Kelly Pants Off

[ M/g, bd, enem, spank, ped, mc, rom, ws ]

by Kelly


Published: 2-Jul-2012

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This is my first attempt at writing a story, please be gentle with me but I would appreciate any constructive comments.

A work of fiction, that's all.

It all started when I was just 6 years old. I was playing with some other kids from the trailer park where we lived. Most days during the summer vacation I was left to my own devices. At best my mom was an alcoholic, at worst she was a drug addict that turned tricks to get what she wanted.

On this day I had gotten up at 8am and was fixing myself some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when she woke, she came into the kitchen and saw what I was doing, she yelled at me for using too much jelly saying that had to last for the next 2 weeks. As usual she kicked out at me; I was ready for it and just managed to avoid a full blow hitting me in the stomach. Then she told me she was having company and I was to make myself scarce for the day and why didn't I stay at someone's house tonight. I had no idea who I could stay with but I didn't dare argue with her, she didn't want me around and wouldn't care if I slept under the trailer as I had done on more than one occasion in the past. She set about cleaning up which as usual meant dumping everything into my room. While she was "cleaning" I saw 5 bucks on the floor and when she wasn't looking I grabbed it. Now I could get something to eat later in the day. I dressed in the only clean clothes I had and ran out the door, she shouted to me as I ran off "and don't come back here till after lunch tomorrow, you hear me" I just ran off and didn't answer. I met up with some of the other kids and we went off on an adventure!

I wasn't really welcome, all the other kids went to school together and their moms all did the best they could to work and support their family, mine just got drunk or high and caused trouble. They let me tag along but I never got to suggest any games or fun things to do, I was always the one that had to steal the candy or the milk, I was always the one that got caught! The cops had threatened to have me taken away if I got caught again, my mom wouldn't have cared less but I didn't want to have to leave this place, it was after all the only place I had ever lived, people told me they treated kids real bad when they got taken away. I was hoping and praying I wouldn't have to steal anything today, my luck was in, we were going to the forest near "Old Toms farm" as we called it. Everyone was scared of old Tom but none of us had ever seen him, just heard his deep voice and the sound of his shotgun as he fired it to warn us not to trespass on his land. We were happily playing in the trees when Greg an older boy from the town came along, I didn't know why but he really hated me, in fact he always said bad things to me, or about me or my mom, I think his dad may have had sex with my mom and his mom had found out, I dunno. As soon as he saw me he started at me to go away, the other kids didn't care much for me, so they soon joined in, I was dejected and felt very alone, as I started to walk off they started to chase me and throw sticks and rocks at me I just ran as fast as I could, I came to a fence and climbed over it. As I jumped down I realised I was in "Old Tom's farm" They started getting closer and were shouting and still chucking things at me, I just kept on running, soon I couldn't hear them anymore and I looked round to see if they had gone. As I turned I heard a door open and looked for somewhere to hide. I noticed a gap in the siding of a nearby barn and managed to squeeze through it. I hid behind some hay bales hoping not to get caught.

No such luck, I was suddenly grabbed from above and hauled out from my hiding place. I heard a loud voice very close to my ear that said "What the fuck do you think you're doing, you little bitch" I screamed and was tossed on to the floor like a rag doll. "Get up bitch" boomed the voice, I was too scared to look up, I had heard the stories of how hideously ugly this man was and how one boy had died from the shock. A hand reached down and dragged me on to my feet. I was crying and shaking from fear, I almost peed my pants I was so scared.

Nothing was said for what seemed like ages, I just stood there looking down at the floor. Then he spoke again. "OK, what's your name girl?"

"Kelly" I answered almost in a whisper.

"What are you doing here?"



"They were chasing me and throwing things at me."


"Greg hates me and then they all started at me."

"I have no idea what your talking about, all I know is you are trespassing and you broke into my barn. That's enough for me to call the Sheriff."

"No, no, please don't call the cops, they'll take away and....." I burst into tears again and for the first time I looked up at the man standing in front of me. I was surprised to say the least, he wasn't ugly at all, he wasn't even old, in fact he looked younger than my mom!!

"Please Mr Tom, don't call the cops, I'm sorry, I won't do it again and I have 5 bucks, I could give it to you to help pay for the repairs".

He smiled at this and stroked my hair; He sat on a bale and told me to come and stand in front of him. He started asking me many questions about my mom, where I lived and why did I think I would be taken away to prison. I told him everything, all about the other kids and my mom, all about Greg and how he was always bad to me and all about being in trouble with the cops nearly everyday this vacation. He listened carefully and looked hard into my eyes. He sat back a bit and lit a cigar, then he spoke "Well, little 6 year old Kelly, you sure are in a big puddle of shit and you just don't seem to have the shoes for it" I had no clue what he was talking about but it didn't sound good and my eyes started to water again as the tears welled up once more. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone, I'd never seen one before but realised what it was when he started speaking to the local Sheriff. I broke down into a full sob as he spoke, asking questions about me and my mom. Then he said "OK thanks, I'll call you back later if I need to."

He put the phone down and took me by the arm; his other hand lifted my chin so he could see my face. "It seems you are telling the truth about your mom and the other kids, but that doesn't mean you are in the clear, you still broke into my barn and you are still trespassing, so, I will give you a choice, I can call the sheriff back and he will take you away, you'll probably go to a home for naughty children and may be end up in prison, or, I can punish you myself, but, I promise you this, I won't go easy on you and it isn't going to be nice, at all!

I didn't answer him; I just looked at his face, as I was staring at him I thought about it, he didn't look all that mean and I didn't want to go away. He asked me again "What's it gonna be?" I said "I don't want to go to prison."

"OK, so I will have to punish you myself, when do you have to be home?"

I thought this was an odd question but I told him what my mom had said earlier and he looked at me as if he felt sorry for me and for a moment I thought I was going to get off without being punished. Then he spoke again.

"I am going to spank your bottom very hard and I'm going to give you a switching, you will have to help me fix the barn and then I will give you another thrashing" I started to cry but managed to mumble "OK, I'm really sorry I did all those bad things."

He told me to lift my dress and hold it up. I slowly moved my hands to my hem but I stopped and pleaded with him, he slapped my face and said "This is your last chance, get it up and do as I say or I'll call the Sheriff right now" he picked up his phone and I said "Ok, Ok Sorry I'll do as you tell me" I quickly lifted my dress to expose my worn and faded pale blue cotton panties. He said "That's better" He reached out and pulled me closer to him, his fingers dipped into the waist band of my panties and he yanked them down to my knees. He hauled me over his knee and started beating me hard and fast on my bottom, I guess he gave me twenty smacks before standing me up again, I was yelling and crying, the tears were falling as though they were going over Niagara falls. He was talking to me again but I couldn't hear a word he was saying, all I could hear was my own crying. He took me by the shoulders and shook me, he said "Be quiet girl, or I'll put something in your mouth to shut you up" he reached down and picked up my panties that had fallen of my flailing legs during the first spanking, he balled them up and grabbed me by the hair, my mouth was already open as I tried to control my crying so he easily pushed my balled up panties into my mouth, "that's better, all that damn noise for nothing, we haven't even got going yet!"

After a short while I managed to control my crying and he removed the panties from my mouth. He told me it was time for the next spanking and that this time it would be slower and there would be thirty smacks, he then picked up a piece of twine and told me to open my mouth, he pushed the panties back in and tied the twine around my head to hold them in. Then he hauled me back over his knee for the next part. This time he spanked much slower and may be even harder, but I wasn't as shocked as I was before and I managed to take it without too much noise, of course the gag prevented me from screaming but the tears still flowed copiously. When he finished he held me there and stroked my butt and the backs of my legs, I calmed fairly quickly, even though I had just been spanked very hard by this man, I didn't mind laying there feeling his hands dancing on my body. When I calmed enough he helped me up and looked at me, he was calm and a little smile fell across his handsome but rugged face. He undid the gag and brushed back my hair, he looked at my clothes and then he pulled me close to him.

Then he did something no other person had ever done to me, not even my mother or grandmother, he hugged me, he rubbed my back and held me close, I think it was that very moment that I fell in love with him. He held me for a long time and I reached up and put my arms around his neck and rested my head on his shoulder "Thank you sir" I whispered into his ear and I kissed him on the cheek, he hugged me tighter and said "It's ok, but we haven't finished yet."

"I know" I replied "and it's ok, I will do whatever you tell me."

He continued to hold me close and rub my back, my tears dried up and I felt very happy even though my ass felt like it was on fire and I knew there was more to come. He untangled my arms from around his neck and stood me in front of him, I spoke first "Is it time for the switch now?" I asked.

"No, not yet, first I have some business in the next town, then it will be time."

"OK, can I come with you please sir" I pleaded.

"Well, OK, but you will have to stay in the truck and I won't let you have any clothes on, if you try to run away, the Sheriff will get you, first he will bring you back here for me to finish punishing you, then he will take you away."

"Oh, I promise I won't try to run away sir, promise, I know I've been bad and I don't want the sheriff to take me away" I started to cry again and he pulled me in close to hug me once again. The truth was I wanted to stay with him forever and no matter what he did to me would be ok by me, as long as he hugged me again.

I looked up and asked if I should take off my clothes now, then I asked if he would hug me again after he punishes me.

He replied "Yes, always"

"OK then" I said and started to undress

He chuckled quietly and helped me with my dress. There I was naked in front of this man that a short while ago was thrashing my butt, not only was I naked but I was happy to be that way, his eyes lit up and he looked at me as though he was pleased with what he saw, that made me even happier, the last thing I wanted to do right now was make him unhappy with me.

He hugged me again and asked me if I needed to pee, I said I had better or I would need to go while we were out, he held my hand and took me outside, it was a warm day so being naked didn't bother me. He pointed to a spot outside and told me to squat there, he then said "wait till I tell you, you can pee." He made me straighten my back and then he stood back a bit, "OK you can pee now" he was smiling when he said it so I didn't care that he was looking right between my legs, I did the best job I could to keep that smile on his face and I peed with all my might. It sprayed almost too where he was standing and I was very proud of that, he gave another little chuckle as I finished and the told me I did a good job, I was so proud of that. I didn't have anything to wipe myself with and he reached into his pocket and pulled out a handkerchief, squatted in front of me and wiped me dry.

"Thank you sir" I said with a wide grin on my face.

He helped me up and we walked towards his truck, the windows were all blacked out so you couldn't see inside, he opened the door and picked me up, he plopped me on the seat and told me to slide over. Then he climbed in and we set off.

When we arrived in the next town he reached over and grabbed a blanket, he told me to wrap it round me and stay in the seat, he reminded me of the consequences of running away. I again promised him I wouldn't, then as he got out he planted a kiss on my forehead, I'm positive I actually swooned.

He was back within 15 mins carrying some packages under his arm, he had a beaming smile on his face as he got back in the truck and he gave me another kiss. OK Kelly lets get home and have some lunch before I give you a real hard switching. I moved closer and wrapped myself around his arm and said "OK sir but could you switch me before lunch? I don't want to have to wait that long and spoil my lunch"

"Hmm, Ok" he said "seeing as you asked so nicely."

When we arrived back at the farm, he took me to the barn, he laid me down on some hay bales and gagged me again, this time he also tied my legs close to my ankles, then he ran the twine around the bale and secured me to it he did the same at my knees, waist and shoulders, I was fixed there and couldn't move, he didn't speak much just to tell me I was very brave and I was now going to get 10 strokes of the switch on my butt and the backs of my legs.

The first stroke was like a line of fire landing across both cheeks, I bucked and wriggled as much as I could but to no avail, my otherwise piercing scream was muffled by the gag, as I regained a little composure the next stroke bit in just below the crease of my butt where it joins my legs, again I went into the dance of "fire in the butt", it was impossible to move and I was just wasting energy, he continued with the punishment spacing out the blows from the top of my butt to the back of my knees, I think the strokes got lighter as he hit my legs but the instantaneous pain was just the same to me, each stroke was carefully directed and each one had the desired effect, it made me scream and rut about like a crazed animal that had been wounded.

When the final stroke landed he sat beside me and started rubbing my back to calm me, it took quite some time but eventually I could hear his soothing voice and my sobbing died down. He then said "I'm now going to do something that is very bad". I was terrified and struggled wildly, what could be worse than the switch? But he said it wasn't going to be as painful as the spanking or the switching I'd just received, there would be some pain if I didn't do as he said but he would try to be gentle with me this time. He cut the bond around my waist and told me to stick my ass up as much as I could and to push as though I was trying to poop, I did as I was told not understanding why, then I felt his finger touching my rose bud. He wiggled it about and pushed a little, then he wet his finger and started pushing again, it went in just a bit and he rubbed my back with his other hand, I tried as hard as I could to push up and push my rose bud out, in went his finger, it hurt like hell and I had this tremendous burning feeling in my bottom hole, after a few seconds he pulled it out and said "good girl" I felt so pleased with myself that I had made him happy, I stopped crying and lay there while he continued to rub my back. He undid the twine holding me down and rubbed my legs and arms before picking me up and carrying me towards the truck. He took out the packages and carried both them and me into the big farmhouse.

He sat me down on the table and placed the packages beside me. Then he hugged me and kissed my cheek, I kissed him back and he told me of his plans for the rest of my stay with him.

"First I am going to give you a bath, then I am going to clean you out, inside, I will give you an enema." He explained what it was and I said a reluctant "OK."

"Then we will have some lunch, watch some special movies and then take a short nap, after that we will go and fix the barn and you young lady will get another spanking!"

"We will go to the TV room to watch the special movies I have."

"Oh are they cartoons, I love cartoons."

"No, they're not cartoons, but they are very special, you'll just have to wait and see!"

"OK, I will wait, so long as you will hug me when we watch them."

"Yes I promise I will, the whole time, in fact you can sit on my knee and watch them."

I beamed a big smile and reached out to kiss him "Thank you sir."

He picked me up again and carried me to a huge bathroom with a tub so big I thought it was a swimming pool. He started to run some water and put the plug down, he emptied some bubble bath into the water and then turned to me. He looked stern and as he spoke I started to shiver.

"Now young lady" I liked it when he called me that "It's time to clean you inside, I don't want any fuss or I'll punish you on your front with my belt, understand."

"Yes" I said, what he didn't know at that time was if he said he wanted to cut off my arm I would have let him as long as he hugged me after. No one in my life to that date had ever shown me any love or affection, I used to watch other kids with their parents after school, they would run up to their moms or dads and throw their arms around them, they would hug each other and then the parents would sweep them up in their arms and carry them to the car, how I wished I had a mom or dad that would do that, instead my mom would just push me away or kick me and tell me to stop that shit or she would beat me with the buckle end of a belt. She did that on more than one occasion, even to the point where I had cuts and bruises on my back, my clothes were torn and then she would beat me harder for making her ruin my clothes...........

He took some things from a cupboard and started to wash them, then he filled a water bottle with some hot soapy, he connected a hose to it and a black thing to the end of that, I was getting very scared and didn't know what was going to happen.

He told me to kneel on an ottoman and put my hands on the floor, he reached out and spread my ass cheeks, I gave out a little cry and he said, "be quiet and don't start crying, or I will spank you again."

I didn't reply, just stayed as still as I could, he told me to push out like I wanted to poop again, I did as he told me and I felt his finger rubbing at my butt hole, he had put some lube on it and was gently pushing it in to my butt, then he replaced that with the nozzle and slid it in, once it pushed past my sphincter muscle I felt a sharp and tearing pain, I screamed and as I tried to get up his hand pushed me down and he smacked my ass hard, he pushed it in some more and then turned on the flow, the shock of the water entering my body was too much and I collapsed onto the floor. He picked me back up and spanked me as he held me in position, I felt the water filling me up and the pain in my ass was making me feel weak. He stopped the water and pulled out the nozzle. Then he shoved a plug in my ass, he was none too gentle and it hurt real bad. I was crying and shaking, then he started to rub my back again and hold me in position, he lifted me upright and my guts started cramping, rubbed my fat belly and soothed me with his voice and little kisses on my forehead. Again this had a calming effect on me and I relaxed enough to be able to stand. He made me do some jumping jacks and some stretching, then he helped me to the toilet and pulled out the plug. He told me to empty out and then sit on the funny looking toilet next to me; I didn't know what it was but soon found out what it did. He turned it on and washed my but and fairy. I felt good and then he plonked me in the tub and turned off the water.

The water was so deep I could go right under the bubbles and hide, he pretended to try and find me and we both laughed and played. He told me to use the soap and face cloth to clean myself from tip to toe. "Do a good job, I'm going to inspect you after and you will be sorry if you are not clean."

I washed myself all over and watched as he stripped and took a shower. I had seen naked men before, many of my moms boyfriends walked about naked, I'd even see an erection, but I'd never seen a man with so many muscles. I watched as he dried himself, he came over and pressed the plug lever, the water started emptying and I stood up. He wrapped me in a big fluffy towel and carried me to the ottoman. He stood me up on it and checked I was clean, he told me that he would smack anything that was dirty, luckily I was clean all over and he carried me back to the kitchen.

He asked me what I wanted for lunch and I told him I didn't care, after all I only had 5 bucks to get lunch, dinner and anything else I needed.

He started to make some pancakes and poured me some juice. I was still sitting there with nothing on. He told me to help him with the packages on the table. He pointed the smallest one and told me to undo it. I pulled at the paper and it ripped open. Inside was 2 pairs of white cotton panties, I looked at Mr Tom and he was smiling, "they're for you, go on put a pair on."

I was so excited I almost fell as I scampered about trying to put them on, he was laughing and helped me steady myself while I pulled them on. He stood back and looked at me, he had a grin from ear to ear and said "You look beautiful" I jumped up and hugged him, he laughed again and said "steady on, there's more to come."

I put my feet on the floor and then I started to cry, I just stood there sobbing.

"Hey, what's up?" he asked.

"I'm so sorry, I was a naughty girl and I'm really confused and I don't know what to say and .........."

I babbled on, he came over and guided me to the table, he knelt down and rubbed my back, he said "don't cry, yes, you are a very naughty little girl and you have been spanked hard, later you will be spanked hard again, then you can cry, but now, I want you to be happy and try on these nice clothes, the ones you have are dirty and old, I don't want my little spanking toy in dirty clothes."

I didn't really understand what a spanking toy was but I dried my eyes and we opened the next package together. When it was opened there was a beautiful dress inside, it was white with little flowers sewn on to the bodice, he helped me put it on, it was very short but at six that didn't matter. I spun around and the skirt flared up, he sat on the floor and smiled. I went over and put my arms around his neck and we hugged.

I said "thank you sir, I've never had any new clothes before; mom always gets mine from the Thrift in town, sometimes I didn't have any panties for ages, I'll try to be good and do what you want, but I can't keep them, my mom would kill me if she knew someone bought me new clothes."

"Don't worry about that, just do what I ask and let me do what I want and I will sort out your mom."

I hugged him again and said "I will let you do anything you want."

"Really? Even if it hurts or it's naughty?"

"Yes, anything."

"OK, prove it, I want to smack your ass and cane you on the butt hole and your cunt."

"What's a cunt?"

"The secret place between your legs."

"OK, I will let you do it, all I want is for you to hug me after and rub my back."

His face changed and he sternly said "Come here, lift your dress and open your legs, you little cunt."

I was a bit scared but I did what he said, after all, why would he buy me clothes if he was a nasty man?

He smacked me hard between the legs, I immediately closed my legs and put my hands on my fairy to help ease the pain.

"Huh, so you won't let me do anything I want, you're a lying little cunt."

"No, no, sorry, sorry sir, it just hurt and I didn't know you were going to do it."

"You don't have to know, you just have to take whatever I want to give you, little bitch."

I was crying, more from the way he was talking than the pain in my crotch, I opened my legs again and lifted my dress, I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth waiting for the next smack, it came but it wasn't with his hand, he used a wooden ruler that had been on the table, he gave me 4 more, not really hard but hard enough to sting and make me cry yet again. He put the ruler down and hugged me, "I know you don't understand, but I hope you will soon, we have a lot to talk about and you have a lot to learn.

We hugged for a while, then he said he was going to cook lunch and I could open the other packages, save your questions until after lunch, just look at the things and lay them on the table.

As I opened the packages, Mr Tom cooked the pancakes. I could see him out of the corner of my eye, he was smiling as I looked at each item. There was another outfit of a matching skirt and top, they were both very brief and I didn't think they would fit me really, I held them against me, they were very short. There was a pair of hold ups, I'd never seen a small pair before, then there was a ball thing with a rubber strap attached to it, some thin red rubber things that were shaped like a rocket and then some wide leather straps with buckles on and rings attached, some short chains and in the last package a long and very beautiful dress, it was heavy and very silky feeling. I laid them on the table and he bought the pancakes over. He had cooked some blueberry and some plain pancakes there was also a jug with maple syrup and some more juice.

We sat down and started to eat, I ate 3 pancakes and then put my fork down. He asked "have you had enough?"

"I'm not allowed to eat anymore than that at home."

"Well, you're not at home now so you go ahead and eat all you want."

I had my fill and sat back satisfied with the best meal I'd had in weeks. When he finished eating he told me to help with clearing the table and then we could have a chat and look at the new things he had bought. I carried the dishes to the sink and he washed them up, he told me to be careful not to get my dress dirty, or I would get spanked. He looked at me and smiled, it made me giggle and I said "I don't care, you can spank me all you like and do what you want, as long as you keep your promise and hug me after"

"Come here little bitch and lift that dress."

I walked over and lifted my dress, he reached down and slipped my panties down, then he leant over me and smacked my bottom 6 times. "Like that you mean" I sniffed back a tear and said "yes, sir" He hugged me and kissed my forehead again. I smiled and looked up at him, he bent down again and we kissed each other on the lips. "Pull up your panties and get on with clearing the table."

I pulled them up and skipped to the table; even though my butt was burning again I was happy and just wanted to get more hugs. We finished clearing the table and put all the things away. We sat at the table and he picked up the ball thing. "This" he said, "goes in your mouth and the straps go around your head to keep it in, it's better than using your panties, see there is a hole in the middle that will let you get enough air so you don't stop breathing, here lets try it."

I leant forward and opened my mouth, it was a bit big and he had to hold my head and force it past my teeth, when it was in it filled my whole mouth and my tongue was trapped. He pulled the straps around my head and they held it tight. It was a bit uncomfortable but not too bad, he smiled at me and kissed me. I tried to smile back but my mouth was forced so wide I couldn't move my lips, I tried to speak but it was impossible and all I could do was make a sound like Mmmmph!

Then he picked up the leather straps and attached 2 of then to my wrists and 2 to my ankles, first he attached a short chain to the wrist cuffs and pulled my hands behind my back, he clipped them together securing my hands. The last strap he put round my neck and then attached the last chain, he left it hanging loose and helped me stand. He picked me up and laid me on the table on my front. The table was hard and I was uncomfortable but when I tried to talk, all I could say was "Mmmmmph."

He attached the ankle cuffs to the chains hanging from my wrists this put me into a loose hog tie and had my knees bent back, he still left the chain on my neck unattached.

He picked up one of the red things and showed it to me, he explained that it was for my butt and later he was going to tie me like this again and put one in me. I was scared and I started to cry, told me to stop or he would spank me right now, I tried to stop but I was scared and I didn't like the things he said, he started to rub my back and my tears turned to sobs as I gasped for air through the ball gag.

"OK, I warned you."

He lifted my ankles and pushed up my dress, then he pulled down my panties as much as he could. His hand slapped hard on my ass, he spanked me 5 or 6 times really hard. He said "Now you have something to cry for you little bitch."

He left me there without hugging me and I cried harder, I was struggling to breath and he added to my discomfort by shortening the chains from my ankles to my wrists putting me into more of a hogtie, he pulled the chain on my collar and forced my head back, he clipped it to my wrists and now it really was hard to breath.

He looked into my eyes and reminded me that I had said he could do anything he wanted. "Isn't that what you said little bitch? That's what you said, isn't it?"

I tried to answer but I couldn't, he slapped my face "Well" he shouted.

I tried to nod my head and he said "Well then, why cry when there is nothing to cry for?"

He released the hogtie and the neck chain, he took the chains off my wrists but left them clipped together behind me, he said to leave the cuffs and collar on but he removed the gag, I had made the front of the dress wet with my spit and tears, he looked at it with a frown and told me later I would have to pay for that.

"Yes Sir, sorry."

He picked me up and carried me to another room, it was dark inside, there were heavy drapes at the windows and the walls were all wooden panelled. He switched on a light and walked to a large sofa; he set me down and told me not to move. He went out to the kitchen and bought back a glass of juice and a beer; he sat down and unclipped the cuffs at the back, he told me to drink some juice. I took a few sips and sat back.

He picked up the TV remote and switched it on, then he switched on the DVD, a movie started playing a he pressed the pause button.

"Come up here and sit on my knee" I climbed up and he hugged me, he gave me a few kisses on the cheek and held me tight. My feelings were now very mixed up, I loved the hugs and the new clothes but I was scared of the things he had done to me and I was really scared of the red plug for my butt. He rubbed my back and I started to relax, after a while he started to tell me about the movie we were about to see, he said "It will probably make you very scared and may be you will want to cry, but I don't want you to, I want you to be as quiet as you can and just watch, you will see some little girls, some about your age and some a bit older, they are having things done to them, some of the things are like the things I've done to you, the punishment and the enema, the tying up, things like that, some of the bigger girls get other things done and some of the younger girls get plugs in their butts just like you did before and like you will later, remember, you still have another thrashing to come later, but for now I just want you to watch and then we will talk about it after, ok?"

I was feeling very worried and at the same time very secure in his arms, I managed a whispered "Yes, ok sir."

He pressed the play button on the remote and the movie started. The opening shots were of young girls playing and laughing with men that I assumed were their fathers. They were all smiles and laughter. Then the scene changed to a man shouting at a little girl, she was standing holding up her dress and I could see her white panties, then she peed herself and you could see her pee trickling down her legs. The man walked over to the girl and slapped her leg, he called her a dirty little cunt, he ripped down her panties and bent her over, his big hand slapped her ass many times and really hard, he tore her dress off and her panties, he pulled her by the hair and pushed her over a chair, she was screaming and struggling but the man was too strong and he slapped her legs hard. He used some rope to tie her and then he put in a gag. He stood back and picked up a cane. He beat her 6 times and then he put his finger in some gloop, he opened up her butt and pushed his finger in really hard, the girl bucked on the chair but he didn't stop, the camera showed a shot of her face and the terrified look she had. The man continued to finger her butt hard and slap her at the same time. She cried and cried while he abused her little butt. He undid the ropes and tied her with her ass sitting on the chair, her legs were spread wide and her arms were tied behind the chair. He picked up a short strap and started to punish her cunt, he was shouting at her that she was a dirty little cunt and she must learn to control her bladder, after about 10 strokes, he stopped and rubber her cunt hard. "Now my little cunt you will say thank you to Daddy for punishing you for your dirty behaviour" He undid the ropes and she fell on the floor, he sat on the chair and pulled her onto her knees, he took out the gag and said, "say thank you, Cunt!"

The little girl wiped her eyes and said "Thank you for punishing this dirty little cunt, I'm sorry I was bad Daddy and I will try to be better next time" With that he undid his pants and let them fall, he say back and you could see his erect thing sticking out like a flagpole, the girl went forward and opened her mouth, slowly she lowered her open mouth over his cock and started to suck him, after a while her Daddy grabbed her hair and started pushing her down further and harder, the girl coughed and choked on it but he kept on pushing her head up and down, suddenly he cried out "Yes, you fucking little cunt, that's it, now swallow, all of it, or pay the price."

The girl swallowed all of it and then licked his cock clean, he patted her on the head and stood up, he pulled up his pants and the girl got up, she was a bit wobbly and sat on the chair, her Daddy came back with an ice-cream and said "good girl", he kissed her and she smiled at him and said "Thank you Daddy" he kissed her again and the picture faded.

The next film was an older girl, she was wearing a really short skirt and a crop top, a bit like the ones Mr. Tom had bought for me. The girl was standing in front of a desk, a man walked behind her and ordered her to bend over the desk and spread her legs, the man lifted her skirt and she wasn't wearing any panties. He spoke to the girl and asked her why she was here, she said "I am here because I was caught playing with my dirty little cunt, and if I behave like a slut I must expect to be treated like a slut."

"What am I going to do to you slut?" he shouted.

"Punish my dirty ass and cunt."


"With a cane, you will thrash me on my ass, then cane me between the legs and on my asshole, then you will fuck me in my cunt and ass"

"And how will you thank Daddy for punishing you?"

"I will suck Daddies cock clean and swallow his seed into my belly"

"What else will Daddy do to you?"

"Daddy will shoot his seed into my slutty womb and I will have his baby, because I am a worthless cunt and I am only good for fucking"

I watched with wide eyes while this girl was beaten and stripped by her Daddy, she had small titties and he pinched and slapped them, he pulled her hair and tore her clothes off, he held her down and raped her ass and cunt, she screamed and cried but he ignored her and kept abusing her, he came inside her and whipped her cunt and asshole, he caned her titties and forced her down in front of him. She sucked and licked his cock and he came in her mouth, it showed the white stuff in her mouth and we watched as she swallowed it. Mr Tom was rubbing my back and I could feel his cock against my leg as it got harder and harder. The girl stood up and kissed her Daddy she saud "Thank you Daddy, I love you", "I love you too honey, you are my special little cunt" they hugged and kissed, they put their tongues in each others mouth and the shot faded.

The rest of the DVD was similar, it showed everything from rape, punishment and abuse to kidnapping and even pissing on the girl. I was silent when it finished, Mr. Tom picked me up without saying a word, he carried me up stairs and told me to undress. I laid on the bed as instructed and he clipped my hands together in front of me, he used the chains to attach my feet to my wrists and clipped my ankles together, then he attached the neck chain to my wrists so I was in a sort of front hogtie. He took off his clothes and laid beside me. I was laying on my right side and he pulled me into a spoon with him and he held me and stroked me, I drifted off to sleep. While I was sleeping I had a dream about the film and the one thing that stuck in my mind was the girls reactions after they had been treated that way. They all smiled and hugged their Daddies and said thank you. I imagined these things happening to me and I felt comfortable with it. Somehow it all seemed ok, the girls all seemed happy and they all loved their Daddies, at the end of the DVD they showed the girls naked and playing with their Daddies in way that I had seen others play in real life, the only difference being their nakedness. I drifted into a deeper sleep.

When I woke, Mr Tom was kissing my neck and stroking my skin, I felt so happy and I asked if I could say something. He said "of course princess" I loved it when he called me that and I said "Are you going to do those things to me?"

"Some of them, yes, but you are too small for some things and you are too new for others."

"Can you teach me to please you and make you happy, the girls all looked so happy in the movie and I want to be that happy."

"I want you to be happy like that too, but we must sort out a few things first, I want to talk to your mother."

"No, PLEASE" I interrupted him.

"He pinched my ass and said "don't interrupt me, naughty girl."


"I won't get you into trouble, what I want is to keep you and have you as my own little girl, would you like that?"

I tried to jump up, but I was tied, I almost choked myself with the excitement "Oh, Yes, I'd love that, would I stay here with you? Would I live here? What about school? Oh I wish it could be true."

"OK, Slow down, I have to sort out many things yet but yes you would live here and one day all of this property will be yours, you would be my daughter, my only family."

I went into a daydream and just lay there in his arms.

Soon, all too soon, he said we had things to do. He undid the cuffs on my wrists and ankles and unclipped the chain from my neck collar, "get dressed and come to the kitchen" he ordered.

I quickly put my new dress and panties on then I went down to the kitchen, he was also dressed and fixing us some juice. I wanted to say more about living with him but I didn't want to make him angry, so I sat next to him at the table and rested my head on his arm. "Drink up Princess" he said quietly and we finished our drinks in silence. "OK lets go and fix the siding on the barn."

"OK" I said cheerily I desperately wanted to pee but I thought I would tell him when we got outside, I thought it would please him if I did it in front of him again.

We went out and gathered a few things together, a hammer, some nails and a piece of board, I carried the hammer, it was heavy and the need to pee increased. We got to the place where we had to do the repairs and I told him I needed to pee.

"Why didn't you go when we were in the house?" he asked sternly, suddenly I thought my plan had backfired, he told me I would have to hold it until we finished and if I didn't and I peed my panties I would be in big trouble.

I started to quietly sob and rock from one foot to another. Mr Tom looked at me with an angry face. "Lift your dress" he shouted "and open your legs wide" I did as he instructed, I didn't want to make him any angrier, I already felt bad enough. I realised that the worst punishment he could give me was to be angry with me, or not to hug me after a spanking. I hated myself, I wish I had asked to go before we left the house, tears started to freely fall down my cheeks and I started to apologise and explain what I had done, I told him I was really sorry and only wanted to have a chance to please him again. At this he seemed to soften and told me I should let him decide what would make him happy.

I said sorry for the umpteenth time and was ready to burst. "OK" he said "this time I will let you off with a small spanking and let you pee. Take off your panties and squat as before, remember wait for the command to pee!"

I did as I was told and got into position making sure my dress was out of the way, I waited and was getting more and more desperate, then he gave the order "Let it go then."

I emptied my bladder with full force and was proud of the distance I managed to get it. Again he chuckled at this and I was pleased he was happy again. When I finished he took out a handkerchief and knelt down as if to wipe me, but instead he told me he was going to smack me first. I suddenly began to get very worried and my fear was totally justified, he smacked me right on my peephole, he told me to stay still and gave me a further 5 smacks, he said "Cunt spankings will soon be apart of everyday life, so get used to them, that was a simple light slapping, the next 2 will be much harder."

The next 2 smacks landed with a mighty slapping noise and very fast, my reaction was delayed and piercing, he slapped my face hard for screaming so loud, the pain in my face didn't even come close to comparing to the incredible burning in my throbbing cunt! He wiped his hand with his handkerchief and stood up, ho told me to remain in position until he said I could move, then he went about repairing the barn. In truth I hadn't damaged it, the hole was already there, that's why I went through it but I wasn't about to argue with him. While I was squatting there I thought about the words he had said, that "cunt spanking would be come apart of everyday life", with this thought, I stopped crying and started to smile. He looked at my face and asked why I was smiling, I said "Because you said I would get a cunt spanking everyday."

"Why does that make you smile?" he asked.

I happily replied "that means I'm gonna live with you" as I said it my smile got bigger and my eyes filled with tears.

"Well, as I said, there are many things to resolve first, but that is my intention, yes, and you are sure you want that?"

"Oh yes" I chirped "because I will get lots of hugs."

"Indeed yes, come here princess."

I jumped up and ran into his outstretched arms, we hugged and hugged and hugged, he kissed me on the lips and rubbed my back. I just melted into his arms.

Once the barn was repaired we went back to the house and sat in the kitchen chatting. He asked me many more questions and answered everyone while I clung onto his arm.

"Well young lady, you still have a big punishment to come, but that will happen later this evening, in a short while a friend will come with her little girl and we will have dinner, I want you to help the little girl prepare dinner, her name is 'Molly Slut' and your new name will me 'Kelly Cunt', that is how I will call you from now on."

"OK" I said dejectedly "does that mean I'm not your princess or young lady anymore?"

"Of course not silly bitch, you will always be my little princess it's just when my friend Jenny comes with 'Molly Slut' and we are altogether. Jenny is a very good friend of mine and we both have similar interests in smacking little girls, although, Molly is now 13 and gets a lot more than hugs and kisses, she also gets other things that make her happy, just as I hope, one day you will enjoy other things like the girls in the movie."

"Oh, OK, I hope I will like them too because I think they will make you happy as well."

"Yes, they will make me happy."

With that he took me into the TV room and switched on the Children's channel and left me to watch TV while he made some preparations for later.

A few minutes later a pretty young girl came bounding into the room and introduced herself as "Molly Slut" I said "hello, I'm Kelly cunt" we shook hands and she sat down beside me and we watched TV, as we were sitting there she held my hand and soon we were sitting very close to each other and eventually we were hugging. We hadn't spoken much but I knew instantly that I liked this girl. I spoke to her and asked if she would always be my friend, she replied "No, better, we could be sisters."

I hugged her real tight and said "I would like that" we just smiled at each other and carried on our TV viewing.

Mr Tom came in and introduced me to Miss Jenny, she was really beautiful, not very tall and very slim with long, long red hair, she had a warm face with a wonderful smile, she bent down and kissed me and stroked my hair. Turning to Mr. Tom she said "Oh she's delightful" Mr. Tom just smiled and nodded.

Mr Tom smiled at me and said "Kelly Cunt, I'm going out for a while and I will leave you with Miss Jenny and Molly slut, I won't be long, I just have something to sort out."

With that he left and Miss Jenny sat next to us on the sofa and the three of us watched TV and hugged. I felt so happy, even after the spankings I had, had and the one I knew I was going to get later, that moment was the happiest of my life so far. I just dreamt of things to come and all the happy moments I could possibly have in the future!!!

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I throughly enjoyed this entry. I do hope you will write further adventures of young Kelly and Mr. tom.


superdelicious story, please write more, preferably fantasies about girls with tiny titties....


Fabulous, really erotic and horny story, please follow up with more.Loved it got to go, got to Cum!


Great story, enjoyed it a lot! Hope you will continue this and let us read more about Kelly and Mr. Tom. I hope she will gradually experience more and more stringent bondage and discipline :-)


really hope you get to writing the next chapter soon

Texas Dom

Left me wanting more. Please continue the adventures of Kelly Cunt.

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