Nude Dance Practice in a Naughty Garage

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Published: 22-Feb-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Fourteen-year-old Brandon Helman was enjoying a leisurely Saturday afternoon jackoff when the knock came on his bedroom door. He was stroking to a rebroadcast of a popular European children's variety show famous for its pretty preadolescents, abundant nudity and unrestrained sexuality. This vignette started with the girls in the cast wearing serapes and sombreros energetically dancing and stripping to salsa music in front of a backdrop of a faux Spanish village. The eight girls, now nude, were kneeling and concentrating on pleasuring the huge, erect penises of four men dressed in traditional peasant garb. The music had stopped and the activity was closely miked providing a soundtrack of soft moans and sighs, wet slurping and the rustling of the live studio audience who occasionally interjected shouts of encouragement.

Brandon could see why these girls were pros. Four of the petite youngsters had pricks buried deep in their throats yet continued their coordinated breathing without gagging or gasping, all the while having the huge pricks fed to them by their little companions.

Brandon's balls were tightening and his prostate was beginning to quiver waiting for the inevitable moment when the cocks would pop out of those little mouths and shower those cute eight-to-thirteen year-old-faces with streamers of hot, white sperm. He was hoping to match their orgasms and even more hoping to recreate the fete he performed earlier in the month when one of the first shots from his cock spattered on his bedroom ceiling.

"Brandon, can you come down here? Your sister and her troop are down here and need some help with their dance routines." Brandon reluctantly tucked his cock in his shorts and rolled off the bed.

Brandon went downstairs stopping to grab a drink in the kitchen. "They're out in the garage,' his mom gestured. "Mr. Toomes is nice enough to let us use his club for a fundraiser." Mr. Toomes owned a couple clubs in town, one of which, The Dirty Trucker, was said to be the premiere preteen nude strip club in the state.

"He's agreed to a 60-40 split and the girls can keep any tips, plus he's agreed to film the whole thing for us and waive any video rights. He's even interested in doing a strip-off between some of the different troops if he can get backers to come up with the prize money."

Brandon figured it would happen. Mr. Toomes did something similar last year with the cheerleaders from the area's schools. The Stripping Cheerleaders DVDs were a perennial favorite among the school fundraising videos, and Brandon was not alone in still blowing load after uncontrollable load after repeated viewings of the cute, writhing bodies.

Brandon entered the garage and was greeted by the sight of twelve Cadettes, ages ranging from 8 to 14, including his 9-year-old sister Marnie. Brandon was familiar with most of the girls, intimately, as he had helped many of their girls earn their Body Awareness and Oral Skills badges. Five of the girls were already naked.

Dance music was playing from a set of cheap speakers at each side of a makeshift stage consisting of a backdrop draped with white sheets and a Berber carpet rolled out onto the cold concrete floor. Facing the stage was a single gray folding chair currently occupied by Brandon's uncle Bill. On his lap sat a pretty naked brunette pixie who Brandon recognized as eight-year-old Sierra Munni. Bill had was holding Sierra close, one hand gently stroking her dime-sized nipples while the other caressed her smooth, hairless cleft.

Bill was a not bad looking man in his mid-30s, a family favorite. Clad only in a shirt and socks, Bill's shoes, shorts and trousers were lying puddled at his side. Bill's penis visible between Sierra's legs was red, limp and spent. Judging by the wet stains on the concrete floor he had already enjoyed at least two, maybe three, orgasms. His penis glistened wet; Brandon guessed the girls had licked him clean in hopes a garnering another erection. The smell of sperm and excited females filled the air.

"Whoooo, I'm done," said Bill getting up and surrendering his chair. "I've got to get home and get to some things done. I'm turning this over to you." Sierra ran up to Brandon and got in his face, grinning. Brandon could see whitish gobs of what appeared to be crusted semen in Sierra's hair, on her cheek and flat, boyish chest.

Sierra ran to join her mother who was standing naked beside one of two cameras on tripods facing the makeshift stage. The entire stage area was lit by four small professional studio lights; it seems that most homes had invested in a set of studio lights now that so many parents were into filming their kids and trading the videos with other parents around the state. This practice session with these shy cuties would make superb stroke off material somewhere, maybe as a DVD extra.

Sierra's mother, Jill, motioned toward the vacant chair and told Brandon to get comfortable. He rightly assumed he was to remove his trousers and shorts. Sierra leapt onto Brandon, straddling his thigh.

"Take off all your clothes," encouraged Sierra as the pretty youngster tried to pull Brandon's shirt up. Brandon removed his shirt; the last thing he needed was more cum-stained clothing in the laundry. Sierra slid onto his lap, ready for the next dancer to take the stage. The heat from her squirming eight-year-old frame was at least a twelve on a pleasure scale of one to ten.

The music started. Jill Munni put her eye to the camera and began to film. Next up was twelve-year-old Hanna Bolton, a plain-jane strawberry blonde with a developing body and glasses. Six months ago Brandon had taken Hanna's cherry at a troop function and of course the event had been immortalized on film. Hanna was responsive and an enjoyable fuck and the normally in-control Brandon only lasted a couple minutes before having to pull out and blast all over her cute freckled face, glasses and titties. The video must be a local favorite as Brandon still saw the clip occasionally played on local access television after school or late at night.

Hanna, like the rest of the clothed girls, for this rehearsal was wearing nothing special, just normal street clothes. For the big show, the girls would be wearing their scout uniforms, though there was talk of having some of the girls wear nighties, school uniforms or other costumes for some variety.

"Not too fast," coached Mrs. Munni, "Take your time. You want to tease your audience and give them time to enjoy it. By the time you get down to your panties, you want most of your audience to be ready to cum." She looked down to see how Brandon was doing.

Brandon was starting to stiffen. Sierra felt the nascent boner swelling against her bum and slid sidesaddle and began an urgent jacking of Brandon's sensitive flesh as if there were a global sperm shortage. "Easy," Brandon gasped, "I don't want to cum yet." Sierra dropped Brandon's throbbing member and Brandon slid her onto one knee, where the horny nymphet proceeded to grind her girlish parts against the rigid bone with a surprising strength and urgency.

The music, the dance and the girls were hot and sexy. By the time Hanna was ready to drop her panties, a large pearl of appreciation was gleaming from the slit of Brandon's penis. He was stroking extremely slowly knowing that there were six more girls to go. Occasionally he would drop his penis and grab Sierra by both hips and grind her against knee to assist her in her masturbation.

Next was Katia Wolfenstien, a tall for her age, lanky 11-year-old with lemon-sized tits dancing to "Hot in Here." The last time he had seen Katia she had sported a thin patch of curly black pubes; now she was smooth, rightly so as most of the clientele of The Dirty Trucker were fans of the "small tits and no hair" look. Brandon was too, a fact gleaned by most of Brandon's teachers and the mothers associated with the Scout group who had noted Brandon's quick-spraying, lack of self-control when confronted with a squirming nine-year-old.

Sexual sights and smells permeated the garage. Though trying not cum, Brandon had several near misses and his hand was slick with cock slime that had pumped up from his balls and was now dripping onto the chair and the floor. Sierra was playing with both nipples, biting her lip and had settled into a regular rocking rhythm as she rode bareback on Brandon's bony knee. As Katia went into a squat and spread her pussylips, Brandon tried to think of anything but and it was Sierra who destroyed his concentration by emitting a breathless 'Wuuh-huuhh" and began jerking and grinding with all the might an eight-year-old can muster. Even the girls stopped dancing to watch.

Brandon went for the assist, first by grabbing her hips and then later gently stroking her nips as the tremors of orgasm sped through her childish frame. Weak-kneed, she climbed off of Brandon's lap and made her way toward the Helman's kitchen.

"Not so fast," Jill Munni said sternly, "Did you forget something?"

Sierra paused, and then remembered, "I'm cumming?"

"It's a little late for that. You know if you cum while you are dancing on stage you don't have to announce it, but most other times, especially with a partner, I want to hear you shout it out loud and clear. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mom," Sierra sulked.

"Good. Otherwise I may have to let Brandon spank you later and use you for his cum-slave." Probably the wrong thing to say as Sierra grinned at the prospect before turning and walking away, her cute little butt wiggling all the way.

Mrs. Munni gave Brandon a look of resignation. She hoped that next year training for the Junior Sex Olympics would provide an acceptable outlet for her hot-cunted little daughter.

His sister Marnie was up next dancing to "Showdown." Brandon did not want to blast while watching his sister though like most kids his age, he had coached his younger sibling through multiple sexual experiences. Still, he preferred going for something more exotic. In school, he participated in the Sister Swap Club, where members would trade their younger siblings for mutual sexual pleasure. As students without brothers or sisters were not excluded from the club, the rules and membership were pretty loose and mostly the club existed just as an opportunity for kids to fuck and adults to enjoy watching.

Marnie made lots of eye contact with Brandon while she stripped and danced. With Sierra gone Marnie came over and stopped just short of giving Brandon a lap dance. Brandon was glad as he would have shot for sure. Marnie finished her dance and both Brandon and Mrs. Munni applauded as it was highly erotic. Marnie and the others in the room correctly guessed that though the dance was a good one, Brandon could shoot his sperm with Marnie anytime he wanted and that he was saving his load for one of the other girls.

And that would be nine-year-old Clarissa Rossetti. Clarissa chose "The Naughty Song" and soon began squirming and writhing out of her clothes as only a horny nine-year-old can. Leslie Bell, thirteen-years-old and the first to strip that day, was operating the second camera and Mrs. Munni motioned to her to keep a camera on the dancer as she focused on the slowly masturbating boy so as to not miss Brandon's money shot.

And shot he did. By this time all the girls were super-excited as well. Clarissa wriggled over to give Brandon his first lap dance and as soon as Brandon's cock made contact with the rhythmic gyrations of the hot, hard-bodied fifth-grader, he spurted, blasting Clarissa from navel to chin and some of the load shooting over her ear and landing on the floor several feet away. Clarissa squealed "I'm cumming!" in her little-girl voice as a huge blast spattered across her chest, the sight and sound of which caused Brandon to cum even harder.

"I'm cumming," Brandon croaked, his voice breaking, even though Clarissa was already wearing half of his load. The remaining squirts decorated Clarissa's legs before she danced away to the applause of the other Cadettes.

"Who wants to do clean-up?" asked Mrs. Munni and two Cadettes came forward, Hanna and another girl of ten or so that Brandon didn't recognize. They dropped to their knees beside him and with two warm tongues began licking the spent jizzum from his cock and shaved pubis. On stage, several of the girls were taking turns sampling his now-cooling sperm from Clarissa's flat boobies. Eventually as tumescence began returning to his cock, the two girls took turns rocking back and forth with his penis in their mouths, making some delightful eye contact.

Brandon with the will of a Spartan made it though the reminder of the stripping youngsters. About three girls from the end, a thought popped into Brandon's head of wanting to try something he had seen on TV. When the last pair of panties hit the floor, Brandon was hard and pearling. The girls were disappointed as they really wanted to see Brandon deliver another of those spectacular orgasms. Mrs. Munni rightfully guessed that Brandon was saving himself for something.

"You know, the girls really want to thank you for your help and inspiration. If there is anything we can do.... You really look like you could use some relief.

Brandon blushed, which was ironic in the light of all that had transpired that afternoon. "Well, Marnie tells me you are working on your Watersports Badges and I was wondering if I could, er, help."

That was all the encouragement they needed. A sheet was removed from the backdrop and spread across the concrete floor over the drain. Mrs. Munni sent one of the girls into the house for some more lubricant and she returned with the same and brought Sierra back with her.

Brandon lubed up and lay down on the sheet, stroking while looking at the twelve beautiful masturbating girls standing in a circle around him. The girls were pretty clear on what he wanted and in no time all Brandon's cock was hard, purple and leaking more thimblefuls of slippery pre-cum. His cock was throbbing and jerking in its full-erectness, when he invited the first girl to straddle him. "Not all at once. Tease me." He hissed a little when he said it which left him wondering if it made him sound like a total perv to the girls.

The first was Leslie Bell, one of the oldest and probably not a first-timer for this activity. When Brandon had reached the proper level of excitement, he stopped stroking and nodded to Leslie as he positioned his prick under her. A few dribbles soon turned to a strong stream. Leslie sent several hot jets of hot girl-pee onto Brandon's cock causing it to jerk delightfully. Several of the girls were "ooohing" as they were finally getting to participate in something that until now they may have only seen on TV or in magazines. Fingers sped up on clits as all were enjoying the show. Leslie hips were jerking as she peed. Brandon could not tell if she was cumming or trying to adjust her aim. Her aim, he thought, was perfect as the hot shower on his genitals continued.

Next, jumping to the head of the line and always eager to try something new was Sierra. "Oooh, do me. Me next." Brandon had Sierra sit on him and straddle his cock. He pulled her toward him and spent several seconds tonguing and sucking the delightful nipples of the giggling child. Next he pulled her face to his where they enjoyed a leisurely open mouthed kiss, their tongues entwining around each other while their bodies enjoyed the total skin-to-skin contact.

"Now," Brandon whispered in her ear and with a naughty giggle she began to pee. Still continuing to kiss, he grabbed her bottom with both hands and pulled, slowly sliding her up and down, directing the stream from her pussy up and down the sensitive underside of his quivering shaft and glans.

Brandon's cock was enjoying a series of terminal spasms when Sierra finished. She jumped up giggling and masturbating like a banshee. Brandon was seconds from the point of no return and his face must have conveyed his urgency. Hanna jumped in and began peeing like a garden hose but overshot and caught Brandon squarely in the face.

"Oooh!" she squeaked in embarrassment, as she tried to readjust her flow.

"Oh don't stop," Brandon begged, "I'm going to cum. Pee on me. Pee on my cock. Everybody." The remaining girls joined in, some standing and startling, others arching backward and pulling their pussy lips apart.

Brandon was enjoying the hot piss shower of a lifetime: ten beautiful streams from ten beautiful young girls. It felt as every nerve in his body had rushed into his penis making it gigantic as he pumped it under the hot stream. "I'm cumming!" he yelled without thinking as he sent his own shower of hot liquid flying into the air and landing, puddling on his chest and arms and he could not be certain but he thought some of it may have even jetted onto his face.

As the last girl dribbled to a stop, the group began to disengage. Somebody had the foresight to bring a handful of towels out to the garage which Brandon and the girls used to blot themselves dry. The faux-stage was being dismantled and the equipment put away when Sierra presented herself to Brandon and whispered, "Will you pee on me?"

Brandon looked at Mrs. Munni who only shrugged like a tired mother who was getting eye-strain from too much camera time. Brandon sat back down in the chair and held Sierra in his lap where the two soon locked mouth-to mouth as they enjoyed several minutes of gentle genital stroking. Sierra eventually locked her legs around Brandon in a vice-like grip pressing her inflamed sex against Brandon's re-erected cock.

Brandon broke the embrace and directed Sierra to the center of the garage and had her stand over the floor drain. Taking his erected cock in hand, it took him about thirty seconds to get a stream going which he played back and forth between her two nipples before dipping it downward to her tender slit. He stopped just long enough to run and get the chair. He had Sierra sit in the chair legs splayed apart. Teasing her clit with the head of his cock, he soon resumed directing a hot, hard stream at that sensitive spot, then back up to her nipples, accidently splashing her in the face with did nothing to discourage the youngster's ardor. She finished herself manually, tweaking her tiny clit between two fingers while Brandon targeted it with his salty hot spray. "Oooh, I'm cumming," she moaned, finishing with a sigh. Her mother would have been proud.

Her mother was proud. She managed to catch the entire event in two-shot.

Brandon toweled off Sierra and himself and after another deep kiss, put his hand on her cute little behind and escorted her into the kitchen to join the others.

Brandon found them all in the living room gathered around the table. The smell of fresh pizza filled the room and there were two large open pizza boxes on the table. A pizza delivery man who appeared to be in his early twenties was standing beside the table with his pants nowhere to be seen being masturbated by two of the girls. The ones that weren't jerking him off were rubbing their nude bodies against him or otherwise putting on a show.

"Extra topping," Brandon's mom explained, the two words explaining it all.

"You, too," Sierra giggled at Brandon, pushing him toward the table as the girls parted like the Red Sea.

Brandon stepped to the table with his semi-erect prick hovering over one of the two pizza boxes feeling the warmth rising from the fresh pizza and began to stroke. Soon younger hands took over and Brandon had no choice but to stand there like a milk cow in the stable while the girls showed off their naked bodies and manual technique.

Brandon's balls were beginning to tighten. Just then the pizza delivery guy let out a loud groan and "extra topping" began jetting from the head of his dick onto the pizza. Brandon's sister had his cock in her hand and directed the spurting cock so it rained its deposit onto every slice like some perverted pastry chef decorating a nasty cake. Brandon's hips jerked as his own cock-cream rained down onto the other pie leaving both pizzas evenly decorated with little puddles of thick white liquid.

The girls made a great show of eating the spermed pizza, lapping it up like kittens or letting it drip from the pizza into their open mouths or lips or down their chin. Both Mrs. Munni and Brandon's mom had a piece, commenting on the taste; Brandon was not sure but he thought his mom may have had a slice that had his own jizz on it.

After the prolonged sexual activity and multiple orgasms, Brandon was hungry too. After much cajoling and teasing, the girls convinced him to have a slice for himself. The pizza was good but he could definitely taste the semen which strangely seemed to blend in really well with the other ingredients. Sierra giggled and lapped it up when he spilled some on his chin, but the girls refused to tell him from which pizza he was eating. Brandon was not sure which would be worse, eating his own cum or someone else's or if there really was a difference.

The End

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