Tortured By Mom

[ mom/dau, inc, pedo, bond, tort ]

by Lana


Published: 23-Jul-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Well, Sunday proved to be really intense with a lot of pain mixed with a lot of pleasure. Mom got me up at 0500, cuffed my hands behind my back, collared me with a leash, and led me down to breakfast. She had mixed some hash with eggs over easy, and I had to eat them out of a bowl. She wiped my face off, then took me to the basement.

Here she uncuffed my wrists from behind me and added ankle cuffs. She had me step onto a low table. Here she bound my wrists just as far apart as she possibly could. Then she took my left ankle and cuffed it to my left wrist, then did the same to my right ankle and wrist. Then she removed the table.

I was suspended in a severe spread eagle fashion, my cunt, clit, asshole and nipples hers to do with what she would. She then proceeded to put a pump gag in my mouth and pumped it up as far as she could. It tasted terrible, but my cheeks were bulging so bad and my tongue forced down by the gag I could do nothing but gurgle in the back of my throat. Then she added a padded blindfold.

I hung there, waiting, untouched. Sweat began to roll off my face. Trickled down from my armpits. My cunt became wet. I could feel my little lips peel apart. My breathing increased. I didn't know what to expect, or when.

Suddenly, two sensations hit me at the same time. Hot wax hit my nipples while at the same time mom pushed small pieces of ice up my hot twat and open asshole. I couldn't scream due to the pump gag. I could barely move the way I was bound. More hot was, more ice cubes.

Then, all of a sudden, they reversed. I felt hot wax being dropped on my cunt and clit while she rubbed ice against my nipples. She then peeled off the wax from my nipples as she continued to drip it onto my cunt and clit.

These feelings became so intense I forgot about everything else. In fact, I reached multiple orgasms as she continued to torture me this way. She stopped, then began to peel away the wax from my cunt and clit.

Now, mom rubbed ice all over my body, from the neck down to my cunt and clit again, up my legs and across my feet and toes. These I could wiggle, but not very well. I jerked as she continued to use the ice, stuffing my asshole and cunt completely with it.

Finally she stopped as the water seeped from my butt hole and twat. She told me she had a very long tapir candle she was going to light, then place directly beneath my butt hole. She did. She told me she would see me later. The candle was placed close enough to burn me without actually burning me, if you know what I mean. I wouldn't actually suffer any burns, just the extreme heat. I struggled as best I could to move from the flame beneath me, but I couldn't, of course. I hung there, totally naked, my mouth stuffed with the pump gag, blindfolded, my legs and arms spread wide apart and suspended with the candle burning underneath my butt. I was in ecstasy, and in terrible pain. I loved what my mom was doing to me. Eventually, the candle burned down enough I couldn't feel it.

Mom came down. She told me it had been two hours. She removed the candle. She said she had another surprise for me. She tickled my cunt with the leather cat o' nine, ran the strands up my chest, across my nipples. She told me to be ready for it. But first, she had a surprise.

She said she got them from the hospital where she worked. They were syringes, the biggest she could find. Then she placed one on my right nipple (it was so big it actually covered my aureole as well), pushed it against my chest, then pulled out the plunger. It distended my nipple and aureole, and as the vacuum took it up and out I felt a tingling sensation. Then mom did the same thing to my left nipple and aureole. They began to tingle more and more, the blood rushing into them.

Then she started with the cat. Lightly at first, whipping it up against my cunt and asshole, the long strands caressing my entire pubic area and my ass as well as my asshole. I jerked. The more she whipped, the harder she got, little by very little. The pain sent sensations of extreme pleasure through me, the syringes pulling at my nipples.

Mom finally whipped me as hard as she could. I could feel my labia wide open, wanting more and more. She gave me more and more. My ass burned from the leather strands continually striping it, my asshole burning from the pain of the whip forcing itself into the small cleft and up the crack of my ass, my cunt and clit tortured to their limit. And then some. I don't know how many times I came during her whipping me. I could feel orgasm after orgasm surge through my little body.

I don't know how long she whipped me, but she finally stopped. Then I got the surprise of my life. A severe burning on my ass, asshole and cunt and clit as mom told me she was spreading vinegar into the wounds. I wanted to scream, but I couldn't. The pump gag wouldn't allow me to do it.

Mom left, telling me she would be down later. So I hung there, suffering, burning in those places, the syringes still attached to my nipples.

Mom finally came down, told me she had been gone an hour. She told me she wasn't done yet. I felt something being inserted into my cunt and asshole. She told me it was a double penetration vibrator with a clit stimulator. She told me it was designed not to come out, no matter what. She turned it on. I jerked. She told me goodbye.

I gasped, my breath coming in short spurts. My asshole, cunt and clit still burned from the vinegar. The vibrator didn't help any.

I reached orgasm after orgasm again. I have never orgasmed so many times in one bondage session.

Mom returned. She asked me how I was doing. Of course, I couldn't answer, as well she knew. She turned off the vibrator and pulled it out quickly. I wanted it back in. I wanted more.

She yanked off the syringes on my nipples. WOW! I might want to add she completely ignored my rings. That is, my nipple, clit and labia rings. She removed my blindfold. She released the air from the pump gag and pulled it out of my mouth. She finally let me down. She carried me upstairs I was so worn our from the bondage session she gave me. She bathed me, then put me to bed for a few hours until supper.

I can honestly say that from now on I will be ready for anything mom comes up with.

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