Sweet Little Lauren, Part 6

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Published: 1-Apr-2012

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Lauren Has A Party!

It was all Lauren had talked about for weeks really. Her 8th birthday was coming up, she was having a party, and she reminded me at EVERY single opportunity - like I needed reminding! She told me that a lot of her classmates from school had been invited, and they were mostly girls. To be honest, I think I was looking forward to this party as much as she was with twenty odd 7 and 8 year old's running around. My mind went into overdrive at just the thought.

It was the usual scenario. My wife Sarah, and Lauren's Mum Sue from next door, were having one of their usual "chat and a cuppa" sessions. Jesus I thought, if talking was in the Olympics, they'd have to fight each other for the gold... if they had enough breath left that is! Anthony was still in their place and that was fine by me, fat lazy little bastard. Oh have I mentioned I don't like him much? The feeling was mutual so I didn't much care.

As usual, sitting on my lap in my chair was 7 year old (soon to be 8 I kept being reminded!) Lauren, Sue's daughter. If you've read our previous exploits, then you'll know that I have MY chair and Lauren's "chair" is normally my lap. Also, that Lauren normally sits a certain way so that I can fondle and caress her without anyone else noticing. On top of that, if Lauren knows they're coming into my flat, she normally makes sure she's wearing a skirt or at least something that makes it easy for me to get my hand into, and today was no exception I'm pleased to say.

By way of a change, Lauren and I were kind of involved in the conversation of the two women, as they were discussing Lauren's up and coming birthday party. A local hall had been booked with Sarah and Sue planning the catering between them. You know the fare: cakes, biscuits, sausage rolls, etc. They then turned to entertainment, as they knew I had experience of providing disco's at parties, weddings and all those sort of things in my younger days.

"Keith?" Sue asked, "is it still okay for you to do the disco and games?"

I nodded, slipping my hand out of Lauren's knickers for a second while they were looking our way... just in case!

"No problem!" I told them.

Then looking at Lauren I said.

"So what games do you want at your party birthday girl?"

Lauren came over unusually shy, although I think it was for her Mum's benefit.

"Er... dunno..." she said.

"How many coming Sue?" I asked.

"About 22 I think... you're gonna have your hands full!" she replied.

Hopefully! I thought to myself, although I think she meant it in a different way.

She went on.

"Fifteen are girls, and seven boys. They're all about Lauren's age although one or two are slightly older and a couple are younger..."

My cock twitched just thinking about it.

"No problem!" I repeated. "Let's see... pass the parcel?"

Lauren nodded.

"Musical statues?"

She nodded again, more enthusiastically this time.

"Can we have a dancing competition?" she asked.

"You..." I said holding her face in both hands and staring into her eyes, "can have ANYTHING you want!"

Lauren smiled at me with a sparkling glint in her eye.

"I dunno..." Sue said to Lauren, "Keith spoils you rotten!"

"Yeah..." Sarah chipped in with a chuckle, "good job you're 7 and not 17... otherwise I'd have to keep an eye on you in case you stole my husband!"

I swallowed a chuckle of my own at that one and Lauren gave me a knowing little smile.

It was 7am on the morning of the big day and I think I'd been looking forward to it as much as Lauren, probably more to be honest. I knocked at Lauren's door quite early, and it was opened by Sue.

"Hold on..." she said to me quietly, seeing I had a card and present in my hand.

Lauren had been told that she could open this present as she knew what it was (a dress for her party), but she was also getting a surprise present from Sarah and me as well. She'd get that one at the party.

"Lauren!!" Sue shouted.

Almost immediately, the bedroom door open and Lauren appeared in just her knickers. She looked a vision of loveliness in her "Barbie" knickers. They were pink with the Barbie motif all over them. As she started walking towards me, I started a chorus of "Happy Birthday To You!"

Realising it was me at the door, Lauren broke into a big beaming smile. Suddenly, the shrill of a smoke alarm started in Sue's kitchen.

"Shit!" she said, "I forgot about the toast!"

Sue ran to the kitchen to sort it out as I reached my arms out for Lauren. She jumped up into my them and hugged me tightly. I kissed her briefly on the lips before kissing her a second time for longer. Lauren slipped her tongue into my mouth and we kissed passionately for about thirty seconds while her Mum was gone. At the same time I slipped my hand under the leg of her knickers and gave her cute little bum a quick caress. Breaking the kiss I whispered into her ear.

"Happy Birthday Darling... I Love You!"

"Love you too..." she whispered back.

"I'll give you your "special" present later on..." I told her quietly as I lifted her back down.

Just as I'd put her down, Sue came out of the kitchen.

"Sorry about that... bloody toast is black so I'll have to start again!"

"As usual!" chirped Lauren.

"Oi you!" her Mum said. "You might be another year older but it don't give you the right to be lippy! Go and put your dressing gown on!"

"Yes sir!" Lauren said sarcastically with a salute... and a giggle.

Sue turned back to me to talk about the party so her back was to Lauren and she couldn't see what she was up to. Lauren started taking the mickey out of her Mum with her hand. I tried not to giggle and quite frankly, I wasn't really listening to Sue. Then, Lauren started pulling her little nipples and cupping her non-existent tits like a stripper, before without warning, she slipped the front of her knickers down to expose her sweet hairless little pussy. As she did this she pointed at me, then her pussy, and then made a licking motion with a big smile. I started to cough, as Lauren quickly pulled her knickers back up and disappeared into her room.

"You okay?" Sue asked.

I couldn't answer because I was having a coughing fit. Eventually it stopped.

"What bought that on?" she asked.

"Dunno..." I lied, "it happens sometimes."

I saw Lauren's door open as she stuck her head round it and poked her tongue out me, the cheeky little madam.


About 10 o'clock Sue knocked as arranged. She and Sarah were going to take all the stuff to the hall ready for the party. Anthony was round a friends, and I was "lumbered" with babysitting Marie and Lauren. LUMBERED???....yeah right!

Marie had fallen back to sleep so I put her back in her bed. The ladies gathered all the bits and pieces up, making numerous trips to Sue's car. Sue warned Lauren to behave herself, birthday or no birthday, and then they left.

As soon as they were gone I crooked my finger at my 7, oops, now EIGHT year old lover.

"Come here you!" I ordered.

Lauren slowly walked towards me.

"What was that all about this morning?"

"What?" she asked, feigning innocence.

"You bloody know!" I told her, struggling to keep a straight face.

Lauren smiled and as usual I melted.

"Didn't you like it?" she asked.

"What do you think?"

"Then what you moaning for?"

"Your Mum might have seen?" I told her

"But she didn't..."

As usual, Lauren as sweet as the little darling was, just HAD to have the last word. I put arms around her and pulled her close to me. She leant forward and kissed my lips lightly, before coming back for another passionate French kiss. As we kissed, my hands slipped down her slender back to her cute little bum and I cupped and squeezed her cheeks as we kissed. We broke away and I then nibbled her neck, which I knew Lauren loved. I slipped a hand under her skirt, caressing her bum and slit from behind over the smooth material of her knickers. Lauren instinctively opened her legs to give me better access, and I could already feel a slight dampness from her excitement. My cock stiffened rapidly, even more so when Lauren reached out and squeezed it through the material.

I whispered in her ear for her to stop for a moment as I needed to go into the other room to fetch something. I stood up and went into the bedroom, retrieving a small package that I had hidden in there away from the prying eyes of my wife. God knows what I'd have said if she'd found it, as I knew what was in it and I'd have had a great deal of difficulty explaining that one away. I would still have to hide the contents but that would be much easier once the package had been opened by Lauren.

I walked back into the lounge with my package. Lauren's eyes lit up when she saw it all neatly wrapped up, with a large red bow on it.

The card on the top simply read: "A special present for a special girl, love you loads XXX."

I deliberately hadn't put any names on it, just in case.

"Happy Birthday again my sexy, sweet little Lauren..." I whispered as I handed it over to her.

Lauren began to undo the red ribbon and then pulled apart the paper. It was quite a sight seeing her open this little girl birthday present in pink "Barbie" wrapping paper, with the knowledge of what was in it. Her eyes widened as she opened it up and saw what it contained.

"This is my special present from me to you..." I told her.

"Wow!" Lauren gasped, throwing her arms around me and hugging me tightly. "Thank you, thank you!"

She pulled out the first item which was a black thong, specially made to order for a 7/8 year old girl. The next item was a suspender belt, again especially made for a little girl. Then Lauren pulled out the last item and her eyes widened.

"Cool!!" she gasped, as she pulled out a small vibrator from its box marked "Girl Groover".

Again, this was especially made for little girls. It was thin at one end and got wider and wider, as according to the paperwork which accompanied it, it was designed to "tease, titillate, stretch and prepare any little girl on her first erotic embarking on her first erotic adventures." It had taken hours and hours of searching the internet for these items, and in all honesty had cost a small fortune. They were imported from abroad as there was no way they were available in the UK, but to see the look on my little Lauren's face was worth every penny.

"You know you'll have to leave them with me don't you?" I told her.

Lauren nodded, and then with her cheeky little grin looked at me and said, "Can you imagine what my Mum would say if she found these or knew I had them?"

I visibly shuddered at that thought. Then shuddered again at the thought of my wife knowing. It didn't bear thinking about.

"I'd rather not..." I said to her pretty sheepishly.

Lauren nodded. She was smart. She understood. I retrieved the wrapping paper, ribbon and card from her, telling her I'd dispose of them as we couldn't risk anyone finding even those.

"Stay here!" Lauren ordered and then disappeared.

I knew what she was up to of course. She was going to try them on and hey who was I to stop her, know what I mean?

A couple of minutes later I heard her call out.



"Close your eyes!"

"Why?" I shouted back, even though I knew why

"Just do it... PLEEASE!"

I decided to play along.


"Keep them shut... NO PEEKING!"

"Okay okay!" I replied.

I kept my eyes shut, not wanting to spoil it for her, as I heard the door open and knew that Lauren was back in the lounge. Then I heard the CD drawer on the stereo open and close, and then I heard her say I could open my eyes now, just as Tom Jones started to boom out...

"Spy on me baby use satellite..."

Lauren stood there with a blanket around her and started to dance to the music. Then she turned her back to me as Tom Jones reached the words...

"Sex Bomb, Sex bomb, you're my Sex Bomb..."

She let the blanket drop and was dancing about a foot away from me gyrating her hips.

What a sight! I nearly cum in my pants there and then! Lauren was wearing nothing except the thong and matching suspender belt. The thong was basically the tiniest scrap of see through material held with string, and looked like it was made for her. With the suspender belt attached, Lauren looked the sexiest thing on earth, which of course to me she was. As she spun round, you couldn't even see the string at the back as it simply disappeared right up the crack of her cute little bum cheeks.

I noticed she also had the vibrator in her hand. She began to do many gestures with it, rubbing it against her sweet little pussy. A number of times she pulled the scrap of material aside as she danced away showing me her little charms, and as the music finished, she pulled the little ties at the sides of the thong which caused that and the belt to just fall off so she stood in front of me naked.

My cock was so hard it was beginning to ache as it strained against my clothes.

"That..." I said to Lauren as she stood naked in front of me, "...was the sexiest thing I have EVER seen!"

Lauren smiled and giggled.

"Well, I want you to enjoy my birthday too!" she explained. "You're not the only one with surprises you know!"

I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her.

"I know sweetheart... I love you..."

"Luv ya back!" she replied.

"Any more surprises?" I asked.

"That's for me to know, and you to find out... later... maybe..."

She was teasing me and she knew it was working, but I wouldn't put anything past her.

"I can tell you enjoyed it," she said looking at my crotch, bulging with hard cock, and damp from copious amounts of leaking pre-cum. "You're all wet!"

"You don't say?" I said sarcastically. "That's YOUR fault"

"Well if it's my fault..." she giggled, "I best clean you up then!" she said.

Like I said, she was full of surprises my sweet little Lauren. Instead of grabbing the tissues like I expected her too, she reached down, unzipped me, reached in and got my cock out. She followed that by dropping onto her knees and getting between my legs. Wrapping her soft, warm little fingers around it, she pulled the foreskin back a little to expose the head.

"Blimey!"she exclaimed, "You DID enjoy it! I've never seen so much before you cum..." she told me, as she scooped some of the pre-cum up with her other hand, before sexily bringing it to her mouth and licking it off. Then she leant forward and licked the length of my cock, flicking her tongue as she went to take in all the pre-cum she found.

As she did this I gasped out loud. I knew I would explode inside of a minute as I was so worked up.

Lauren knew this too, and began to vigorously stroke my cock. As I felt the first spurt rise through me, Lauren placed her head over the top about a centimetre away from the head in line with her mouth, so that as I cum, it shot straight into her mouth. She knew I liked to see this and it was better for her. Although she liked the taste of my semen and would happily let me cum in her mouth, she sometimes struggled with the amount, so this way she could also control how much she had in her mouth at any one time. Even I was surprised at the amount I shot this time though, and I felt like I'd never stop. Lauren swallowed as quickly as she could but my cock was like a landowner who had just struck an oil well, it just seemed to keep on spurting. Lauren had cum all over her face, chest, hair, not to mention the misses that had landed on the sofa. Good job it was leather - so easy to wipe down.

Eventually my cock stopped and I looked at Lauren with her little frosted face. It was hard to believe that all that cum had come from just one person - me. God she looked sexy. She was still scooping it up and licking her lips.

I encouraged her to stand up which she did, and then I put my hands under her armpits and lifted her up so she was standing on my thighs, her pussy in line with my face. Cupping a hand on each of her bum cheeks I pulled her towards me and kissed and licked all around her tummy button, moving down towards her smooth, hairless little pussy. Sticking my tongue out, I searched the very top of her slit until it found the hard pea size nubbin in there. I thumbed her pussy apart and looked inside the folds. She was decidedly wet. I stuck my tongue in her deeply as she sighed loudly. As always, she gave off that wonderful and distinctive little girl aroma, her juice mingling with the apple scented soap she always used, with a faint odour of her sweet urine mixed in. Her pussy tasted so sweet, I could eat it all day every day for every single meal. She placed her hands on my head and pulled me tightly into her crotch, humping my face trying to get more of my tongue into her.

"Oh... oh... yes...yesss... aaahh..." she was squealing now, and I could tell she was about to cum.

"Aaahh... yes... fuck me... fuck me... I want you to fuck me!" she gasped as her body shook, her legs clamping together as she had a little girl orgasm.

I held her there, continually kissed her lower abdomen and pussy while she rode her cum and came back down to earth.

"Ooh that was a good one!" she said breathlessly as she recovered.

"Good!" I told her as I put my arms around her and kissed her tummy.

"I meant that by the way..." she told me.

I was puzzled as I wasn't sure what she was talking about.

"Meant what?"

"I want you to fuck me!" she said

"Lauren sweetheart, we've had this discussion before," I told her. "I don't ever... EVER want to hurt you!"

"You won't!" she told me. "Anyway, I was only 7 then!"

I had to admire her logic, although I couldn't imagine many other people would. Whether she was 7, 8, 11 or 12, they would all say it was a no-no until she reached 16. I knew deep down that Lauren wouldn't want to wait that long, and to be honest, neither did I.

"We'll have to discuss it again then won't we?" I said to her with a wink.

Lauren smiled.

"You better go and have a bath. You can't go to your party with all that cum over your face and in your hair!"

"Be funny though wouldn't it?" Lauren replied with a wicked grin.

"And don't forget to put those back and hide them!" I said, referring to her special present as I playfully smacked her bum before lifting her down.

Lauren made her way to the bathroom giving me a salute as she went.


By the time we made our way to the party venue, all three of us were scrubbed up and looking our best. My daughter Marie had a party dress on and Lauren looked an absolute knock-out. My wife and I had bought her party dress for her, well it was more kind of SHE chose and I paid, almost. My wife Sarah wanted to buy her a traditional long dress, but I managed to persuade her that Lauren would much prefer a short (and sexy - although I didn't tell Sarah that bit), mini-dress. Fortunately, the sales assistant in "Tammy Girl" was on a weekend job from school, (in fact she was VERY cute herself, only looking about 13), and agreed that she would have preferred the short one on her 8th birthday too.

It was made of a very deep red satin type of material and it looked like a second skin on Lauren, showing every delicious little bump and curve; not that she had many of those at her age which was just how I liked it. The dress was sleeveless and was so short, it ended just below her little bottom. She'd put her hair up into bunches and with little white ankle socks and red sparkling shoes, she looked as pretty and as sexy as a picture. To top it off, she'd had applied a very light coating of eye shadow, lipstick and glitter to her face, with the help of another neighbour.

As we entered the hall it was clear that the women had been working hard. A long table had been set out with all the party food, everywhere was adorned with colourful streamers and balloons, and a huge banner was strung up with "Happy 8th Birthday Lauren!" colourfully emblazoned across it. I was pleased to see that my friend had dropped off his sound and lighting system for me, and had even set it all up so it was ready to go. I switched it all on and taking the mike done a little sound test.

"One, two... one two!"

"Three, four, knock on the door?" Lauren shouted back with a smile.

Happy that all was working well I winked at little Lauren and cranked up a mp3 of "Sex Bomb" as I knew it was her favourite. Straight away she was dancing about happily, swaying her hips and wriggling her little bum, as the two women watched her laughing. You should have seen the rehearsal earlier, I thought to myself laughing inwardly.

I set the system to play some more tunes automatically just as background music as we waited for the guests to arrive. We didn't have to wait too long before a steady stream of parents showed up, happy to dump their little offspring for the afternoon and early evening on complete strangers. As they arrived clutching brightly wrapped parcels and cards, they were greeted by Lauren, Sue and Sarah, unaware that I was mentally checking them all out. They seemed to be all shapes and sizes which was fascinating considering they were all roughly the same age, and the hall quickly filled with children milling around chatting, shouting and running about.

Sue finally wandered over and told me she thought everyone was there now, so I told her I'd get things kicked off. I warned her to cover their ears as I was kicking off with a loud sing-along-song - even though it was an "oldie" which had just topped the charts after a new lease of life.

I grabbed the mike, faded out the background music and switched it on.

"WOTCHA!" I said very loudly into the mike.

I'd never seen 20 odd kids all jump out of their skin at the same time before - it was hilarious! Then they all stood there looking at me with their mouths open in shock.

"Blimey!" I said with a laugh, mainly for the benefit of the few adults milling around, "I bet your teachers wish they could do that!"

I heard some of the adults chuckling.

"Okay..." I said again, "me English... you understandie?"

A few of my little audience cracked onto the joke immediately, and realised they were in for a fun afternoon.

"Lets try again shall we? WOTCHA!"

This time they were ready for me.

"WOTCHA!" they shouted back.

"Cor... that was very quiet!" I teased them. "I could hardly hear ya... one more time... so that they can hear you in the next street... wotcha!"

"WOTCCCHHHA!" they all shouted back at a deafening amount of decibels.

"That's better... oh and no need to shout!" I laughed, taking the piss. "Welcome to Lauren's birthday party... and to get us started and in the paarrtty mood, here's a song you all know... so I wanna hear you singing..."

As I finished talking I cranked up the mp3 of Tony Christie singing "Is this the way to Amarillo?" which they immediately recognised and started dancing and singing along to at the top of the voices. I followed that with a number of songs the kids recognised and could either sing or dance along to. Of course not all of them did.

After about twenty minutes or so, we decided that the first game was about due, so the two women set about organising the seating for a game of "Musical Chairs" (for those living on the moon - you start with lots of chairs, stop the music and the scramble for a seat starts. The one left standing is out, and so on until the last one seated on their own is declared winner!). I always enjoyed the beginning of this particular game when there were lots in it, as inevitably there was always a rumble with a few ending up on the floor, and always plenty of flashes of knickers. I wasn't disappointed this time either. There were some very cute and sexy ones there, girls and boys. Most of the girls had short dresses on and had lovely smooth sexy legs, with a whole variety of different knickers; plain white, white with little prints on them, powder blue, lemon, pink, little mermaid, Barbie of course, and some of them even very brief for their age.

I was pleased that my equipment, (sound equipment I'm talking about!) was on a table which had a long cloth cover over it which I was standing behind, so no-one could see the permanent erection I had watching all this going on, unless they came behind the table, which I wasn't allowing except for a few select people, Lauren included of course.

It wasn't long before the game was down to the last chair, and I couldn't believe who one of the last people was. It had to be fucking Anthony didn't it? All this time I'd played the game very fairly with my back to them and turning the music down at random. I had noticed though that if I moved my eyes to the right slightly, I got a good view of what was going on via a reflection on the mirror in the toilet which led off to the side of where I was. I decided there and then that no matter what, Anthony was NOT going to win, no matter who he was up against. I know that sounds unfair, but I really disliked the spoilt little shit.

As it happens, his opponent was one of Lauren's best friends that she'd pointed out to me, called Hailey. And she was cute. She had very blonde hair cut short in a page boy style, and was dressed in a very short lemon crop top - one of those that showed the midriff - with a very tight pair of white ski pants that just clung to her little rear end. It was a lovely little rear end too. I'd clocked her the moment she'd walked in and my cock had immediately sprung to attention.

So I kept an eye on the mirror and when Anthony was at the furthest point from the chair with Hailey the nearest, down went the music. Hailey was on it before he'd even realised the music had stopped and a big cheer went up, so it was obviously a popular decision which eased my very slightly guilty conscience. I declared Hailey to be the winner and told her to come and collect her prize. She came up behind the table and I handed it to her, telling her "well done". I took her hand and like a gentleman, I shook it and as everyone clapped. Then I heard Lauren's voice shout out.

"Give her a kiss!"

I pretended I hadn't heard until it became a chorus.

"Go on... give her a kiss!"

I looked into Hailey's eyes and bent down to kiss her cheek. As I did, she turned her head at the last moment and I ended up kissing her full on her sweet lips. Fortunately she'd turned away from our audience and to them it still looked like I'd kissed her cheek. I went to apologise to her for kissing her on the lips, but she just smiled at me wickedly and gave me a little knowing wink. At the same time, unseen by our audience because of the table, she reached out and gently squeezed the bulge in my trousers. Jesus I nearly cum on the spot! I couldn't believe how brazen she was. She looked like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth too. As she walked away, wiggling her cute little bum at me, I hastily put on some more dance and sing-along music. I quickly dived into the toilet, grabbed loads of tissue and wiped my cock in a futile attempt to stem the pre-cum I was leaking. I also adjusted myself to make it a little less obvious, and splashed my face with cold water. Splash my face? Bloody hell. What I needed was a cold shower!

When I returned to my table, I noticed that Lauren and Hailey were huddled together with another very cute looking girl with very dark shoulder length hair. She was dressed in a blue large check shirt which was tied in the middle, again showing her midriff. What is it with little girls that they like showing their tummy and tummy button off? I'm NOT complaining... just wondering. She also had on a denim skirt with long white boots, putting me in mind of a cowgirl on the range. Again she was around Lauren's age, as I knew they were in the same class at school.

I watched the three of them as Hailey whispered something into Lauren's ear and made a gesture like she was telling her how she'd grabbed me about five minutes beforehand. Lauren burst out laughing and looked over in my direction smiling. I glanced away, but those three were definitely cooking something up together. Lauren then whispered something into the "cowgirl's" ear and cowgirl shook her head. Lauren then whispered into Hailey's who started nodding her head at cowgirl. It looked like they were telling her to do something, but she wasn't too keen to do it by the looks of it. I didn't really think too much of it at the time.

I played a few more songs before the women announced it was food time. The kids all found somewhere to sit after filling their plates with the usual party fare, and it ended up with the lights off and the traditional singing off "Happy Birthday To You!", blowing out the candles etc.

It didn't take long before they became restless, as kids of that age do when they're becoming bored, so again I cranked up the music. It was getting late in the afternoon by this time. Lauren said she'd prefer the hall lights out so they could enjoy the flashing disco lights better. So other than those and with all the curtains closed to stop people peering in, there was very little light in the hall and it was pretty dark. I had a small lamp on my table though so that I could do what I was doing. It wasn't long before Lauren made her way over accompanied by Hailey and "cowgirl".

"Hiya sweetheart!" I said. "Enjoying yourself?"

"Best party ever!" she replied, beaming

"It's not over yet though?"

"I know!" she said with a wink. "Oh these are my best friends. This is Hailey... she's already 8", and then pointing to "cowgirl", "this is Nicola. she's not 8 for another two months!"

I couldn't believe she was only 7!

"Can you play my song?" Lauren asked.

"Yeah..." I said like it was a chore, "if I must!"

I didn't need to ask her what it was - she loved that "Sex Bomb" song and I must admit, it suited her.

"YOU MUST!" she replied cheekily before she and her friends wandered away.

God they all had cute sexy little bums... and that wiggle... was that deliberate?

I didn't play it straight away. It must have been about ten minutes later, and I decided to play an extended remix version that I'd come across which lasted about eight minutes.

"Here's a special request..." I said into the mike as the song started up.

As it started I looked at Lauren who sneakily blew me a kiss and started gyrating sexily along with Hailey and Nicola. Gradually they made their way over towards me and came behind the table. Once out of view of everyone else, I noticed their gyrating getting sexier and sexier, Lauren lifting the hem of her dress slightly. I noticed Nicola wasn't with them.

"Where's Nicky?" I shouted over the music.

"LOO!" Lauren shouted back, mimicking pulling her knickers down and squatting for a pee.

I nodded to show I understood as I caught sight of Nicky coming out of the toilets tugging the bottom of her skirt and smoothing it down. As she headed towards us, Lauren cupped a hand and said something into Hailey's ear which I couldn't hear. Hailey looked in Nicola's direction and then nodded at Lauren.

As I'd been standing most of the time, I decided to sit down and rest my legs for a minute or two, and like a shot, Lauren was on my lap wiggling and gyrating her little bum on my hard cock. Then she moved over onto one leg and asked if Hailey could sit on my lap as well.

"Course she can..." I replied to her, "if she wants to that is!"

So Hailey jumped onto the other leg. It was a bit tricky balancing them, one on either leg, so I put an arm round each of them to make sure they didn't fall. Lauren immediately took the hand from my arm around her and placed it between her legs over her dress. That didn't surprise me, knowing what a sexy little girl she was. What did surprise me was that Hailey did the same with the other hand. I moved it away, immediately, thinking she hadn't quite realised where she'd moved my hand to.

Sometimes, us men can be more naive than children though. No sooner had I moved it, when she moved it back between her legs, this time pushing my hand against her little pussy encased in the tight white Lycra. It was her way of letting me know she knew EXACTLY where my hand was. As I was preoccupied with this turn of events, I hadn't noticed Nicola coming around the back of the table from the other direction. As soon as I spotted her, I moved my hands from between the legs of both girls like I'd suddenly put my hand in scalding water.

Both Lauren and Hailey began to laugh loudly. I didn't quite understand what was going on, but Nicola stood in front of the three of us and with the music still playing, began a very sexy dance. As she did, she briefly looked around to make sure no-one was nearby and slowly as she gyrated, she began lifting her little denim skirt higher and higher. As the skirt went up, I saw more and more of her smooth legs and then her soft, white thighs. The two girls quickly moved my hands back between their legs and began to gyrate as well, making my hands rub their little pussies.

Nicola's skirt was high now and I felt sure that any second, I'd see her cute little knickers. She was incredibly sexy and my cock was aching to burst. Then Nicola lifted her skirt all the way up and I got the surprise of my life. She wasn't wearing any knickers! I almost came when I saw her cute, little smooth hairless pussy. It looked so perfect! Then she spun round so I could see her delicious little bum. It was white, smooth and silky, just like Lauren's. A right little peach. Then she bent over and placing a hand on each cheek, pulled her bum cheeks apart to show her puckered little rosebud. Then she turned back round, semi squatted and then pulled her pussy lips apart to reveal the pink wet innards. As she did this Hailey placed her hand on my throbbing cock which was soaked in pre-cum. Lauren pulled my head down to her and kissed me passionately, searching my mouth with her tongue.

I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. If this was heaven... bring it on!!

I broke away as the song, which I realised must have been a secret signal between them, started nearing its end. Nicola smoothed her skirt back down and Hailey removed her hand.

"Put another long one on..." Lauren said into my ear.

I did as she requested. As it started up, I felt a little pair of hands unzipping me. I looked down and Lauren looked up at me with a finger to her lips, signalling for me to be quiet. Before I knew it, Lauren had my cock out and she'd crawled under the table with my hard cock in her hand. Nicola and Hailey watched intently while all the time keeping an eye out for anyone coming towards, us as I felt wet warm little lips encircle my manhood. I couldn't believe what Lauren was doing, in public, at her birthday party of all places! She must have been more horny than usual which wasn't surprising, considering what all three had been up to. Lauren was really going for it. I noticed that Nicola's hand was up her own skirt, as was Hailey's hand in her ski pants. Both girls were busy diddling their little clits as Lauren sucked hard my cock.

Then I had the most heart stopping moment of my life as I spotted Sue and Sarah heading towards me.

"SHIT!" I exclaimed. "Here comes your Mum Lauren!!"

Hailey and Nicola casually withdrew their hands and adjusted themselves in seconds to look the picture of innocence once again.

The women approached the table, but of course Lauren was hidden out of view under the table and covered.

"Hi Keith, Hi girls! Having a good time?"

Both girls nodded sweetly.

"I don't know what it is with you, but the kids love you!" my wife said.

"Yeah I know..." I just about managed to get out.

"Seen Lauren?" Sue asked.

Quick as a flash, Hailey said "gone to the toilet!"

"Oh okay. When she gets back, tell her I need her will you?"

Hailey nodded. I couldn't speak even if I'd wanted to. At the mention of her name, Lauren decided she was going to try a bit of deep throat... and succeeded! I never knew a little 8 year old could take so much cock in her mouth. I felt her lips briefly touch my stomach.

As the women started to walk away, I knew this was too much and my cock began to pump its hot sticky load into a willing open little mouth. Lauren milked every little drop, continually sucking, licking and pumping my cock.

"Ooh... aaah... oh god!" I gasped as the other two girls bent slightly to watch Lauren's technique.

Eventually she came up, smoothing her dress down and licking her cummy lips. Finally she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She had something in her other hand which was cupped, but I didn't realise what it was until she showed the other two. She had a handful of my cum which she was showing them. Hailey dipped a finger in and then sucked it off before Nicola done the same.

Then both girls, deciding they liked the taste, bent down to lick the cum out of her hand. It was obviously the first time they'd ever tasted a man's semen and between them, they licked Lauren's hand clean.

"THAT was unbelievable... you sexy thing!" I told her.

Lauren smiled and gave me a hug.

"You wait til later!" she told me with a wicked grin. "I better go and see what Mum wants!"

With that she zipped me back up, patted it, and then talking to my cock rather than me said,

"I'll see you later!"

Then all three of the girls casually wandered off.

This was definitely turning into the best birthday ever... and not just for Lauren!

To say I was stunned has to be the understatement of the year! I stood there behind my DJ table and wondered whether I'd been in a daydream. No it had been real... I was sure of that. I noticed every time that Nicola, Hailey or Lauren ventured anywhere within my line of sight, I was on the receiving end of a very discreet sexy wiggle, blown kiss, or some other erotic gesture, so I definitely hadn't dreamt it. I continued to play the music and organised a few more games, but I was on autopilot. In my mind's eye, I saw Lauren back on her knees with her lips around my hard cock, Nicola's sweet little pussy and bum being spread out before me, and the feel of Hailey's hand on my cock. I was taken out of my reverie by a voice calling my name.


It was my wife Sarah.

"Sorry love, I was miles away!"

"I noticed! Sue's just had a call on her mobile..." she told me. "Hailey's Mum can't pick her up. She's got some sort of emergency and asked Sue to keep hold of her for a few hours. Trouble is, Nicola's meant to go with her. Hailey's Mum has spoken to Nicky's Mum and explained the situation, but she doesn't drive and her husband's got the car anyway, and he's on late shift..."

I nodded, although I wasn't sure what all this had to do with me.

She continued.

"Obviously Sue has to clean up here and I've agreed to help her,"

"Yeah..." I said sheepishly.

"So that only leaves you... I said to Sue you wouldn't mind... it's only for a couple of hours..."

I tried to look annoyed.

"But honey..." I started.

"I'll keep Marie here, so it'll just be Hailey and Nicola... oh and I suppose your shadow!"

Sarah referred to Lauren these days as "your shadow".

I wanted to jump for joy, but kept up the annoyed pretence.

"I dunno..." I protested

"You'll really be doing us a favour?"she said.

"Oh okay. I suppose I could take them for a McDonalds or something. A birthday treat for Lauren?"

"YOU..." she said, "are a star!"

I gave her a dry smile.

"That's why you married me!"

"Well it certainly wasn't for your body or your money!" she said laughing with a smile as she walked away.

"I can always change my mind!" I called after her, thinking hell might freeze over first.

I saw Sarah speaking with Sue, who then called the three girls over. When they returned to their dancing, all three of them were beaming. It wasn't too long before it all started to wind down. Goody bags were issued and parents began arriving to collect their little darlings. Generally a good time was had by all. I packed the equipment away in double quick time, assisted by my three little beauties, and it wasn't very long before the hall was pretty much empty.

"Okay..." I said to them, "who's up for a Maccy Do's then?"

"Me!, Me! Me!"they squealed one after the other, raising their hands in the air.

"Come on then..." I said like it was a real chore.

"And BEHAVE!" Sue called out

"Yeah... yeah... yeah!" Lauren replied as the four of us made our way out to my car. As soon as we were out of earshot Lauren said, "Bagsy the front seat!"

"Like I expected anything else!" I laughed.

"Do we HAVE to go to McDonalds?" she asked, "as after all that in there I'm not very hungry. What about you's?" she asked Nicola and Hailey

"We're not really either!" they both replied, as we all piled into the car.

As we settled in, I said to them. "Okay if we're not going there, what we going to do for the next couple of hours?"

Lauren reached over from her seat and squeezed what seemed to be a permanent hard cock whenever she was with me.

"We could go back to your flat..."

"And?" as if I really needed to ask.

Giving me her wicked grin she said, "We'll find something to play with!" as she squeezed me again.

I started the engine and we were away at lightning speed. I tell you Michael Schumacher had nothing on me that day and before we knew it, we were parking up outside my flat. We got inside and straight away Lauren headed for the bathroom, closely followed by the other two.

I made myself a coffee and poured out some cold drinks for the girls, before settling into my armchair. Lauren made a beeline for my lap, closely followed by Nicola on the other side of my lap. Poor Hailey ended up between my legs on the floor, but she seemed happy about it. I had one arm around Lauren, which I slipped under her dress, and was surprised to find she had no knickers on. I slipped the other arm around Nicola and done the same thing, although I done it more carefully as although I had a good idea, I wasn't entirely sure how she might react. As I suspected, she was fine and again, I discovered she had no knickers on either. So there I was with a cute little girl between my legs, one on each side of my lap, and a cute little bum in each hand.

Both girls turned and cuddled into me as I caressed them. I slowly moved my index fingers down along her cracks before stroking their little pussy lips from behind. Lauren was very wet, not surprisingly, but I was also surprised at how wet Nicola was too. This waif of a girl was obviously very turned on.

Lauren reached over, and casually unzipped me releasing my hard, aching cock, before unclipping my trousers as well. I watched Hailey's reaction to this and her eyes widened as my cock sprang out only a few inches from her face. I don't think she'd ever seen a cock before, other than in the dark at the party, and certainly not this close up. Lauren's fingers stretched around my manhood as she gently and slowly began to wank me. Hailey's hand then came up before she cupped and caressed my balls. Nicola's hand had unbuttoned my shirt, slipped it inside and was gently rubbing my chest and caressing my nipples whilst nuzzling my neck.

"Go on..." Lauren said quietly, "...you said you wanted to..."

I wasn't sure who she was talking to, but assumed it was Hailey. The girl on the floor got up onto her knees and wrapped her soft little fingers around my cock. Her hand was as soft and gentle as Lauren's, but had a different feel to it. Lauren removed her hand as Hailey's tongue snaked out and licked the pre-cum off the tip of my cock. Then she licked the length up and down a couple of times.

"Go on..." Lauren urged her, and with that Hailey's lips slipped over the end of my cock.

"Oooh aaahh... god that feels so good..." I gasped as Hailey started to give her first ever blow-job.

All the time, Lauren encouraged her and she was getting wetter and wetter as I stroked her little pussy more and more

"Take more in... suck it harder..." she said to her little friend.

Hailey followed her instructions and I felt more of my cock being sucked into her 8 year old mouth.

"Take more in... suck it harder and faster..." Lauren repeated.

Lauren moved her hands to Hailey's head and started to guide her, moving her head up and down and forcing her to take more and more thick cock into her mouth each time as Hailey's head began to bob up and down. As I felt Nicky's sweet pussy getting wetter, I probed at her tight little hole with the tip of my finger.

"That's nice..." she whispered to me. "Do it. Put your finger in."

Very slowly and gently, I inched my finger into her.

Hailey was into a sustained rhythm now, and for her first time was doing well, making little slurping sounds. I resisted the urge to hold her head and fuck her mouth, although it seemed Lauren had already assumed the position of "chief instructor". I knew I couldn't last too long like this, finger fucking little Nicola while being sucked off by Hailey with Lauren's instruction and guidance, and I could feel the orgasm building up deep within me. Lauren sensed this and was now encouraging Hailey to suck much faster.

"Do it faster Hay... suck it harder... take more in... he's gonna cum soon... make him cum!"

Poor Hailey! She was doing the best she could bless her, and it was her first time - well as far as I knew anyway - but Lauren kept the pressure up. Nicola meanwhile, was squirming and humping back against the digit invading her tight little hole. Her breathing was coming in short little gasps, so I felt sure she was close to her first ever little girl orgasm too. All in all it was very erotic.

"God... I'm gonna cum!" I panted, more as a warning to Hailey then anything else.

The last thing I wanted to do was to frighten or scare her. I wanted her to choose whether or not she continued and whether I cum in her mouth or not. Lauren on the other hand, had other ideas as she tightened her grip on Hailey's head and guided her.

"Get ready Hay..." she told her friend, "...ease your head back a bit... open your mouth... that's it... just like we discussed and I showed you?"

They'd discussed it? Lauren had SHOWN her?? The thought went through my mind that these two 8 year old's had sat down at some stage and discussed sucking my cock like they discussed the latest boy band, or what they'd had for dinner? Jesus, I thought, and that alone was enough to send me right over the edge. I felt the first pulse making its way from my balls to the tip and out into Hailey's sweet mouth. Lauren pulled her friend's head off a little bit as I think she wanted to see it shoot out and into Hailey's mouth. Lauren gripped my cock and began wanking it fast as spurt after spurt shot out straight into Hailey's waiting open mouth. She swallowed hard and fast at first and then allowed the rest to pool in her mouth.

Nicola sat there open mouthed watching the erotic scene in front of her. She only said one word throughout the whole time that I was off loading my hot sticky love cream.


Why is it everything to a 7 year old is "cool"?

Hailey's mouth was rapidly filling and she swallowed before allowing the last of my cum to pool in her mouth again.

"Don't swallow this lot..." Lauren told her as naturally as a school teacher would tell someone to stop talking in class.

Hailey followed her instructions to the letter though I have to say, and did as she was told. My pumping cock was easing off now as Lauren bent over, nudging Hailey out of the way before she sucked and licked the last drops off.

"God..." I gasped feeling exhausted, "I haven't cum that hard in a while!"

Hailey looked up at me and smiled. As she did, I saw her mouth was full of my semen. That was a very erotic sight as strands of the goo seeped out the corners of her mouth. Lauren then instructed Hailey to kiss Nicky. Actually her words were,

"Now you gotta French Nicky - and give her her share!"

Nicola leaned in towards Hailey and the girls' lips met. They'd obviously kissed like this before as it was done with quite a passion, both girls putting their arms around one another and their eyes closed. I could see their tongues dancing together and I watched fascinated at this little preteen lesbian scene, as some cum dripped from their lips.

Lauren leaned towards me and we kissed just as passionately as the two pre-teen's in front of us.

When we broke away Lauren said to me, "Beats McDonalds eh?"

I just burst out laughing and hugged all three of them to me.

"Not many Benny!" I replied as I hugged them. "You're my sexy little angels!"

All three smiled cummy little smiles at me as Lauren informed me, "We've only just started. We've got much more planned!"


Not that I was bothered, more intrigued, but I knew there were a few questions I wanted to ask these three... especially Lauren who had turned not only herself, but two of her little friends into raging preteen nympho's. She NEVER failed to surprise me that girl. My mind was racing about what else they'd "planned". After a rest, a cigarette and a drink, I was sure it wouldn't be too long before I found out.


After a short rest, the girls huddled together whispering before getting up and heading into the bedroom.

"Stay here!" Lauren ordered, "and don't come until we call you!"

"Okay," I replied, intrigued.

About five minutes later I heard Lauren's sweet little voice calling

"You can come in now!"

I got up and headed for the bedroom, and absolutely NOTHING could have prepared me for what I saw. First, all three of them were stark naked, which in itself didn't surprise me. However, Nicola was on the bed with her arms stretched out. Using some of my wife's nylon tights, one end had been tied around each of her wrists, with the other tied to the bed post. Then she had been bent double with her legs spread wide, and then her ankles tied in a similar manner. Instantly my cock was hard at the sight of this 7 year old tied up and spread so lewdly.

Although I was pretty certain already, I had to check that this was voluntary on Nicola's part and that she hadn't been forced in any way.

"You okay Nick?" I asked.

She assured me she was.

"It was HER idea!" Lauren told me.

"Really? Is that right Nicky?"

The girl nodded.

"Where the hell did you get that idea from?" I wondered

"Found her Mum and Dad's DVD's!" Hailey chipped in. "She nicked one, and then one night on a sleepover, we watched it on the DVD player in her room... WOW!"

Wow indeed, I thought to myself.

"Then..." Lauren continued the story, "we did a bit of experimenting and Nicky said she liked the idea of being tied up!"

"And things up her bum!" Hailey added.

"So we decided to combine the two..." Lauren finished with a wicked grin.

"Bloody hell!" I said laughing, "that must have been one hell of a sleep over!"

Nicola giggled, Hailey grinned, and Lauren licked her lips as she said, "Yeah... it was a bit!"

Then turning to me said, "so we going chat all evening or are we going to get some action going?"

I didn't need asking twice, but decided to tease.

"Well... I don't know... not really in the mood now... you know?"

Hailey looked disappointed.

Lauren, knowing me better than the others, just laughed and started pulling at my trousers.

"Yeah right!" she said. "You're ALWAYS in the mood... and this proves it!"

My trousers and shorts were pulled down in one swoop and my hard cock sprung out.

Hailey wrapped her fingers around my manhood and pulled me gently towards the bed to a tied up and spread Nicola.

"Nicky wants you to lick her..." she told me.

I got to the edge of the bed and knelt down at the end of it to face Nicky's 7 year old pussy as she was half off the end of the bed.

I leant forward and kissed her just at the top of her mound, before placing lots of light kisses between her legs. The odour emanating from her was delicious and although her tiny pussy was still tightly closed, I could tell she was wet through excitement.

"Lick it... please... stick your tongue in it! Lauren said it feels SO nice!" Nicola was almost pleading.

With the tip of my tongue I searched out her little love button.

"Ooh... yes... yessss!" she gasped as I found my target.

I licked her slit from top to bottom a couple of times, before dipping my tongue into the tight little hole and tasting her sweet honey for the first time. That distinctive little girl taste; scented soap, her love juices mixed with a little sweet girl pee. I couldn't get enough of her and I lapped like a cat at a bowl of cream.

Nicola was squirming and wriggling with pleasure - well as much as she was able to with her restraints. Hailey meanwhile, climbed up on the bed and kneeling, placed one leg either side of Nicola's head. Then she slowly lowered herself down and placed her pussy onto Nicola's face, as the 7 year old began to lap at her sweet little folds.

Not to be left out, Lauren managed to get her head underneath me and took my cock between her lips.

It didn't take long before we were all gasping "oohs" and "aahs" encouraging one another. The room filled with the heady aroma of illicit, illegal, preteen sex.

Hailey was grinding her hips down on Nicola's face.

"Oh yes... yes... lick it, suck on my clit, just there... oh yeah..."

Although it was a bit muffled, due to having a mouthful of preteen pussy herself, Nicola was giving me instructions.

"Lick there... harder... stick your tongue in..."

I followed her instructions and then licked her pussy from top to bottom again. When I got to the bottom, Nicola gave me more instructions.

"Lick my bum..." she told me. "I want to feel your tongue inside my bum hole!"

Doing as instructed, I pulled her bum cheeks apart to view her little puckered wrinkled anal opening. I licked between her soft little cheeks, and around the tightly closed little hole, before pushing the tip of my tongue inside.

"Aaah... yeah... feels so nice, put more in... put it in more!"

I pushed my tongue in deeper and deeper.

Lauren between my legs was doing her new little trick - trying to deep throat me with a fair amount of success too. I never imagined that so much adult cock could fit into a little 8 year old girls' mouth without choking her. I tried to warn her that I was very close to cumming, but Lauren was pretty adept at sensing that for herself now. As my cock began to pulse, she deep throated again and I felt the tip of my cock hit the back of her throat just as I started to spurt. I heard Lauren gag, then choke and cough. I was extremely worried. I tried to pull out of her, but she was having none of it as she again deep throated. I could feel her swallowing like there was no tomorrow - and I was cumming like there was no tomorrow!

I heard Hailey gasping and I knew she was cumming too as Nicola continued her oral assault on her little pussy. For my part, I was tongue fucking Nicky's little bum hard, pushing it in and out as hard and as fast as I could. The 7 year old was loving every moment of it. So was I. Eventually, I stopped pumping hot sticky seed, and after lapping up every single drop, Lauren emerged from underneath me.

"That was unreal sweetheart!" I told her with a face full of Nicky's sweet little bum.

She smiled.

"You can learn a lot from watching DVD's and stuff" she told me with a giggle.

"No kidding?" I mumbled as I broke away from my feast.

My mouth was aching and my tongue was sore.

"I want more!" Nicola complained.

Lauren grabbed a chair and reached to the top of the wardrobe for her "special" present I'd given her earlier.

She took the vibrator from the box, and covered it with KY jelly. Replacing my position, she got between the tied girls legs and placed the tip of it against her puckered little bum hole which was now gaping slightly.

Grinning at me, and now Hailey too, who having enjoyed her own orgasm, came and joined us at the foot of the bed, Lauren switched her "Girl Groover" on.

"Time to christen it!" she told us with a giggle as she gently pushed the vibrator into Nicola's bum.

"Ooh yeah, that feels good!" the tied 7 year old gasped. "More... put more in!"

"Told you she likes things up her bum!!" Hailey said. "I think my favourite is a nice tongue on my pussy!"

"I like a nice hard cock in my mouth!" Lauren informed me - like I didn't know!

"You don't say?" I said sarcastically.

I looked at Nicky's bum as Lauren pushed the vibrator in deeper and deeper.

"More... harder!"

Lauren did as she was asked as the little pink vibe virtually disappeared, before Lauren pulled it out some, and then pushed it back in, getting harder and faster with each thrust.

While she was doing that, Hailey leaned over and started to rub Nicky's clit. I noticed that although I'd cum, my cock stayed hard! That had NEVER happened before. I simply felt like I could cum again and again and again!

As Lauren continued to fuck Nicola's bum hard with the vibrator and Hailey diddled her clit, I decided to get in on the act with this bound little 7 year old. I climbed on the bed and knelt by Nicky's face which was a picture of ecstasy. She sure liked her anal. I started to fist my cock. Nicky was grunting and moaning and I knew she'd be cumming soon. I managed to time my second orgasm of the night just right, and as she reached her peak, so did I, shooting my second load of stringy thick sperm for the night across Nicola's sweet face and flat little chest.

When Lauren eventually pulled the vibrator out of Nicola's bum, it was gaping wide open and pulsating. I couldn't wait to get my cock up there but that would have to wait for another day. She looked a horny sight as I untied her, what with a frosted face and a gaping little bum hole. I thought if I passed her in a supermarket dressed in normal clothes or school uniform, you wouldn't believe she was such a sexy little girl with a passion for all things anal. Nor Lauren with her love of cock sucking, or Hailey who it seemed loved amongst other things, other little girls licking her pussy. I decided there and then to never judge a book by its cover ever again.

Exhausted we all collapsed on the bed for a group cuddle.

Lauren told me quietly, "Don't worry, they know to keep it to themselves..."

I felt relieved at that.

"Just one thing..." Hailey said looking at me.

"What's that sweetheart?"

As if they'd rehearsed it, they all said in unison,


I burst out laughing.

"When I've recovered from today!" I told them.

All three giggled.

"Now, let's get you all cleaned up and looking presentable for when I take you home!"

They looked disappointed and so was I but time was moving on.

I consoled myself with the thought of next time - and I just KNEW there would be a next time... and many times after that!

** End Of Sweet Little Lauren Part 6 **


Coming next... "Sweet Little Lauren Part 7 - Accidental Adventures In The Park!"

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