On Vacation

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Published: 27-May-2012

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Don't try this at home, these are trained professionals. You, or someone you love could get hurt, if this isn't done under expert supervision.

Anyone doing anything, and trying to point to this, as an example, is full of horse-turds. This is a story. It is not a recommendation, of something to do. In fact, I strongly urge anyone even contemplating doing the things suggested by this story to seek professional help. In a hurry!

Final warning! This story contains mostly straight sex, between men and women AND children, all members of the same family. This is definitely NOT 'safe-sex', as the female members of the story actually do get pregnant (yes, even the children). It is, however completely willing, consensual sex. Absolutely NO force. (Actually, it's a love-story.) If this isn't your cup of tea, then stop reading now.

Now, after all this stupid editorial, ON WITH THE STORY!


It was at dinner, the night before vacation started, that everything started. Everyone was about finished eating, and they were discussing what was needed for final preparations in the morning.

Dan was just checking to see if their arrangements with the neighbors were complete. "Did you talk with the Macon's, to make sure they'll check the house when we're gone?" he asked his wife.

His wife, Mary reassured him, "I stopped over there, this afternoon. George and Arlene were gone, but Billy and his sister Ginny were there. They both told me that everyone in their house would be keeping an eye on our place. Billy promised to mow the lawn, and Ginny said she'd be sure and pick up the newspapers out of the mailbox. Those two are sure nice looking kids."

It was at this point, that Karen dropped the bombshell that started everything. "Did you know that Ginny is pregnant?" she inquired. Karen was only 10, but already starting to develop into quite a cute little girl.

Dan was surprised. "Do you mean that little girl next door? She's only 10!" he observed.

"Do they know who did it?" inquired Mary.

Suzy, only 8 years old, but already interested in boys, couldn't help but put her oar in: "Wow! She's been fucked? I sure wish I could get fucked. I'd like to carry a baby in my belly." The little girl observed, hoping to get a rise out of her big brother.

Not to be outdone by her little sister, Karen continued the conversation. "Me too. Personally, I think her little brother did it. He's a horny bastard. Of course, who knows? Maybe her father knocked her up. He always looks like he'd like to get in my pants."

"Oh Boy!" said Suzy. "Could you imagine getting knocked up by your own daddy? Who'd you like to get you pregnant Karen? Jason?" Jason was the two little girl's 12 year old older brother. The boy was following the conversation with interest, but not saying a word.

Karen was not going to back down in front of the whole family. If little Suzy could serve it, she could send it right back. "Sure. Why not? How about you? I bet you'd like daddy to knock you up." She put the ball back in her little sister's court.

Suzy blushed, and nodded, while picking at the remains of food on her plate.

At his little girl's response, Dan's cock almost exploded in his pants. He had never thought of his little girls wanting sex before. He had thought that they were too young to even think about sex yet. He had figured that once the two little girls got to be 12 or 13, he'd have to watch out, to make sure they didn't get in trouble.

Now the man thought he'd better revise his timetable. Obviously, his little girls were not only interested in sex, but they already had partners picked out! Not only that, but what partners! Dan's cock was aching, by the time he and Mary were ready for bed.

That night in the bedroom, as Dan and Mary were settling down to sleep, Mary brought up the subject again. "Remember what Karen said at dinner tonight? About Ginny getting pregnant by her own father?" she asked her husband.

Dan nodded, and decided to mention the thing that had been troubling him since dinner. "And did you hear what Suzy said afterwards? Saying she wouldn't mind if I knocked her up!"

Mary grinned at her husband. "How would you like to knock both those little kids up?" she inquired.

Dan couldn't believe his wife was being so nonchalant. "God! I was ready to cum in my pants, when Suzy said that," he replied.

Still grinning at her husband, Mary decided to see just how far the man would go. "Why don't you see if she means it?" she asked.

Dan was flabbergasted. "You mean you'd let me? Get Suzy pregnant?" he inquired.

Mary wasn't fooled by his pretend innocence. "Why not? If the little girl wants it. My daddy got me pregnant when I was 10. Had my first baby by my own father before I was 11."

Dan was so shocked, that at first he couldn't reply. However, his cock gave him away.

"Well, what have we here?" his wife mused, as she fisted his suddenly hard penis. "I think the thought of getting your own little girls pregnant is turning you on! Why don't you pretend that I'm Suzy, and you're teaching me how to make a baby." Mary dropped right into the role. "Daddy? Is that the thing that makes babies?" she squeaked in a little-girl voice.

Dan almost lost control right then. He barely managed to get the head of his prick stuck in the mouth of his wife's slippery cunt-mouth, before he was spouting great gobs of sperm inside her clasping hole. "Oh baby," he cried, "Daddy's shooting the stuff that makes babies inside you. Take daddy's sperm up inside your belly." Dan lost himself in the fantasy of fucking his own little daughter, as he shot large gouts of sticky cum up inside the woman's tightly squeezing vagina.

After a while, Dan slowly came back to reality. He looked down at his loving wife who was grinning back at him. "Whew!" was all that he could say.

"Turns you on huh?" said Mary. "You like the idea of fucking your own kid, don't you?"

Dan was in no condition to disagree. Even after blowing his wad, the thought of getting one of his own little girls pregnant was starting to arouse him again. He decided to find out more about what his wife had suggested earlier. "Tell me about you and your father," he requested.

Mary grinned at him. "It started with Mom," she said. "Mom had daddy squirt his sperm in my belly for the first time, when I was only 6 years old.

One night, I was lying in bed, naked, when I heard Mom & Dad playing in the other room. I knew they were making love. Mom had explained to me how babies were made, so I figured they were trying to make one. It sounded like a lot of fun. After a while, I decided to look in, and watch them. I saw Mom and Dad lying naked on the bed. Mom had just pulled her mouth off Daddy's cock, and was playing with it. Mom looked up, and saw me standing naked in the doorway. This wasn't all that unusual, because we all usually went around naked at night. There was no nudity taboo in our household. This night was different though. I asked Mom if they were making a baby. Mom said that the were trying, but she was getting a little too old. She told me that pretty soon, I would be old enough to make babies myself, and did I want to learn how it was done? When I said yes, Mom showed me Daddy's cock, and told me that this was the thing that made babies, and if I wanted, Daddy would squirt the stuff that made babies in my belly, so I'd learn how it felt. Well, being curious, I said yes. Mom had me climb on top of my father, and then she placed the head of his penis up against the opening to my vagina. Mom jacked Daddy off into my belly that night. She put Daddy's big cock up against my little slit, and worked her hands up and down, until Daddy squirted a big load of sperm right up inside me. I loved the feeling of having my own Daddy's sperm warming the inside of my belly.

Afterwards, Mom explained that Daddy was really her son. That's why she was getting too old. Her father had gotten her pregnant, when she was 16, after fucking her every night since she was 10. He died, before the baby was born, so Mom was left to raise Daddy by herself. Mom had wanted to have more children, so it only seemed natural for her to have her son get her pregnant when he got old enough. Now, since she couldn't seem to get pregnant any more, she thought that if I wanted to, I could have Daddy's baby, without having to worry about raising it, as Mom would do that for me. This seemed like a wonderful idea to me, I wasn't ready to tie myself down, and get married, but having a baby, when you didn't have to raise it, sounded like fun. I asked Mom, if Daddy could squirt his baby-juice in me again, and Mom let him squirt his sperm in my belly twice that night, before I went to sleep. Knowing I was carrying my own father's seed in my belly, was quite a thrill, even if I was too young yet to get pregnant.

We continued this for 2 years. Mom jacked Daddy off in me, almost every night, until I turned 8. Usually, I'd join Mom and Daddy, and I'd watch them fuck, until Daddy was almost ready to cum. then I'd lie down on the bed, and Mom would push Daddy's penis up against my little hole, and jack him off, until he squirted his sperm up inside me. For my 8th birthday, Mom let me take Daddy's cock right up inside me. At first, it hurt just a little when Daddy pushed his big cock up inside my little slit, but after a while, I started to enjoy having my father's penis sliding in and out of my hot little hole.

It really felt good, when Daddy fucked me, and squirted his sperm right up inside my belly, where it belonged, instead of just at the entrance. For the next year, Daddy fucked me almost every night, and sometimes more than once. For my 9th birthday, Mom let me fuck Daddy all the way. It felt really good, to have Daddy's cock all the way up inside me, once Daddy took my cherry. I loved having my own daddy fuck me, and squirt his baby-making sperm in my belly.

This continued until I was 10 years old. By then, I'd been having monthlies for 6 months, and Mom figured that I was old enough to carry Daddy's baby, if I wanted to. When Mom told me that, I wanted Daddy to knock me up right then! Mom made me wait, until I turned 10. For my 10th birthday, Mom had Daddy get me pregnant for the first time. We both waited a week, without sex, before we fucked. It was hard doing without, but worth it. We waited until 2 weeks after my period, before Daddy fucked me. Daddy fucked me, and squirted his cum in my womb, and got me pregnant.

It was so exciting, when my belly started to get big, knowing I was carrying my own father's baby in my womb. There was a big hoorah, when I showed up at the hospital, only 10 years old, and sporting a big belly. They wanted me to have an abortion, or at least tell who had knocked me up. Neither I, nor my parents would go for the first, and as for the second, I pretended I had a boyfriend that I didn't want to get in trouble. Having my first baby was a lot of pain, but I still liked it, once the pain was over. Within two weeks of June's birth, Daddy and I were working on making another one.

I got pregnant again, by Daddy, just a year after the first time. I had two more kids by Daddy, before I met you. I know you always thought that June, Marsha, Cindy and Candy were my sisters, well they were, but they were also my daughters as well. Daddy was already fucking June before I left.

It was always a thrill for me to watch Daddy fucking our daughter. To see the little girl's belly swell each time Daddy would push his big cock up in her tiny little slit, knowing that the same semen that Daddy squirted in Momma's womb to make me, and then squirted again in my belly to make June, was about to squirt in our little girl's belly and try to make another baby in her. It was always exciting to watch Daddy slide his big cock in and out of our little girl's tiny slit until the child's squirming would be too much for him, and he would finally shove his big penis all the way up in our daughter's tiny little belly and ejaculate his potent sperm right inside our little girl's womb.

June had her first baby by Daddy, over two years ago. Right now, I understand, Daddy has all four of our little girls pregnant, and I was hoping to be able to get home to visit before all my kids are mothers. So you see, the thought of your getting our little girls pregnant doesn't bother me. As long as they want it, why not?"

Dan was too busy absorbing all this to say much. Then the possibilities began to surface in his mind. "Let's see what happens on vacation," he temporized. That would give him some time to make plans. The information his oversexed wife had just given him was going to take some digesting.

Day 1

The mini-van crunched into the motel parking lot. "Motel-6" read the sign, underneath the sign, a light glimmered with a hopeful "VACANCY." It was 12:30 in the afternoon, and the whole family was tired of looking.

"I hope that sign's correct," said Dan. "Two more nights at that overpriced hotel, and we'd have to head for home. 150 dollars a night! Even for 5 people, it's ridiculous. We've got to find something cheaper in this area, or just move on. I know we promised the kids we'd visit Disneyland, but we just can't afford those prices. Not and visit the park too."

"Well you'd better get out and check," observed Mary. "Most of the motels fill up pretty early around here, and we already gave up our old room."

"Wait here," Dan said as he headed for the office.

It seemed to take a long time, and Mary was wondering what had happened, when she noticed the "VACANCY" light go out. "Shit!" she mumbled to herself. "I wonder if he got a room?"

About a minute later, she observed Dan making his way towards the car. "Did you get a room?" she yelled out the window. Dan's only reply, was a grin, as he held up a key. Mary let out a sigh of relief that was echoed by the three other occupants of the van.

"They only had one room," informed Dan, as he got into the van, and started the engine. "The good news is: They only charged extra for adults. The manager said all 3 kids could stay in our room free."

"So, what's the bad news?" asked Mary, knowing that there had to be another shoe to drop.

"The bad news, is that there's only two beds. At least, they're queen-sized. Most of the beds in this place are only double-beds," responded Dan. "You kids will have to sleep together, in the same bed."

"But Dan! What about. . . " Mary stopped at her husband's raised eyebrow, then began to wonder, as the man grinned at her and started to drive over to the other end of the parking-lot. All of a sudden, Mary began to wonder. He couldn't have planned this, could he?

"You mean, I'm going to have to sleep with the girls?" inquired Jason. The amount of distaste one little boy could put into that one word was astounding.

"No," replied Dan. "You can sleep on the floor, if you want to. It's a tile floor, and rather hard, but if you'd rather. . ."

Actually, Jason had already been having second thoughts, even before being informed about the tile floor. Why if he was careful, he might be able to sneak a feel of his little sisters' bodies, and nobody would be able to say that he was doing anything he wasn't forced to do. "That's OK Dad," he said. "I guess I can put up with it for one night." Even one night might be enough to make one of his sisters decide she liked it, thought Jason.

"You'll have to 'put up,' as you put it, for 5 nights at least," said Dan. "I didn't want to take a chance of losing out on a deal like this, so I took the place until the weekend." At this, Dan beamed a smile at his wife, that only Mary could see.

Mary's suspicions were confirmed. Dan had set this up. But how?

As they carried their bags over to the room, Suzy spoke up. "Hey look Daddy. They've got a pool!"

Everyone looked where the little girl was pointing. Sure enough, there was a nice-sized pool, in which 3 little girls could be seen playing, watched over by a woman who was obviously their mother.

"Can we use the pool Daddy?" Karen was as excited as her little sister. "Can we? Huh?"

For once, Jason was as excited as his sisters. "Yeah Dad," he added his voice to theirs. "Can we?"

Dan looked at his wife. Now his grin stretched almost from ear to ear. "Sure," he said. "After we get settled in our room. That's one of the reasons I got this place."

Mary was certain now. Her husband was up to something. She knew from past experience, that she'd just have to wait, and he'd tell her in his own good time. She figured the urge to brag, if only to her, would make her husband spill the beans before too long. In the meantime, she'd just have to have patience. "If I wanted to have patients, I'd have been a dentist," Mary mumbled the old joke under her breath, as they lugged the suitcases to the motel-room. Mary was unsurprised, when she found that their room was situated right next to the pool. The chance that the last room in the motel that was available being the choicest one, was too much of a coincidence to believe. The children never noticed, believing that it was pure chance. Mary resolved that she would find out what her husband was up to. She loved the man, but sometimes his cute little surprises were too much.

Ten minutes later, the whole family was enjoying the pool, and Mary never did have a chance to question her husband in private, until after the children were asleep. Or at least, so Mary figured.

That night, after a wonderful dinner, at a fabulous restaurant, that "just happened" to be right next door (Mary was getting tired of "coincidences," however this actually was one) the family settled down for bed. There was a slight interruption, when Jason wanted to know if he had to wear clothes in bed.

"Mom? Do I have to wear my pants in bed," he asked. "Karen said you told her I would. I never wear pants in bed!"

Mary was about to explain that he couldn't sleep naked in the same bed with his two innocent little sisters, when her husband stopped her. "No Mike," he said, nudging his wife to keep silent, "you don't have to wear pants to bed. Your sisters have seen you naked before (This wasn't entirely true, the last time the 3 had been naked together, had been 4 years before, at a nudist colony), so just get in bed."

Shortly, Jason found himself snuggled up between his two little sisters. The boy couldn't believe his luck. Neither little girl seemed to mind his being naked, in bed with them, and both of them actually snuggled up to him, making his cock press against the thin little panties of his older sister, Karen.

"Jason's got a hard-on," whispered Karen.

"I know, Isn't it sexy!" whispered Suzy right back.

Jason felt his little sister's hand creep around his body and wrap around his distended cock. "Oh Shit!" he mumbled, trying to keep his voice down, as his cock exploded, wetting down the cotton panties of the older of his two little sisters.

Karen felt her panties suddenly get slick with her brother's sperm. Reaching down between her legs, she felt the squirts of slick cum puddle in her hand, as she pressed her brother's cock up against the indentation that her little slit made in her now soaked panties. Farther down, her fingers met her little sister's, as the two little girls jacked their older brother off.

Shortly, the boy's frantic spurts slowed, as Suzy milked the last drops out the end, while rubbing the tip of his cock up against her older sister's panty-covered crotch. Suzy squeezed the last drops out into her hand, covering it with sperm, as the two sisters alternated hands. Afterwards, all three children turned over, and lay on their backs, breathing hard.

"I've got Jason's cum all over my hand," whispered Suzy.

"Me too," whispered back Karen.

"I'm going to rub it on my clit." Suzy's whisper almost had Jason getting hard again.

"Yeah. Me too," repeated Karen. "Just be careful you don't get any inside you."

"Why not?" asked Suzy, already beginning to rub her little swollen clitty with her brother's cum. She was tempted to push some up inside her little hole, but followed her older sister's instructions.

"Tell you later," mumbled Karen, as her climax started to grow. Knowing that her brother's seed was soaking into her panties, and feeling it rubbing against her clit almost made her disregard her own advice, and shove his sperm up inside her clasping little hole. Still, she didn't want to get pregnant by her own brother, did she?

Shortly, both little girls were gasping for breath, as they reached their respective climaxes. Jason felt like he was in heaven. His two sisters not only weren't avoiding him, they actually seemed to enjoy having him in bed with them, and didn't mind it when he came all over their hands (not to mention, his sister's panties).

Dan and Mary hadn't been completely oblivious to their children's actions. They couldn't make out what the children said, but it was fairly obvious to the couple, when each of the children climaxed, although each of the children thought he (or she) was being quiet, and that their parents didn't notice.

"Do you suppose he got it inside her?" whispered Dan in his wife's ear.

"I don't know," she replied. "I hope so. But, I've just got to get this inside me!" With this, she reached down and steered her husband's stiff prick into her creaming snatch.

Shortly, the two adults were fucking madly on the bed, oblivious to the interested looks of their peeking children.

While their parents had been fucking on the other bed, the children had already started fooling around. This time, Jason motioned to Suzy to get on the other side of him, and he rubbed his cock between the little girl's legs in time with their parents mad humping. Karen reached down between her brother and sister, grabbed her brother's cock, and jacked him off, while she watched. Suzy reached down and forced her brother's prick into the slick wet crack where her panties were forced up inside her tight little slit. The stimulation was too much for the little boy. As his parents began their mighty climax, he began to spew his seed against his little sister's fingers, and into the crotch of her panties. Feeling her brother's sperm soaking her little panties, while he humped against her, caused Suzy to almost faint with love for her older brother.

After a while, the action in both beds slowed down. Suzy snuggled up against her older brother, while rubbing her cum-soaked panties against her dripping little hole. The relaxation afterwards, was too much. In less that 3 minutes, all the children were fast asleep.

In the other bed, Dan and Mary talked, now that their children were asleep. "Horny bastard," Mary said. "Wanting to fuck your own daughter!"

"But. But," sputtered Dan.

"Oh don't get uptight," continued Mary. "I don't mind. In fact, I hope you do. That's one of the reasons I married you."

"Huh?" said Dan. "What's one of the reasons you married me?" He always had wondered why a woman as attractive and smart as Mary had picked him.

"Well," said Mary, "remember when back when we first met? I overheard you say jokingly to your little sister, that every little boy should have a little sister to fuck. I knew then, that you were my type of guy. I asked if you meant what you said. When you blushed, but didn't deny it, I knew I had to try. Tell me. Did you ever get in your sister's pants?"

Dan decided that he might as well tell his wife everything. "Uh Huh," he said. "I slept with my 2 sisters since I can't remember when. We all 3 slept together in the same bed. I first started feeling up my oldest little sister Jean, when I was 8. I first fucked her when I was 10. I Squirted cum in her belly for the first time when I was 12. Once I actually came inside a girl, I wanted to fuck all the time. Jean liked it also, and when our sister, Suzy, saw how much fun we were having, she wanted me to fuck her as well. After that, I never went to sleep, without having my penis tucked up inside one or the other of my sisters. I'd usually wake up two or three times in the night, and deposit a fresh load of sperm in my little sister's belly each time.

I got Jean pregnant when I was 14, and she was only 12. I got my little sister Suzy pregnant when she was 11, not quite a year later. Mom and Dad raised my son and daughter as if they were their own kids.

"Wow!" exclaimed Mary. "I just knew you were the right one. Did you ever fuck with your kids?"

"No," said Dan. "They were just starting, when I left home to enter the Marines. On the day I left home, Momma was showing Jeremy how to fuck his little sister. She had Daddy squirt his sperm in the little girl, to make her slippery for her brother's cock. I watched the boy put his cock in his little sister for the first time. Boy did both kids like that! Before I left, my son had fucked his little sister 4 times. The little girl wanted Daddy to fuck her too. Mom said it was OK. I watched Daddy slip his big cock up inside the little girl, and squirt his sperm in her belly where it belonged. I wanted like anything to join in, but I had to leave. When I came back, both kids were so tight, I hated to bother them. June was pregnant for the second time by Daddy, and Jeremy couldn't wait until she was available for him, so he could get her pregnant again. I guess that's when you overheard me saying that every boy should have a little sister to fuck. After that, I only noticed you."

Day 2

The next morning, Karen was almost too embarrassed to look at her brother. "Did I really do that with him the night before?" she asked herself. Each time she looked at Jason, he would grin at her, so she figured that if not, then he must at least have noticed her dreaming. At this, the little girl blushed bright red.

Suzy didn't seem to be any different than usual, except that she wanted to get out and use the pool, as soon as possible. This precipitated an argument, about whether they should eat breakfast first or swim first. Suzy won, when she pointed out that they wouldn't want to come back to swim, once they had gotten dressed, and eaten breakfast. Mary set a time limit of one-hour for swimming, as they had a lot of places that they were going to visit that day.

After a mad scramble for towels, and the use of the shower, all three children, along with their mother, trooped out towards the pool. "Aren't you coming Daddy?" asked Karen, as they prepared to leave.

"No, I want to watch the news. Your mother can keep just as good an eye on you as I can." Dan winked at his wife, who winked back.

Shortly, there was a loud splash, followed by squeals of glee, as the children started to make the most of their hour. Dan, in the meantime, had retired to the bathroom to "run off a job by hand." The sights and sounds of the previous evening were still on his mind, and he knew that if he didn't do something, his prick would be aching all day. He wasn't yet up to the idea of fucking his wife, right in front of his own kids, in broad daylight.

Shortly, Dan was ensconced on the bathroom toilet, pants down around his ankles, while he jacked himself off. "Oh Karen, Daddy loves you. Daddy's going to. . ." Dan's voice trailed off, as he realized the object of his fantasies was standing naked in the doorway, observing his every move.

Karen had barely gotten in the pool, when she realized that she should have visited the potty before she left. Hurrying back to the motel-room, she stripped off her one-piece suit, and burst into the bathroom, just in time to hear her father's words. A sudden burst of love for her father filled the little girl, as she realized that he was thinking about her, while jacking off.

"You don't have to do that, Daddy," she said. "I'll help you." After jacking off her brother the night before, it seemed the most natural thing in the world to Karen to help her father out also. With this, the little 10 year old girl reached out, and began to pull on her father's engorged penis.

"Oh Karen!" Dan exclaimed. "You don't have to. . ."

"Sssshhhh! Daddy. It's OK. Let me help you get off," said Karen, as she continued sliding her hot little hands up and down her father's big cock, rubbing the tip against her flat little belly.

The sensual feel of his little girl's tummy rubbing against the tip of his cock was too much for the aroused man. He began spewing thick sticky cum all over his little girl's belly. The cum dripped down the child's tummy, over her legs, and some even slid into the crack between the little girl's thighs, as Karen milked each sticky squirt out onto her tummy.

"See Daddy," she said. "It's OK. Whenever you need it, I'll help you."

"Are you sure Honey?" Dan asked worriedly. Now that he had gotten his rocks off, he was worried that his little girl might be frightened at his "abusing" her.

"I'm sure," Karen reassured him.

"Daddy?" she inquired.


"Is this the stuff that makes babies?" she inquired as she reached down and picked a glob of sperm off her flat little belly, and held it up to look at.

"Uhuh. If it gets up inside your vagina." Dan figured that was enough explanation at the moment.

"I wish I had the nerve to let you squirt it inside me," said Karen, as she climbed into the shower, missing the thunderstruck look on her parent's face. Washing herself off, Karen relieved herself in the shower, and hurried back outside before Dan had time to compose himself.

An hour and a half later, the whole family was dressed, had eaten, and was thinking nothing but M-I-C K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E. The rest of the day passed in a blur of rides, shows, bright colors, and pictures. By the time they had settled down in the room, it was after 9:00. It was only seeing Jason sliding into bed with his sisters, that reminded Dan of what happened that morning.

"Dear," he murmured in his wife's ear.


"Remember what we were talking about yesterday?"

Suddenly Mary was all ears. "Yeah?" she whispered back.

"Karen jacked me off in the bathroom this morning."

"You didn't force her or anything?"

"Hell no. She walked in, naked, and volunteered."

"Did you cum in her?"

"Just on her belly. She told me she wished she had the nerve to let me do it inside her." By this time Dan was panting.

"Do it in me. Pretend I'm her," Mary panted back.

In a moment, conversation and children forgotten, the two adults were fucking like dogs on the bed.

Jason had been watching with his sisters. As the boy watched, he slid his cock between his sister's legs, hoping to repeat the scene of the night before.

"Don't cum on me. You got my panties dirty last night, and I've only got one more pair," whispered Karen.

"You mean you want me to stop?" whispered back Jason, enjoying the feeling of his sister's legs rubbing against his engorged penis.

"Yes. No. Oh wait a minute." Karen didn't really want him to stop, especially after the steamy scene with her father that morning. Reaching down, she slid off her panties, and backed up against him again. "How does that feel?" she asked.

Suzy had been watching with interest, and had taken her panties off when she saw her big sister do so. Now, the feeling of the two little girl's naked skin rubbing against him was almost to much for the older boy. "I'm going to cum!" he hissed in his sister's ear. "Get something to catch it in, or it'll get all over the bed."

Karen was shocked. She had forgotten to get the tissue that she had planned to take to bed with her for just his occasion. All of a sudden, another solution occurred to her, and she twisted around in bed.

"Karen! What are you??? I'm going to. . ." Jason's words were brought to a halt, as it became clear what his sister was up to. The boy suddenly felt something warm and slick slide over the head of his penis. He looked down, just in time to see his prick vanish into his sister's sucking little mouth. The sensations were too much for the young boy. He began ejaculating wad after wad of thick sticky cum in his sucking little sister's mouth. Karen was surprised at how much cum her brother had. Wad after slippery wad of thick greasy cum slid into the little girl's mouth as she frantically swallowed, trying to keep up. Karen was about to lose it, when she heard a voice in her ear.

"Let me," said Suzy, as she grabbed their brother's spewing cock, and directed it into her mouth also. Suzy gulped down the final gobs of cum, as Jason ejaculated the last of his sperm into his little sister's mouth.

In the meantime, Karen swallowed the last tasty drops of her brother's seed, and proceeded to lick up the few remaining drops that had splattered when her little sister grabbed the boys prick.

"Oh. Thank you," said Jason. "Thank you both."

"Anytime, Big brother. Anytime," said Karen, as she leaned over and kissed him.

Jason kissed his sister back, and was surprised when he got half a mouthful of cum. Still, it was his cum, and if his sister liked it, then why shouldn't he? The two siblings kissed passionately, until Suzy poked her sister on the back and said, "My turn."

After watching Jason and Suzy madly dueling with their tongues, Karen was starting to feel left out when she noticed that their brother's cock was starting to rise again. Smiling to herself, she bent down and swallowed her brother's swelling penis while he continued to kiss their little sister.

After a bit, Suzy noticed what her big sister was doing. "Oh no you don't," she said. "I get it first this time." With this, Suzy pushed her big sister away, and proceeded to suck on her big brother's cock, like a milking machine gotten out of hand. Karen was just as happy to get her fun by kissing her handsome big brother. Pretty soon, Jason was filling his little sister's mouth with another helping of rich creamy cum, as he madly kissed the older of his two little sisters.

Five minutes later, the exhausted siblings were all asleep.

Day 3

The next morning was similar to the first. Everyone except Dan went out to swim. Dan stayed behind, ostensibly to watch TV. Karen snuck back, to go to the bathroom. This time, it was no surprise to the little girl to find her father naked, on the toilet, playing with his erect penis.

"Oh Daddy, It's so big," said the little girl, as she shrugged out of her swimsuit. Karen was mentally comparing her father's penis to her brother's.

"You don't have to. . ." started Dan.

"Oh Daddy! Don't be silly. I want to," said Karen, as she began squeezing her father's swollen member. "Daddy, Can I. . . ?" she began.

"You can do what ever you want to," said Dan. If, at that moment, she had asked if she could cut it off, he probably would have agreed.

"Well, I want it inside me, but I can't. However, I can do this!" With this, the little girl bent over, and popped her mouth over the head of her father's engorged cock. Karen was shocked, She had expected to be able to swallow her father's prick, just like she had her brother's the night before. As it was, she almost choked, before she realized the man was just too big.

"I'm sorry Daddy," she cried, "I wanted to make it feel like you were fucking me."

"Hey. Hey!" admonished Dan. "Don't cry. Believe me. That felt just as good! Just keep sucking like that."

With this encouragement, Karen began sucking on her father's cock, sucking on the head, and licking up and down the shaft.

"Karen," warned Dan.


"Karen. I'm about to cum. I'm going to cum in your mouth if you don't watch out."

"Mmmth Mmmmd" It sounded vaguely like, "Go ahead."

Dan relaxed and let the sensations roll over him. He had warned the little girl. Seconds later, he erupted. Thick greasy globs of cum spurted from his cock into the little girl's madly sucking young mouth. Karen didn't pull back. Instead, she began sucking harder, as she strained to keep up with the deluge of sperm her father was ejaculating into her mouth. Gulping wildly, Karen just managed to keep up with the flow, until her father's spastic jerks slowed, and the mighty spurts of cum slowed to just a trickle.

"Thanks Daddy," said Karen, licking the last drops off the head of her father's prick before preparing to wash off in the shower.

Dan was flabbergasted. She was thanking him? "Thank you!" he replied. "That was the best blow-job I've had in years."

"Oh Daddy! You just say that," Karen Pooh-Poohed, as she started the water running.

"No Honey. I mean it!"

Karen was secretly thrilled to know that she had pleased her father that much.

This was the start of a pattern that grew and continued to grow during the next week. Each day would be a normal vacation day; but each night, everything would progress a little bit further. Each night, would start off when Dan would tell his wife of the progress he had made with his little girl, that morning. This would arouse both of them enough so that hey would fuck. Each night they took less and less precautions against letting their children see, until it was almost boldly done in front of them. Seeing their parents fuck each night, while lying between two sexy little girls was always enough to make Jason horny, and each night he would slip his cock between one or the other of his little sister's legs, and try to get his rocks off.

That night, when Jason slipped his cock between her legs, Karen pushed the head of his penis up against her slippery little hole, and didn't object when the boy began to spew his thick sticky cum right up inside her belly. Feeling her big brother squirting his sperm inside her tight little belly, where she felt it belonged, was enough to make Karen climax like she never had before.

It was only afterwards, that Karen began to feel a little guilty, and worried that she might become pregnant. It was this worry, that made her stop her little sister from repeating her actions. Karen made sure that Suzy only sucked her brother off, instead of letting him squirt cum inside the little girl's hole, before she hurried to the bathroom, where she sat on the toilet, as her brother's seed slowly dripped out. Finally, the little girl patted the lips of her slightly stretched cunt with a tissue, and returned to bed.

Day 4

The next morning, when Karen came to "help" her father, she couldn't resist letting him do what her little brother had done.

"Daddy?" said Karen.


"Do you want to squirt it inside me?" she asked. "I mean squirt it up my hole?" She was almost jittering with fear that her father might refuse.

"Is that what you want?" Dan had to be sure.

"Oh yes Daddy! Please?"

With this, Karen started rubbing the head of her father's penis against her slippery little hole, until the man caught both of them by surprise and began ejaculating squirt after squirt of thick sticky sperm right up inside his own little girl's tiny little belly. Feeling her father's precious seed squirting inside her vagina was enough to cause Karen to climax also. The little girl got so excited, that when she pushed down, the head of her father's cock popped inside the entrance to her spasming little hole, where it continued to send torrents of thick greasy incestuous sperm into the child's welcoming belly.

Karen enjoyed the warm feeling of being sprayed full of her father's cum. The man's cum filled her little vagina, and soothed the itch that had been building for days. After this, Karen knew she would never be able to get by with just a hand-job. It was only afterwards, that she started worrying about getting pregnant. "Oh, I hope I don't get pregnant!" she moaned afterwards, as she sat on the can, draining thick gobs of her father's sperm out of her stretched little hole.

"Perhaps we'd better stop doing this," said Dan, also worried. After all, If his little girl didn't want to get pregnant. . .

"Oh Daddy! Don't be silly. If you think I'm going to stop, just because I might get pregnant. . . " Karen paused, then continued, "Besides, it might be fun to have a baby." With this, Karen got up, wiped herself off, and finished. "Maybe I should. How about it Daddy? Would you like to get me pregnant? Think about it," she said, as she climbed into the shower.

That night, Mary asked Dan how far he had gotten with Karen that morning.

"She let me cum inside her," said Dan. "I Didn't really fuck her, but I did get the head of my cock inside her hole. Boy did that feel good. She's not sure she wants to get pregnant though."

This information excited Mary, and soon the two people were fucking madly, as Dan again pretended to fuck his little girl, and Mary begged her "Daddy" to get her pregnant. They no longer even pretended to hide their fucking, wanting their children to be as turned on as they were.

In the meantime, Jason had climbed into bed with his two sisters. This time, neither of his sisters wore anything to bed, feeling their panties would just get in the way. When Jason saw his parents fucking, he reached for Karen, and pulled her back against him. The boy reached around his sister, and started rubbing her titties, as his cock grew to full hardness between her legs, leaking slippery pre-cum on the little girl's belly.

Karen couldn't wait. "Put it in me!" she whispered.

"Huh?" Jason couldn't believe his sister.

"I said get it in me," repeated Karen. Reaching down between her legs, she grabbed her brother's cock, and smeared the slobbering tip all over her creaming little snatch. "Now push," she instructed her brother.

Jason didn't need to be told again. He positioned the tip of his swollen cock up against the entrance to his sister's tight little hole and pushed. There was a straining moment, and then a popping sensation as both children felt over half of the boy's penis vanish up into the hairless little slit of the 10 year old girl.

"Ooooh!" said both of the children.

"That feels good," said Karen, as her brother began to pump in and out.

Jason had to agree, but was too engrossed in the wonderful feeling of his little sister's tight little vagina squeezing on his prick to say much. He began pumping more and more of his cock into his sister, until the little girl started to yelp each time he reached full penetration. There was still over an inch of his cock outside the little girl, but what was inside felt wonderful. His little sister's yelps finally penetrated to the boy.

"What's the matter Karen?" he asked. "Does it hurt?"

"I huh like huh it," she panted. "It's huh just that huh I'm huh still a virgin."

"Oh," said Jason. Then the thought penetrated. "Oh! Do you want me to break it?" he asked, keeping up the rhythm of his cock sliding in and out of the little girl's belly.

"No hoh hoh," she panted. "Ju huh hust keep do hoo hooing that."

Jason would have been happy to keep sliding his engorged penis in and out of his sister's tight little hole for hours, but the feelings were too intense. "I'm going to cum," he announced. "Is it OK, if I cum in you?"

That thought was enough for Karen. Her little snatch tightened around her brother's cock and SQUEEZED. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze SQUEEZE, SQUEEZE! "OOoooooh!" she moaned.

Jason figured that was an answer. Besides, he knew he didn't have the willpower to pull his erupting penis out of the little girl now, even if she had wanted him to. The boy let all of his thick sticky cum flow into his sister's tightly squeezing little belly. Squirt after big greasy squirt of incestuous sperm spat out of the head of the boy's cock, and up into the welcoming belly of the 10 year old little girl. "Unh, unh," panted Jason, as he tried to empty his balls into his own little sister.

After a while, Jason's mighty spurts slowed down to just a trickle of warm cum slowly leaking into his sister's belly. Karen had finished her orgasm also. The two siblings slowly pulled apart, and lay back on the bed, as Jason's cock finally slipped out of his sister's vagina. Shortly, a glob of white appeared oozing out of the little girl's hairless little slit.

"Wow. That was Sexy!" Suzy's voice reminded the two older siblings that they weren't alone in the bed. "I want to do it too."

Karen thought of telling her little sister she was too young, but was too tired to argue. "Just don't get knocked up," she warned, as her own words reminded her of her own condition, and she headed for the bathroom to drain her brother's seed out of her vagina.

"Huh?" inquired Suzy.

Karen was already on her way to the bathroom, and too busy to explain.

"Aren't you going to do it to me?" asked Suzy, batting her eyelashes at her big brother.

"Well Geesh, Sis," explained Jason. "I don't have a hard-on any more." The boy pointed at his crotch, and both children could see that it was true.

"But I wanted to do it too!" Suzy was almost crying.

"Shh! Don't wake up Mom and Dad," Jason hushed his little sister. "Maybe if you sucked on it, it'll get hard."

"You mean like last night?" Suzy whispered back.

At her brother's nod, Suzy started licking, and sucking on the older boy's penis. Shortly, the little girl was rewarded, as her brother's cock once more expanded to its full dimensions.

"That's enough," said Jason. "You don't want to suck me off. Now lie on your back, and we'll do it this way."

Karen returned from the bathroom just in time to see her older brother climb between their little sister's legs, and push his cock up inside the little 8 year old girl's tiny little slit.

Jason was only able to get about half of his cock inside the little girl before she started yelping with pain. Still, even half of his cock inside the little girl felt wonderful to the boy; he reduced his back and forth motions until both he and his little sister were moaning with passion. It was less than 3 minutes after he had entered the little girl, before Jason lost control and started pumping big sticky gobs of thick greasy sperm into his own little sister's tightly squeezing belly.

Karen watched her brother, as the boy spasmed their little sister's belly full of his dangerous baby-making seed. She was about to warn the child about taking her brother's sperm inside her belly, when she suddenly decided, "To hell with it." Her little sister was probably too young to get pregnant anyway, and the way Karen felt right at that moment, wishing that her brother was pumping his baby-juice in her belly again, who was she to tell her little sister what to do. Karen decided that next time, she wasn't going to drain it out. If her big brother's or her beloved father's baby started to grow inside her belly, she'd just carry it. She already knew she liked babies, it had just been the thought of having one herself that had been scary.

Ten minutes later, all three children were asleep.

Day 5

The next morning, when Karen got back to the room, she found her father sitting on the bed.

"I decided that we might as well stop pretending, in the bathroom," he said, blushing slightly.

"Oh Daddy!" said Karen, as she wrapped her arms around her father and kissed him.

Dan didn't know who had been giving his little girl lessons in kissing, but she was good! Karen stuck her tongue in his mouth, rubbed her titties against his chest, sucked his tongue, licked his teeth, and then the inside of his mouth, while squirming her little body against his until the two of them were about to explode.

"We'd better get this off," said Dan, seating his little girl on the bed beside him, and starting to peel off her tight little swimsuit. Karen shivered, knowing that this was it. This time she was going to get fucked for real. Shrugging her should ers to release the straps of the swimsuit, Karen stood up to help her father peel the last little bit off.

As her bare little slit came into view, Dan had an urgethat he'd never had before. "Lie back on the bed, and spread your legs," he instructed.

"Huh?" said Karen, but complied anyway. If her Daddy wanted to fuck her in this manner, she wouldn't object.

Instead of climbing between the little girl's legs, Dan lowered his face until his breath was panting against the child's little slit. It wasn't until her father stuck out his tongue, and Karen felt it slide between the lips of her hairless little slit, that the little girl realized just what her father was up to. Then it was too late.

"Ooooh! Wuh! Wuh. WUH!" Karen gasped over and over as she started to climax. The slippery feel of her father's tongue had caused the little girl to climax immediately. Orgasm after orgasm thundered through the body of the child as her father lapped up the overflow from her overstimulated little vagina.

Finally, the man stopped, and said, "Well, I guess it's about time." Turning the little girl around, so that she was now fully on the bed, Dan proceeded to climb between his daughter's legs, and placed the leaking tip of his cock up against the little girl's tiny little cunt.

"This is the last chance," he said. "If you don't want this, you'd better stop me now."

"Do it to me, Daddy," Karen squeaked; half frightened, half overcome with excitement. She was going to get fucked!

There was a short stretching sensation, and then Karen felt full as never before. The little girl looked down between her legs, and saw that over half of her father's big cock had vanished up inside her flat little belly. Karen could feel her father's cock pushing against her unbroken hymen.

"Do you want me to. . . ?" Dan raised his eyebrows in question.

Karen nodded, and both of them pushed together. There was a moment of intense pain and pressure; then with a sudden snap, Karen felt her father's penis slide all the way up inside her belly.

"OW! That hurts," said Karen, tears appearing in the little girl's eyes. Karen felt as though someone had torn a hole inside her stomach.

"Just the first time," Dan reassured his little girl, keeping his cock still inside the child's belly, as he waited for her pain to ease.

After a minute, Karen felt a little better, and said, "You'd better do it now Daddy, before someone comes back."

The thought of someone finding the two of them like this, almost made Dan lose his erection. But, the sight of his little girl spread out in front of him, with his cock buried all the way up inside the child's flat little belly, and feeling his cock being massaged by his own daughter's vagina, was too stimulating to allow such a thing to happen. Dan began sliding his cock in and out of his daughter's tight little belly. "Oh, That feels good Honey," he said. "Daddy's going to cum in you. Would you like that?"

Karen was starting to enjoy the feeling of her father's cock sliding in and out. Her father's words were even more stimulating. "Oh yes, Daddy. Cum in me," she panted. "Cum in my belly, Daddy."

Hearing his little girl's response, while her tight little hole massaged his penis made Dan get carried away. His talk got raunchier, and raunchier. "Daddy's going to squirt the thick sticky white stuff that makes babies right up in his little girl's belly," he panted, now almost overcome with lust for his daughter. "How about it Karen, would like Daddy to knock you up?"

Karen was getting carried away also. "Oh Daddy!" she cried. "Do it in me. Knock me up Daddy! Make a baby in my belly. Please Daddy?"

Hearing his little girl begging him to impregnate her, was too much for Dan. The man began spasming his little girl's belly full of thick sticky sperm. Squirt after squirt of potent sperm gushed out of the tip of the man's spasming penis, and into the welcoming belly of the little 10 year old girl.

"Oh Honey!" he exclaimed. "Daddy's cumming in you. Daddy's going to get you pregnant. Come on Karen, tell Daddy to knock you up." This, while spasm after spasm wracked the man as he continued to pump glob after big sticky glob of dangerous baby-making sperm in his little girl's tightly clasping young belly.

Karen was almost overcome with emotion. This was heavy, fucking your own father. If it had been exciting, having her big brother pumping his hazardous sperm inside her tight little belly the previous night, it was absolutely thrilling to feel her virile father ejaculating his potent seed right up inside her fertile young womb. The little 10 year old girl could feel each incestuous squirt of her father's thick sticky sperm, as it made its way through his oversized penis, up inside her tightly squeezing vagina, and into the warm recess of her receptive young womb.

"Yes Daddy, do it. Squirt your cum in me. Impregnate me Daddy." Karen would never have believed it, if she had been told she would be begging her own father to impregnate her. But, now that it was happening, it seemed the like most natural thing in the world to the little girl, for her to want her father to knock her up, so that she could carry the man's baby inside her womb.

Finally, the man's mighty ejaculations slowed. Dan couldn't believe how much sperm he had deposited inside his little girl's belly. There was something about breeding your own kid, that was more stimulating, he thought.

"Oh Karen, Thank you. I love you so much." Dan's words were automatic, but as he said them, he realized how true they were. He had always loved his daughter, but now that he had felt his sperm flow into his own little girl's vagina, while the child begged him to make a baby inside her belly, he knew that his previous love for his daughter had only been a shadow of what was possible. There was something about getting your own little girl pregnant, that created a bond that otherwise couldn't be matched.

"Wow! That was Awesome!" The little girl voice caused both occupants of the bed to turn their head so fast, they almost snapped. Suzy was standing only 5 feet from the bed, with a look of wonder on her face. The little girl had grown suspicious, when she noticed that her big sister kept vanishing from the pool each morning, only to come back later looking flushed. This morning, Suzy had decided to find out what was going on. When she arrived, the two incestuous lovers were just reaching a climax, and she had heard their stimulating words.

"Are you two making a baby?" she asked.

Karen decided to just let it all hang out. "Trying to," she responded.

"Wow!" repeated Suzy. "Daddy? Could you teach me how to make a baby too? I want to have a baby, like Mommy and Karen."

This was too much for Dan, at the moment. "We'll see," he temporized.

"When?" Suzy wasn't to be put off.

"How about tonight? After I talk to your mother. Is that OK?" Dan smiled at his little girl's eagerness.

"OK, Daddy. Now don't you forget." With this, the little 8 year old girl went back outside to finish her swim.

"Hoo boy!" said Karen. "What are you going to do, Daddy?"

"Probably teach her how to make a baby," said Dan. "We'll see what your mother has to say, OK?"

"OK," responded Karen, as she started to get dressed, grabbing a tampon from her mother's bag, and sticking it up inside her slightly sore little hole. "No Daddy, I'm not 'on the rag,'" she explained. "I just want to keep your sperm inside me for now." Shortly, the little girl was headed back out the door to the pool, after showering, when she heard her father mumble something under his breath, that made her snicker.

"As if I could forget! Teach her how to make a baby indeed!"

That night, Dan decided to bring the whole thing out in the open. He waited until everyone had settled down for the night, then announced, loud enough for everyone to hear: "Mary."

Mary could tell that something was up. "Yes dear," she responded.

"I Fucked Karen this morning."

Mary giggled. "Are you going to knock the kid up?"

Dan snickered also. "If Jason doesn't beat me to it," he said with a big grin.

By this time, all three children were listening with gaping mouths, and open ears.

"What about Suzy?" Mary inquired.

"Her too, if she'll let me." Dan looked at his kids, and winked. Reassured, the siblings sidled up closer to listen.

"Suzy came in and saw us," Dan continued. "She heard me telling Karen that I was going to make a baby in her belly."

"Was she shocked?"

Dan snickered again. "Not very!" he said. "She asked me to teach her how to make a baby too."

Mary's grin was as wide as her husbands. "Well?" she asked. "Are you?"

At this, neither partner could stand it any more, the two adults started snickering, chortling, and downright laughing.

Suzy decided she'd had enough. "Daddy!" she said. "It's not funny! Are you going to teach me, or not?"

This started Mary and Dan into fresh gasps and snickers. Finally, Dan controlled himself, and motioned to Suzy to join them. "I'm sorry Honey," he said. "Someday, you'll look back on this, and see what's so funny. In the meantime, if you want Daddy to teach you how to make a baby, you'll have to get undressed."

"You mean like Karen was this morning?" asked the little girl, as she hurried to remove her sun-suit and shoes.

Dan nodded, as he undressed also. Behind them, Mary was getting undressed, and she motioned to the two older children to do likewise. When everyone had completed undressing, Dan motioned to Suzy to get on the bed facing him, with her legs spread.

"This'll probably be a little quicker than I'd like it to be, since I'm already so excited," he said. "But, we'll try to do the best we can. Now Suzy, let's get started."

"OK Daddy."

"First," said Dan, "a man gets excited, by the presence of a woman. You can tell when a man's excited by when his cock gets hard. I know you've already seen me and your brother when we were excited, right Suzy?"

Suzy nodded.

"Well," continued Dan, "a man gets excited and puts his cock in a woman's belly like this:" With this, Dan swabbed the tip of his leaking prick around his little girl's tiny slit, until it was thoroughly lubricated, and pushed his cock up inside the child's hole. There was a collective gasp from the watchers, as half of the man's engorged penis vanished into the tiny little slit, that stretched tremendously before swallowing the obscene member of the little girl's father.

"Next," panted Dan, excited beyond belief. "The man then pushes his cock all the way up inside the woman. If the woman is a virgin (like you), then the man breaks the woman's cherry, like this: UHG!" he grunted, as he forced his cock right through the membrane of his little girl's hymen.

"Ow!" Said Suzy. It stung just a little, but soon she was enjoying the feeling of having her father's big penis sliding in and out of her belly. The little girl's hymen was not nearly as tough and unyielding as her big sister's had been.

"Then the man pushes his cock in and out, like this, until the woman gets excited also," continued Dan, while suiting his actions to his words, and sliding his cock all the way in and all the way out of the little girl's tight little slit. "Are you getting excited Suzy?"

"Oh Yes, Daddy," Suzy panted. "What does the man do then?"

"Well, next, the man pushes his cock all the way up in the woman, and squirts a thick sticky white fluid in the woman's belly." Dan was starting to breathe heavily, as he continued his daughter's 'education.' "This white stuff makes a woman feel real good inside."

"Then," he panted, "when a woman gets enough of this white stuff inside her belly, a baby starts to grow in her womb."

Suzy was starting to pant also. "Are you going to squirt that white stuff in my belly, Daddy?" she inquired.

"Uh Huh," panted Dan. "Would you like me to do that?"

Suzy was thrilled at the prospect. "Oh Yes, Daddy!" she said. "Squirt the white stuff that makes babies in my belly."

Mary was getting excited, as she watched her husband "teach" her little girl how to "make a baby."

The excitement of "teaching" his little girl was too much for Dan. "Here it comes!" he gasped. "Daddy's squirting the thick sticky white stuff that makes babies in his little girl's belly. Do you like that Suzy?"

Suzy was gasping also. "Oh Daddy, that feels good," she cried. "Make a baby in me Daddy. Make my belly get big with your baby. Knock me up Daddy."

Squirt after squirt of the man's sperm went into the receptive young belly of his tiny little 8-year-old girl.

Karen couldn't stand it any more. "Come here big brother," she said. "Teach me how to make a baby, like Daddy did little sister."

It was quite a turn-on for Mary to watch her husband impregnate their tiny little 8-year-old girl.

The little girl looked much too young to even think of fucking, but she worked mightily with her father, trying to get her own daddy to squirt his thick sticky baby-making cum inside her squeezing little belly.

"Knock the kid up, Honey." Mary encouraged her husband. "Let me see you get our little girl pregnant."

"Yeah Daddy, knock me up," agreed Suzy. "Let me feel you getting me pregnant with your cum. Please Daddy?"

Dan gave one last shove, up inside his daughter, and squirted the last sticky drops of potent sperm in his little girl's womb. "You're a little too young to get pregnant yet, Suzy," he said. "Still, if you want to, we can keep trying."

"I'd like that Daddy," said Suzy. "Will you fuck me all the time?"

"Well, not all the time," replied Dan. "After all, there's your sister and mother. If you want, I'll try to fuck you every night. That way, you can carry Daddy's sperm in your belly, all night long, while you sleep. How does that sound?"

Suzy loved the Idea, but: "Can we fuck in the morning sometimes?" she asked.

"OK, Sometimes in the mornings too," Dan agreed.

With this, the two incestuous lovers looked around to see what else was going on. Jason was busy fucking Karen, on the other bed, while Mary encouraged the boy to get his little sister pregnant.

"C'mon boy, knock your sister up," she prompted. "Let me see you make a baby in your sister."

"Yeh Jason, Make a baby in me. Knock me up like Momma says," encouraged the little girl, as she humped back at her big brother, and watched his swollen penis appear and disappear in the tiny little hole between her legs.

Jason couldn't hold out any longer. He began ejaculating his thick sticky sperm right into his own sister's squirming little belly. "UnnnH," he exclaimed. "Here it comes. Oh God, I'm shooting the stuff that makes babies in my own sister. Take it, Karen. Let me make a baby in you."

Mary climaxed along with her two children. She was thrilled by the thought of mating her two children. Watching her son breeding his little sister, was enough to get her over the top.

"Whooohh!" was all she could say as she collapsed on the bed alongside her husband who still had his oversized penis stuck in their youngest daughter's tiny slit.

Dan watched his son, as the boy pushed his erupting penis all the way up in his little sister's belly, and held it there. The man could tell his son was cumming inside the little girl. As Jason pushed his spasming cock up hard inside his sister, Dan could see a smear of white appear on one side of the child's tightly stretched little hole. Karen's tiny little vagina was too small to hold all of the thick greasy sperm her big brother was squirting inside her womb.

Dan couldn't help himself. He had to encourage the little boy. Seeing his son fucking his little sister, like he had, while he was young, made him want his son to have the full pleasure of making a baby in his own sister, that he had. "Do it, boy," he encouraged. "Cum in your sister. Let's see you impregnate your little sister."

Jason had started to relax, when his father's encouragement reached his brain. The thought, that his parent's were actually encouraging him to get his little sister pregnant, was too much. The boy's overstimulated cock once again expanded in his little sister's belly, dilating the child's vaginal orifice, as he began spewing jet after creamy jet of thick viscous sperm right into his own little sister's unprotected young womb.

Hearing her father's words, encouraging her brother to get her pregnant, while feeling her big brother squirting his thick sticky semen inside her taut little belly, caused Karen's climax to intensify until she almost blacked out. The little girl grabbed her big brother, wrapped her arms and legs around him, and proceeded to thrust her tiny little body up at his engorged cock with an intensity that threatened to bruise both of them.

"Unnh UnnnnHHHH! Aaauuuuggghhh!" grunted the little girl before collapsing in a boneless heap underneath her rutting brother.

Jason pushed up one last time in the little girl's belly, and ejaculated one last incestuous dollop of dangerous baby-making seed right into his own little sister's receptive young womb.

The sight was so stimulating, that Dan's cock, which had never gotten completely soft, began to inflate again in Suzy's squeezing little belly.

"Ooooh Daddy, I feel that," said Suzy, as she began to squirm on her father's hardening penis.

After watching her little boy impregnate his little sister, Mary was so hot, she felt as if she could light paper, just by touching it. Her husband was busy again, fucking their little girl, and so was unavailable. Besides, Mary decided she wanted something else. When Jason pulled his big cock out of his little sister's belly, and rolled over on his back to rest, Mary took the opportunity. Seeing the little boy's cock, with a big glob of sticky white sperm oozing from the tip, matching the ooze welling up out of her daughter's little hole, made Mary decide she had to have some.

"Here boy, let's see if you can do as good with your mother," she said, as she climbed on top of her son, placed the boy's sperm-oozing penis against her drooling slit, and sat down, taking her own son's big cock right up inside her vagina.

"Do it, Jason," she encouraged. "Knock your mother up. Let Momma feel you getting her pregnant."

This time, it was Karen, who watched, as her sister and mother worked for their climax. When her father finally finished ejaculating his seed in her little sister's belly, Karen asked him if he had any left for her.

Dan had been about to quit; but seeing his older daughter begging to get fucked, he managed to get it up one last time. This time, having already cum twice, he was finally able to last a long time.

Karen loved having her daddy fuck her properly. She knew that if she kept on fucking her father and brother, she was going to get pregnant, but no longer cared. She wasn't going to stop. If one or the other of the two men she loved, planted a baby in her belly, Karen knew she would love it. In the meantime, it felt soo good to have her father's big cock sliding in and out of her tight little belly, and to know that she would soon be feeling her father squirting his baby-making cum right up inside her little tummy where it belonged.

Up and down, in and out. The little girl worked, reaching for a climax that just wouldn't seem to come this time. With her cunt slippery with her brother's seed, the little girl just didn't seem to get as much sensation. Also, her father not squirting his sperm inside her belly yet, Karen just didn't have quite enough stimulation to make it. The little girl was almost getting frantic, as she strove for her climax, never quite reaching it, when she noticed her older brother standing behind her, watching the two of them.

The boy had already squirted his cum inside his mother; but with the resilience of youth, was ready to go again. Jason stood there, watching his father and sister, while he waited for the little girl to be available again. Suzy had told him that she wanted to have her daddy's baby first, so he would have to wait until she knew she was pregnant before he fucked her. Jason was happy enough. With one sister, and his own mother receptive, the little boy figured he was in sex heaven anyway, so why push things. Besides, Suzy had hinted, that she might want him to father her second child, so he didn't want to spoil his chances.

Karen, seeing her brother standing behind her, with his cock still dripping sperm, after fucking their mother, saw a solution to her problem. "Fuck me," she said.

Jason didn't respond, thinking his sister was talking to her father.

"JASON, I sad fuck me," repeated Karen, continuing to slide up and down on her father's cock.

Jason looked at his little sister, gap-jawed, as the little girl continued sliding up and down on their father, milking the man's penis with her vagina. Karen stopped for a second, reached behind herself, and spread her ass-cheeks in a blatant invitation, to make herself clear.

"You mean, you want me to. . . " Jason's voice trailed off.

Karen nodded.

Jason almost couldn't believe it. Still, he wasn't one to pass up an opportunity. The boy took his sperm-leaking cock, rubbed it up and down his little sister's back door, and pushed it all the way home with a rush.

"GAaaackk!" squawked Karen, as the pain of the intrusion caused her to wonder if this was a good idea after all. Shortly however, the pain vanished, and the sensations of being fucked in both the ass and cunt had the little girl gasping as she finally reached her climax.

"Fuck me. Cum in me. Knock me up. Make a baby in my belly. FUCK ME!" the little girl babbled, as climax after climax shook her little body. The child's ass and pussy began to squeeze her partners cocks uncontrollably. The feeling of the little girl squeezing on their cocks, was enough to make both men spout their sperm inside the child's body, as they tried to empty their balls inside the little girl. Finally, the three lovers came to a rest, with both Dan and Jason's cocks still stuck up inside the little girl's body, as the last sticky drops of incestuous sperm leaked into the child's belly. Both men were too exhausted to pull out of the little girl.

Suzy, who had been watching this scenario with interest, decided she wanted to try it. "Ooooh. That looks like fun," she said. "Will you do that to me sometime?" It wasn't until the next day, that either of the male members of the family were recovered enough to do anything more. However, when they did, Suzy almost blacked out with the intensity of her orgasm.

That final day, they almost didn't get out of the hotel room, as first one, and then another would decide they wanted to fuck one more time. When they finally staggered out to breakfast, they decided that they had better finish their vacation, because if they returned to the hotel room, they'd never leave it.

From then on, each night on the way home, and afterwards, Dan would go to sleep with Suzy, while his wife spent her nights with Jason. The woman had decided that if her little girls could get pregnant, she was going to have one last 'fling' herself, and she wanted to enjoy sharing parenthood with her little boy, while she still could.

Each night, Dan would fuck his little girl, squirting great gobs of baby-making seed in the child's tiny little 8 year old belly, as he tried to make a baby in the little girl's womb. Mary, at the same time, would be working with her son, as the boy tried to reproduce, in his own mother's womb. Karen sometimes slept with her father, and sometimes with her brother. She never slept alone. She figured she had the best of both worlds. Whenever Karen felt even a little bit horny, there was always on of the men available to the child. The little girl would go from father to son, and back again, getting first one, then the other to fill her belly with incestuous baby-making cum. The little girl was proud, that while most of her schoolmates talked about sex, she was able to go off to school every day, with a fresh load of either her father, or her brother's sperm soaking in her tight little belly. Often, while at school, Karen would notice her little sister. The two little girls would share a secret smile, and one or the other of them would take her hand, and rub her little tummy with it, in an obscene reference to the incestuous seed that each little girl knew the other was carrying inside her womb. This would get each little girl to crack-up, as the other children tried to figure out their private joke.


Three months later, both Mary and Karen missed their periods. Karen was so excited, she could hardly walk. The only one who wasn't completely thrilled, was Suzy. The little girl had hoped that she would at least have started having periods by now, but she knew she was still a little young yet to get pregnant. She decided she'd just have to be happy for her sister and mother, and wait until she got older to have a baby of her own. On the other hand, it was still exciting to the little girl to go to sleep each night, with a fresh load of her own father's seed soaking into her womb, knowing there was at least a slight chance that this time she might get pregnant.

Now that she knew her son had 'done his job,' (so to speak) Mary was glad to be able to fuck her husband, without worrying about who knocked her up. With Dan now able to fuck all three women, Suzy was starting to feel a little left out, until Karen decided that she'd better compensate by spending most of her nights sleeping with Jason.

Mary and Karen started a little game. Each of the two women was betting, which one of their bellies would start to show first. Karen thought hers would, because she was so much younger. Mary said, "It's not how young, but how small your waist is." She pointed proudly to her 26-inch waist. Karen's hips weren't as full as her mother's, but her waist was almost as big, at 25-inches. The two women decided that the first one who had a 3-inch gain, would win the services of both men for a week. No fair cheating, by gorging though. Dan and Jason were amused by their little game, but agreed to go along.

After about six months, Karen's waist had grown by two and a quarter inches, while Mary's circumference had increased by two and a half. "See, I told you," snickered Mary. "This'll be like taking candy from a baby."

Suzy, who had been observing the little feud, decided that she was getting disgusted. She grabbed the tape, and said, "Why don't you measure my belly! You know, I might be pregnant too."

"Oh, Why not," said Mary, as she slipped the tape around the little girl's middle. Mary knew the child's measurements by heart, as she had to, in order to buy clothes. "See," she said, "21 inches. Just like always."

"Uh Mom?" said Karen, her eyes bugging.

"Now what?"

"Look a little closer. That's a 3, not a 2." Karen held her breath, then let it out, as she saw her mother's jaw drop.

Suzy had been growing steadily in the last 6 months, her hips had been filling out, and her little breasts had started to bud, but not enough to account for 10 inches in her middle. Mary and Karen stared at each other. Karen finally broke the silence by saying, "Well, I guess we both lose. Suzy wins, by a whopping 7 inches."

Suzy couldn't believe it. "You mean I'm. . ." she said.

Mary finished it for her. "Yes, you're pregnant. Probably got pregnant the same time we did. You're only nine years old Honey (Suzy had a birthday about a month before), so you're awful young, but it has happened before. You know, this could be dangerous," she warned.

Suzy was too excited, to care about warnings. "Wahooo!!" she bellowed. "I did it!"

The little girl's scream brought Jason and Dan running. After Mary had explained, everyone congratulated the little girl, and then, everyone started worrying about what would happen when Suzy had a baby. After all, a little girl that young, wasn't built as well as an older woman was to have babies. The whole family had thought that Suzy would have to wait at least 2 more years before her body was ready to have a baby. Now, with the evidence staring them in the face, the decided they'd better make arrangements before it got too late.

The next day, Mary took Suzy to see the doctor. When the doctor started asking the little girl all sorts of questions, about who had knocked her up, she put him straight fast.

"Look Doctor," she said, "I've already been through all this with my parents. I've been fucking an older guy. I seduced him, he didn't rape me. He's been nice to me, and I'm not going to let someone pin a statutory-rape charge on him, so you aren't going to find out from me who it is. If you don't stop bugging me, I'm getting up, and going to find a doctor who'll do his job, not bug me." Suzy started to get up off the bench.

Dr. Jones smiled at the firmness of the little girl's response. "Wait Suzy," he halted the little girl's exit. "First, let me explain. This is my job. I'm supposed to ask questions. Any doctor you go to will be obligated to ask them. Even if you leave, I'm required by law, to report this. People really get worried when little girls like you get pregnant." He raised his hand to stop Suzy from interrupting. "Now, I can tell, that you don't want to tell me who did it. I'll mark that down in my report. If you maintain that same story with everyone who comes by to pester you, you might just be able to get away with it. In any case, you'd better stay away from your 'boyfriend,' if you don't want someone tracing him from your actions. Just remember, I'm on your side. If you want to haul the guy into court, I'll help you. Conversely, if you really want to protect the guy, I'll try not to find out. I'll warn you however, that I usually do."

Suzy smiled back. At least, the doctor was being honest. "Doc.," She said, "even if you do find out, I'll still deny it. Now let's get on with this examination, huh?"

After the examination, the doctor talked with both Mary and Suzy. "I'm amazed," he said. "For her age, Suzy here seems to have an amazingly well developed body. She's growing almost as fast as that baby is. If she continues, maybe we'll be able to let her have the child."

Both Mary and Suzy started explaining at once, that there was no way, that Suzy was going to have an abortion.

Dr. Jones quieted them both. "I meant," he explained, "that normally, someone as young as Suzy, would have to have her baby by Caesarean-section. But, if Suzy's hips continue to get bigger, and she passes my inspection, she might just be able to have this baby by normal birth. You'd better enroll her in some classes, if that sounds good to you."

Afterwards, Mary stepped aside, and spoke privately to the doctor. "Uh doctor?" she began. "I was wondering if you could look at Karen too. I think she might be pregnant also."

Dr. Jones was no dummy. He put 2 and 2 together. "Her brother huh?" he said.

Mary's jaw dropped, and she just gaped at the doctor.

"Oh don't worry," he said. "It's just a guess. Though from your reaction, you people had better get your stories straight before the police and others start asking questions. After your little girl's lesson in keeping my mouth shut, I won't ask any more. Just bring Karen in, so we can look her over. And Mary?"

"Yes," responded Mary.

"This happens all the time. So don't be surprised if someone guesses. Just act surprised, and shocked. No one will ever really be able to do anything, unless the children tell."

"Why Doctor!" exclaimed Mary. "I'm surprised at you. Shocked too!"

Both adults grinned at each other.

During the next three months, Mary watched her two little girls carefully. Mary liked to watch her little girls' bellies swell, and to feel her own belly swelling as well. It thrilled the woman to know that her own son had gotten her pregnant. She liked knowing that her little 8-year-old girl was carrying her own daddy's baby in her cute little swelling belly, and that Karen didn't know who got her pregnant, and didn't care. Somehow, the family managed to weather the storm of scandal, curious eyes, outraged neighbors, and nosy social-workers. The more people outside tried to bother them, the more the family stuck together, until the time came, that Karen had to go to the hospital.

Once Karen left to have her baby, it was like falling dominoes. Two days later, Suzy started having cramps, and while Dan was driving her to the hospital, Mary started cramping in sync with her daughter. Once they arrived, Mary was too involved with her own pain to pay much attention to her little girl. Still, each time the pains stopped, she would ask Dan, how Suzy was doing. Two hours later, she woke up to find herself holding the cutest little baby girl a mother could ask for. When she remembered to ask Dan about Suzy, there was a final-sounding scream of pain from down the hall, followed by the panting squall of a tiny child.

"I think that's her now," said Dan, as he left to check with the doctor. Mary jittered, worrying about her little girl, for the next 10 minutes. Still, cuddling her newfound bundle of joy up to her breast, it was hard to worry as much as she felt she should, especially when the tiny little girl began sucking on her suddenly full mammaries.

This contented scene was interrupted by the return of her husband. Dan backed in the door, pulling something. It looked like a bed. It was a bed. Dan had barely gotten the bed positioned alongside hers, when two orderlies came in wheeling a gurney. On the gurney, wearing a beatific smile lay Suzy, clutching a bundle of cloth, that Mary assumed was the baby. Dr. Jones followed.

"They're both OK," he said to answer Mary's raised eyebrow. "Nice healthy 8-pound baby boy. And the mother's doing fine also. Though," he reminisced for a moment, "for a while there, we weren't too sure."

For the next half hour, Suzy and her mother lay discussing their pregnancies, admiring their babies and just enjoying each other's company, until the doctor suggested it might be a good idea if they both got some rest. This idea was temporarily squelched by the arrival of Karen from another part of the hospital. She had managed to browbeat one of the nurses to bringing her down in a wheelchair to see her sister and mother. Shortly, all three women were admiring the two little girls and the little boy.

"Well," said Karen, "I'm glad at least one of us had sense enough to make a boy." This set all three women to giggling as the meaning behind the girl's words sank in.

The giggles hurt! Shortly, Dr. Jones came in, and chased Karen out. "You can come back tomorrow," he said. "Actually, they'll be coming up there to join you. Now, both of you get to sleep," he finished with assumed sternness.

Two minutes later, Mary was alone with her daughter, and their two newborns. "Mom?" said Suzy, to get her mother's attention.

"Yes dear."

"Next one's going to be a girl," informed Suzy.

"Mmm?" prompted Mary. She knew there was more coming.

"After all," said Suzy, "every little boy should have a little sister to fuck."

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