Making Momma Proud

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Published: 17-Feb-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Momma is going to be so proud of me.

When she left, Momma put me in charge of the family. She reminded me that, "You're the man of the family now, so I want you to take good care of your little sisters while I'm gone."

Well, I've done my best, as I'm going to tell you.

Usually, Momma would have left Karen in charge, but she was getting so big, it was all my big sister could do, to take care of the two babies. So Momma had put me in charge of everyone else. I was only to bother my Karen in an emergency, during the two weeks that she expected to be gone.

Besides my usual duties of taking care of Diane and Ginny, I was to watch over the four younger children as well. I was to see that Suzy, Mike, Darlene, and Misty, all got properly fed, had clean clothes, and didn't get hurt. All this, and I was supposed to take care of Diane and Ginny, just like I usually did.

I was also supposed to check with Karen, every day or so, to see if she needed any help as well. Sometimes she still did, even though she didn't seem to need as much as she had before she started getting fat. Mostly, Karen was so busy and tired from taking care of the two babies, that she didn't have much time for me anyway. I guess that Momma figured that if I could take care of the bigger kids, then Karen wouldn't be too worn out to take care of the two babies.

At only 13, it was quite a responsibility for me. Still, I would rather take care of all five of the other kids, than have my big sister's job. Being responsible for two little baby girls would be scary. I'd be afraid I might drop them, or hurt them, or accidentally forget them at the wrong time. Even Misty, at three years old, was able to dress herself (mostly) and feed herself, if someone else prepared the food. Feeding and diapering babies, was another whole level of responsibility, that I didn't need. Luckily, I didn't have to.

As I mentioned, Momma had only planned to be gone two weeks. I mean, having a baby, isn't all that big a deal, even if it does come a little sooner than expected. After all, Momma has had eight of them, before this one. You don't expect your mother to get sick, while she's in the hospital.

Momma already had the baby, (Lisa Coleen Powell, 27" long, 6 pounds, 5 ounces) when she caught the flu, and then pneumonia. It had been over two months, since she had left. Somehow, Karen and I had managed to hold the family together, with no major disasters, while she was gone. Momma was finally going to be coming home tomorrow, and I couldn't wait to tell her all the exciting things that had happened, while she was away. Both Karen and I thought it would be nice to surprise her, with all the good news.

In the first place, and most important, we were all healthy and happy. Between me and Karen, we've kept the smaller kids eating balanced meals, and in clean clothes. Of course, that meant that we ate a lot of TV dinners, and pizza, with lots of cold cereal for breakfast, and sandwiches for lunch.

Still, we did manage to survive, even if it was only by the grace of Swanson.

Karen did most of the shopping. I would watch the babies for the hour or so that it took her. I'm glad that SHE had charge of the babies most of the time. Give me cooking and cleaning any day, over dirty diapers.

After the first week, I made the rest of the kids help, by bringing their clothes down to the laundry room every day. Karen backed me up, saying that I had enough to do. God, I hate doing laundry! Of course, not all the jobs I had to do, were so bad. Taking care of Diane and Ginny, was fun! I didn't even mind, when I found out that Suzy needed the same kind of care that her older sisters did.

Still, I was going to be glad, when Momma got home. I can barely keep up with all the things I have to do. No, that isn't the only reason I'll be glad to see Momma home. I miss her a lot. Just so that you'll understand what I mean though, let me tell you how today went.

It started in the morning, when the alarm went off. I had to reach over Diane, to turn it off. This did two things. First, it woke up Diane for a minute. Second, it caused my peter to come out of Ginny, where I had left it the night before. I had to grab a tissue from the side of the bed, and put it up inside my little sister, before my cum got all over the bed. By now, both sisters were awake, and Diane wanted her turn, since I had fucked Ginny the night before.

I told her that she'd have to wait until after breakfast, as I had other chores to attend to, one of which was her little sister, Suzy. Diane gave me a pout, and told me that I was taking care of Suzy, better than I was her. This was a lie. I always fucked Diane at least once a day, just like Momma had told me to, once she started having periods.

Before that, Momma only made me fuck Diane about once a week, saying that since Karen and Ginny were menstruating, (I think I spelled that right) they needed to be fucked more often than Diane, who hadn't started bleeding yet.

Once Diane started though, Momma had insisted that I squirt my cum inside her at least once a day. With Momma, Karen, Ginny, AND Diane, all needing sex at least once a day, it had been quite a chore. At least, up until about three months ago, when first Momma had gotten too big, and now Karen was.

So, it hadn't been too bad, when Momma had left. I had only Ginny and Diane needing sex, so I hadn't minded a little extra work around the house.

With only two sisters in bed with me, I had been able to give them both a lot extra. In fact, I usually managed to leave at least two healthy helpings of sperm inside each of them every day. Sometimes, I managed to fuck one or both of them three times in a day. So you can see, Diane really had nothing to complain about.

It's just that my little sister liked to fuck. You'd think, that with two generous helpings of her own brother's sperm warming her tummy from the day before, that Diane would be satisfied for a while.

Momma called both of my little sisters "nymphos" though. She said that meant that they never could get enough sex, no matter how much I gave them. Sometimes, I think Momma is right. I gave Diane an open-mouthed kiss, which she returned eagerly, before swatting her on the butt, and telling her, "Later, slut. I've got to check on your little sister."

Diane grinned at me. She knows she's a slut, and likes to be reminded of it.

"Hmph," she said, "go ahead. You're the one who's going to be missing out."

I knew she was right. For all that she was only 10 years old, Diane was probably the best fuck in the house. That's even including Momma.

It isn't only that she's so tight inside. It's her eagerness, and willingness to please, and just plain love of sex. Not that any of the other girls didn't like sex. No, it's just that Diane seems do like it even MORE somehow.

Regretfully, I still had to go. After all, I did have other duties as well. Leaving Diane faking a pout, I hurried down to Suzy's bedroom. It was more of a closet, than a bedroom really, but Suzy liked having her own room, instead of sharing one like Ginny, Diane, and I did.

Suzy was still asleep, when I climbed into her bed. She was properly naked though, so I lifted the little girl's legs apart, and slid my cock up inside my little sister, before she even woke up. Suddenly, I was grabbed in a bear-hug, as Suzy's body responded to the delicious sensation of a cock inside her tight little slit. Suzy was already fucking madly, before she was completely awake. My little sister likes to wake up to being fucked, so that's why I did it that way.

Momma had only been gone for about a week, the first time Suzy came to me complaining that she was bleeding between the legs. Having been through this with her sisters several times before, I knew that Momma would want me to take care of Suzy; just like I was already taking care of her older sisters. She was kind of young, at only 8 years old. Heck, even Diane had been 9, when she first started bleeding.

Still, I knew that Momma would expect me to help her out, just like I did her big sisters. So, I gave Suzy her first real squirt of sperm that day, and after about a week, she was as eager to feel me squirt inside her, as any of her older sisters.

It's a good thing that I had cum in Ginny the night before, or I would have squirted my sperm in Suzy's tight little slit, before we properly got started.

The feel of the little girl's tight little cunny clamping and milking on my prick was almost enough to make me cum anyway. Even though she is only able to take about two-thirds of my penis inside her, Suzy's tight little hole could sure make my cock feel good.

I knew that when the little girl got older, so that I could fit all of my cock inside her tight little vagina, Suzy would probably be almost as good a fuck as Diane was. Even now, the feeling of the little girl's tight little cunny felt almost unbelievably good.

I managed to hold off, until Suzy started squirming in her second orgasm of the day. That was too much for me. Feeling the little girl's inner muscles rippling around my swollen prick caused me to explode. As Suzy moaned and squirmed underneath me, I felt the familiar pulsations in my prick, that meant I was filling my little sister's body with incestuous cum. Golly, it felt good to let that load go. Right where it belonged too. In my own sister's eager little cunt.

It seemed like a year, but it couldn't have been over two minutes that I lay there spasming the little girl's belly full of hot sticky sperm. Finally, the sensations died down, and I rested with my prick still dribbling an occasional drop of incestuous sperm in my little sister's tight little hole. When I got up, a big white gob started to slowly ooze out of her bare little crack; so I had Suzy put a pillow under her cute little butt to allow my sperm to soak into her womb, just like Momma had taught me to do with her older sisters.

I'm not quite sure why Momma wanted my sisters to do this, but we all tried to do what she wanted, even (or especially) while she was gone. If Momma felt that my sisters needed to have lots of my cum inside them, then I would do my best to see that they all got as much as I could give. After all, Momma should know what my sisters need, better than I do. She must be right too, as they all seem to be happier when I cum in them, than when they have to do it themselves.

I got up off Suzy, and went to make breakfast, leaving my little sister to lie there with her big brother's sperm soaking into her belly, like Momma wanted. She looked too tired after her climax to move anyway. I wished that I could lie there with her for a while myself, but I had other duties to attend to.

This morning, I made oatmeal for a change. I had been learning some cooking in Home-Economics at school, and I felt confident enough to try this at home.

I didn't bother to get dressed while I cooked, as I knew I had promised Diane a go, after breakfast. Why put clothes on, just to take them off?

The cereal wasn't bad. Only a couple of lumps, and I stirred them in. I felt so good, that I made coffee afterwards. Momma lets us have coffee, if we don't drink it more than once a week. Today, I felt like celebrating. All the rest of the family had finished eating, when I finally managed to set down to my own cereal and coffee.

I had barely started in, sipping on the sweet flavor of the coffee (I use LOTS of sugar and cream) when I noticed Diane looking at me with a forlorn expression on her face. The little girl didn't say anything, but I knew she just couldn't wait until I was finished.

Shit! I needed my breakfast too!

Still, seeing my little sister so patiently (for her) waiting, was spoiling my appetite. Damn! Why couldn't I eat, and fuck at the same time?

Like a flash, it occurred to me, that I could. "Why don't you come here, and sit on my lap while I eat," I told Diane.

I had barely time to put my coffee down, before my lap was filled with excited, wriggling little girl. The only trouble was, my cock wasn't hard enough yet, for her to force it into her tight little hole.

Ever try to push a marshmallow through a keyhole? It was something like that. My little sister is so tight anyway, that I usually have a hard time getting inside her.

After squirting my sperm in her little sister, not a half-hour earlier, I just couldn't get hard enough to get inside the little girl.

This didn't bother Diane for long. Momma had long ago taught all my sisters what to do on occasions like this. Two minutes later, I was eating breakfast, while my little sister sucked my cock. Diane is pretty good. The only one who's better, is Karen, and she's had a lot more practice. There's something warm and wonderful, about eating your breakfast, while your horny little sister sucks your cock.

Just about the time I finished the cereal, Diane had managed to work my penis into a fairly good erection. Tasting her little sister's cunny-juice on my cock hadn't stopped Diane from enjoying her work either.

Not that that is a surprise. More than once, I had caught the two little girls in what Momma calls a "69," when I had been busy with either their sister, or mother.

"Now!" said Diane, triumphantly, as she stood up and lifted her leg across my lap. There was a moment of giggling, then a strained silence, as we both worked to get my semi-erect cock inside her tight little slit.

We both heaved a sigh of relief, as the head slipped inside.

Then for a few seconds, there were grunts and mewls from both of us, as she worked her extremely tight little cunny down over my cock.

Feeling her muscles rippling around the shaft of my cock soon had me fully erect, and getting harder by the minute. Diane's tight little cunny always does that to me, IF we manage to get it inside her.

After about 30 seconds, we both gave a sigh of satisfaction, as her bare little cunny lips came to rest on my light fuzz of pubic hair, and I felt the head of my penis bump into the hard knob of the little girl's cervix. Ooooh did that feel good!

Diane seemed to agree. Squirming, my little sister pushed down even harder, causing her pussy-lips to stretch obscenely around the base of my swollen peter, and the head to poke into the gates to the little girl's womb.

Diane was bigger now, than when we started fucking, and my prick would no longer reach all the way into the little girl's womb, the way it used to. Still, the little girl still liked the feeling of my cock stretching her uterus, even if it no longer went all the way inside. For that matter, so did I.

I liked it so much in fact, that I felt a little spurt of cum squirt out of my prick, right up inside my horny little sister's uterus. I didn't really cum, I just had a little release, that let me know that I would now be able to enjoy my little sister's tight little cunny around my prick for quite a while, before I filled her tight little hole with sperm.

Diane seemed to realize it too. I hugged her; she hugged me back, then she settled down to enjoy being mated to her older brother. Diane rested her head on my shoulder; her beautiful long hair draped over my back, and just sat there. Occasionally she would slip up and down, or give my prick a good squeeze, but mostly we just sat there enjoying the feel of each other's body.

I slowly sipped my coffee, and decided that we had to do this more often. This was so different from our more usual frantic couplings, where we were both in a hurry to have me fill the little girl's womb with cum, as fast as we could. This was almost dreamy. Drinking coffee, while your cock is buried to the hilt inside your own horny little sister's tight little cunt, is an experience I recommend to everyone.

After a while, I noticed that we were being watched. The whole family, including little Misty, had gathered around to watch the two of us. I could tell they all envied Diane, for being the first one to think of this.

Slowly, Diane squirmed on my lap, enjoying her big brother's penis stirring her insides. Gradually, my little sister's hot nature got the better of her, and the little girl began rising and falling on my stiff cock.

By the time I had finished my coffee, my little sister was panting. Her mouth was slobbering on my shoulder, and her fingers were entangled in my hair. Diane would slide up, until only the head of my penis was trapped inside her tight little cunny-lips, then slide down, until they were obscenely splayed around the base of my cock; her bare pussy sucking on my penis like some obscene caricature of a mouth.

At the same time, my cock would drive up into her vagina, until the tip was leaking pre-cum into the neck of the little girl's womb. Up. Down. Up, down. The whole family was watching closely now; as we both worked faster and faster.

I could feel Diane's pert little bumps of titties grow into sharp little spikes, as she got more and more excited. The inside of the little girl's tight little sleeve pulsed and squeezed, as her vaginal muscles milked on my penis like a calf sucks on its mother's teat.

I knew I wouldn't be able to last much longer, as the feeling of the little girl's cervix slipping on and off the head of my prick was almost too stimulating to resist.

Diane beat me to it. Suddenly my little sister began shuddering wildly. The little girl let out a screech, and suddenly lifted both feet off the floor, driving my cock up inside her like a spike. There was a strained moment, as my prick, which had grown longer than I had ever felt it before, pushed up inside my sister's tight little belly, until I thought she was going to tear inside. Then, there was a light "pop" and I felt the head of my penis slip into the warm confines of my little sister's sucking young womb, where it hadn't been in over a year.

That was the last straw for me. As I felt the tight ring of the little girl's cervix clamp down behind the knob of my penis, there was an answering surge from somwhere deep in my body.

I could feel the back of my little sister's womb rubbing on the head of my cock, as it pulsed and spat squirt after thick sticky squirt of warm greasy cum deep inside her.

Diane and I were grabbing each other like two wrestling bears, as I sent squirt after squirt of white sticky cum into the little girl's flat little belly.

Feeling me cumming inside her womb, caused Diane to climax all the harder. I could feel ripples of ecstasy run down my little sister's belly, each time another incestuous squirt of my semen was injected into her receptive little hole. Each time I pulsed another warm dollop of white cream in my little sister, the little girl would clamp down on the base of my prick with her strong vaginal muscles, until I almost felt that she would cut it off. Then, there would be a sucking, milking sensation, as her vagina squeezed my prick like a tube of toothpaste, resulting in another warm dollop of sperm being injected into her flat little tummy. On and on this went, until I had no more to give. My balls ached with dry squirts, as I tried to plant more sperm that I didn't have, up inside my little sister's tight little twat.

As I mentioned before, Diane is a GREAT fuck. I think that this time, she outdid even herself. Finally we rested, while my little sister's cervix kept the head of my penis clamped inside her womb. My sperm was now bottled up inside the little girl, like wine in a wine-bottle. My prick acted like a cork, keeping my sperm trapped inside my little sister's 10-year-old womb.

As I came back to reality, I saw 6 pairs of eyes, staring at the two of us in admiration. Even Karen was watching. She had a baby in each arm, and they both were sucking on her swollen tits, but she didn't let that stop her from watching her little brother and sister fuck.

I knew that my older sister must be almost boiling with sexual frustration, at not being able to fuck, with her belly so big and all. I figured that I would have to help Karen out with my fingers and tongue, the way Momma had showed me. Later. Right then, it was all I could do to stay sitting upright in the chair. My little sister had drained me.

Karen wasn't the only one turned on by our wild scene. Shortly, I became aware that all five of my other sisters were fingering themselves off, while Diane and I slowly relaxed; the last little dribbles of my sperm soothing her insides. Even my little 4-year-old brother Mike, had a cute little hard-on from watching. I wondered how long it would be before the little boy tried putting his tiny peter inside Misty. I hadn't been much older than he was, the first time Momma had me slip mine up inside Ginny.

Knowing that Momma would be home tomorrow, I decided to tell her, so that we all could watch, when he did it. I knew that Momma liked us to watch, especially when it was the first time.

Unexpectedly, it was Darlene who asked me first. "Can I do that too?"

"Oh Geesh!" After an orgasm like that, I'm supposed to fuck my 6-year-old little sister? Still, Darlene DID have a point. It had been almost a week, since I had last fucked the little kid. Her older sisters had monopolized most of my time.

I sighed. Well, I did promise Momma to take care of ALL my sisters. I knew I would even fuck Misty, if she wanted me to. Thank goodness the little girl didn't seem to need it yet. Oh well, maybe when she did, Mike would be old enough to help.

"How about after lunch?" I temporized. "Your big sister has just about drained me for now."

"OK Brian, Promise?" The eagerness of the little 6-year-old to get fucked, belying her childlike voice.

"Promise," I sighed, and that was it. We don't break promises in our house.

That's why I was working so hard. I had promised Momma that I would take care of my sisters while she was gone, and I was. We just hadn't expected it to be for such a long time. Still, I had said I would take care of them, until Momma came back, not that I would take care of them for two weeks, then expect someone else to rescue me. As I said, a promise is a promise.

I didn't know where I would get the cum to squirt in my little sister's tight little belly, after squirting so much of it in Diane, but thankfully, I had at least two hours to recover. By then, maybe I would have worked up enough sperm to do the job right. Luckily I did, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Seeing how exhausted I was, after that tremendous scene with our little sister, Karen volunteered to make lunch, if I would watch the two babies for an hour. Since they were both sleeping soundly, two minutes after she put them down, this wasn't a chore, but a rest-stop that she gave me.

I resolved that Karen wouldn't regret it, when it was her time in the afternoon. Even if she was too big to fuck, I resolved to give my big sister at least three good climaxes, before I started with Ginny again.

I was getting tired, just thinking about it.

I managed to nap for an hour, and the two babies rested for almost three, giving Karen a chance to nap as well. I was happy to see my big sister get some rest too.

Karen fixed beans, franks, and sauerkraut for lunch, bringing lots of jokes about who would be sleeping on the porch that night. Afterwards, I started the day's wash of clothes, while Ginny and Diane put the dishes in the dishwasher. Then we all straightened up the house a little, before taking another nap.

This time, I crawled into Darlene's bed, where I fell asleep. About a half-hour later, I felt a warm sexy little body join me.

I was too tired to do more than slide my prick between the little girl's legs, as she snuggled back to me spoon-fashion. Soon, both Darlene and I were both asleep, with the top of my cock rubbing against the little girl's slippery little slit. Her bare cunny lips, and the tightness between her legs, felt almost like having my cock inside an older woman's vagina. Almost.

I woke up to a warm sucking sensation on my cock. You would think, after that terrific scene with Diane in the kitchen earlier, and fucking Suzy in the morning, that I would have had enough for the day. Surprisingly though, I was having a wet-dream, while sleeping with my 6-year-old little sister.

The wonderful sensations of a tight little hole sliding on and off my cock was so stimulating, I almost came in my sleep. As I came to, I realized that my little 6-year-old sister hadn't been able to wait, and had forced her tight little slit down over my swollen cock, while I was still sleeping.

The little girl was so tight inside, I didn't know how she had managed to get it inside her, but it sure felt good there. Darlene could only manage to get about half of my seven-and-a-half inches inside her premature little slit, but she enjoyed every inch that she did get. So did I. In fact, the feel of my little sister's 6-year-old cunny was so stimulating, that before I knew it, I was filling the child's slippery little hole with pulse after pulse of white sticky cum.

Oh shit! Here I had promised to fuck the little girl, not cum inside her before we barely got started. Just feeling me ejaculate inside her, was enough for Darlene, however. The moment the little girl felt the first pulse of incestuous cum splashing up against her womb, she began to climax in little squeals and mewls of delight. Darlene was even hotter than Diane!

I knew that once the little girl started having periods like her older sisters, and I started fucking her regularly, she was going to give Diane a run for her money, as "best fuck in the house." If Darlene had been able to take my cock all the way up inside her like her big sister did, I knew the little girl would probably be in the running for second best, just as she was.

I was tempted to push my cock all the way up into the little girl's womb, like I used to do to Diane, but I figured that she was too young for that yet. After all, she was only six years old. Maybe when she got to be nine or ten, we could try that. I decided to ask her, once she got old enough to bleed, like her older sisters.

Even with only half of my prick inside her, Darlene managed to squeeze out an amazing amount of my thick sticky cum into her flat little tummy. I knew that Momma would be proud of both of us. Me for squirting so much in her little girl, and Darlene for doing such a good job of draining me. Come to think of it; I was proud of my little sister too.

I told her so. Darlene giggled, and snuggled back up next to me. For about another hour, we snuggled like this, with my now flaccid cock still trapped inside the little girl's tight little cunny lips. The head of my prick acted like a cork, keeping my sperm from dripping out of the little girl, and making a mess on the bed.

After about an hour, I started to get hard again, and I was tempted to give the child another squirt of sperm in her tight little hole. I resisted the temptation, as I knew I still had Ginny to take care of that night. Not to mention, that I still had to help Karen out.

At this thought, I eased my swollen cock out of my sleeping little sister's tight little 6-year-old hole; and stuck a tissue in, to keep my sperm from getting all over the bed. I left the little girl with my sperm soaking into her womb. Then I padded down to my big sister's room, which she shared for the moment with her and Momma's babies.

Luckily, the two little girls were still sleeping, but Karen was not. "I thought you forgot about me," she whispered, careful not to wake the two little girls.

I told my big sister that I would never forget her. After all, she was the second person I ever fucked, and the first person I ever came inside.

Momma hints about the two of us having some other special relationship, but she never tells us what it is. I think it has something to do with Keri, (Karen's baby) but as I say, Momma won't tell me.

I think that Karen knows though. She won't tell me either. She says I'll figure it out sometime.

I had Karen lie back on the bed, and lift up her dress, so that I could do her properly. For all that she had a grossly swollen belly, Karen didn't really look fat. Just big in the tummy. It was getting hard for her to get around, so I usually tried to help out as much as I could. This had all happened the same way, about a year before, so I knew that in a few weeks or a month, Karen would probably be going to the hospital just like Momma. I wondered if I was going to have another sister or brother this time.

Karen just giggled, when I asked her. She said, "neither," and I can't figure out what she meant. I mean, it's got to be either a boy or a girl, doesn't it? Maybe she means that it will be my niece. Isn't that what you call it, when your sister has a baby? Or possibly a nephew. Maybe that's what Karen means, but somehow I don't think so.

Anyway, to continue, It wasn't long before I had my big sister gasping and groaning through her first orgasm. Her hairy crack tastes a lot stronger than the younger girls, almost the same as Momma does. Still, once you get used to it, it's kind of nice. I remembered my promise to myself, and made sure that Karen got off at least three times, before I quit.

By the third time, Karen had her legs wrapped around me, and was groaning so hard, I thought she was going to wake the babies. My tongue was so tired I could hardly talk when we finished, and I was hard put to keep up with all the liquid my big sister produced. I barely managed to swallow enough to keep the bed from getting wet.

When I finished getting her off for the third time, Karen was so grateful, it was almost embarrassing. I finally reminded her of all the times she had helped me, and told her that anytime she needed sex, to just ask. Somehow, I'd take care of her.

Karen's eyes glowed. "Promise?" she asked.

"Promise," I said emphatically. One of the easiest promises I ever made.

Afterwards, I got dressed, and Karen gave me a list of things we needed from the store. Since the babies would be needing her to nurse them, I had to walk down there and back.

Luckily, the list wasn't too big. In fact, I had it memorized, so it wasn't too big a disaster, when I got to the store, and found that I had left the list at home. Two gallons of milk, frozen orange-juice, tissue-paper, and a stack of TV dinners made up quite a load. I managed somehow. Thank goodness, the store is only about three blocks away.

By the time I got back, it was time to take the laundry out of the dryer, make dinner, and then I sat down to relax. That's when I started writing this letter. I've still got one more thing to do tonight, before I go to sleep. By the time I go to bed, it won't be too hard for me to do the last of my chores.

Listen to me. Chores indeed. You'd almost think I didn't like to fuck my little sisters. No, even though I like to do it, it's still one of the things I promised to do each day. So, tonight while I'm fucking Ginny, I may be enjoying it LOT, when I fill her tight little hole full of wet sticky cum, but I'll still be doing my chores. Such a pleasant chore though.

As Karen told me, giggling when she did, "It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it." Yeah, she's right. It IS funny!

If it wasn't my duty, I would probably be willing to give my whole allowance just for the pleasure of filling one of my little sister's tight little slits with my sperm. To be able to fuck not just one, but all of them, with Momma not only letting me, but insisting that I do it right, is a chore that I would probably fight for the right to keep as mine.

That's another reason I work so hard to make sure things go right while Momma's gone. I want her to be so proud of me, she'll want me to keep on doing it. Right now, the house is all cleaned up for Momma tomorrow. All the kids are fed. I have only one little sister left to fuck tonight, and I'll be squirting her womb full of cum in about an hour or so. The cats are fed. The clothes are washed. There's even enough food in the house for breakfast tomorrow.

Karen told me tonight, that the only thing I forgot to get from the store, was tampons for my little sisters. She told me that we ran out about two months ago when Suzy had her first period, and used up the last one. Thankfully, none of my sisters has needed to use them since then, as Karen keeps forgetting to pick up some. I mean, SHE hasn't needed any for almost 8 months, why should my big sister remember to get some, unless the other girls remind her?

Momma is going to be so proud of me.

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Classic 'write' ... I always enjoy your stuff. Thanks!


Excellent story. I gather there are other installments, which I plan to read A.S.A.P.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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