Amsterdam, Part 2

[ Mg(6),g(4), anal, ws ]

by Gesso


Published: 6-Feb-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

There were at least twelve girls standing there in a line - some of them holding hands - the younger ones had nightdresses on - the older had various forms of revealing lingerie - and there was one 4 year old at the end of the line who was completely naked, though seemed perfectly at ease...

The old lady let me oogle them for a while, then, still holding my hand, introduced me to the first pair -

"Our sisters - nine, and six years old. The oldest is very anal, and loves her sister very very much - both are fuckable."

I almost came in my pants. She pulled me along.

"This is Samantha - she's a wild one - up for anything - she shook her long red mane. Lisa and Gizelle - very close friends - Gizelle is into watersports - she blew me an obscene kiss. This is Janni - nine years old - she prefers hard anal - she turned around, lifted her nightdress, and stuck her finger up her butt. Maxi is ten - she will perform anything you ask - she immediately lifted off her night-dress, no underwear, and began fingering herself, then tasting her fingers. Mitzi and Sabrina are very loving - they're both twelve, and are the most experienced of the girls we have - the one bent down in front of the other, lifted up her night-dress and began sucking her cunt. This is Laila - she loves to be dominated, and, within certain restraints, loves pain - spanking and slapping is allowed, but no blood - and I frown upon too many bruises - she just stood there, disinterested. And Katy here, our youngest, and newest member, well, she'll do what you ask, but si

nce she's just four years old, I would prefer nothing anal at this point - but you have paid the price, if that is what you wish" - she blew me a kiss.

"The younger sister, and Katy," I said.

"No - the younger girls have to go with an older one. I'm thinking of their safety."

So I withdrew my wallet and took out two hundred euros, and offerred them to the madam. She took them. Then went over and took the six year old's hand, and placed it in mine.

"Go to Katy's room. You follow, Katy."

With that, hand in hand, while Katy followed, we walked through a narrow dim corridor, up some stairs and into a room.

The room was full of flowers - flower carpets - drapes decked in flowers - but so thick they felt like walls - and the wallpaper - the bedspread on her queen-sized bed was satin flowers - the bare lightbulb in the ceiling was pink - and there was a large smiling sun painted on the ceiling - of course hidden by the pink light. A commode with little porcelain dog figures - I smelled cinnomin, watercolors - and, faintly, urine.

She dropped my hand instantly as Katy closed the door, and looked downward.

"What's wrong?"

"I've never entertained without my sister before."

"Surely you know Katy?"

"Yeah, we play dolls and stuff."

"But never sex stuff."

"No, no."

"Well, now, you're the big sister."

"Guess I am."

"Hi, Katy" - her nakedness aroused me, and seeing this, the other girl disrobed.

"What's your name, honey?"

"Ceilia - but I like to be called Ceil."

"'Cuz of the animal, right?"

"No, silly. Ceil means'heaven' in Latin."

"I am in heaven."

"Not until you put your cock in me."

And I laughed.

"Where do you come from?"


"How long you been here?"

"About a year."

"Why don't you play dolls and stuff with Katy more often?"

"Girls her age don't last too long."

"What'd'ya mean?"

"They get sold."

"To whom?"

"Just people."

"Aren't you afraid of being sold?"

"No, no, no - I'm with my sister - we'll never be sold - our daddy comes and visits us every month."

"Does he fuck you?"

"Of course, silly - he loves us very much."

So here I was with a naked six year old, and naked four year old - both hookers - but totally lost, used to some bigger girl watching over their'entertaining.'

"Have you ever sucked Katy's cunt?"


"But your sister's?"


"Will you suck Katy's little cunt for me?"


And they moved up onto the bed, and Ceil began licking little Katy's cunt - I just watched, but Ceil's ass was very inviting...

A double knock at the door disturbed us. It was Ceil's older sister's head which popped-in. "Need anything?"

"Yeah, a couple of beers" - she perused the bed and saw what was happening, and disappeared.

The six year old lapped at the four year old's cunt persistently, bringing a smile-giggle to the four year old's face.

The older sister then entered the room with the two beers in her hand.

"Is there an opener?"

She struggled for a bit, then opened one of the beers wedging it into the doorknob, somehow -

"You all having fun?"

Katy was the first to speak-up, with an emphatic "Yes!"

Her little sister turned to her and said, "It's O.K." And the older sister left the room.

"Do you like to fuck?" - this aimed more at the air, than at any of the two girls.

"Of course, silly" - but then she bowed back to the task at hand.

"I'd like to fuck you, first, Ceil."

She spread herself out on the bed, completely masking Katy. "Yes."

So I stuck my cock to the entrance of her tiny cunt - and began to thrust... I was well in her, and beginning to fuck, when Katy wandered down and was watching - this was the most incredible tight fuck of my life - but Katy interrupted - "Can I suck your cock?"

Her face expressed this most wonderfully innocent pouting - so I withdrew from Ceil's cunt and stuck my throbbing cock into Katy's mouth - she could only get the head in, but her hands glistened...

Then I stuck my cock back into Ceil's tight cunt - then Katy grabbed it out and sucked it.

Again and again this happened - it was like a bad movie - but then I thrust in to Ceil, and fucked her so hard - I came deep inside her.

"Suck my cum out of her cunt."

And the precious angel did just that - sucking as if her life depended on it - slurping all my cum out from Ceil's abused little cunt.

After which, they both shuffled around, and began licking, kissing, and sucking my very wet slimy cock.

"You're the best whores I've ever had."

This brought a smile to Ceil's lips - Katy was oblivious - her mouth on fire...

"I'd like to fuck your ass."

"No - I'm saving that for my dad."

"What about Katy?"

"Do what you will."

"Katy, I'm going to fuck your ass."


"Why don't you prepare her asshole, as your sister would?"

"You're right."

And with that, she began licking the little girl's back hole - sticking her small tongue up as far as it would go - even spitting onto the asshole area.

I began slowly - entering such a tiny asshole... the rawness of this little girl's asscheeks alone, thrilled me - and I motioned to Ceil - she caught the gist - and slid herself under in such a way as little Katy began sucking her cunt... while I impaled little Katy...

"Your daddy will enjoy it more, if I break you in."


"He'll struggle with making your ass - but if you let me in first - it's shear pleasure for him."

"You're fucking her ass!"

"Let me fuck both of your asses - hell, she's four years old, you're six!"

"I don't know... my sister said..."

"You're the older sister here now."

I tried to force my prick into Ceil's asshole, but met her sphincter like some thick hymen - then switched back, and slowly forced my way up Katy's, even pressing past her sphincter, a bit - then switched back and forced my way up Ceil's ass, trying to get so far - but she was sensitive to pain - then switched back to forcing my way up in little Katy's, going in and out just past her sphincter ring - I was ecstatic -


"Yes, Katy?"

"I like when you fuck my ass - it hurts only a little."

"That's good, Katy. I love fucking your ass."

"Maybe if it was wetter." This baby girl just loved to suck cock. And so they both began slobbering-up my cock again. They were having a good time - like playing - giggling - sharing having fun.

I decided to concentrate on little Katy's ass, for now - and spread her out - god, moving her tiny body around was like moving a weightless wet rag - I positioned myself, splaying her legs up in the air - and began to enter her tiny backside - and she cringed, and moaned - it hurt - but I took it slow, and let her deal with the increments of pain - so at last, my cock was fully buried in her ass, she was quick-breathing, like one learns during birthing sessions...

At this point I just fucked her - I fucked her ass and muffled her screams by burying my chest in her face...

I came violently.

"Suck my cum out of her asshole, Ceil."

She did it - even though it was pinkish-red globs - guess I'd torn something.

I was pretty petered-out by this time - so we just lounged in the bed, me lying between them.

I swept Ceils matted blonde hair from her face.

"You're very beautiful."

"No." And she hid her face. But I brought her face back up and planted a kiss on her tiny mouth - she opened, and we exchanged tongues.

I never'd thought a six year old could kiss so passionately - like two lovers on a first date - urgency - wild yearning to please each other - excite the other...

It worked... and soon I was half-hard again.

"I have to pee pee," Katy whined.


"Well, the bathroom is all the way down the end of the hall - and it stinks," said Ceil. "My sister and me usually drink each other's pee. Is that o.k.?"

"That's fine."

"Here, Katy, swing your pee pee over my mouth - let me drink it."

The little nymph crawled up over Ceil's face, sat down, and began pissing directly into Ceil's wide-opened mouth - with a giggle of appreciation - erasing all the previous pain.

I slid up over Ceil and placed my cockhead at the entrance of her tiny pussy - bent down, and while entering her, began to lick at Katy's reddened asshole - pressing Katy's cunt down onto Ceil's mouth - but mostly licked the small of Katy's back, kissed the nape of her neck - she was that small.

We fucked for a long time like this - and then I shoved little Katy's body out of the way, and began kissing Ceil's tight mouth again - the taste of piss, and the freshness of her little-girl mouth - I plunged in to her deeply - fucked her harder than I'd ever fucked before in my life - and spurted into her again, again, and again.

We fell asleep.

There was a gentle knock at the door - we were all asleep. The little woman from the shop window popped her head in, and signaled'shhhh' - and quietly pronounced that it was time to go. I got up, found my clothes, and dressed - looking adoringly at the two waifs as they lay there in disarray...

She lead me down the hall - down the stairs, out through the gallery, the livingroom, all vacant - through the muddy pathways, through her domicile - and deposited me out on the street with a little shove.

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a wonderfully perverse adventure! MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!


...details...tops...ending sucks...


Good series. Because it is a series you need to watch the continuity. He was already there so he and the 'sisters' should know each other.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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