Daddy's Little Slut-Muffin, Part 2

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Published: 29-Apr-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.


"Come along honeybunch, bathtime," Richard said to his eight-year-old daughter Jenny.

Jenny giggled and held her arms up to her father, "Carry me upstairs Daddy."

He leant over and scooped her up, her arms wrapping tightly around his neck and her legs gripping his waist. His hands went to her buttocks to steady her and she wiggled her bum against his palms, his fingers laying naturally along the slit of her pussy and her head resting contentedly against his shoulder.

Richard carried his daughter upstairs and set her down on the bathroom floor, "Right sweetheart, get undressed while I fill the bath."

Turning on the taps to fill the bath, Jenny's father sat on the toilet to watch his daughter undress. His cock stiffened inside his trousers as each delicious inch of her young body was revealed. Jenny was a natural exhibitionist and liked her Daddy watching her get naked and played up to him, slowly taking her clothes off, almost like a strip-tease. She stood in front of him, a secrer smile on her face, her hands on her hips and feet set slightly apart, letting her father feast his eyes on her naked body.

"Daddy," she said, "I need a wee."

He stood up, then perched on the edge of the bath as Jenny sat on the toilet. His eyes wandered up and down his daughter's naked body as she leaned back against the wall, her slender thighs slightly parted and her eyes on her Daddy's. Jenny let a stream of golden fluid flow from between her thighs. The silky smooth mound of her pussy glistened with moisture as Jenny opened herself to her fathers lascivious gaze.

Richard stood up and started to undress without taking his eyes from his daughter's naked body. When his trousers fell to the floor Jenny's eyes dropped to the cock sticking stiffly out from the base of his belly and she felt the by now familiar fluttering in her tummy.

"Come on baby, jump in."

Jenny stood up and wiped herself before she cocked one leg over the side of the bath, carefully testing the temperature with her toes. She stood in the calf deep water as her father took a flanel in his hands, and after carefully soaping it, began to wash his daughter's body from the neck downwards.

Richard finished washing Jenny's front, "Turn around and lean against the wall."

Grinning over her shoulder, Jenny leant forward and rested her hands against the bathroom wall, her legs parted. Richard ran the soapy flanel down her back then between her spread thighs and she giggled, "That tickles Daddy,"

Jenny wiggled her bum from side to side in delight and shivered as her father ran the flanel between the crack of her arse, pressing it against the tight slit of her vagina from behind. She looked back over her shoulder, her eyes glinting, then she rested her head against the wall, her eyes closed and parted her thighs even further, allowing Richard easier access to her pussy.

Her father knelt down by the side of the bath and used one hand to gently pull her buttocks apart while he ran the soapy flanel up and down the crevice with his other hand. Jenny murmured delightedly as the flanel went from her anus then along the sensetive skin to her vagina.

"Like that baby?" he asked.

"Mmmmmm!" Jenny mumbled as she wiggled her arse against the pressure of the flanel, "Put your finger in my bum Daddy."

Richard discarded the flanel in the bath and gently ran the tip of his forefinger along the crack between his daughter's buttocks from front to back. He soaped his finger to lubricate it, then pressed it lightly against the tight puckered hole and pushed gently, Jenny's moaned and her thighs parted even further as the tip of his finger slipped inside about a quarter of an inch and he started to slide it in and and out, inserting it further and further with every thrust, until the finger was fully inside his daughter's anus, making Jenny groan and rock backwards and forwards against the invading digit.

She started panting when his other hand covered her vagina, the middle finger pressing and rubbing against the little button of her clitoris.

"Mmmmm, yessss Daddy, that's it, right there."

The finger in Jenny's bum slipped in and out easily as her father continued rubbing her clitty in little circles. Soon she was moaning, her head resting against the wall and her thighs quivering at her impending orgasm.

"Come on baby," Richard whispered into his daughter's ear, "Cum hard for Daddy."

Jenny's legs grew weak and shaky and she screwed her eyes tight shut as the sensations coursed through her young body. The finger in her bum was sending incredible shivers radiating outwards from her groin and the finger rubbing her clitoris made her entire body shake, desperate for sexual release. Her little fists clenched against the bathroom wall as her orgasm hit her. The breath whooshed out of Jenny's throat as her father pushed the finger as far inside her anus as he could and her low moans became a loud groan when he gently pinched and squeezed her throbbing clitoris between his thumb and forefinger. Puffing and panting madly, Jenny's forehead slowly slipped down the tiled wall as her legs collapsed underneath her, leaving the young girl on her stomach in the bath, her father's hands still between her thighs.

She turned her head and looked up at Richard, sweat beading her forehead and a faraway look in her eyes, "Wow Daddy, that was the best yet."

Richard climbed into the bath and sat in the water then tenderly pulled his daughter onto his lap, his hard cock resting against her outer thigh. He hugged Jenny tight and kissed her passionately on the mouth, "It's no more than my little slut-muffin deserves."

Jenny giggled at her Daddy's nickname for her and squirmed round until she was facing him. Taking his penis in her hand, she gave it a delicious squeeze, "Do you want me to make you shoot now Daddy?"

Grinning, Richard leant back against the end of the bath as his daughter slid down his thighs until she was sat astride his knees. Her small hand started to stroke up and down the rigid length of her father's shaft and he let out an animalistic groan as incredibly, his cock swelled even further in her grip. She squeezed and stroked his cock with one hand while the other went to his testicles and started gently tickling and caressing and lightly scratching the heavy sacs with her fingernails.

"Ohhhhhh fuckkkkk yeahhh babyyy," Richard's loud groan echoed off the tiled bathroom walls as his daughter slowly, deliciously, brought him closer and closer to orgasm.

She was becoming expert at prolonging the agony and the exstacy. Her head bowed, Jenny stuck out her tongue and flicked it over the ultra-sensetive glans, tickling the hole in the end with the tip of her tongue and bringing forth more groans from her father. The head of his cock swelled and turned purple as she took it into her mouth and started applying suction with her cheeks and lips, her teeth lightly scraping over it.

Suddenly Richard shook, his hips jerked out of the water, almost dislodging Jenny from his lap. She kept her eyes raised to his face as she continued sucking and sucking and sucking, her hand squeezing and wanking his cock into her mouth.

"JEEEEEZUUUUUSSSSS FUCKKKKKKKINGGGGG KERRRISTTTTT!" he yelled, his face going as red as a beetroot, as the fruits of Jenny's labour gushed from his balls and splattered against the roof of his daughter's mouth and down her throat, filling her mouth so much that some overflowed and dribbled down her chin.

Removing her mouth from her father's shrivelling cock, Jenny grinned up at him, "Was that nice Daddy?"

"Fucking hell baby," he replied, his chest heaving, "You're the fucking best."

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