Remembrance of Things Fast

[ bg9, F, ws, inc, anal ]

by Gesso


Published: 5-Jun-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Bethany was the prettiest girl in grade school. She didn't really know that. But all the guys in third grade loved her. I was lucky just being her next door neighbor. I was the head honcho. Everyone envied me, so I got it into my head that I had it made.

Reality is not forged from substance - as fantasy is not pulling swords out of stones - but a relationship between the two becomes obliquely, a monster in the room.

I saw her sitting on her front concrete steps one day - her long blonde hair was disheveled, I think she'd been crying. There was only an easement between us, so I went over knocking like at a door - "Bethany? Bethany? Bethany?"

She finally gazed over, rubbed her eyes, and greeted me with her perfect smile.

'Are you alright?'

Tears broke. 'None of the girls at school like me!'

I sat next to her.

'The boys sure do!'

Maybe that was wrong to say - I should've said - well, one boy does...


'Oh, nothing.'

'Why are they so mean?'

'What happened?'

Janey called me "loosey pants."

'I don't understand girls at all. I really can't help you there. But I'm here for you.'

Strokes of genius just happen.

She leaned in to me, and, boy, did I ever let that happen.

Her small square shoulder against mine was like electricity.

I would've kissed her if I knew then what I know now about girls.

We were way innocent. I felt like her friend - even the idea of her attraction, to me and all the others, faded. I only thought of her misery. Compact. Unreasonable. Innocent.

I fell in love.

The electricity from shoulder to shoulder was nothing compared to the electricity in my heart shooting down to what I realised was my penis. I got totally embarrassed. I didn't move away though - I was luxuriating.

'Let's play doctor!'

And she hopped up - and I knew her mother and big brother weren't home.


I was trying to soothe her.

She took me by the hand, dragged me into their house and back to her room. She flopped down on her bed.

'You're the doctor.'

'Um. I've never played this before.'

'You examine me. Then we switch places and I examine you.'

She slid out of her tee - tits like mine - didn't really do anything. But my cock was small again, not being against her shoulder.

I wanted to touch her.

'Can I touch your shoulders?'

'You can touch anywhere you want.'

So I traced her shoulders - hard, firm, squarish - I don't know what it is to this day - but I love a good pair of shoulders on a woman...

I even brushed them with my lips - I don't know why.

When I'd worked my way down to her belly button, I did lick her little pale nipples a bit on the way - she laughed and laughed - so much so I thought I'd taken all the pain away. I stuck my tongue in there over and over, and she laughed and girated really hard - keeping my tongue in there was like riding a horse.

Then it happened - I saw it. I heard her squeal. She began pissing her pants - and struggled to get away, but I had firm hold of her waist.

'Stop! Stop! Stop!' - but I just kept on until her laughter turned to tears. She was so embarrassed.

Then I stopped.

'I said stop! Oh sheesh!.'

And she pushed me off her, got up, and ran to the bathroom.

I was sorry I'd made her cry again. Rolled off her bed, and went to soothe her.

The door was closed - I opened it. She was just then sliding her panties off, her pee stained pants already cast aside. And I was watching her from behind, so she didn't notice me -sniffling and stuff.

'I'm sorry, Bethany.'

I guess quite a shock for her that I was in the bathroom with her - and she now being naked and all.

'Johnny!' - and she moved her hand instinctively to cover her cunnie while she turned to face me.

The crying before, and this crying now - I guess something had built up - so a huge wad of snot bursted out of her nose - and landed on her lips. She made this awful noise - like some trapped animal. Turned away, rubbing at her face.

I felt really sorry for her. Her shoulders - especially from behind, were getting my peter a little hard again, even in this stressful situation. So I moved to her to grasp them. To make her feel good.

She shivered at my touch - and started crying again.

'I peed my pants!.'

'I know. I know!.'

'It's your fault! I said stop!'

'I know. I know. I'm sorry.'

I was holding her bare shoulders - massaging them.

She turned - we were exactly the same height. Her face was right there, red and puffy. She'd smeared the snot away. She looked deep into me somehow. Then she placed her small hand behind my head and brought her lips to mine. And we kissed. Very simple, didn't last very long. When we finished she was smiling again.

'I need to wash-up.'

'No you don't.' And I took her hand and led her back to her bed and layed her down. I then continued my kissing down her body - licking every inch of her front. When I got to her cunnie I didn't even hesitate - I started licking it, piss and all.

This seemed to thrill her, I guess, from the sound she made.

Her piss didn't taste all that bad. And - first time seeing a cunnie - I now had a new favorite object of desire. It was beautiful. I lingered there, lapping - even poking my tongue in a little - which she really seemed to like.

Then I started down first one leg, then the other - trading off every once in a while. I reached her feet, and even sucked on her toes a little while.

'Roll over.' And she did.

I started once again, my kissing and licking - at her neck. Her body shivered.

And I attacked her shoulders once more. I was completely hard in my pants - it was almost painful.

Her buttcheeks incredibly firm and sensitive. She gave out low moans as I licked them. And I don't know why, but I gently pried them apart and started licking her little musky asshole. She began wiggling. After a few minutes I started down the backs of her legs. Trading off. By the time I reached the back of her knees she began giggling again - I guess it tickled. So I moved on - not wanting a repeat. Licked her heels, the pads of her feet.

She just laid there a few seconds, as if asleep. Then she hopped up.

'My turn!'

I didn't know what she meant. I was kinda in a daze.

'Take your clothes off.'


'I'm naked. And it's my turn to be the doctor.'



I took my shirt off.

'Pants too!'

I reluctantly, turning to face away from her, rolled my pants down.

She moved up and kissed me on the shoulder. I turned, and we kissed again - this time a bit more urgently - our mouths opened a little because we were mashing into each other - and it was kinda nice, a little wet.

'Underwear too.'

'But it's hard!'

'I can see that.' - She was looking down at my tenting jockeys.

I was totally embarrassed. She saw I wasn't going to budge. She placed her hand right on my hard dick - then grabbed it squeezingly, and laughed. It felt so good.

I then removed my underwear, quickly laid down on her bed, and closed my eyes.

She spent a lot of time kissing and licking my face. She even licked my eyelids, sucked on my nose - we kissed - our kissing getting better and better. It ticked when she swirled around my throat.

She took a real long time on my nipples - each one. She kissed and then sucked them. I never knew they were so sensitive - my dick was starting to ache, her hand placed just inches away caressing my thigh. She even nipped then with her teeth, and I moaned, and she giggled.

It was then I figured out what she was going to do - she was going to sink her tongue into my belly button and torture me as I'd tortured her. But I didn't mind. Guys don't pee from getting tickled. So her plan was going to be a lame failure.

And it didn't really tickle. She went at it, boy. But all it did, and I could feel it, was get my dick leaking a little - hardest it's ever been - really really aching.

Just then, we heard a car pull up.

'Mom! Get dressed!' - she scurried off to some drawers and frantically dressed. Me, in almost a coma-like state finally lifted up and scrounged my stuff off the floor, but dressed hurriedly.


That was it. I was out the door as her mother opened it. I didn't run or anything. But I don't remember even saying hi to her as she came in with groceries.

What a shitty thing! My penis wouldn't go down. It wouldn't go down. This girl had me so worked-up I could see my mother naked and not get it down. I didn't know what to do. Then it dawned on me - I jacked off. First time in my life. I sat there furiously thinking of every inch of Bethany's body and jerked and jerked and jerked until it spat. Wow.


School the next day was a little weird. There was only one couple in the third grade - Joe and Karen - they didn't hide the fact - they were boyfriend and girlfriend - nobody made a big deal out of it - they'd known each other since babys - it was all so natural - part of our landscape. Bethany, in her coolness, kinda pissed me off - I thought we were now another Joe and Karen. But I guess I was wrong. To her, it was like any other day at school. My peter got hard every time I looked at her. She acted perfectly normal. She didn't even look at me, and when it happened -she went goofy face and quickly turned away.

'I'll walk you home.' Not the greatest pick-up line of the century, but sincere.


The day went on for days. I was so distracted I never made a hoop at recess - even at lunch, I couldn't eat.

Then, after school - well out of distance from everyone (and, no, I hadn't thought to carry her backpack or anything - I'm no Prince Charming) - it was me who took her hand.

'What's going on?'

'What do you mean?'

'I thought, something.'

'Of course, of course.'

'We never finished.'

'Finished what?'


'Oh. Now you wanna play Doctor.'

'Yeah, well, you know.'

'It was funny seeing you struggle to get your underwear on.' We laughed.

'I was hard for you.'

'Oh, how sweet.'

'Can we... do you...'

'Of course, silly.'

'Why were you so strange at school?'

'Girl's gotta keep her reputation up.'

She'd just moved here two months ago - I didn't understand what she was saying.

'What? Why?'

'The girls here don't like me because I'm a slut - they aren't used to that. Hell, in every school I've been in, there's been at least five sluts - it was like easy pick'ins.'

'I don't understand.'

'The competition here is the other way around.'

'I don't understand.'

'You hayseeds don't know about sex. Never learned it, never done it. But I have. Frightens them. Poor girls!'

'You've had sex?'

'You don't even know what sex is - how can you ask that question?, holding my hand, walking me home from school? What are you guys, retards?'

I dropped her hand.

'You're an asshole!'

'Yo, your tongue felt really good up my asshole.'

'No! You're an asshole!'

'You wanna fuck me up the ass or what?' - she took my hand, paraded me along.

I didn't believe this - she was marching me up to her house to let me fuck her in the ass? She flung her clothes off like graffitti.

I stood and stared at her pussy.

'What are you waiting for? Do I have to do everything?'

'I don't know. I'm kinda shocked.'

'Fucking take your clothes off!'

She'd just changed, immediately - she was no longer a third grade girl who everyone had a crush on - she was a whore.

'Are you o.k.?' I asked - this was just weird.

'Fuck me in the ass! Fuck me in the ass! Fuck me in the ass!' - she demanded while gyrating her butt in the air on her bed. I was kinda scared.

Then she stopped. She turned and saw me just looking at her confused, and winded down. 'I'm sorry!' - Then she burst into tears again.

My best self told me to run - run away, fast. My other self just stood there looking at her beautiful scrawny naked body.

'I'm on meds, o.k.? I can't control myself.' - She was sitting in the middle of her bed cross-legged at this point - so I had a nice shot at her pussy. I sat down next to her - her eyes glistening like fire.

'I don't know, Bethany. I don't know what's going on.' I reached out and stroked her hair. 'I'm a fucking mess!'

We didn't use language like that here - she was foreign - I don't believe I'd said "fuck" in my entire life - my brother did it once right to my parents, and he caught "shit."

'Tell me what's going on.'

She siddled up to me - naked as the day she was born, me in my school clothes. She slid her arms around me and crashed her head into my chest - I figured she was going to cry again. But everything was silent for a moment - I held her too - I carefully stroked her shoulder. 'What drugs?'

'Can't pronounce 'em - don't even know.' - I began stroking her hair, getting hard. She sank even further in to me.

'You've never been fucked, have you?'


'Why are you playing this game with me?'

'I really like you.'

'I really like you too. I'd love to be your boyfriend. I'm kinda a mess myself. You're beautiful - really, really beautiful. You go up and down all the time. Show me the meds.'

'There aren't none - this is just me.'

'I don't know if I can handle that.'

'Lick me again! Lick my pussy and asshole!'

'I don't know...' But I rolled into her embrace and just started at her cunt - I shot my tongue as far up her as I could, I guess to hurt her - for her to scream-out "Stop!" - but that never happened. She was whimpering. Then I did the same to her asshole - I just fucking stuck my tongue up there and snaked it around - she was rolling. When I'd come up for air, she'd guide my head back down.

If she wasn't on drugs, I certainly was - her body. Her lips - I'd come up for full-mouth kisses once and again.

'I love you.' - I don't why I said it, I don't know who said it. There was some darkness generating life around us - no grey areas.

This next licking session she started bucking wild. My tongue was as far up into her asshole as it would go when she just freaked. Her body quaked. She yelled out. "God!" I think - my ears were muffed by her thighs.

'Now it's my turn.'

'What happened after my mom got home yesterday?'

'What do you mean?'

'You were all hard and shit.'

Within the last fifteen minutes she'd just used "shit" and "fuck" - this was a crazy beast.

'I was so hard for so long, I just pulled myself off.'

'You jerked-off?' I'd never heard the expression before.

'Yeah. I guess.'

'May I suck your cock?'

The car came again - bad luck or what? - she zipped up and got dressed - I was pretty neat.

This time we sat down to milk and cookies.

This woman had enormous breasts - I suddenly became a breast-man. Fucking milkers - at least 44D's She thought it was cute that me and her daughter were playing together. I just stared at her tits - I didn't even realise it - I was lost. She was smiling.

'I think I'm in love with your daughter.'

That blurted statement quieted the room.

'You "think" you're in love with me! - what kind of bullshit is that!' - and Bethany ran off -leaving me and her mother alone.

'You know she's fragile, right?'


'I should just probably show you my tits.' And she shimmied out of her top, then reached behind and undid the whole thing - they were fascinating... great honkers - this was insane...

My mom couldn't compare...

'Touch them.'

And I did - and sucked them as well - fuck, this was underneath my dignity - they were huge. 'You have very nice breasts.' - but she cradled me to them so I was completely lost. Couldn't speak a word - my mind was lost... I simply sucked nipples. Both. Rubbed them and all, but simply sucked - like I was nursing.

She was ecstatic.

That's when her little girl came in again - she was furious.


'I'm sorry, dear.' - And she yanked her glistenting tits off my mouth.

'You can suck them too, dear.'

She was a little embarrassed, but did just that - I got one tit, she got one. The mom almost fainted. We were both milking her - eyeing each other.

'Now, now, Bethany. Now, now, Johnny.' She cooed. It was like being an infant again - and I liked it.

Then we broke up and kissed - me and Bethany - even deeper than before - we'd been sharing something sacred.

Her mother noticed.

'Suck her cunt!' - Bethany shouted.

The mom shimmied off her blue jeans, and threw her panties away.

I settled down to do just that - with her daughter still licking her tits - but it was a strange forest I was entering.

'I can't. I don't...'

'Lick her cunt!' - Bethany demanded.

So I dove in - I don't know how, or even when - tiny hairs got stuck in my teeth - but I did it -I don't think I could be stroking the lion.

Love has to be a memory.

Bethany joined me licking her mother's cunt, so it got a little crowded - but we kissed some too - now totally open mouthed - tongue sucking even. The little hairs everywhere.

'Lick her asshole!'

I believe Bethany is going to be the next Spielberg.

I moved down, this was heady - very strong taste, not shit, but something - and I jabbed my tongue up her asshole for all I was worth. This woman was shaking.

'Pee, Mommy - pee in my mouth!' - And she did, I could taste the residuals as I licked her asshole. It was kinda exciting - and there was another taste there too.

After she'd swallowed her mom's piss, Bethany grabbed my head and pulled me into our deepest kiss ever. This was piss - salty grainy piss - I almost vomited, but I was in love with her mouth.

The mom switched around, and we all just sitting there, exhausted.

'He can fuck your asshole.'

'Really, mom?'

'I should suck it first.'

I thought she was going to suck my cock - and I went really hard - but she bent down and licked her little girl's asshole instead - dreamy drooling.

'I want him in my ass, mommy!'

She moved me up, on my knees, took my cock, which almost exploded at her touch - she guided me in to her daughter's asshole. A weak jab at best, but I continued until the head reached the sphincter. It felt marvelous, and I didn't think it could go any further. But mommy grabbed my ass and pushed me deep in. There was an "Ugh!" And I came immediately, but just kept pushing until hard again.

Bethany was on fire - she thrusted and wiggled and screamed and I don't know what all - like a machine. Her asshole incredibly tight - I couldn't have sqeezed tighter with my own hand. As my second erection arose inside her I was just fucking her asshole like there's no tommorrow. Mom was delicately licking her little pussy - on occasion I'd slip out, and mom would take me greedily in to her mouth, then slot me again.

This went on for a good ten minutes. Bethany had had several shrieks of orgasm - then came mine - my second, and I screetched.

Mom just took hold of my butt, and kept me there. It was like five minutes or so. Heavy breathing.

'I want you to piss up her asshole.'


'Piss up her asshole!' She slapped my ass pretty hard. So I concentrated, and after a little while let loose - pissing up Bethany's asshole.

Then mom simply shoved me away, and sank her tongue in her daughter's asshole - moaning the whole time, like I'd given her the bestest gift in the whole world. Bethany's face was so contorted she wasn't there. Mom just drank and slurped - hungrily. My peter got hard again.

Original Start, Notes, Fragments

But I looked up at her quizzically. 'How do you pee?'

'I sit on the toilet.'

'Yo. Yo, yo, yo. Where does it come from?'

She had no idea. 'It comes from up here, I think.'

'I don't understand. Girls pee, right?'

'Of course I pee!'

'I wanna see.'


So she headed for the toilet in her forthright way - I entered the room - and there she sat -legs splayed, and I was on my knees before her, curious. That thing she has is just the most beautiful sight - I fell in love triple.

'I can't pee with you watching me.'

'Of course you can. Should I turn the faucet on?'

'No! Don't waste water!'

'I'll try.' I kinda looked away, but not really...

She started pissing, and this was horse-pissing - a huge stream. And she Ugghed and ummmed - it wasn't only the pissing, but me watching her pissing, and real close up...

I'd fallen in love with her for the fourth time

A child, I was, the gushing was magnificent - after the flow - and I don't know why, I put my mouth on her privates - I planted my mouth there - she was silent for a moment, squirmed a little as if uncomfortable, then let me have at it - I remember it as a rank taste, but I kept on. It became sweet.

Love has no magnitude, no longitude, no lattitude - it's not a minute's worth nor an hour long -it is our life as humans - god bless and forgive us...

Being a god must be less terrific than being a human being...

She was weird after the event - we'd maybe kissed, pursed lips, I saw her parts, she'd seen mine - it was nothing more than an exploration.

I fell in love with her for the fifth time when she invited me over again.

Expectation is nothing compared to expectation.

This time I just walked in. I knew her parents were gone, the car thing. I wanted to know what she wanted. I knew what I wanted.

She still held that secreative demure thang.

I went down on her again - and this time without her just having pissed, much better...

I tasted the Earth, and Her bitterness.

(Don't get me wrong, I love to suck cunt) - these yahoos have no idea...

'What does a cunt taste like?'

It's a mixture of every smell you've smelled in life -

'It's the smell of your being'

'It's the taste of everything you've taseted - especially mother's milk'

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This was maybe the oddest story i have read... Orginization issues. You have something here, just needs lots of work


Your story left a really nice taste in my mouth.


Agree with starla...odd and disorganized, but phew! how erotic!


literature is an inexact art

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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