Kelly and Madeleine: Dead Girls Don't Cry, Part 2

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Published: 7-Apr-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Kelly's Scene

I know I'm probably not gonna win any 'mother of the year' awards, but you know what? All you judgmental motherfuckers can go kill yourselves. I made a decision that was in the best interest of my daughter. That decision spared her from a life of hunger, uncertainty, and bullying by her classmates. Do you know how vicious little kids can be to one another when a classmate is poor and can't afford the latest trendy fashions and toys? That was my baby girl Kelly's life, until the day she met Jim Phillips, her savior.

Yes, I allowed this kiddie pornographer to use my daughter's body and record her performing all kinds of sex acts with adult men. But I never thought it would ever get this far. At first he just wanted some pictures and videos of her naked, and I was desperate. We needed rent money; I had to put food on the table. But what started out as softcore nude modeling quickly escalated into more, far more. With each new video that came out Kelly was asked to do more and more degenerate things; and each time she agreed, her online popularity would soar even higher.

So much has happened in so little time. One day she was just a young child struggling to survive in southern California's poor eastern desert. We're not all about swimming pools and movie stars out here, you know. 100 miles away from the sunny beaches are trailer parks and minimum wage jobs. At first Kelly didn't even know where babies came from and that sex was little more than heavy kissing. But today she is Kelly McClarry, age 9 - one of the hottest up-and-coming kiddie porn starlets on the internet, and an accomplished sex partner of a 5 year old male golden retriever to boot.

But you know what? Whereas some of you welfare queen moms bitch and whine about how unfair life is and your kids wear raggity hand-me-downs from the goodwill store, my daughter rocks the latest accessories and we live in a nice house. Just leased a brand new SUV too. So before you call me a monster, ask yourselves who's better taking care of the basic needs of her children?

It wasn't just about the money either. Kids today are having sex at younger and younger ages. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the older 6th grade girls at Kelly's school had already given blowjobs to their first boyfriends. So what then if my daughter started having sex at the age of 8; she would've been doing it anyways in another four years! But the way Kelly has sex ensures she's always doing it under my watchful protective eye. The men who co-star with her are all professionals and she won't have to worry about bringing home any STDs - just lots and lots of money.

So here we are now, mother and daughter, being driven to the "premiere party" for Kelly's latest feature film, "Dead Girls Don't Cry." Kelly actually doesn't remember much of what took place during her scene and will probably be quite shocked at seeing all that her little body was capable of taking. Oh, but I'm getting way ahead of myself, so I'll explain to you later after we get to the party.

* * *

Like virtually all of Jim Phillips' parties, this one took place at a secluded property which was one of many owned by the wealthy producer across the U.S and several other countries. This one was a lakefront chalet overlooking Big Bear lake atop the San Bernardino mountains of southern California. I liked the location; Kelly and I didn't have to travel far to get here, unlike the other girl in the movie: Madeleine Clements, who had to fly out from Portland, Oregon.

There were fourteen other people at the party not including ourselves. Phillips, of course, along with Madeleine and her father Brendan. There was Alan Taylor, special effects guy for the movie, three other behind-the-scenes crew members, and three of the adult actors from the movie (the rest couldn't make it or weren't important enough to be invited). Finally, I saw all four members of the Tanner family - John, Evelyn, Julie (almost 11), and Jennifer (almost 10), even though they didn't have anything to do with the film (they're kind of considered the royalty of incest/child porn families).

I swear, those Tanners end up at every single fucking party for Jim, probably because of the dad's close relationship to the producer. The Tanners live out on the east coast but were in California, I was told, for two reasons. One, that it was another one of their frequent family vacations (when both of your kid daughters fuck for money on film it means lots of vacation money for the family; don't I know about that). Two, that a certain famous actor in Hollywood was one of Jim's website subscribers and had paid a shitload of money to bring the Tanner sisters out to LA and fuck them over the weekend. But before that celebrity gets his sloppy seconds with the girls, everyone at this party will of course have a no-holds (and no-holes) barred orgy right after this movie ends. Good thing I shaved my pussy just before getting here.

Jim was tight-lipped about who the actor was; that he wanted to guard his clean-cut image in Hollywood when in fact he was a secret child molester. Hmm, now I'm really curious. Maybe I should get Kelly to grill the Tanner sisters to find out who the fuck this guy is. It was cute watching how Kelly and Madeleine, both up-and-comers, worshiped Julie and Jennifer who were kiddie porn princesses only a year or two older than themselves (but far more established porn stars). Kelly beamed with pride after both Tanner girls signed autographs for her. My little baby will be that famous too someday; I have no doubt.

Typical of Jim Phillips parties, it was mandatory that everyone strip down completely naked before starting the film. After everyone found a comfortable place to sit around the 70 inch flat-screen television set hanging on the wall, naked Julie and Jennifer went around the room to serve alcoholic drinks to all - even the children. My daughter Kelly took a vodka and cranberry juice cocktail for herself while I sipped on a martini. Lights were dimmed and everyone clapped as the opening credits came onscreen.

Dead Girls Don't Cry

starring ...

Kelly McClarry (9)

The credits show my daughter's character lying dead in a casket. She is wearing a white dress that makes her look virginal and so innocent. Light make up is applied on her face to make the "dead" little girl appear more lifelike.

After 5 seconds of showing her motionless and fully clothed, a quick cut shows her completely naked and being held up by two standing men as they are double penetrating her - one man fucking her pussy and another standing behind her penetrating her ass. Kelly's eyes are closed as if she is somehow asleep during such a brutal penetration sequence. This footage also lasts for about 5 seconds, all while Kelly's name is captioned at the bottom of the screen.

and Madeleine Clements (8)

Identical 5 sec/5 sec quick shot of Madeleine shown clothed before and naked after. When she's clothed she's only in her cotton panties in some hotel room staring curiously up at her father's character as he ties a rope and noose on the hanger bar of a closet. Quick cut next to the inside of a coroner's lab and her character's naked "dead" body is lying sideways and getting fucked by the coroner.

directed by - Jim Phillips

Scene 1 - The Godfather: Untold Tales

It seems that although my daughter shot her scene one week after Madeleine filmed her's, Phillips edited the finished movie to feature Kelly in the opening scene. I like that move. Typically the pedos that watch kiddie porn are most amped up while watching the first scene. Many of them don't make it all the way through to the end of the movie before blowing their loads, and afterwards they either take a break to watch the next scene later or continue to watch but with less interest. Having Kelly in as many opening scenes is good for her career.

An adult narrator's voice played in the background as the camera took the viewer down into the basement of a funeral home where a small child-sized casket is shown displaying Kelly's "dead" body. There was also the unmistakable violin theme from Francis Ford Coppola's 'Godfather' film.

Narrator: "Don Michael Corleone's vengeance against the other crime families was widely known for its ruthlessness." explained the narrator. "This is the tale of one gangster who finally pays the price for taking part in ambushing and murdering Michael's older brother Sonny Corleone. After Corleone enforcers hunt down his family, the man is forced to watch as they first rape and kill his wife, before making him fully pay for his sins with the sexual defilement of his young 9 year old daughter's body."

During this rather long narration sequence there is a montage of scenes onscreen, one showing the family getting captured at gunpoint, the wife getting dragged away by a group of men while screaming and struggling, etc. Basically it showed the characters silently acting out what the narrator was describing. The narration continues.

"Young 9 year old Kelly's life was therefore traded to atone for the taking of Sonny Corleone's. The little girl however was given a compassionate execution. As she slept that night in her father's arms she was given a lethal injection of morphine which caused her heart to go into arrest. But before the rival gangster was allowed to bury his own daughter he would first have to witness an act of unimaginable debauchery."

Alan Taylor's impressive professional make up job is shown next where Kelly's freshly dead body is dressed up in late 1940s children's attire and her hairstyle reflects the same era. An actor playing the mortician (a cameo appearance by Taylor) is shown carefully applying last minute touch-up makeup to the beautiful face of my "dead" angel, presumably for an open casket viewing.

Footsteps can next be heard in the film as four male figures wearing expensive suits (the mafia thugs) walk down the stairs into the room where Kelly's body is held. Following behind them is the actor playing Kelly's grieving father, with a fifth gangster walking behind him holding a pistol to his back.

The head mobster in charge was one of Don Corleone's 'consiglieri' (advisers) and would carry out this act of humiliation and degradation. He was the first to speak.

"The little tramp still looks alive. Are you goombas sure you killed her?" he asks. Two of his burly henchmen standing behind both nod 'yes'.

Meanwhile, back in the real world and watching my daughter's character from her couch, Evelyn Tanner asked, "Chastity, your daughter is so impressive. How on earth can she lie so still like that?"

This next part is important: I told her that the 9 year old she was watching onscreen was completely unconscious and couldn't hear or feel a thing during her scene.

Now reader, remember when I told you earlier that Kelly wouldn't remember anything that happened in her scene? This was because just before start of filming she was given a powerful sedative to completely knock her out unconscious. It was Jim's decision; because of the brutal nature of her scene and rough sex involved, there was no way he felt that a conscious 9 year old could remain motionless during the assault on her body and not scream out in pain (if she was supposed to be "dead").

And so while Kelly was told (while awake) that five men would take turns "having sex with her", she nor I wouldn't know the specifics of what occurred until she saw the finished product on the TV screen. My daughter was a bit nervous at first about getting knocked out, but Jim Phillips assured her that it was perfectly safe and no different from visiting the dentist's office where he would put you "under" right before a dental procedure.

I had my own question for the director.

"Hey Jim, Where did you get the idea for making Kelly's character look alive with all that makeup? Didn't you make Madeleine up to look like an actual corpse for her scene?"

He answered, "Yeah, I did that because I figured we already have the one scene with Maddy (Madeleine) made up to look like she's been dead awhile, so I didn't want to do that for both scenes. It always impressed me when I attended funerals how life-like those morticians can make dead people look, so I wanted to try that theme."

"Uncle Jim, tell everyone about my idea!" begged Madeleine.

"LOL, yeah. Maddy was really impressed with the way Alan made that replica of her cadaver and so she suggested that for her next movie she wants to be made up looking like a zombie corpse that gets fucked, and that gave me an idea. You guys know that show, 'The Walking Dead'? Remember that little girl around Maddy's age, a character named Sophia, dies and comes back as a zombie? [author's note: Walking Dead season 2 spoiler, sorry] So let's make a movie this year about the zombie apocalypse and pedos tying up kid zombies like Sophia and raping them! Hey Alan, think we can count on you for special effects?"

"I'm way ahead of you Mr. Phillips! I can make those make up guys on 'Walking Dead' seem like a bunch of amateurs!"

While various men in the room continued to talk over the current movie playing on TV, I returned my focus to watching my daughter about to get abused by the mobsters. The mafia boss continued his admiration of Kelly's body.

Still skeptical that she was dead, the boss approaches the corpse, examines it closely, then unexpectedly slaps Kelly's character across her cheek - HARD.

All the kids in the room (except for Jennifer) react with a collective *GASP* and either shudder (Julie) or cover their eyes with their little hands (Madeleine). The real Kelly stares at the screen with her eyes wide and jaws hanging open, reaching up to rub her tender cheek on the same spot where it was slapped onscreen (despite it having more than recovered since the time of the filming).

Back onscreen, the boss continues to slap the unconscious face of my daughter multiple times but she doesn't even bat an eyelash; that's how strong her sedative was. The father's character is kneeling on the ground with a gun to the back of his head and being forced to watch all this in utter helplessness.

*THWACK* *THWACK* THWACK* - the loud sounds of coarse adult hand slapping on delicate child flesh can be heard resonating around the living room. The youngest one of the group, 8 year old Madeleine, appeared to be getting genuinely upset watching such a violent scene.

"Relax honey, it's just a movie! Everything's make believe, just like in your scene, remember?" assured Alan Taylor from across the room.

He was partly right. While the slaps were real, there was no way that Jim Phillips would allow his precious child commodity to get damaged by disfiguring her pretty face. So they were hard enough to make loud sounds but not so hard as to cause bleeding or scars.

At last convinced that the little girl was dead, the boss takes out his switchblade and cuts open Kelly's pretty white dress, revealing her still undamaged hairless skin underneath. He tears away every last fabric of her garment, down to removing her socks, and my little unconscious 9 year old lay nude in that casket showing off her gorgeous pussy to everyone in the room (and soon to the thousands of pedos who will buy her movie).

"Woohoo, cute pussy!" yells someone from the couch, followed by more whistles and catcalls from the TV viewing audience. These compliments cause my daughter's face to blush a rosy red as her mouth forms a proud but sheepish grin.

Back onscreen, the boss was yelling out more instructions to his henchmen.

"You two, come give me a hand with this thing, and you (pointing at the corpse's father), you better keep your eyes open and watch!" he commands.

Two burly henchmen each grab one of Kelly's arms and lift her out of the casket. Meanwhile, another henchmen is dragging what appears to be a life-size cross (the wooden board that Jesus was nailed on) from one end of the room to where the mobsters were holding Kelly.

"Alright, let's tie her up on this thing so we can fuck her better." he says.

The henchmen lay my little girl on her back against the cross and tie her arms to each side of the horizontal wooden beam. When they raise the cross and lean it against the wall, my naked daughter (her head hanging limp to one side) is posed just like Jesus of Nazareth after his crucifixion. But these sickos still weren't done with her.

I couldn't believe my eyes at what I saw next and it was a miracle that I hid my inner shock from everyone in the room. The two henchmen each grabbed one of Kelly's ankles and raised them in the air until each little bare foot aligned with her outstretched hands! Her legs must have easily been spread apart 210 degrees! They are spread at such an impossibly wide angle that her cute pussy lips get grotesquely stretched apart and remain splayed open like the petals on a spring flower. There is only the slightest bend at her knees as was necessary to align her ankles over her wrists. The pervert mobsters then bind my 9 year old's ankles to the horizontal beam, locking her legs open in place!

It suddenly dawned on me. I was not allowed at the filming of Kelly's scene, which was strange because I usually accompanied her to every one of her shoots. When Jim asked me to put my trust in him I asked him just how rough they were gonna be with her. All he answered back was, "No broken bones, no organ damage." It was obvious now that I was kept away because my presence could have stopped them from doing everything they wanted with her body.

The things I saw next onscreen would explain the numerous physical complaints Kelly had in the days after her shoot. First, Kelly would walk very gingerly at home after the scene and had troubles opening her legs, even to put on a pair of jeans. She constantly complained of muscle soreness in her thighs but I dismissed it as her being overly sensitive.

I can see now though how the extreme angle that her legs were spread apart could easily have torn the hip abductor muscles of her inner thighs. Only the most flexible of child gymnasts were capable of getting stretched the way Kelly was onscreen, and Kelly was not even the most flexible of little girls. I couldn't even imagine how much it would've hurt the poor thing had she been awake during her ordeal!

As if it couldn't get any worse, the boss onscreen then took out, of all things, a wooden baseball bat!

"Please, no" - I inwardly begged the actors onscreen. Please don't let it be what I think it is. Were they going to hit my little girl on the head with that thing?!

Mercifully (considering everything else that was happening in her scene) the mobster only used the bat to whack Kelly numerous times directly on her splayed crotch. The hits were still hard enough that everyone could hear the thick, fat part of the bat slapping against her vulva, but thankfully not hard enough to break her skin.

*THWACK* *THWACK* *THWACK* the bat repeatedly pounded on my child's skin, and with each hit the other adults in the room roared in sinister approval. Even one of the children, for god's sakes, Jennifer (remember she was completely fine with watching Kelly getting slapped?) - looked on with demented glee in her eyes. That Jennifer Tanner scares me.

Older than Kelly by less than a year, the younger Tanner sister is by far the most perverted kid to work for Jim Phillips. She looks on at the beating of a vulnerable, unconscious girl with the same lust as some serial killer trapped in a child's body. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if this kid grew up to be some kind of a sick psychopath sadist; if she wasn't one already.

Meanwhile my daughter Kelly, sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of me, suddenly turned to Jim Phillips with a confused expression and asked, "Why are they hitting me like that uncle Jim? Did I do something wrong? Was I doing a bad acting job?"

"Oh no no, sweetheart. You were doing a terrific job! Now how can I explain this? You've been to the dentist, right Kelly?" asked Phillips.

My little girl had in fact recently gone to the dentist, now that we were under a nice health insurance plan (thank you, kiddie porn income).

Kelly: "Yes I did, and he had to pull one of my teeth out that he said was growing weird." my daughter answered.

Phillips: "Okay, and did your dentist give you something before he did that so the tooth pulling wouldn't hurt?"

Kelly: "Uhuh. He gave me .. no-vo-caine, I think it's called. And I couldn't feel one side of my cheek!"

Phillips: "And are you like the other kids who pinch their cheeks for fun when they're on novocaine?"

Kelly: "LOL, yeah, I pinched myself HARD there and I still couldn't feel anything!"

Phillips: "Well, that's the same reason why that man is hitting you on your pussy! He thinks it's very funny that you can't feel anything there after we gave you the drug that made you sleep, so he's hitting you just like little kids pinch themselves while they're on novocaine!"

Kelly: "Ohhh .. okay. That makes sense then. I thought you guys were mad at me or something."

Apparently satisfied with that answer, my Kelly turned back around to watch her nude body continue to get degraded onscreen.

Phillips: "And for the rest of you, that was a suggestion from one of Kelly's fans online. He said that since kids' pussies are often these completely flat surfaces with a single slit running down the middle, he wondered how it would look when it was engorged and swollen, more like a grown woman's pussy. It's something I've been wanting to try out for awhile, and with Kelly being unconscious thought it was the perfect opportunity. I'm not sure if a real dead body would swell up like her pussy's getting, but it's worth to try it once, don't you think?"

I didn't give a shit about what was medically accurate; all I wanted was for my daughter's vaginal torture to stop soon. But he was right about one thing. Soon enough a distinct redness swelled up in the tissue just underneath Kelly's pubic skin, giving her pussy a much more puffy and inflamed appearance.

With her pussy now battered enough to the boss's liking, he finally removes his trousers in preparation for invading this dead child's birth canal all the way to the hilt with his hard penis.

"You know what? I can't do this." says the boss suddenly.

"Oh thank you thank you thank you. Please have mercy!" begged the rival mobster father.

"No! I meant I can't be the first to fuck this dead kid! I think that honor should go to ... YOU, DEAR OLD POP!"

And so the boss steps aside while the mobster with the gun pushes the "reluctant" father in front of his dead girl and forces him to penetrate her lifeless body with his incestuous penis.

Now reader, this part is where I saw some of the worst acting in kiddie porn history. Obviously Jim Phillips hired a pedophile to play the role of Kelly's father; it was obvious by the fact that the character supposedly fearing for his life and repulsed at the sick, twisted act he was asked to do would already have a bulging hard on underneath his pants.

If there was a "Razzies award" for bad kiddie porn, this guy would take home 'worst actor.' Although he's supposed to be cringing in revulsion at the extremely taboo act, the actor is fucking my daughter with all the excited enthusiasm of a schoolboy who won a raffle to fuck the homecoming queen! Not believable; not believable at all (shake my head).

When the "father" is done fucking my girl still tied to the cross, he gets pushed out of the way by the mobster boss who then scrawls some letters on my kid's forehead using sharpie marker. A close up on Kelly's closed eyes reveal the message:

'this harlot deserved it'

"Mom, what's 'harlot' mean?" asked Kelly as she watched herself get written on.

"Somebody who's good at having sex honey. I told you that you get better and better with each movie, haven't I?" (I lied)

It's next the boss's turn to fuck Kelly, and as he pushes his cock past her tight opening he mumbles something in Italian and spits on her face. When he gets done his cock gets immediately replaced by one of the other Corleone mobsters. Also, unlike during regular intercourse where the penis would fuck the vagina in a rhythm while still inside, these men would often stab my girl balls deep in one quick motion, then take their entire penis out, then impale her again, so it appeared more like they were stabbing her in the pussy more than fucking her. The fuck train goes on seamlessly with Kelly's puffy red vagina accepting cock after cock after cock, until all five mobsters have had their dicks choked by the unwitting corpse of a 9 year old child.

Suddenly the boss decides it's enough (to fuck her in one position) and orders his henchmen to untie her from her bondage. Her "lifeless" body is allowed to fall to the floor (as if she was some piece of garbage!) when her ropes are undone. Red markings can be seen around her wrists and ankles from where the ropes were holding up her entire body weight.

Next came the final act that I told you earlier caused my girl to have such intense physical pains around the house afterwards. Two mobsters at a time decide that they're gonna double-penetrate Kelly while holding her standing up.

One mobster is facing her face-to-face and holds her small body in the air by slipping his hands under each of her buttcheeks and pulling them apart. This gives his penis access to her vagina. Her lifeless head is resting on his shoulder almost like a little girl napping in her daddy's arms. At the same time, another mobster stands behind her and penetrates her anally in the standing rear entry.

The two viciously saw in and out of her two sex holes with no regard for any tissue damage they may cause. If Kelly had been awake, her own vocal and bodily resistance could've caused the men to at least slow down to a speed that she can better handle. But with her body completely limp and slack, the necrophiliac mobsters brutalize her insides by fucking her as fast as their hips will let them buck back and forth. The room echoed with the *puht* *puht* *puht* noises of man thighs repeatedly striking against child buttocks as rock-hard erection invaded a completely unguarded, defenseless ass.

So many mixed emotions ran through my mind. As her mother I was torn between jumping through the TV screen to shield my little girl's body with my own, and simultaneously enjoying an undeniable heat creeping up from between my legs as I found my eyes drowning in the pure, raw, uninhibited eroticism of the act. Through watching my daughter getting used like a rag doll, I realized I was vicariously living out my own worst carnal rape fantasies!

My daughter turns to me again while watching this unbelievably demented scene and whispers in my ear, "Mom, see THAT'S why my butt was hurting so much after. I TOLD YOU and you didn't believe me." There was a rebellious, 'I told you so' brattyness in her preteen voice.

She was right. Truth is that after Kelly shot her necrophilia scene I had to keep her out of school for the next 2 weeks. Should a wayward playground ball have accidentally brushed up against her pussy bruise during recess, it would've meant an automatic trip to the nurse's office, followed by an automatic phone call to the police station by her principal. So as she recovered at home, I already told you about her troubles opening her legs .. but not yet about what happened at nights.

Kelly's worst pains came when she tried to take a poop at night (that was her usual time when she went). She would scream that it felt like there was acid in her butt when she tried to shit. I merely told her she would be fine by the next day and suggested her complaints were exaggerations. I challenged her to explain why it would hurt that much when she was far from being an anal virgin. I honestly thought she was being a drama queen because she was getting more popular online and was proportionally demanding more 'star' treatment. I should've believed her.

So each night when Kelly would cry during her painful shits I would have to sit there holding her hand by the toilet and assure her that she would get better soon. When the pains continued for several days I went to the pharmacy and rubbed some medical ointment in her anus, but that would only get her to complain that her butt now felt like it was stinging. We're fortunate that this movie gave her her biggest paycheck to date because I had to suffer many sleepless nights over this .. for lack of better words, pain-in-the-ass!

Anyways, as her rectal tears slowly healed Kelly's complaints switched from having burning sensations to itchy ones (she later said that it felt like a bunch of ants were crawling in her butt). Since you can't exactly scratch the insides of a girl's rectum, I would have to run a cool bath for her several times a day so she could soak her bottom in the tub (something that temporarily brought some relief for her ravaged rear end).

I'm sorry reader; here I am going off on a tangent and I completely forgot about my job which was to tell you about what was happening in her scene. Well, so again 5 full-grown penises take turns fucking her in the pussy, then switching to her asshole (or vice versa), and not giving her poor body a moment's rest. Then when one of the mobsters grunted real loud and convulsed while still inside her pussy it seemed like he left her a vaginal creampie. Yup, my suspicions were right as he then spread her labial folds to show the white ooze pooling in her hole. The boss makes a point of showing this creampie to Kelly's "father" and humiliates him further by saying

"A little present for your cunt daughter to take to hell with her!"

It looks like now her scene is mercifully coming to an end as I can see the four remaining mobsters placing her body back in the casket (each of the four are holding her up by a limb and it made me think of cavemen carrying a deer carcass back to their cave). They next jerk off standing around her and ... okay ... here come the money shots.

One after the other the mobsters spit their semen out of their cocks and it lands all over my baby girl's face, chest, and arms. As they're jerking off they're yelling in the air like a bunch of crazed howler monkeys. Kelly's face still looks so peaceful and innocent as it's getting covered in a sea of white jizz.

The final moments of the scene show the boss telling the "father":

"Don Michael Corleone sends his regards and warns you never to be seen in this town again! Now go tell the other crime families that this same thing is coming to each one of them who goes against the Godfather!"

He then exits back up the stairs with his henchmen in tow, leaving the viewer in the basement with Kelly's "father" sobbing next to her open casket (again doing a bad acting job) and yelling "Noooooooo, what have I done???!!!"

Jim Phillips' camera slowly pans over to linger where Kelly's cum-covered body lies in her casket. Her hands have been clasped together as if in prayer. The lens zoom in on her calm, wet face (with 'this harlot deserved it' still written on her forehead) as the scene slowly fades out.

On that filming day Kelly wouldn't wake for another few more hours and when she finally did, it would be to the feeling of a cold ice pack soothing her pussy and ass (to fight the inflammation). She was still too groggy and under the influence of the drug to say anything coherent then, so she quickly fell back asleep during the entire car ride back home.

Once home, I carried her upstairs by myself and tucked her right into bed, not even bothering to make her take a shower or change out of the clothes she wore for the day. And so my hard working 9 year old lay asleep under the sheets, her skin still crusted with dried cum, while her conflicted mother sat by her nightstand staring at the single biggest paycheck she's received in her life.

* * *

"Oh My God Kelly! You were so great! I'm so proud of you!!!" shouts the Tanner sisters' mother Evelyn. Her daughters are alongside clapping as enthusiastically as their mother was.

"Kelly that was so hot! I almost came three times while watching!" yelled Alan Taylor the special effects guy.

"I smell another blockbuster!" boasted Kevin, the man who played Madeleine's asphyxia-loving father in scene 2.

"Hey, we're not done yet guys!" reminded Phillips. "Hold your applause until the end because I'm sure you can't wait to see cutie pie Maddy next in her scene."

The brief blackness onscreen is soon replaced by a new caption introducing Madeleine's scene:

Scene 2 - Confessions Of A County Coroner

8 year old Madeleine's scene was about to start. I privately wondered to myself if this petite naked redhead sitting next to me had endured just as much physical punishment in her scene as my Kelly had, or had my daughter drawn the unlucky short straw for this casting?

To be Continued


Still to come: since Madeleine's scene was thoroughly described in part 1, I will only highlight notable reactions from the guests, particularly from the other gathered kids. There is also an "outtakes and bloopers" segment following Maddy's scene and the series will conclude with Chastity McClarry's continued soul searching regarding the depraved road that she's taking her daughter down.

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great sequel to your 1st part. I really loved the mother's POV, it makes the story even more arousing. I can understand why the girl was anaesthetized, the brutal rape and abuse would be too much for her to bear. Pussy pounding was another good touch. All in all, I really enjoyed this chapter and will be looking for the next one.


Some people may find this somewhat over the top but I must say I admire your imagination. There is nothing ordinary or trypical in your stories. We never know what to expect and that is a good thing. It's almost like watching a good horror movie, suspense builds and keeps us horny until the end. Keep it and we'll keep reading.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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