Mother Takes Control, Part 2

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Published: 18-May-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Tony and I slept like the dead that night. As much as we might have wanted to play well into the night, our bodies were just too tired. We didn't wake up until mom called us from the living room.

"Tony! Jack! Come in here please!" Tony and I popped up with a start. We looked at each other groggy eyed but smiling. We knew what mornings always brought. We jumped out of bed, and made to put on our underwear. It was almost as if mom saw what we were doing from in the other room. "And don't bother getting dressed," she added. Our grins turned into full blown smiles! Mom had something special in mind!

"Coming," I cried. I popped open the door and we both ran down the hall.

"What do you think she's doing," Tony asked excitedly.

"I don't know," I replied, "but I'm looking forward to it!" Our erections let us down the hall.

In the living room waiting for us was the most beautiful sight of all: mom, the middle of the room, as naked as we were! We ran on up to her and stopped. We stood with our hands behind our backs, and our morning erections pointing up at her.

"Now, isn't that just the cutest thing I've ever seen!" She reached over and patted us on our little hard-ons. She bent down and looked straight at Tony. "Last night Jack got a little treat. Well, this morning it's your turn. Jack, I want you to go sit on the couch. Stroke all you want, baby, just don't cum. Tony, I want you to go out of the room and come back in. I want you to walk in on me while I'm straightening up in here. Is that what you'd like?"

Tony's face was pale and his eyes wide. His pulse must have been racing, because he spoke as though he were out of breath. "Oh, yes, mommy! I'd like that a lot!" He wasted no time in running back down the hallway. Mom turned around and started moving magazines around on the coffee table, as though neither of us were there. I stared at her with wide eyes, and marveled at my mother's naked body. I'd seen it before, but that didn't matter. Mom was beautiful, and sooo sexy! She was bent at the waist, and her breasts hung down and swayed just a bit as she moved. I started stroking my dick.

About that time Tony trotted back in the room and stood just behind mom. "Mommy," he asked. "I have a question." Mom turned around, and played the role perfectly.

"Yes, baby, what is it?" She stood and bent over slightly- just enough to have her breasts hang in Tony's face.

Tony swallowed hard. "Um, I was wondering, um..."

"Yes, honey?" Mom held a wide, smirking smile as she pushed Tony to ask his question.

Tony looked up from her breasts and met her eyes. That seemed to strengthen his resolve. "I was wondering if you'd let know...touch you." His chest heaved with the excitement of the role-play mom was directing. "I'd really like to touch you." His eyes were hopeful and frightened at the same time.

She just shook her head and grinned. "I'm your mommy. Of course you can touch me." Her smirk returned. "You can touch me anywhere you want." Tony couldn't wait. He thrust both hands out and grabbed mom's breasts. His mouth was open and his eyes were glazed. Mom chuckled. "Easy, baby. Be gentle with mommy's boobies!"

"Boobies" doesn't sound like a dirty word, but the way she said it somehow made it one. I had to let go of my penis to keep from cumming. Tony eased his pawing and began gently squeezing our mother's breasts and rubbing his palms across her nipples. Mom let out the quietest moan, showing her approval. Tony played with her breasts for several minutes, and then I saw his focus change. He was looking at that beautiful patch of black pubic hair, and finally let go of her breasts.

He was mesmerized by the sight. Mom was going to let him touch her and that's all he could see or think. Mom opened her legs ever so slightly, giving him better access. Mom looked down at him as he reached out to feel her sex. "Go ahead, baby, and touch mommy's pussy."

Tony looked as though he was going to pass out. He reached his right hand between our mother's legs and placed his palm against her sex. His dick was dripping pre-cum and he started breathing hard. He just held his hand there and rubbed it back and forth. He looked over at me in disbelief at what was happening. I continued stroking my dick and nodded at him. He reached his other hand over and ran his fingers across her lips. "Oh, mommy, it feels so good! You're so hot and wet!" He tried to gather his thoughts to keep speaking.

He all but failed. He looked up at mom in desperation. "Mommy, I think I'm gonna..."

"Is your penis feeling all tingly?" Tony nodded his head. "In that case, Jack, would you step over here, please? Your brother's about to cum, and I'd like you to help him."

My eyes must've grown to the size of dinner plates! Help my brother cum?! "Oh, mom," I thought, "you are truly amazing!" I jumped off the couch, (painfully close to cumming myself) and stood behind my little brother, my erection poking the small of his back. I reached around him and took his penis in one hand, and cupped his testicles with the other. Mom sat back on the couch and ran a hand across her chest, showing us where she wanted his cum.

It took no more than three or four strokes before he ejaculated all over our mother's chest! Six ropes of cum stretched all across mom's breasts! I kept stroking Tony until he stopped shooting and cum just dribbled down my hand. Without even thinking, I pulled it up to my mouth and cleaned it off. Now it was my turn. I stepped around him and stood between out mother's legs. I stared straight into her eyes as I stroked.

It didn't take very long. Mom leaned forward and thrust out her breasts to catch my cum. I exploded all across her chest! Once I had finished my orgasm, mom leaned back and smiled at us, her breasts coated in our sperm. She ran her fingers through the mess and took a tiny taste.

"Now who's going to clean mommy's breasts?" Mom grinned knowingly at both of us. Tony and I looked at each other, smiled, and ran around to either side of her, each claiming a breast to clean. Mom slid one hand between her legs while we did. I ran my lips and tongue all over her, scooping up as much of our sperm as I could. With each pass across her breasts, I swallowed more and more cum. She still wore quite a bit, but I found myself staring at her nipple. I couldn't help myself; I simply had to taste her!

I through my lips down around her nipple and pulled it into my mouth, feeding like a hungry baby! I sucked her deep and hard, with a need more than a want. She patted my head with her free hand and moaned.

"That's it baby's, feed on mommy's titties!"

I rubbed my face against her as I fed. My face was quickly mottled with the sperm that hadn't yet been cleaned up. I opened my eyes long enough to see Tony in very much the same position. Mom's eyes were closed, and her face was flushed. She tilted her head back started to moan. Mom was going to cum! I could hear the moist noises her fingers were making as they pulled across her pussy, and the smell of her sex filled the room. Very soon she was thrusting her hips up off the couch, as her climax rocked through her!

Her moans turned into shouts, and she squeezed her legs together around her hand. She shook for probably half a minute before she settled back down and relaxed. I let her breast fall from my mouth. Mom had a glazed look in her eyes as she looked back and forth between us. A broad smile of satisfaction spilled across her face.

"My boys! You made mommy cum! That was nice!" Tony and I both blushed at the compliment. My heart pounded with pride that mom had cum with our help! "And it looks I might have gotten you two excited all over again!" She was right; we were both erect again! Mom pulled us in close and whispered, "Maybe you boys should go back to your bedroom and take care of those? You know, together?"

Tony and I exchanged looks of absolute shock! We looked back at our mother questioning what we had heard. She nodded her approval. "I love you, mommy," we said at almost the same time and then kissed her on the cheek. We looked back at each other smiling, and mom popped us on our behinds.

"Now go, you little scamps! Enjoy your morning."

We did, in fact, enjoy the rest of our morning. We got back to our bedroom and hopped up on the bed. We sat cross legged and just stared at each other for a moment. I looked down at Tony's penis; it was rigid and wet from our earlier cum. I looked up at him and said, "Open your legs and scoot closer to me. I have an idea."

He opened his legs wide, and looked at me to see exactly how we were going to do this. He knew I had something in mind, but wasn't yet sure what. I opened mine, set them over his, and we scooted forward until our crotches were nearly touching. I grabbed his hips and pulled him in closer, until our dicks touched. The touch was like electric shock! My erection throbbed with the contact! I bit my lip and looked up. Tony's mouth was open and he was breathing hard.

I reached down between our legs and grasped his shaft. He breathed in hard. My pulse was racing, and I ran my hand up and rubbed across his glans. He moaned and closed his eyes. Leaving one hand on his sex, I grabbed his hand with the other and placed it on the head of my cock. He rubbed his palm across the head of my dick, like I was doing his. We were already wet, and being directly on the head, the rubbing became intense very quickly.

Now it was my turn to moan.

"Oh, Jesus, Jack! Too much, too much!" His voice was soft but the words were intense. He was feeling the fire same as I was. We both let go. "Wow. It was like getting shocked, but in a good way."

I laughed. "Yeah, it kind of was!" I pushed my hips even closer, and pushed up tight against him. "I have an idea." My eyes glazed at what I had in mind. I began thrusting my hips up, just a bit, and stroked his penis with my own. He grasped my hips and mirrored my movements. Every time I stroked up, he slid down. The friction was building and we were both panting. He dropped his head onto my shoulder and gently bit down.

"Oh, Jack! It feels so good! It's almost like we're fucking!" There was shortness in his voice, his eyes were closed with pleasure, and I pulled his chest in tight.

"I'm gonna cum, baby brother! I'm gonna squirt all over you!" I gritted my teeth as the feeling grew imminent.

"Cum, Jack! Cum hard! Squirt all over my dick!"

I did exactly as he asked and thrust hard up and down as I spread my cum all over his cock and balls. That was all he could take. I felt the heat of his orgasm pulse across my penis and stomach. We sat there for a full minute catching our breath before moving. We both looked down at the mess we had made and laughed.

Tony spoke what I was thinking. "We always clean it up." It sounded more like a question than a statement.

"Yeah, we do." I knew what he meant. We were about to cross that final barrier. Neither of us said exactly what we were going to do, but we both knew what it was. We untangled our legs and sat back looking at each other. His groin was covered in sperm, and his dick glistened in it.

"Maybe we could do it at the same time?"

I leaned to my side, and gestured for him to do lean the other way. We lay on our sides and pulled in close. His cum coated penis was inches from my face, and I could feel his breath against mine. I swallowed hard and I could feel the blood rushing to my face. I took the plunge. I stuck out my tongue and licked across straight up his shaft! I could feel the heat of his erection as I cleaned the cum from his cock. He moaned.

I felt his tongue roll across my shaft, and I thought I was going to die! I gripped his bottom tight, licked all the way up to his glans, and took it in my mouth, and began sucking him in earnest. It felt so strange- having his cock in my mouth. His soft head slid across my tongue, and his shaft began filling my mouth. I felt dirty and excited at the same time! I gripped the bottom of his penis and sucked him up and down.

"Oh, god, Jack! Please don't stop!" He held my erection tight in his hand while he adjusted to the feeling. When he could think again, I felt him take me in his mouth. I moaned around his cock and thrust involuntarily just a bit. We forgot about clearing away the sperm from before, and got lost in what we were doing. After several minutes, he started shaking, and so did I. Soon we were both cumming again! It wasn't very hard, and it wasn't very much, but we held each other until the final drops were swallowed. Finally we let go, and rolled onto our backs.

That's when we heard it; panting and moaning just behind us! We sat up with a start, and stared as we watched our mother sitting on the floor right in the doorway, with her hands between her legs! Her eyes were closed and her face was flushed and sweaty. Soon her panting turned into shouting. "Oh! God! Oh! God! Oh, God!" She thrust her legs out straight, and her body shook with orgasm. Mom had cum again!

It took a moment for her to come down enough to speak. She looked up at us with a glazy eyed smile. "Boys, that was wonderful!" She stood up and just gazed at us- both naked on the bed. Eventually she spoke. "Get showered and get dressed. Tonight I've got something special for you both." She smiled wickedly and stepped out of the room.

Later on, Tony and I were out riding our bikes. We weren't far from home, but to us it felt like a hundred miles. We rode out into the country a bit; down a winding road full of hills, surrounded by barns and corn fields. We liked it out there, where we could talk and play without interruption or distraction. There were come creeks further on, where we would often (unsuccessfully) hunt for crawdads.

We rode in silence for a long while, before Tony asked what we were both thinking. "What do you think 'something special' means?"

I laughed when he read my mind. "I'm a little scared to think about it, to tell the truth." I laughed again. "I'm not sure I can take much more!"

Tony laughed with me, and it was quiet for a while. We rode on for the longest time, just winding around and enjoying a good ride. Neither of us spoke, and we enjoyed a perfectly comfortable silence. I'm sure we both had the same thing on our minds, but for today, we were just enjoying being outdoors. We took time to just be normal boys on a summer day, and thought about what was to come.

Later that evening, Tony and I were sitting cross-legged on our bed, penis's pointing to the ceiling. It was bedtime, and that always meant mom would be in soon. Before long we heard footsteps coming down the hall. Then, to our surprise, dad came through the door in his bath robe.

He scanned the look on our faces and explained, "Don't worry boys; I'm just here to watch." We had become comfortable with our nudity in front of our father, and made no attempt to cover ourselves. Mom came in just behind him. She was wearing her robe as well, though it was open in front, and we could see that she was naked underneath.

"Well, boys, we're going to try something different tonight!" Mom lifted her arms, and she held a blindfold in each hand!

Tony spoke up. "Um, mommy...what are..." Mom cut him off.

"Like I was going to say, we're doing something different tonight. You both know what it's like to be pleasured by a boy- namely each other, and that's a wonderful thing, but I want you to know what it is to have a woman to do that for you. Also, I'm going to make sure that all you can do it feel it, so I want you both to lay back, try not to move, and close your eyes. I'm going to put these blindfolds on you."

Even though we knew he was aware of things, we both blushed at the thought of dad hearing about our exploits. I looked up at dad as he dropped his robe. He was standing behind mom, and his cock was enormous! Well, enormous for a pair of twelve year olds, that is. He was probably 7 inches or so, thick, and contradictory of the fashion of the time, completely shaven. I heard Tony gasp, and saw he was staring at dad's dick as well.

Mom looked behind her and laughed at our surprise. We lay back on the bed with our hands at our sides, and mom crawled up between us. She lifted my head from my pillow, and fastened the blindfold behind my head.

"Now, Jack, try not to move. I want you and your brother to be aware of nothing except the feeling. Do you understand?"

I nodded my approval. "Yes, mommy."

She repeated the process with Tony, and we lay there, getting use to the silence that fell across the room. The bed springs squeaked as mom repositioned herself, pulled my legs apart, and took her place between my legs. My erection throbbed with anticipation. I felt her hands on my hips and her breath on my groin. My chest pounded and my mouth went dry. She blew a cool breath across my penis, and it twitched involuntarily.

That's when it happened. I felt the warmth of mom's lips closing around the head of my penis! Mom was sucking my dick, and I couldn't believe it! I moaned with the sensation. She slid her mouth down my shaft, and held her lips shut around the base. It was unreal! I felt her hand cup my testicles and she started rolling them around in her hand. It was all I could do to keep from moving, though I was squeezing my fingers in a tight fist to focus on not cumming.

Mom increased her pace, and began working her mouth up and down my penis. I felt her tongue pressed against the bottom of my dick, while her lips slid up and down. I was breathing hard, and moaning. That's when I heard something I did not totally expect. I heard the tell-tale sound of someone stroking themselves; that wet sliding sound followed by heavy breathing. Dad must've been jerking off! I suppose the sight of mom sucking us was enough to set any man to stroking!

I imagined what dad's cock must look like erect, but my imagining was cut short. The feeling of mom's ministrations was taking a very hot toll!

"Mommy, I'm getting close!"

She pulled her mouth off my penis and gripped it by the base. "Cum for me baby, cum for mommy!"

"Ah! Ahhh! Ahhhhh!" I cried aloud loud as I came. I felt the hot liquid splash across my stomach as mom squeezed out every drop! All was quiet for a minute, and then I felt another surprise- mom was licking me clean! I felt her tongue start at my pubes and work up to my stomach, licking up my cum as she went. I felt her lick my shaft up and down one last time, and felt the warmness of her mouth as she sucked the last drops out of me. I could hear dad moaning at the sight. In a minute or so I was completely free of cum. I heard mom smacking her lips.

"Tasty!" I heard her voice turn away from us. "Now don't you cum yet!" Then she bent forward and whispered in my ear, "Soon all of my boys will be cumming! Now keep on your mask, and lay here like a good boy. I'm going to make your brother cum now."

I nodded my agreement and remained silent. I heard Tony moan in anticipation. I listened and heard all the slurping and sucking sounds I had heard when mom was servicing me. The sound was too much to ignore, and my cock responded by staying erect! Very soon I heard Tony cry out in orgasm, and I envied him, even though I had just had one of my own. I listened to hear mom licking, as I knew she would, all over Tony's stomach. It was all I could do the keep from masturbating as I listened to it all!

All was quiet for a few seconds before mom reached down and pulled off my blindfold. It took a moment for my eyes to get accustomed to the light again. When I could finally see, mom was sitting up, and looking down at both of us.

"Did my boys like their orgasms?" All I could do was offer a quiet jerking nod of my head. "Good. Now you two sit up and watch while I make your daddy cum!"

Tony and I exchanged excited glances and we looked up and watched as mom got off the bed and down on her knees. Dad was stroking his erection in earnest now, and he must have been 8 inches long! Mom looked up at us, and smiled a wicked grin. She looked up at dad and said, "Is my other boy ready to shoot now? Are you ready to cum in mommy's mouth?" My eyes grew huge and my jaw slacked when she said, "mommy's mouth"! Is that why dad was shaved? (Was it) to look like a little boy? The thought made my head spin!

"Uh huh," was all dad said and he pointed the head of his dick right at mom's open mouth, then he came in half a dozen huge shots into her mouth! Mom let him finish shooting, and caught it all without swallowing. Then she looked up at him grinning, her mouth still partially open and protecting her prize. She stood up, and kissed him hard on the mouth, filling his mouth with his own sperm!

"Did you like that, baby?"

"Oh, yes! I always like it when you feed me my cum!" Dad looked over to us. "Mommy's good at that, isn't she boys?"

Tony had the first word. "Oh, god, daddy! Mom's the best!"

"Yeah, daddy! I loved it! I even loved watching you cum in her mouth!"

Mom looked at us with a sexual pride. "Mommy loves cum, too, boys!" She looked at dad and grasped his slowly softening penis. "Now go meet me in the bedroom baby, like a good boy. We're not done yet!" Dad stepped out of the room, and mom came over to the bed. "You two can take care of those little hard-ons before going to sleep. You'll want your rest. Your sister Tammy will be here tomorrow!" She kissed us both goodnight and left the room. Tony and I sucked each other to two more orgasms before falling asleep!


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Love where this is going. Can't wait for the next installment...


Yes, I like it. I really, really like it.




Love where you took this story. Especially Mom jilling herself just after the boys blew one another. Totally caliente!!


OH Yes...I really liked it too......more please...!!


So fantastic...gotta run before I cum in my hand.

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