First Sexual Experiences For 9yo Elise

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Published: 21-Jan-2013

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This is entirely a work of fiction, with entirely fictional characters. Names have been randomly chosen.

Like Hannah, Elise was a pedo's dream, but for different reasons. It had been a long time since Hannah was fresh, and baulking sweetly at the first penis in her mouth, and the guys wanted to experience that kind of trip again with one roundabout that 'ideal' age. Elise's stepdad, a 42-year-old trucker called David and his alchoholic chav mother, Debbie, had brought her to Sean's place for an overnight starter in sex.

It was amazing how often a child of an ugly mother was good-looking, but of course things can happen to women after 25 or even after 16, damnit. Elise's build was light and slim, even for her age, and she had a shy and prim demeanour. You could visualise her being one who sits on the front row at school, arms folded and listening obediently. She was intelligent; her real Dad had been some student who had a one-night stand with Mom, never to be seen again. The 31-year-old Debbie, right now was sharing the sofa with 14-year-old Fiona and hoping to fulfill one of her long-held fantasies.

"So fine, so lovely," said Sean softly, as he dragged his fingers like a comb through Elise's shoulder-length, sandy-coloured hair, while she perched across his lap. She'd been very bashful about sitting there.

"So soft and light," Sean went on, sniffing at it and her face. Elise never wore it in any special way, but it hung in a quite tidy way naturally. "How about a kiss? I'd love us to be friends."

Meanwhile, as Sean caressed his prey's chin and cheekbone with his knuckles, Simon was observing from his vantage point in an opposite armchair where he was cuddled up with Hannah. Elise's stepdad, Dave, looked a touch nervous from where he was, sandwiching Fiona on the sofa with his wife. It was a good collection of people to enforce a sense of 'okayness' to Elise about it all, mused Sean. Well, if her new friend Hannah did this kind of stuff with men... and Mom and stepdad endorsed it...

"Come on," said Sean, with a gentle chuckle but a hint of adult authority. Elise squirmed and blushed.

Her education began, as Sean cradled the side of her head and planted numerous slow kisses around her mouth. Such a fucking little, gorgeous mouth! Simon followed suit with Hannah, the pair of them exemplifying a more sexual technique. Sean had a huge stiffy by now, which he started to make obvious to Elise by pressing it snuggly into the side of her dainty rump. She gave a little frown of curiosity and discomfort, but didn't appear to 'get' its significance at all. She had those thin, tight cotton pink leggings that so many little girls her age wear, and Sean spushed his hand inside them, down the warmth and smoothness of her outside thigh. Elise made a little attempt to tug them back up to their full length, but Sean uttered to her it was 'ok, leave it.'

Meanwhile, Hannah dutifully had her young hand inside Simon's flies, and he was sighing lecherously as he kissed her neck and fondled up her top. Sean periodically broke off his kissing and licking assault on Elise's mouth and face, to urge her to copy whatever Hannah was doing. Their groping adult hands made constant forays inside the girls' clothing. Elise's torso was totally straight-up, and the skin so thin and tender to the touch, and her breath emerged in warm little gasps tasting like honey. She flinched, blushed, and looked completely bemused about the tongue-work of the stubbly 35-year-old Sean, and the incessant grind of his hard bump against her leg. Her puzzlement and stress increased when his hand rooted down the back of her knickers, savouring the smooth warmth of her little twin buns, and flirting with finger-sodomy.

After about 15 minutes of this, Sean handed Elise over to Simon, whilst Hannah was urged to go make friends with Dave. The guy looked like he couldn't quite believe what he had coming to his lap, and he even blushed a little but his eyes almost came out on stalks as he canoodled with the obedient and experienced 10-year-old. Elise's mother uttered some last words of encouragement to Elise, and pissed off upstairs with Fiona whom she was getting on well with. Sean took a breath, getting drinks which included a lightly spiked one for Elise to relax her, and Simon groped, kissed and fingered the child about as much as he felt she cope with for the moment.

After another interlude of non-sexual child-bonding, the time had come for nudity and first base in hardcore for the timid Elise.


"Just do everything that Hannah's doing, sweetie," urged Sean. "See, it's ok," said Dave.

Elise was hesitant about taking her clothes off, whilst Hannah already dispensed with her T-shirt to reveal the almost totally flat flesh of her top half. Elise stood on the spot, her innocence in a kind of limbo, blushing in her preconceptions of right and wrong. Hannah was out of her shorts and already slipping her knickers down, and she looked a little sorry for kind of causing Elise's intimidation.

Soon, inevitably, the 3 men had what they wanted: a totally naked 9-year-old in their midst, not to mention a naked Hannah which was always a joy. Elise simply dropped her knickers to her ankles and stood there like a statue, looking sweet but vaguely ashamed at the impropriety. The enthusiasm of the men seemed to draw a little smile out of her. She was a notch shorter than Hannah, almost as white, and a bit skinnier with not the faintest breast buds. They had the same little girl-perkiness to the hips and butt, the only difference being that Hannah's had a hint of pubescent fullness. Both were equally bald on their little cunts, and on first glance you couldn't tell that Hannah's had been penetrated so many times. Same went for her arse.

"Dynamite," said Simon, simply, as he strolled around Elise. He knelt behind her, drawing his hands down her sides from armpits to knees, before moving onto the all-important little arse. He finished his appraisal by caressing her shoulders, nuzzling her neck, and holding her chest with both hands. "We'll have a nice time, sweetie."


5 minutes of stalking and groping later, Elise was sitting across a naked Simon's lap, getting used to the big straight thing called an 'erection'. It would take some time, her first ever hold on it being hesitant and timid in the extreme. She was being required to wank it two-handed, whilst Simon divided his abuse between kissing her on the mouth, fondling her exquisite bum and rubbing his other hand around in circles on her ribs. Her technique was lacking; she simply held it as if was a fence post, but nervertheless her touch was electric to a guy like Simon, and nobody could fail to notice the intense mixture of shock, curiosity and bashfulness on her pretty little face. He coached her to a better hand-action as he rocked underneath her, but somehow you could tell already she would never be naturally as sexual as Hannah. In a way that made it even better, though. Her sweet brown eyes already showed how her childhood was vanishing fast, not least because of the example being set by Hannah nearby.

"Oh, fuck," sighed Dave, "that's nice."

"Good stuff, Hannah," said Sean, acting like some kind of easy-going foreman. "Keep it going."

The 10-year-old experienced pedo-ring girl was showing just how well a child can learn to suck a penis. The thickset 42-year-old leaned back in his seat, and the enjoyed the damp little mouth at work on his member, whilst playing with her hair. He wouldn't be retaining his bodily fluids much longer by the look of it. Distracted by the sight, Elise's hand motion paused now and then, before Simon coaxed her to continue. She looked mystified as to what the point of all this was, and where it was leading.

"Why don't you have a go at that?" said Simon, gently. Elise shook her head solemly and turned a shade of crimson. "Ahh, it's okay, sweetie, no need."

'Yet', mused Sean, giving Simon a knowing smile.

"Never mind," continued Simon. He then flipped her around, so that she was facing him. He got her to sit on his thighs with her her little legs open around his waist. He used her new word: "Carry on wanking."

Simon appraised his meek little victim up and down, and planted smoochy little kisses all over her face, which she half-flinched at. Before long, he inevitably reached for her bum and started slow finger-poking at it, bringing alarmed little grimaces out of her. With his 'clean' hand he began her education in having her cunt fingered, teaching her it was for more than just pissing out of. "How does that feel?" he asked, as he carefully probed her clit. "Well?"

Elise gasped. "Tickles, a bit."


Really, at times Sean wondered how Simon did it. Such restraint. 10 minutes later and still no cum. Now he was sucking on her little camel-toe in the time-honoured sofa arm position. He clutched her 9-year-old body low down on her sides, kind of scooping her up to his mouth as he knelt there, his rugged 37-year-old face buried between her slender thighs. It had taken a few minutes to get her to relax about staying open, but this was always the kind of 'abuse' little girls could handle quite easily. When he was done with this, he had her turn over and he began a lengthy kissing and gentle biting of her buttocks, proceeding to licking her little crack. She giggled, for want of knowing how to react to this obscenity.

Meanwhile, Dave had ejaculated in Hannah's mouth, with a howl of ecstasy. She swallowed most of it, with the minimum of grimacing. The incident brought a puzzled and concerned look from Elise.

"Well done," said Sean.

By this point, Debbie and Fiona had come downstairs, both in dressing gowns. "Wow, angel," said Debbie, with a slightly nervous chuckle, on seeing what Elise was up to, or rather being forced to be up to.

"Time to finish things up now," said Simon.

After a few little finger-prods at her vagina in her prone position, he bade the 9-year-old to get on the floor on all fours. "What are we doing?" she asked, as he settled in behind her.

"Be quiet. We're all taking a break soon."

The bemused, formerly innocent child, then experienced the bum-grind - sometimes known as 'horsey' - that both Sean and Simon knew so well. Always a cute way to get off energetically and erotically with a child, without having to mess about trying limited penetrations. After juddering her lightweight little body for a minute, Simon, paused in mid-hump, and placed the head into her crack, pressing on but not forcing into the asshole. And he ejaculated, messily.


Soon after this, they settled the arrangements for the night. Debbie and Fiona were to sleep together in the master bed, whilst Hannah was to kip in the living room tonight, in the company of Dave and Simon. As for Elise, her 'education' would be taken to the next level with Sean overnight in Hannah's bedroom. He already knew he would 'rape' her, to use that emotive word. It was just a question of how, what position, and how many times. He thanked Simon for passing up the honour. As for Hannah's Mom, Michelle, she and Dan were presumably having a nice time in their motel for the weekend.


In the next episode, see the 35-year-old Sean provide little Elise with her first full night of sex, whether she's 'ready' for it or not.

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Dave Miyagi

Wow, what a chapter! Just the right level of activity to showcase sweet little Elise. The scene is so well described, you can easily see them all sitting around the living room as the girls warm up to the action.


yes, it's realistic and tense. Elise is gorgeous, even though she doesn't exist and you get the feeling that she's somehow 'more real'. I think they rushed Elise and the scene could have been more erotically charged if she had been licked more between her legs. Penetration is perhaps overrated, so maybe a little restraint was in order. Good short story though, no time for boredom and the plot thickens for the next instalment.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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