Chloe's Awakening, Part 2

[ Mgbgggbbgg, muti, m15, g8, g11 ]

by katieC

[email protected]

Published: 4-Apr-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Chloe sat in her room doing her homework. It had been a good day and her fingers were regularly slipping between her thighs to her slit as she thought of herself bent over the desk and receiving the cocks of Justin Barber and Mr Sealy. She had watched the video on her phone of her sucking Justin off several times and couldn't wait until she could repeat the performance.

It was getting late now and she stretched as she closed her book and thought about getting into bed. She went to the bathroom noticing that Sophie her 8 year old sister was just turning her light off and snuggling down under her duvet. She returned to her room and sat back down at her desk so she could pack her book bag for the morning. As she put the books inside Chloe's Mum popped her head round the door and said she was off for a bath. Chloe heard the water running and the bathroom door lock click shut.

As she put the last book in her bag her Dad came into her room.

"Hi sweetie" he said moving over to where she was sitting. "How are you?" There was a clear bulge in his trousers and Chloe smiled as he stood next to her his crotch level with her head.

"Hi Dad, you need some help there?" Chloe whispered reaching up and undoing his trousers.

Sophie heard her Mother shut the bathroom door and was lightly rubbing the small nub between her thighs. She wished she had Chloe's dildo as she was feeling really horny and the idea of having that inside her filled her with lust. She noticed a shadow approach her door and lay still feigning sleep as her Father came into her room and tucked the quilt round her. As she watched him through slitted eyes she noticed the large bulge in the front of his trousers and realised that her Dad had an erection. She watched as he left her room and heard him go over to Chloe's room. Sophie got out of bed and crept to her door. Her Mum was in the bathroom and she could hear the bath running, Chloe's door was ajar and she could hear Chloe whispering to her Dad and then he groaned. Sophie crept along the hallway until she could see past the partially shut door and had to stifle a gasp as she saw that Chloe had their Dads cock in her mouth.

Sophie watched as her Dads cock moved in and out of her sisters mouth, Chloe's hand clearly rubbing the shaft her cheeks hollowing as she sucked on his thick rod. Every three or four strokes Chloe released his cock and ran her tongue over the large domed head causing her Dad to moan in pleasure.

Her Dad held Chloe's head still and said "Going to cum sweetheart" He pulled his cock out of Chloe's mouth and started to rub the shaft of his prick quickly whilst holding the tip against Chloe's bottom lip. In seconds white goo sprayed out of her Dads cock into her sister's open mouth. CHloe leant forward and took his cock into her mouth again bobbing her head up and down as her Dad moaned with pleasure.

"That was fantastic you really are good at sucking cock." her Dad said as he stroked Chloe's hair.

"Thanks Dad "she replied. "Does Sophie suck you too or is it just me?"

"Just you at the moment sweetie."

Hearing that Sophie crept back to her room and fell into a restless sleep.

The next night Sophie went to bed at the usual time reading a little first but not really concentrating on the words the events of the previous evening going round in her head. Sophie heard her Mum head into the bathroom for her bath and settled down turning her light off and positioning herself so that the covers looked like they had ridden up her body leaving her legs and pussy exposed for all to see. It wasn't long before her Dad came into her room to tuck her in. She had let her legs fall apart giving her Father a clear view of her pussy which she had been rubbing ensuring that her slit glistened with her juices. She watched through half closed eyes as he reached out and ran his fingers over her hot wet slit causing her to wriggle as he probed between the folds of her pre teen labia.

"Hello Dad." she said sleepily looking up as he bent over her his middle finger sliding into her young body. "Don't stop that feels so good."

Her father continued to push his finger into her pussy his thumb circling her clitoris sending spikes of hot pleasure through her body whilst he finger fucked her tight hole. Sophie's breathing got faster as she experienced new levels of pleasure. She felt her Fathers finger pause and then withdraw as he began to lick her wet slit. Sophie moaned as her Fathers tongue travelled up her slit, dipping deep into her hole before lapping around her clitoris. She felt a new bigger intrusion as her Father pushed two fingers into her virgin hole causing her to catch her breath. Her Dad began to pump his fingers in and out of her pre teen body her hips moving to meet his fingers her mind now lost just needing the release of her climax. It wasn't long before her body convulsed and Sophie experienced her biggest orgasm to date. Her pussy gripped her Fathers fingers as her orgasm spasmed through her body.

Her Father slowly withdrew his fingers from his youngest daughters body his cock now straining against the confines of his trousers. As she lay panting in front of him he undid his zipper and released his dick. He was harder than he had ever been and needed to cum. He guided his cock to Sophie's mouth and was surprised when she willingly parted her lips and reached up to grasp his thick meat. Sophie marvelled at how soft yet hard his dick felt and found that it didn't taste unpleasant. Even the clear fluid leaking from the tip was mostly tasteless and she tried to mirror what she had witnessed her sister doing last night. Her Father moaned as her tongue ran over the tip of his prick before engulfing him again and drawing him as deep as she could into her mouth. She felt her Fathers hand on the back of her head and then his cock swell and fire jets of hot cum down her throat. She quickly swallowed as her mouth filled with more of his cum. It didn't taste bad, a little bitter and slimy but she could live with that. She had had to swallow anyway as her Fathers hand had prevented her pulling away from his cock. Finally his cock shrank a little and he let go of her head allowing her to let his cock slip from her mouth.

"So did you enjoy that?" her Dad asked.

"Oh God yes" Sophie replied, as she said this they heard the bathroom door open. Her Father quickly tucked his cock back into his trousers and pulled the quilt over Sophie's bare body. He bent down and kissed her on the forehead before moving to the door leaving her in a post orgasmic haze.

Sophie fell asleep quickly her body exhausted.

Sophie woke up the next day and smiled as she remembered the previous evenings events. The next time Bobby tried to feel her up she would let that was for sure. Now she knew what her body was capable of she was keen to repeat the experience but it wouldn't be tonight as she was having a sleepover at her friend Jenny's house. Sophie got ready for school and then went downstairs for her breakfast.

After school Sophie met with Jenny and they walked the short distance to Jenny's house. They chatted as they walked and although Sophie was desperate to tell someone about how good it had felt to have a cock in her mouth she knew that she couldn't.

When they got to Jenny's house they went up to her bedroom and Sophie noticed that her Mum wasn't home but that her teenage brother was. Jenny explained that her Mum would be back at about 6pm and she had left them some snacks in the kitchen. They went down and raided the snack cupboard bring their mini feast back up to Jenny's room. At that point Jenny's mobile rang. It was Kelly her cousin. As she talked on the phone Sophie went out to the bathroom. On her way back she was met by Bobby Jenny's brother. He had kissed her at a party and tried to feel her up but Sophie had stopped him.

"Hi Sexy" Bobby said pushing her up against the wall. "Want to come into my room and have some fun with me and my mates?"

"What kind of fun?" Sophie asked her pussy tingling. She had a good idea of the kind of fun Bobby was after. Bobby's hand slid up her thigh and under her pinafore dress.

"Not wearing knickers then. You must be keen. Or have you been playing with my sister?" Bobby took Sophie by the arm and led her into his room. "Hey guys, I've got us a plaything." Bobby pushed Sophie onto the bed and straddled her chest. The two other boys laughed and stood up. One of them Sophie recognised as Olly Barber, Justin Barbers younger brother but she didn't know the other boy. They were all 13 years old and in the year above her sister. Bobby undid his trousers and released his cock brushing it across Sophie's cheeks and lips. Her pussy was really itching now and she could feel the wetness spreading to her thighs.

"Do you know what this is for?" Bobby asked stroking his cock in front of her. He was quite well endowed, no where near as big as her father but not small either and the end of his cock was dripping with pre cum.

"I think one of your mates is about to show me" Sophie replied.

Olly Barber had moved to the end of the bed and was rubbing his cock up and down her soaking slit. As she said this he thrust his black cock into her virgin pussy causing her to catch her breath.

"Oh fuck that's good" Sophie said as Olly began to pump his black teenage prick into her 8 year old cunt. Bobby looked around as Olly began to fuck Sophie harder. As he did Sophie raised her head and opened her mouth taking his cock into her mouth.

"Shit" exclaimed Bobby as Sophie rolled her tongue around his sensitive glans. He watched as Sophie bobbed her head up and down using the skills she had learnt with her Father to suck the boys cock. "Olly it's my turn"

"Olly withdrew his dark cock from Sophie's pussy. They then turned her over so she was kneeling in the bed making it easier to service two boys at once. Bobby climbed up onto the bed and entered the young girl in one hard thrust. Olly appeared by Sophie's head and rubbed his wet cock over her lips. She opened her mouth and welcomed the black teen cock into her mouth grasping his shaft with one hand to prevent him pushing too deep. Sophie could taste her own juices on Ollie's cock and that sent her even higher. This was fantastic her body being ravished from both ends. All at once her climax built and then washed over her as Bobby continued to thrust into her pussy it's walls rippling around his hard shaft. She continued to suck on the black phallus pre cum leaking into her mouth as she serviced the black teen her pussy being fucked hard now as Bobby pumped the full length of his cock in and out of her pre teen pussy.

Sophie wondered where the other boy had gone and then realised as he led Jenny into the room. Bobby groaned and she felt several hot spurts inside her pussy as he emptied his balls into her. Seconds later Ollie's cock swelled and then fired it's load of hot bitter goo into her mouth. She swallowed some of his cum the rest pooling in her mouth before she swallowed it down.

"I didn't know you were into sex" said Jenny as the boy led her into her brothers bedroom. "Can I lick you out?" The boy pulled his trousers down revealing his cock. It stuck up almost vertically and was longer than Ollie's or Bobby's with a mushroom shaped head. Sophie rolled onto her back and spread her legs allowing Jenny access to her pussy which was dripping with her brothers cum. Jenny bent forward an began to lick the white goo from Sophie's pussy whilst her brothers friend stood behind her and guided his prick into her pussy. Jenny's head was pushed forward her tongue digging deep into Sophie's pussy as the boy fed his cock into her tight hole. Jenny moaned sending vibrations through Sophie's clitoris causing a surge of pleasure through her lithe body. Both Bobby and Ollie were hard again and Sophie sucked them in turn enjoying the taste of her juices and the boys cum.

As she sucked Bobby Ollie swapped places with the boy who was fucking Jenny. She turned and he introduced himself as Billy. His cock glistened with her friends pussy juice. Sophie eagerly took his cock into her mouth wanting to see what her friends pussy tasted like. Jenny's tongue was setting her on fire licking all around her wet slit before digging deep into her hole and then lapping at her throbbing clitoris. Billy let her lick his cock clean and then moved away to the end of the bed. He moved Jenny to the left and climbed on top of Sophie. Jenny guided Billy's cock into her friends hole whilst Ollie slowly fed his black cock into her body.

The two girls moaned as they were fucked hard by their teenage lovers. Bobby knelt at the head of the bed and placed his cock between the two girls heads allowing each to take a turn in sucking him. Sophie was in heaven. Her pussy was full of cock and another boy was feeding his cock into her willing mouth. The fact that she was doing this in front of her friend was even more of a turn on.

Jenny began to push her hips up to meet Ollie's thrusts. The little girl was approaching a massive orgasm and as she came so did her brother coating her and Sophie's faces with his sticky cum. Ollie didn't last much longer filling Jenny's pre teen pussy with his second load of cum. Billy lasted the longest and came just as Sophie's body clamped down on his 13 year old penis. She moaned as the hot jets of cum coated the inside of her pussy.

Completely spent the boys withdrew their cocks and allowed the girls to suck them clean.

"Thanks boys" Sophie said "That was fantastic." and with that Jenny grabbed her hand and pulled her back to her bedroom. Jenny shut the door and lay on the bed her legs spread.

"Climb on top and lets lick each others pussy's" she said a wicked smile on her face. Sophie climbed up onto Jenny's bed and positioned he cunt above Jenny's face before bending forward and lowering her face to her friends wet slit. She used her fingers to pull Jenny's labia apart before running her tongue down her pink flesh lapping the boys cum from her open hole. Jenny moaned as Sophie continued to work her tongue deeper into her copying what Sophie was doing with her tongue. Both girls revelled in the mix of pussy juice and cum as the approached orgasm their fingers buried deep into the holes previously plowed by the boys cocks. Sophie came first her pussy nearly crushing her girl lovers fingers. She continued to pump her fingers into Jenny's pussy and was surprised when her friend came and sprayed her face with pussy juice.

Sophie climbed off her friends body and lay on the bed next to her allowing her body to relax and calm down.

"God I never knew sex could be so much fun." Sophie said quietly.

"I know" Jenny replied. "The night after you refused to let him touch you he started pestering me. He pushed me onto the bed and put his hand up my skirt. Then he showed me a movie on his phone of a girl sucking his cock and asked me if I was grown up enough to do it. I told him I was so he got his cock out and pushed it into my mouth. I didn't do much he just moved his hips gently effectively fucking my mouth. He came really quickly and filled my mouth with cum. I had to swallow it because my head was on the pillow and I couldn't move. It wasn't too bad though. After that he licked my pussy till I came and then went back to his room. Two days later him and Billy held me down and fucked me one after the other. That did hurt at first but by the time Billy came in me I was feeling good. I didn't cum that time but have every time since."

"How many times have they fucked you?" Sophie asked surprised that she didn't know her friend had been doing this.

"Must be 5 or 6 times now." she answered "But this was the best time. I've never cum as good as that, it was so hot watching you get fucked too and I love licking your pussy and feeling you licking me."

"It was good" admitted Sophie "I think I need a shower now though.

"Me too" giggled Jenny "Want a hand?"

The two girls disappeared into the bathroom to clean off the cum from their bodies happy that they each had someone to share their experiences with.

The next morning Sophie was pleasantly surprised to find that her body didn't hurt at all. This was probably due to the fact that she regularly penetrated herself with Chloe's dildo so was used to having something inside her. Jenny was a little sore but both girls readied themselves for the school day ahead. Bobby managed to slide his hand up both girls skirts as they stood at the basin cleaning their teeth and they allowed him to rub their slits wriggling as the spasms of pleasure surged through their young bodies.

Chloe got ready for school. She was excited because it was Friday and tonight her Uncle Paul would be in charge whilst her parents went away for the weekend to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Her Uncle had been taking photos of her for a while now, and as the photos got more daring so she got hornier. She had been baring her pussy and giving her Uncle blow jobs since her 11th birthday. He had always pulled out of her mouth before cumming but since she had started swallowing her Father's cum and, had swallowed Justin's and her teacher Mr Sealy's cum she was eager to show him her new skills, and to let him fuck her. She wondered if Sophie would want to be involved or if she would have to wait until she was asleep before she had fun with her Uncle.

Paul arrived at the girls house at 2pm. He had arrived in time to allow their parents time to get away before rush hour started and thought it would be a nice surprise for the girls to find him there when they got back from school. He was looking forward to seeing Chloe again and was hoping that she would let him fuck her. He had been thinking of Sophie as well and what he would do with her whilst he played with her sister. God what of he could do them both, that really would be something else.

He was shown where everything was and then left to wait for the girls to return from school. Sophie was being brought home by her friends Mum and Chloe always got the school bus so he wandered around the house trying to work out where he and Chloe could have fun without disturbing Sophie. He took a quick look in Sophie's room smiling at the fact that everything was either pink or purple before entering Chloe's room. He sat on her bed and opened the bedside table drawer feeling to the back where she had told him she kept the dildo he had given her. He held it up to his nose and breathed in savouring the scent of her pussy juice his cock immediately hardening at the thought of the plastic phallus sliding in and out of Chloe's hot wet pussy.

"Hi Uncle Paul. What are you doing."

Paul jumped as he saw Sophie standing in the door a wicked smile on her face.

"You know where that has been don't you?" she said walking towards him. "Not just inside Chloe but in my pussy too do you want to see? You'll have to get me nice and wet first. Sophie took her Uncles free hand and placed it between her thighs.

"Why aren't you wearing panties?" her Uncle asked gently sliding his fingers along Sophie's slit. It was all he could do to stop himself cumming in his trousers as he felt the hot wetness seep from the 8 year olds pussy.

"I like to feel the air on my pussy." Sophie said in a matter of fact way climbing up onto the bed and spreading her legs. "Put it in me I want to compare it to last night."

"What happened last night?" her Uncle asked as he rubbed the dldo up and down her wet slit. The tip lodged in the entrance to her pussy so he applied pressure and watched as the dildo sank into the young girls body.

"Ahhhh mmmmmm. good but I don't think it is as good as the real thing. Do you want to fuck me and then I can see for sure". Sophie started to writhe in pleasure as her Uncle slid the dildo in and out of her pussy.

"Not sure I will fit in you" said her Uncle as he stood up to undo his trousers leaving the dildo firmly embedded in her pussy.

"Please try I want to be fucked again. It feels so good. Oh WOW that is BIG" Sophie reached out and wrapped her small hand round her Uncles shaft pulling him gently towards her open legs whilst she removed the dildo from her pussy tossing it to the side.

Paul reached down and rubbed his engorged cock up and down his nieces cunt coating the tip of his cock with her hot juices. He found her opening and pushed forward gently. His cock didn't move for a moment and then as he increased the pressure on her pussy the tip popped passed the outer muscle of her hole and 2" of adult dick slid into the young girls pussy.

"Ahhhhhhhhh" Sophie moaned part in pain and part in pleasure as she took her Uncle inside her.

"You OK?" her Uncle asked holding still for a moment before gently rocking his hips feeding more of his cock into her furnace like pussy with each thrust. "What happened last night?". Sophie was panting now her body slowly accepted it's latest invader.

"Got fucked by my friends brother, and two of his mates" she answered biting on her lower lip "Jenny licked my pussy too" she said bringing her hips up to help her Uncle bury his cock into her newly fucked pussy.

"Did you cum?" her Uncle asked as his cock bottomed out in her hole. He held still for a moment and then pulled almost all the way out of her before letting his adult cock sink back deep into his youngest nieces pussy.

"Yes couple of times" she said "And they came in my pussy and my mouth."

"Did you like that?" her Uncle asked thrusting as hard as he dared.

"God yes cumming now" Sophie's body trembled as she climaxed ripples running through her pussy massaging her Uncles penis. He let his cock slide from her and knelt over her body his cock resting on her lower lip. His hand rubbed the shaft of his prick a couple of times and Sophie opened her mouth realising that he was about to cum. She lifted her lead slightly and covered the tip of his glans just as the first jet of cum erupted from his cock. Sophie's cheeks hollowed as she sucked on her Uncles prick drawing his cum out and into her pre teen mouth. She swallowed as her mouth filled with his cum as more jets erupted from his cock. As he finished cumming Sophie rolled her tongue round the head of his prick cleaning the last of her juices and his cum from his dick.

"Mmmmmm" she said "Tasty, real cocks are definitely better than plastic ones. And big cocks are even better than small ones" Sophie smiled as her Uncle stood up and fastened his trousers. "Are you going to fuck Chloe as well?"

"I want to. Do you think Chloe will let me?"

"Let you what?"

Sophie and Uncle Paul both looked at the doorway to see Chloe standing looking at them with a smile on her face. Sophie's pinafore dress was still pulled up over her knees exposing her bar recently fucked pussy the lips red and wet.

"I knew you were sucking Dad off Soph but thought I would at least get to fuck Uncle Paul first. I hope you haven't taken all his cum because I want my share."

"Come here and you can have some" Sophie said. Chloe went over to the bed and the two sisters kissed for the first time. Chloe's tongue snaked into her younger sisters mouth tasting the last of her Uncles cum.

"mmm " Chloe said "I want more" She undid her blouse and dropped her skirt before reaching around and unfastening her bra revealing her small pert breasts which were no more than bumps really. She then turned to her Uncle and took his hands and placed them on her panties.

"Do you want to take these off for me" she said wiggling her hips as her Uncle pulled her knickers down. Sophie reached up and ran her fingers along her older sisters slit rubbing her clit and spreading the wetness all over her smooth pussy. She slid a finger inside her sisters body and Chloe moaned as her Uncle lent forward and gently sucked one of her nipples.

Paul then pushed Chloe's head down to her sisters slit and undid his trousers taking his hardening cock out and moving behind Chloe. He rubbed his cock up and down the older sisters pussy mixing his pre cum with Chloe's juices He watched as Chloe's tongue ran up and down Sophie's pussy making the youngster squirm with pleasure. He found the entrance to Chloe's pussy and pressed forward pulling back on her hips at the same time forcing the swollen head of his adult cock into the pre teens pussy. Paul allowed half his cock to rest inside Chloe for a moment before he withdrew and then thrust back into her feeding another inch of his cock into the 11 year old's tight hole with each hard thrust.

Chloe began to pant as wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over her body as her Uncle pumped his cock in and out of her small body her tongue raking along Sophie's wet slit lapping at her clit whenever she could although the force of her Uncles fucking was making this difficult. She felt her Uncle thrust hard as her pussy rippled along his shaft her orgasm taking her breath away before he held her still his cock spraying her insides with his sticky white cum.

Chloe collapsed into Sophie's lap her cheek against the wetness of her younger sisters sex. Slowly she regained control of her breathing a smile creeping across her face.

"That was fucking fantastic" she sighed.

"Going to be a hell of a weekend girls" Uncle Paul replied as his cock slipped from Chloe's pussy. "A hell of a weekend!"

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