Amsterdam, Part 1

[ Mgg(9,6), anal, ws ]

by Gesso


Published: 4-Feb-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I was wandering around the red-light district of Amsterdam - my first time - amused, kinda giddy - the'women' were all so similar, yet completely different - from tall to short, big breasted and small, curvaceous to skinny - but there was something similar about them all - I don't know... the lighting of their booths and the tons of make-up, either piquant or SM dressed... I got hard a few times, but am not the kind to stare too long...

After about two hours of this, I was kinda feeling frustrated - decided to try my luck in one of the many porno-shops... I picked the seediest of the lot - an ugly long-haired dude behind the counter - I browsed the shelves for awhile - some good really kinky stuff - far more wild than one gets to browse in your average mom and pop porn emporium in the States - and the place was kinda dirty - old scruffy wood floors which hadn't been swept in a few years - stuff like that. And I fell upon a rack of sex novels - in all different languages - with b&w cover-illustrations of young girls being violated...

I sifted through the ten books in English - stories of pre-teens having sex with adults - some just barely kids - one I held on to...

I went up to the counter when I was the only customer in the joint, and I asked -'Hey, do you sell, like, picture books of this stuff - or DVD's?"

"Well, now, that would be illegal, wouldn't it?" he replied in that funny accent they got - but he was, like, not looking me in the eye or anything - so I didn't feel like a complete shit. But after a few moments of uncomfortable silence, I laid down the book and took out my wallet and paid.

Back out on the street, I thought the defeated thought of grabbing some beers and heading back to my hotel room and whacking-off to some reading, when I made a wrong turn. A street I hadn't been down before...

So I fell back into the gawking phase - knowing the quarter wasn't so large, and I could always catch a cab, if needs be. The first window, she could've been my grandmother - at least seventy years old, even with the make-up... the funny thing was, she was completely clean-shaven, and exposed her cunt very hugely - and as I stared, slid down in her chair, and exposed her asshole... I kinda stumbled away... then there was a window with your normal 20 something, firm C sized breasts, wearing a leather corset - a whip and other paraphernalia draped around the little booth's floor - she looked as used as a mouse the cat had caught an hour earlier... then there was a window with a stunningly beautiful woman - I stared - she licked her lips... it was then I decided to cross the cobble-stone street - a bit darker on the other side...

And I turned down another side-street - now I was really lost... and there was only one window, it seemed, on this entire stretch - so I went over there... this was it... now, I knew by law she had to be eighteen - but her little breasts - not quite even A-cups - and she was small, short, and wearing pigtails and a school uniform dress and those kiddie black and white shoes with bobby socks... she looked twelve years old, and I stared hard... and long - she tapped her window, and beckoned to me with her finger...

I fumbled to find the door beside her window, yeah, I'd noticed most windows were the door, but this was different - she let me in - and immediately turned and walked down a hall. I followed. We entered a very gaudy bedroom - pink and red - very whorish - and she turned to me and said,

"You like little girl? You like little girls, don't you?"

"I just thought you were really beautiful."

"American? American who likes little girls should pay me 50."

I just looked at her - o.k., this was it, and I pulled-out a 50.

"But you have more, right? Because little girls cost."

"How much?"

"You have more?"

"Yeah, lots."

"So follow me."

There was a backdoor from her bedroom which led through a maze of passages - it'd begun raining, so we got a bit wet - she was still topless - she walked quickly, never turning back to see if I were following, but I was following - hell, I was so lost, it's like I'd been swallowed-up...

She opened a door, which led into this long, narrow living room, dimly lit. An older, overweight woman in a black corset half-sat on a couch - the woman I'd purchased disappeared through the front door again - I thought to chase after her. The woman said hello.

"Hi. She just like ripped me off for 50 euro."

"An American? How long are you here for?"

"Until tomorrow. Listen, I think I should just go - I've already been ripped-off."

"That 50 euros is the best money you've ever invested, if you wish to fulfill your fantasies."

"What's that?"

"Young girls. They're available here."

"What do you mean?"

"Through that door, there will be ten girls, ages four to twelve - they're all professionals - they know how to please a man with your special needs."

I didn't trust the situation at all - seemed a trap, a scam...

"Well, are you interested?"

I was totally lost here - I was relying on this person for safe passage to a street where I could hail a cab - and sensed that I might even die - I was profoundly lost - "How much?" - thought I'd play along...

"500 for one girl, and 750 for two - for as long as you like, at least until morning."

I was fucked, and I knew it. I was being shaken down hard -'My own fault' I thought... but needed to act casual... "Here" - and I laid-down 750 euro on the coffee table.

She smiled and swooped up the cash. Then took me by the hand, and led me in through a door to a room which looked like an abandoned strip-joint...

There were at least twelve girls standing there in a line - some of them holding hands - the younger ones had nightdresses on - the older had various forms of revealing lingerie - and there was one 4 year old at the end of the line who was completely naked, though seemed perfectly at ease...

The old lady let me oogle them for a while, then, still holding my hand, introduced me to the first pair -

"Our sisters - nine, and six years old. The oldest is very anal, and loves her sister very very much - both are fuckable."

I almost came in my pants. She pulled me along.

"This is Samantha - she's a wild one - up for anything - she shook her long black mane. Lisa and Gizelle - very close friends - Gizelle is into watersports - she blew me an obscene kiss. This is Janni - nine years old - she prefers hard anal - she turned around, lifted her nightdress, and stuck her finger up her butt. Maxi is ten - she will perform anything you ask - she immediately lifted off her night-dress, no underwear, and began fingering herself, then tasting her fingers. Mitzi and Sabrina are very loving - they're both twelve, and are the most experienced of the girls we have - the one bent down in front of the other, lifted up her night-dress and began sucking her cunt. This is Laila - she loves to be dominated, and, within certain restraints, loves pain - spanking is allowed, but no blood - and I frown upon too many bruises - she just stood there. And Katy here, our youngest, and newest member, well, she'll do what you ask, but since she's just four years old, I would prefer nothing anal at this point - but you have paid the price, if that is what you wish" - she blew me a kiss.

"Sisters" I mumbled.

"Good choice. Well, have fun."

And with that the oldest of the sisters took my hand as the madam went back out of the room to her couch. She led me up a maze of stairs, her little sister following.

Dank room - stuffy - barely room for the queen-sized bed with tattered quilt - no windows - pink light - a huge mirror on the wall, a bureau of sorts, with hair brushes and childish knick-knacks - obviously these girls' room.

"What shall we do first?" she asked me in perfect British English.

"Are you English?"

"Yes - well, we were, now we're Dutch."

"Where do you come from?"

"No, silly man - no such questions. My sister and I are here to give you pleasure. What would you like us to do first?"

"Undress." And the nine year old threw off her nightdress immediately, revealing her immature body in all it's glory. Tiny pink nipples - completely hairless cunt - so skinny - yet her beautiful long blonde hair gave a weighty frame to her form. She looked over to her sister, who was standing leaning her back against the door -

"Don't mind Ceilia - she prefers to be called Ceil - she's a bit slow in taking her clothes off in front of strange men" - she signed to Ceil to come over to her on the bed, which she slowly did, then her older sister raised her nightdress off. But I pulled-off her white cotton panties.

"What's your name?"

"I've always had a fancy for Jasmin, but my name is Jennifer - Jenny. And yours?"


"Well, Tom, you're in for the time of your life. Just tell us what you'd like us to do, and we'll do it."

"I'd like to kiss you."

"Aren't you sweet?" - and she moved into my arms and we kissed, deep. I'd never kissed a nine year old before - it was heaven - she opened her mouth and gave herself completely to me.

Ceil watched intently, wide-eyed.

"I'd like to kiss you, too, Ceil" - it was immature at best - but wonderful to taste the lips of a six year old.

"Um, you can undress me."

Jenny laughed and became boisterous, and challenged Ceil - and they had yanked all my clothes off in no time, amidst giggles - my cock springing straight up...

"Madam said that you were very anal?"

"Yeah, well, my father was very fond of my bum - from the time I was four, I think, he was fingering it, or licking it - by the time I was Ceil's age, he'd fucked it - and I enjoy being fingered and licked and fucked in my ass. It's not something Ceil does yet. I lick and finger her asshole - but she's not ready to be fucked there. But I would love it if you fucked my ass."

"I think I would like to see you pleasure your little sister - first of all."

"Yummy" she said with a sincere, mischievous smile at me, and it was obviously a rote routine, as the little girl spread her legs as her older sister began to lick her cunt. It was fascinating to watch - and I rubbed Jenny's asscheeks the whole time - so I kept real hard.

I then bent down and began to lick around Jenny's asshole - and her response was pure lust - her cunt became wet - very wet, just after a few minutes of trying to thrust my tongue up her asshole as far as it would go. She was on fire. Bucking to my tongue-work - yet, weirdly, it was little Ceil's soft moans and groans which filled the air as her sister sucked her cunt.

Then Ceil slid up and whispered in her sister's ear, and Jenny giggled.

"She would like to kiss your cock - if that's o.k.?"

"Go for it" - little Ceil diverted her eyes from mine, slid down and placing her tiny hand on the shaft of my hard cock, bent her head down and placed the head in her mouth. I watched her for a second, surreal fireworks dancing in my brain, but soon Jenny was kissing my mouth again, full-force - a real kissing freak. My fingers trailed over her tight ass cheeks, then one finger entered her asshole, another, her tiny dripping wet cunt.

This went on for a while - it felt like Ceil was desperately trying to stuff as much of my cock in her mouth as she could - but without much success - her mouth was just too small - but her little hand was busy the whole time - up and down - I was really close to coming, became a bit distressed, which Jenny noticed - pulled back and signaled to her little sister to stop.

"She loves the taste of cum - if you're worried."

"Naw, I just... I just want it to last. You're both so beautiful."

"Well, I'm sure a man so virile as you can cum four or five times, before morning."

We hugged and kissed, a bit more demurely, now... little Ceil was moving around - she was an exact copy of her older sister, a bit more roundness in the face, but the same long blonde hair - I looked over to her, and saw that she was standing on the bed over me - then, squatting, taking my engorged member in her hand, placed it at the entrance of her tiny cunt hole - and without further ado - sat on my cock - impaling herself with the head - she gurgled - then pressed down with her body - and down - her cunt so tight I was amazed - after two minutes she'd only gotten a third of my cock up in her...

Jenny began kissing me in earnest again, and I began fingering her holes like a madman - even her asshole was wet - my fingers slid easily. All the while little Ceil was pressing down, engulfing more of my cock.

Once she had dropped, and I felt her asscheeks touch my inner thighs - she held perfectly still - and I came so hard I moaned uncontrollably around Jenny's tongue.

But I was still hard, and with my cum as lubricant, little Ceil began lifting off and plunging back down on my cock - grunting wildly - I spurted an endless amount of seed into her, then lifted her off me - gently laying her down beside us.

Jenny dove directly into her little sister's cunt - and the slurping noises were almost humorous - so huge - she sucked all of my cum out of her sister's cunt.

Afterwards we just lay there entangled, panting.

It was after several minutes - me in some lost reflection - the girls diddling one another, that Ceil crawled up to her sister's ear and whispered something.

"Ceil needs to pee. The bathroom is way down the other end of the hall, and it's not very clean. When it's just Ceil and me, we tend to pee in each other's mouths. If that turns you off, I'll walk her down there."

"No, no. Feel at home."

And with that, Jenny lay straight on her back, and Ceil shimmied over her and placed her cunt directly over Jenny's mouth. I watched in awe as Ceil released her piss directly into Jenny's mouth - she drank it all.

After swallowing, and gulping a bit - she leaned over to me and kissed me - the taste of Ceil's piss everywhere in her mouth - our tongues fought over the mildly briny taste.

"Do you two do this every night?"

"No. We only entertain two nights a week. The rest of the time we make movies."


"Yes. And our DVD's are outselling even Gabriella's - but don't say that to her - she thinks she's the next Madonna."

"So you live here in this room, and entertain twice a week, and make movies?"

"Well, Dad comes to visit once a month. I'm teaching Ceil how to read and write. We're quite busy. You shouldn't ask silly questions."

"Will you lick my asshole again? - I really like that."

So I got behind her and began kissing and licking her asshole. She had her face buried in her sister's cunt. And I got hard again. She squealed - I even think she came, just from me tonguing her asshole, my long finger rubbing her clit and sometimes poking her cunt.

"Can I fuck it?"

"Of course, silly - that's what I love. Ceil, you get behind him and suck his asshole while he fucks me, o.k.?"

"Uh huh."

There was wetness all over her crotch, so slipping in to her asshole was kinda easy - but a tight fit - and she just went wild - bucking like a crazy beast - Ceil's little tongue mostly catching my balls. And I came quickly, releasing stream after stream of cum in her asshole - and I screamed - huge-loud at the release... my cock shrank out of her ass and she shifted around and cuddled me - kissing me softly.

"Girls are gonna talk about that scream at breakfast tomorrow." She seemed really pleased.

I fell asleep. Both the girls' arms around me.

A while later - I don't know how long - I felt a little mouth suckling my soft penis - and it grew, but I needed to piss. I looked down to see Ceil fast at work on my cock. And I couldn't hold-out - I pissed into her tiny mouth devouring my cock. She drank it all. Jenny was fast asleep beside me - even snoring a little. Ceil looked up at me with a twinkle in her eyes, gulping and smiling.

I shifted around, scooted Ceil under me, spread her legs, and thrust my cock into her tiny pussy - and fucked her - fucked her hard, for what felt like hours... this time her little tongue darting in to my mouth.

There was a gentle knock at the door - we were all asleep again. The little woman from the shop window popped her head in, and signaled'shhhh' - and quietly pronounced that it was time to go. I got up, found my clothes, and dressed - looking adoringly at the two waifs as they lay there cuddled...

She lead me down the hall - down the stairs, out through the gallery, the living room, all vacant - through the muddy pathways, through her domicile - and deposited me out on the street with a little shove.

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awesome read ... a truely well written fantasy. I look forward to reading more of your stories. Thanks


Wonderful! More to cum?


cute story, except the scat. i don't like scat.


Great story, glad to see you back writing. Your pacing is great and the subject matter is fantastic. Please keep at it.


loved this sexy story!

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