Pretty Ugly, Part 1

[ F30, M23, f16, g11, g6 nosex, slow, intro, abuse ]


Published: 3-Sep-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Chapter 1: The Move

I had just gotten up at the ungodly hour of 2pm and was making coffee when I heard a tentative knock at my door. I looked through the peephole to see a young girl, maybe around 13 or so. I was kind of surprised as I had never seen her before and she didn't look like she was selling anything. I shrugged and opened the door.

"Sorry to bother you, mister," she said softly, "but I was told to ask if you have a phone we can use."

I must have looked confused which was understandable as I really wasn't awake yet so she mumbled an apology and started to leave. I shook my head and asked her to wait.

"Sorry, umm, I'm not quite awake yet." I explained and was about to ask who she was when a woman carrying a suitcase came into the building. She glared at the child and slammed the suitcase down.

"Why do I bother asking you to do anything. You are such a useless pain in the ass." she snarled at the girl then turned to me.

"Hi, I'm Cheryl," she said sweetly, "I was wondering if I could borrow your phone. My cell died and I need to call the people that are helping me move."

I felt a sudden flash of anger at how Cheryl had treated the girl as I replied, "Sure, I had just finished telling this young lady that she was more than welcome to borrow my phone."

The young girl smiled slightly in response as I opened the door fully. I turned to get my phone off the coffee table. I handed the phone to Cheryl and she smiled as she accepted it.

"Thank you so much," she smiled at me then turned to the girl, "What are you still standing around for, you lazy piece of shit. Go get your sisters and start hauling crap up to the apartment."

I watched as the poor child cringed and scurried out the door of the building. I didn't even know the girl but my heart went out to her. Cheryl was swearing at someone on the phone and calling them every name under the sun and finally ended the call with an anatomically impossible suggestion. She thanked me for the use of the phone and stormed out of the apartment, grabbing the suitcase and headed upstairs. I shook my head and was about to close the door when I saw a small grubby child open the inner door for the girl who was struggling with a large box. It was obvious that someone was supporting the other end of it, but only barely.

"It's too heavy, Amy." came a quavering voice on the other side of the box, "I can't hold it."

"You can do it, Shy," Amy said encouragingly, "I know you can."

I heaved a sigh as the two struggled with the box. As they staggered past my door, I reached out and lifted the box from them.

"Allow me," I said with a grin.

The girls squealed in surprise as I relieved them of their burden.

"Let me guess, third floor?" I said with a sigh as Amy nodded. "I am such a sucker."

The girls laughed as I proceeded to help my new neighbours move in. Over the next few hours, I learned that Amy was actually 16, not 13. Shilo, or Shy, was 11 and Tabby was 6. Cheryl was 30 although she looked a fair bit older. She was also fairly unpleasant to the girls although she was nice towards me. It didn't take me long to learn that Amy and Tabby were both fairly shy while Shy herself was anything but shy.

I guess I should take a moment to describe everyone, including myself. My name is Scott Winters and I am a 23 year old software designer and work for a game company that I shall not mention as my friends already have too much fun pointing out how appropriate my name is. I've been working for them for 4 years and have yet to meet any of my co-workers. Tele-commuting really makes it hard to socialize. My job pretty much lets me set my own hours unless there is an emergency. I'm in pretty good shape considering I'm a computer geek and my favourite cooking utensil is the telephone, thank you Bow-Flex. I'm just under 6 feet tall by about 2 inches and weigh in at around 170 pounds. My eyes are dark brown as is my hair which I buzz off every couple of months so it ranges from about an eighth of an inch to an inch.

Cheryl, as I said, is 30 but looks to be closer to 40. She is thin and has shoulder length hair that is obviously dyed a brassy red. Her breasts are small, no more than a B cup but she does seem to have a fairly nice butt. She's not bad looking, but the way she treats her daughters is a real turn off for me.

Amy, as I was informed by the Shilo News Network, turned 16 just 2 weeks ago on May 16. She is very small for her age. She is only 4' 11" and weighs 80 pounds. In all honesty, she is not a pretty girl. Her hair is a light brown and slightly frizzy. She usually wears her hair in a simple ponytail that just reaches her shoulders. Her face is narrow and her nose is slightly too long and sharp. She has buck teeth and somewhat thin lips. On the plus side, her shin in clear of blemishes and acne and she has very lovely eyes, by far her best feature. They are a deep rich liquid brown like a doe's eyes that one could sink into forever. Her hands are very delicate and dainty with long slender fingers. Unfortunately, her nails are bitten to the quick. As for the rest of her body, I can't tell as was wearing a loose, bulky hoodie and baggy jeans that looked to be a couple of sizes too big.

Shilo is the complete opposite of Amy. She is boisterous, outgoing and chatty. She is 4' 5" and weighs about the same as Amy. Her rich chestnut hair is straight and she likes it in twin braids that reach the small of her back. Her face is much rounder than Amy's and she has sparkling blue eyes that match her personality. Her skin is slightly darker than Amy's but not dark enough to say that she might be mixed race. She was wearing a tight t-shirt so it was easy to see that she was just starting to develop. Her breasts were tiny little lumps about the size of a half walnut. There was no other signs of puberty as her hips were still boyish. Her tight pants showed that she had a nice tight butt. They also made it easy to see that she was wearing little girl type panties but the crotch was too low to show a camel toe.

Little Tabby was a typical 6 year old in build, slightly chubby with baby fat but showing signs of growing out of it. She had curly red hair - not the orangey red but true fiery red hair. Her eyes were pools of emerald green that seemed to look into your soul. Her skin, where it wasn't dirty, was very fair and covered with freckles. She was very shy and I don't recall her speaking a single word that entire day.

As you may have noticed, I have a "thing" for young girls. I don't, or at least I didn't, consider myself a paedophile, especially in the way that the media portrays paedophiles. At that time, I did tend to notice young girls, especially girls between 10 to 14. I never approached them, I just liked to admire them from afar.

By suppertime, we were done and so were the girls. Tabby was starting to complain of hunger and I could feel my stomach starting to gnaw on my backbone. I was just entering their apartment with the last box when I heard the unmistakable sound of flesh striking flesh and a sudden cry of pain. Cheryl was standing over Amy who was sprawled on the floor with her hand against her cheek.

"If you don't keep that miserable little brat quiet I'll smack you into the middle of next week."

Cheryl's back was to me so I quietly stepped back then made a show of entering the apartment.

"I was thinking about ordering some pizza. Anyone interested? It's my treat." I announced.

My offer was met with overwhelming enthusiasm and so we trooped down to my apartment and I ordered the pizza while Cheryl left to return the rental truck. The girls had discovered my DVD collection and Shy and Tabby asked to watch "How to Train Your Dragon" so I put on the movie while the two younger girls laid down on the floor in front of the tv. I sat down on the couch behind them and couldn't help but admire Shilo's pert bottom.

"How come you have so many kid's movies?" Amy asked as she joined me on the couch. She chose a seat sort of half way between me and the arm of the couch.

"I have two nieces that visit sometimes. They're 5 and 9." I explained.

That was pretty much the end of our conversation until the pizza arrived. I was paying the delivery guy just as Cheryl got back. We devoured the 4 extra large pizzas in no time. As soon as she finished eating, Cheryl informed Amy that she was going out.

"Get the beds set up and make sure my bed is made." Cheryl ordered, "I'll be out late so keep the brats quiet in the morning. I better not have to get up."

When the movie was over, Amy took the girls up to their apartment and I cleaned up. After a few minutes, I shook my head and headed upstairs.

"What are you doing here?" Amy asked when she answered the door.

"I figured you could use a hand." I replied, "I can't resist a damsel in distress."

Amy blushed as she thanked me and we went to work. We quickly got Tabby's and Shilo's beds put together and made up as well as getting the dressers and other furniture situated. There was a minor crisis as Tabby's favourite stuffy couldn't be found but Amy remembered packing it her school bag. To my surprise and delight, Tabby asked me to tuck her in. I looked down at the red haired little kindergartener then carefully drew the covers up to her chin then proceeded to quickly push the blankets under her from her shoulders to her feet by sliding my hands under her on either side like a packing machine.

"Tuck, tuck, tuck, tuck, tuck!" I exclaimed as Tabby squealed happily, "All tucked in."

I felt my penis give a little lurch as my hands slipped under her small bottom, but I ignored it. I started to get up and leave the room but Tabby stopped me.

"Can I have a good night kiss?"

I hesitated for just a moment then bent and gave her a quick peck on the forehead.

"That's not a kiss," she admonished me, "Do it again."

I leaned over again and this time lingered for a few seconds as I again pressed my lips to her forehead. That time there was no complaint as I withdrew and left the room.

I then helped Amy get Cheryl's room set up and the bed made. I noticed that Cheryl's possessions were much nicer and newer than the girls'. Next we got Amy's room made up. By then it was time for Shilo to go to bed and she asked me to "do her like Tabby". I tucked the energetic little 11 year old into bed and might have given her pretty little bottom an extra tuck or two. I kissed her on the forehead then she sudden flipped over onto her front and asked me to tuck her in again. Her covering was only a thin flannel blanket and as I slid my hand under her chest to shove the blanket under her, I felt my breath catch in my chest as my fingers contacted her firm little buds. As I reached her hips, she arched her back, allowing my hands to slip under her hips more easily than I anticipated. Again, my penis jumped as my finger tips brushed her warm puffy mound. Once more, I chose to ignore it. After tucking her in, I bent over a gently kissed her on the cheek. I flopped down next to Amy on their couch with my arms along the back and exhaled loudly. Amy slid a little close to me and half turned towards me.

"How come you're so nice to us?" Amy asked softly, "I mean you don't even know us."

"Well," I replied after a moment, "There are a couple of reasons. One, you're my neighbour. I was taught that neighbours help each other. Two, I'm a sucker for girls with big brown eyes, and three, I don't think it's fair that your mom expected you to do all this yourself."

Amy ducked her head and mumbled something but I couldn't make it out.

"I'm sorry, I missed that." I told her.

"She's not our mom. She's our aunt." she replied, "Our mom is dead."

Suddenly, Amy burst into tears and I wrapped my arms around her. I rocked the small teen and made comforting noises and her tiny frame was wracked with sobs.

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dave racer

This is a good intro for a story. I'm sure it can go a lot further and get much steamier. I look forward to see what develops in the next chapter?


Looking forward to Part 2 if not tomorrow then in October.

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