8-Year-Old Simone Learns More

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Published: 13-May-2013

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This is entirely a work of fiction, with entirely fictional characters, and is in no way meant to condone the actions described. This is intended for harmless fantasy, although a tone of realism is attempted.

The next few days after Simone's first 'experience' passed uneventfully. Hell, it had been low-key stuff, anyway. A mere bum-grind and ejaculation in her little anal crevasse. The experience had certainly unsettled her, with the movements of it and Sean's weird adult grunts, but she was also curious about it. Perhaps 'confused' was the simplest definition. That was par for the course, though, in the early stages of any new child's sexualization. She had barely any understanding of it as 'sex' yet, and Sean had described it as a 'medical need' of his for her to 'help him with'. She would latch on pretty soon, though, that this 'need' was essentially the need for him to squirt cum out of his hardened cock - and that SHE was the instrument to cause it. Eventually she'd learn it wasn't so much a need as a 'want', and that SHE was the want because she was a cute little fuck.

The next time he had her alone in the house was 3 days later, on a Saturday afternoon when her mother, Hannah, went out shopping. She invited Sean and Simone to go with her, but Sean politely declined and so did Simone. This was because he had privately ordered her to do so in a quiet moment earlier in the day.

"Oh, okay. Well, you two have a nice time in the house, won't you?" Hannah 'the elder' said.

Simone smiled meekly. "Yes." Sean wondered if she had guessed what she had volunteered to stay behind for.

After her mother was gone, he soon explained it. "Sweetie, I'll need you to help me again like you did the other day." He said it with a smile.

"Oh, okay." Slight consternation on her face.

"You can do that, can't you?" he said, ruffling her hair.

As always, a child of that age standing before you was such a cute thing. Chest height, and perhaps less than half his weight. "Yes."

"Good girl."

"Is there no other way to do it?"

Oh dear, smart girl. This type of thing was both cute and annoying. "No."


"Because there isn't. Because you have a special talent."

"What talent?"

"You don't know you have it. But it doesn't matter. I'll try to explain it another time." The firmness of his tone was enough to shut her up on that line of questioning.

"Are you going to bump me like the other day?" she asked.

"Why? Did it hurt?"

"A bit, well..." She shrugged. "A bit, yes."

"Well, I might just a few times, near the end. That's no problem, is it?

There was a slight delay in her answer. "No."

"Good, let's get to it. We'll use your Mom's room this time."

Sean made sure all the doors were locked, and he ushered the edgy-looking 8-year-old upstairs for her second spot of focused sexual abuse. There had been little bouts of 'unfocused' touching each day, but nothing overtly rude. In these early stages, the best strategy was to repeat the same things, but maybe with little variations and touches of 'development'. The child had to start feeling at ease with it. It was a matter of establishing 'habit', and gradually building up to heavier stuff.

"One difference, sweetie. We'll both be naked, this time..."


With a little frown of bewilderment, Simone took all her clothes off in the middle of the bedroom, as her new 37-year-old authority figure did likewise. Her life was changing fast, and she had no idea to what depths of sordidness it would yet sink, but she had a vague sense of being asked to do stuff that most children are not expected to do. Sean made no attempt to disguise or control his erection, as he viewed the blushing 8-year-old girl meekly dropping her knickers by the bed. She turned to him, head bowed slightly, having no idea how appealing her small hairless twat was to him, or her sweet young mouth and tender bottom.

"Not the bed, this time," explained Sean. "We'll just go on the floor..."

After more specific instruction, Simone's miniature female body was on its knees with her head on the carpet, resting on her hands. Female it may have been, but its 'femininity' was limited: the little vagina and her fine length of blonde hair were clues, and arguably the perky bum, but her flat and skinny torso belonged to neither gender. Nevertheless, Sean derived great pleasure from stroking her chest with one hand cupped under her, and caressing her exquisitely smooth hip with the other. He nestled into position for another shameless bum-grind of the child, and resisted the temptation to attempt actual buggery. He was taking her molestation along impatiently enough as it was.

While not as excellent as the child Hannah was, Simone was sweet and cooperative, and perfectly pretty in her slightly gormless way. He settled into a rhythm of sliding the underside of his hard shaft along her bum-crack, savoring the way her soft buttocks pressed against his groin. The motion and the sheer taboo of the spectacle were a big part of the turn-on, not just the sensation of it. It was a buzz to think how an average member of the adult public would react if walking in on this. If male, how many of them would secretly think it was pretty hot, and contemplate their own conversation to the idea of getting off on a child? Possibly the most disturbing aspect of it were the anxious little frowns of the 8-year-old, and her flinching as Sean's bumping increased.

"Good girl," he said, groping her around her chest and shoulders as his man-sized and hunched figure continued the obscenities. "It's working... you're doing the trick."

She smiled mildly. "Is the cum going to come out of you?"

"Yes... eventually," he gasped. "You'd make a good nurse."

She probably would, with her mild and sweet nature. Her smile at that praise was broken by a series of more intense grinds on her bottom, and Sean clenching her hips between his thighs more strongly. "Aghhh!" Simone gasped.

Suddenly Sean broke off.


"Have you finished?" she asked.

"No," he said. "Up, up, up," he instructed her.

Simone got up and looked at him in puzzlement, but obedience. Sean remained on his knees, and cuddled the naked little girl to him.

"Take hold," he said, simply, leading her hand to it. She hesitated, as she observed the twitching length of hard cock. Sean chuckled. "It won't bite."

Simone pulled a little face of doubt, but Sean brought her hand to it. "Take hold." He closed the 8-year-old's hand around his erection.

She blushed and her face flickered at the crude but strangely fascinating experience. Sean kept one arm around her, with her also on her knees still, and his other hand guided hers in slow wank-motions.

"A bit tighter," he prompted. Her dainty, warm hand gripped harder, but not without another little grimace. "You're doing well."

"What will happen?" she asked.

Well, reflected Sean, 3 days ago she'd felt the ejaculation on her bum and back, and 'heard' how it affected him, but not actually seen it happen. She'd seen the 'white stuff' when she went to clean-up in the bathroom, and Sean had later educated her in the colloquial 3-letter name for it. But now she was going to see a man cumming as it happens. It was a significant little moment in her education.

"You'll see," hissed Sean, a bit breathless now. "Keep going."

As she moved her hand up and down, she watched, as if fixated in her innocence but the corruption not quite yet swamping her young soul.

"Keep going..."

"Keep going..."


"Yep... faster..."

"Eughh! UGHHH! Yesss."

Simone glanced at his weirdly straining face at the last moments, but then her attention was taken by the spurting fluid. The first jet reached almost to her chin, and she dodged backward with a little yelp of surprise. She let go.

"No! Keep your hand on it!" Sean planted it back.

Simone pulled her cutest grimace yet, blushing again, as the thick white discharge splashed and drooled over her hand. "Eeee," she said, simply, looking at Sean anxiously.

"It's okay... well done, sweetie," he said. "I'm better again."

"You out of breath?" asked the child.

"Yes, a bit. That's part of the illness."

"Is it very serious?"


"Can it be cured?"

"Shut up."

As his cock did its final oozing, they watched it together. Finally, he told her she could let go. She gave a faintly ridiculous half-smile, batting her sweet blue eyes at him. She looked at the cooling and drying mess on her hand, and Sean could tell by her expression that she was noticing the smell of it. He told her to go for a good clean-up, and reiterated all his previous warnings about 'medical confidentiality'.


Any feedback or discussion very welcome on this, here or to the above email, especially if you'd like to find out more of what happens with this new girl in Sean's life. I'm planning only 10 episodes at most, though. Nobody compares to his former Hannah, as those of who read the ring series will know.

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We are watching a master at work! He's moving her along quite rapidly, still, he's not really taking much more of a chance. He's got her right where he wants her: compliant and somewhat complicit. She has a 'job to do' now that she's part of the pedophile 'health care system.'

I liked the way he mildly bullied her. He's already separated her from her mother; she's not likely to go to her with any of this. I wonder if she senses the power she has? We'll just have to see.


I like EP's style--literate, sensitive, calling out just enough of the right adjectives and adverbs, briskly paced while not omitting the significant details. Pedoerotic genius at work! They say in Puerto Rico, 'el amor es un proceso,' meaning you have to start at the beginning and then proceed step by step in a definite direction without a foreknown conclusion.

Dave Miyagi

Great chapter EP, thank you. Such a shocking and arousing step, both of them naked together. You can just see Simone get down on the carpet with her head resting on her hand. -Gulp, So captivating.


Great feedback guys. Welcome back to another window-seat on a little girl's appalling corruption, Dave :-)

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