Amsterdam, Part 3

[ Mg(10)g(4), beast, drugs, anal ]

by Gesso


Published: 17-Feb-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

There were at least twelve girls standing there in a line - some of them holding hands - the younger ones had nightdresses on - the older had various forms of revealing lingerie - and there was one 4 year old at the end of the line who was completely naked, though seemed perfectly at ease...

The old lady let me oogle them for a while, then, still holding my hand, introduced me to the first pair -

"Our sisters - nine, and six years old. The oldest is very anal, and loves her sister very very much - both are fuckable." I almost came in my pants. She pulled me along.

"This is Samantha - she's a wild one - up for anything - she shook her long black mane. Lisa and Gizelle - very close friends - Gizelle is into watersports - she blew me an obscene kiss. This is Janni - nine years old - she prefers hard anal - she turned around, lifted her nightdress, and stuck her finger up her butt. Maxi is ten - she will perform anything you ask - she immediately lifted off her night-dress, no underwear, and began fingering herself, then tasting her fingers. Mitzi and Sabrina are very loving - they're both twelve, and are the most experienced of the girls we have - the one bent down in front of the other, lifted up her night-dress and began sucking her cunt. This is Laila - she loves to be dominated, and, within certain restraints, loves pain - spanking and slapping is allowed, but no blood - and I frown upon too many bruises - she just stood there, disinterested. And Katy here, our youngest, and newest member, well, she'll do what you ask, but since she's just four years old, I would prefer nothing anal at this point - but you have paid the price, if that is what you wish" - she blew me a kiss.

"Katy" I mumbled.

"Janni, you join them, o.k.?" Madam said.

"Oh no!" Janni pleaded - "I'm not a baby sitter!"

There was this uncomfortable pause, some hard stares and definite child defiance. Thick, thick, thick uncomfortableness.

"I just..." I started to say.

"I'll go," Maxi volunteered, "maybe we'll become sisters."

With that, Maxi came over and took my hand, while Katy took my other hand, and we walked like that, side-ways, crab-like, Maxi leading - through a narrow dim corridor, up some stairs and into a room.

The room was full of flowers - flower carpets - drapes decked in flowers - but so thick they felt like walls - and the wallpaper - the bedspread on her queen-sized bed was satin flowers - the bare lightbulb in the ceiling was pink - and there was a large smiling sun painted on the ceiling - of course hidden by the pink light. A commode with little porcelain dog figures - I smelled cinnomon, watercolors - and, faintly, urine.

"She pees the bed," Maxi offerred, "and she likes dogs."

"Oh yes!"

"Tell, mister whoever he is, about the guy last week who brought his dog with him."

"He was a pretty puppy - I really liked him - he licked my face!"

"Tell mister -"

" - My name's Tom -"

" - Tell him how you sucked the little doggy's cock."

"He was so happy! I ate all of his cum!"

"That's right, sweetheart," and Maxi went over to her, and stroking her hair and cheeks, asked "who's your favorite big sister, Katy?"

"You are, Maxi!"

"Is there a beer in here?"

"Naw, I'll go grab you a beer, Tom. Just be nice with Katy while I'm gone."

"Hi, Katy, I'm Tom."

"Hi, mister."

"Do you know why you're here?"

"To give you pleasure - I love giving you pleasure!"

"And what about you? - Are you happy?"

She thought for a while - really thought - like a break-through was going to happen in her mind - wonderful to witness in a child when asking her something provocative, and she thought and thought, then said, "Puppy was really happy when I swallowed all of his cum!"

All of a sudden it felt like it was me who was babysitting.

Maxi returned, opened the beer bottle by wedging it somehow in the doorknob - effortlessly - and handed me the open bottle. She was the defiant type - not a choice of mine - I hadn't chosen her at all. And she seemed way beyond her age in the psychology of what she was mixed-up in. She was fair skinned - big pouty lips for a ten year old - medium long shiny dirty blonde hair - she was wearing this horrendously frilly pink nightdress the whole time I'd known her - as if some little pink ballerina lost in the real world endlessly twirling-flowing.

She wouldn't take a sip of the beer, and after that I gathered it was a no go for Katy.

I drank the whole thing down - took five hits - very strong beer - before proceeding... I opened our relationship with a belch. Which made little Katy laugh.

"Well, Maxi - I'm not so much into Katy now, now that you've told me that story... I'm sorry. So is it o.k. if I focus on you?"

"You wanted a fucking four year old, dude - deal with it."

"I don't know how to get started."

"She wants to play - that's what kids do."

"How did you come here?"

"No personal shit, mister."

"Mister did a no no!"

"I'd like to fuck her ass."

"No, fuck, man - she's four years old!"

"Tell me your story - I don't fuck her ass."

"Oh, shit!" - and with that Maxi crawled up onto the bed and laid her head down beside Katy's... "Katy," she whispered, "If I am going to be your big sister - the one who loves you, and who really looks out after you, you gotta let me do things that you would never never never tell Madam." She took the near-infant by the shoulders and shook her.

"Never, ever, tell her I was smoking!"


With that, Maxi somehow withdrew a joint from her tutu.

"Smoke this joint with me - Tom?"


And she lit it up. The room filled with smoke - us passing the joint between us. A European joint of hash mixed with crispy tobacco.

Then she took the joint over to Katy. "Here Katy, take a hit - if you take a hit, then you can't tell Madam, 'cuz you'll have been smoking too, and we'll both get whipped if you tell." She held the joint to the little girls lips. "Now suck the smoke into you - like sucking cum out of a cock." She looked apprehensive, but did it - and immediately started coughing. After she'd gotten over her coughing fit, Maxi took a deep hit, leaned in and placed her mouth over Katy's - the sexiest shotgun I'd ever seen. But Katy simply exploded into coughing. Maxi gave up on her, and turned her attention back to me.

I looked over about roach-time, and Katy had fallen asleep. Maxi was alert enough to crack a window, somehow.

"Tell me your story."

"No,no,no,no,no,no - "

"She's passed-out, girl - I'd still love to fuck her ass - be like fucking a baby corpse."

"You shit!"


"I was five years old when I came here - a year older than her, maybe. I remember my first breakfast downstairs - a giant dinner table, and there were twenty of us girls, and Madam, and the servants. And a girl same as me, but maybe seven - first time and wide-eyed."

"What was breakfast like?"

"Well, I remember these two girls - probably ten - dressed only in their underwear, talking about how this man forced them to eat each other's cunts - which they enjoyed - giggling at the confession - then he fucked each one of them, but it hurt - they'd never been fucked before - it was mostly how sore they were down there that they talked about - I, was, simply amazed - and I laughed when they all laughed - and that laughter felt better than anything I'd ever experienced before in my life."

I leaned over and kissed her - a resistance at first - but then she hungered after my tongue - wild kissing - deep.

"So, where would you like to start?"

"We've already started."

And with that, she buried her little tongue in my mouth - I'd never been so passionately kissed in my whole life - and I'd certainly never ever been kissed by a ten year old before.

"I just wanna fuck you."

"Why? - I wasn't the one you picked - you want a little cunt - my cunt wasn't little enough for you."

"You're so defiant!" And I moved away from her.

"Fuck you!"

"Yes, exactly - fuck me."

"I'm not fridgid, you know."

"Where the hell did you learn that expression from?"

"Fridgid Mary... - it was a song or chant - about a little girl here who did not like sex... I like sex!"

"I don't know why I picked Katy. It was a weird situation. I just..."

"Yeah, but you'd already labeled me as the defiant one - like, you didn't like me. I came along to be Katy's protector - that's my job here... what? - are you, like, into stealing feels from the babysitter or something?"

I laughed at the absurdity.

"Go ahead and laugh, mister."

"I wasn't laughing at you."

"Yeah, of course not - I'm the shit-head defiant one - the ugly one."

"You're not ugly at all... you're a beautiful girl."

"You're not even hard anymore."

"Well, you know - arguing and screaming doesn't turn me on."

She moved to me and took my drooping cock into her mouth - getting me hard quick. Then let it flop out.

"O.k. - maybe I'm talented?"

Then she immediately attacked my balls - licking them, taking my ball-sack in her mouth and sucking - then digging under, and her tongue penetrating my asshole, from underneath while she began jacking my cock... I pulled away.

"What turns you on?"

"Whatever the guest requires."

"Fuck that. What turns you on?"

"Certainly not four year old girls!"

"There's that defiance thing again! - Katy is asleep, no? Do you really think I'd fuck her while she is stoned out of her mind?"

"You chose to fuck her - you passed over me completely. I don't even think you looked at me!"


"The line-up - may seem nothing to you, but it's a competition between all us. And I know guys - believe me - they target, it's like their penises are witching sticks -"

"- What?"

"Rods used to divine waterholes..."

"I know what a witching rod is."

"We're never going to get through this, are we?"

"You're a very beautiful girl."

"Fuck my ass - a dozen times, if you've got it in you... and, believe me, my cunt is one of the tightest here."

"God, I just feel like I want to slap you."

"That's Laila - she's two hallways down the left and up a flight of stairs."

"I would never hurt you. I'm not in to that."

"Well, what are you in to?"

"I'm in to losing my soul - fucking to give pleasure, more than to receive it." I was astonished myself at my answer. This little bitch was really provoking me.

She spread herself out on the bed, lying beside comatose Katy. She swept her hand across Katy's little chubby tummy, then dipped a finger into her cunt - at which point Katy automatically opened her legs - though still passed-out.

"Now you have something to gawk at, while you're fucking me. So fuck me! - won't be as bad as your miserable wife or girlfriend or whatever..."

I wanted to fuck reason into this child - slap her smile silly - awaken her to the nightmare Life really is... so I forced her down, though she was nearly down already - spread her legs, though they were pretty spread to begin with - and entered the tightest, the most delightfully snug and beautifully moist - luxurious - cunt I'd ever entered in my entire life - and fucked her, fucked her harder and harder - almost brutally - like fucking an ex-wife - with the added attraction of unchartered beauty - the hard-smallness of her body - her grabbing cunt - and we fucked and fucked longer than I'd ever fucked before (I'd come twice in her...) and continued fucking her... until I came for a third time, and pulled out, and pushed away. But she attacked and kissed me like a madwoman - then when I gasped for breath, she bent down and sucked my nipples - was all over me with her hands - she stroked my shriveled gunky cock, and squeezed it - I felt appreciation come out of every pore of her body - and she snuggled into me, and we fell asleep like that.

Next thing I knew, I blurrily saw Maxi stroking Katy's dirty blonde hair. Katy's eyes were wide-opened, but a bit glazed by the hash.

"You o.k., sweetie?"

"I feel good."

My cock began to grow nestled inbetween Maxi's asscheeks.

"Is mister gone?"

"No sweetie, he's right over here."

She struggled up onto her elbows, and saw me looking at her face - and smiled.


"Hi, Katy."

I saw her place her hand between her legs - then she looked pensive.

"Mister hasn't fucked me."

"No, sweetie." Then Maxi turned a bit and saw that I was awake. "But he would like to."


With that, Maxi clumsily crawled over Katy, so that we two, now, were lying in the bed beside each other - Maxi behind Katy.

"Hi mister."

"Hi Katy."

"How do we fuck? How do you like to fuck?"

"Well, how do you best like to fuck?"

"I like best being on top."


I stretched-out on the bed - my cock a fucking flagpole. And Katy crawled up over me, lifted herself on her knees - then a bit more like squatting - and shimmied over my cock - and grabbing it, placed it at the entrance to her cunt.

"Your cock is funny, mister." She had her hands entwined around it, placing it to her hole.

"We don't see so much circumcised cocks around here," Maxi added - watching the event.

Then, ever so slowly, she sat - wedging my cock deeper and deeper into her pinhole of a cunt. I would've come instantly, and already, if Maxi hadn't dried my balls so well.

She was wet - but even so, I couldn't believe she could swallow my member - but she sank, ever so slowly downward - the sounds coming from her were like she was deep into the process of drowning. Yet she was smiling - though distraught - concentrating harder than any child her age should.

Once she had sunken down completely, there was this suk - as if she was overwhelmed and about to pass out - but she rose a bit, sank down - rose the same - crashed down - and quickly began to rise up and down - lifting further up on my cock, and crashing more violently down - and she was laughing-sighing - and fucked me like a champion - and after five minutes I came, really hard - I screamed, I think - Maxi placed her hand over my mouth.

Maxi went down on me afterwards - to sample the juices, I guess - 'cuz there was no gunst left in my cock. We slept entangled.

But maybe an hour later, I kinda pushed Maxi off me, and crawled over to Katy - her eyes wide-open.

"Hey Katy."

"Hi mister." She was more curious than alarmed.

"I want to be the first to fuck your ass."


Maxi awoke, having heard it - she looked at me hard, but then softened.

"Let me prepare her, at least."

"Of course." And with that she lifted Katy's legs in the air and snuggled down and licked her asshole - then began spitting into her asshole. This happened six times, at least - until I pried her away.

It was Maxi who guided my cock to Katy's little asshole.

"It's gonna hurt a bit, baby."

And with that - I slowly started to enter her incredibly tight asshole. Maxi shifted around so her reddened cunt was over Katy's face - and I bent down and began tonguing Maxi's asshole as my cock slowly fought its way forward.

"Suck me, Katy - suck me hard when it hurts, babydoll."

I pressed my cock into her - but it was impossible... the head barely in, then just beyond the sphincter, I shimmied in and out a bit at that point - realizing a real fucking was impossible - then my cock exploded.

"Good girl, good girl," Maxi whispered while stroking her hair.

I fell asleep with my cock partly wedged up her four year old asshole.

There was a gentle knock at the door - we were all asleep. The little woman from the shop window popped her head in, and signaled 'shhhh' - and quietly pronounced that it was time to go. I got up, found my clothes, and dressed - looking adoringly at the two waifs as they lay there in disarray...

She lead me down the hall - down the stairs, out through the gallery, the livingroom, all vacant - through the muddy pathways, through her domicile - and deposited me out on the street with a little shove.

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Fantastic! Having been to Amsterdam's red light district, I can envision the neighborhood as you describe the place. The little girls in the story were wonderful! Nicely done.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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