Mary, Part 8

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Published: 21-Jul-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Mary Goes Professional

James and Sam were in the office talking about requests and the fact that now they can accommodate the very many requests from customers to actually have sex with Mary, James realizes they can't possibly cope with all the requests but they can allow sufficient numbers to make the Internet site be very interesting, James tells Sam about the requests that he keeps getting and then goes on to outline some of the sick and odd ones, i.e. want to see her feet, let's see some anal, take the curtain away, a policeman has her, then the vicar, and a lot wanted incest included.

Dora and Mary talk over the situation Mary explains what she thinks is going on and tells her mother that she cannot stand continuous orgasm for so long but when they stop she always wants them to start again.

Dora and Mary talked about the financial benefits of continuing to allow Mary to visit the hospital, Mary is under no illusion that the medical research is just a way to abuse her body, and tells her mother that she really loves Mark very much, and so long as he is part of it she will let it continue as she couldn't bear not to see Mark everyday, and as far as sexual abuse is concerned she enjoys it and doesn't want that to stop either, she tells her mother that she now has multiple orgasms just by playing with herself before she goes to sleep.

Alex realizes that 12-year-old Mary doesn't know that her father has had sex with her and that moving back into the family home may not be as easy as he first thought, he thinks he can convince Dora to let him move back in and he knows he can come to the hospital as often as he likes and have sex with little Mary without her knowing that it is her father that is fucking her; he didn't think that it would take him long before he would be able to enjoy Mary in a home environment, and he dreams of taking his very sexy young daughter to bed naked every night.

James informed Dora that he intended to let selected clients have intercourse with Mary, the ones that have made the best offers, and that of course this would mean she would get much more money he also told her that he thought Alex wanted to move back into the family home.

Dora was not too keen on Alex moving back, she had money now and the hospital had put her on paid leave, her appearance had improved considerably and she was getting some male attention, but then she reasoned she had only turned him out because of his interest in Mary, and that had little bearing on the case now.

Mary by chance happen to meet one of her girlfriends from school as they entered the hospital and the two girls were gabbling away for a few minutes; the friend asked Mary why she had not been on Facebook for such a long time, Mary promised to get back on very soon; but when Mary asked her mother if she could have her laptop in the theatre, Dora could only say that she would have to ask James, Mary pleaded she only wanted to get on Facebook to catch up with all her friends;James reluctantly agreed with the proviso that she only used it when Mark was present so that he could supervise and make sure she didn't give out any revealing information, and he stressed to Mary the dire consequences of their operation becoming public knowledge.

James decided to give Mary a day off as he had plenty of material to broadcast on the Internet with the footage he had acquired over the last week or so, he also thought it would be a good idea to put Mary on a shortened schedule of two hours a day that would give him plenty of material in two hours and he knew that Mary was going to have to start school again quite soon.

The following day was supposed to be a rest day for Mary but she was so hyped up sexually she spent most of the day frantically masturbating and trying to recapture the wonderful feelings that she had had over the last week or so, and was pleasantly surprised at the ease with which she could orgasm, she found she could almost bring herself off by just reliving her times at the hospital with Mark playing with her breast buds while she sucked his penis, and thinking of holding Jim's hard cock with its glorious big knob end plentiful supply of precum at the same time would certainly get her very close to orgasm.

On the following day Dora and Mary turned up as scheduled for 12 o'clock start and after a quick examination by the fake doctor Dr. Sam Austin the theatre was prepared, the monitors checked, cameras working and a naked Mary eagerly looking forward to many more very strong orgasms, Mark was there to reassure her of his undying love and do his part as a fluffer not that Mary needed any of this of course, she was ready to go.

James decided the best plan was to start off with the first 30 minutes being a repeat of the visitors just playing, fingering and using the few small dildos that had been provided in the theatre, he then had plenty of wealthy customers that had already been checked at the hospital and were declared clean and disease-free, they also had to be willing to strip naked and appear on the Internet whilst having sex with an obviously underage child, they were assured that their faces would never be shown and any identifying marks would be covered up.

Sam Austin "The Doctor" was given the task whilst doing their fitness tests of assessing their suitability for good Internet entertainment; Looking through Sam's notes James decided that for the first day he would only use young fit looking customers, they will be given 15 minutes to fuck Mary so long as they could manage not to cum but once they orgasm their time was up, they were also given the choice of having a clean pussy or diving straight in for sloppy seconds, it was obviously more profitable if they orgasmed in the shortest possible time so Dora agreed to do the fluffing before each customer, this was to be done in the theatre out of shot of the cameras but so the customer, while being sucked by the mother of the child they were about to abuse could actually see the previous customer having his wicked way with little Mary, James thought that most of the customers would be ready to shoot off as soon as they got it in Mary but if they couldn't control it before their turn came they were instructed to go to the back of the queue or be rescheduled.

Dora sat and watched the first of the customers arrive these were the ones that just wanted to look, then there were the touching and licking crew, and it did not take long before Mary's little pussy was dripping with excitement again.

Quite soon Dora was called forward to prepare the first of the lucky clients that were going to penetrate the child properly that day, she had left off her bra and undone the top few buttons of her uniform to help her prepare Mary's customers, Dora almost swooned when she saw the handsome young hunk that walked into the theatre, she almost wished she could take Mary's place, he was like a Greek god around 6 feet tall with blonde hair and beautifully tanned skin that had obviously been oiled for the occasion his muscles rippled as he strode forward and introduced himself as Tony she soon saw that she didn't have much to do with this one, he was already ready with his normal size seven inch cock pointing proudly at the 1 o'clock position, she marveled at its stiffness as she proceeded to take all of it in her mouth his knob just nudging her tonsils as he helped with one hand behind her head, his other hand was already busy fondling Dora's pert breasts, in just a few minutes Tony gasped and pushed Dora away muttering "too close - to close".

The old man who was still busy licking Mary was persuaded that his time was up and only stopped complaining when he was told that he could stay and watch the young stud perform, the staff took only seconds to clean and lubricate the centre of all the attention, Mary's immature pre-teen vagina.

Tony stepped forward eagerly and with no further ado he was sliding his knob along the length of her pussy like a professional porn star, entering her pussy for the first time he could barely contain his excitement and he kept telling himself not to cum to quick, slow strokes to start, try to think of something else, his father who was providing the funds for this little indulgence as a 21st birthday present, had told him to imagine he's in the field on a hot day planting lettuces and this worked very well, unfortunately only for about 20 seconds then the feeling of Mary's hot tight little pussy took over every other thought and although he had only made some 30 delicious strokes he felt his balls tightening and the familiar feeling gathering in the pit of his stomach, try as he might he could not stop the inevitable and pushing in as far as he could he gave in and enjoyed the ultimate sensation as with pulse after pulse he filled Mary's pussy with the best orgasm of his young life.

James sat in his office watching this incredible action thinking what marvelous Internet material this was going to provide, he quickly sent a message to the theatre not to interrupt the proceedings and let the young man continue as long as he was able, Jim the orderly knowing the tape was going to be edited told the young man he could continue as long as he liked.

Hearing this the young Tony with a cock that had hardly softened was reinvigorated and with a big smile he settled down to fuck his way into the history books, despite his young age he was not inexperienced and varied his strokes in speed, length and angle to give them both as much pleasure as was possible, the semen that he had already deposited and Mary's secretions were providing adequate lubrication and indeed were showing up as a heavy white froth around the junction of their bodies.

Jim stood back smiling as he admired the action, Dora had her hand in the front of her gown masturbating furiously whilst the old man sat on the floor having wanked himself to the first orgasm he had had for many years.

James was watching the monitor with glee as he plowed his cock into a young trainee nurse from the hospital staff.

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