After the Shower

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Published: 5-Dec-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Despite the fact that I had just blown a huge load of pedo ejaculate out of my penis and onto my little girl, her silky tongue in my mouth was beginning to reawaken my need for more pedo love.

Still, I had to break our kiss and talk to her for a minute before my love for her little body and sex could continue on further.

"Honey." I told her, "that was probably the best and most intense climax daddy had ever had but I want to make sure you know if we continue on with this, we have to be completely silent about it except to ourselves or they will take us away from each other."

Katie looked up at me and smiled and in a proud voice asked me, "Did I really make you feel better than anything or anyone else in the world."

yes you did, I told her, the very best.

"Daddy I love you so much I would never tell anyone. I want to keep making you happy," she told me.

"You sure you are okay with being naked with me and seeing me naked honey. It doesn't scare you or anything being sexually excited by you," I asked.

Katie giggled and said, "No daddy, I seen you and mommy naked lots of times. I even seen some of mommy's freinds over here naked to," she told me.

Really, I thought, That bitch ws fucking people in our marital bed when I wasn't around and while Katie was here to boot. The idea intrigued me and excited me yet didn't anger me. I laid down next to Katie, the both of us completely naked and my little penis beginning to stiffen and began to lightly carress her body. "That's good honey. You should never feel ashamed to be naked in your home or to see other naked people in your home. It is very normal but alot of people who are close minded don't think that way."

"How many people did you see. Did you know any of them," I asked.

"Well one was Mrs. Norris from next door. Another time her husband was with her and then another time when you were away for a weekend, our gardner Jameel stayed here the whole weekend and I saw all of them naked but mommy told me not to tell. But now that she isn't here I guess it doesn't matter," she stated matter of factly.

Did you just see them naked or were they doing anything I asked as my fingers lightly carressed Katies little smooth silken mound. My finger traced down the bald slit and I could feel a tad bit of moistness and Katie arched her hips up slightly to greet my tender touches.

"Did you just see them naked or were they doing anything," I asked.

"Well daddy, I woke up and heard all of this noise in your room and I got up and walked to the door. I saw both of the Norrises with thier mouth on the gardners penis and mommy was kissing his butt."

"Our gardners thing was all black and stiff and he was grunting and moaning and calling everyone white sluts, whores and fags. His thing was really big daddy and he was hitting the Norrises in the face with it and Mr. Norris was playing with his thing and it was alot smaller. Like yours daddy," she told me.

I was totally hot and my little penis was as stiff as concrete. My finger had made my way into my little daughters crack and she was starting to moan as I lightly manipulated her tiny childish clit.

Katies legs parted involuntarily, exposing her immature vulnerable vagina to the pleasures my fingers were providing her little body. "Oh daddy, that feels so good. Are you sexing me," she asked.

"Yes I am honey. I love feeling your little childish vagina, it feels so good to daddy to feel your little insides," I said.

"Daddy, I really like that, it feels so good, It makes me feel nasty but good," she stated breathing heavily.

Yes honey I said, that is how sex is supposed to make you feel. Nasty, but good. It's the best feeling in the world.

Katie was breathing quite heavy by now and moving her little hips up and down in a lewd display of uninhibited childish sexuality.

"Would you like to feel daddy's penis against your litte vagina honey. I think it would make you feel so good," I asked her, knowing it would make me feel better.

Are you going to put it up in me. Are you going to stick it in me," she asked with a little fear in her voice.

"No honey, not yet. You are still a litle small I think, even for daddy's little penis. I am just going to rub it up and down your little sexy slit." I told her.

I got up and opened her little skinny legs even wider while putting a pillow underneath her little butt.

A wave of uncontrollable incestuous love and pedo desire swept over me as I gazed down at my little 5 yo daughter spalyed out so lewdly, like an offering to my engorged, sperm bloated pedo penis.

I held my little stiff slender penis in my hand and began to slide it up and down her childish crack, listening to my little childish slut emit little moans and groans as the perverted head both gave and took pleasure from her childish slit.

I was leaking copious amounts of precum on her bald twat, aiding me in my masturbation of her little genitals. Her slit was turning a bright pink and now she was not just moist, but very wet and slippery and my head had no problem rubbing up and down the length of her childish genitals.

What a lewd sight this made I though to myself, my perverted penis, all 4 3/4 slender inches, bald and cut itself, rubbing up and down the length of a wide open childish vagina. The sperm began to boil up in my balls again.

"Daddy," my little girl gasped, "I think I'm going to pee. I can't hold it don't get mad daddy it just makes my vagina feel so funny and makes me want to pee."

Go ahead little girl, I told her, just relax and make a mess if you want like daddy did, I want you to feel good honey go ahead and relax.

"Oh daddy," she exclained "oh daddy, I'm sorry if Im making a mess it just feels so good, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Of course my daughter didn't start pissing, although surprising enough, she did spend a couple of tiny jets out of her twat, it really wasn't much but it was so beautiful that I had gotten my little 5 yo girl off with my penis, something I had never managed to do with my wife's cow cunt.

As little Katie began to quiet down, I knew my penis wouldn't take mucy more contact before it started to spew its peverted filth either.

"Daddy needs to come Katie slut," I told her, "Daddy is going to come on your twat," I told her as I pumped and rubbed harder on her little bald slit.

"Do you want to feel daddy come honey, do you want to feel it on your vagina," I asked.

Yes daddy, make your mess on me, I love you so much.

I was so close, but instead of rubbing one out on top of her I decdied to take my little penis and put it at the opening of her little hole.

I could feel the heat emating from her opening as my head sunk in and her lips closed around it, encasing it in their childish snugness.

I began to masturbate into her.

"Daddy I love you. are you inside me, are you having real sex in me."

"Just barely honey, just my head, but it feels like heaven, daddy is going to squirt and make his mess in his little girl. It feels so good, I love you so much, oh no, oh no. I am making my love in you honey," I yelled to her as my perverted sick warmth squirted jet after long ropy jet into the center of her body.

I collapsed on her body and my little girl wrapped her legs around my body and lightly touched my back telling me how good she felt being naked with me and sharing special love.

If my first orgasm was great, this one was even better. My still hard penis could feel our wetness together and it slid up and down in the nasty gruel that our genitals had produced.

I picked myself up after awhile and I noticed both my daughters and my breathing had started to slacken. I looked down at her genitals and her childish lips were now open, swollen and puffy. They were coaterd with a thick layer of perverted pedo sperm produced by her own father.

"My my little girl, your little vagina is certianly a mess, Look what you made your daddy do. I guess daddy is going to have to reward his little girl for making him feel so good by cleaning up that mess all by himself."

Katie began to giggle and I started to lower my mouth to her little blad twat.

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Daddy should fuck her little 5yo ASS.


Fantastic reading my friend.Please keep it cumming.Can,t wait for you to stuff her little pussy with your cock to the hilt.

Sir Steven

A very fine interlude.


I'm not one to heap praise on every story I read. Many heap it on even when the story is bad or not very well edited.

THIS story read like a rough draft. There's so many grammar mistakes that it really made it hard for me to read. I understand that these mistakes will occur for any author. But this seemed like it wasn't proofread at all.


very hot. i would have loved it though if he found out the gardner and neighbors had their own secrets with her. maybe before he gets a chance, the gardner catches him and takes his own liberties first. along with the neighbors


I'd like to read where the black gardner rapes the little girl. That would really be hot, reading how his large black cock slides in and out of her little 5 year old pussy.


Wonderfully written, just the perfect length and so erotic to make me cum right at the end as he goes down onto her lil cunt. Beautiful, I'll now go seek more from this author!


I just love thinking about the father molesting his lil girl. It makes my cock rock hard. I love reading stories about lil boys and girls having sex with their fathers or strangers.


DaddyFrank I do as well, I like stories where the dad feels powerless and is taken advantage and a stranger takes the lil daugher right in front of him. he could stop it, he should but he just cant move even as she asks for his help. or stories where the mom or dad find out someone has been using their lil girl or boy without them knowing and instead of getting upset it turns them on. I am trying to track down and old story that was on a now defunct site where this was the case, dad knew the neighbors were using his lil girl and one day at a birthday party at mcdonalds she is missing and he finds her in the bathroom with the neighbors and the husband is holding a pregnancy test saying the guys 9 yr old is now pregnant so freaking hot


I loved that...... im lookin for a storie involving a 8 to 10yo stepdaughter named jasmine and stepdad starting off with feeling her up as she sleeps and in a few days stepdad slowly rapes her over and over .if u know of one let me know asap . Thanks agin for a great storie


stepdaddy if you have found that story let me know, id love to read it as well...and any others you have like it.


Dad enjoyed her, now the Gardener whos wife doesn't produce anymore feel that he needs to get inside of the girl's pussy. He dosen't exactly rape her except for the legal stuff. OK OK she was young, but she really got the gardener hot just looking at her. He couldn't help taking the little vixen. He fucked her and fucked her and fucked her some more.

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