freshmen in college a couple of months before the twins were born. She was an orphan, like me, from a family of no particular name or wealth. Mr White had inherited his business from his parents, and had developed it successfully after his parents died.

Even after running a household for many years, Mrs White still had the youthful face and figure that had attracted her mate and forced him into a "shotgun wedding" so long ago. She had borne and nursed three children, but her breasts were still firm and not too large, and her abdomen and thighs showed no signs of age.

She laid me back on the mat and then moved over me, embracing me warmly and giving me the same open-mouth kiss I had been learning from Sandra. She spread her legs to straddle my thighs, letting my hardening cock rise along her slit so her clit rubbed against it when she moved her legs. She pressed her full breasts against my chest.

"According to my daughter, you don't really need any lessons in how to fuck," she told me. "But maybe you'd enjoy putting your cock into an older woman's cunt. It won't feel as tight around you as Sandra's, because a lot of things have gone in and out of here in my lifetime. So you can just relax and enjoy the soft feeling."

"Could I ask you for something, Mrs White? This afternoon, Patty sucked off my cock and I had a great fuck with Sandra, but I never got a chance to put my mouth on their pussy -- either one of them. Could I suck your clit a little and try tongue-fucking you?"

"I'd love it, Paul," she answered. "If you want to, we can do sixty-nine -- that means I suck your cock while you lick my pussy. It will probably make you feel even better that way. Just lie there on your back and I'll crawl over you." She moved around and over me until her pussy was just above my face and her mouth was near my cock head. I supported her breast globes with both hands and rubbed her nipples with my fingers, pinching them gently.

Mrs White grasped my cock with one hand and studied the bulbous tip protruding from her fist. She squeezed, and a drop of juice emerged. She licked the drop off my cock, then took its head and more and more of its length into her mouth. Still kneeling over me, she drove her mouth down over my long shaft. Remembering my first blow job, which Patty had given me that afternoon, I immediately recognized the difference. Patty had been great -- exciting and energetic and lots of fun. But the mother had two things going for her: more experience, and a much larger mouth. She totally engulfed my cock until her lips were caressing the tops of my balls, and then she moved her tongue all around my shaft and up and down it. Then she spit it out part way and worked on my cock head for a long time with her lips and her tongue before sucking it all the way back into her mouth.

As soon as I could tear away part of my attention from what was happening to my cock, I pushed my fingers into Mrs White's cunt as deeply as I could. She spread her legs apart and lowered her hips until her pussy was almost touching my face, and I could see her glistening pink inner cunt folds as I spread the outer lips with my fingers. Then I grasped her buttocks with both hands and raised my mouth to kiss her pussy lips. I poked my tongue out of my mouth as far as I could, into her dripping cunt, and licked her juices as they seeped onto my tongue. I moved my tongue to her clit, rasped the clit head, licked along each side of her hidden shaft, and massaged the smooth tissue area below her clit and down to her hole.

Just when I felt my balls getting ready to unload, the friction of my tongue and lips on Mrs White's pussy brought her to orgasm and all the muscles in that part of her body were racked by a series of spasms.

"Now!" she cried. "Put it in me quick, and fuck me hard!" She knew the best way to react to the spasms in her cunt muscles, with a cock thrusting and heaving inside her. We quickly changed positions, and I knew I had to tighten the muscles around my balls so I would have time to give her the pleasure of my thrusts before I lost my seed. My cock pumped in and out of her for about a minute. Even though I stroked her cunt for only a short time, it lasted long enough for me to recognize how much I enjoyed the softness of her mature channel and to thrill at the sharp, pulsing contractions of her strong inner muscles around my eager cock. As her orgasm subsided, I let go and emptied my balls, shooting loads of jism into her waiting cunt.


Sandra and her dad were fucking smoothly, enjoying each other's bodies, kissing and petting each other without hurrying. I would almost have thought they were not even very much aroused except that I could see Mr White's huge stiff cock pistoning slowly in and out, and the juice dripping from Sandra's cunt onto the towel under her crotch. The video was still going on, and they each looked at it from time to time. I guess I was the only one in the room who had never seen anything like it, but I was finding the live action in the room even more interesting.

Charles and Patty looked over at their mother and me. We were lying quietly, temporarily exhausted, wrapped in each other's arms. Patty beckoned me over to her mat, and Charles took my place beside his mother. Mrs White told Charles she wanted to rest for a little while; then after they had warmed each other up a bit she wanted him to fuck her "doggy style."

Patty kissed and hugged me; then we briefly brushed our fingers over each other's genitals. She told me she'd heard me asking to lick her mom's pussy, and she thought I might like to try licking her fresh eight year old cunt. "It feels best when I lie on my side," she said, "the way Charles and I were doing it when you arrived this afternoon. I can lick your cock some more, at the same time."

"Okay, you can play with my cock and balls while I lick you, but I've never had this much stimulation all in one day, and my cock feels kinda tired right now, so keep it gentle." Patty put her face between my legs and kissed my limp cock and my balls, lifting them with her soft, gentle fingers, while I started sucking gently on her delightful little clit. Of course I found the difference between licking Mrs White's pussy and licking her eight year old daughter's to be very striking. Patty's was hairless and her clit was only as big as the tip of her little finger or the eraser on a pencil -whereas her mom's pussy was covered with a coarse mat of dark hair and her clit was almost as big as my cock head.

I tickled Patty's outer lips and moved my fingers outward a few inches to the skin around her pelvic region and a little way down her legs. She opened her legs and raised her knees slightly to let me touch the skin all around her cunt and the sensitive area underneath. With her hands she spread her outer pussy lips for me as I licked her clit -- adapting to Patty's tenderness the same tongue motions I had used to excite her mother. Patty responded eagerly to my soft tongue strokes, her hips tensing and then relaxing again with each stroke. She also seemed to enjoy having me lick the smooth area inside her slit below her clit. She spread the inner lips around her immature hole and I very gently poked my tongue a little way inside and against her hymen. "Does that hurt you?" I asked her.

"Not when you just push gently like that," she replied. "But Daddy told me when I'm ten he'll let me really fuck, and whoever puts his cock in me first is going to have to open it up and I will hurt a little, just the first time. I wish I was already ten so you could be the one. Maybe you can stay here with us forever, and fuck me for real on my tenth birthday!"

After I had explored her pussy and tickled her all around it with my hands and my mouth, while she played with my cock and balls and gently massaged them with her fingers and her lips, Patty said she wanted to cuddle with me some more, but not exactly like this afternoon.

She asked me to kneel with my hips on my heels, while she straddled my legs, using her fingers to push my cock underneath her ass cheeks. We hugged each other, pressing our chests together. We shared a few open-mouth kisses, then she pressed my jaw closed and pushed her tongue inside my lips and ran it all over the outsides of my upper and lower teeth, scrubbing them like a toothbrush. When she opened her mouth I pushed my tongue in so far it almost gagged her. Then we kissed each other's nipples, sucking hard enough to draw the blood under the skin.

After some more warm hugging, Patty pulled her hips back a little way, freeing my hardening cock between us. She opened her pussy lips with one hand and took my cock in the other, rubbing the tip up and down her slit and drooling my pre-cum into her pussy area. With a naughty look on her face, she inserted my cock head a very little way into her hole until it pressed against her hymen. "Oh, I want it so much!" she whispered. "I want to really fuck like the others. And I 'specially want you to do it to me first. But I have to wait." With a deep sigh, she buried her face against my shoulder.

"Sorry, Patty," I responded soothingly. "If I'm with you when the time comes, and if it works out, I'd love to give you your first real fuck. I'll promise to be really really gentle with you, and even if I have to hurt you a little bit at first I'll do everything I can to make it up to you forever afterward."

"Okay, it's a deal, Paul. I'll try to forget it for now, but I'll remember for sure when the time comes, as soon as I'm ten like my dad says."


By this time, Charles and his mother had completed their "doggy" fuck, and Mr White and Sandra had finished their pleasure trip. The porn video had not yet ended, so it was time to change partners again.

"Let's do Threesomes," Patty suggested. "Dad with Mom and me, and the two boys with Sandra." I wasn't sure how this was supposed to work out, but there was no lack of ideas among the family members.

One way for a male to have sex with two females at once, it seems, is for him to fuck one of them and suck the other -- and this worked rather well, in view of the rules that limited Patty's activities. So for this round Mr and Mrs White would fuck any way they wanted, and meanwhile either or both of them could stimulate Patty in accordance with the rules. Missionary position with Mrs White lying on her back and Patty sitting on her mom's face getting her pussy licked. Mom on top riding her husband's cock while Patty sat on her dad's face getting her pussy licked. Doggy style with Patty lying underneath her mom, petting her dad's balls and her mom's tits while her mom leaned down and licked Patty's pussy. And so on -- doing it every way they could think of.

Meanwhile, Sandra was in the other threesome with Charles and me. One of us at a time could fuck her while she sucked off the one who wasn't fucking her at the moment. At random, Sandra decided to give Charles the first fuck. She told him to lie on his back while she rode his cock. I stood beside her and let my cock slide in and out of her mouth as she bounced on top of her brother. All three of us reached climax at almost the same time. My jism drained out of her mouth and down her chin and dripped onto her tits, and some of it pooled in her navel. Sandra's cunt juice and her brother's cum mixed and ran down over his balls and onto the towel between his legs.


While I took time out for my cock to recover, I asked Sandra for a chance to further my education. "I've had my face in your mom's pussy and in Patty's, and now I'd like to do yours."

She agreed, and I moved my head between her legs while she rubbed my cock with her hand and sucked her twin brother's into her mouth. The feel of Sandra's pussy on my tongue, the smell of her pussy like perfume in my nostrils, the taste of her pussy juice in my mouth, were all heavenly and so much more pleasant than my experience with either her mom's mature, furry, musky cunt or her little sister's sweet, innocent slit.

By this time I had learned something about what would give maximum pleasure to a girl of any age: my tongue across the top of her clit and down along both sides of it, across the smooth space below, and as far into her hole as possible to taste as much juice as I can. Then the pleasure and excitement she really wants: I suck her clit between my lips and flick it with my tongue faster and faster, meanwhile using one finger to gently massage the threshold of her pussy. My tongue action on her clit makes her pussy begin to spasm, so I move back and insert my hard cock and thrust it in her until she reaches her glorious climax.

"Oh, Paul...Paul -- you sure do catch on fast! You really know how to make me feel like a woman in love! I want you to stay here, right in this house, forever -- and sleep with me in my bed every night and fuck and fuck me, all night long and all day!"

"That's fine with me, Sandra," I replied. "I'll gladly fuck you night and day for the rest of our lives. Except for a little time-out on Patty's tenth birthday. I've already promised her, if she still feels then like she does now, I'll save some special time for her in my date book that day. She wants me to give her her first real fuck. When she was sitting on my lap about a half hour ago, she'd have tried to fuck me if she'd dared."

"That vixen! She's into sex even more than any of the rest of us!" Sandra sounded as if she was complaining, but the twinkle in her eye told me she was secretly proud of Patty's sexual precocity. The eight year old often suggested new and exciting games that had never occurred to any of the others.

Chapter 4

That was two years ago, as I said, and -- you guessed it -- Patty's big tenth birthday party is coming up this afternoon.


Before that Christmas holiday two years ago had ended, all five members of the White family agreed to invite me to live with them permanently. I of course agreed as well, and I easily won over my uncle Phil by arranging to donate my living expense fund to his school, since the White family could easily afford to support me. Mr White bought me a bike like the one Charles has, and we ride to school together (except on rainy days...etc., as before).

Almost every afternoon for the past two years Charles, Sandra, Patty, and I have had our little orgy after school, and in the evening we play games that involve Mr and Mrs White as well.

On Saturday and Sunday mornings we all sleep in. More than once I have wakened to find Sandra sitting on my legs, stroking my cock to erection so she can slide her always juicy pussy down over it (while a harp plays somewhere in the distance).

One Sunday I awoke early, tiptoed into Patty's room, and crawled in under her blanket. I pulled her smooth body close to mine and felt its warmth, then gently moved my fingers over her shoulders and her back and around to her little nipples. After a while Patty woke up, threw back the blanket, and turned her body around into her favorite position so she could suck me off while I licked her pussy.

Some weekend mornings when I tiptoe down the hall to the bathroom, I see Mrs White lying on her back on top of her bed while Charles thrusts his stiff cock between her cunt lips for a bit of early morning sex. Mr White participates by tickling his son's balls and sucking his wife's nipples while she masturbates him.

We spend a lot of our summer afternoons by the creek in the woods behind the house. [See also "The Three R's" and "Dick and Jane."] We take a picnic basket and a blanket, and lie on the sand bank beside the creek in the warm sun. We kiss, cuddle, lick, suck, and fuck for a while; then we go and splash in the creek, come out and lie on the blanket in the sun to dry off, and get ready for another round of sex. Often the parents join us later for a cookout, and for the rest of the evening we all sit around the campfire smooching, or sometimes Sandra and I move back a little way from the fire for a pleasant outdoor fuck in the long summer twilight.


For all of the past two years my favorite partner, by far, has been Sandra. She has plenty of experience, though not quite so much as her mother, and her smaller proportions have some advantages -- her cunt and her mouth always feel comfortably tight around my cock. Sandra is not quite as animated as Patty and she doesn't have that soft, vulnerable, innocent feel: her skin is not quite as smooth as her little sister's, and silky hair now covers most of the area around her pussy; but she's always enthusiastic and appreciative of my affection for her.

I know now that I fell in love with Sandra forever on my first day in the White house. (So that explains the harp!) I'll never forget how she looked -- my first view of the exquisite beauty of that charming thirteen year old nude descending a staircase. [Apologies to Marcel Duchamp.] I'll always remember, too, the mischievous open-mouth kiss she gave me a little later, with pieces of sandwich all over her tongue, and the way she gently guided me to the ecstasy of our first fuck, and the unforgettable perfume and nectar of her pussy when I buried my face between her legs at the end of that same evening.

None of us ever seem to tire of our sex games. Charles doesn't get jealous when Sandra or Patty compliment me and tell me how much they enjoy sex with me, and neither of the girls complains when I'm having fun with the other sister. Patty still keeps coming up with new ideas for exciting games that four naked kids can play. And now she's approaching puberty and her period is about to start, so she and her mother are making plans for her to begin taking birth control pills.


Today, Patty is all caught up in the anticipation of her big tenth birthday event. She asked her dad to rent a small ballroom at an elegant local hotel, for a late afternoon dress-up dance followed by an early banquet. She has invited ten girls from her class at school and they are each bringing a boy as an escort -- I suspect the boys are looking forward to the banquet more than the dance. Patty has selected me as her date, and the twins will be there of course. Charles is the disc jockey, and Patty's girlfriends have given him lots of suggestions for music they want to dance to.

But most of all, Patty is looking forward to the celebration that starts when we get back home. Mr and Mrs White will be having dinner at a restaurant so the four of us will be alone for a couple of hours, comfortably naked as usual. Patty has the sequence of events all worked out. First, she wants me to fuck her while the twins watch. As I promised Patty long ago, I want to be very very careful to minimize the pain and maximize the pleasure of her induction into womanhood. But I expect that her pussy will already be well lubricated because of her eagerness, and she'll probably keep urging me to push my throbbing cock faster and harder and deeper into her tight opening, to thrill her with my rhythmic thrusts and overpower the discomfort of her torn membrane.

After Patty descends from her peak of pleasure, she plans to relax for a while and cuddle with me while we watch Charles and Sandra fuck. Not that we've never seen them do it before -- the idea is to give me and especially Patty some time to rest after the excitement of her elegant party followed by her "loss of innocence."

When the twins are finished I'll take my turn with Sandra, and as soon as Charles gets hard again Patty will finally get to experience the feel of her big brother's cock inside her cunt.

During our late evening session after the parents return, Patty wants her dad to complete her special day by smoothly sliding his huge hard cock into her waiting juicy pussy, fulfilling the promise he made to her five years ago. Mr White always likes to fuck slowly, prolonging the pleasure for both his partner and himself, so he'll no doubt treat his young daughter with extra loving care while he stimulates her tender pussy. Knowing Patty's insatiable appetite for sex, and knowing how long she has been waiting for this day to arrive, none of us will be surprised if she asks her father for an encore.

So, before Patty runs out of steam there'll be plenty of time for me to fuck Mrs White while Charles fucks Sandra, and then for a final act pairing Charles with his mother while my true love and I enjoy a sex nightcap.

Don't forget, Sandra and I are both fifteen now, and we're practically engaged. I'll be going into business with Mr White and Charles in a few years, and Sandra and I plan to build another house on the "White-Mason" estate and raise a lot of fucking kids.

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